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Genesis X Ultimate and Melee Top 8 Recap
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Genesis X was a week ago, yet it still feels like it just happened. So, let's take a look at what happened in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!
PMRank 2023: EU 5-1
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The strongest players on the continent round out Europe's 2023 PMRank.
PMRank 2023: EU 10-6
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Five of Europe's top talent make their PMRank debuts today.
Nintendo Partner Showcase February 2024 Recap
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Missed the Partner Showcase? Over 20 announcements. We've got you covered.

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There's a video game top 10 website out there called blockfort.com and one of the lists they did once was a top 10 of guest character ideas for ARMS.

In the modern day the small amount of likeliness this idea has can only really happen in an ARMS 2, but let's talk about the list anyway.

Given the type of game ARMS is they focused on the whole "stretchy arms" aspect and included these 10 characters on the list.

10 - Link (With the Double Clawshots)

9 - Stretch Armstrong

8 - Elastigirl

7 - Rayman

6 - Ristar

5 - Mister Fantastic

4 - Plastic Man

3 - Inspector Gadget

2 - Dhalsim

1 - Monkey D. Luffy
Do you think Smash Ultimate is dying, or is just entering a strange transitionary phase in the game's life? I feel like it won't die since it's distinct enough from the other games to warrant a large playerbase, maybe not as big as Melee but bigger than 64 definitely.
Assuming you're referring specifically to the competitive scene, IMO it depends heavily on what the next game is like. If it's similar to Ultimate in the way that Ultimate is similar to Smash 4, Ultimate's competitive scene might die off almost completely since its meta characters aren't ones that are considered to be particularly hype and people will probably want to switch to a fresh metagame. I don't think it's in as bad as a place as Smash 4 was, though. (Very late lifespan Smash 4 really did feel like everyone was like "ugh, can the next game release already??")

Ultimate will probably stick around for casual play due to the inevitability of cuts, plus the possibility of it being playable on the next Nintendo console too.
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