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Maruchan Gaming Series Finals: The Largest Latin American Wifi Event Ever
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Two weeks ago, over two thousand players competed in the largest Latin American Wifi event of all time. By the end, just twelve players remained. This Sunday, we'll see those twelve players compete. In this piece, we'll analyze the players and their journeys!
IGN Expo E3 2021 announcements
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Day 2 of Summer Games Fest - One day before E3 starts and we are already flooded with announcements. Some highlights include Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, Inkulinati, Death's Gambit: Afterlife, and much, much more.
Summer Games Festival E3 2021 announcements
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From Talky Tina's Wonderlands, all the way to seeing the first gameplay trailer for Elden Ring. E3's first day has already proved potent, with over twenty announcements ranging all across the board.
Cross-Play is coming to Overwatch
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Ever wanted to play Overwatch with friends who don't own the Nintendo Switch version? Soon you will be able to.

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One day all the Pokemon games will get remade, and then the fanbase has to come full circle and ask for Kanto Remakes again.
guys charizard is never used for anything smh where's the new form
I’ve been playing Amnesia lately and the fact that light is pretty much treated like a finite resource that could run out at any time sounds good on paper but in practice it just means a lot of the time I’m barely able to see anything and I get lost or something. It’s more frustrating and annoying than scary.
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