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  • You know, Bubsy and (videogame) Sonic have the exact same amount of durability, it’s just that Sonic happens to live on a planet where he’s constantly surrounded by protective items, so he doesn’t die anywhere near as often. Bubsy should pack his bags and move there, he‘d have a much easier time. He’d also have a lot more room to reach his maximum running speed without bumping into things.
    In the games and the current IDW comics that are canon, the main planet has no name, yes. Some fans still use “Mobius” or call the animal people “Mobians” since it’s concise and everyone knows what they’re talking about, though, even though it’s inaccurate.
    They called it Earth in the recent Tails Tube videos.
    Janx_uwu Janx_uwu yeah i'd always heard it was some version of earth as well
    Super Monkey Ball on the GameCube (plus the Deluxe ports) has a really good real-time reflection effect in environments where the floor is shiny, which reflects the player, bananas, many of the background elements, etc. So… how come this effect never returned properly in any other Super Monkey Ball game? You can be playing Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania on a PS5 and the best they can do is static reflection maps of the background, despite the vastly more powerful hardware?? This is a pretty minor thing but it has been frustrating me for many, many years. What kind of magic did Amusement Vision do back on the Gamecube that other Sega devs could never replicate?
    Despite it being a currently ongoing cartoon series, I've barely seen anyone mention, discuss, meme, or draw fanart of Kiff. It feels like I'm somehow the only one who knows it exists (despite the fact that this obviously isn't the case,) which is kind of a weird feeling...

    I watched a few episodes on Disney+ sometime last year and I think the character designs are cute at least (or are they actually really bland, and they stood out to me since I barely watch modern cartoons...? )
    How terrifying would it be to wind up in a wallless Tekken stage? There’s mountains, trees, buildings, people, ect. seemingly just a short distance away, but you can run forever in any direction and never reach them, you’re trapped in an endless stretch of flat terrain…
    Tokyo Blur is the sickest name for one of the most basic Tour city tracks, which makes it feel like it was a lot of missed potential…

    They could’ve at least given it dramatic night + rain atmosphere, or alternatively they could’ve called it “Tokyo Tour” or something that fits its vibes better?
    Really niche thing I want that I pretty much never see people discuss: I still want a new Freakyforms. I still boot up Freakyforms Deluxe on my 3DS occasionally to recreate one of my OCs in it...
    If Nintendo ever makes Mario Maker 3, they really need to do something about underwater levels being such a slog that you barely see anyone use the underwater background. I have a few ideas that could help (ideally they could add all 3) :
    1. Add the Dolphin Kick badge ability from Wonder. It could be an item that you could place at the start of the stage, or there could just be an option in the level settings to have it be given to the player automatically. I don’t think Nintendo would want to completely remove the “classic“ swimming gameplay, hence why it’s an optionally added item.
    2. Add Warp Pipes that emit wind/current. This is the main solution the NSMB games use to speed up underwater gameplay (and Wonder uses them too) and it’d be fun here as well.
    3. Add arbitrarily sized water blocks usable in all backgrounds, that would become air blocks when the underwater background is selected. Swapping between swimming and running would make it feel more dynamic. Random floating rectangles of water or air might be a bit strange looking, but Mario games have had those water blocks before, and you could always arrange the terrain to make them more natural looking if you prefer.
    I honestly think it'd be cool to see a Wonder playstyle as a whole, but I know that if they did that, they'd probably make the badges Wonder-specific, which... nah. It'd be neat to see mechanics from different games in the new artstyles, actually - I get the appeal of limiting yourself to what was in each game or having a specific artstyle have certain tools to promote use of all of them, but I feel like people should really just get to use their favourite. Just me though!
    Yeah, badges could be a lot of fun if they were in (almost) every style!

    I wonder how they’d handle Wonder effects. They’d need to be highly customizable somehow, otherwise they’d miss the point if they only did a small specific list of things. I think there’d need to be a way to assign objects to only exist during the wonder effect, and assign other objects to stop existing during the wonder effect, so you could have some interesting things happen based on that. You might need to clear test the level twice, though, once where you get the Wonder Flower and once where you skip it (which will result in 6 total clear tests if you have 2 checkpoints…)
    Really random thing, but, anyone else remember the obnoxious plastic packaging that Wii Shop Channel points cards used to come in way back in the day that you had to cut through just to get to get to the card itself with the code on it? The eShop cards nowadays are so much more convenient, you just peel off the thing covering the code and that's it...
    In terms of newcomers for Rivals 2, I think it’d be cool if, instead of just more fighters of the usual 4 elements, we’d also get some kind of horrible Abyss monster as a playable character.

