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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct Coming on June 22nd, 2022!
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Nintendo’s official Twitter just dropped the news that the next Direct is entirely focused on Xenoblade Chronicles 3!
Kingdom Hearts Director Tetsuya Nomura talks about Sora's inclusion in Smash
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Will Sora's inclusion in Smash somehow complicate Kingdom Hearts lore even more? Well the answer on that remains to be seen, but for now we got to hear a little bit of behind the scenes info on Sora's Smash inclusion.
Sakurai VS. The Color Purple: A [Conspiracy] Theory
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No, not the Alice Walker novel, as in the actual color purple.
Voice Acting and Items Added to Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl
  • 2,334
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Things are about to get a whole lot louder in everyone's favorite Nickelodeon fighting game!

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Given that one of the only mainline zelda games to come out really quickly after the last one, Wind Waker, has some extremely horrifying stories of crunch, I’m not mad botw 2 is taking so long. I am however pretty frustrated by the lack of communication
Alright I was very active today, I ended the colors earlier than expected so here it is Hans!.
Hans is a young boy who borned with a tremenedous magical potential (particulary in psychic powers), in some fiction works a superpowerful magic child usually means someone like the protag of Brightburn but he isn't like that, he is just a little kid who yes is very powerful but it doesn't stop to have the same mindset of someone from his age (13-ish), he has the little problem that he is usually very tired since his body can't manage all his power so he sleeps a lot, but his powers allowed him to create a style that allows him move when he is sleeping that he called the "Sleepy Penguin Style".

In-game he is a stance character that can alternate freely between the awake mode and the sleep mode, in the sleep mode his moves are more erratic and less predictive but have a longer startup and can't block (it has a special block move but can't do the regular one), he also gains additional moves like one where he walks lying down allowing him to low profile a lot of moves or convert his penguin plush into a swole penguin that punch you REALLY hard.

I still don't think this design is the final design, for example I think the penguin plush should be bigger and the hand where he hugs the plush is quite weird, but this is something I do with al my designs, I think I will only made the "final" designs the moment I learn how to do digital art.

Btw in terms of what I want to do next, I'm working on Poison/Famine (I said that I will change her name but I'm still thinking on a better name), Ace and June redesigns.
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