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Beefy Smash Doods Share Five Things Pro Players Do
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The Beefy Smash Doods have uploaded another YouTube video about Super Smash Bros for Wii U, a game which has a long history of tournament play, seen many high-level matches over the years and has a ton of sources of information for competitive players floating around the web. Despite that, there’s still a large amount of material and techniques that players are often unaware of, and these things frequently can be helpful to know about.
Who is Richter Belmont?
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On August 8th 2018. Richter Belmont was revealed alongside his ancestor Simon for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Despite the series’ longtime dormancy. I was surprised by how few people knew of Richter despite his impact on the franchise.

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I love that most of the character art depicts them in very action-y poses with clothes/hair flowing about. It really adds to the sense that this is going to be the ultimate Smash game.
Hey guys. I’m a Smash 4 Player that goes to University of Delaware, and could use some advice or tips. Over the years of living here, I’ve really wanted to see more people play Smash, and maybe expand from their home town to be on bigger stages, like CEO, Apex, or even EVO. I want to make it more known to people in my school and in my area, because it doesn’t really feel like there anything going on here. Anything and everything is appreciated. Thanks for hearing me out.