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I sucked at Yoshi before this tutorial, thanks!
I think this is very helpful for a beginner
Thanks! This literally the only guide iv'e seen that isn't just PRESS DOWN B
This is one of the most comprehensive guides for Chrom. Having played Chrom for weeks now, the pros I have for this character match up quite well with this. Especially since because of this guide, I learned more about the character than I thought I would. I believe you shoud've talked about frame data for the moves and especially bring up his grabs. Otherwise, this was a overall great guide!
I think everybody should do this!
The guide is very extensive. However you made a mistake in the description of Fsmash. The tip is actually the weakest part of the move. I am guessing that you accidentally switched the damage of the tip with that of the base.
I had no idea about this, and I like to play Robin as a side character sometimes. I can implement this into my gameplay now.
A fair list of options. Another technique that isn't mentioned here, though I've studied the effectiveness of this technique and it holds true to the word; effective, is up + B out of shield. I don't believe I've ever grabbed after blocking an attack; definitely gonna do that more when I get the chance.
Made me log into my account for the first time in years, just wanted to say this video was super helpful and full of good examples and practical applications. I will say the musical interludes during the title slides are mixed a bit loud compared to the rest of the segments, so maybe watch out for that if you do any more vids like this.
This was a great video. It was very informative and opened my view of the concept of habits in a nutshell. If I do have a bit of criticism to offer about your video is that the music was a bit too loud and it became hard to hear you without turning up the volume. Other than that, great video and keep up the good work.
Summary: Barely any new content here. Not much insight at all.

Basically, just reiterates what all the moves do, while adding very little. Also, the grammar is very poor, and there are plenty of typos/lack of punctuation, which could have been fixed with more effort. Example here of four consecutive paragraphs with glaring flaws:

"It is good for juggling and and can hit the knock opponents into the bottom of the

Forward air(fair) is a double front kick similar to diddy Kong fair but it there is no spin during the kick animation

It's one of inklings best aerials for edge guarditheand stuffing jump ins and jump out of shield.

Down air is a slam underneath you twicethe splattershot"

There is very minimal analysis present, such as "[up air] is good for juggling", which is very basic and not character specific. The animations don't need to be described, such as how it is attempted with the down air; all that is needed is strategies on how to use it effectively, which is what is needed for a resource but is not present here. Each review by this user follows the same pattern, and I feel like this was separated just to gain a large numbers of resources, for bragging rights maybe? The previous sentence qas hypothetical, but it is still clear that lackluster effort was put into this resource, if any was at all.
Solid coverage of Ridley, and accomplishes everything the author set out to do. Delivered a detailed video about how Ridley functions within SSBU, and all explanations are too the point. Not too much, not too little. 5/5.
I changed my control scheme to make better use of this tech; being able to guarantee a Levin Nair has been really useful. Really informative
I haven't seen many really good guides on Mewtwo yet. Keep up the good work! May I mention, though, that at around 140% on all characters, confusion->short hop fair is a guaranteed kill confirm. I learned it from a video by Gimrs lab, maybe you could check it out. Thanks for the combos!
M2 Is God
M2 Is God
I completely forgot about that. Although it's cool to know but with the kill options Mewtwo has your opponent should not get that High
Also Didnt mention that you can shorten side-B to gain extra height by pressing the B button twice
Very informative for people starting out with the character. I think it would have been good to touch on ways to edgegaurd certain recoveries/in general though.
Super in depth, very helpful for certain situations, and gives recovery some meaning