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The Pokemon Company teases 'Project Piplup'
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  • 11
Project... Piplup? For now, all we have is a YouTube video to go off of, and more videos to come in the future.
Smash Underdogs #8: Iori Yagami (King of Fighters)
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  • 15
Once again, I'm coming in late to bring you the next installment of the Smash Underdog series. This time we have another one of SNK's big names, that being... Iori Yagami! Put on some saxophone music and learn more about one of KoF's most popular characters here!
Limited Run Games to hold annual presentation on June 14th
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Limited Run Games is at it again - During a similar time as E3, too. Who knows what they'll announce at this show. Quite a few Switch physical runs seem likely.
Build-A-Bear to launch new Animal Crossing winter outfits
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New Animal Crossing: New Horizons Build-A-Bear's? For Winter? At this time of the year? Ah well, guess there is the Southern Hemisphere. The first batch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Build-A-Bear's are still available too!

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Another Pikmin Headcannon

Rock and Winged Pikmin are evolved forms of Purple and White Pikmin respctivly which is the reason why we dont canoncly see then in the main campaign

Rock Pikmin could be the end result of Purple Pikmin become extremely durable and stronger but lacks the abilty to latch onto stuff anymore

Winged Pikmin are capable of great speed but are weak, similar to White Pikmin

Plus Black can be a very dark purple and White Pikmin has punk flowers

Makes you think
I just had the most interesting possible pikmin thought

So olimar became a pikmin in the bad ending of one which is non canon, but since pikmin cant pluck themselves he just stands their

What if he matures from a flower but die to him being half hocototian starage effects happening

Eventually olimar plant becomes more rooted in PNF 404 and due to his great mind it mutates into a sorta onion that Lord roger other onions one onion to rule them all

Soon this abnormal dna strain affects certain pikmin causing some to become weird captain pikmin hybrids that can both command and attack along side the normal pikmin

That's just a weird head cannon I have
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