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Recent content by Oracle Link

  1. Oracle Link

    Sakurai VS. The Color Purple: A [Conspiracy] Theory

    Look at ganons Attacks, Look at Mewtwos Attacks, look at the shadow queen from thousand yer door look at void termina and the list goes on and on and on like this!
  2. Oracle Link

    Sakurai VS. The Color Purple: A [Conspiracy] Theory

    Look who got removed:
  3. Oracle Link

    Videogame-themed dreams you had

    For the i think 5th Time i had a dream about Zelda BOTW 2 but honestly i want them to stop! Im always dreaming that they add stupid Poo! This time it was Link talking! I also had a dream my Computer wopuld be infected with the You are an Idiot Virus!
  4. Oracle Link

    The Super Smash Bros. Roster Maker (Version 11.0 available)

    Does anyone have the Dragonball Fighterz Roster + Dlc as Icons? I tried making them myself but i noticed to late that i downloaded the wrong type of Picture!
  5. Oracle Link

    Sakurai VS. The Color Purple: A [Conspiracy] Theory

    i know this Thread is a joke BUT you do know Purple is considerd an Evil Color in Japanese Right? Maybe that the reason why there are no purple protags in Smash!
  6. Oracle Link

    Will you press the button?

    Okay but i would delete my Account and make a new one! You most wanted is added to smash but you have to replace their Role in his or her Game!
  7. Oracle Link

    Redesinging Ganondorf (but keeping him the same)

    They might not look like much but they pull quite a punch especially in the Oracle Games were they can fly up and Down!
  8. Oracle Link

    LEGO Dimensions- Disscusion Thread

    How about a potential Sonic wave:
  9. Oracle Link

    Social THE Social Thread 2.0

    I still need to collect more sonic action Figs! #I already have Modern Sonic and Modern Eggman next on my list are tails Knuckles! After that im getting Metal and Mecha Sonic aswell as a Motobug and Eggpawn!
  10. Oracle Link

    MultiVersus General Discussion

    True Especially cause a Majority of his Time while Being not the green knight is him being a Grumpy Good Guy!
  11. Oracle Link

    What 4th Party Characters Would You Like To See in Smash?

    Definitly my Own Creation Videospiel-Man i mean he was planned to be a Videogame Character and if i get the Ressources i would still make a Game Starring him! he looks like this BTW: I even have a Moveset (atleast the Specials) Ready for him! So If Sakurai asks im Ready!
  12. Oracle Link

    Nintendo's consoles vs. Nintendo's handhelds.

    Zelda Being Cartoony isnt really an Experimentation i mean look at some of the Artworks from Zelda 1: and its not like A link to the past looks particulary serious either!
  13. Oracle Link

    The Kirby Social Thread!

    I doubt awoofy would make it into Smash! Even Whispy Jr and Co Kracko are more Likely IMO! Really these two Smol Bois Would be perfect to Represent Whispy And Kracko as Playable Chars!
  14. Oracle Link

    Kingdom Hearts Director Tetsuya Nomura talks about Sora's inclusion in Smash

    Now you guys should feel dumb! DoNaLd AnD gOoFy ArEnT In BeCaUsE oF DiSnEy! Now we know they arent in because they are Not from Videogames!
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