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PMRank 2022: 20-11
  • 1,713
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Today's article features a number of longtime Project+ legends, and one of the season's biggest breakout stars.
PMRank 2022: 30-21
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Many of this season's breakout stars make their proper PMRank debuts, as well as some seasoned veterans.
"ALUCARD Conjures a Spell!" Smash Speculation Corner
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Alucard first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as an assist trophy to go alongside the Belmont's. What if Alucard manages to cheat fate and get promoted to a playable fighter in a future Smash title? Join us on our road of horror as we jump into the world of the unliving with an overview of the Castlevania series and Alucard's sad backstory!
PMRank 2022: 40-31
  • 2,227
  • 1
Today, some strong competitors make their PMRank debuts, as well as the return of some seasoned veterans.

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If there's any game I don't feel like I'm fair to, it's Team Sonic Racing.

I keep feeling like that game is just.....there. Soundtrack aside, it's not a game I've been able to feel invested in before.

Which is really weird because the game itself doesn't really do anything wrong to lead to that result. It's got some good courses, a nice roster of characters, and the story mode reminds me of all the single player challenges in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Which I got super invested in.

Yet I haven't really felt the mojo so to speak with Team Sonic Racing like I did for the two Sega All-Stars racers. And it honestly doesn't feel like it should be that way.
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ff7ac視聴完了 完全に理解した
TEMPEST TIER S ( Sisqui ,AndresFN, Momon, Spectral, Vidad, HDtrainer, etc..) !bracket

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