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Fighters Pass Vol. 2 is the final Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC
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In the latest Famitsu Magazine, Smash Bros. series director Masahiro Sakurai revealed that there are no plans for DLC after the Fighters Pass Vol. 2 comes out for Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Smash Underdogs #2: Axel Stone
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The second analysis of underrated potential Smash characters is now here! Take a trip back to the early 90’s with the street brawler who has recently come out of retirement: Axel Stone from Streets of Rage!
3.6Rank: 40-31
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Welcome back to my second article on the greatest players of Project M 3.6! Today I’ll be running through #40-31 on my list. If you missed my last article, which includes a more extensive introduction to the series, you can catch that here. Without further ado, let’s get into it!
Animal Crossing Direct Announced for February 20th
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Nintendo announces an Animal Crossing Direct focusing on New Horizons for February 20th.

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You know, causality, I was actually HALF-JOKING about Warframe getting in Smash Ultimate, though it's quite weird to only get a single flimsy spirit out of the deal.