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Get On My Level 2019: Event Preview & Pools Analysis
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Get on My Level is Canada's premier major tournament series. It has a storied history, and we're about to see what GOML means for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Five of Canada's biggest regions are coming together to duke it out while top players aim to restore their glory or fight to hold onto it - it's Canada's first major, and one of Ultimate's most important to date.
Demise Sponsors Mr E
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Recently, the eSports organization Demise signed Eric “Mr E” Weber of Smash fame onto their team!
Know Your Moves: Piranha Plant
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YouTube personality and resident Smash fan RelaxAlax has uploaded a brand-new video in his long-running Know Your Moves series. This time focusing on none other than Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s first DLC character, Piranha Plant!
Izaw Presents: The Art of Mario
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Izaw returns with a new 'Art of' about everyone's favorite plumber.

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Hello! I'm just wondering if you could tell me how the extra SSS menus in 20XX were created, as well as the custom Debug Menu?
Are you watching GOML? We have three Links in top 96 (Orange, Izaw, MuthaDrum) right now. I checked the bracket, and MuthaDrum literally won 6 straight sets from losers round 2 to make it there.
Seems to me to be a common occurrence, that the local DDDs that beat me over wifi in close-or even favored sets, I absolutely SHRED offline in person. Judging by this factor alone, I'm going to say it like this. Taking away wifi input and registry lag from a DDD player is like going up to Lucina players and taking away their sword.