    As an example of this, I’ve been thinking about how the Gatekeepers (the final boss from Rivals 1, assuming I didn’t forget their name) would look as a playable character, scaled way down of course. Normally the two floating eyes bound with shadowy tendrils would be entwined together and act as a single body, but you can separate them for powerful projectiles, setups, and combos, at the cost of you potentially taking big damage if the opponent is able to attack them when separated.
    Here’s a silly idea for a future fighting game: Customizable Super cutscenes!

    You know how a lot of supers result in a cutscene, and what happens in the cutscene doesn’t functionally matter as long as it deals the same damage and lasts the same amount of time? Give us the ability to choreograph what happens in that cutscene. You can select from a wide variety of moves your character can use on the opponent, plus a variety of other actions for both you and the opponent, and you can set up camera angles and effects. Super sick combos? Really silly combos that’d never really work or be super suboptimal normally? Some kind of silly animation where the two characters are super out of character for a bit and it ends with the opponent becoming the object of slapstick comedy? The choice is yours! You’d be able to go online, and you‘ll never know what will happen when you get caught in the opponent’s super! (You can also turn off custom supers client-side if you want, since the altered animations affect nothing.)
    In the 2024 Minecraft mob vote, there should be two separate votes, and each user would vote in both: one for the mob’s design, and one for the mob’s function.

    This would require all of the designs to be in a similar category where their functionalities could be interchangeable (i.e. all of the design options are golems of different materials, or different small dragons of similar size, or something like that) but it would mean that nobody would need to choose between either voting for their favorite mob or for their most wanted function.
    One nice thing I’ll say about Sticker Star is that I think it’s kinda neat that some enemy types can drop their weapons as usable stickers after defeating them, such as Spikes’ spike balls, Ninjis’ shurikens, and Sombrero Guys’ sombreros.
    Did you know that Super Bomberman R 2 is out now in stores and the digital version releases tomorrow/in like 20 minutes (depending on time zones)?

    Like… wow, did they barely advertise it…

    I‘m not currently planning on getting it (I might change my mind later,) but I still want it to succeed…
    I’m just imagining if Splatoon added “Salmonlings,” but, instead of being humanoid salmon like Inklings and Octolings, they’re just Smallfries driving person-sized mechs and trying to blend into Inkling society (and somehow succeeding at it even though you can very obviously tell what they are)
    One thing that still bothers me: in the first Ant-Man movie, (spoilered since it’s still technically spoilers even though this isn’t even a big part of the movie and the movie is old at this point)
    there’s this scene where the main bad guy shrinks a guy with a prototype shrinkray, which instantly kills said guy by turning him into a little wad of flesh that was easily disposed of by flushing it down a toilet, and, like… what happened to that prototype after this scene? Isn’t that a REALLY powerful weapon on its own? Why didn’t the bad guy keep it with him as a sidearm? Why didn’t he have his company make more of those and sell them while he worked on his shrinking suit weapon project? Would most of the Marvel universe superheroes’ and villains’ bodies be capable of resisting that? Even if they somehow do resist them, wouldn’t these things be amazing in the hands of criminal organizations and world governments alike for assassinating normal humans? If they scaled it up, any army could crush an entire building and all of its inhabitants in a single shot! The destructive possibilities are endless!!

