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Smash Underdogs #8: Iori Yagami (King of Fighters)
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Once again, I'm coming in late to bring you the next installment of the Smash Underdog series. This time we have another one of SNK's big names, that being... Iori Yagami! Put on some saxophone music and learn more about one of KoF's most popular characters here!
Limited Run Games to hold annual presentation on June 14th
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Limited Run Games is at it again - During a similar time as E3, too. Who knows what they'll announce at this show. Quite a few Switch physical runs seem likely.
Build-A-Bear to launch new Animal Crossing winter outfits
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New Animal Crossing: New Horizons Build-A-Bear's? For Winter? At this time of the year? Ah well, guess there is the Southern Hemisphere. The first batch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Build-A-Bear's are still available too!
Smash Remix: Version 0.9.7 Released
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Ever wanted to know what it was like to play as Wolf or Conker in Smash 64? Well now is your chance, as the latest update for the Smash Remix mod is now here!

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I literally never unlocked wolf in Brawl despite the fact that I played it all the time as a kid
While some of y'all reading this might not believe me, the first time I unlocked Wolf in Brawl was when my old tv at the time was dying out and the only thing I saw was his Challenger Approaching silhouette and his character render on the select screen. When I was fighting him as Meta Knight for the first time, my tv was going back and forth to pitch black and on because it was dying out so I defeated Wolf blind without even seeing or knowing who it was. It was pretty awesome and when I got to the select screen I was like "Woah!".
Since porting mobile games to the Switch is the hip new thing, may I remind everyone you still can't play this without selling your soul (code for $49.99 a year) to the devil
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How did that Mobile game played out? Heck, I haven't even heard of the Chu Chu series
As school finals are ending, the internet is now getting restless for E3 coming next month.

Which means that Smash Leaks and Speculations are going to accelerate.

Cue the music:
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