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  • I've seen people state before that they wish the Spirit of the Hero in the Legend of Zelda would incarnate into something other than a Hylian every once in a while.

    Which isn't exactly far fetched territory anymore. Thanks to the Ancient Hero's Aspect in Tears of the Kingdom, we now know that there was a hero who was at least part Zonai.

    And to be honest, I don't exactly dislike the idea of the Spirit of the Hero reincarnating into other races from time to time (at least not on paper) but I must admit I'm having trouble envisioning a Goron wielding the Master Sword because of their huge hands.
    Sometimes a gamer who grew up in eras like NES and SNES will tell you memories they have of other kids making up fake rumors about games. It was kind of a precursor to trolling in a way.

    When I was a kid I was pretty lucky in this regard because I only ever had 1 instance of someone telling me a fake rumor about a game.

    That rumor was that Mario Kart Double Dash had a secret kart called the Flying All-Star Kart, and that it has that name because it was the only kart in the game that had an ability to where if you were falling off the edge, you would be able to mash the shoulder buttons to fly back onto the course.
    I can already tell that Super Mario Party Jamboree has one thing going for it that think would give it an advantage over Mario Party Superstars, but at the same time there’s a possibility of a disadvantage that I hope doesn’t actually end up being the case.

    That disadvantage is that, the people I have available to play Mario Party with locally aren’t too big on motion controls. So if the Joy-cons end up being the only controller option the game uses, my multiplayer options for the game will be reduced.

    The advantage however is the character roster. Mario Party Superstars didn’t have any of the more out there playable characters like Koopa Kid, Spike, and Monty Mole.

    Those kinds of characters are my favorites to play as in Mario Party, so I’m happy that Jamboree is confirmed to at least have Ninji.
    The line-up of Mario Sports games on Switch is a weird thing to witness in terms of reception.

    I’ve seen a few claims here and there that the Mario Sports titles on Switch sadly fall a little short compared to the ones on N64 and GameCube, yet I also remember Mario Tennis Aces getting a solid amount of praise when it first came out and I’ve seen a few clips from streams of people enjoying Mario Golf Super Rush as well.

    For me personally I’ve never been super invested in Mario sports games to begin with, so it’s not the biggest deal either way for me specifically, but when trying to figure out how the sports games on switch did overall, so things like sales, reviews, fan reception, and so on, I honestly am not sure where they landed.
    Here's my thoughts on Tennis aces and Golf super rush (haven't played Strikers battle league). For context, I never played any of the previous Mario tennis games, and the only Mario golf games I've played is the one on the GBA. Tennis aces I found it very boring, the gameplay just didn't clicked at all with me and I found the game to be super repetitive after less than 10 hours. Golf it was fine I guess, it has some cool ideas, but the gameplay was a bit too simple for my taste. The post launch courses were nice additions, because base game courses were very generic and bland.

    Overall, I don't hate those games, but they're definitely stick out as pretty disappointing compared to other first party Switch titles. It's kind of sad, but I have a feeling those games don't have a lot of passion behind them, to me they're just bland Mario products made to cater to a large audience, but they're not going to please any one person a lot.
    Interesting question, most of the complaints ive heard (besides Strikers which i heard had more issues) is over them drip feeding content trying to capture that Splatoon-esc success with that.

    Am curious if it was more of a loud enthusiast minority being (rightfully) upset after being used to having a more complete launch product who are also aware of the negative preservation aspect of this approach as well. Not sure alot of the more casual audience really care about those things.
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    I wonder what would happen to Thanksgiving if turkeys went extinct.
    That awkward moment where you have a dream about a new anime with an interesting power system, but you wake up before an in depth explanation of it can be given.

    In this case, last night I dreamt about an anime where I was the main character and some weird merchant was teaching about some crazy ability I had to combine colored pencils with some giant key pad to produce a variety of elemental attacks.

