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The Even Bigger Balc: Your Guide to Project M’s Dopest West Coast Major
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In two short weeks, the dopest Project M tourney on the West Coast is going to be putting on a crazy show and scratching an itch you never knew you had. Here are a few storylines to hype you up for the Even Bigger Balc.
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Okay, so I decided I'll still be buying the game even if Mimikyu gets in, though I'd still hate its inclusion.
That said, I wouldn't rush my purchase.
I see myself flooding my apartment with so many Yoshi plushies...
Context? lol
I love Yoshi to absurd degrees. That's all the context you need :D
King K. Rool
Dark Samus (Echo)
Shadow (Echo)
Chrom (Echo)

I'm calling it.
I dunno about Chrom or Shadow. But however I'm pretty sure dark Samus will exist Bec they removed it from samus's costumes. King K Rool Bec he's the most wanted right after Ridley. Geno Bec he's wanted but also less likely. That's jus what I think