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Indie World Announced for April 17th, 2024
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Nintendo just dropped news that a new Indie World showcase is coming! This one’s scheduled for April 17th, 2024!
Wii U and 3DS Online Services have Ended
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April 8th, 2024 marks the end of an era. Today, Nintendo has permanently shut down the Wii U and 3DS Online Servers.
Smashboards Call for Writers
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Want to put your writing chops to a wider audience? Interested in joining the team? Check this article out for more!
Akira Toriyama Passes Away at Age 68
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On March 8th, it was announced that the legendary manga creator Akira Toriyama passed away at the age of 68. Toriyama created the manga series Dragon Ball and Dr. Slump. As well, he designed characters for video games like Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger.

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i have not played "frogger helmet chaos" since i was 11 yet i can still hear the bitcrushed cry of "DR. WAAAANIIIII!!" from the intro every time i see the japanese word for alligator
Back in 2020 a Devinantart user by the name of evilwaluigi posted a picture he drew of a hypothetical roster for the next console Mario Kart game after Mario Kart 8. I thought it was a really good roster at the time, and going to back to see it again now, I still think it's really solid.

But what do you guys think of it? I've shared the image below. Fair warning, it's a bright picture. So prepare your eyes if you have a dark colored Smashboards theme.

if the current day social media landscape existed in the 90s as opposed to usenet, do you think people would be saying "smh animaniacs ruined the orson welles frozen peas tape by exposing it to babies"
Wario Wario Wario
Wario Wario Wario
Not saying Lankybox e.t.c. is on the same level as Animaniacs of course, moreso just saying... I don't get the notion of "edgy indie thing is RUINED because of CONTENT FARMS!!!" because kids' media has always pretty directly catered to cultural osmosis around stuff kids' parents or siblings watch but don't let them - not to mention that apart from FNF and Pibby, most of these channel's favourite "targets" have been pretty clean. Skibidi Toilet and almost all mascot horror is designed with kids in mind, TADC's pilot is no worse than a Courage episode (whether it edges up over time we don't know), and Grimace is literally a vintage children's character. Of course, the weird Mickey Mouse Baby Dead in Gas Explosion cartoons are a different matter, aesthetically similar but not really the same thing as Lankybox or such. It's valid to be concerned about Lankybox's game choices and monetization, or criticise their style of content creation, but it's not "ruining" anything or a scandal - it's more "questionable" than outright dangerous or inappropriate. AFAIK they don't have sponsors and instead make money off of their own merch, which doesn't appear to be advertised in the videos.
It's just kids that are slightly older than Barney's target demographic violently hating Barney all over again.
Cyborg Sun
Cyborg Sun
Skibidi Toilet is so strange to me, I guess mainly because it was started as a simple GMod/SFM thing by someone who was already known for making silly/weird videos. It's just that it somehow became a "content farm" thing. Sure, it's not that goofy GMod faces were never popular with kids or anything, but still. I don't consider it on the level of "mascot horror," I still remember its HL2 roots dangit! (i am old)
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