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The Superspicy Curry: A History of Curry Rice and Why it’s Spicy
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Are you feeling hungry? Feel like cooking? Well, dive in as we explore the item, Superspicy Curry, and it’s history and origins within Japan!
3.6Rank 5-1
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The finale of 3.6Rank is here! It's time to dig into the history of the five greatest Project M 3.6 players of all time.
Things to Remember for Fighter's Pass Volume 2
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With each Smash announcement, we crave more. Before doing that, we're here to examine some cautionary tales, reminders, and even shed some optimism for Fighter's Pass Volume 2.
Animal Crossing New Horizons Spirit Event Announced
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A new Spirit Event dedicated to Animal Crossing New Horizons was recently announced and will feature Spirits such as Orville, Wilbur, and Flick. The event will run from April 3rd to the 5th.

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Politics is like driving in the UK:
The left lane gets you to your destination, the right lane gets you into head-on collisions, and the center gets you into head-on collisions.
Many of the ARMS gloves would play too similarly in Smash so the Toaster, Boomerang, Tribolt, Dragon, Clapback, Megaton, Kablammer, Blorb, Parasol and Popper gloves are the only gloves that need to be used in Spring Man's moveset.
My mom told me to come down, and a TREE FELL OVER RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR HOUSE, possibly onto a car.

Luckily, we were all inside when it happened AND it didn't fall towards our window.

However, this gives me cause for concern. There are two trees next to my window, and God forbid one of them falls over and crushes me.
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24/7 Smash: SSC 2019 SSBU - Akota (Mii Gunner) VS Lemmon (Joker) Loser's Top 32

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