    You had the usual stuff like Fire and Lightning, I myself had an affinity for Water and Earth, a couple less commons ones like Darkness were on the table, and then there were really weird options like the Lady Element.
    In season 2 of The Legend of Korra, Varrick goes all out for the presentation of the theater where he's airing the worlds first ever movie. Something which he mentions to the president of Republic City when he arrives to see it and as part of that he reveals "I even had this red carpet imported from the Fire Nation. They make the best red stuff there. Fact."

    But there's something that weirds me about him saying it's a fact that the Fire Nation makes the best red stuff. That something being that it's not actually a fact, by it's own nature that statement is an opinion......but like....who's going to disagree?
    Anybody else having an issue where you can’t post images in profile posts?
    I haven’t watched the full stream, but from the trailers I have seen I have 4 highlights. 3 of them are the common ones of The new Zelda, the new Mario & Luigi, and Metroid Prime 4.

    But my 4th highlight is the sleeper on the list. By which I mean it’s not going to hype everyone up as much as others.

    But I am a huge Fairy Tail fan. So I am definitely excited for Fairy Tail 2.
    As far as I understand, the dream sharing that people were finding weird about this site took a break for a few days. But now it’s back with a vengeance.

    I had a dream recently where Disney came out with a new movie. It was a Toy Story spin-off centered around Woody. Which is why they called the movie “Epic Woody”.

    Problem is, it was a “dark and gritty reboot” type of movie. So dark and gritty in fact that it was actually a horror movie.

    You ever do a google image search of “creepy Elmo”? Woody was redesigned as a wooden puppet that looked just as disturbing as those search results. And he had the exact same voice that Pinocchio has in the Shrek movies.

    Aside from setting up that premise, the dream only showed one scene from this thankfully non-existent movie. It was a musical number that felt like it belonged in a muppet movie where Woody just sang “Freak these other losers” over and over again.

    Only he didn’t use freak.
    Out of all the Champion Descendant Characters in the Wild Era, Teba was the only one to not become a Sage in Tears of the Kingdom.

    Which makes it all the more awesome that he gets to wear the crown of who is widely considered the best character in Age of Calamity.
    Screwattack.com is no more. This has been the case for a good while now.

    But one of the series they had in their later years was called “The Best Ever” which had certain members of the screwattack crew say what they thought the best example was of a certain category.

    But they also did the worst ever for the opposite side of the spectrum. And the episode they did of the worst ever mascot might just be their most infamous one.

    Granted the first 3 entries aren’t that controversial. The mascots chosen as the worst for those were The Noid, Awesome Possum, and Clippy, but when you get to the final choice, which was chosen by the founder of Screwattack Stuttering Craig, that’s when people might bring out the torches and pitchforks.

    Because Craig chose Gex.
    Inspired by what Inkling Man just posted, a lot of people REALLY hated Animal Crossing amiibo festival. But as someone who never played that game myself I do wonder, was it actually that bad?

    Needing amiibo to play the party mode is indeed kind of annoying, but if you have enough of them to actually play the game, and you're able to play it with some friends, is it actually a bad game?
    I haven’t played it myself, but from what I’ve seen, the real issue with amiibo Festival’s main board game mode is that the players have barely any agency over the fate of the game. You roll the die, some cute animations play based on what space you roll on, and that’s pretty much it. (You also have to spend a whole lot of time passing the Gamepad around and tapping your amiibo every turn.) If you have a bunch of amiibo cards you can use them to try to slightly influence the dice rolls, but good luck with that. You can choose to invest in the stalk market, and then you’ll either get lucky and destroy everyone or get unlucky and get owned, and there isn’t much else you can do other than that.

    On a side note, you only get one game board per Wii U. I get that’s how Animal Crossing towns work, but that definitely doesn’t make for much variety. Nintendo probably was shooting for the ideal of people taking their amiibo with all their exp and costumes unlocked to their friends’ house to use them on their own system’s game board, but… yeah.

