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E3 Day 4: Nintendo / Bandai Namco / Awards Show
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The final day of E3 is here - While we don't know what will happen from the Awards Show yet, Nintendo was still filled with plenty of announcements, and Bandai Namco gave an extra highlight to one of their games, House of Ashes.
Kazuya Announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
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Nintendo’s E3 2021 Direct began with a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate newcomer reveal, and this time it’s Kazuya Mishima of Tekken fame!
E3 Day 3: Capcom / Limited Run Games
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Day 3 of E3 is now complete. This featured nice small updates from Capcom and new physical releases from Limited Run Games.
E3 Day 2: Microsoft / Bethesda & Square Enix
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While Day 2 had many small presentations, the biggest showstoppers were Microsoft and Square Enix - With over 20 games announced at Microsoft's presentation and a few nice surprises in Square Enix's

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Are people still calling Disney's movies antisemitic because allegedly Walt Disney had such beliefs (I can't confirm) and boycotting them because of it or are we past that?
Wario Wario Wario
Wario Wario Wario
It's literally a proven fact that Walt Disney wasn't a Nazi or anti-semite. He produced multiple anti-Nazi WW2 propaganda films and nobody with any actual connections to him have came forwards about any anti-semitic beliefs - including people who held grudges and were willing to dish dirt on Disney's dark side as a whole.

There are plenty of things to criticise about Walt Disney, both the man and the company he left us with, but there's also a lot of utter lies spread about supposed wrong-doings by the house of mouse.
A character I think would have a really interesting effect on the speculation scene is PaRappa the Rapper. He is, in my eyes, the one character who would most clear as day illustrate "Smash is no longer just about Nintendo." as not only is he owned by Sony with no Nintendo appearances, but there is also a relatively popular Nintendo IP with the same genre and a similar aesthetic to PaRappa. PaRappa would also break a lot of Smash fans out of the console war trance of Nintendo being the "only innovators" and "the only ones who don't make gritty shooters all the time" given how historically significant PtR is to gaming and its cute, silly style.
I think it’s a good thing that people stopped using the word “trap” and are now using the word “femboy” instead. I mean some of the memes about it still have problematic elements but the word “trap” used in that context is like 100 times more problematic
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But doesn't 'Trap' and 'Femboy' apply to two completely different character tropes in the world of...ahem adult 'manga'/'anime'? I didn't think the two were inherently interchangeable.
Champion of Hyrule
Champion of Hyrule
Well yeah there is a difference between the two but the problem is that some people didn’t realize this at first. Here let me explain…

The word “trap” applies to a trope usually in anime (Not just 18+ anime) where there’s a character that looks female and is thought to be female but it turns out is biologically a male wearing feminine clothing, giving off the impression that the character was “deceiving” people. I think the whole trope is overused, problematic and was never funny. It became a lot worse when people started using it to describe actual trans people or femboys in real life. (The word “femboy” just applies to anyone who identifies as male but presents more feminine or wears feminine clothing)

Recently though the word trap has kind of been phased out and I’m glad about that because the term implies femboys and trans people are deceptive and trying to trick people.
Does it suck when you put a lot of effort into a poll entry but no one votes for it, that happens to me a surprising amount of times
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