The Greatest Project M 3.6 Players of All Time: #50–41
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Hey everyone, welcome to my attempt at recapping the histories of some of the greatest players in Project M 3.6 history. With the advent of Project + over the last year, and the general slowdown of the Project M/+ scene, I’d like to take some time and talk about the players who defined the past, present, and hopefully, future of the game. While these articles are, and will be presented as, rankings of the greatest PM 3.6 players of all time, my goal is primarily to remember and celebrate the narratives that everyone on this list, from #50 to #1, helped to create over the last four years.
Are small tournaments financially viable? - Interviewing Zagnes
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Can small local Smash tournaments stay afloat? How do they do it? Would we be better off with Nintendo sponsoring the scene? I sat down with Zagnes, a small Melee TO, to ask him these questions and many more!
Nintendo applies 39 trademarks
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Nintendo applies some new trademarks, including Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Super Mario Sunshine, and Kirby 64? Check outu here to see more.
“Lloyd Unites Smash” Lloyd Irving and Tales Smash Analysis
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Join us as we take an in-depth look into Lloyd Irving and “Tales of” and how they could implemented into Smash!
Pokemon Home now out on Switch
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Remember Pokemon Home? It's now available on Switch with free and premium options. Mobile versions to follow.
Cuphead Spirit Board Announced
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Cuphead and his pall mugman enter the spirit board on February 14th!
Spirit Board Challenge Pack 4 released for Switch Online members
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Switch online users, want something free for spirits? Check the newest offer out in the eShop today.
Smash Underdogs #1: Quote (& Curly)
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It’s time to discuss some underrated characters in Smash speculation! Our first analysis will be the robotic heroes of Cave Story, Quote along with Curly Brace! What sort of content could they bring to the table in Ultimate?
Nintendo Wii repair services end in Japan
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Wii repair services? In 2020? Not open for much longer. If you have a Wii in need of repair, check no further.
PMRank 2019: Recap
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PMRank 2019 concludes with a few interesting statistics, and a video surprise.
PMRank 2019: 3-1
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Today, PMRank 2019 concludes its main course, and today, we honor the players at the absolute highest level of the game.
Nintendo Mobile games earn over 1 billion combined
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Wonder which Nintendo mobile games have earned the most? Well, the banner image may give you a hint to #1.
EVO 2020 Lineup Announced
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Joey Cuellar and Mike Ross announced this year's EVO lineup, featuring some shocking omissions and an astounding throwback.
PMRank 2019: 6-4
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Three players, three uncommon characters, and three large ranking jumps appear in today's PMRank article.
Japanese eShop releases - 2/6/2020
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Want to use that Japanese eShop account?
PMRank 2019: 10-7
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PMRank 2019 resumes with some of the game's most thrilling players to watch. These four are true students of the game, and their wealth of practice has yielded a bounty of skill.
Smash Ultimate Has A New Tournament Qualifier Mode
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On January 30th, 2020, the official Japanese Super Smash Bros. Twitter account announced a new online tournament qualifier mode for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Rivals of Aether: Definitive Edition releases for Switch in 2020
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Rivals of Aether is now coming to the Switch. What new features will be included in this definitive edition? All stages and characters: Read here to find out more!
PMRank 2019: 20-11
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The last of the new faces make their first PMRank appearance today, along with many veterans making large jumps.
Pokemon Home Basic and Premium Plans Announced
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Wonder what features are available in Pokemon Home? How about the plans? Check here to find out more!