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Mike 223
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  • I picked up a new character on UMvC3 so I'm gonna try to translate his moveset into a smash one.


    Gimmick- Spells. He can use different, mostly very powerful, attacks by getting different combinations of creation or destruction spells.

    Jab- His light, medium, heavy combo.

    F-Tilt- He shoots a fairly strong, small projectile forward.

    U-Tilt- His launcher move.

    D-Tilt- He makes a small area in front of him catch on fire, this lingers for a good while.

    Neutral Special- Spells. He uses whatever spell he has set up if you just tap neutral special. If you instead hold it you can choose to get either a creation or destruction charge, giving you a wide variety of different, powerful attacks to use.

    Side Special- A smaller, weaker version of his stalking flare super.

    Down Special- He shoots a beam of dark magic upward, this spawns right in front of him and cannot be jumped over.

    Up Special- Flight. He flies upward a set distance.

    Neutral Air- His air light attack.

    Up Air- His air heavy attack.

    Fair and bair- His air medium attack in either direction.

    Down air- His air heavy attack.

    Forward Smash- A shorter, weaker version of his chaotic flame super.

    Up Smash- A stronger version of his dark hole super.

    Down Smash- A stronger version of his down special.

    Final Smash- His level 3 hyper.

    Taunts- His taunts in UMvC3.

    I just picked Dorm up, so I can't go into as much detail as I could with PW, Cap, and Spidey
    Ok time for the last character in my UMvC3 team I haven't done. I saved him for last because he has multiple modes. Phoenix Wright.

    Modes- Investigation, Trial, Turnabout. You can freely switch between investigation and trial mode by pressing shield + b. You get into turnabout mode for a limited time by landing an objection, but you can't always go for one.

    Gimmick- He has to gather evidence in order to gain access to an objection. Once he lands that objection, he gets turnabout mode.

    Jab- His light, medium, heavy combo. This doesn't change between modes, but is much stronger in turnabout as the final hit is one of his extremely strong and large laser finger attacks.

    F-Tilt- His pressing move. A speech bubble pops up with two different variants. "Hold It!" is faster but doesn't give access to turnabout. This is done when in investigation mode or in trial mode without 3 pieces of good evidence. "Objection!" is slower but gives access to turnabout. This is done when in trial mode with 3 pieces of good evidence.

    U-Tilt- His launcher move

    D-Tilt- His crouching light, medium, heavy combo.

    Up Special- His Maya special. Maya runs forward and trips. If used on the ground Maya runs in front of Wright and hits the opponent with her trip. If used in the air Maya will boost Wright upward.

    Neutral Special- Evidence. In investigation mode he will search for evidence, having 3 different slots. You can search for evidence to put different slots by holding the b button down, giving you a similar menu to Shulk's monado arts. You can get either good or bad evidence. Good evidence gives you different projectiles depending on what it is. These are pieces of good evidence:

    Phone- Spawn 3 homing projectiles that nullify other projectiles.

    Folder- Spawns a lingering hitbox near Wright.

    Paper- Shoots a beam forward. Beats out a lot of projectiles.

    Watch- Shoots a small ball forward. Beats out a lot of projectiles.

    Knife- Spawns 3 lasers that go out in 3 directions. Beats out a lot of projectiles.

    Vase- Spawns a small ball that travels in an arc. Good for anti-air.

    Bad evidence is just random items that don't give you any special projectiles. All you can really do with these is toss them away by choosing their slot again while in Investigation.

    If you are in trial mode, you can use the projectiles from the good evidence. If you try to use bad evidence, you just get an animation where nothing happens, leaving you vulnerable. Turnabout makes you able to use the projectiles twice in rapid succession, allowing you to throw out way more projectiles.

    Side Special- Another variant of his Maya special, but instead she runs in a creates a barrier. The barrier can take around 30% before being knocked away. She also automatically stops after a few seconds. You can grab through the barrier. If you are in trial or turnabout mode this move instead has you throw papers to damage the opponent

    Down Special- Only usable in trial or turnabout mode. Wright walks forward with a multihit attack, the final hit is a fairly strong kill move.

