Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ver. 6.1.0 Update on the Way
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate currently has a pop-up declaring that the Ver. 6.1.0 update will arrive within a few days.
The History of Captain Falcon in Competitive Super Smash Bros
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Ever wonder what a character was like in competitive Smash Bros? How about Captain Falcon? Join Vish and False Swipe Gaming as they answer everything about him in competitive Smash - from the yearly years on 64 and Melee up until the present day.
Terry Bogard and Patch 6.0 Available Now
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SNK’s Terry Bogard is live as of now in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!
Potentially Leaked Footage of New Mii Costumes Surfaces
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Potentially leaked footage shows off two entirely new Mii Costumes which possibly point at two characters possibly being playable as downloadable content.
Terry Bogard Presentation Announced for November 6th
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Terry is set to face the fury in a video presentation along with Masahiro Sakurai. The stream is set for November 6th, 2019 at 5 am Pt! Don’t miss it!
Ten Proven Tips to Improve Your GSP (Number 9 Will Blow Your Mind!)
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Today, we’re not just talking about how to get into Elite Smash--we’re talking about 10 proven tips to launch your GSP past the blastzone!
Smashboards Staff Predicts the Next DLC Character
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The Smashboards News and Moderation Staff takes a crack at predicting the next DLC character for Ultimate.
Smashboards Call for Writers
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Have you ever wanted to write for Smashboards? Produce graphics? Maybe even edit articles? If you've ever looked the front page and went "Man, I'd love to give a shot at helping out" Come join us. We'll be here.
Music Corner #3: Fatal Fury, King of Fighters, and SNK
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With Terry and Fatal Fury coming to Smash very soon, let’s take a look at potential Fatal Fury, King of Fighters, and SNK music!
Registration for Evo Japan 2020 Skyrockets As Ultimate Is Announced As Main Title
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Attendance numbers ballooned dramatically for Evo Japan 2020 following the announcement that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would not only join the event lineup, but would be the event’s headlining title.
The Big House 9: Melee and Ultimate Top 8 Recap
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The Big House 9 boasted a massive 1,017 entrants in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate singles and 909 in Super Smash Bros. Melee singles. With so many players at the famous event, it showed us some of the best gameplay Ultimate and Melee have to offer.
Music Corner #2: The 64 Roster
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Let’s explore music that represents each fighter from Smash 64!
A Challenger Approaches: Episode 3
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What happens when one man takes a road trip around the world to play against various other Smashers? Find out what happens in the next installment of "A Challenger Approaches"!
Nintendo Direct Announced for September 4th
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Summer might be coming to a close, but the holiday season waits for no one. Maybe the wait for Banjo & Kazooie is almost done!
Banjo & Kazooie Advertisement Potentially Hints at Release Timeframe
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Yesterday, PushDustIn found something that might just reveal the timeframe for Banjo & Kazooie’s release.
How To Make Smash Stable
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What do our communities sponsorships, scandals, and culture all have tying them together? Why, compared to other esports, is Smash financially stable? In our latest Editorial, we're here to talk about it.
Indie World Presentation Announced for August 19th
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On August 16th, 2019, Nintendo announced there will be an Indie World presentation on the 19th!
Hero is Banned in South Australian Tournaments
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South Australia Smash Central has officially banned Hero from their Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments.
A Challenger Approaches: Episode 2
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What happens when one man takes a road trip around the world to play against various other Smashers? Find out in this latest installment of "A Challenger Approaches"!
EVO Announcements Round-Up
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A lot of games and DLC had announcements at EVO - One could even say that EVO is the E3 for fighting games. What all was announced? What if we told you there's a new Guilty Gear? Look no further to find out.