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Smash Blog Updates (10/7 - 10/11)
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Nintendo was trying to remind us to pay more attention to our health and go to the gym with last week's Smash Blog Updates.
Get Into the Halloween Spirit with Challenger Approaching: Skull Kid
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Inspired by recent rumors about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the latest installment in Delzethin's Challenger Approaching series focuses on the wearer of Majora's Mask himself, Skull Kid.
The Big House 8: Melee Top 8 Results and Recap
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One of the largest, and few remaining, majors of the year is over. The Big House 8 concluded on Sunday with it's fair share of upsets and legendary sets. Let's dive into the results from the tournament and go over some of the "must watch" sets of top 8.
Frostbite 2019 and Full Bloom 5 Trailers Released
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Two trailers for the highly anticipated tournaments, Frostbite 2019 and Full Bloom 5, dropped on October 7th during The Big House 8. These trailers also brought about the news that registration for both events is now open!

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Im worried that Ultimate's Online is going to turn into another For Glory. Seriously tho, why cant the trolls and 12yr olds stay off the competitive mode? I think im just ready to quick playing Smash 4 is what it is tbh. Please excuse me if I sound ranty....
I hate Smash 4's online too.

Too many Bayonetta players and spammers.
I consider importance to play a big role in whether a character is to be expected or not. As in, important to either to the game they starred in, the franchise they're from, the company(-ies) they impacted, or their impact on the gaming industry or fans as a whole.

We have gotten many characters and kept many characters that would be irrelevant by today's standards. None of those characters are unimportant, though. Characters like Snake and Simon's franchises important to gaming as a whole, characters like Inkling having a positive impact on Nintendo's rough times, Roy and Marth having brought one of Nintendo's franchises to the U.S., Captain Falcon introduced during a time he was popular, etc...

Many of these characters are irrelevant, but how many of them are unimportant to their game, franchise, Nintendo, their fans, or gaming as a whole entirely?
Something I've said before I feel people tend to overlook when it comes to expecting, not hoping or wanting, characters in Smash. I know many will probably disagree.

I've seen many people toss around characters being irrelevant as a point either towards or against a character. This is bad, in my eyes. I'm not saying relevance matters, but I'm also not saying it doesn't.
A character being irrelevant shouldn't count as "taking away a point" in that character's likeliness. But a character being relevant should add to a character's likeliness.

Relevance is still important, just not as relevant as it used to be in smash speculation.

It is okay to push for, want, or hope for a character that might technically be "irrelevant", but try not to expect them unless they're extremely popular, either in or outside of smash. . . Or someone like Vergeben leaks them.