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Really interesting information! Definitely a mixup I have rarely used myself. Not the most in-depth guide, but it is a very character-dependent strategy in itself.
Badly written and full of misinformation.
AMAZING. I'm starting out with Mario and this guide is extremely helpful to get used it his stuff like the damage, when to use it and especially his combo tree. Funny thing is this is the ONLY guide for Melee Mario as of 2020 July.
Nice work
This is Daymaster from a new account. My first attempt at any kind of long-form analytical writing, and it really shows. Non-existent argumentative structure, incomplete ideas, unreadable grammar, and an exhaustingly-passionate writing style. For that last trait alone I think its existence is somewhat justified, hence two stars as opposed to one, and obviously I'm thankful that I had this guide as a means to grind out my writing abilities such that I would eventually become competent (if you can believe it the writing here was *so* much worse when I posted the initial version), but regardless, as a guide to Smash 4 Sheik, this is a colossal failure. Two years and 46,000 words, all for an incredibly mediocre product. I was a 14 year old with way to much free time on my hands, alright.
This guide is generally quite outdated and missed some stuff for the time period. It's not a bad guide for those starting out though, just not optimal. The information is presented relatively well, though!
While your points about archfire being good for ledge trapping and down smash's large hitbox are technically true, this is a pretty simple "guide" or moreso just outlines pretty basic stuff. Furthermore, I don't think nosferatu is actually a bad move. Yes, you can't just use it willy nilly, you can actually turn the tide of battle by using it as a mixup by conditioning your opponent to shield or catching them on platforms, you just have to be clever with how you use it.
Good guide overall, no misinformation although I wish you'd highlight the importance of dashback grab and jc upsmash.

If you still write guides maybe you could write a guide on applying foxes tools mid game, as well as some advanced tech like wall teching and platform slideoff.
Very thorough, great list of combos!
great guide! as a mii swordfighter main, I was unaware of all of the jab options available. thanks for the help!
very helpful for a fellow charizard main.
And Up throw, up air, up air, rest kills lightweight 0 to death
True and has helped with my neutral game so far.
really hope this gets re-uploaded. it's not loading on my end unfortunately. I'll keep an eye out to see if it's back up and running. I don't doubt this is a bad video so that's why im giving a 3 star
This was helpful. It taught me how to use a sword. Thanks for the inspiration.
Interesting read. Thanks for the article. It was informative.
I sucked at Yoshi before this tutorial, thanks!
I think this is very helpful for a beginner
Thanks! This literally the only guide iv'e seen that isn't just PRESS DOWN B
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