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The Smash Roster “God of War”-ified
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“God of War” art director Raf Grasetti shows off a different side of the Smash cast!
Dr. Mario World Is Coming Soon
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Joining the growing Nintendo mobile library is our very own resident doctor, Dr. Mario!
Content Creators You Don't Know: Bananaboy
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Welcome one and all, to another “Content Creators You Don’t Know”. This time we’ll be interviewing Bananaboy, one of the best Yoshi players I’ve ever seen, he also regularly posts insightful, helpful, and funny videos on how to improve your competitive play.
Nintendo E3 2019 Recap
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Nintendo's 2019 E3 is over. Let's take a look a the other games shown off other than Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

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The news about a Nightmare Before Christmas live action remake have brought my depression back.

Thankfully it is not as huge as in the past months doh.
If Burton is doing it, might be okay. If it's anyone else, then there's cause for worry.

In any case, the sources are anons for now, so let's remain calm.
After having watched Hero's trailer again recently, I can't wait to see Hero players with a stock lead styling on people with Kamikazee. For a move that kills you on the spot, no questions asked, I can only imagine it could kill anyone near you INSANELY early.