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  • I'm not usually one for topics that revolve around gaming controversy, but I gotta be honest, I'm curious about this one.

    Has anything happened with David Jaffe that further damaged the dudes reputation? I know a lot of people cringed at his bad takes about Metroid Dread. But that's all I know of.
    So do any of you have examples of a game that you wouldn't want to get the major examples of representation in Smash such as a stage and especially a playable character, be it because you find the game bad or the idea just doesn't appeal to you or whatever other reason, but that game has a music track that would not mind being available in Smash?

    In my case, I am not in support of the idea of a character or stage from Mighty No. 9, but man that boss battle theme slaps.
    As easy as it is for me to be convinced that a character would be an awesome playable character in Super Smash Bros, there do exist characters out there that I feel are better suited to other roles that aren't being a playable character.

    I have 3 examples to share today.

    The first is the, well, hero from Little Town Hero. Now I have not played that game nor have I found a review that gets me to understand why people didn't like it. So the negative reception the game has received may very well be unjust. But either way it's still there. So I kind of feel like the main character from this game should be an assist trophy and/or mii costume at best.

    My second example is Fossil Fighters. If there exists a fan-made concept out there that renders the point I'm about to make null and void then by all means, share it and prove me wrong. But right now Fossil Fighters is the kind of game where I feel like the appeal comes from the Dinosaurs and not the humans. And I kind of feel like the dinosaur's from that game are better for the assist trophy role. Or perhaps even a boss.

    And the third example I have is Kracko from the Kirby games. At initial glance you'd think he wouldn't work as a fighter just by design. But I'm in a discord server where a group of people came together one time and actually pulled off a concept that makes him work as a fighter.

    Even so, I feel he's better suited as a boss.
    As much as I like the Azure Striker Gunvolt games, I do find it odd just how many name changes are present in the English version of the series.

    A few examples include how “Copen” in America is “Acura” in Japan.

    “The Muse” in America is “The Cyber Diva” in Japan

    Even the franchises name of “Azure Striker Gunvolt” in America is “Armed Blue Gunvolt” in Japan.

    I’ve gotten used to it to the point of where it doesn’t bother me. But I do still find it a bit odd that this happened.
    When I beat Blaster Master Zero for the first time, it was at 100%. So I got the true ending. AKA the good ending.

    As a result, I went a noticeably long time after beating the game without ever seeing the bad ending.

    Then one day curiosity struck and I decided to look up the bad ending on YouTube.

    Ever since that day I’ve been super glad it’s not the ending I got on my first playthrough because damn is it heartbreaking.
    Yooka-Laylee made itself known by being the Spiritual Successor to Banjo-Kazooie. But I like how Impossible Lair instead went with the style of Donkey Kong Country.

    Playtonic is made of former Rare employees so Impossible Lair having that style helps give it the aura of the good ol Rareware classics.

    In a similar vein, I would love to see a Yooka-Laylee Racing that takes a few pages from Diddy Kong Racing.

    The roster of such a kart racer COULD just be made up of Yooka-Laylee characters. But I would much rather the only YL characters being Yooka & Laylee themselves (as 1 racer) while all the other characters are brand new ones with the intent of giving them their own games in the future.

    Which is exactly what the roster of Diddy Kong Racing did.
    Is anyone else having this problem where you try to leave a profile post but sometimes instead of posting what you typed up the site gives you some weird cookie or security error that ends up getting rid of what you typed without actually posting it?

    That’s been happening to me and I’m thinking about bringing it up to the staff, but I want to make sure it’s not just me first.
    We all know how the Bloodstained Series is the Spiritual Successor to Castlevania.

    And the first Bloodstained game to ever be revealed was Ritual of the Night. A metroidvania that stars Miriam.

    But the first Bloodstained game to actually be released was Curse of the Moon. A vintagevania that instead stars Zangetsu. And curse of the moon got a sequel that is again a vintagevania and again stars Zangetsu.