    Neutral air- His air heavy attack. This becomes a strong spiking laser finger move in turnabout.

    Up air- His air medium attack

    Forward air- His air light attack

    Back air- Same as fair, just backward.

    Down air- His u-tilt but pointed downward.

    Forward Smash- Has the animation of his snap back move. Fairly decent kill power, but weaker than extremely heavy hitters like Heavies. It becomes stronger in turnabout.

    Up Smash- His u-tilt, but pointed upward.

    Down Smash- His crouching heavy attack on both sides. This becomes absurdly strong in turnabout as it's a laser finger move that hits on both sides.

    Final Smash- This could be 3 different moves depending on the mode you are in.

    Investigation- Maya spawns in and runs forward while flailing her arms around. This is the weakest final smash, but it's still got ok kill power.

    Trial- The Judge appears and slams his malet down. This puts the opponent into a buried state. Phoenix Wright is also stunned but automatically recovers faster than the opponent possibly can, unless the opponent doesn't get hit, then he's wide open for attack. This does more damage and has higher kill power.

    Turnabout- His level 3 super. He hits full screen, hitting the opponent no matter what unless they are in i-frames or are shielding. This move does insane damage and automatically KOs if the opponent is over 100% by the end of it.


    Up Taunt- His investigation mode taunt animation, saying the line "Sure you're not forgetting something?"

    Side Taunt- His trial mode taunt animation, saying "I spy... contradiction"

    Down Taunt- His turnabout mode taunt animation, saying "I got it!"
    Alright I did Spider-Man now to try and translate UMvC3 Captain America's moveset in as well.

    Jab- His light, medium, heavy combo.

    F-Tilt- The light version of his Stars and Stripes special, which has Cap leap in the air with his shield pointed skyward to hit opponents with it. The light version doesn't go very far.

    U-Tilt- His launcher move

    D-Tilt- His crouching light, medium, heavy combo.

    Up Special- A longer version of his Stars and Stripes special. Goes about 1.5x as far as the heavy version in UMvC3 does.

    Neutral Special- Shield slash. He throws his shield and small distance, it can hit the opponent as it goes out and as it comes back. It can be angled upward. If used in the air it goes diagonally down by default but can be angled forward and upward.

    Side Special- Charging Star. Cap charges forward at a high speed with his shield in front of him. It goes further when you hold down the special button. This move is immune to projectiles.

    Down Special- Backflip. Cap does a cartwheel towards the opponent, but it doesn't go very far. This can be used to quickly get behind them.

    Neutral Air- His air light attack.

    Up Air- His anti-raid kick.

    Forward Air- His air medium attack.

    Back air- His air heavy attack, just in the opposite direction.

    Down Air- His anti-ground kick. For smash I want to make this spike just because it'd be cool lol.

    Forward Smash- A shorter, weaker version of his Hyper Charging Star super. This is also immune to projectiles.

    Up Smash- A shorter, weaker version of his Hyper Stars and Stripes super.

    Down Smash- Same as what I came up with for Spider-Man, his crouching heavy attack on both sides. BUT I have a change to make to Spider-Man because I have another move for him I can incorporate. Ultimate Web Throw. He jumps up and shoots a web that catches any airborne opponents before slamming them into the ground, putting them in a buried state.

    Final Smash- His level 3, Final Justice.

    Taunts- Same animation with 3 different voice lines.

    Up Taunt- "Show some respect!"

    Side Taunt- "Ready for any fight."

    Down Taunt- "Sorry soldier."
    I decided to try and translate Spider-Man's UMvC3 moveset into a smash moveset because I was bored.

    Jab- His light, medium, heavy combo.

    F-Tilt- Spider-Sting, a rising uppercut move. F-tilt can be inputted again to get Spider-Bite, which has Spidey follow up by punching the opponent back into the ground. This can't be used midair. Spider-Bite is a meteor smash.

