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PMRank 2019: The Edge of Glory
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Greetings one and all to the opening of the fourth annual ranking of Project M's top 50 players, PMRank 2019! We are very excited to begin unveiling this year's rankings, but first we want to acknowledge a few players who very nearly missed out on a top 50 spot.
Smashboards Staff’s Top Echo Picks
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The Smashboards News and Moderating Staff talk about their picks for potential future Echo Fighters.
EVO Japan 2020 Begins Today
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Japan’s own version of EVO begins now! Learn about which fighters will be appearing at the event as well as more info here!
EVO Japan 2020 Reveals First Place Prizes
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EVO Japan 2020 will be arriving on January 24th, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the games that will be played in the competitions. Just recently, the grand prizes have been announced for the top finishers in these competitions, and there is one particular grand prize that is significantly smaller than the others.

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This "playing-to-win" mentality is what's taking away the fun from Smash Bros. for you. When you lose, you learn about why you lost and see it as a way for you to improve.

Self-improvement starts from the self, and not from crying out to the heavens.
Madame Lesley
Madame Lesley
The key here is not to play when your mind is poisoned. Back during my Mobile Legends pub games, my mind wasn't at its usual pace. I got distracted by my wants...and I lost. To say that I wasn't playing at my best is an understatement.

I'm no MkLeo or Zackray or Shuton or anything, but I enjoy learning from experience. I'm never the best, and in fact, the best way to enjoy a competitive game is to not be the best. I play because of my love for the game and let this love guide my mind and heart into staying positive when playing.
Likes: Oz o:
Oz o:
Oz o:
This is especially true when you go online. I feel like a lot of us go in with the mentality of trying to get points for winning. We play for the points. **** the points. The points don't mean anything. I've seen the most questionable players on "Elite", and this is no offense to people. The reason I mention this is because it's the same thing, in essence. I try to encourage for people to use online to try and practice and learn things they otherwise wouldn't (with CPUs, for example). You should be able to try things, without the fear of losing. I've dipped as low as 100k the other day, only to make it to 6m in a day with my main, Zelda.
Oz o:
Oz o:
I learned the most when I detached from this pointless sense of ego, of being afraid I'd look like a fool, for that. Look at what I learned, because of it:


I made that up, nobody taught me, and neither did I see it in a Youtube/Twitter video. I theorized it ages ago, but never really finished it until that point. You have no idea how much better the game gets, when you are able to tap into that mindset.
Byleth is my last chance to get any enjoyment from this game, because honestly I'm just not into it anymore. If/When he fails me, I'm quitting this game and going back to BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. Good news for you all.
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