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Delzethin Revamps Lucario's Smash Design


Last week, Delzethin released a new video in his Remake It! Series. If you’ve ever been curious about how Lucario could change in Smash then this one’s for you!

Delzethin starts the video by noting how Lucario’s popularity seems to fluctuate between fandoms. Within the Pokémon fandom, Lucario is widely beloved. So, it's pretty noticeable that fans tend to not play the character much in Smash. He believes this discrepancy is due to how Smash Lucario plays in a rather polarizing manner. And, luckily for us he’s got suggestions to revamp the character.

Firstly, he goes over aesthetic changes. These include some adjustments to Lucario’s facial expressions and new alternate colors! Next, he details how Lucario’s playstyle will change. And, he addresses the elephant in the room, the Aura mechanic. It’s been toned down considerably and works differently now. Instead of changing strength at every percentage point, Lucario has three levels of Aura. Low Aura at 0%, high at 100% and a maximum state at 150%. It’s not to as extreme an extent as before, but these still make its moves much stronger. Notably, having a higher Aura level will also enhance the hitboxes of certain moves.

As for the actual moveset, quite a lot has changed here too. Some moves stay the same, while most change significantly or are completely new. For example, Lucario’s dash attack stays the same. Meanwhile, Lucario’s down-tilt looks similar at first, however it has an entirely new follow-up portion with a second hit. And again, there are completely new moves too such as Lucario’s side-special. It’s no longer Force Palm, and is now based on Bone Rush, one of Lucario’s most iconic moves in Pokémon.

Keep in mind this is just a taste of what the video's like. There's plenty more moves that were adjusted too, and we won’t spoil anymore than this. So if you're interested, please go check out the video below!

Writing: Zerp Zerp
Social: Zerp Zerp
Mitchell "Zerp" Brenkus


These remake moveset videos from Delzethin are always a treat.

I usually always think of how they did Ganondorf dirty as a clone, and to a lesser extent how Dark Samus would be pretty cool to see as more than a clone...but I never sat back and thought how much I liked Lucario in Pokkén but was never enthusiastic about his Smash kit
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