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Springroll Games Releases Open Source Platform Fighter Engine
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Up-and-coming indie studio Springroll Games has just released a public beta for their Platform Fighter Engine, an open source platform fighter template for Game Maker Studio 2. This template is available under the MIT license, meaning it is free to use for commercial products, so long as proper credit to its developers is provided.
Pokemon Presentation airing tomorrow at 7:00 am PST/10:00 am EST
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In just a very short amount of time, the Pokemon series will be 25 years old! What better way to celebrate it than with a new video presentation (as well as a Post Malone concert of course). Learn more about what will be unfolding in the Pokemon world tomorrow here!
Mr. Sakurai Presents "Pyra/Mythra" to air on March 4th.
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To those fearing that we'd have to wait until March 31st to get news on Pyra/Mythra, fear no more. We now have confirmation that we'll be learning more about Pyra/Mythra as early as next Thursday!
The Smash World Tour is Back for 2021!
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The Smash World Tour Twitter account recently announced there will be a 2021 iteration of the international tournament series for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Super Smash Bros. Melee!

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SO it's a safe bet that pyra/mythra will be released almost immediately after the presentation considering we all got a notice that the game will be updated to 11.0.0 soon.

I know it's pointless to hope so given the games past patches constantly screwing us over, but before, perhaps this will be the patch we finally see some dorf buffs...
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Mannnn I'm waiting for some lucario buffs, like a spike on down air. But the last patch notes were only a few characters so there might be less changes.
it's interesting what folks say about you when they don't realize you're listening in.

Earlier today I happened to go into twitch streams as a random unassuming name (timmy) to give the appearance that i'm just some random new player in smash, even playing my first stock like a total beginner, spamming smashes and running around randomly throwing out dash attacks, only turning up the heat and playing for real when my opponent took my first stock(in which case I destroyed every one of them.)

So fast forward to one twitch channel that I forgot I followed(I wouldn't have done this pseudo-trolling on an stream I remembered I follow) , I join his arena, and after I turn the heat up and start bodying folks left and right, they start going on about how my ganon is trash and they could beat it if they went their mains. It was only after I revealed who i was several matches later that they were quick to praise my ganon again....and were all visibly embarrassed when I brought up that I had been watching the whole time and heard exactly what they were saying.
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