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  • So We need a new Kirby Thread i Know im Spamming but i really miss talking about Kirby here!
    I also cant do it to controversial, Annoying and Unpopular! believe me i tried 3 times!
    So you can get a Demo of a Rpg Maker Game im working on by going to this Link!
    Vastuu Demo 2
    There is also a Tread on this Site if you want to disscuss Things or tell me if you found any Bugs/ Typos!
    One thing i find quite funny is that where ever i go im assumed to be mean or interested in Conflict! yet most of the time its either Others being annoyed by me eventho im not trying to be annoying or they try and find reasons why im Mean! For example once i did go to a School and was kicked out for Eating after 20:00 and "playing at work" (eventho i waited for 2 hours for anything to do!) Then the guy yelling at me for playing pokemon was like there was a pokemon forbidden sign at the front door! Which I thought was a Joke i mean How do you forbid Something like Pokemon in its Entirty? And if this sign was supposed to say no games than the people who put it there are a little bit Unsmart!
    So ive just decided to help out Alex Bale! he makes Horror stuff/ARGS but is only known For being the spongebob guy! But sadly im to scared to watch his horror content so instead i thought i try helping him by using my youtube channel! And maybe i make a second video after this long time! Anyways i would love for you to check my channel out! i barely got any views and comments (probabyl because im bad at sound mixing and because its a german channel but there is some interesting stuff like a Dragonball letsplay! If you want to find the Spongebob Guy video it is the newest one on My Channel!
    Seems like most people want that the mario voice actors lose their voice!
    And the whole Chris pratt isnt italian thing is dumb too! I mean look at german translations they barely feature accents at all!
    It’s not because he isn’t Italian. It’s because (we assume) he will speak in his normal voice. His normal voice most definitely does not sound like Mario...
    Oracle Link
    Oracle Link
    yeah i only knew his german voice actor replacement so taht everything i had to go by!
    Ive decided i will Keep fighting for Link he brought me through a lot of Though Times so i do everything To Defend him!
    He wont be gender swpped, Race Swapped or replaced Permanantly by Zelda Under my Watch!

    Also if you want to discuss this Topic we can do it in an Conversation!
    Ive comited the biggest sin ever im not link now!
    Im sorry....
    But ill may return in all my linking glory later after im done gawking over Distant lands Ep 3!
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