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  • I'm honestly a little saddened there was never (from my knowledge, I would love to be proven wrong on this) a mobile phone with a built-in Minidisc player. Or even a built-in cassette player. The idea of a "musical phone" has been one thrown around for some time even to this day - and it honestly feels like a really natural fit to combine two small digital devices you'd keep in your pocket, even if (for the time) it'd probably have been pretty... chunky. Then again, I guess MP3 became cheap enough to be an easy inclusion onto a lot of mobiles by the time this concept got popular... pensive emoji.
    i think there's been a lot of downright bizarre fortnite collaborations, but in my mind, one of the weirdest has to be tron. not only was it released at a point in time where the franchise is less relevant than it's been for like 15 years, but it didn't even feature any actual content from the franchise - rather, a collection of original characters in new tron outfits. considering how easy it'd conceptually be to make the identity disc a weapon... yeah.

    it almost feels like they were originally planning it as a completely seperate, original costume, realised they were running the risk of a lawsuit, phoned the guy at disney they already had partnerships with and were like "bro can we use these?", the disney guys were like "lol it's ****ing tron who even cares" and it kinda just got added anyway
    It's kind of weird to think that George Orwell's 1984 has led to not one, but two British television programs named after terms from the book's world that are only vaguely-at-best associated with the concept of the show in question - specifically, Big Brother and Room 101.

    I have to imagine the upper management of Channel 4, who as I recall are currently going down in flames, are probably flipping through 1984 as we speak in search of a new television series name - with that in mind, I'll propose the following candidate for a new television show to get their numbers up.

    Namely, Ministry of Love, a dating show involving various politicians, civil servants, and members of Parliament.
    Silly concept: first-person Minesweeper. Every time you stand on a tile, it reveals it. You can't jump, so you have to walk from tile to tile, hoping there's no bombs.

    It also introduces a 9, which is a timed landmine that explodes you after you reveal it.
    I unironically think that one of the best things for online education in the last 30 years has been the Rickroll. Mainly, because it's a very simple and fun - but memetic and memorable - method of telling people to be weary of clicking suspicious links.
    Why is it that people can comment on videos saying people's suits are "drippy" and their faces are "mewing", but when I walk up to tell my uncle that his suit is absolutely soaking wet and his face is yapping, I'm asked to leave the funeral?
    one of the things i really feel like we've missed out on as a generation due to the movement of phones to being abstract glass slabs is just outright ****ing weird phone designs that... somehow work?

    i'm not talking like the blackberry where it's kinda just a small keyboard - i'm thinking **** like the nokia 7600 which literally looks like a mango, or the samsung serene which keeps getting photographed the wrong way up to show its keypad, or the nokia 7280 that's supposed to look like lipstick but actually looks like a prop stolen from the set of tron (1982), or the toshiba g450 that looks like you'd use it to open your garage door or shave your legs or something.
    like, the weird thing to me is that while this level of experimentation is often associated with the late 90s and early 00s (which is, after all, when it was most prominent), we had this kinda stuff going up to the mid 2010s - the g450 for instance came out in 2011! - but in 2024, like, almost all phones nowadays are just abstract glass slabs because the functionality of the device is completely digitised and thus the need for buttons beyond a power button and maybe volume controls is gone.

    idk, it's kinda a shame that so many elements of the consumer tech industry just feel... devoid of personality now. like we've reached some kind of singularity to the point where absolutely everything is just derivative of the same concepts. i'd love to see more weird **** on the market, as opposed to nokia making a modern 3310 where the "gimmick" is "omg, look, a phone with buttons, that's so wacky"
    wii phone...save me

    wii phone

    save me wii phone
    The mainstreaming of technology is a much more recent phenomena than it seems and that ultimately came from Steve Jobs successfully socially engineering technology as being more akin to designer clothing (status symbol) than a useful tool. And a status symbol doesn't really work if it is too unique or weird that most people will probably never hear about it or have it. You have to have the exact same phone design or your peers will think you're weird and Apple can't make big profits by merely putting a giant gaudy logo on it.

    Thus Capitalism once again killed innovation even while claiming to facilitate it and now we have fragile and impractical devices that keep falling out of our pockets.
    Never forget: Pong was a clone.

    No, seriously. Nolan Bushnell has stated that the inspiration for Pong was the demonstration of Table Tennis for the Magnavox Odyssey, about a month before Pong was first tested in arcades. He saw this demonstration at a tradeshow in which his name was provably in the guestbook. However, to obvuscate this, he proposed the idea to Allan Alcorn, who actually did the programming for it.