    So it kind of feels like Bloodstained is the spiritual successor to Castlevania in two different ways.

    Miriam is the Spiritual Successor to Alucard
    And Zangetsu the successor to Simon Belmont.
    I remember before Pokémon Sun & Moon came out a YouTuber by the name of Fawful’s Minion made a Top 100 of his favorite Pokémon. Darkrai got the number 1 spot.

    Then after Sun & Moon came out, he made a Top 10 of his favorite Alola Pokémon and when he got to number 1, he revealed that Tapu Koko usurped Darkrai’s throne as his overall favorite.

    A little after he posted that video he left a tweet on Twitter calling out some guy who was giving him crap for changing his favorite Pokémon.

    That guy said in his tweet “You Fukken Sellout”. And yes, he did actually spell it as “Fukken”.

    I replied to FM’s tweet saying “Fukken? Sounds like some weird new attack for Ryu and Ken.”

    And that reply I left got two really good replies to it.

    One of them was saying how Fukken also sounds like a NSFW spin-off of Tekken.

    And the other just said “Shin! Fu! Ken!”
    With how many of their games involve digging, like Shovel Knight and their upcoming game Mina the Hollower, Yacht Club Games is pretty much the Earth Element video game company.

    So which companies would be the ones for Fire, Wind, and Water at that point?
    I support the idea of the RPG characters being added into Mario Kart but there is one aspect of the Mario Kart games that might be a mixed bag for fans of those RPG characters.

    That aspect is the character variations that Mario Kart tends to do.

    I say this might be a mixed bag for people because on the one hand this does technically mean more attention and content to the RPG characters. Like if they pull it off right a Prince Peasley variant of him grown up to be King Peasley could very well be glorious.

    But on the other hand the typical variants Mario Kart usually does give us like Baby Daisy, Baby Rosalina, and Pink Gold Peach aren't exactly viewed upon with praise.
    Skateboarding, Bodyboarding, Surfboarding (yes I know it’s called surfing).

    What would it be like if a sport was made out of Smashboarding?
    How would you feel about certain characters needing to pull moves from their games that are scorned by fans?

    Take Spyro the Dragon and Ty the Tasmanian Tiger for example.

    Both of those characters are easy to figure out specials for. But for standard moves, well in Spyro’s case you have those Dragon Kata martial arts from Shadow Legacy and the Legend of Spyro trilogy. Neither of which are very favored games in the franchise.

    As for Ty, well to be honest the reception for that overall franchise is debatable but either way Ty 3 is often considered the weakest of the trilogy. Yet it introduced melee combat that would work quite well for standard attacks in Smash.

    So I’m curious as to how people feel about the need to pull from those disliked games for the characters to have standard attacks.

    Assuming that is actually a need.
    I don't need to explain how there are people out there who want more Wario Land in Wario's moveset. We all know this is the case already.

    That being said, I've had a fear for a notable amount of time that trying to mix both Warioware and Wario Land into one Smash moveset might feel too much like a cluttered mess.

    I'm not an expert on character design for Smash, so maybe it can be pulled off just fine. But in the event that this is actually the case, I've had an idea for a while about an alternative option.

    Smash already has two Mario's with Mario and Dr. Mario
    As well as two Samus's with Samus and Zero Suit Samus

    So the idea I thought of is to keep Wario as is, but add a 2nd Wario that's entirely Wario Land based. I honestly think it's a solid idea. The part I haven't completely settled on is a name.

    I'm thinking "Treasure Hunter Wario" but maybe there's something better out there.

    And to quickly address the possible problem of not being able to visually tell the difference between him and regular Wario wearing the traditional overalls outfit, I have a solution for that as well.

    If Kamek and Shy Guy ever became playable in Smash Bros. would they have the series symbol and victory themes of the Mario series or the Yoshi series?

    And if Mario in Kamek's case, would he actually be called Kamek or would he would be called Magikoopa?
    I have a confession to make. The current roster of Fraymakers doesn't appeal to me.

