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What's Next for Icons' Monetization
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Less than a week after Icons: Combat Arena entered early access on Steam, common criticisms have started to rise to the forefront of the game’s discussion. While the game is currently under development and is still a ways away from being a final product, most of the game’s criticism has centered on something other than game’s current fast but unpolished build — its monetization system. Wavedash Games has responded to this criticism with plans to restructure character unlocks and in-game currency with a stronger focus on what new players will experience picking up the game for the very first time.
Youtuber Delzethin Goes Over Ridley's Moveset
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Shortly after the announcement of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at E3, some fortunate attendees got to test it out.

Delzethin, a popular YouTuber, was quick to get as much Ridley footage as possible from both Nintendo and players.

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