    U-Tilt- His special attack (Which is basically just a launcher in UMvC3)

    D-Tilt- His crouching light, medium, heavy combo.

    Up Special- Web Zip, which is shooting a web that pulls Spidey forward. This can be angled diagonally or straight up.

    Neutral Special- Web Ball. He shoots two web balls forward that instantly web the opponent if they hit, but they don't stay webbed for very long. This shoots diagonally if it's used midair.

    Side Special- Web Throw. He shoots a web forward and then throws the opponent the other direction if it attaches to them. This can't be used midair.

    Down Special- Web Swing. He attachs a web to an invisible ceiling and swings forward with a kick. Similar to the swing kick move in Insomniac's Spider-Man games, just shorter in range.

    Neutral Air- His air light attack.

    Up air- His air medium attack.

    Forward air- His air heavy attack.

    Back air- His air heavy attack, just in the other direction.

    Down air- His air special attack.

    Forward Smash- A shorter version of his Crawler Assault hyper, having him rapidly punch and kick the opponent. Solid kill power and racks up 15% damage unstaled if all the attacks hit.

    Up Smash- A stronger version of his up tilt.

    Down Smash- A stronger version of his crouching heavy. He does the attack on both sides.

    Final Smash- Maximum Spider. He jumps into the air before launching towards the opponent. If he hits them it goes into a cinematic hyper where Spidey rapidly attacks, trapping the opponent in a giant web as he does so. He then finishes it by stomping on the opponent from above, sending them flying downward.

    His taunts are all the same animation with one of the 3 voice lines he has in UMvC3.

    Up Taunt- "Does what a Spider can"

    Side Taunt- "Looooser!"

    Down Taunt- "Dude, you suck!"

    Only move I couldn't get into here was Ultimate Web Throw. All I could really see it working as is as a different final smash.
    I just hit the coolest spike of my life with Link dair.

    A ZSS was recovering off-stage with flip kick, and I predicted where they'd end up and spiked them.

    I feel so cool after that lol.
    After like, what, a year? I've finally managed to beat my extremely op Steve amiibo. The thing kills you in like 3 hits and your attacks do almost nothing. You have to get the stock lead and just run.

    So it was Sonic the Hedgehog time.
    Kirby fans using the World of Light intro as proof of the warp star being faster than Sonic is really stupid to me. Like, come on guys, Base Kirby does beat Base Sonic but don't try to prove he's faster with Smash Bros lmao. If we're using Smash Bros as evidence, look at Tabuu wiping the floor with the entire roster, including Kirby, and then Sonic just comes in and goes. "Lmao."
    Been messing around with Link against CPUs. 90% of my kills have been like "Well ok I guess that kills." I severely underestimate Link's killpower lol.
    For some reason they made Link a bit if a bruiser in Smash. He's even a bit on the heavy side.

    I guess it helps diffrentiate him from Toon/Young Link but man, it does not feel like his canonical incarnations. Especially BotW in which Link is particularly speedy.
    Mike 223
    Mike 223
    So someone was arguing with me that Sonic was slower than light and tried to use failing to outpace a black hole in Colors to prove me wrong.

    Someone forgot the fact light can't escape a black hole. And with how long Sonic was outpacing it, Sonic was definitely going faster than light. I reminded them of that and haven't gotten a response for over 30 minutes after I had gotten responses in less than 10 before.
    So there's another fighting game that I'm playing at the moment, and I just fought someone playing a character that I have a lot of trouble with and counters my main, I was winning and they said "yeah dedicate your life to video games"

    Bro I can barely do some of the more simple combos there lol
    So with Mii Gunner I'm still garbage, so most of the time I'm spamming, I was fighting someone who was spamming as well, and eventually went.

    "Alright I'm sick of this"

    And switched to Steve, since I'm actually good at him.

    And then they started to say "You're just spamming"

    Because I definitely was with Steve and wasn't doing so with Mii Gunner
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