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Byleth Revealed as Final Character in First Fighters Pass
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Nintendo finished off Fighters Pass #1 with Byleth, the main protagonist of Fire Emblem: Three Houses!
Is 1-stock Smash the Future?
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Death, taxes, Super Smash Bros. ruleset overhauls: the constants of life. While there is often talk of making sweeping changes to the rules of a Smash game, relatively few see use in tournament play, much less widespread adoption. Examples of “successful” ruleset changes in Melee recently include wobbling bans and ledgegrab limits. Both have seen regional adoption, which is better than a 6 minute timer or frozen Pokémon Stadium, for example, have ever done.
NPD: Switch released more games than PS4+Xbox One combined
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Wondering how many games the Switch released this year? We have the number. We're here to tell you: It's a lot.

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You're all entitled to your opinions about Byleth: liking him doesn't make you a "blind fanboy", and disliking him doesn't make you a "mad hoe" either.
Hey, you’re back! :D

I guess Byleth came with a Phoenix Down with your name on it. Or casted Kazing. Or used a 1-Up Mushroom. You get the idea. Welcome back! :)
The first DLC character I'm genuinely interested at first impression, and Sakurai starts with "but they're slow- SLOWER THAN ROBIN". Huge turn-off, because I was liking the design and moveset.
you misunderstand
he said he was faster than robin

this still doesnt mean anything