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#SaveSmash, The Smash Community and Nintendo
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Shortly after The Big House’s cancellation, the hashtag #FreeMelee caught on. A few days later, an anonymous twitlonger was published and spawned massive outrage. As a result, #SaveSmash joined #FreeMelee as a popular hashtag. Why did this twitlonger spark such emotion? It alleges that Nintendo has been harming the Smash community.
Microsoft has acquired Smash.gg
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As of December 2nd, 2020, Microsoft has acquired the San Fransisco based tournament organizing company, Smash.gg
SmashBoards Picks - Most Wanted Characters for Fighters Pass 2
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With four more characters left in Fighters Pass 2, there are a lot of possibilities for how Fighters Pass 2 will turn out. See what several mods and writers for SmashBoards said when asked the age old Smash question: "who is your most wanted character?"
Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 11.0.0 is here
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Have you longed for a more convenient way to share screenshots? Or some more new user icons added? Maybe some Quality of Life updates? All of those, and more, are here in the newest Switch Firmware Update!

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Would you buy a $20 Subspace Emisarry remake if it was a DLC expansion for Ultimate? Every level and cutscene would be remade with Ultimate's color scheme and you could even use the characters who weren't in Brawl but that would be a completion bonus for after you complete the main story.
Can something even be considered "objectively" good anymore?
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Just look at the facts and ignore preferences and biases. That's what it means to be objective. There's plenty of stuff out there, you just have to find it and hope it appeals to your preferences on top being of good quality.
Hot Take: This Profile Posts section is basically just hot takes.
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I'm not sure if this is an actual hot take or if it's one of those "hot takes" that is actually a popular opinion (just not as much as this more popular opinion).
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