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Smash Character Roundtable Draft #1: Microsoft Part 2
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The Smashboards writing team finishes up on who the next Microsoft rep could be.
Limited Run Games' 2022 showcase coming on June 6th
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Limited Run Games is back this year with their summer LRG3 showcase! Not much details are known, but the event will feature a first look at the physical release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge.
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 streaming tomorrow on Paramount+
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Missed out on Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in theaters? Want to watch it? It'll be streaming soon.
Smash Character Roundtable Draft #1: Microsoft Part 1
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The Smashboards writing team speculates on who the next Microsoft rep could be.

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Remember my old ideas for veteran stages with PSABR-esque crossover mechanicsfor Smash?
Well, I'll show some more of them:
1. Suzaku Castle X Murasame Castle (Tengus, Ninja and Takamaru invade the Street Fighter universe)
2. KOF Stadium X Joy Mech Fight (The robots invade the KOF Universe)
3. Wily Castle X Sonic the Hedgehog (Dr. Eggman in his Eggmobile invades the Megaman universe)
4. 75M X Gyromite (Smicks invade the DK universe)
5. Garden of Hope X Chibi-Robo (Enemies and Chibi-Robo invade the Pikmin Universe)
6. Mute City SNES X Space Harrier (Squilla and Harrier invade the F-Zero universe)
7. Halberd X Pokemon (Rayquaza and flying pokemon invade the Kirby universe)
8. Mario Kart Stadium X F-Zero (F-Zero Racers invade the Mario universe)
9. Warioware Inc X Rythmm Heaven (The characters from Rythmm Heaven invade the Wario universe)
10. Pacmaze X Clu Clu Land (Uniras and Bubbles invade the Pacman Universe) (I know Pacmaze is not in Ultimate, but it would be cool if we added Clu clu Land Invasion to Pacmaze because their games are similar to each other)

Any thoughts on the 3rd batch of crossover stages?
Over all things I would like that in SF6 Capcom had the guts to make noticeable changes to the classic characters, the fact that the only new special move of Ryu is from SFIII (sure you had that move from OMEGA Mode from SFIV that was used later has his other V-Skill but it's more or less a variation of the Hadouken) it's just sad. I don't mean make Street Fighter the new Guilty Gear, just give the old guys one or two new moves for mantain them interesing (isn't like any classic character had redesigns before, Akuma is the best example with things like his Demon Flip and all the Oni things he carried to SFV).
While I don't want this to be the case, I have a feeling Rocko's alt in NASB will be his yellow self from the Trash-O-Madness pilot. My personal choice would be either his "cool, not cute" skating gear from Mama's Boy or just giving him drowsy eyes like in Day of the Flecko though.

Semi-related fun fact: Rocko's pilgrim outfit from Attack of the Toybots technically doesn't appear in the show - it appears in the title card of the Turkey Time episode, but he never wears it in a digetic context. Ed, however, does wear a pilgrim outfit in that episode.
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WANTED ALL STAR TOP 8 qualifier : Raflow, Mezcaul, Sisqui, Andresfn, MR R, Etoiles, Vins, Lancelot, Pew, Tomberry
WANTED ALL STAR TOP 64 : Raflow, Etoiles, Mezcaul, Sisqui, Andresfn, MR R, Vins, Lancelot... (!bracket)

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