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“Jonsey Drops In” Jonsey and Fortnite Smash Analysis Part 1
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Grab as much gear as you can and build your victory from the ground up! Jonsey and the other Fortnite agents come diving in from the Battle Bus and straight into a Smash Analysis! Join in the Battle Royale as we look how Jonsey could play and what sort of moves he would have!
ARMS Music We Could See In Smash
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ARMS has some great tracks and, with ARMS coming this month, let’s take a look at what music we could possibly see!
New Information about Pokémon Sword and Shield DLC is Revealed
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New content concerning the upcoming DLC for Pokémon Sword and Shield is revealed including new Pokémon, Galarian forms, and Gigantamax Forms along with story content, new characters, new mechanics and new locations.
A Challenger Approaches: Episode 5
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In this episode of "A Challenger Approaches", I meet "Sinclair", a student who was forced to leave his university due to the 2019-2020 Hong Kong protests. Read on to learn about Sinclair's experience and about Hong Kong's struggle with its government.

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Bad news. I cannot march tomorrow. My ride dipped on me.
For those that do not know, I have a phobia of driving by myself out of town.
Ben Holt
Ben Holt
I appreciate it. I used to have A LOT more phobias.
At one point, I would literally wake up in the middle of the night just to have panic attacks over literally nothing.
It was at that point that I admitted myself into a mental ward for ten days and found out that I was an alcoholic (I had a stressed liver at age 21.).
But yea. I've conquered most fears since then, but driving out of town is still my big one. I'll definitely work on that, as I intend to go to Florida with my nephew after this pandemic is over to meet one of the girls I met online.
Ben Holt
Ben Holt
Here's a weird one. At one point, I wouldn't play online games because of the social anxiety of interacting with strangers.
My anxiety went from zero to 100 real quick.
At 17, I had an extreme amount of caffeine that led to the first panic attack ever, and I didn't know what it even was.
At 18, I had one random panic attack because my parents were out of town without cell service, and that led to me getting general anxiety (I was unaware of this too until my doctor told me that all my physical symptoms were not caused physically so it had to be anxiety.).
Then my anxiety was so bad that I almost dropped out of High School out of the simple inability to show up, but I was able to finish the last few months I had left.
Then I went to college, dropped out of college, became an alcoholic, and peaked at age 21 when I could not go a single day without random panic attacks with no apparent triggers.
Then I spent 10 days at a mental ward. I loathed every moment, but I got on medication that has me stable now. I have since been relatively anxiety free, but being in a car by myself out of town is my biggest trigger.
But at one point, I was literally afraid to leave town at all, even with a driver, so I've made pretty major progress.
Venus of the Desert Bloom
Venus of the Desert Bloom
I was worried I was crossing the line with this post since it’s a serious and personal issue so I was trying be careful with my wording. But yeah, I would say that is a huge process. My parents have a fear of flying (and being outside of America) yet they complain and moan about not being able to see their grandchildren. They have the time and money to make a trip to Japan (well not currently with the virus) but they always say they can’t leave the country and don’t want to go on an airplane. And then they complain about not being able to see the grandchildren. We thought the birth of our kids would get them over the fear of flying/what’s outside of America but I guess even that won’t make them budge
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