    The handful of other minigames in the game, which are completely separate from the main board game mode that has no minigames, seem kinda decent. The most popular one of these, the deserted island escape game, is also in New Leaf Welcome amiibo, so you don’t need amiibo festival to play it.
    After all the characters in age of calamity are unlocked, including the DLC characters, there’s a bit of an oddity about the character select screen.

    Going from left to right, a total of 4 character slots make up a row before it moves down to the next row. But when you get to the final character on the roster, they start a brand new row. But they’re the last character. So there are 3 empty spaces.

    This weirds out a couple of people, including me. DLC for Age of Calamity is very much done, so it’s not like this will happen, but here’s who I would pick for 3 additional characters.

    Astor is the obvious 1st choice for a number of reasons. I even believe there was an additional DLC Pack planned for him that got scrapped for whatever reason.

    As for the other two, my personal favorite choices are Kass and Linkle.
    Sometimes a main series Zelda game will pass up on using a serious main villain like Demise, Majora, and of course Ganon, and instead have a main villain that is more comical or what ever other way in which they’re not to be taken as seriously. Like Lady Maud or Chancellor Cole (though whether or not Cole is the main villain is debatable because of Malladus).

    And there’s a possibility for a villain in a main series Zelda title that could combine both sides together by being one these goofier, less serious villains, but the amount of evil they conjure forth is actually pretty scary. Granted arguments could probably be made that other Zelda antagonists have done this before, but this would at least be another example of it and it would still be in a way never before used in Zelda.

    Through either the power of the Triforce or the law of the Sacred Realm itself, the Sacred Realm is able to be warped into an entirely different kind of world based on the wish someone makes upon the full Triforce.

    So imagine a Zelda game where the main villain is Tingle because he wished for the Triforce to make him rich, and that turned the Sacred Realm into a land that influences those who enter it with insane amounts of greed.
    People have been having the idea of Shield Specials a lot lately. And I do think adding them to the standard kits of Smash characters is a good idea, but there’s one aspect of them that needs to be accounted for that I’ve seen some fan-made movesets not take into consideration.

    That aspect is that all shield specials need to be built around the fact that they can only be performed on the ground. You can’t shield in the air, that results in a dodge. So it’s not possible to use shield specials while airborne.
    There was a point in time where I believed that a lot of people didn’t like the way Zelda played in Smash, and hoped she would get some kind of change that would make playing as her more enjoyable. Be it through a brand new moveset or certain touch-ups and buffs to the current one.

    This is something I believed from reveal that Zelda and Sheik were now separate characters in Smash 4 all the way up to the Inkling/Game Reveal for Smash Ultimate.

    Whether or not this belief was ever accurate is something I’m not entirely sure of anymore, but assuming it was, is this still the case now?
    I mean I feel Zelda conceptually has a strong kit, just not optimized enough to get her out of her low tier placement. I feel that her low placement is what caused her kit to get more scuritiny compared to others.
    She has some good moves but has some blindspots that make her a bit awkward to play sometimes. I really enjoy playing as her though! She can hit really hard with her lightning kicks and her Phantom Slash is powerful and controls a lot of space. In a weird way I like playing as her for the same reason I like playing heavies.

    On the other side, a lot of online players hate fighting Zelda because they have a hard time getting past her Phantom, and she also has Nayru's Love as a fast get off me tool to punish mashing. A lot of players online will just spam those moves. That's kind of expected from zoners but I think because Zelda has to rely on Phantom Slash so heavily it makes her seem so much worse to some people.
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    All of the Warriors Spin-Off games based on Nintendo Franchises have had a character that uses a "Rampage Mode" type of awakened state. Aka they take the idea of an Awakened State that all the characters can use, and through methods unique to them such as converting speical attack energy into their awakend states, they are able to maintain such transformations for a lot longer than any other character. Which is what that particular characters game plan usually revolves around as these "rampage modes" certainly seem more powerful than typical awakenings.

    Hyrule Warriors - Young Link used the Fierce Diety's Mask for his Focus Spirit form.

