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Delzethin Weighs in on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Newcomers
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Since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's starting roster was revealed, plenty of prominent figures in the Smash community have been sharing their reactions to the lineup, and Delzethin is no exception.
World of Light: Smash Ultimate's New Mode
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After the last Nintendo Direct, we finally learned what the new mode was gonna be. As previously decoded, it is called Spirits.
How to Watch Smash Summit 7
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Smash Summit 7 is quickly approaching, it will occur from November 14th to the 18th taking place at the Summit Gaming House in Los Angeles, California and will feature not only the quality Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles we all love but also a variety of other events.
Detective Pikachu Movie Releases its First Trailer
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Warner Bros. Pictures’s trailer for the Pokémon: Detective Pikachu movie recently dropped on November 12th, 2018 with a new, fluffier take on everyone’s favorite electric rodent.

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Just gonna stop by to say happy birthday, since I missed it earlier. I was going to leave this site, but I think I'll stay for a while.
Thank you for remembering it! Also, I can get it, this place can be pretty stressful. Come back when you feel better!
Just watched Wreck-It Ralph 2.

While I love the original with all my heart, this movie was fun to watch. I was scared they'd shove the product placement all over my face but it stayed tame, that's good. There was a Fortnite cameo which made me want to die but it was gone after a second so again, that helps. The message of the movie got to me though. It was something relatable that I've experienced recently and got a manly tear out of me. I can't go in depth due to spoilers.

If you liked the original, definitely give it a watch!
Happy birthday if i forgot; also, let's see, I like the doctor, and chrom and Bayo
Thank you, it's lovely when people remember it. I also like Doc and Bayonetta (and Chrom's cool), it's nice seeing their fans.
I'm not and won't be disappointed if my favorite characters I personally love don't make it into Smash, but what really bothers me is when I see others constantly whining over why their choices didn't make it in. It makes me cringe thinking about it.