    Not that Magnavox were any better, to be honest - for context, part of the Odyssey's patent basically patented the ability to interact with player-controlled objects on a television screen (or... yeah, make a video game console, basically), and they deliberately waited a couple of years before suing Atari, Midway, Empire and others for patent infringement (the argument being that they could... make more money from it.) In 1977, it was determined by judge John Grady that the defendants were, in fact, guilty - and Magnavox would continue to sue companies until their patent lapsed, each time being successful or settling because of precedent. This went on until the 90s.

    It actually got so bad that Nintendo tried to sue them in 1985, arguing the 1958 game Tennis for Two constituted "prior art" and thus invalidated the Magnavox patent - but they lost, because Magnavox argued that Tennis for Two being played on an oscilloscope instead of a television invalidated this claim.

    Man... almost seems like corporations in the gaming space have always been ****ty, huh?
    >meme compilation video came on in autoplay whilst i was working on uni stuff
    banger song comes on in the background for like 6 seconds
    "i wonder what this is"
    that's okay, i'll look in the comments
    mfw posted like 40 minutes ago so no comments
    that's okay, i'll post a comment
    mfw this isn't gonna get responded to
    that's okay, i'll use shazam
    mfw shazam has to be downloaded to a phone and i found this on youtube. on a phone.
    that's okay, i'll use another songfinder thingy
    mfw i try three of them and none of them work
    that's okay, i'll send the youtube video to my laptop, play it from there, and use the shazam app
    mfw the shazam app directs me to some ****ty hip-hop flip instead of the original
    that's okay, i'll check whosampled to find the original
    mfw the hip-hop flip is so obscure it's not even on whosampled
    why must the gods stare upon me with not ignorance, but with malice?
    silly idea for a jump force 2 - instead of being everyone coming together to stop a bigger threat or something, the plot just follows goku already having become the most powerful being in the dbz verse purely through training, so now he travels between the worlds of jump in search of stronger opponents, (unintentionally) leaving utter decimation in his path
    I like this idea. I actually had something somewhat similar: I'm kind of imagining there being short stories that include other characters in the roster.

    For other examples, the Naruto/Boruto universe could have a pre-Ninja War storyline where Team 7 is collaborating with a group consisting of Monkey D. Luffy, Yuji Itadori, and Tsuna.

    The Demon Slayer storyline could have Tanjirou and crew going to a hidden village full of unique Demon Slayers and trains under the likes of Asta, Chihiro Rokuhira, and Kenshin Himura.

    Medaka Box could have Medaka herself deal with requests in Hakoniwa Academy, including dealing with Mash Burnedead not knowing his own strength, settling a cook-off between Yukihiro Soma and Toriko, and stopping a problematic Occult Club (Some members being Power and Mahito) that's causing trouble.
    Shoutout to the boxart for the Atari 400/800 Pac-Man for making me feel... vaguely unsettled whenever I look at it. It's interesting, actually, seeing how the fairly abstract concepts behind games like Pac-Man were reinterpreted into boxart from the era - people tend to mention things like the classic cabinet art look for him, but I think this kind of design - while very strange, in retrospect - is a fascinatingly interesting one to look at.

    google what is chuck e cheese's middle name
    Random take, but - I honestly love it when fighting games have guest characters from other fighting games. Not only is it cool to see something you'd only see in a MUGEN in a fully-fledged project, but it's also pretty cool to see how different mechanics can be retooled for a new environment. Good examples of this? Probably Akuma and Geese in TEKKEN 7 - but shoutout to Baiken in Samurai Shodown, Dead or Alive 5's Virtua Fighter characters (plus Mai of course, she's a great fit for the franchise!) and Mizoguchi in Revolution A!
    Okay, so this is probably a dumb thing to complain about when we're less than 48 hours from 2024, but.

    I think Eleven is awesome. But they're kind of a missed opportunity.

    See, in Street Fighter V, Eleven is basically a random select who gives characters a unique skin and a voiceline filter (which is pretty awesome!) But here's the thing. Eleven is obviously, like, a callback to Twelve. And Twelve's most iconic thing is X-COPY. So like... why would Eleven be random? Bear in mind, when you're not playing online you already have a random button (which is actually better because it lets you pick your V-Skill) so like, surely it'd be way more fun to have Twelve as like, an auto-mirror match setting? I get they were going for like, Mokujin or something, but even Mokujin does the random thing better because they're random even between rounds instead of like, just picking a random character.

