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Music Corner #2: The 64 Roster
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Let’s explore music that represents each fighter from Smash 64!
Why It's Almost Impossible To Ban Fighting Game Characters
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In their newest video, Stumblebee discusses banning fighting game characters and why it's almost impossible. This video brings up numerous games fighting games, both within and outside of the Smash Bros. series.
AlphaDream (Mario & Luigi) Enter Bankruptcy
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AlphaDream, known for developing the Mario & Luigi RPG series, has entered bankruptcy.

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Zero Suit Violet
Zero Suit Violet
Oh hey ! I recognize this profile picture hehe, aren't you from PapaGeno's Discord ? Nice to see you here as well !
Yes, we met on Discord!

Today it is infact my 1st year anniversary of my arrival to Smashboards!
Zero Suit Violet
Zero Suit Violet
Oh that's nice ! Well, I'm way less than one year old on Smashboard myself hehe, but happy Smash Birthday !
Seeing Kirby get so close but yet fail to get a breakout performance while other perceived low tiers are genuinely enrages me and it’s why I think he’s bottom 1. If he gets the buffs and fixes he actually ****ing needs he can be...more successful than what he is. No more of this QoL bull****. Kirby needs help NOW. K Rool needs help NOW. There needs to be actual changes in patches from now on.