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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ver. 13.0.0 Update is Out!
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Ver 13.0.0 update is here as well as the final DLC character, Sora!
Smashboards Premium Update
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We're making some adjustments to Smashboards Premium.
October 2021 Animal Crossing Direct Recap
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The October Animal Crossing Direct came by and gave us a ton of new info about the future of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, including a new DLC called Happy Home Paradise!
Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack releases on 10/25 for $49.99 a year
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Looking to temporarily own some +20 year old games for $50 a year? Well 10/25 is just the date for you, as that is when the Expansion Pack for the Nintendo Switch Online will be released!

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There’s at least three people on this site who I saw having really bad takes on videogames and the industry and found them annoying, only to find out they also have takes that are bigoted, transphobic, racist or just extremely problematic in some way and their ideas are a lot more harmful than just haha funny bad videogame opinion

and no I am not gonna call out any specific people in this post but I’m gonna just say it’s not anyone who usually regularly does profile posts… that I know of at least.
Why are there some people who you can’t comment on the statuses of? Is it a personal decision they made or something?
I really don't get the "Nick Brawl shouldn't have acquired properties" mentality - you have a game with the Ninja Turtles and Garfield in it and you want them cut in favour of characters who barely lasted a decade on TV?
I personally would love to see Optimus Prime and Soundwave but Viacom only owns the distribution rights of Bayformers and Bumblebee so... Yeah.

And I fear they wouldn't go for the Bumblebee versions.
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