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New Nintendo Treehouse Livestream Coming Soon
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Recently, Nintendo of America announced they’ll be livestreaming a new Nintendo Treehouse on July 10th, 2020!
Smashboards Stands in Support of Survivors
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Since the end of June and beginning of July, countless members of the Smash community and the greater fighting game community have come forward with allegations of abuse from prominent community figures. The Smashboards staff condemns the actions detailed in these allegations.
EVO Online Has Been Cancelled Following Sexual Abuse Allegations
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A multitude of very serious allegations in the FGC has led to the cancellation of EVO Online. Learn more about everything that has unfolded here.
“Jonesy Drops In” Jonesy and Fortnite Smash Analysis Part 2
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Come join the Battle Royale as we look at how Fortnite content could be included in a potential Fighter’s Pack!

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What is an AMA around here? I've seen a few people talking about it and I'm wondering what it is.
Speed Weed
Speed Weed
AMA stands for ask me anything: basically, you get a thread where other users ask you questions, and it closes down after a while
Shadow, get your black feline ass off the goddamned table before I rip off your raptor claw-lookin' ****!
Government approved mass murder.
Digging you an early grave.
Sheep lined up behind the herder.
Convinced themselves that they are brave.
Tanks, grenades, and rocket launchers.
Killing for our corporate sponsors.
Fight to be victorious.
All violence is inglorious.
So send the killers off to war.
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