    I don't mean that from a stance of how they play. I haven't played Fraymakers so I can't judge that. I mean it in terms of being a fan of the characters and/or their source games.

    No disrespect to anyone who is a fan of them. And the characters on the roster were McLeod's choices, not mine. But characters like Commander Video and Octodad come from games that just never interested me.

    I'm sure they all play great, but from a standpoint of being a fan of the character, the only one I can really say applies to me in that way is Orcane. Though the Watcher at least has a cool appearance.
    I never thought of that before. With a roster of this size and with a theme this broad, there's bound to be some people who don't have any personal attachments to any characters.

    Personally I like it, but you have your own opinions. Plus, because of Fraymakers I picked up Downwell and Slay the Spire and really liked both of them. So maybe that could happen with you. Does the assist roster appeal to you any more?
    I kinda feel the same way as both of you - The only roster pick I was interested in going into FM was Orcane, but the hype around it got me to pick up Downwell (which I have yet to play). Plus, Peppino’s an assist, which is good enough for me.

    If it’s any compensation, the game still has lots of life ahead of it. Hopefully there’ll be more picks which tickle your fancy.
    Baysha Baysha

    “With a roster of this size and with a theme this broad, there's bound to be some people who don't have any personal attachments to any characters.”

    Agreed. This is another reason why I don’t fault the roster is because there’s so many good options for an Indie Crossover Platform Fighter that it’s impossible to appeal to everyone. To be honest, I feel similar about the roster in Super Indie Karts. But that’s a game I’ve actively enjoyed playing even so.

    The assist roster appeals to me a little bit more. There’s a lot of assists I’ve either never heard of or don’t find appealing but there are more of them I like then playable characters.

    Out of what I can remember I like Peppino, The Crewmate from Among Us, The Kid from I wanna be the guy, and of course the Newgrounds Logo.
    I think it's a pretty common opinion out there that Shovel Knight has a fantastic moveset in Rivals of Aether. But I also doubt it's hard to find people who believe that Smash should NOT just use the exact same moveset for their own playable Shovel Knight.

    Not just for "this copy/paste feels lazy and cheap" reasons either. Would Shovel's Knight Treasure Collecting mechanic in Rivals even flow well for Smash Bros?
    Question for Rivals of Aether fans.

    We all know that each character in the game, guest characters like Shovel Knight and Ori aside, are tied to one of the four elements in some way. But only in terms of inspiration for the characters concept. There's nothing like a type advantage/disadvantage present as a result of the elements.

    But imagine if there actually was such a rock-paper-scissors type system in the game. How bad of a nightmare does that sound to you?
    I used to play in Yu-gi-oh Tournaments at a local card shop. It's been a good while since I stopped, but I was into it long enough to be around for the first two archetypes released for the game that were inspired by other franchises.

    Those being the Kozmo Archetype and the Dragon Maid Archetype.

    The franchise that inspired the Dragon Maid Archetype is pretty obvious. Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. The Manga-ka of which even gave his approval for the Yu-gi-oh Archetype.

    As for the Kozmo Archetype, the idea behind that one is basically "what if Star Wars met The Wizard of Oz?".

    So Yu-gi-oh has at least those two archetypes based on other franchises. I wonder if any more have come out in the time I've been out of it.
    I've opened Steam and have downloaded Pizza Tower. I'm about to boot the game up, but before I do here's a little trip down memory lane from me in regards to when the game was revealed.

    Remember pizzadudemanguy? The Smash Moveset youtuber behind the "For Smash" series? Did movesets for characters like Yuri from Tales of Vesperia, Jason and Sophia from Blaster Master, and Miriam from Bloodstained?

    I have a feeling this isn't common knowledge since I only ever saw him say it in his discord server, but he has said before that he would love to do a Peppino moveset video back when Pizza Tower was announced.

