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PMRank 2018: Recap
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Hello everyone, Pikmon here! PMRank 2018 has been released in full, so we want to take a step back and peruse some fun facts and statistics. Today we'll be analyzing the character diversity and regional representation of the top 50 players from this year. And at the end, we have a special treat to share with you all.
Nintendo Direct Announced for 2/13 (2:00 p.m. PT/5:00 p.m. ET)
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The first Nintendo Direct of 2019 is set to air tomorrow evening.
Delzethin Breaks Down Piranha Plant's Moveset
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Now that Piranha Plant is in players' hands and the community has had a chance to get a feel for the character, we're starting to see more and more content focused on the character. As with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's previous newcomers, Delzethin has put together a breakdown of Piranha Plant's moveset.
Know Your Moves Returns in a Big Way
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After putting the series on hiatus for over a year, RelaxAlax has returned with a new installment of Know Your Moves, this time focusing on Ridley. Unlike previous episodes, this one was produced in collaboration with Source Gaming, who will also be helping RelaxAlax with future videos in the series.

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Snake players are projectile spamming scrubs. At this point its so much cheap **** in this game that i dont even fault ppl for saying smash isnt a real fighting game. When a character's entire game plan is nothing but throwing grenades, it says alot about how much skill you really need to play a 1-dimensional game. Snake players literally and, i do mean literally, cant do absolutely anything without throwing grenades. The amount of projectile spam these scrubs do all in the name of tryharding is just proof these idiots need the help of three projectiles (and a planted one) to win. If you have the nerve to tell me this game is balanced around 1vs1 more-so than its true 4 player party-mode self then, you need to flip the switch on your brain. Just because fox,falco, etc has a reflector doesnt mean these characters were balanced around snake. What a ****ing joke honestly. You cant tell me a 70 character roster isnt bound to be unbalanced beyond ****ing belief. 70, are you serious.