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  • Okay, this whole AI thing has run its course. Can we move on to the next techno fad now?
    Can't believe It has been already so many months since The Owl House ended.

    But oh well, glad It ended on a great note and didn't turn out like Fairly Oddparents.
    (Hopefully you have been doing well too Zephyr)
    I still haven't watched the final episode. I've been putting it off for a long time now but something about finales takes a lot out of me. I'm really happy Owl House fans seem happy with it though, honestly it's really impressive how Dana and co managed to salvage the kind of crummy situation they were in.

    (I've been doing alright, thanks for swinging by. It's good to see you back.)
    Deleted member
    I haven't finished the second season yet.
    I've been watching this show everyone loves called Spongebob and I just don't see they hype? I'm about 3 seasons in and it's been nothing but filler. Does the story ever pick up at any point? My taste in shows comes from Reddit fandom and I'm a snob who can't appreciate cartoon episodes for their individual merits.

    While worker's rights are the most important part of the writer's strike by far, I think there are some more selfish reasons to care about the writer's strike too.

    Like if "lazy", formulaic writing is something you hate...then you should be very concerned about AI writing. You don't get more lazy and formulaic then having an actual algorythm write your stories for you. I'm not totally against using AI as a potential tool but treating it as just a cheap form of labor is not the way to go if you want movies to be anything more then factory-made products.

    If you want better and more original movies in Hollywood, you should want Hollywood to be a place where the creativity of writers is actively fostered. And while treating your workers well isn't the whole picture it is a vital part of that.

    But I'm just a casual photographer, what would I know about art?
    Kirby fanboys are funny because they try so hard to convince you that Kirby is this dark, hardcore series full of tragedy and cosmic horrors. It reaks of isecurity sometimes but what's funniest is that they don't have to lie to do it, pretty much everything they say is true.

    They just like to leave out that Kirby, while he is a cosmic entity, is one that runs off of friendship and cake. But I suppose that part goes without saying.

    I can see why people would think her owning a trans flag isn't a good enough reason to think she's trans (even if I disagree), but what annoys me is that some of the detractors are acting like it'd still be a huge win if she's just a cis ally.

    Actual, positive representation is something the trans community has been fighting for for a long time. Making a character an ally is a nice notion and we should probably take what we can get, but at the same time it's also the absolute bare minimum you can do and you can't blame us for wanting more.
    Still feels weird saying "us" when talking about trans people imposter syndrome hurts
    i dont get it why doesnt zelda just eat ganondorf
    In Super Mario Bros lore, Goombas were once citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom who turned coat once Bowser's army invaded. What could have been the cause of such a betrayal? Was there an error in Princess Peach's leadership, perhaps treating them as second class citizens next to the more human-like Toads? Or could this have been the work of a heinious yet charismatic Goomba figurehead, radicalizing his people and turning them against their homeland in hopes of gaining the favor of King Bowser? In this essay I will
    The fact that so many politicians in the modern day are able to get away with being so blatantly anti-science and anti-medicine in the modern day is disgusting beyond words.

    People are dying by the thousands because too many people are too ignorant and proud to get a few little shots and it baffles me that we live in a world where something like that can be allowed to happen.
    News outlets are always like "Vaccines totally ineffective at stop spread of Omnicron! We're doomed!" or "Omnicron is basically just common cold! We're saved!"

    But I guess "Vaccines signficantly reduce chance of hospitilization due to Omnicron variant" doesn't make for as catchy of a headline.

    I hate sensatiolism in journalism.
    Pyra has
    • Big disjointed aerials she likes to space
    • Poor ground mobility but surprisingly good air mobility to abuse her aerials
    • Big stupid Uair and Dair
    • A limited OoS game and very exploitable recovery

    But yet everyone keeps calling her Charizard and saying that Pythra doesn't have an Ivysaur equivalent. What's with that?
    Very weird that the Sinnoh Remakes are replicated the old sprites with a chibi artstyle when Let's Go showed that you can remake a 2D game just fine. I guess it probably saves on resources though...

