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Lucas "Thirdkoopa" Guimaraes

Content Manager
Lucas "Thirdkoopa" Guimaraes
Nintendo Switch Online over 32 million members; over 250 million Nintendo Accounts registered
  • 1,121
  • 4
Nintendo's corporate briefing contains a few interesting statistics. Also a statement about future content.
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ver. 2.0 is Out!
  • 1,117
  • 10
So, so many updates to Animal Crossing - including Farming, Gyroids, and Brewster!
Smashboards Call for Writers
  • 1,699
  • 7
Smashboards is calling out for new writers - Will you join the lineup?
Super Smash Con's Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Prize Pool is now $10,000 dollars
  • 1,496
  • 3
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl will have a prize pool of $10,000 dollars, making it the largest prize pool of Super Smash Con's Fall Fest
Metroid Dread Spirit event to come to Smash Ultimate
  • 1,441
  • 8
While downloadable characters are over, spirit board events continue.
Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct on October 15th
  • 1,077
  • 6
More Animal Crossing New Horizons content announced next week. This presentation is set for 20 minutes.
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl launch trailer
  • 1,095
  • 7
The Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Launch trailer is here. Get hyped to launch your friends as your favorite Nickelodeon characters.
Sylveon coming to Pokemon UNITE on October 5th
  • 620
  • 0
Sylveon is coming to Pokemon UNITE - The latest character to join the likes of Mamoswine, Blastoise, and other additional characters.
Aang & Korra announced for Nickelodeon All Star Brawl - Gameplay revealed
  • 1,083
  • 3
Aang and Korra, two of Nickelodeon's most iconic characters, are now revealed for Nickelodeon All Star Brawl. Trailers, gameplay showcases, and movelists came with this announcement.
Square Enix announces Dungeon Encounters. Releases in two weeks.
  • 800
  • 0
Today at Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix announced a new minimalist RPG. The twist? It releases in two weeks.
Bandai Namco will change their logo in 2022
  • 1,411
  • 15
Many game companies change their name, and Bandai Namco is no exception. This change is to sport their new slogan: 'Fun for All into the Future'
Grand Theft Auto trilogy listing posted for Switch
  • 898
  • 3
Grand Theft Auto III, San Andreas, and Vice City may be coming to the Switch. Many sources and key points are lined up, including a rating in Korea, and DMCA takedowns.
Treasure brings up the possibility of more games on Nintendo Switch Online
  • 1,112
  • 7
Two of Treasure's Games, Sin & Punishment and Gunstar Heroes, are both heading to Nintendo Switch Online in October. According to the studio, those won't be the last games on Nintendo Switch Online.
Square Enix Sale on Nintendo Switch & 3DS
  • 1,064
  • 5
Square Enix has a new sale up on the eShop; this time with a lot of fan favorites. Some games listed include the PS1 and PS2 Final Fantasy entries, and the first three Dragon Quest titles.
Netflix purchases Night School Studio, developer of Oxenfree
  • 627
  • 0
Netflix, the ever popular streaming service, has now purchased their first video game company. This movement embarks their first big step into branching out to video games.
Mamoswine coming to Pokémon UNITE on September 29th
  • 698
  • 1
Mamoswine is coming this Wednesday. This newest addition will surely freeze the crowd.
All 100 minigames for Mario Party Superstars
  • 1,139
  • 8
The final list for all 100 minigames got revealed - Is your favorite minigame on here? Check to find out.
The final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter to be revealed on October 5th, 2021
  • 2,296
  • 23
September 2021 revealed the date for the final Super Smash Bros Ultimate presentation: This October. Who is it? We have no clue. The excitement is still very high!
A new Switch controller listing surfaces from the FCC
  • 568
  • 1
What could this controller be? While we don't know, we have a few clues.
Smash Remix: Version 1.0.0 out now
  • 3,183
  • 4
Smash Remix now has its first numbered update. This update includes two new characters, many stages, new modes, and more!
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