    Fire Emblem Warriors - Tiki was able to go to town in her Dragon Form

    Age of Calamity - The Luminescent Form Zelda can take with her Bow of Light moveset fulfills a very similar role. Albeit one that's not quite as potent. Which may or may not work out for the best since Age of Calamity doesn't include such powered-up states as a core game mechanic for all characters. And yes I do know about Calamity Ganon's Calamity form in this game, but given that he has his own unique meter for that mechanic, I'd argue that Zelda's Bow of Light matches up better with how this kind of rampage mode worked in the prior two Nintendo Warriors Games.

    Three Hopes - Full disclosure, I know practically nothing about this game. So whoever the rampage mode character(s) may be, I have no idea who they are. For all I know Three Hopes could very well be an exception to this trend by not having a character with this sort of playstyle at all.

    Either way, this idea of a character who focuses on keeping a more powerful awakened state active for longer is something that Nintendo Warriors games are no stranger too, but there's one Nintendo franchise that could have a warriors game where this idea of keeping a more powerful awakened state going could be expanded upon in such a way that it would become a staple gameplay mechanic for all characters instead of being unique to specific warriors.

    It's probably the least likely Nintendo game to get a warrior spin-off for a number of reasons, including that fact it's a co-ownership between Nintendo and Cygames, but a Dragalia Lost Warriors game could vastly raise the power and utility of such a mechanic thanks to the source games staple ability of transforming into dragons.
    Me in the late 2000’s:

    “I’m kind of starting to sympathize with all these YouTube game reviewers who feel like going on GameFaqs is cheating. What they’re saying about how it’s more satisfying to figure stuff out in a game yourself is making sense to me.”

    Me in the Modern Day:

    “Where the heck is a good 100% guide for Cadence of Hyrule with all DLC included?!”
    Goht from Majora’s Mask often receives praise as one of the best bosses in the game, but there’s a very not often talked about trick to the fight.

    If you just simply stand in the doorway of the entrance to his arena and shoot him with Fire Arrows every time he laps around to that area, you can take him down without him ever even being able to hit you. The pots that refill your arrows and magic even respawn.

    This is the method I used the first ever time I fought Goht and I think it’s the kind of thing that overly critical people on the internet would make fun of the game and/or Nintendo for.

    And if we’re being honest, it’s not a very fun method of fighting Goht with. It’s slow, it’s tedious, and it just feels cheap.

    But it does present another thing I appreciate about the fight with Goht. It shows a great example of how even if there’s a lame way to cheese a boss fight, you don’t have to use it. I think it’s far better to just fight a boss with a method you enjoy rather than complain about a tedious method that you don’t even have to use being present at all.
    I've been in a pretty big Hyrule Warriors mood lately. Mostly for Age of Calamity, but in regards to the original, I want to go ahead and list an idea for a playable character not in the game from each game in the canonical Zelda timeline. Even the ones that were released after said original.

    Going by order of release date:

    Zelda 1 - The Old Man. His weapon would be a pair of magical torches that float by his side.

    Zelda 2 - If we're talking strictly within the realm of the original, I would say a 2-in-1 character of the Prince of Hyrule and the Magician from the manual. But if we're talking a new game that still brings in content from all sorts of Zelda games but has voice acting this time, then I would say Error just to know how they would pronounce his name.

    A Link to the Past - Agahnim

    Link's Awakening - Tarin. His weapon would be a giant bag of all kinds of different mushrooms that would give him temporary abilities upon eating them. These abilities would be Mario Power-Ups in everything but name.

    Ocarina of Time - Nabooru. Out of all the Sages between Ocarina of Time and Tears of the Kingdom, The Sage of Spirit is the one I have the hardest time picturing the abilities of. Mineru in Totk can separate her spirit from her body but that's all we know of for sure. And compared to all the other Sage elements, that's pretty tame. I've heard some intriguing fan ideas for the concept of Soul Magic but aside from that, let's see what the original Sage of Spirit can bring to the table.

    Majora's Mask - Majora's Wrath

    Oracle of Seasons - Even though these ARE good choices, Onox and Din are a little too easy to guess. As are the 3 animal partners in both Oracle games. For the sake of going a little out there, I'm going to say Vire.

