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Detective Pikachu Movie Releases its First Trailer
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Warner Bros. Pictures’s trailer for the Pokémon: Detective Pikachu movie recently dropped on November 12th, 2018 with a new, fluffier take on everyone’s favorite electric rodent.
What We Can Learn from Icons: Combat Arena
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In this detailed editorial, users Thirdkoopa and Liberation tackle what we can all learn for future of platform fighters and making games in general.
ZeRo to compete in Smash Ultimate under new sponsor
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ZeRo announces competing in Smash Ultimate! He also announces a giveaway and a new sponsor.
DLC Finalized; Sakurai Makes Official Statement About Requests
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Sakurai says that the DLC lineup is complete were selected by Nintendo. He also requests that people not flood them with requests!

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About that Detective Pikachu movie...uh-uh, I am going to skip this. God made Pikachu an anime character, and I would like to continue seeing him in anime form. Bayonett: Bloody Fate is better. Just my honest opinion...
fun fact: i was one of three yoshi brawl players in canada
it was wild
cant stand playing as yoshi now outside of 64, but i still <3 the little guy