    Pokemon Legends has me pretty excited. The frame rate looks off putting but aside from that it's looking a lot closer to the vision I think a lot of us had for a 3D pokemon game. Anyway if this game is a success I think it might spell out the future for future Pokemon generations, but being the experimental game it is I'm also worried that it won't be well received.
    If you play one round then leave on quickplay, then I understand.
    If you play best of three, then awesome!

    But if you lose round one, win round two then dip you are my least favorite kind of person.
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    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    You do know that most people who play quickplay don’t even consider this sort of thing, right?
    Yeah I'm just venting, I don't really have any ill will towards anyone.

    It's just that a lot of people at high GSP actually do try for Best of 3s, so it kind of annoys me when someone seems like they're going to but actually don't.
    Remember that the rioters in Washington today only represent a miniscule fraction of the US population. A dangerous fraction we should be taking seriously, but still a small one. Most people don't want this violence.
    And some people really seemed to think that all of our problems would just magically dissapear with 2021.
    Deleted member
    I know for one that a good chunk of my current problems will stay for a good while until they may or may not dissappear.

    What does really matter in the end is to keep pushing and fighting to overcome your problems and not let anxiety and fear block you out.

    It is hard, but not giving up does really matter.
    Bad things are bound to happen no matter what, given the current situation of the world. However, there is at least a light at the end of the tunnel (the vaccine) that we can look forward to. 2021 isn't some genie that will grant the world happy wishes, however, things are at least starting to look up in some places. Just give it time.
    Deleted member
    Yeah, we just need to work our way through to make things better.
    Sephiroth's Octoslash is one of those moves where it feels like a lot of people who throw it out recklessly should know better. No one should be throwing it out against shields when it can be punished out of shield by Ike F-Smash, especially in high GSP.

    It definitely reminds me of early Ultimate metagame where everyone thought Charizard was Flare Blitz: The Character for some reason. It tricks up people who aren't prepared but if you're up against someone who knows what to do...hoo boy you're in for a world of hurt.

    As an experienced Charizard main, I beseech all of you: Stop throwing out reckless Octoslashes. I can and will F-Smash you out of shield for it. Don't try me.
    Remember, Nintendo wasn't going after Melee specifically. They were going after emulation. At the end of the day they're in it for the money, and they see emulation as a gateway to piracy. Shutting down the Splatoon stream was an attempt at damage control that backfired horribly.

    I'm not defending Nintendo's actions. But it's good to have the perspective that this wasn't a raw act of malice against the fans as much as it was just a corporation doing what they saw as most profitable in the long term. It's not like Nintendo completely changed over night - they're just doing what they always would have done in this situation.

    It's also good not to personify corporations too much. They aren't individual people with wills of their own. They're organizations with different people in charge of making different decisions. Nintendo can't "love" or "hate" its fans, so dont' get attached to the notion it can.
    This is pretty much how I view it. With all due respect, there wasn't a ton of wisdom in an event that was officially acknowledged and sponsored by Nintendo in the past doing something that specifically steps on their toes: Nintendo's made it clear how they feel about emulation and things like Slippi, using them at the event wasn't the best use of judgement. I think something like Parsec would've fared far better.

    However, Nintendo didn't need to kill the whole event: They could have simply sent a C&D targeting the Melee content and leave Ultimate part of the event alone. Same deal with the Splatoon Stream: Cancelling the whole thing was an extreme move, they could've have just forcibly changed player names. All these things really highlight the problems with Nintendo's shoot first and ask questions never policy, and they really need to learn how to communicate better.

    Meanwhile...I think there needs to be improvement in the community as well. Many have reacted to these events in extremes, and while there's nothing wrong with voicing an opinion or giving criticism, there's been so much pointless venom and just outright vehement anger that really makes the community as a whole look immature on a surface level.
    Find someone who loves you the same way Wifi Clouds love spamming Up B.
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