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Latest reviews

this review hits harder than caps knee. seriously though, very thorough and helpful!
I start all reviews at 3 stars. Here's my thought process:
-A very comprehensive guide outlining Puff's basic strategy. +one star
-Includes common combos and Rest setups. +one star
-Good information on her attacks. +one-half star
-Excludes some very crucial information to play Jigglypuff properly, like Wall of Pain (and other edgeguarding techniques), other Rest setups (Pound --> Rest, Soft Fair --> Rest, etc.), Jab-locks, and some extra recovery options (bro, air-dodge up to snap to ledge is so op). -three-and-a-half stars.
Total Score: 2 stars
Conclusion: a good guide, but there is so much more than this to Puff. This guide alone won't teach you the basics of Puff. But don't give up, Zarxrax! If you can patch this guide up, it will be a top-notch beginner guide!
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