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A Challenger Approaches: Episode 5
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In this episode of "A Challenger Approaches", I meet "Sinclair", a student who was forced to leave his university due to the 2019-2020 Hong Kong protests. Read on to learn about Sinclair's experience and about Hong Kong's struggle with its government.
“2B Activates for Battle” Nier:Automata Smash Analysis Part 2
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NieR:Automata is game famous for its beautiful setting, emotional characters, and stunning music. All of these would look amazing in Ultimate. With that in mind, let’s take a look at all the Nie:Automata content that could be included in a Fighter’s Pack!
The Beauty of Hyrule Temple
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Smash has tons of great stages but none are more iconic than the stage, Temple. This The Legend of Zelda stage has stood the test of time and has remained a very popular and loved stage by Smash fans.
7 Things to do in Ultimate When You're Bored
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We're all bored! So what else is there to do in Ultimate?

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I doubt saying this will help in any way, but the president of Spain has said that doctors of the country may be able to come up with a vaccine sooner than everyone expected, and the Canary Islands seem to be about to get over the quarantine in a matter of weeks.

So when the quarantine does get lifted, and flights from other parts of the world are allowed I would welcome any of my online friends over at the States to come here when they have the chance.
Gran Canaria isn't perfect, but I feel anyone would prefer to be in a more peaceful, calm and nature-friendly island over other places of the world at the moment.

And It goes without saying: I pray for my black friends such as Noipoi so they can get away from all this chaos alive. It may seem almost Impossible, but I always believed there's a solution for everything in life except death. Sometimes you just need to think more to achieve a solution.
I officially regret starting the immigration for my family to the States. At least we have about a year for it to officially be approved so hopefully they sort their **** out before then. With everything from the virus to riots and looting to whatever 2020 has i store, America is breaking apart at the seams. I feel FAR safer in Japan even with earthquakes (just had a 4 on the Shindo scale this morning. Broke a few plates), killer hornets, and typhoons. If things get progressively worse between now and winter time; I will most likely cancel and stop all immigration proceedings for the family.
Venus of the Desert Bloom
Venus of the Desert Bloom
Though it would have to be veeeery bad as throwing away around $2,000 just for immigration fees, documents, and everything else isn’t exactly an easy thing to just go and do. Plus all the requirements to allow my wife to immigrate (health checks and immunizations, police reports, etc). Not to mention I had six members of my friend and family circles to right affidavits to attest to our marriage/my family declaring themselves financially responsible for my wife until we can get our feet on the ground. Not to mention I do have a job lined up for when I do return.
It's so weird seeing you without a Tali avatar
All games that got remade on 3DS should get remade on Switch:
Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Metroid II, Xenoblade (Check!), Luigi's Mansion, Metal Gear Solid 3, Dragon Quest VII, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Yoshi's Wooley World, Monster Hunter III, Rayman 2, Street Fighter IV, and StarFox 64.
Some 3DS original games like 3D Land, Kirby Triple Deluxe, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, and Fire Emblem Awakening are also great games deserving of HD renasters.

Furthermore, any notable Wii U games left unported should get ported to Switch as well:
3D World, Sonic Lost World, Twilight Princess HD, Wind Waker HD, Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, Wii Sports Club, StarFox Zero, Splatoon (yes, the original is different and is not redundant alongside Splatoon 2), and maybe even Smash 4 (same story as Splatoon).

Any HD Wii games on the Nvidia Shield in China should be easy direct ports to Switch, so bring all those over.

While we're at it, bring back the Virtual Console with all Wii, DSi, 3DS, and Wii U Virtual Console titles intact.

Add GameCube and Wii to the Virtual Console as well, since the Nvidia Shield proves that these titles can run on Switch without a hitch.

I know this is a lot at once, but these are all piss easy ways for Nintendo to wring out my wallet.
I absolutely LOVE my Switch. It is what the Super Nintendo was to me as a kid, a console filled with a perfect library.
It is also what the Wii was to me in my late teenage years, a unique new console that also had a great selection of my favorite legacy titles (Wii through Virtual Console and Switch through rereleases and remasters).

If Nintendo does all these things, the Switch will transcend from being my favorite console of all time to being my holy grail, acting as a library of all great video games past, present, and future.

All this in a console I can remove from my TV and play on the go? Absolute bliss.
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