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great basic guide for just starting but a more in-depth guide on particular habits and maybe ways to fix them also giving more discords to find match would be better
Excellent, well written and extremely informative. I am a Pit-main over multiple games and STILL discovered plenty of new info here!
Very good, but you should add a section about Samus
Thank you xXxBIRB_G0D_2OXX_xXx, very cool.
A great guide, details everything about greninja, very good
This guide seems very opinion based tbh and it lacks a lot of need-to-know things for smash ultimate. The characters are all okay for beginning and your right about the fundamentals. However, qp and es don't suck because all they teach is fundamentals. At a starting level it's best to grind those out until you get familiar with controls and game play. Then try taking on tournaments when your comfortable with the game.
fair enough, however, with Elite Smash and Quick Play (mostly Elite Smash) connections are inconsistent, where with Anthers pretty much everyone there is there to improve and have pretty stable connections, and it puts you in tournament like situations without actually going to said tournaments to prepare yourself for them, i realize this was kind of rushed and i may have forgotten to put in things (because it was kinda rushed tbh and i kinda dozed off in the middle of it) hell i don't even remember half the things i put in it rn, haven't reread it

but yeah, fair points and i'll take them into consideration if i make another, also don't rush it
Omg there's so much information. I was not expecting it to cover so much, especially all the frame data
Great Guide! It has definetley helped me on the technical side to paluntena and made me realise some mistakes I was making when playing. Thanks!
Thanks so much for the tips! I am relatively new to smash and I'm excited about learning these new tricks to improve my game.
I have been looking in to Yoshi and this has been a big help in learning his move uses and recovery game thanks
Really good start to the guide, though I think her dair has more use than you give it credit for.

Looking forward to the rest of the sections getting completed!!!
This review is absolutely amazing! It has helped me improve my palutena greatly.
Thank you.
I just got rekt by a Yoshi and I was very surprised and unprepared. This will help me a lot. Thanks for taking the time to help me get in the mind of this diabolical dino.

Not just informative though. This guide is also a pleasure to read.
Nice guide. But as far as my knowledge goes, the blind spot of FSmash got removed, so it's even better at getting the punish now.
Not a bad starter guide. FYI: MK's down tilt is not his worse move. Up throw is a better candidate.
Excellent guide to complement the learning process players have to go through when first learning to understand Ultimate Greninja. The community was in desperate need for something like this resource since he isn't easy to master so I am glad to see a member step up and provide a quality tutorial. I now have inspiration for possibly completing my own guide in the upcoming months...

5/5 Guide, would recommend
I came for some big brain trajectories but it looks like he just gave up writing it. Also, the mohn stuff is cringy
am personally bad palutena main but eh frens say im decent anyways just checked guide to see if I can improve on anything so ill prob be waiting till update still good guide so far