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Pokémon Presents February 2024 Recap
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Two new games and several other updates and announcements!
Genesis X Ultimate and Melee Top 8 Recap
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Genesis X was a week ago, yet it still feels like it just happened. So, let's take a look at what happened in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!
PMRank 2023: EU 5-1
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The strongest players on the continent round out Europe's 2023 PMRank.
Mother 3 added to Switch Online in Japan
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And a couple of other Mother announcements too!

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I like how the FF7 Remake series looks but ever since I saw these Bring Arts figures

I am now disappointed that we don't have a game with these models
Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star is like the Forrest Gump of Japanese game development history. I mean the Fist of the North Star license was one of Yuji Naka’s first games, an ArcSys fighter, a Dynasty Warriors spin-off, a Yakuza game, and pretty much a gimmicky Nintendo game. That’s a good number of bases covered there.
Gonna commit to this checkpoint thing when it comes to improving at smash. This month did not go well at all in terms of improvement, maybe next month will be better. Tempting to not post, but figured I would anyways for the people that also struggle to concentrate to get started improving at the game.

Overall, I was just too exhausted to properly train in Smash this month, and it's really dang embarrassing how bad it got.

In the first half of the month I made quite a bit of progress with Sephiroth, but I didn't take many notes, so I kinda forgot a large chunk of what I learned during that time. Especially since I was getting a bit tired from trying to overload my schedule too much trying to get everything done. Then in a moment of weakness from exhaustion, I decided to look at tier lists again like a fool because it's so dang addicting thinking about who to main.
That said though, it shook who I wanted to main quite a lot though:
:ultjoker::ultjokeralt:Joker kept getting recommended a lot for some reason. Especially since people saw me talking about how I like being fast with Sonic, they were like "no go Joker instead. PLEASE". Still seems mind-boggling to me because I look at good jokers kinda give so much pressure that it kinda feels like they shut down what a lot of characters do, and you're just getting slightly tapped a lot. Though I've had fun using Joker. Though it does feel like he can play himself at points since his moves flow into each other so easily (except up air drag downs that I need to practice a bit more). Still have a hard time getting into the character though, and I've been watching JohneAwesome's playthrough of it, and just feeling like maybe I should just go and get the game myself, because I feel like it really is a game where you don't get the feel of it unless you are actually playing it. I'm afraid of touching that game that will take hundreds of hours, especially since I'm trying to complete another game that was supposed to be significantly shorter than that.
:ultinklingboy: New perspectives I've had in what I want in gameplay and in a character. Using nair to combo no longer feels absolutely dreadful, and now it feels amazing. I dunno how this happened, but because it has, I'm very tempted to pick them back up again. Then I kinda like the character's & games "Play hard, rest well" kind of attitude, and the story of Splatoon (even though I haven't finished Splatoon 2's DLC, and don't yet have 3). Thing is, Inkling and Joker both kinda have this hit & run while having rushdown elements on them. So was having fun swapping between the two. Inkling just feels a lot more fair compared to Joker's just non-stop harassment paired with the delete button that is Arsene. I do like seeing what my opponent likes to do after all.
:ultsephiroth:After playing them, it was a bit harder to want to go back to Sephiroth for a bit, because of how sluggish his attacks are, on top of the people I play with are addicted to seeing combos, so they don't get as hyped for Sephiroth as with other characters unless I delete them out of no-where.
:ultlucario: Mondays I've been doing a game log sort of thing, so Rain World gas been on my brain a lot (Game is way longer than expected, and it's exactly what I needed! I want to play it outside of the specified game log days so badly!). Throwing spears feels like doing Sephiroth fair, and it's so satisfying. Though for all the other themes in Rain World, it just keeps making me want to play Lucario. I got shocked when someone suggested I go Lucario, but it was such a blast when I did go Lucario.
:ultridley: I've been thinking about what do I really want to do in smash? I want to do cool stuff, and I want to make sure my friends have a good time. Ridley kinda fulfills all of that since he's such combo food, and he has so many randomly devastating ways mess with opponent. This month I kinda realized, that I do actually love Ridley more than I initially thought. Easy to just look at him and be like "he's just big scary dragon". And while yes that's a huge draw as to why I love him so much, there's a lot of other more subtle nuances that make me love him in and outside of smash. So been tempting to play him more as well.

In the second half of the month, it all came crashing down and didn't really get any progress with Smash whatsoever. Basically was partying with some friends, but this led to me being exhausted for a week. Helldivers 2 came out and wanted to hangout with friends since I haven't hung out with them for a bit. Then proceeded to play waaay too much helldivers 2 (70 hours. Dunno how much of that is AFK 'cuz servers broke though). Was too tired to get myself to stop playing. It was only yesterday where I finally had my fill of that game because when you get to the higher levels, you are rather limited in what you can bring because roles need to be filled to make it so you don't have to concentrate super hard. The game also requires everyone to be trying hard in order to play the game at all on the highest difficulties, and the game starts to feel grindy since you need so many samples (and I guess medals, but later guns don't interest me 'cuz I love shotguns and the call down support weapons). Definitely gotta catch up on a lot of IRL things because of those Helldivers shenanigans.
Glad to see the Magicka devs doing well that Helldivers became the #1 game on Steam. Still has that trolly co-op action going on that I love. Not as much as in Magicka, especially in higher difficulties of Helldivers, but it's still quite common and hilarious. I still can't believe I have that many hours on Helldivers already, since I got around 360 hours on Magicka, and that was one of my go-to games for years.
Definitely will be addicted to Helldivers when mechs get added to the game 'cuz the MechWarrior series got me addicted to mechs..... We need a character with a mech in Smash. 2 types. One with the typical Japanese skating mechs like from Armored Core, and one with the stompy walking wall of metal death like MechWarrior... I can see why people want Susie from Kirby, and Ray from Custom Robo.

Main lesson to be learned: Get more sleep so you are efficient with your time.
Secondary lesson: Be careful of the temptation to swap mains. That is something that will never ever stop happening if you always give in the temptation to swap.

Next month I'll try to get some more specific notes about what I have learned/improved on. Hopefully this is just a one-off for the journey to improve.... and not just the journey to improving just being all wibbly wobbly all over the place due to the multitude of various things that can influence your motivation and how you play, along with all the other things.
astral chain’s biggest cultural influence is a dog mascot and the fact that people get weirdly mad at you when you say you want “akira howard” in smash
One of the unfortunate side effects of being a slept-on game.
You know what I think of the earthquakes that cause characters to trip in Spirit Battles in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

It’s all Sakurai’s way of bringing random tripping from Brawl into Ultimate. :troll:
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