    Think about it - tournament play, opponent selects their character and V-Skill, you suddenly go like "I am literally so good at this game that I will body you with your own main" and picks Eleven. Big move, lots of fun, and if both characters pick Eleven then just have it be a mirror match with a randomly selected character & V-Skill.

    It's honestly a shame, because Twelve is like, genuinely one of my favourite Street Fighter characters out there - but there's basically no reason for him to ever come back in some way when Street Fighter III already has so many picks that would either be obvious for Street Fighter 6 (like Alex and Dudley), fan-favourites (like Sean and Necro) or potentially fun reinventions (like Remy or Q), so seeing something like this back in SFV? It's really cool! It just... feels like a bit of a missed opportunity that they are the way they are.
    why is he called solid snake if his body is comprised of 70% water? is he stupid?
    A random thought: it's very possible that, in a couple of thousand years, the question as to whether the Batman was a real person will be a genuine one posed amongst historians, similar to modern questions related to figures like Jesus and Moses.
    One thing in the gaming space I think goes really underappreciated with Minecraft specifically is the sheer breadth of accessibility features it has, even if I don't personally use/need them. As much as I think Minecraft is an interesting case study of "game bloat" over time, the addition of so many features that are at the very least nice to have and for some are vital for enjoyment of the game is something I think other games should aspire to have.

    It's 2023. Customisable keybinds should be a standard option in video games by now, I'm sorry.
    I genuinely think Loonatics Unleashed could have worked, with pretty much one sweeping change - instead of being a straight-up superhero show featuring new characters, just outright make it a parody in which the actual Looney Tunes have to do superhero stuff, but instead of giving them superpowers, just kind of make them do their own thing. Like, screw it, have one of Wile E. Coyote's ridiculous Rube Goldberg machines actually work against, like, Darkseid or something, but he's still annoyed because it didn't kill Roadrunner. There's probably a lot you could do with that
    Pitch for an [adult swim] show - a live action setup to what's marketed and presented as an isekai, but the first episode starts with the protagonist schoolgirl being like "Oh ny-oh! I'm 82599203582023474 years late for school!" and it just has them exploring the heat death of the universe
    Open question: do you find that the inclusion of in-game fighter classification in fighting games is a good thing or unnecessary fluff, and do you prefer when it uses FGC terminology (ie, "zoner", "footsies", etc) or something entirely unique (ie, MVS's "mage", "assassin", etc)?
    Ze Diglett
    Ze Diglett
    IMO if you must classify your characters using archetypes within the game itself, just use the terms that already exist. Most people who care know what a zoner is, no need to go MMO and call Bugs Bunny a mage.
    Granted, I already prefer when games don't do that and let the players figure out each character's "archetype" themselves.
    1. A good thing. It helps newbie players to have a better idea about which characters to pick and how to play them. And for that reason-
    2. Unique. FGC jargon is unlikely to make much as much sense for more casual/beginner players who'll benefit the most from these labels.
    Random take, but I think it'd be cool to see more games include things like Missions or Event Matches or whatnot. One of my favourite elements of games like Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing or Super Smash Bros. Brawl was these fun bite-sized single-player morsels of unique gameplay, often with unique elements or requirements that let the game showcase different characters, mechanics, or otherwise in a fun way.

    Taking Brawl as an example, having most of the Event Matches require you to play a certain character works well as a way of having the player get introduced to characters they might not otherwise play, as well as including funky tongue-in-cheek references (which I guess Spirit Battles are the ultimate evolution of?)

    It'd be cool to see that kind of thing in more crossover games, given it's a fairly simple way of bolstering single-player content without too much extraneous stuff (like cutscenes, new mechanics or stages, etc) whilst still allowing for some interesting references and potentially a lot of fun for single-player content!
    Out of curiosity - in response to the proliferation of the online... "trend" of committing crimes for the sake of online fame, or "clout-chasing", do you think that people who are charged with crimes that they committed for the sake of online content (TikTok, YouTube, or otherwise) should, on top of the charges they would ordinarily recieve, also recieve a temporary, legally-binding suspension from online spaces (or the Internet as a whole) for a certain amount of time?

    I'm not actually trying to actively promote this, to be clear - I'm moreso curious what the concensus on this is. It's an idea I've heard floated a couple of times, though.
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