    Sorry about unleashing my inner evil genius for a bit there, but it drives me crazy when something so powerful is just forgotten about. I guess I get why these kinds of things are forgotten about, but still.
    Have you ever thought about how awful the view from a lot of the stadium seats in some Mario Kart tracks is? Like, some of these people can see almost nothing, yet it’s always a sold-out crowd. Imagine sitting behind the big antigravity track piece in Mario Kart Stadium, or next to the underwater section of MK8’s DS Wario Stadium where it’s completely walled in with very tall walls and nobody can see what’s happening there. At least the people in the bottom seats in Pokémon Stadium 1 and 2 in Smash can clearly see the fighters when they’re edgeguarding…
    Any port of N64 Block Fort to any other Mario Kart game will never have quite the same feel for one big reason:

    In later Mario Kart games, Green Shells don’t bounce forever. It was always a terrifying moment whenever you dropped down to the base floor and had to face the possibility of a long-forgotten Green Shell randomly coming your way, but later games don’t have that. It’s probably for the better that later games don’t have that, but still…
    I miss the bizarreness of the Fighting Polygon Team, Fighting Wireframes, and Alloys, and I hope we get something new that’s like them in some future platform fighter.

    I appreciate the fact that the Fighting Mii Team gives Miis a notable role in singleplayer, but there isn’t much interesting about them.

    I have yet to see a Smash fangame or indie platform fighter with a unique equivalent to these old teams; most of them just recolor or retexture the default characters and leave it at that. Admittedly, part of that is just the fact that many of these games are sprite-based so there isn’t much else they can do, but still. At the very least, I hope Rivals 2 makes the Abyss clone enemies look more unnatural instead of just being shadowy-looking retextures, assuming that some kind of Abyss mode returns.
    It would’ve been cool if Rey attached her lightsaber to her scavenger staff instead of using it the normal way. It’d make her fighting style more unique as she’d be one of the only polearm-wielding Jedi, and it’d make her quick mastery of the fighting style make more sense as she had already used the staff for years.
    Just like last time, I enlisted an AI to bring us some Direct leaks. Here's the most interesting one I got:

    On June 21st, 2023, Nintendo released a new Nintendo Direct presentation featuring news about incredible new games releasing later this year. One incredibly surprising reveal in particular set the internet ablaze, however, which was the reveal of the controversial new game (the AI's part starts here) company in the form of Invisible, Inc.

    The announcement to turn the offices of major corporate players into hostile zombie-like environments and manipulate their workforce into mindless zombie minions, as well as making them fight for control of a mysterious device, gave a huge advantage to anyone using the Game Manager, the zombie analogue of the Wii Fit Balance Board, which could be plugged into almost any workstation, turning it into a zombie version of itself.

    (edit: I forgot where the AI‘s part started, I fixed it.)
    I wonder what's going on in the Star Wars galaxy right now. You know, not "a long time ago." Is it peaceful now where technology and culture flourish? Or, have the wars continued in the long run in an almost cyclic manner and so it's barely different than it was a long time ago? Or, did the current Empire-equivalent win so decisively at some point that nobody has been able to effectively rebel against them for a long, long time and life sucks? Or did they slowly eventually giant-death-laser every single planet in the galaxy out of existence and there's basically nothing left except a few spaceships, if even that?
    Fall Guys has an event ongoing right now that allows one to grind for Crowns ludicrously quickly (at least compared to how you normally grind for them.) Over 800 of the over 1,700 Crowns I’ve ever gotten in Fall Guys I’ve gotten this week during this event, and I’ve been playing since the game released. I finally got my longtime goal, both halves of Golden Wolf, and I am exhausted.

    Although, on Tuesday, the next battle pass begins. More grinding! Woo!
    I was just thinking about if WarioWare is canon to Mario, and, a theory I just thought of is that the Mario characters really are just actors in the Warioware + Rhythm Heaven universe. Wario does acting work for Nintendo's Mario and Wario Land games from time to time, which is why he has a different outfit in those games and why the other characters in these games almost never mingle with the rest of the WarioWare cast. Wario Land games also sometimes appear in 9-Volt's Nintendo themed microgame collections.

    (Speaking of 9-Volt's microgames somehow containing Nintendo IPs, either Wario somehow convinced Nintendo to license out their IPs to his tiny indie company, or this universe just doesn't have copyright laws. I'd assume it's the latter since you can rip off as many IPs as you want in WarioWare DIY and sell them, and you'll never get in trouble.)

