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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary with a Spirit Event
  • 1,422
  • 9
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has surprisingly awakened from dormancy on its fifth anniversary. Why? To bring us a new spirit event alongside new spirits!
Creator of Waluigi reveals sketches of scrapped "Walpeach" character
  • 3,118
  • 11
You may have heard of the fabled “Walpeach” idea in the past, but now we have our first look at the character that would’ve been the “Wa” equivalent to Princess Peach.
The Game Awards 2023 Nominees Have Been Revealed!
  • 1,554
  • 13
The nominees for The Game Awards 2023 were just revealed today!
Indie World Announced for November 14th
  • 711
  • 0
Nintendo just announced an Indie World presentation is coming on November 14th, 2023! The showcase is set to last around 20 minutes and air at 12 PM ET/9 AM PT.
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's Booster Course Pass Wave 6 is Here!
  • 1,464
  • 3
The final wave of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s Booster Course Pass DLC just arrived! As you'd expect, there's a plethora of new content in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's Version 3.0.0 update.
Shigeru Miyamoto confirms a Live-Action Zelda Movie is in the works
  • 1,726
  • 16
A Legend of Zelda movie is currently in the works, which will be directed by Wes Ball and produced by Avi Arad.
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass Wave 6 is Releasing November 9th, 2023
  • 1,707
  • 12
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s final wave of the Booster Course Pass is almost here. Wave 6 of the Booster Course Pass is launching on November 9th, 2023!
Three new games added to Nintendo Switch Online
  • 1,384
  • 3
Devil World, The Mysterious Murusame Castle and Castlevania Legends are now available on Switch online.
Nintendo Releases Community Tournament Guidelines
  • 2,520
  • 24
Today, Nintendo released some community tournament guidelines in Europe and Japan. These seem to have some massive implications for the competitive Smash scene. So, let's take a look at them!
Super Mario Bros. Wonder Has Released!
  • 1,007
  • 6
Mario fans can rejoice, Super Mario Bros. Wonder just released today!
Mario's New Voice Actor is Kevin Afghani
  • 1,288
  • 4
After what feels like an eternity, the world finally learned who Mario’s new voice actor is. Yesterday, Kevin Zachary Afghani made the announcement on his X (formerly Twitter) account. He’s voicing Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros. Wonder!
Lego Animal Crossing Officially Announced
  • 1,508
  • 10
The Animal Crossing games are great, but have you ever wanted to have a physical Lego version? Well now you can!
Wii U and 3DS Online Services to End in Early April 2024
  • 1,015
  • 1
Nintendo dropped a rather surprising announcement on Twitter this midnight. Online services for the Wii U and 3DS are now scheduled to end sometime in early April 2024.
September 2023 Direct Recap
  • 1,384
  • 3
Yesterday, Nintendo’s highly anticipated September 2023 Direct dropped with tons of information! So, let’s take a look at Nintendo’s most noteworthy announcements.
Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct recap
  • 1,435
  • 11
The 15 minute Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct was action packed with information, including multiplayer features, abilities, and the full roster.
Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct Announced!
  • 1,061
  • 5
Earlier today Nintendo announced Super Mario Bros. Wonder is getting a direct dedicated to it! The presentation will air for roughly 15 minutes on August 31st, 2023 at 7am PT/10am ET.
Charles Martinet to Step Back from Voicing Mario in Nintendo Games
  • 1,826
  • 13
It’s the end of an era: Charlies Martinet will no longer be voicing Mario in future Nintendo games.
Red Dead Redemption (+Undead Nightmare Expansion) coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4 on August 17th
  • 1,138
  • 2
It's time to roam the wild west on the go, as the critically acclaimed Red Dead series finally makes its way to Nintendo systems.
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages & Seasons now available on NSO
  • 1,500
  • 8
NSO is getting two more classic Game Boy Color games in the form of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, and Oracle of Seasons.
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