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    Hi Jondolio,nice to meet you,my name is Clem V and im your new follower.
    So a few days ago I said I'm gonna make a thread about the Israel situation. With my laptop fixed, I can actually do this now... but recent events have made me not want to anymore. So here's a jumbled mess of a profile post where I talk about what led to this war and my thoughts and feelings on the matter.

    For the record, my feelings on Hamas have not changed. In fact, I'm gonna double down on my stance - if you support Hamas, say so and I will block you. Hamas has killed thousands of innocent Israeli civilians, including friends of friends and family. There is no justification for this, people need to realize that Israeli civilians are not responsible for the suffering of the Palestinian people. If you support Hamas, you want me dead, and I'm not interested in hearing you out.

    That being said, I absolutely do not condone the killings of Palestinian civilians either. Neither us nor them wanted this war, and I fully believe that Palestine deserves to exist as its own nation alongside Israel. We came to this land after years of suffering under the Nazis, but that doesn't excuse kicking people out of their homes. I don't believe Hamas is a representative of the Palestinian people's desires and I simply want us to coexist, as I have ever since childhood. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

    A big player in this war who doesn't seem to have any interest in owning up to his role in it is Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister. Netanyahu has been in power for close to two decades now and he has systematically destroyed any chance of peace between us and the Palestinians. He actually delivered a fatal blow before he even entered office by inciting riots against the prime minister of the 90s, Itzhak Rabin, who was in the process of negotiating with the Palestinians and has signed several peace agreement already. Those riots culminated in Rabin's assassination in 1995. After that, Netanyahu entered office.

    My knowledge on what came after that is murkier but I know the important bullet points -
    • Netanyahu supported the separation from Gaza which left it as easy picking for Hamas
    • Gave Hamas 1,027 of their men back in exchange for one hostage
    • Has publicly declared to be against a Palestinian state which he used as a justification for supporting Hamas over the Palestinian National Authority
    • Got publicly accused of accepting bribes and has since then been hellbent on avoiding prosecution by proposing laws that allow the PM to essentially be above the law
    And now he's aligned himself with the far-right in a desperate bid to keep his ass on the seat, including people who previously got arrested for hate crimes and together they started a plan to weaken the Supreme Court. This caused a divide between people who support the reform (mostly out of blind admiration for Netanyahu since he's very popular, hence why he got re-elected so many times) and those who are opposed to it out of the understandable concern that it'll be easier for them to pass laws that benefit the ruling government and the haredi populace, while also making it harder for Palestinians, LGBTQ+, non-religious people like myself, and women to exist there.

    That made it very easy for Hamas to exploit the divide and massacre a bunch of innocent people, and Netanyahu and his right-wing coalition have yet to take responsibility even though it's starting to look like people are finally having their eyes opened regarding how terrible of a PM Netanyahu is. A lot of people are saying that he's definitely gonna be gone for good after this war ends, but I'm not so sure since he has basically declared that he will destroy Hamas and flatten Gaza, and this war has made it very difficult for a lot of people to tell the difference between Hamas and Palestine, which means that if he succeeds (which he will because the IDF is the strongest military force in the middle east), I can see him getting a lot of support from the populace and keep his ass on the seat.

    Either way, even if the worst-case scenario doesn't come to pass, I still think peace with the Palestinians is not going to be attainable after this. It's essentially died with Rabin but Netanyahu has killed it even further, and now it's going to be dead for good. So I'm gonna start an immigration process after this is over. Not just out of fear for my personal safety, but also out of sheer disgust with how it seems like the populace is fine with the deaths of innocent Palestinians. The worst part of all of this is that I know that this is the only way we'll be able to end the war in our favor, but that doesn't mean I like it.

    This is gonna be my final post on the war. If I'm being honest, the war doesn't affect me as much as it does some other people. The effects are mostly on my mental health but I live in one of the safest places in the country and the only member of my immediate family or social circle who's in any danger is my cousin if he ever gets re-drafted. This war is mostly an inconvenience for me, and I fully admit that the main reason I want it to end is that I want to go back to my simple, peaceful life. But it genuinely hurts me every time to think of all the deaths and realize that it's out of my control, and the fact that those deaths are going to beneficial for me in the long term. I try to distract myself from the situation whenever I can.

    That's all.
    I know I talk a lot about the situation in Israel but I want to make one thing clear

    I'm genuinely scared. Terrified for my life. My sense of security is gone and I don't think I'll ever get it back.

    I'm going to formally leave Israel at some point after this is all over and move to another country because I don't feel safe there, but I also don't think there's any place in the world where I won't have to sleep with one eye open due to my Jewish heritage. I'm not religious at all and yet this identity is going to be with me no matter where I go.

    The state of Israel was founded to be a safe haven for the Jewish people, and it has failed that. I don't know what's stopping another holocaust from happening in the future.
    I'm strongly considering making a thread about the Israel situation in serious discussion

    This... massacre basically opened my eyes to the fact that the way people view my country online is kind of warped and I have a lot to unpack about this because it's a much more nuanced situation than most of you probably think.

    I'm also not going to be nice about it, and for once I don't think I should be for reasons you can probably guess already
    That was kinda offensive. I may not be from Israel, but I could make a topic like that without bias and being mean.
    I guess so but a lot of non-Israelis don't seem to understand what's actually happening in this country and very often misrepresent it as a black and white conflict. As someone who has lived in Israel my entire life, I'm intimately familiar with the actual details of the conflict and have a lot of thoughts about it, including some that predated this atrocity.

    Also, you're from the US, right? I mean no offense by that but Americans are the last people I want to hear criticism about my country from for multiple reasons
    Well, yes, I am. Still, I made my mistakes, but I am not one to criticize other ethnic groups from other nations.

    Anyone can make a topic about what is happening, but it matters more who makes it, so you’re probably better as the one making it anyway.
    In case any of you is unaware I live in Israel and we're under attack by Hamas. Many people, including civillians, are either dead or missing. Me and my sister have barricaded ourselves inside our home and are hoping we can go abroad to our parents until it blows over.

    So you can imagine how much it sickens me to my stomach to hear that some pro Palestine folks are celebrating this. Yes, I know our country has done some ****ed up **** and is a straight up apartheid state, but that's not the fault of the civilians. It's the top brass that's at fault here and they're perfectly safe inside their government buildings. Even the soldiers are mostly not at fault, they're mostly 18-early 20s fresh recruits who didn't have a choice. Those are the people whose lives are being sacrificed for this, not the 73-year old corrupt prime minister who's sitting on his ass.

    The double standard is insane to me because we are renowned for how terribly we treat the Palestinians and yet Hamas gets a pass for doing the same thing to us. Many of us who are in support of the Palestinian cause are probably dead right now and Hamas doesn't care because they see it as a victory.

    I know this video game forum is probably not the best place to complain about this and that people are probably going to have something to say about this. I don't care, I had to get this off my chest. Rocket alarm anxiety is keeping me up right now.
    I have successfully struck a deal with my dad that involves him reading One Piece

    It would've never worked if he didn't enjoy the live action One Piece so much so thanks for making it worthwhile Netflix, now please don't cancel it
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