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A Look At Thunder Gaming's Problems by Omni
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Despite becoming more well-known throughout the eSports scene, Thunder Gaming has come under a lot of fire over the past few months due to a variety of issues. Is the hatred for the company warranted or is it greatly exaggerated? Well-known Smasher Omni provides his thoughts on the state of the company and explains why he stepped down as a content creator for them earlier this month.
Announcing Smashboards' New General Manager
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We’re pleased to announce that Adam “Strong Badam” Oliver is the new General Manager of Smashboards. This promotion was made in lieu of our previous General Manager, Xiivi, resigning.
Byleth Revealed as Final Character in First Fighters Pass
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Nintendo finished off Fighters Pass #1 with Byleth, the main protagonist of Fire Emblem: Three Houses!
Is 1-stock Smash the Future?
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Death, taxes, Super Smash Bros. ruleset overhauls: the constants of life. While there is often talk of making sweeping changes to the rules of a Smash game, relatively few see use in tournament play, much less widespread adoption. Examples of “successful” ruleset changes in Melee recently include wobbling bans and ledgegrab limits. Both have seen regional adoption, which is better than a 6 minute timer or frozen Pokémon Stadium, for example, have ever done.

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Thinking about it, "reverse 3-0" doesn't like like a 3-0 at all. It's a reverse 2-0. The 3-0 doesn't settle until it actually happens. What if you 3 stocked that person? That was nowhere close to the 3-0.
Today I took the biggest OOF of my life. I went to school ONE day prior to the actual semester starting thinking it was the actual start of school.

**** me.