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September 2021 Nintendo Direct Recap
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  • 7
Nintendo’s latest Direct was quite an exciting one and had a ton of content on display. There's a lot of stuff to talk about, so let’s check out some of the biggest things it showed us!
The final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter to be revealed on October 5th, 2021
  • 658
  • 9
September 2021 revealed the date for the final Super Smash Bros Ultimate presentation: This October. Who is it? We have no clue. The excitement is still very high!
Nintendo Direct Announced for Thursday, September 23rd @ 3pm PST/6pm EST
  • 703
  • 17
Tune in tomorrow for a fresh look at Nintendo's new and upcoming titles!
A new Switch controller listing surfaces from the FCC
  • 426
  • 1
What could this controller be? While we don't know, we have a few clues.
Smash Remix: Version 1.0.0 out now
  • 793
  • 3
Smash Remix now has its first numbered update. This update includes two new characters, many stages, new modes, and more!
Skyward Sword 5-disc soundtrack revealed for Japan
  • 354
  • 1
Starting Late November, Fans of Skyward Sword can purchase a 5-disc soundtrack containing every song in the game.
PlatinumGames says Bayonetta 3 is ready to show, but up for Nintendo to decide when
  • 853
  • 6
While no big news is on the horizon, studio members of PlatinumGames confirm that Bayonetta 3's development is going well.
Lego announces Super Mario 64 set
  • 684
  • 13
The newest Lego set in the extensive Mario Bros lineup is now announced!
Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle arrives on Netflix next month
  • 510
  • 4
Another Pokemon movie translated for the West - A Zarude special event in Sword and Shield will also take place
Mario and Pokemon versions of Labyrinth are coming soon
  • 648
  • 7
The 35 year classic board game is receiving two new themes: Mario and Pokémon!
Indie Houses Direct - Over a dozen announcements for Nintendo Switch
  • 770
  • 0
Many announcements from this indie games collective were made, with demos, sales, and streams running amuck. Over a dozen announcements were made for games on Nintendo Switch. Some highlights include Lamentum, Kingdom Two Crowns DLC, and Coffee Talk Episode 2
Pac-Man 99 DLC on sale
  • 535
  • 0
Pac-Man 99 DLC is all on sale, including all 29 skins, the Deluxe Pack, and the Mode Unlock DLC. Also, a new Splatterhouse theme has been added to the game - for free.
Suda 51 posts No More Heroes 3 statement - States last game in the series
  • 810
  • 7
And thus marks the end of an era, as famed director Suda51 releases a statement, thanking players for the launch of No More Heroes 3, for sticking with the series, and biding farewell to Travis and his journey.
Heavy in Smash?! FeliciaFan Explores the Possibility!
  • 429
  • 0
Smashtuber and content creator FeliciaFan weighs in how Heavy from Team Fortress 2 might just play like in put into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
No More Heroes 3 spirits event for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • 537
  • 9
Just a couple of days away until the release date of No More Heroes 3 - Whether or not you pick up this title, Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be adding a new spirit event!
Zelda Series 35th Anniversary Retrospective
  • 544
  • 6
In honor of Zelda's 35th anniversary, several SmashBoards staff members share their thoughts on the series. We'll be dealing with the past and future as we talk about our favorite Zelda games and our hopes for what lies ahead.
WarioWare: Get It Together! New Trailer and Demo
  • 542
  • 5
To coincide with the September 10th release of WarioWare: Get It Together, Nintendo has posted both a trailer and a demo. So far, these are only available for Japanese Nintendo Switch accounts.
August 18th 2021 Pokémon Presents Recap
  • 655
  • 2
A new Pokémon Presents went on air today, and a lot of new content was on display!
Baiken revealed for Samurai Showdown Season Pass 3
  • 403
  • 2
Get ready to the next Samurai Shodown challenger. When? August 19th.
Blissey joins the Pokemon Unite roster
  • 501
  • 3
Releasing this week on August 18th as a free update!
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