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best guide ever. now i can get rid of these annoying bayonettas! 5/5!!
A great guide. Suggestion though: Keep it short. Like...a 5 sentence maximum maybe?
I'm grateful for making this from a beginners view because it helped me at that time when I was a beginner
You said bair was short for down air.
This is a nice guide but some information is just flat out not useful like your description of play styles as people really don't need to know about charging people or blocking them out. The descriptions in your guide were on and off some useless and some very informative
Wrong game. The video guide is for smash 4, not smash 64
Video could be more tidy, organized and trimmed to be orderly and more efficient , but this guide definitely has many great invaluable tips which I've already implemented into my game-play.
Good for newer players who want to learn basic combos to improve their Sheik game.
Uh it's not done I must have accidentally posted it ;p I'll leave it up until I'm finished
Thank you for your help
I didn't even know that you could extend Dair's hitbox with waft. All Wario players should read this guide. Although some of it has been stated before, it is extremely important to Wario's gameplay.
Awesome! short, informative, and funny lol
Very helpful, as always.
very good guide, the percent on some moves is wrong but depending on when this was made it may have been accurate for the time(I can't find the date), very good explanations that arent too jargony and made easy to understand with general knowledge also already provided, so I'd still give it a 5/5
This was a great guide. However there was a little bit of rambling in the examples and the guide was more about techniques and situations not reads. But it was a great informative guide for new players and definitely gave me an idea on a diddy Kong spike punish so thanks!
Best Ike Guide i've seen.
I used this strategy, and now I'm taking almost two stocks against local 0-2 players! Wow, thanks guide!
I think maybe giving some tips on edge guarding because it is hard for newcomers.
Very helpful as i'm in a bit of a sticky situation with my mains, great help to me and likely others