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How To Make Smash Stable
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What do our communities sponsorships, scandals, and culture all have tying them together? Why, compared to other esports, is Smash financially stable? In our latest Editorial, we're here to talk about it.
Nintendo Indie World Recap
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The Nintendo Indie World august presentation is now over; with a stunning lineup of over 20 games, we're here to recap.
Indie World Presentation Announced for August 19th
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On August 16th, 2019, Nintendo announced there will be an Indie World presentation on the 19th!
EVO 2019 Attendees Possibly Exposed to Measles
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An guest around one of EVO 2019's hotel was reported with a case of the measles; no other's have (yet) came out with this.

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I'm playing around with Hero a bit. I actually like him as a character, so there was that bit of intrigue. I'm trying to do my own thing, as usual. Not a huge fan of being passive or camping, so I'm working a lot on his normals (namely Uair and Nair). Trying to see what I can exploit with that.
I think I'm the only guy intersted in Hero for the actual Sword character he is rather than the jank toolbox he brings...
I just beat laggy match against two Ganons on doubles today with my pal. Meta Knight edge guarding, man.
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SHINE PRE-STREAM - ALL PUFF in Ultimate Singles! (Melee Later?)
How about a new Raid Boss?
The Weekly Wave #36 ft. Blitz, Orange, M9, DKbill, ARJAY!!!, Aden, Peachfuzz, and more! | Toronto Smash Ultimate Tournament

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