    Of course, Pizza Tower only released a couple of days ago and PDMG's channel has been retired for much longer than that. For an extremely understandable reason mind you.

    So he'll pretty much never actually make such a video. But it's a fun memory to look back on.
    If there's any game I don't feel like I'm fair to, it's Team Sonic Racing.

    I keep feeling like that game is just.....there. Soundtrack aside, it's not a game I've been able to feel invested in before.

    Which is really weird because the game itself doesn't really do anything wrong to lead to that result. It's got some good courses, a nice roster of characters, and the story mode reminds me of all the single player challenges in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Which I got super invested in.

    Yet I haven't really felt the mojo so to speak with Team Sonic Racing like I did for the two Sega All-Stars racers. And it honestly doesn't feel like it should be that way.
    Does anyone else feel a little.......weird about Linkle's Story in Hyrule Warriors?

    She's convinced that she's the Legendary Hero the entire game, but I feel like what they told of her story misses some of the potential of the fact that she's.....well....not the legendary hero. That's Link.

    Yet the story never has a point where Link and Linkle meet, or any exploration of some soul searching she might do from finding out she's not the legendary hero, or if that compass of hers means she's a 2nd Legendary Hero somehow (they allude to this possibility a little bit, but they don't explore it enough for me to consider it a hard confirm).

    Heck, Linkle never meets Zelda either. You'd think Zelda would grant her a spot in the Hylian Army or some other kind of reward for her help in saving Hyrule Castle. But when the game moves into the Wind Waker Storyline, which happens after the end of Linkle's Story, Linkle herself is nowhere to be found. She's not even mentioned.

    Maybe I'm a little off base in thinking this, but I kind of feel like Linkle's Story in the first Hyrule Warriors was incomplete.
    you think all that's weird you should read the plotline for the mission they cut. which would have had her meet "link". anyway linkle was added into legends to how popular she became when the fans learned she was a cut character from the original version of the game. she was in fact envisioned as link's sister but they didn't want to clash with ayral so she was dropped
    fogbadge fogbadge

    You're talking about the scrapped mission involving Tingle right? I kind of feel like the part of Linkle waking up to believe it's just a dream means it would have just been another stop on the same train, so to speak. It doesn't sound like it would really include any of the aspects I was referring to here.
    I was meaning that was even weirder than what we got

    though part of me feels it would have been hilarious to play
    Persona 3's signature color was Blue.
    Persona 4's was Yellow.
    And Persona 5's was Red.

    What will be the signature color of Persona 6? I usually envision Green or Purple myself.
    As far as I know this doesn’t happen anymore, but the Sonic Series used to have an issue with annoyingly repeating a bunch of quotes.

    “You Little!” “That looks like a homing shot!” “You know what they say, the more the merrier!”

    But as infamous as these are, there is one quote like this that’s gone unknown to Sonic fans.

    In the 3DS version of Sonic Generations, when you get to the final boss fight with the time eater (which BTW is the only part of the game the 3DS version does better than the console version) Eggman says “Take a look!” WAY too often.
    Say the Yoshi that you get as a partner in Thousand Year Door started making more appearances where he would require a name. Like if he was playable in the next Mario Kart or something.

    What name would they use for him?
    Back when Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games was announced, but not yet released, the Sonic Wiki had a section about the series that talked about rivalries. Apparently the first game set up certain rivalries between specific pairs of characters. Like the obvious Mario and Sonic, but they also set up rivalries for Luigi and Shadow, Yoshi and Tails, and apparently Walugi and Eggman.

    I forget which article it was exactly, but one of them mentioned how they didn't thing Donkey Kong would get along well with Vector since Vector is a Crocodile. Just like DK's archenemy of the Kremlings.

    I could see the logic behind that, so I was left surprised when I played the DS version story mode and DK was actually super friendly to Vector when the two of them first met.
    There was a fair bit of talk about Wario yesterday. Here’s some more.

    So despite inspiration for the attack being present, as well as there being other games where Wario farts in a different way, the Wario Waft is still technically a move made up for Smash Bros.

