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  • I know the very idea is controversial (especially on this site) but I feel like Mario Kart Tour could work as a "Nintendo Kart." And honestly, maybe it could even work a little better than just Mario. Now I don't think the main Mario Kart series should go Nintendo mode, not at all. I just think it could've worked well for Tour specifically. Here are a few reasons why I think this:

    • Tour is a lot simpler than the previous Mario Karts and is on mobile devices. A common suggestion for a Nintendo Kart is to have major differences from Mario Kart in order to make clear that it's more of a separate thing. So why not do it for the game that's already really different?
    • The rosters also kind of line up with the gameplay styles. The single-series game with the deep cuts for dedicated fans has the more technical and advanced gameplay while the all Nintendo all the time crossover with characters that can cater to many has the more casual and accessible gameplay.
    • Tour's status as a live service game allows it to continuously add characters as the updates roll in. Meaning it can eventually achieve both a deep-cut Mario roster, a crowd-pleasing Nintendo crossover roster, and a deep-cut Nintendo crossover of the inactive franchises.
    What seems kinda weird about Smash to me is that it doesn't really seem to be treated as a "franchise." It's always just been 1 game per console and that was it. And if you think about, that's not really what game series get and that makes me kinda sad tbh. Where are the Smash Bros. spinoffs? The more smaller but experimental games in-between the big ones? The fun pieces of art posted by the official social media account? It doesn't seem to be a franchise you can really dig deep into like Mario or Zelda. The "huge Smash fans" just seem to be ones who know a lot about the mechanics of the specific game they play. (Usually the latest installment.) It just seems to be this big thing that is "too important to have spin-offs" or some ****. And I really want that to change someday.
    As an addition to my last post, I've made a moveset for Beekeeper. I aimed for him to be a heavy zoner-type character that aims to hit with their slowing and stunning moves in order to compensate for their slow K.O. moves.

    Neutral special - Bee Shot: Flings a swarm of bees that travel in a sine wave pattern. The swarm deals weak damage but is a multihit attack that's great for stunlocking opponents. So be sure to follow it up with a good K.O. move. First upgrade increases the size and the second makes the swarm slightly home in on enemies.

    Up special - Flying High(ve): Holds the beehive up above his head and the bees carry him upwards. Functions similarly to Snake's recovery due to the fact that his body is vulnerable during this period. First upgrade makes it faster and the second makes the bees carrying the hive also deal damage. Also makes it slightly faster.

    Down special - Honey Huck: Chuck a glob of honey in an arc. It creates a puddle on whatever it lands on. Opponents hit by or standing the puddle have their movement speed slowed. You can only have 1 puddle on stage at a time and can only throw another projectile after the first one lands Unless you get the second upgrade. First upgrade makes the honey stun fighters for a short time. Second upgrade allows 2 puddles/projectiles to be on screen at a time.

    Super - Bee Swarm: Unleashes an enormous cloud of bees that flies around the stage and hurting opponents caught in the swarm.
    According to a post by someone who worked at Rovio, this was apparently supposed to be an actual game and not just an April Fools joke. Now I'm kinda mad that it'll never come out. It would've been really weird but it'd also be really glorious.
    Imagine if Rivals of Aether 2 had voices that sounded like they came from the most generic anime dub of all time and the characters were constantly saying full sentences for their specials and stuff and you couldn't turn them off because they were counted as just a part of the generic sound option.
    This may be kinda weird but I don't really like battle passes or time-based rewards in online games. Even if you can get them after the season ends. If I wanna play the game, I'll play the game. You don't need to dangle a little carrot in my face in order for me to do that.
    lmao I didn't actually see it. It looks like ****. I just read the leak that was posted a while back. And seriously, you chose Pluto of all characters for a "forgotten character is now evil and ****ed up" twist? He's like barely a C-lister at worst. And even if it is somehow well-exectued, I'm not going to watch it purely because I hate the concept. Chip n' Dale isn't universally known enough to be a big "the cartoons you know are now in a cynical world!" but they're not obscure enough to really justify this new direction and you just end up pissing off dedicated fans. Also the "2D" characters just look awful.
    Two times I have seen a reupload of Neil Cicierega's remix of How I Beat Shaq (or just "Aaron" if we're going by the original video's title) and in both of those times I have seen people talking about some other Youtuber who used it as background music and how hard it was to find the original song. Pretty sure they were different Youtubers both times, too.
    Holy **** did anyone else realize that Nintendo Switch Sports released?! It came out on April 29. I completely missed this. Is this just me or is this a marketing thing?
    Why is finding out what state The Simpsons live in such a big deal? Why do you wanna dox them?
    There should be more Lovers of Aether alts in RoA.
    Perhaps my hottest take is that I feel Smash Ultimate's concept would work better as a spin-off than a mainline game.
    Mario Smash Ally Contact disconfirm tier list. (Inspired by the latest job)
    I am very okay with this:
    • Pauline
    • Shy Guy
    • Pyoro
    • Mona
    • Koopa Troopa
    • Mallow
    • Bob Hoskins Mario

    A little bit of wasted potential but alright:
    • Prince Peasley
    • Dry Bones
    • Nabbit
    • King Bob-Omb
    • Jimmy T.
    • Young Cricket
    • Kamek

    Okay I'm actually pretty miffed:
    • Petey Piranha
    • Lanky Kong
    • 9-Volt
    • Paper Mario

    How could you do this to me:
    • Broodals
    • Rabbids

    Note: This isn't really much of a "character want" tier list. It's more of a how sad I'd be if they weren't a fighter tier list. I'd honestly be really fine with having most of the characters in "I am very okay with this" as fighters.
    I feel like "no-holds-barred" megacrossovers can really only work when they're made by fans and not corporations.
    • Character choices will be based on genuine passion instead of whatever new thing is being promoted.
    • Adding on to that, deep cuts can also flourish more.
    • Negotiations won't be a thing, so they can "truly" have anything.
    Yeah that's definitely a thing. Fans can, and have plenty of times, come up with all sorts of cool crossover ideas that are just too much of hurdle for developers to actually make.

