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Really good video. Very helpful, gonna try this out myself
Dr. Jay
Dr. Jay
Thanks a bunch! One thing I forgot to mention is that young link won't be hurt by your explosions if you hit your enemy, so keep that in mind when trading blows
Very good and informative guide of how to play Pikachu in super smash bros 4.
Can Sonic still ''SpinShot'', do a ''Dair Spike Combo'' and do an ''instant Spin Dash Jump'' in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?
Thanks in advance!

Dair spike combo link in SSB4:
Spin Shot tutorial link in SSB4:
Instant Spin dash Jump in SSB4 :
Very informative and is helpful to Kirby beginners. The layout is very well put together and the author explains things thoroughly.
Great but not everything
thats a great guide thank you
This guide has been very useful to me. Thanks so much for making it! Can't wait to see the rest!
This guide has been of much use in tournaments. Thanks for making it!
Cloud is my secondary and this has some very useful techniques and concepts.
Great guide, have taken a lot of these pointers myself and saw myself improve so much. Kudos! also to go
This is well written guide on Mario. This definitely helped me become a Mario main for Smash 4 and soon Ultimate.
Expect a guide on Smash Ultimate for Mario. ;)
Watch this every once and a while to refresh my memory. The best Zelda guide ive seen. Thanks :)
As Kirby is one of my mains, I would like to give some advice

if you get him offstage, keep him off, but stay out of range of his aerials. Down air is useful for gimping him.
Ike: Avoid as many attacks as possible. Don't play aggressively, and watch out for U-Smash and D-Smash. They cover a lot of area around Ike.

Diddy Kong: Look out for his combos, and respect his grab range. Try to get him offstage without his jumps available. If you do, then you can get an easy gimp with down air. Make sure to continually follow up the gimp w/ multiple Dairs, but make sure you have enough jumps to get back onstage.

I might give some more advice later, but for now, yeah.

It's accurate but obviously incomplete, I hope you can finish it up someday buddy
Very good video for an aspiring Marth main
What is this? Link doesn't work.
This is one of the most detailed guides about bayo hopefully kirby players like my self see this.