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Umbrella will be the 2nd character in the Skullgirls Season Pass
  • 367
  • 5
The second of four new characters has arrived! Or, well, revealed.
E3 2021 will bring Square Enix, Sega, Bandai Namco, Gearbox, XSEED, and more
  • 405
  • 5
A grand total of ten companies have all been announced, joining the already existing lineup of Nintendo, Xbox, Capcom, Ubisoft, and more.
Nintendo announces Game Builder Garage
  • 583
  • 12
Joining Nintendo's experiments with technology, Nintendo brings forward Game Buidler Garage - Letting people learn how to make and share their own games.
Justice Smith, star of Detective Pikachu, doubts a Detective Pikachu 2
  • 429
  • 9
In a recent interview, Justice Smith both hopes for and doubts a Detective Pikachu 2.

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And, I have officially beaten FFII the worst mainline Final Fantasy game. It was hard, grindy, and a slog. The final boss was very easy, but the final dungeon sucked, it was full of enemies who can 1-shot your party members.
I sometimes wonder how Britbox gets every season of Classic Doctor Who yet can't get one episode of Modern Doctor Who.
It was so surprising to me when I found out these shows didn't share any staff - they're so similar in certain regards it's almost surreal.
I liked the Looney Toons Show. But it only lasted to seasons because a lot of people back then didn't like the Seinfeld vibe. But I'm glad its getting acknowledge today by a more open minded audience instead of being casted aside by nostalgic viewers.
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Smash World Tour NA Northwest WF - SKITTLES!! (Toon Link, Dr. Mario) Vs. Pandarian (Wolf) @SmashWorldTour on Twitter
if hbox makes it out of summit pools i will enter an ultimate tournament
RERUN: Gahtzu vs Albert - Losers' Round 2: Losers Round 2 - SCL 2 | Captain Falcon vs Falco

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