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World of Light: Smash Ultimate's New Mode
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After the last Nintendo Direct, we finally learned what the new mode was gonna be. As previously decoded, it is called Spirits.
How to Watch Smash Summit 7
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Smash Summit 7 is quickly approaching, it will occur from November 14th to the 18th taking place at the Summit Gaming House in Los Angeles, California and will feature not only the quality Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles we all love but also a variety of other events.
Detective Pikachu Movie Releases its First Trailer
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Warner Bros. Pictures’s trailer for the Pokémon: Detective Pikachu movie recently dropped on November 12th, 2018 with a new, fluffier take on everyone’s favorite electric rodent.
What We Can Learn from Icons: Combat Arena
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In this detailed editorial, users Thirdkoopa and Liberation tackle what we can all learn for future of platform fighters and making games in general.

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I've been away for a while and the latest alert I get is that a fellow RH fan has followed me! Thanks bud

Also, did ya know Fruit Basket's in Ultimate's soundtrack now? I hope this means some more representation is on the way....
I was influenced by @DrPerplexion ‘s Character Profiles to start my own version using deconfirmed/unconfirmed characters. I will be posting these periodically:

Character Files #02 Chorus Kids
First Appearance: Rhythm Heaven (DS, 2008)
Latest Appearance: Rhythm Heaven Megamix (3DS, 2016)

Chorus Kids consists of three characters: the attacker plus backup who produce a rhythm. The Conductor remains in the background as a visual cue to the rhythm. Hitting attacks of rhythm increases the damage. Another indicator is a start that sparkles on the beat next to the CM icon.

Neutral: Chorus Call (Chorus Kid “sings” which deals damage. Timing it increases the attack reach.)
Dash: Flipper-Flop (Chorus Kid transforms into a seal and rolls along the ground. Timing it causes a longer dash.)

F-Tilt: Figure Fighter (Chorus Kid transforms into the Figure Fighter and puffs up before punch. Timing the inflates to the rhythm causes a more damaging and bigger punch.)
U-Tilt: Clapper Trio (Chorus Kid does a above clap. Timing it to the rhythm causes the other two to clap as well. )
D-Tilt: Tap Dance (Chorus Kid does one tap dance kick downwards. Timing it to the rhythm causes three taps instead of one.)

FSmash: Karate Joe (Karate Joe appears and performs a punch. Timing it to the rhythm results in a three hit combo attack with an ending uppercut)
USmash: Double Date (Summons the rodents from Double Date who appear from the ground and performs an upward punch. Timing it to the rhythm causes a jumping punch attack instead.)
DSmash: Sneaky Spirit (Banjo hops into his pack and regains some health.)

Nair: Air Glee Club (Basically an artist version of the neutral attack.)
Fair: Air Rally (Pulls our the tennis racket and hits a ball. Both can do damage and knock back when timed.)
Bair: Tamboruine (Chorus Kid pulls out a Tambourine and hits it drains damage all around Chorus Kid. Maximizes the range when timed.)
Uair: Launch Party (Chorus Kid launches a rocket which shoots up. It deals more than one hit when timed.)
Dair: Blue Birds (Summons a blue bird who pecks downwards. Pecks three times when timed.)

FThrow: Chorus Kid stomps on the ground, knocks the opponent up, and uppercuts them.
BThrow: Summons four birds which walk together while pushing the opponent away.
UThrow: Spawns a see saw and jumps on it; launching the opponent upwards.
DThrow: Spawns a chair and throws the opponent into it and spins it wildly until it launches the opponent.

N-Special: Glee Club (Can change the tempo of the rhythm from Slow, Normal, and Fast. Slow is harder to time but deals more damage when timed right. Fast is easier but deals less damage. The two other Chorus Kids will clap to keep the time but the Conductor will also keep time by using hand gestures. You can see which tempo was selected via indicator above the character icon.)
S-Special: Micro-Row (Transforms Chorus Kids to Micro-Row. Function like Pac-Mans side Special but a little slower.)
U-Special: Polyrythym (a box from the mini game Polyrythym launches Chorus Kids into the air. It launches higher when timed:)
D-Special: Ringside (Chorus Kids Summons the Wrestler and Reporter who will counter an attack. If timed, the wrestler will do a huge flexing pose which launches the opponent further.)

Final Smash: Remix (The Conductor raises his hands and a spotlight falls on the middle of the stage and the background darkens. The Chorus Kids begin singing while the Conductor taps the beat. Each singing blast does more damage on the beat.)

Rhythm Heaven

Cheer Readers

The Chorus Kids and the Conductor bows to the screen.

Performs a Lockstep pose with the Lockstep Guy.
The Bunny from Bunny Hope runs and jumps around the Chorus Kids.
The Wandering Samurai appears and performs a pose.

Chorus Kids appears with the Conductor as they throw him up in the air with a hip-hip-hooray!
Chorus Kids appears with Tap Girl and Tap Monkey as they lay down a beat together
Chorus Kids appear with the Wrestler and Reporter as they all perform a pose together.



The Trio of Singers


Mei Ling: Snake! We are getting strange readers here.
Snake: That’s not surprising. I’m fighting three guys who are singing in rhythm.
Mei Ling: Rhythm you say? That’s strange.
Snake: Yeah, it’s giving me a headache. Some guy in an Afro seems to be calling the shots.
Mei Ling: That must be the Conductor. We are seeing they can change the tempo.
Snake: Yeah, they change up the speed of it. Drives me nuts.
Mei Ling: Try to find the beat and hit them when it’s time. You are good at music, right?
Snake: I couldn’t keep a beat to save my life...

Palutena: Pit, careful. Those are the Chorus Kids!
Pit: Kids? They let anyone is nowadays! What’s the director thinking?
Viridi: You mean besides angels, plumbers, Pokemon, magicians, a space dragon, a black blob, and a generic enemy?
Pit: Point taken. But seriously, these kids are freakin me out, man!
Palutena: Chorus Kids, Pit. They well...
Pit: Well what?
Viridi: Sing.
Pit: Sing?! That’s what they have been doing?
Palutena: Like I said, be careful. They can change their tempo which increases their attack power when on cue.
Viridi: It’s Smash’s first rhythm based fighter!
Palutena: Thatd right. And they also summon many characters from the Rhythm Heaven universe.
Pit: Cool cool. But they still unnerve me! Kids are supposed to be cute!
Viridi: And angels are supposed to be smart!
Pit: And Goddesses are supposed to be caring! And pretty!
Viridi and Palutena: What did you say!?
Pit: N...nothing! It was the Chorus Kids. I swear it!