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Fan mod adds Volleyball to Super Smash Bros. Melee
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A new mod presents a new character, stages, and costumes into Super Smash Bros. Melee. Most surprising of all? Volleyball.
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury will Include Co-Op in Captain Toad Segments
  • 420
  • 9
4 Player Co-Op for Captain Toad levels - A first in the series history. A new video is included to show off the new Multiplayer.
Next Level Games seeking staff for future projects
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  • 9
What could Next Level Games be working on next? We don't know, but there are job listings up.
New Nintendo Twitter account for financial news now created
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  • 7
More updates for Nintendo's investors. Have stock in Nintendo? Know someone that does? This may come in handy.

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Imagine a parent in the 90s finding out that one day in the future there will be a Leisure Suit Larry game on a Nintendo platform. That would definitely be more of a shock than finding out about the switch port of Night Trap
Idea: Reverse SiIvaGunner. A video would be called something crazy that would leave you scratching your head but then you click on it and it's some videogame song you know and then the title makes sense after you realize what the video is.
I feel like most of the puzzles in Portal 1 are really clever and well put together, but in Portal 2, half the time the way to solve the puzzle would just be to make a portal in an obscure, hard to spot corner of the room
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I feel like Portal 2's COOP mode still stays true to Portal 1's puzzle design. All of them are nicely compact and clean outside of the occasional ones where you need to grab the CD.

Though, whenever they have a puzzle set in any abandoned or ruined place (which is like 70% of the single player mode mode), they typically just have some far off or obscured wall you need to portal. I remember being incredibly frustrated in Portal 2's single player mode because of portal walls that are nearly impossible to see.
While I do like the idea of making original characters first, and then completely structuring the story around them, I think, if you’re not careful, that can very easily lead to someone caring just about characters, and putting almost no effort into the actual plot
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On the flip side, not all stories need to have amazing plots. Sometimes a story is just a backdroup to allow character development to happen. It depends on what kind of story you're trying to make.
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