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This is one of the most detailed guides about bayo hopefully kirby players like my self see this.
Thanks! This will help me read moves better!
You should make more of theses
In depth and thorough, how is Roy at E on the tier list?
I actually know this user, and they have a much better understanding of Jigglypuff, they even say to avoid this guide and regret making it in the first place.
really liked it, well formatted and taught me alot of stuff i didnt know. thanks
Very in depth but a little repetitive and could use some better separation between subjects/topics like bullet points or intents
Thanks for the tutorial. Now i can pwn my friends with Marth or Lucina.
Fantastic, as a noob, you have helped a lot. Kudos for a works cited too; not many people have that kind of intuition
Good review. There are a lot of typos in this though. I feel like some of the gifs were not good examples like the Raito or MKLeo one. They did not scream gimmick or all-rounder to me.
Now Ness feels a lot better in a few hours of training. Starting to consider maining him now.
I really liked the guide, it was really helpful and contained A LOT of details. However, two aspects that should get overlooked are the neutral and Match ups sections. Luigi doesn't win neutral all the time, and can struggle in today's meta, which are dominated by Bayonetta, Cloud, Sheik, Diddy Kong, and so on. It would be helpful to include details on handling defensive characters, such as Marth and Rosalina and Luma. Luigi has to completely change his original playstyle when fighting those characters since Luigi's normal moves, such as Fair, get beaten out by Marth and Luma's disjointed hitboxes. I think more details on dealing with defensive chracters would've been helpful, since Luigi can't approach the same way all the time, and can't always rely on moves such as Fair, Nair, and Jab for neutral. Overall, this was a good guide that explains a lot about Luigi's main tools and combos.
Yo, thanks for the review. To be honest, I stopped working on this guide a long time ago (Around the start of 2016?) due to some problems and had to even quit college cause of it...but now that SSBU is coming, I'll come back to it and I might finish this.
Absolutely astonishing knowledge on the character. Ready to win Super Smash Con
best guide ever. now i can get rid of these annoying bayonettas! 5/5!!
A great guide. Suggestion though: Keep it short. Like...a 5 sentence maximum maybe?
I'm grateful for making this from a beginners view because it helped me at that time when I was a beginner
You said bair was short for down air.
This is a nice guide but some information is just flat out not useful like your description of play styles as people really don't need to know about charging people or blocking them out. The descriptions in your guide were on and off some useless and some very informative
Wrong game. The video guide is for smash 4, not smash 64