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A new Switch controller listing surfaces from the FCC
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What could this controller be? While we don't know, we have a few clues.
Smash Remix: Version 1.0.0 out now
  • 73
  • 1
Smash Remix now has its first numbered update. This update includes two new characters, many stages, new modes, and more!
Skyward Sword 5-disc soundtrack revealed for Japan
  • 279
  • 1
Starting Late November, Fans of Skyward Sword can purchase a 5-disc soundtrack containing every song in the game.
Ren & Stimpy Showcase for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl
  • 511
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Ren & Stimpy launch their slapstick humor into Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. The showcase goes over some of the duo's moves, their stage, taunt, and victory screen.

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Hey man uhhh

Just so you know I wasn’t telling you to chill, I was making an ice pun.

Y’know, cuz we were talking about [hyperlink blocked]

I wasn’t tryna crap on you or anything.
I hate it when online/constantly updating games will remove old content or areas to generate buzz for new ones and make new things look more interesting, like they’re replacing the old.

It’s just great for videogame preservation
"They are relatively slow in their movement and attacks, but they more than make up for it with their heavyweight and wide area of damage."

Ren & Stimpy do NOT sound competitively viable. Having weight and range does NOT make up for being sluggish.
Unfair comparison. MvC is a different genre.

In platform fighters, the archetype doesn't work unless you have a sword and/or a projectile that isn't laggy and can't be hit back by literally everyone, as well as a not bad recovery.
Well, if you want to play Ren and Stimpy but you don't think they're competitively viable, this may sound cliche, but just practice! Have fun with it! Bowser Jr. is usually seen as bottom tier, but some competitive players made him good by, well, practicing!
But I'm not a competitive player.
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Glitch this weekend wooooo
JUST PB'D 51:51!!! melee vs subs now !subtember
RE-RUN: Infinity Con 2021 Top 32 - Ned (Sephiroth) Vs. Kobe (Young Link) SSBU Ultimate Tournament

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