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Animal Crossing Direct Announced for February 20th
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Nintendo announces an Animal Crossing Direct focusing on New Horizons for February 20th.
35 PGRUv2 Players Teamed Up to Create an Ultimate Tier List
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Recently, thirty-five of the fifty players on the Panda Global Season Two Rankings voted on a survey where they could rank characters in Smash Ultimate on a scale of one through ten. On February 18th, 2020, these votes were released in the form of the PGRUv2 Ultimate Tier List.
The Greatest Project M 3.6 Players of All Time: #50–41
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Hey everyone, welcome to my attempt at recapping the histories of some of the greatest players in Project M 3.6 history. With the advent of Project + over the last year, and the general slowdown of the Project M/+ scene, I’d like to take some time and talk about the players who defined the past, present, and hopefully, future of the game. While these articles are, and will be presented as, rankings of the greatest PM 3.6 players of all time, my goal is primarily to remember and celebrate the narratives that everyone on this list, from #50 to #1, helped to create over the last four years.
Are small tournaments financially viable? - Interviewing Zagnes
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Can small local Smash tournaments stay afloat? How do they do it? Would we be better off with Nintendo sponsoring the scene? I sat down with Zagnes, a small Melee TO, to ask him these questions and many more!

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If a game commercial among the lines of "Genesis Does What Nintendon't" came out today it'd be burned alive - even by the manufacturer's fans.
Have you ever heard of Grizzly Tales? It's a British kids' show that's literally about children dying. That's the plot of the show - a child does something mildly annoying for their parents and gets killed. I like some pretty messed up stuff (hell, we're on a forum about a game where you can blow up children and dogs with high class military weapons) but I draw the line at a show telling kids that they'll be murdered and eaten if they don't eat spaghetti. Oh no, I'm not exaggerating, that was an actual episode - Season 1 Episode 2, "The Spaghetti Man".

And people said Ren and Stimpy was dark...
On a side note, I honestly think I'll leave this forum for years after the next pass unambiguously ends.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the game and what it may get from here, but this speculation period was mostly not that fun compared to 4's and the various fandom-specific controversies and jumping on bandwagons got grating after a while. My social skills aren't that good anyway, either.

Also, I hope that Sak figures out what to do in life with Iwata no longer around.
Well, this month's currently looking pretty dead for deconfirmations (aside from Cuphead, but that was already obvious), there's a tourney this week.

I can understand why though, seeing the recent news...