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Get On My Level 2019: Event Preview & Pools Analysis
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Get on My Level is Canada's premier major tournament series. It has a storied history, and we're about to see what GOML means for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Five of Canada's biggest regions are coming together to duke it out while top players aim to restore their glory or fight to hold onto it - it's Canada's first major, and one of Ultimate's most important to date.
Demise Sponsors Mr E
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Recently, the eSports organization Demise signed Eric “Mr E” Weber of Smash fame onto their team!
Know Your Moves: Piranha Plant
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YouTube personality and resident Smash fan RelaxAlax has uploaded a brand-new video in his long-running Know Your Moves series. This time focusing on none other than Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s first DLC character, Piranha Plant!
Izaw Presents: The Art of Mario
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Izaw returns with a new 'Art of' about everyone's favorite plumber.

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smh. I take too many games and have too many close games for a man with a broken thumb. fake peaches that press buttons between stocks a lot but can't combo be coming in my room. young links that can spam arrows.... and spam arrows, but that's about it. Ryus that throw out jabs just to throw them out, isn't even aiming or spacing aerials and tilts. Online community just seems bad for me to practice with. When this brace comes off going to locals and playing real players. No offense onliners.
Wario player named Rob and a guy named LNAID who plays Ike are the only 2 outside of Venom who trade enough games with me to just let them stay in my arena consistently.