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  • I remember commenting on a social media post on the topic that I preferred Sonic Colors over Sonic Unleashed despite loving them both. And someone replied to me "The repetitive platforming? The cheesy jokes? Roger Craig Smith's terrible performance?!"
    There's this weird stigma around Colors in the fanbase that I will never fully understand.
    It started just a bit before Forces released. Nowadays people adore Unleashed for...Reasons, I guess? And Jason became the best Sonic voice ever overnight because...again, just because, I guess.

    Like, five years ago it really was the opposite: Werehog was considered terrible and Colors was praised for being the first good Sonic in a while and as the game that laid the foundations for Generations. No one hated Roger to the level they do now either. It just...Flipped one day and it's been that way ever since. It's weird. :054:

    Colors is my favorite Sonic, so I'm definitely biased whenever I talk about it, but man, to see so many people bash it in recent years really does suck.
    Champion of Hyrule
    Champion of Hyrule
    I haven’t played Colors but I have played Unleashed, and... yeah “repetitive platforming” and “cheesy jokes” are definitely things that apply to Unleashed as well
    Just wait a decade and people will bash the inevitable Adventure remake and Maina for being "soulless rehashes" and praise Sonic Boom and Forces for being "daring leaps into uncharted territories" that told "gripping stories."
    Like, I still think both Unleashed and Colors are really good games, they just excel at different things-Colors is a mainly 2D puzzle platformer with some 3D areas in between and a bunch of fun power ups. Unleashed is a high-speed linear platformer half the time, and a slower hack 'n' slash/platforming game the other half. They both have Boost and that's all they have in common-and even then the Boost feels wildly different in their respective games.
    But since Colors started a trend of Sonic games having bad stories and Sonic Team playing it safe. None of this is the fault of Colors itself though, so I don't know why people treat it the way they do. Sonic fans just need something to hate I guess, and hating 06 and Boom got old.
    I really hate YouTube video titles that are like "You DON'T remember" or "Do you remember...?" and fill in the blank with some early to mid 2000s show. Like, yes, I remember Danny Phantom, who are you to assume that I don't?
    Finished MMX3. Not only is it my favorite X game so far, but it's earned its place as one of my all time favorite games, right up there with Uncharted 4, Sonic Adventure 2, Super Mario Galaxy, Pilotwings, and both Zelda OoT and MM.
    Final boss of MMX is SUPER hard. Really wish I had beat Vile before the Mavericks and hadn't gotten any chips so I could get the Gold armor, but it's whatever. Can't go back now, and I sure as hell won't be restarting my run.
    But I'm fairly confident this is my favorite X game so far. Will have to play the rest as well to figure out (though I hear the general consensus is that 4 and 8 are the only good ones from here on out).
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    Doc Monocle
    Doc Monocle
    If you mean that this is a nonlinear game, then we both have frustrations. I am playing Super Metroid, and it is always a blank stare at the screen when I reach a room that is very tedious and painful to reach only to find out that I do not have the equipment or weapons I need to conquer the room. I hate troubling over navigation since it often ruins the experience of gameplay for me.
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    X5 actually isn't too bad but the frequent tutorials and unnecessary RNG hurt it a bit.
    Champion of Hyrule
    Champion of Hyrule
    I haven’t played X5 so I couldn’t tell for sure, but I’m pretty sure one of the biggest issues with X5 is that Shadow Devil boss
    If I reworked Smash's roster, I'm cutting all of the FE characters except for Marth (because he's got the sauce) and Ike (because he's cool)
    Just beat Mega Man X2.
    Didn't like it as much as the original, and I thought the bosses were just a bit too easy. But other than that I really liked it! I really want to make a set for Sigma now.
    I remember when I was eight, I got a pack of Sailor Moon stickers from my parents as a gift.
    I didn't even start watching anime up until 2019, let alone not having watched Sailor Moon yet. But having just discovered that old pack of stickers makes me want to start.
    In a way, I kind of want Waluigi to remain in the shadows. Don't get me wrong, I want him in Smash and I would love to see him star in a game, but I think it would feel weird for him to be a mainstay of the mainline Mario cast.
    Oh yeah! And Dr. Mario is in Smash too so if Doc and Daisy could get in than could the Wah.
    Doc Monocle
    Doc Monocle
    I suppose, my reason for keeping him tucked away is the same as that for including him, as odd as that sounds. A great deal of the fun was generated by Waluigi and his fans trying their very best to get him in... Only for him to keep in his supposed character as a 'wannabe' who just never gets his way. Nevertheless, because of this, there would then be an excitement aroused by a revelation of his participation in Smash Bros.
    It has always been odd to me that Waluigi was never really featured prominently in a Wario game. I think a Wario Land style game where you play as both would be a lot of fun. Idk, characters like Mario, Peach and Daisy never appealed to me. Waluigi just has a more interesting personality imo
    Just started playing Wario World for the first time.
    This game is phenomenal.
    Here's my roster if I were to make Sonic R2, Sonic Riders 4, or some other new Sonic racing game.
    E-123 Omega
    Metal Sonic
    Marine (mostly just including her so we can have a third "Future" character, never liked Marine much)
    Mecha Sonic
    Tails Doll
    Mecha Knuckles
    Neo Metal Sonic
    Chaos 0
    Orbot and Cubot
    Heavy and Bomb
    Chao (like TSR it's four Chao that all drive a car)
    Eggman Nega
    Professor Pickle
    The President
    Egg Robo
    Super Sonic

