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Trevenant coming to Pokémon Unite on January 20th
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The big tree Pokémon is the next fighter in Pokémon Unite. This marks the 30th character to join the roster.
Top 10 Most Likely MultiVersus Candidates
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With MultiVersus releasing this year, there are a lot of characters to speculate on who could get in. In this article, I'll go over who I believe are the 10 most likely candidates.
Kirby and the Forgotten Land Gets New Trailer and Release Date
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Earlier today, Nintendo dropped a new trailer for Kirby and the Forgotten Land! While short, it provided us with some very interesting information. Most importantly, we learned the game’s release date is March 25th, 2022!
New Pokémon Legends: Arceus Trailer
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Nintendo published a new Pokémon Legends: Arceus trailer that highlights some of the game's many features and locations.

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I made new game creation thread about a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Game, check it out
I just had a brief fantasy tonight where my new girl :ultpyra: was in the introduction to Mario Party 8's Sugar Rush mini-game, where she finishes decorating the cake instead of my Mii wearing unattractive overalls. :shyguy:
Been getting Dthtrow > Fair at fairly "high" (60%+) percents yesterday. Didn't get it just 2-3 times, I actually got it quite a couple of times, and I'm starting to believe it's consistent. Both my friends know they have to DI away, my other friend even buffers a panic airdodge. I got it on him as late as 88% on Wario, as absurd as it sounds. Even got it on him twice in the same match, and it's crazy how it kills at 50-60. I stopped using and trying to master that, but learning that is ridiculously good.
Oz o:
Oz o:
Looking at it like that, it's no wonder Zelda's grab by itself is pretty bad, because she really gets reward off of it, granted it's not free and requires it's timing and precision. DI away (the "optimal" DI) can kill characters as early as 40% by the ledge, and you can mix up their DI at higher percents, like if they're by the ledge and DI away at 100+ they might die to a Bthrow or an Uair (DI in/neutral).
If I could create a survival/crafting game, it would be largely based on a post-apocalyptic military/militia base online multiplayer variety where players can either team up to fight against intergalactic hordes or to fight against other militia groups to carve out small territories. The story behind it is that a society of warmongering aliens arrive on earth to enslave the population and process their organic material to give birth to a new race of beings to further their galactic conquest. Players could choose between various classes which help determine particular aspects but players are free to determine how to play the game in the end. Investigating alien technology via missions and other game related activities opens opportunities to craft alien technology. The aliens, while one society, is composed of several clans which are serviced from their previous conquests as well as allied alien races which creates a diverse and ever changing environment for players. These aliens roam the city that the players find themselves in (I’m thinking Atlanta or Miami) which includes not only alien combatants but creatures created through genetic splicing.
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