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Lucas "Thirdkoopa" Guimaraes
Nintendo applies 39 trademarks
  • 1,303
  • 14
Nintendo applies some new trademarks, including Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Super Mario Sunshine, and Kirby 64? Check outu here to see more.
Pokemon Home now out on Switch
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  • 1
Remember Pokemon Home? It's now available on Switch with free and premium options. Mobile versions to follow.
Cuphead Spirit Board Announced
  • 616
  • 11
Cuphead and his pall mugman enter the spirit board on February 14th!
Spirit Board Challenge Pack 4 released for Switch Online members
  • 551
  • 0
Switch online users, want something free for spirits? Check the newest offer out in the eShop today.
Nintendo Wii repair services end in Japan
  • 424
  • 4
Wii repair services? In 2020? Not open for much longer. If you have a Wii in need of repair, check no further.
Nintendo Mobile games earn over 1 billion combined
  • 555
  • 10
Wonder which Nintendo mobile games have earned the most? Well, the banner image may give you a hint to #1.
Japanese eShop releases - 2/6/2020
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  • 0
Want to use that Japanese eShop account?
Rivals of Aether: Definitive Edition releases for Switch in 2020
  • 1,059
  • 9
Rivals of Aether is now coming to the Switch. What new features will be included in this definitive edition? All stages and characters: Read here to find out more!
Pokemon Home Basic and Premium Plans Announced
  • 439
  • 3
Wonder what features are available in Pokemon Home? How about the plans? Check here to find out more!
Switch eShop sale 1/27/2020
  • 528
  • 8
Any games you want to pick up in the eShop? Lots of options available. Check out our article here for some sale highlights!
NPD: Switch released more games than PS4+Xbox One combined
  • 541
  • 6
Wondering how many games the Switch released this year? We have the number. We're here to tell you: It's a lot.
Astral Chain Spirits Announced
  • 597
  • 5
Today, Nintendo's eSports twitter announced new spirits from Astral Chain.
Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training launches in more regions
  • 257
  • 0
Brain Age's newest entry launches in more regions. The only question left is when it'll release in North America.
Nintendo's Top 25 most downloaded eShop games of 2019 revealed
  • 903
  • 7
How high is Ultimate on the list of bestselling Switch games? Which sold more: Sword or Shield? Super Mario Maker 2 or Fire Emblem: Three Houses? Wondering what free games made it on the most downloaded list? Read here to find out!
Ultimate Version 6.1.1 now out
  • 1,569
  • 7
Ultimate Version 6.1.1 is out with only one part of the game updated. Can you guess what it is?
Mother 4 Fangame retitled Oddity
  • 523
  • 6
Ever wonder what happened to that Mother 4 fangame rebrand? Here's your answer with a brand new trailer.
Pokémon Direct announced for January 9
  • 409
  • 8
A Nintendo Direct is brewing, but it's not the one people were expecting. This Thursday, in a 20 minute presentation, we'll find out about more of what's in store for the future of Pokemon.
Challenger Pack 5 can now be pre-purchased from the eShop
  • 1,166
  • 28
Who's character #5? We s till don't have an answer to who, but we might finally have some hints to *when*.
Ultimate pays homage to Melee in special tournament event
  • 1,663
  • 16
Ever used Ultimate's tournament feature? Now's a good time.
Smash'N'Splash TO's Announce Departure from Organization
  • 2,050
  • 8
Smash'N'Splash TO's have all decided to not return for Smash'N'Splash 6. Read more here.