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In this 12th edition of Comedy Corner, you once again miss an amazing tournament due to having real life responsibilities.
Headed by local organizing team No Limits Gaming, this weekend's Showdown is set to be the penultimate event before the ZeRo Saga, the Smash Wii U community's year-end tournament.

Here's what you need to know about the event, including its schedule, stream and the most notable competitors attending it.
On December 10 - 11 in Mount Clemens, Michigan, local organizing team No Limits Gaming will host their magnum opus tournament, Showdown: Battle Royale, at the Gibraltar Convention Center. Kevandre "AmiiboKing" Thompson, the tournament director, spoke with Smashboards in an exclusive interview about his journey leading up to this event.
The Nintendo Switch may get Melee on the Virtual Console, in addition to a 'new' Smash. Click the article for full details on the rumor.
On November 1, Croagunk was introduced to the Pokken series, gathering all sorts of reactions ranging from disappointment to laughter to joy. A month later the development team has announced a new addition to their family: Empoleon, the emperor Pokemon!
After a nine-month absence from Super Smash Bros. Melee due to health-related concerns, elite player Kevin "EG | PPMD" Nanney confirms that he will be returning. While he is unsure if he will be ready to compete in time for Genesis, he does seem reasonably confident that he'll be entering tournaments within a few months. He also mentioned that his Melee skills are already coming back. Smashboards wishes PPMD a swift and full recovery!
by 1PC, Monday
The weekend results are in! If you didn't have time to catch the Twitch streams this past weekend, no worries! Here are the results from the big events that happened this past weekend!
Have you ever wondered why certain aspects of gameplay are banned in a tournament setting of games, including every Super Smash Bros. title? My Smash Corner, a popular Smash YouTube channel, uploaded a video shining light on this topic for players to understand why and what causes a ban to happen.
Character mods, mod packs and several other modded features have been gaining popularity in the Smash community since the release of Project M. But, have you ever taken in mind the modders that put in the countless hours of compiling the mods that several people in the community enjoy?

Smashboards recently had the opportunity to speak with MarioKing64DS, one of the most influential modders in the scene and is the creator for the Waluigi Character Mod for Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Project M. In the video below, it shows clips of Waluigi's game-play in Brawl and showcases his entire move set as well.
Jackson Parodi, a video game music-focused performer, has appeared at several events, including Zeldathon and AGDQ. A man of action, he recently made it out to Smash the Record, a charity event, and helped raise $50,000 dollars for the St. Jude Children's Hospital. This is his story.
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