Why an ARMS Rep is such a Big Deal
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While the ARMS DLC announcement for Fighter’s Pass #2 was rather underwhelming; it certainly is a very big deal for a number of reasons. Instead of focusing “who it could be”, let’s focus on what an ARMS Rep actually means.
“Crash Crashes In” Crash Bandicoot Smash Analysis Part 1
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Hankering for some n.sanity and wumpa fruit? Well, Crash right into this Crash Bandicoot Smash Analysis! We will be taking a look at Crash and how he could possibly play as a DLC Fighter!
3.6Rank: 10-6
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Welcome back to another article on the greatest players of Project M 3.6! Today I’ll be running through #10-6 on the list.
Nintendo Direct March 26th 2020 Recap
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Just like that online Ganon player hit you with that warlock punch you weren’t prepared for, Nintendo just hit us all with a surprise mini-direct out of nowhere. Despite its diminutive qualifier, the presentation weighs in at a nearly 30-minute length, so we’re here to catch you up to speed on everything you missed.
3.6Rank: 15-11
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Welcome back to my fifth article on the greatest players of Project M 3.6! Today I’ll be running through #15-11 on my list.
“Sol Badguy Ignites the Fire” Guilty Gear Smash Analysis Part 2
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In Part 2 of the Guilty Gear analysis, we will look at possible content like stages, music, and spirits!
Fighter’s Pass Vol. 2 Potentially Delayed Due to Coronavirus
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Masahiro Sakurai’s Famitsu column has been leaked and early translations suggests that the Fighter’s Pass Vol 2 could possibly be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Smash Underdogs #3: Poochy
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The third Smash Underdogs analysis has finally arrived! Learn more about Dino’s best friend here as we take a look at Poochy from the Yoshi series!
Amiibo Tournaments - the Hidden Meta
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There's been a very hardcore Smash meta right under our noses all along! Who would've thought?
Upcoming Indie World Announced
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An upcoming Indie World was announced and is set to air at 10 am PT on March 17th.
The Panda Global Rankings have been Frozen
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Recently, the official PGStats twitter account announced that the Tournament Tiering System and Panda Global Rankings will be frozen. This decision applies to both the PGRU (Smash Ultimate) and MPGR (Melee) due to how unsafe travel currently is.
7 Tips to Stay Sanitary at Tournaments
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Given the recent concerns over the COVID-19 virus, Smash competitors have a responsibility to maintain our own hygiene and behavior for ourselves and the health of others. Let's talk about what we can do to keep everyone safe!
3.6Rank: 20-16
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Welcome back to my fourth article on the greatest players of Project M 3.6! Today I’ll be running through #20-16 on my list.
E3 2020 Has Officially Been Cancelled
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After days of speculation, E3 2020 has just been cancelled due to coronavirus concerns. Learn more about E3 and what led to the cancellation here.
Smashboards Picks: Enhanced Mii Fighter Outfits
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The Smashboards News and Moderating Staff talks about characters and music they would like to see included in a Enhanced Mii Fighter Costume package.
Ring Fit Adventure Spirit Event Announced
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The new Spirit Event “Fighting Using Your Body! Ring Fit Adventure!” was recently announced and is set to run for five days from March 13th.
“Sol Badguy Ignites the Fire” Sol Badguy Smash Analysis Part 1
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Unleash your burning power as we take a leap into the world of Guilty Gear and how Sol Badguy could possibly be included in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!
Apex Revival Announced for November 2020
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On March 1st, 2020, it was announced that the Apex tournament series will be revived with Apex 2020. Per the announcement, the event is under new management
VGBootcamp Announces the Smash World Tour
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VGBootcamp just made quite possibly the biggest move the Smash community has ever seen.
3.6Rank: 30-21
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Welcome back to my third article on the greatest players of Project M 3.6! Today I’ll be running through #30-21 on my list.