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Lucas "Thirdkoopa" Guimaraes
The History of Captain Falcon in Competitive Super Smash Bros
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Ever wonder what a character was like in competitive Smash Bros? How about Captain Falcon? Join Vish and False Swipe Gaming as they answer everything about him in competitive Smash - from the yearly years on 64 and Melee up until the present day.
Smashboards Call for Writers
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Have you ever wanted to write for Smashboards? Produce graphics? Maybe even edit articles? If you've ever looked the front page and went "Man, I'd love to give a shot at helping out" Come join us. We'll be here.
Pokemon Sword & Shield Showcases New Gigantamax Forms
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Pokemon Sword & Shield showcases new Gigantamax forms. Does your favorite get one? If you like Pikachu, Eevee, Meowth, and Charizard, you're in luck.
Why It's Almost Impossible To Ban Fighting Game Characters
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In their newest video, Stumblebee discusses banning fighting game characters and why it's almost impossible. This video brings up numerous games fighting games, both within and outside of the Smash Bros. series.
AlphaDream (Mario & Luigi) Enter Bankruptcy
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AlphaDream, known for developing the Mario & Luigi RPG series, has entered bankruptcy.
Skarfelt's Advanced Buffer Tutorial
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Ever wonder what's up with the Smash Ultimate buffer system? Some of your questions may be answered here.
How To Make Smash Stable
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What do our communities sponsorships, scandals, and culture all have tying them together? Why, compared to other esports, is Smash financially stable? In our latest Editorial, we're here to talk about it.
Nintendo Indie World Recap
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The Nintendo Indie World august presentation is now over; with a stunning lineup of over 20 games, we're here to recap.
EVO 2019 Attendees Possibly Exposed to Measles
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An guest around one of EVO 2019's hotel was reported with a case of the measles; no other's have (yet) came out with this.
The Big House 9: Wobbling Banned & Ledge Grab Limit
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The Big House 9's TO has recently came out with the ruleset for Melee, featuring a wobbling ban, a ledge grab limit of 60, and Smash 64 making a return?! Read more about it here!
Rivals of Aether coming to Steam Workshop & Switch Port
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Rivals of Aether is now getting Steam Workshop support & a Switch port. While dates are still TBA, we've got more info here.
Smash at EVO 2019 Recap
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Missed Melee's Top 3 and Ultimate's Top 8 at EVO? We've got you covered for a recap.
EVO Announcements Round-Up
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A lot of games and DLC had announcements at EVO - One could even say that EVO is the E3 for fighting games. What all was announced? What if we told you there's a new Guilty Gear? Look no further to find out.
Smash Ultimate Fighters Pass: Staff Predictions
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  • 36
Nintendo's E3 is right around the corner, so we decided to work together on some predictions. Who's next? We don't know, but all nine of us put towards our best frantically estimated guesses. Come and join us!
Nintendo E3 2019 Direct Predictions
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E3 is around once more, and one of our writers throws out their predictions for what they think will happen at this Nintendo Direct. Any predictions you have? Come into the comments.
Brawlhalla is getting a crossover with Adventure Time
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Ubisoft announces new Brawlhalla content, bringing three new characters from Cartoon Network's Adventure Time into the game.
Pokemon: Sword & Shield Direct Recap
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Pokemon Sword & Shield had a lot of information given to us yesterday - Missed out? Don't worry; we have you covered.
Crabbageddon: What did it cost?
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  • 26
One month ago, at Pound 2019, professional Super Smash Bros. Melee player Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma was assaulted by a crab. Here at Smashboards, we consulted some experts and wanted to go one step further: How much did this Crab cost?
Pokemon 2019 Press Conference Recap
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Missed out on the latest announcements regarding Pokemon? Here we cover the latest information on all four of their announcements.
Smashboards Call for Writers
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Call for all writers! Read further for more detail.