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The Pokemon Company teases 'Project Piplup'
  • 1,249
  • 17
Project... Piplup? For now, all we have is a YouTube video to go off of, and more videos to come in the future.
Justice Smith, star of Detective Pikachu, doubts a Detective Pikachu 2
  • 648
  • 9
In a recent interview, Justice Smith both hopes for and doubts a Detective Pikachu 2.
New Pokemon Snap receives two new commercials
  • 530
  • 2
The April 30th release shows off final commercials; an exciting time for any fan of Pokemon Snap.
Pokemon Presentation airing tomorrow at 7:00 am PST/10:00 am EST
  • 1,331
  • 14
In just a very short amount of time, the Pokemon series will be 25 years old! What better way to celebrate it than with a new video presentation (as well as a Post Malone concert of course). Learn more about what will be unfolding in the Pokemon world tomorrow here!
SmashBoards Staff Picks: Top 10 Most Likely Characters for Ultimate (Part 2)
  • 2,478
  • 19
Continuing where we last left off, it's time to look at characters #5-#1 in the Top 10 Most Likely Character List created by several SmashBoards staff members! See if your favorites made the cut!
Katsuhiro Harada talks about support for a Pokken Sequel
  • 1,010
  • 11
It is up to Nintendo and The Pokemon Company to decide if they want to pursue a Pokken sequel.
Kalos coming to Pokemon GO in December
  • 737
  • 12
An avid Pokemon GO fan? Plan on booting it up sometime soon? One of December's updates will be introducing Kalos Pokemon into the game. Exciting times for all fans of Kalos and Pokemon GO!
The Pokemon Company comments on Sword & Shield DLC
  • 1,485
  • 17
With both expansion packs of Pokemon Sword & Shield now released, The Pokemon Company took the time to answer a couple of questions from GameInformer
Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra Has Been Released
  • 1,658
  • 6
The second Pokémon Sword and Shield DLC, The Crown Tundra is out now!
New Pokémon Sword & Shield: The Tundra Crowns News and Release Date
  • 492
  • 5
New information regarding the upcoming DLC for Pokémon Sword & Shield including a release date was revealed.
June 17th 2020 Pokémon Presents Recap
  • 962
  • 6
Today, the first Pokémon Presents stream aired and while it was rather short it had a ton of announcements!
Pokémon Presentation Announced for June 17th
  • 1,148
  • 16
Pokémon’s Twitter recently announced a presentation titled “Pokémon Presents” airing on June 17th, 2020!
Nintendo Releases A Ton of Free Wallpapers
  • 2,464
  • 11
Nintendo’s official Twitter account recently posted a link to a collection of free wallpapers, including some for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!
Pokemon Home now out on Switch
  • 950
  • 1
Remember Pokemon Home? It's now available on Switch with free and premium options. Mobile versions to follow.
Pokemon Home Basic and Premium Plans Announced
  • 688
  • 3
Wonder what features are available in Pokemon Home? How about the plans? Check here to find out more!
Pokemon January 2020 Direct Recap
  • 1,100
  • 19
The New Pokemon direct is out. Wondering what you missed? Click further to hear about Pokemon Home, new DLC for Sword & Shield, and even a brand new remake!
Pokémon Direct announced for January 9
  • 579
  • 8
A Nintendo Direct is brewing, but it's not the one people were expecting. This Thursday, in a 20 minute presentation, we'll find out about more of what's in store for the future of Pokemon.
Pokemon Global Link ending February 2020
  • 1,727
  • 4
Loved by many over the DS and 3DS era, The Pokemon Global Link service will be coming to an end.
Pokemon Sword & Shield Showcases New Gigantamax Forms
  • 2,466
  • 13
Pokemon Sword & Shield showcases new Gigantamax forms. Does your favorite get one? If you like Pikachu, Eevee, Meowth, and Charizard, you're in luck.
Music Corner #2: The 64 Roster
  • 1,906
  • 3
Let’s explore music that represents each fighter from Smash 64!
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