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Three new games added to Nintendo Switch Online


To celebrate Halloween, Nintendo added three new games to its retro library for Switch Online subscribers. This includes Devil World and The Mysterious Murasame Castle, originally for the NES, and Castlevania Legends, originally for Game Boy.

This marks the first re-release of Castlevania Legends, the second re-release of Devil World, which was re-released in PAL and Japan on the Wii Virtual Console, and the third re-release The Mysterious Murasame Castle, which was re-released for Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 3DS. The release of Devil World also marks the last game directed by Shigeru Miyamoto to be localized.

All three games are available now for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack subscribers will also be greeted to Mario Party 3

Author's Note: Any plans on trying some of these spooky games? I might play a couple myself. Let us know in the comments!

Writing: Thirdkoopa Thirdkoopa
Thumbnail Graphic: @Zerp
Social: @Zerp
Lucas "Thirdkoopa" Guimaraes


As much as it's really nice to see these games, I think I speak for all of us when I say that I really wish the NSO services weren't dripfed in such a gratingly slow and ineffective manner. Having all three games be Halloween-themed is neat and all, but cutesy theming is only so effective when there's a possibility the service will be literally dead by like, 2027.
Happy to finally have an opportunity to check out Devil World. Better get to it soon though since i was planning to let my NSO expire mid this month.
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