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Multiple companies interested in acquiring Square Enix
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Who? Nobody knows. If anything will come of it? Nobody knows that either. But multiple companies having their eyes on could mean anything.
Nintendo Indie World April 2021 brings over 20 titles
  • 212
  • 1
Over 20 announcements, with a lot of variety, a couple of surprises, and a few shadow drops for good measure.
Nintendo Indie World showcase set for April 14th, 2021
  • 370
  • 4
A New Nintendo Indie presentation? Who knows what surprises are abound. What surprise reveals will be there? What shadow drops? While no hints are contained, we'll all find out soon.
New Pokemon Snap receives two new commercials
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The April 30th release shows off final commercials; an exciting time for any fan of Pokemon Snap.

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The townspeople from the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

These jerks put a CHILD in charge of watching over their sheep - something that not only constitutes child labour, but also:

-would not give him the emotional, mental, and physical stimulation required for his age group
-puts him in danger of a wolf attack
-burdens him with a major responsibility most adults would not be able to handle

and then they expect him NOT to play a few pranks during his duty? And somehow these utter NINNYHAMMERS, despite making the CHOICE to work with a CHILD, cannot read his facial expressions or tone of voice well enough to tell when he's lying or truthful - SOMETHING THAT IS ESSENTIAL FOR WHEN YOU'RE WORKING WITH CHILDREN.

While we're at it: why did they even keep the boy around? Surely the moment their trust was severed and they "knew" there'd be no wolf attacks, they'd just... you know, HIRE SOMEONE ELSE TO WATCH OVER THE SHEEP!?!? or at the very least get someone to supervise the boy?

Rant over.
Played too much smash lately, so gonna ramble about my time before I go on a break to catch up with non-smash stuff. For anyone curious about my Elite Smash characters:
I finally got Ridley in Smash. Gotta say it made me realize just how many people are playing Sephiroth. I'm used to outranging people with Ridley. I can't do that against Sephiroth, so there was a lot of intense mind games going on.

So now I have 8 characters currently in Elite Smash in order from first to last.
Trying to use Elite Smash as a gauge on who I want to main so I can get better since I have to use a character decently to get in Elite Smash. I have a bunch of characters that are just a match or two away from Elite Smash trying to learn them. Belmonts were the most shocking because I'm used to seeing people spam projectiles with them, and playing them made me realize just how frequently they use the whip. At that point it felt like playing Sephiroth, just Belmonts can angle their fair/bair, but not their ftilt, which is reverse from Sephy.

I'll be honest I only played K Rool, Bowser, and DK because they were simple characters (I'm bad at combos) and I was addicted to getting characters into Elite Smash. Fun characters, though :ultridley:Ridley is the only big boy I could play competitively. Though Sephiroth and Ridley overlap a lot, and I'm inclined to pick Sephiroth over Ridley since his tilts and fair feel safer... Also I keep command grabbing and attempting skewer when I probably shouldn't and people should've punished me a lot more instead of running away.

It's hard to decide between :ultsephiroth:Sephiroth and :ultinklingboy:Inkling for my favorite of the 8. Love Sephiroth's emphasis on hard reads while still being able to poke and stuff quite safely. I love Inkling because they have a nice balance between using projectiles, and just getting up in the opponent's face for sweet combos and making them panic since they have Ink on them.

:ultswordfighter:Mii Swordsman I got into Elite Smash kinda as a joke pretending to be Sephiroth (with 1321) after his announcement until Sephiroth got in. So I didn't get to play with the Chakrams, and that's a big deal. Mii Swordsman actually feels pretty good to play.

:ultdarkpit:Dark Pit still feels like the most "honest" character in the roster for me. At this point he kinda feels like a mini Winged Sephiroth. So I'll probably stick with Sephiroth at this point. Sephiroth just outclasses so many characters for me. Never thought a character I obsessed over in my Melee days that I thought was impossible for many reasons would get in.

I plan to get more characters into Elite Smash. Though most of the 3 ones I'm considering to main the most about are significantly harder to play.
Then there's a few more that I care about a lot that I may main but probably aren't so hard. They'll probably up next for trying to get into Elite Smash.
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