    And as far as I know there’s only one instance of Wario using the Waft in a game outside of Smash Bros.

    And it’s arguably the weirdest game to be the one game in that category. It’s the DS version of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games.

    There’s a point in the story mode where Wario has to defeat a chain chomp with the waft in order to progress.
    It’s kind of weird how localization can be a mixed bag in terms of how much it affects a product.

    On the one hand, you have situations like Tokyo Mirage Sessions where all the localization did was tone down the sexual content. Which is hardly a big deal.

    But on the other hand you have situations where parts of a character’s portrayal can be left out in localizations. Which can cause a divide in the characters fans years later about how the character is “supposed” to be.

    That exact thing happened with Wario. It’s not hard to find Wario fans who believe he used to just be macho and greedy and the potty humor was just some weird retcon they added later, but in reality Wario has always had a gross side to him. America just didn’t portray it at first.

    An example being the Japanese instruction manuals for Wario Land 2 and Wario Land 4.
    So, remember that orange cat from the Shrek movies? Has a rapier? Wears boots? Yeah you know who I’m talking about.

    But I can’t actually say his name because Smashboards censors it. I saw someone suggest in response to this that we refer to him as “Piss in Boots” on Smashboards, but in my humble opinion that just sounds gross.

    So I tried thinking of a different play on his name to use instead, and the only one I could think of was “Pus” in Boots. Which is arguably even worse.

    So I will refer to this character by the boring, but at least not gross, name of Cat in Boots here on Smashboards.
    Even to this day, looking back at how much certain Sonic Elitists from back in years like 2007 and 2008 really, REALLY hated Sonic 06 makes the fact that an even worse Sonic game (according to the seemingly general consensus anyway) was released later on feel super weird.

    Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric for anyone wondering.
    Pop Tarts or Toaster Strudels?
    My investment in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has been on the more limited side.

    So allow me to ask, is the Manga as bad as the anime in terms of how they treat dogs?
    The reason he has dogs die so often is as a universally recognised shorthand to indicate "evil". For instance, Danny's death was as a direct result of Dio, Iggy's was as a result of Vanilla Ice, then there's the ones killed by Pet Shop too, Arnold was killed by Kira, and then characters like Enya the Hag and Anjuro are also shown killing dogs again to indicate their evil nature.

    Furthermore, as parts go on, it's actually way less common for dogs to die. None of them die in Parts 5, 6, 7 or 8 of the manga (unless you count Secco, the Wolf Old Man during the Bohemian Rhapsody fight, or Doremifasolati Do, all of which are very questionable and only share passing similarities to dogs.)

    Whilst it's inevitably a bit of a meme, the main reason for it is simply because it happens multiple times during the earlier parts. This isn't me saying "DOGS SHOULD DIE IN MEDIA" by any means, but it's not just that Araki hates dogs - rather, it's a very visceral and obvious way to indicate "true evil" in a character.
    Champion of Hyrule
    Champion of Hyrule
    Also to be clear there aren’t more dog death scenes in the manga they’re just slightly more graphic given manga tends to be more detailed when it comes to anatomy than manga
    KneeOfJustice99 KneeOfJustice99

    Well mission accomplished in that regard. I will concede that is at least a decent explanation for why it happens. But I still hate seeing it.
    Janx_uwu made a post about how people would react if Sega turned Sonic Red. Now I'm going to the take the idea of changing Sonic in a different weird direction.

    What if they changed Sonic from being a hedgehog to being a dragon?

    Kind of like in this piece of fanart by Sweecrue.
    So I have to admit, I don't actually know the answer to this.

    How far along has that reboot of Super Mario Bros. Z gotten?

    I assumed for the longest time that only the first episode ever came out, but I saw some clips that I think are of later points in the story so now I don't know.
    If Pokémon ever introduces a light type, one of the mons to get a type change will hands down be Necrozma.
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