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With the spectacular “Year of 64” finishing, it is fitting that the sequel to the tournament that started it all is this weekend.
Last Stock Legends' latest video , 'Mango vs Armada', covers in detail the rivalry between the eponymous players.
Featuring an $11,000 prize pool and talent from all over the world, here's everything you need to know about Rivals of Aether at Genesis 4.
With the advent of Genesis 4, we at Smashboards conducted a poll asking our staff their predictions for the event. Post your predictions in the comments section of this article and get a chance to win a copy of XCOM 2 on Steam!
Before they were gods, before they were EVO champions, Joseph "Mang0" Marquez and Adam "Armada" Lindgren were already locked in a fierce rivalry that took the world of Smash by storm. Read the full story here.
by 1PC, Sunday
After a single action-packed afternoon, only 8 of 466 entrants remained in bracket at 2GGC: Genesis Saga.
Who are the best Smash Wii U players in the world? Check out the second iteration of Panda Global's PGRank to find out!
Just in time for the Panda Global Ranking v2 release, Panda Global has added two new members to its stats team.
Learn how last year's Genesis 3 affected Smash Wii U as a whole with contributor Frank "Hangman" DeJohn's latest piece.
Everything you need to know about 2GGC: Genesis Saga, including its stream information, schedule and notable players present.
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