    (and yes, obviously this game would be non-canon)
    Had a dream last night where, in the middle of the TV show, they added Big the Cat to the Sonic Boom universe. Except instead of just giving him bandages, a scarf, and calling it a day, they gave him a whole redesign. Imagine Knuckles' redesign but 1000X beefier and more muscular. Big literally looked like he lived at the gym.
    And that's why they called him Big.
    Sonic 06 is one of gaming's best soundtracks.
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    Almost every Sonic game gets that right, and has an amazing soundtrack.
    Yeah, I know. I'm just saying I think this one is one of, if not, the best in the series.
    Seriously. It's like they have Toby Fox clones writing all the music.
    Woke up sick, went to the bathroom for a half hour, got breakfast, was five minutes late to class and the teacher has already started presenting a video but since I got there late I can't see the presentation for some reason, so I had to try and get his attention but he never looks at the chat feature so I just have to sit there for another five minutes.
    What a great start to the day.
    Scary as God Slayer Bowser is up close, from a distance he just looks like a bigger version of Bowser Jr. from Yoshi's Island. Which I honestly think is what they were going for.

    Based on this image, I'm thinking everyone's turned into cats (Luigi, Peach, Toad, and Rosalina), and the fifth cat HAS to be Daisy. Why else would this one cat be with the group?
    I can sort of understand why people don't like how Ultimate favors defense over offense, but at the same time I don't think that makes it bad. It's all about calculating the best approach, and sometimes the best approach is waiting for your opponent to do the same.
    Predictions for SM3DW + Bowser's Fury:
    Online bad, people complain about it for a week and move on
    Mario does a Jojo reference at the end and the internet loses its mind
    Bowser Jr. is both a CPU in single player and 2P in multiplayer (controls very similarly to Cappy)
    New Odyssey levels for base game (not Captain Toad)
    Playable Toadette
    Bowser's Fury is EXACTLY what I love to see from Mario. I don't want it to be rolling green hills all the time. When they go for stuff like God Slayer Bowser (I know he's not really named that but it still fits him super well), a darker tone overall, Super Saiyan Cat Mario, an open world in a game made for linear 3D platforming-God, I can't wait to play this game. Subverting expectations is something that needs to happen more often, not just in 3D Mario but in 2D Mario as well.
    Everyone's saying Bowser's Fury will be playable Bowser. That would be awesome, but I doubt it. I think what's more likely is that it's just a difficult level pack where you maybe play as Bowser in the ending like in Odyssey.
    Doc Monocle
    Doc Monocle
    I do not know what that is, but as long as it makes Bowser a giant, I would be happy.
    Party member: Oh no, we were too late to save (name of important character)!
    Me who was just playing the pinball minigame for an hour:
    My predictions
    A Capcom character (not SF or MM)
    Master Hand
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    Eggman and Master Hand would be cool beans, and if the Capcom rep is Pheonix then that would be omega cool beans.
    RetrogamerMax RetrogamerMax "Eggman and a Mother villain like Porky or Giygas are literally the last big villains missing from the roster..."

    aw, you made Giovanni cry :c
    You should apologize to him.
    I feel like Jessie & James/Or just your normal Team Rocket minions would be more likely than Giovanni to take the Pokemon villain slot since you really can't have Team Rocket in the roster without Meowth and I can't picture one of Giovanni's Pokemon being Meowth.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    Crash is my prediction, I also think Waluigi has a shot.
    Me normally: Sonic Adventure 2 is an incredible experience and one of the best Sonic games to date.
    Me after rail grinding doesn't work for the tenth time in a row: f**k Sonic Adventure 2, what a horrible game, I'd rather play Sonic 1 for GBA over this piece of crap.
    I haven't got into the Dream drama before and now I'm afraid to.
    I know a lot of people don't like trial-and-error game design, but I actually love it. I love the feeling of knowing a level and it's enemy placement to heart and being able to speed through it any day of the week, all thanks to me retrying again and again. It's the main reason I love Mega Man X and Sonic Unleashed.
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    It's like a hard boss, you are failing so hard, than after like 25 attempts you go super saiyan and no damage him easily.
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