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Is Brawl Making a Comeback?
  • 1,613
  • 9
Ten years after the masses moved on to Smash 4, Brawl is seeing a surge of events and content. Where is the renewed interest coming from?
The Switch 7: Potential Switch Era Newcomers
  • 1,302
  • 17
Ever since the launch of the Nintendo Switch in March 2017, Nintendo has had quite the first party lineup. It’s so vast that it’s given us countless possibilities for Super Smash Bros. newcomers.
Delzethin Shows Off What Alear Could Be Like In Smash
  • 525
  • 3
At the tail end of May, Delzethin released a new Challenger Approaching video. This one happens to be all about Alear from Fire Emblem: Engage!
The Legend of Zelda series will be getting a Deku Tree Lego set this September
  • 1,132
  • 17
The ever expanding release of Lego sets based on Nintendo series continues to grow, as The Legend of Zelda will be receiving a Lego set this September!

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i was at cirque de soleil yesterday and there were three kids behind us constantly singing loudly, yelling in our ears, and throwing popcorn at my sister’s hair and their parents did nothing about it. They should take those kids and make them do all the acrobatics on the spot.
Dream Team may not be the best Mario & Luigi game, but you got to appreciate how faithful it is to its predecessors. Since Sticker Star isn't faithful at all to its predecessors. Dream Team brings back characters and references from the first 3 games and Bowser uses abilities he learned from Bowser's Inside Story.
i really like dream team bros
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