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The Big House 9: Melee and Ultimate Top 8 Recap
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The Big House 9 boasted a massive 1,017 entrants in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate singles and 909 in Super Smash Bros. Melee singles. With so many players at the famous event, it showed us some of the best gameplay Ultimate and Melee have to offer.
Music Corner #2: The 64 Roster
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Let’s explore music that represents each fighter from Smash 64!
Vice President of Blizzard wants to see Overwatch characters in Ultimate
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Overwatch cast has their fingers crossed for an invitation.
Why It's Almost Impossible To Ban Fighting Game Characters
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In their newest video, Stumblebee discusses banning fighting game characters and why it's almost impossible. This video brings up numerous games fighting games, both within and outside of the Smash Bros. series.

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You seeing signatures yet, my friend?
Nope. No idea what's going on. Forum support has yet to get back to me.
Sour D
Sour D
Ah, I see. If its any consolation, I can see yours! There's only so many Staff Members, I'm sure someone will get back to you!
Serious question. Is there any character that has all of a good disadvantage, good recovery, good range, non flowcharty, fast, viable and easy to use?

The character has to fit every single one of these.