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Nintendo Indie World Recap
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The Nintendo Indie World august presentation is now over; with a stunning lineup of over 20 games, we're here to recap.
Indie World Presentation Announced for August 19th
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On August 16th, 2019, Nintendo announced there will be an Indie World presentation on the 19th!
EVO 2019 Attendees Possibly Exposed to Measles
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An guest around one of EVO 2019's hotel was reported with a case of the measles; no other's have (yet) came out with this.
The Big House 9: Wobbling Banned & Ledge Grab Limit
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The Big House 9's TO has recently came out with the ruleset for Melee, featuring a wobbling ban, a ledge grab limit of 60, and Smash 64 making a return?! Read more about it here!

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