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“2B Activates for Battle” Nier:Automata Smash Analysis Part 2
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NieR:Automata is game famous for its beautiful setting, emotional characters, and stunning music. All of these would look amazing in Ultimate. With that in mind, let’s take a look at all the Nie:Automata content that could be included in a Fighter’s Pack!
The Beauty of Hyrule Temple
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Smash has tons of great stages but none are more iconic than the stage, Temple. This The Legend of Zelda stage has stood the test of time and has remained a very popular and loved stage by Smash fans.
7 Things to do in Ultimate When You're Bored
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We're all bored! So what else is there to do in Ultimate?
News Roundtable Discussion: The ARMS Newcomer
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The News Staff had a lengthy discussion what could happen this June in regards to Smash and ARMS. Join us as we dive in who could get their “arms” on the roster!

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Corrin is not slow and you're either not using foxthrot, autocanceling properly or you haven't seen how a real Corrin player can move.
How normal people express excessive affection: "I love you."
How I express excessive affection: "I try to refrain from using the word "love" as to not overstep, but it's not an inaccurate word to describe my feelings."
Oz o:
Oz o:
I re-educated my self to not throw it around like it's nothing, and this goes for the most casual things, as silly as something like "i highly enjoy" sounds.
I think Nintendo should make more sports game franchises and racing game franchises (besides Mario), especially skateboarding games. (I kinda would love to see a Super Mario Skateboarding game) I also think they should bring back the sports and racing game franchises they've already made, including Wave Race, F-Zero, and 1080°. Speaking of which, which video game franchises, especially sports and racing game franchises, do you guys think should be brought back?
It would be cool if Star Fox GP is real. I would love to play a racing game with Fox, Falco, Slippy, Peppy, Krystal, Wolf, Leon, Andrew, Pigma, and Scales in it.
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