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  • How to set a devious, inescapable trap for your readers:
    1. Start writing a comic.
    2. Halfway through, stop writing the comic, go to the back of the book, and start writing a manga, until you get back to the end of your comic.
    Regardless of which side they started from, once readers reach the intersection of the comic and manga, they will be stuck. There is nowhere to go without proceeding through the story backwards. Smile with glee as you enjoy watching them be imprisoned forever.
    One thing that I miss about Minecraft being an indie game back in the day is that Steve and other Minecraft content would occasionally appear in other indie games. Nowadays, after the buyout, Minecraft appeared in Smash, and, like... is that it? Is there anything else I missed?
    Epic challenge for writers/script writers:

    Create a spy book/movie in a universe where "aimbot + autofire" guns exist and all of the common mooks have them, and the protagonist doesn't have super high tech armor or anything like that. Think about it.

    To make it even harder, make the guns also have wallhacks.

    (Seriously, why don't the bad guys ever think of this? It'd also allow them to avoid the "why don't you just shoot him?!" moment when the hero confronts them directly, by having their gun shoot for them.)
    One thing that I notice about online discourse about Nintendo Switch Sports is how many people talk about how it’s a travesty that Miis are just relegated to a side option, and how the Sportsmates are a weird choice to replace them, but… if you’ve played the game a lot, it’s pretty clear that the game’s actual player base really prefers the Sportsmates instead.

    Personally, even though I’m a longtime Mii fan, I do think it’s time for a change whenever Nintendo’s next console rolls around. I don’t think Sportsmates are customizable enough to fill that role, but it would be nice to see something fresher and more versatile (but probably not as versatile as Miitopia Switch’s Miis, since that wouldn’t work too well in online multiplayer games.) I can see Nintendo completely abandoning the idea of custom avatars with the next console, though, especially if it continues with the Switch’s “this is just a game console, it plays games, nothing else” vibe.

    I’m a Squirrel main in Switch Sports BTW.
    PSA for platform fighter fans: Don't forget, the Slap City new character reveal (+ more!) is tomorrow!!!

    Random game idea: Murder mystery game in a world where matter deletion rays are extremely common and barely regulated, are completely silent, and leave behind no evidence of them being fired.

    As a result, there is never a corpse nor physical evidence, as it is effortlessly easy to get rid of anything incriminating without leaving a trace. You are thus left to resort to interviewing everyone and figuring out who could have possibly been in the area to commit the crime just based on that. Although, the fact that certain objects are missing from the area could itself be physical evidence.

    (There’s also no way to be certain that there was even a murder and the “victim” didn’t just go on vacation without telling anyone. The detective protagonist of this game is certain to be saddled with tons of guilt after making a wrong but unavoidable conclusion…)
    One thing that concerns me a bit about the Rayman DLC for Mario + Rabbids is that the trailer says that he is going on an adventure “with the Rabbids” and not “with Mario and the Rabbids,” so, I assume that we actually aren’t getting a Mario and Rayman crossover?

    It thus might be completely self-contained and with a fixed cast, like DK Adventure was, based on that. (It looks like the team is Rayman, Rabbid Peach, and Rabbid Mario, based on the trailer.) It’ll probably still be fun, but it seems like a big missed opportunity, you know?
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