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PMRank 2023: AUS 5-1
  • 405
  • 0
The top echelon of Australian Project+ earn their top spots today.
Pokémon Presents Announced for February 2024
  • 262
  • 3
Earlier today, the Pokémon Company announced a new Pokémon Presents showcase. This time it's slated for Pokémon Day, February 27th, 2024!
PMRank 2023: AUS 10-6
  • 603
  • 0
Rising stars and familiar faces of the Australian Project+ scene make their PMRank debuts today.
New Partner Showcase Announced for February 2024!
  • 289
  • 3
Today, Nintendo announced that we’ll be getting a new Partner Showcase on February 21st, 2024!
LumiRank Releases Second Official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tier List
  • 1,156
  • 13
It’s been nearly a year since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate got an official tier list. And luckily for the community, the wait for a second one wasn't long at all either. Today, the Smash Ultimate just received its second official tier list!
PMRank 2023: Recap
  • 846
  • 0
As is tradition, we’d like to dedicate an article to recapping the past year’s data, observing some trends in both character and region representation.
PMRank 2023: 3-1
  • 1,522
  • 2
North America's PMRank comes to an end with our very best talent of the season.
PMRank 2023: 6-4
  • 1,240
  • 0
We're right near the end of the list, so it's time to honor some of our community's finest competitors.
PMRank 2023: 10-7
  • 1,390
  • 0
Our top ten begins today with players from all over the continent.
PMRank 2023: 20-11
  • 1,897
  • 1
A PMRank legend makes his return, while the last of the new faces make their debut.
PMRank 2023: 30-21
  • 1,586
  • 0
Rising stars, old faces, and a comeback five years in the making culminate in today's article.
Late January 2024 Nintendo News Roundup
  • 435
  • 0
January 2024 came by and went without a Nintendo Direct. However, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any interesting news. The latter half of the month had a ton of information drop on first party Nintendo Switch titles. So, let’s take a glance at what’s new!
PMRank 2023: 40-31
  • 1,634
  • 0
PMRank 2023 continues with both faces new and old alike.
PMRank 2023: 50-41
  • 2,211
  • 0
A few PMRank veterans and plenty of longtime national spotlight hopefuls make their debuts today.
Delzethin Revamps Lucario's Smash Design
  • 433
  • 2
Last week, Delzethin released a new video in his Remake It! Series. If you’ve ever been curious about how Lucario could change in Smash then this one’s for you!
PMRank 2023: In The Margins
  • 1,229
  • 0
This year, we want to highlight the accomplishments of a few of these players, those that did not make it onto the rankings due to activity, but whose sets are still talked about throughout the ranking process and whose skill is worthy of acknowledgement.
PMRank 2023: The Edge of Glory
  • 1,492
  • 0
Before we begin the Top 50 proper, we'd like to highlight a few players who just barely missed the cut for this season. All of these players have been on a national ranking before, but one did not accomplish that on PMRank...
Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age are Going to Be on the Nintendo Switch
  • 1,191
  • 7
Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age are both arriving on the Nintendo Switch very soon.
New Smash Ultimate Spirit Event is Almost Here!
  • 1,519
  • 5
There’s a new spirit event coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tomorrow! And, this one's focused on four Nintendo Switch games.
Four More Games Announced to Come to GENESIS X
  • 1,262
  • 2
As we approach February 16th, 2024, we’re learning exciting things about GENESIS X! Recently, on December 22nd, 2023, four new games were announced to come to the event.
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