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Who is Richter Belmont?
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On August 8th 2018. Richter Belmont was revealed alongside his ancestor Simon for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Despite the series’ longtime dormancy. I was surprised by how few people knew of Richter despite his impact on the franchise.
Shovel Knight Announced for Rivals of Aether
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Over a year after their first guest character reveal, Shovel Knight has been announced during Rivals of Aether's panel at Super Smash Con 2018 as the game's final DLC character.

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Blue, where do you weigh in on the whole "Assist trophies can't make it in as DLC fighters" idea that's been going around since the Smash 4 ballot?
I guess it is possible. But right now, I feel the rules for who can get in as DLC will be extremely, loose that is it would be almost impossible to figure out what direction Sakurai will aim for with DLC. The only kinds of characters I am sure about are third parties and Nintendo characters from already established franchises used solely for new game promotion (Like Corrin). I only say this because these were previous trends in Smash 4 DLC that could likely come back. Otherwise, I have no definitive answer.
Thanks, Blue. I had similar thought, but I'm hopeful atleast one assist breaks that precedent barrier. My guess is that it'll probably be Waluigi if that comment by Reggie is anything to go by.