    Furthermore, in this theory, Wario and Waluigi aren't at all friends in real life, just in Nintendo's games, hence why Waluigi never appears in Warioware. It's a bit sad, but that's how it is with actors sometimes. On the other hand, Mario and Wario's rivalry is real to at least some extent (or at least it is from Wario's viewpoint,) as shown in a few particular microgames.
    I went shopping today and, while in the car on the way there, I saw someone who was dressed as:ultness: for some reason. It was absolutely, unmistakably meant to be a Ness cosplay. It was kinda random (I didn’t see anyone else in cosplay, I don’t think there was an event or anything,) but it was kinda neat to see.
    I still have a copy of Cubic Ninja for 3DS, not to hack my 3DS back in the day when it was needed for that, but because I saw it in the store and it looked interesting. Maybe I should’ve sold it back then, but oh well.

    I’ve completed it 100%. Did you know you can turn off the motion controls in the options menu? They didn’t make the name of the option to disable motion controls very obvious, though.

    I should actually try hacking my 3DS sometime.
    If creators of fighting games (both big FGC games and indie platform fighters) want their game to be extremely eSports, why don’t they make a stage where the fighters are fighting in an eSports venue so that there’s a bit of extra meta-ness to it?

    To take it even further, imagine if, at each Evo from now on, the top 8 of the SF6 tournament is played using a temporarily exclusive stage that is an exact replica of the place where the players are playing IRL.
    I was thinking about moveset ideas for Warioware characters, and I thought of an interesting gimmick for Kat & Ana.
    So, they’re a duo, but you only play as one of them (they both have the same moveset) and the other is invisible. Their B moves involve summoning the other sister to do a quick dashing sword slash or throw shurikens or something and then ninja vanish out, kinda like a Marvel assist. However, if you press B again during this, you switch control to the sister that’s doing the assist attack and the one that you were controlling will teleport out. The choice of whether to switch or not opens up a lot of options, since the opponent will need to predict which one you’ll be controlling. You can also summon the other sister, do an attack with the one you’re still controlling, and then press B to switch during that attack’s endlag, so you can do some fancy combos or apply lots of pressure. Beware, though, as they share the same damage meter (although the inactive one takes slightly less percent per hit,) and the opponent can KO the inactive sister to make you still lose a stock.

    I also thought of some moves for Jimmy T, although he wouldn’t have any big gimmicks in his moveset. He mainly has disco moves as attacks, plus he can stun the opponent with his smartphone’s camera flash bulb. He’d probably have his air dash from Get it Together as up special or side special, and he can do three in a row in any direction, sorta like Sora’s side B, although they each don’t have a lot of distance.
    It's over. An entire year of grinding points in this game is finally over.
    (is the image thing broken again? I had to just post it as a link.)
    Was it worth it? IDK. At least Squirrel has lots of outfits now.
    I got an Oculus Rift for Christmas several years ago and it was really fun and I used to use it all the time. I eventually started using it less since there just aren’t enough VR games out there that interest me, though. Worse, Meta is forcing me to switch my Oculus account to a Meta account to continue using my headset, and I really don’t want to do that, so my headset might as well be bricked (unless there’s a way to run it purely through SteamVR or something without the Oculus app.) I just deleted all my VR games to save space on my computer, and I should probably sell the headset sometime… it’s kind of a shame it had to be this way…
    I think the biggest problem with VR is a complete lack of imagination and creativity on the developer's part. The games are too shallow or are too similar to each other to be able to keep interest in the medium for long and there isn't much of them. You basically just have to stick with a few quality ones with a lot of replay value over the long term.
    Yeah, the only VR dev that I really pay attention to anymore is Owlchemy; the last few times I used my VR headset was to play their most recent game Cosmonious High, and that was like a year ago.
    I think it would’ve been funny if the Mario Movie used Always Smiling from DDR Mario Mix and tried to pass it off as a licensed song nobody’s heard of. Then we‘d get to see peoples’ reactions to looking it up and finding out that it’s actually a remix of a polka from the 1800s…
    Game idea: Puzzle game where you’re playing some simple old videogames in a simulated emulator, but they’re very glitchy and you have to perform ACE or other memory manipulation tricks to beat them.

    So, for ACE, you have to look through the RAM watch, move things around in the game to set up the payload, then force the game to run that as code, without the simulated game crashing. It’d have to be very simplified compared to real ACE, especially in the earlier levels, and it would need to have a very specifically designed GUI so that players can easily see the effects of their actions, but it could be very interesting if the skill curve can be balanced appropriately.
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