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Creator of Waluigi reveals sketches of scrapped "Walpeach" character
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You may have heard of the fabled “Walpeach” idea in the past, but now we have our first look at the character that would’ve been the “Wa” equivalent to Princess Peach.
Brawl Central Presents: Character Viability in Brawl
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Ever wonder about viable characters in Brawl apart from the infamous Meta Knight and Ice Climbers? Our friends at Brawl Central have you covered!
Rivals 2 Kickstarter Funded
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Rivals 2's Kickstarter met its initial goal in 2 hours.
The Game Awards 2023 Nominees Have Been Revealed!
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The nominees for The Game Awards 2023 were just revealed today!

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I was thinking about how Fortnite handles R-rated properties with the recent Peter Griffin announcement, and honestly I actually think "this is a kids' game" is a good argument FOR the likes of Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat, Doom, or Call of Duty in Smash. They should still absolutely no-compromises no-loopholes be in a censored format, don't get me wrong, but when you're a kid, those 4 franchises are these alluring, mysterious things you crave just the slightest glimpse at - as a kid I was staunchly in the anti-graphic violence pro-platformer Nintendotuber sheep camp, and even I was a bit curious what the GTA fuss was - so having a family-friendly rendition in Smash would be a nice way to statisfy that hunger for the forbidden fruit without either compromising the actual source material or exposing kids to dead hookers, brains being sliced in half, and Ollie North cameos.
Just had a transphobic yakzua fan in my Twitter replies. My dude there is a part in those games where Kyiru turns to the camera a nd days "trans women are women." How are you so bad at this
Okay, hypothetical situation incoming:

Say you have 2 people standing in front of a wall of 20 GAU-8 Avenger rotary cannons. One has extreme speed like the Flash, the other has god-like reflexes like Ultra Instinct. They can only dodge the incoming fire from the Avenger guns for as long as they're able. Who would go down first, the super-speed or the instinctual reflexes?

My argument is that the super-speed guy would fall first. While he is fast, he still needs to think before he moves, his body needs time to recognize that he wants to move. Whereas the instinct guy doesn't need to think at all to dodge, it just happens.
Personally, if I had either super speed or god-like reflexes, or even no superpowers whatsoever, my response would be to run the **** away (therefore winning by default)
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