    Sure they can't actually become games this way and have to stick to just being ideas that fans thought of. But there are interesting ideas out there.

    I remember one time where I thought of an idea for another Mario 64 remake that had 4 playable characters like Mario 64 DS did. Only this time the playable characters would be meant to pay tribute to console market history by having the mascots of Nintendo, Sega, Sony, and Microsoft as playable characters. So the characters were Mario, Sonic, Crash, and Master Chief.

    Obviously this kind of thing would never happen. And let's be real no one would play as Sonic anyway because he has too much speed for too many Mario 64 levels. But it was a neat thought.

    And come one, we all know it would be funny to see Master Chief running around Mario 64 courses blasting all the enemies with his gun.
    I'm thinking of starting that creation thread for a platfighter featuring Smashboards user's OCs soon. Do y'all think you have enough for something like that?

    Also I'm going to submit an OC I made way back in 2013 that was literally just a recolor of the Scratch Cat (he was supposed to be his brother)
    I've been working on my platfighter concept a bit more. This is my concept for a way competitive items can be handled. Is it a good idea, is it just crap, somewhere in between?
    • Players each choose 3 items at the start of a battle. These are the items in their inventory.
    • Players take turns selecting their items and can ban specific ones.
    • While in battle, players can select the next item in their inventory or pull out the currently selected item. You can only go forward (and loop around) because of the low amount of available buttons.
    • There is a short animation for pulling out an item to allow for punishes. Items also have cooldowns so you can't spam them. Stronger items have longer cooldowns and animations
    • You can also select assists. They have (relatively, not literally. It isn't like puff rest length) very long animations and cooldowns. Players can only select one assist per battle. An assists cooldown only starts when they disappear. Players cannot pull out any other items while their assist is active.
    This isn't exactly a dream but when I was just waking up I thought of a profile post by Wario3 that said "Callie and Marie would look repulsive in The Simpsons."
    A few concepts for creation thread ideas I've had:
    • A "Nintendo Kart" with the twist being that it has absolutely no Mario content.
    • A Newgrounds Rumble sequel.
    • A platform fighter featuring characters from rip/mashup tourneys. (The things like KFAD.)
    • A platform fighter featuring the characters of the users participating in it.
    • An original platform fighter. The first job would be deciding the "theme" of it.
    The fact that the character designs from the Angry Brids movie replaced the originals from the game just makes me really irrationally mad and confused. Why would they decide to do that? I can literally think of no reason to replace the iconic original designs with ones from a movie that was mocked when the concept alone was revealed. And sure, the movie turned out okay, but that isn't really a reason to make it the new status quo.
    Now you have me wondering if you've seen Brawlfan1's moveset video for the Angry Birds. If not then........well............

    It basically takes the movie designs and the classic designs and "pulls a Pac-Man" with them so to speak. Much like how Pac-Man is primarily Pac-Man World design while going to Arcade design for certain attacks, Angry Birds are primarily Movie Design while going to Classic Design for certain attacks. And based on your post here, I doubt you would care for that.
    what the ****
    I get swapping them out for the movies, but I’m not a fan of how the movie designs basically replaced the originals.
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    Adding on to a post about how bad crossover dialogue is just "Wow. This is a strange world." repeated over and over. (Which I can't seem to find for some reason.) One other cliche bit of dialogue I kinda hate is just "Hey, there's only room for one <trait the speaking character shares with the person they're talking to>!"
    Mario Smash Roster but it's the cursed mandate version

    1. Mario
    2. Luigi
    3. Peach/Daisy
    4. Bowser
    5. Bowser Jr.
    6. Dr. Mario
    7. Rosalina and Luma
    8. Yoshi
    9. Donkey Kong
    10. Diddy Kong
    11. King K. Rool
    12. Piranha Plant
    13. Wario
    14. Lemmy
    15. Wendy
    16. Morton
    17. Ludwig
    18. Toad/Toadette
    19. Koopa Troopa
    20. King Bomb-Om
    21. Wiggler
    22. Boom Boom
    23. Nabbit
    24. Kamek
    25. Builder Mario
    26. Tanooki Mario
    27. Cat Peach
    28. Metal Mario
    29. Birdo
    30. 8-Bit Mario
    31. Dry Bowser
    32. Bow
    33. Baby Mario
    34. Link (Guest)
    35. Pikachu (Guest)
    36. Sonic (Guest)
    37. Pac-Man (Guest)
    38. Villager (Guest)
    39. Inkling (Guest)
    40. Byleth (Guest)
    Waluigi is an intentional exclusion.
    One thing the internet seems to do that I really hate is excessive bashing on "bad" content creators. Especially if I hadn't heard of them before. Like, why the **** do I care if something someone out there made is not quality? And there seems to be some weird pride about it as well. Like this is some brave/cool thing they do.
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