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I just got rekt by a Yoshi and I was very surprised and unprepared. This will help me a lot. Thanks for taking the time to help me get in the mind of this diabolical dino.

Not just informative though. This guide is also a pleasure to read.
Nice guide. But as far as my knowledge goes, the blind spot of FSmash got removed, so it's even better at getting the punish now.
Not a bad starter guide. FYI: MK's down tilt is not his worse move. Up throw is a better candidate.
Excellent guide to complement the learning process players have to go through when first learning to understand Ultimate Greninja. The community was in desperate need for something like this resource since he isn't easy to master so I am glad to see a member step up and provide a quality tutorial. I now have inspiration for possibly completing my own guide in the upcoming months...

5/5 Guide, would recommend
I came for some big brain trajectories but it looks like he just gave up writing it. Also, the mohn stuff is cringy
am personally bad palutena main but eh frens say im decent anyways just checked guide to see if I can improve on anything so ill prob be waiting till update still good guide so far
This guide is poorly written and without coherent structure. It consists of a short description of each move, with most containing misleading or completely wrong information. Examples of this misinformation are as follows:

1) "Up Tilt does not combo into anything at low percents" - it comboes into itself, as well as up-air.
2) "Down Tilt has no real combos" - From mid percents it combos into itself, and at higher percents will chain across the stage.
3) "Forward Tilt leads into Forward Smash"
4) "Down Throw leads to U-Air and N-Air consistently at all percentages"
5) "Back Throw is just a backwards Forward Throw" - it has a lower launching angle that makes it a consistent jablock setup at lower percents.
6) "F-Air comboes into N-Air and Side B" - this is not true at any percentage.
7) "Neutral B leads into smash attacks"
8) "Forward Smash comboes into Side B" - this is not true at any percentage; F-Smash does not lead into anything.
It's amazing that there's such a great Palutena guide this early in the game. One small gripe tho, it seems that this guide kinda neglects the more passive playstyle that Palutena can have. You talk about Autoreticle to interrupt charges, but less to bully from far away. You talk about Explosive Flame for punishing approaches at high percents, but stuff like the further variant of Explosive Flame in neutral can also force approaches at low %s, as combos like Explosive Flame to Autoreticle do ungodly amounts of damage from faraway. You should also add how dashing in with Explosive Flame, or using it in juggle situations are great ways to use this move. But then again, I'm not the best Palutena main, so maybe Explosive Flame does suck. So yeah, adding a section differentiating between this more aggressive playstyle that this guide emphasizes (seen in Palutenas like Nairo's) vs the more campy playstyle (seen in Palutenas like Dabuz's), along with considering moves like Autoreticle and Explosive Flame in context of that playstyle would definitely make this a 5 star guide. Also, maybe add that she can have trouble killing at high percents, as she has to sometimes commit hard to get that kill. Another piece of advice, you should mention that when you go offstage, try and face towards the stage, as not only is back air usually better than forward air at edgeguarding, but down air lands more reliably to the side of you when use the back hitbox.

Sidenote: When I provide examples of Palutena's campier playstyle, I don't mean that all you should do as her is play that way, because other characters can play the camp game much better. I just mean that alternating between her campy playstyle when you're in the lead to her more aggressive playstyle when you feel like you need to push your advantage can be another strategy she can use.
Thanks for the feedback. I didn't cover the campy playstyle simply because I stated that Palutena's game was to Bait and Punish. She's not a fully fleshed projectile character; it only works under certain circumstances and it's not her general gameplan at all. As good as Explosive Flame might seem, it's really, really punishable. I said in the guide that you can use it but have to be careful around faster characters since they can start a combo on you after a missplaced Explosive Flame. Also, I did state that Autoreticle is good from far away but it suffers a decent amount of ending lag so you can be punished by aware opponents. Those are more suited to attack slow characters. Maybe could have added a little more insight on those moves, though. The fun fact here is that this guide reached the 50,000 character limit so I had to shave some things off and make it more concise. Yes, it DID surpass the 50,000 characters... I'm so proud of myself HAHAH. Trying to add the campy playstyle would have been entirely impossible for this alone. It also didn't suit the whole theme of the guide (the ^, __ and especially the * options) as this text is intended to teach you how to play Bait and Punish specifically. Still, I'm going to add an update containing advanced techniques, some of the more important matchups and maybe I can cover some of the campy playstyle for people who like to play her as such. Yeah, that sounds like an idea. Good stuff, dude. Thanks for the support!
Thoroughly covers kit, strats, and frame data. What else is there? Great job :)
great idea and very nice execution! other than some small site polish (a favicon, maybe some more comfortable formatting), it's very well put together!
Thank you! Yep, a favicon is on the list of things to do, as well as general formatting, as formatting/designing the looks of a website is my biggest weakness, but well get there eventually
This is THE quintessential guide for Mewtwo. Excellent work. Thank you
I’m absolutely amazed by the amount of time and effort you put into this guide. This is the best tool we palu mains could possibly dream of. Thank you so much, you’re amazing !
Most people know that getting better involves practice, but I feel like pointing out the need to attain knowledge is a useful insight that not everyone thinks about and makes this guide worth a quick read. This is however a self declared work in progress, and I feel that there is much more to be said about getting better in smash. Maybe going over the basic universally applicable techniques (such as perfect shielding and the like) would be a good next step.
Thanks, very helpful. You should use the links for the homebrew download, though, since the onedrive link provided does not work.
always wanted to play Yoshi but I was never good at labbing , thanks a ton for the digestible info
Made this account just to say thank you, really helpful guide and helped improve in the game in general, can’t wait for updates or more guides from you
Wow, thanks! I'm happy you liked this guide so much you created an account to post this! And yes, I'll be adding updates soon because there're things I couldn't cover here like Advanced techniques, for example. See you around and Happy New Year!
Eggcellent review. This game has so much knowledge all in one thread
Solid guide mate. I hope there is more where this came from
I'm honestly not too sure what this guide is about. In the intro, you make it seem like you're about to give beginner tips but all you've written after is basically your opinion about the changes in the game. I'd recommend taking a second look at your guide to make sure it reflects what you really wanted to write about.
Really good video. Very helpful, gonna try this out myself
Dr. Jay
Dr. Jay
Thanks a bunch! One thing I forgot to mention is that young link won't be hurt by your explosions if you hit your enemy, so keep that in mind when trading blows