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Lucas "Thirdkoopa" Guimaraes
Former Lab Zero employees form Future Club
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Sticking to the 2D Animation roots of Skullgirls and Indivisible, former Lab Zero employees start a new studio.
Suda 51 gives "No Comment" about Travis Touchdown in Smash
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For over a decade, Suda 51 has shown interest for the titular character of No More Heroes, Travis Touchdown, to make a debut in Smash. In a recent interview with Switch Player Magazine, he's switched to a "No Comment".
Dan Fornace talks on troubles of porting Rivals of Aether to Switch
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The long wait is over. Rivals of Aether: Definitive Edition has now launched on PC and Switch. What took them so long? Dan Fornace himself gives answers, and opens up what entire process behind porting Rivals of Aether to Switch was like. All the struggles, hardships, and more are contained here.
Rivals of Aether launches on September 24th
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Rivals of Aether: Definitive Edition finally has a release date for Switch and Steam. In addition, features galore!
World's End Club to release on Switch in Spring 2021
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Danganronpa Creator and Uchikoshi Creator announce a release window for the Switch version of their newest game: Spring 2021. And it comes with a new trailer!
Masahiro Sakurai addresses Ultimate's Netcode
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In his latest Famitsu Column, #611, Masahiro Sakurai addresses the online netcode, small battlefield, and his desires to keep updating the game.
Nintendo eShop update for pre-orders and deal expiration
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Ever browse the eShop and wonder when a deal expires? Or want to cancel a pre-order? This Nintendo eShop update addresses both of these questions!
Nintendo Versus Summer Series September 2020 open
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Nintendo Versus has opened registration their next Summer Series event.
Smash Stick Kickstarter
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Ever wanted an arcade stick to use on any Smash game? How about other games on your GameCube Wii, Switch, and N64? Alt Lab Controllers presents their newest arcade stick.
NES Analog Synthesizer modified to play Super Mario Bros.
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Ever wonder what it'd be like to see an NES Analog Synthesizer? In this video, Content Creator LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER answers that for all of us.
A Comprehensive Timeline of Current Smash Allegations
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There have recently been a plethora of allegations against members of the Smash community. Keeping up with the flurry, and trying to figure out where to go from here, is a tall order. We're here to give a recap of events, and showcase a few statements from various community members.
Flight Patterns: A Small Corner in the Smash Universe
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An emo band? That wrote a song referencing to a Melee event in the title? It's more likely than you'd think. This small story has a few twists and turns.
Things to Remember for Fighter's Pass Volume 2
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With each Smash announcement, we crave more. Before doing that, we're here to examine some cautionary tales, reminders, and even shed some optimism for Fighter's Pass Volume 2.
Nintendo applies 39 trademarks
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Nintendo applies some new trademarks, including Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Super Mario Sunshine, and Kirby 64? Check outu here to see more.
Pokemon Home now out on Switch
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Remember Pokemon Home? It's now available on Switch with free and premium options. Mobile versions to follow.
Cuphead Spirit Board Announced
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Cuphead and his pall mugman enter the spirit board on February 14th!
Spirit Board Challenge Pack 4 released for Switch Online members
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Switch online users, want something free for spirits? Check the newest offer out in the eShop today.
Nintendo Wii repair services end in Japan
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Wii repair services? In 2020? Not open for much longer. If you have a Wii in need of repair, check no further.
Nintendo Mobile games earn over 1 billion combined
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Wonder which Nintendo mobile games have earned the most? Well, the banner image may give you a hint to #1.
Japanese eShop releases - 2/6/2020
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Want to use that Japanese eShop account?
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