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Splatoon 3 "Grand Festival" + new amiibo announced
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Earlier today, Nintendo announced the “Grand Festival” Splatfest.
New Famicom Detective Club Game Announced
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  • 7
Today, Nintendo answered what that creepy “Emio” teaser from earlier this month was. It’s a new game in the Famicom Detective Club series, Emio - The Smiling Man: Famicom Detective Club!
Seven Games Join the NES Online Library
  • 1,168
  • 6
Seven new NES titles are coming to the Nintendo Switch Online service, check them out!
Delzethin Remakes Jigglypuff's Smash Moveset
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The big elephant in the room with Jigglypuff is that it’s nearly gotten cut multiple times. However, Delzethin argues that their moveset CAN be improved.

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Actually looking back on it, SVC Chaos had a weird ****ing roster

Kyo, Choi, 2 versions of Iori and Goenitz being the only KOF Characters and no Haohmaru or Nakoruru for SamSho are the biggest standout weirdos.

It's simultaneously weird in a bad way and in a very based way.
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Practicing for Japan with Sonix
Saturday Stadium 4 Singles Feat: Onin, Spickles, ATATA, loaf, Suspect, and more!
!joey The Rare Saturday Stream?

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