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Delzethin Remakes Wario's Smash Moveset
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Roughly a month ago, Delzethin published a new Remake It! video. As the name implies, the Remake It! video series is all about remaking Smash Bros. characters. And, this time Wario was the star of the show!
Indie World Announced for April 17th, 2024
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Nintendo just dropped news that a new Indie World showcase is coming! This one’s scheduled for April 17th, 2024!
Wii U and 3DS Online Services have Ended
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April 8th, 2024 marks the end of an era. Today, Nintendo has permanently shut down the Wii U and 3DS Online Servers.
Smashboards Call for Writers
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Want to put your writing chops to a wider audience? Interested in joining the team? Check this article out for more!

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Melee should have a thing like Pokémon stadium where the character's color palette is randomly generated based on the tag you set. So if I enter MOMO my Ness would have a random but consistent color palette. But if I changed it to, say, MONO, it'd suddenly change.
I figured out the lowkey most terrifying power, the ability to have full control over every aspect of cheese.

Think about it, cheese isn't just dairy, it also contains fat, salt, and bacteria in its ingredients, so you can essentially make someone lose their body fluids instantly.
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GAME IS GAME - MAJOR - TOP 64 - w/ Glutonny, Shuton, Gackt, MuteAce, Raflow, Jogibu, Sisqui... 🎤 Sakor & Guests !RS !merch !bracket
Game is Game フランススマブラ大会 ウォッチパーティ
GAME IS GAME EU SUPERMAJOR TOP 64 Ft: Glutonny, しゅーとん "Shuton, Muteace, Sisqui, Raflow, がくと "Gackt, Mkbigboss, じょうぎぶ Andresfn !bracket

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