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Nintendo Direct confirmed for tomorrow, June 18th @ 10am EST
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Get ready for a new batch of Switch reveals, as the latest Nintendo Direct airs tomorrow!
Is Brawl Making a Comeback?
  • 1,703
  • 9
Ten years after the masses moved on to Smash 4, Brawl is seeing a surge of events and content. Where is the renewed interest coming from?
The Switch 7: Potential Switch Era Newcomers
  • 1,372
  • 17
Ever since the launch of the Nintendo Switch in March 2017, Nintendo has had quite the first party lineup. It’s so vast that it’s given us countless possibilities for Super Smash Bros. newcomers.
Delzethin Shows Off What Alear Could Be Like In Smash
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At the tail end of May, Delzethin released a new Challenger Approaching video. This one happens to be all about Alear from Fire Emblem: Engage!

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where was luigi during the events of donkey kong jr
Picture this: you are Warner Brothers Spain, and you are about to release the first Pokémon movie in the country. It is the most hyped up movie of the summer, the year and possible the decade among kids besides Jurassic Park. How do you raise the hype of a theater experience with the localization?

Well, Warner Bros had the unironically amazing idea to hire Tony Cruz (may his blessed soul rest in peace) who already played Jack Skellington in Nightmare Before Christmas, did the Spain version of There's A Friend In Me and has a huge musical legacy behind him to remake the theme song 90s kids all remember by heart... And imo he nailed it:
The audio quality isn't the greatest, but sadly that is because WB never released a studio version of the song officially.
I’m sorry but I don’t think there’s a single game that’s name was changed for the PAL region where the name change was better. It’s always too clunky or just makes you sound like a nerd (the name change Bully got is both).

also if I hadn’t played Starfox before how tf am I supposed to know what a lylat war is?
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そしてこの俺は スマメイトをすべて受け継いだ 正統後継者である
RERUN - Ultimajac Strikers Ft. Skyjay, Guilheww, Bonilla, Littn!, D5, Johny...

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