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Nintendo Announces Switch Successor and June Direct


Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa just announced two things on Nintendo’s Twitter. He stated that a June Direct will occur and that a successor to the Nintendo Switch is in the works!

Currently there’s very little information for both the direct and the Switch successor. However, we do know that the June Direct will focus on Switch games. Additionally, this presentation will not feature the heavily speculated next console at all. It’s also still unclear exactly when we’ll get more information on the Switch’s successor. All that’s known is that it will be sometime during this fiscal year, so before March 2025.

Author’s Note: Well, that’s certainly a bizarre way to announce these things. That said, it’s exciting, isn’t it? What do you think about this? As always, please let us know in the comments below!

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I have to stream the june direct!
Im sure they announce the next console there!
I hope its still a handheld because i got so used to just play wherever!
A switch with ps4 power would rock soo much!
Honestly for Nintendo graphic styles thats good enough tbh!

But i do hope that nintendo doesnt take this as an excuse to make zelda photorealistic!

Also having good ports again would be great!
Got a revised bingo card for the June Direct
Smash Bros. 25th anniversary acknowledged​
Mario Wonder DLC​
Metroid Prime 4​
Another game based on something mundane​
An old IP gets revived​
Pokémon Legends ZA​
FE4 Remake for FE’s 35th anniversary​
3rd party sizzle reel​
Teaser for Super Mario’s 40th anniversary​
More NSO stuff​
At least one game gets shadow dropped​
New musou game​
Donkey Kong acknowledged​
Dragalia Lost escapes EoS hell​
A curveball altogether​
"Ye, tis ports"​
More mid-budget spin-offs​
A new 99 game​
Smash 64 comes to NSO​
A new retro collection​
Silksong escapes purgatory​
Kid Icarus acknowledged​
A new Kirby teaser​
Smaller-scale Zelda game​
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The switch is the successor of both the Wii U and the 3DS in the sense that it was Nintendo's next home console and next handheld. The switch is generally viewed as a home console, so I wonder whether the handheld line will die.

I hope their handheld successor to the Switch will be more in line with the 3DS, but instead of limiting itself to mere 3D games, feature actual 4D games. Nintendo could include special 4D rendering software. 4D games already exist, but I think that not many people are familiar with them and 4D games never have gained wide popularity, yet.

Nintendo, if you are reading this, you are welcome for the idea. I am up for hiring.
PM me if you want to send me donations, I will send you my Bitcoin address (which I am not making public, I do not want spammers to send spam to my Bitcoin address).
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