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100 Video Game Song Medley
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For his 100th Video, ChrisAllenHess brings a Medley with over 100+ Collaborators and 100 Video Game Songs.
Smash Blog Updates (10/7 - 10/11)
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Nintendo was trying to remind us to pay more attention to our health and go to the gym with last week's Smash Blog Updates.

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Wondering how i should do my highschool smash tournament; im the creator and host so idk
Orlando BCN
Orlando BCN
Gather up some friends, ask for permission from the principal to hang signs around, and decide on a time and date that's reasonable for everyone. Also add the participants on a Discord server to keep communication efficient, if possible.
Dude, i wish that where i live there were tournaments with my classmates... People in my area these days only talk about Fortnite...
Never hosted or even attended a tournament yet so all I can say is best of luck. If your Highschool already permitted it, which I assume, and there's enough interest then that's pretty damn cool. School where I live is pretty much just a thing most people attend and then go home, having gaming events or sth like that would've been unthinkable.