    Oracle of Ages - Once again, Veran and Nayru are too easy. I'm going to go with Ralph instead. Who's only ever seen using a sword in the source game, but I think you can expand his options by letting him use the items from Oracle of Ages.

    Four Swords - Not sure what you'd name the character, but I'd have to go with another version of Link that uses the Fours Swords to make himself a 4-in-1 character.

    Wind Waker - I want to say the old Sage of Earth because it'd be really cool to see a Zora using Earth Magic instead of Water Magic, but there is such a thing as going TOO out there and I think that's an example of it. So I'll say Makar instead.

    Four Swords Adventures - Much like how the Great Fairies in Age of Calamity are a 4-in-1 character where the one you're in control of changes with certain attacks, I'm thinking a 6-in-1 character that brings the maidens other than Zelda together for the same concept.

    Minish Cap - Vaati. Don't worry, I didn't forget about him. I was just saving him for Minish Cap because of his humanoid form from that game and his focus on obtaining the Light Force. Which would be his weapon, and that would be pretty neat to see a big villain character defaulting to a Light Element weapon.

    Twilight Princess - Hero's Shade

    Phantom Hourglass - It pains me to say it, but I can't choose Linebeck. I want to, but I just can't picture what he'd do in battle. I have to resort to Oshus with the 3 fairies alongside him instead.

    Spirit Tracks - Byrne

    Skyward Sword - Groose

    A Link Between Worlds - Hilda

    Tri Force Heroes - To give credit where it's due, Lady Maud makes sense, but I've never played Tri Force Heroes or seen the boss fight against Lady Maud before. So I'm going to say Princess Styla making use of the various outfits and items the Links can use in Tri Force Heroes because that's something I can more confidently envision a moveset for.

    Breath of the Wild - I don't want to pick anyone who was playable in Age of Calamity for this post, so I think the only option I really have left is Kass.

    Tears of the Kingdom - Rauru

    And real quick as some honorable mentions, I do think that Ezlo and Anjean would make for good characters from Minish Cap and Spirit Tracks as well.
    Rauru seems to be turning into the fan favorite in terms of a newcomer from Tears of the Kingdom, but what about the 5 sages?

    Sidon, Yunobo, Riju, Tulin, and Mineru. What do you think of the idea of any of them as smash characters?
    If they make a new Paper Mario game in the style of the first two, should the first 2 partners be a Goomba then a Koopa, should the Goomba and Koopa join the party after the first few partners, or should the line-up of partners in this game not include a Goomba and a Koopa at all?
    I've heard that there's some discourse out there involving arguments of which characters should be made playable in a Xenoblade Warriors.

    The largest a roster for a warriors game has ever gotten, as far as I know, is Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate with 177 characters. Since warriors games have gotten to high numbers like that before, would it be possible to render the arguments moot by just including all the playable characters and villains and whatever other kinds of characters could work as playable in a Xenoblade Warriors?

    I personally doubt it for 2 reasons. The first of those reasons being I'm pretty sure every option from all 4 Xenoblade Games is still fairly higher than 177, and the second of those reasons is I feel like the devs would consider that to be too many characters for the game regardless.
    Say that Zelda got its own anime series kind of like Castlevania did and they want to have a noticeable way that Link stores his items instead of just having him pull them out of thin air/hammerspace without any explanation.

    Out these do ideas, which option would you prefer for Links inventory?

    A: Make it like the Zelda cartoon from the 80’s and give Link a magical adventure pouch that shrinks the items down when he puts them inside and reverts them to normal size when he takes them out?


    B: Make it like Re-Quip Magic in Fairy Tail and let Link have his own magical pocket dimension that he can pull his items in and out of with magic?

    Or would your answer vary depending on the game this kind of anime would be based on?
    Every time I see the MVS acronym for Multiversus I keep thinking it’s referring to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I don’t know why.
    I just went to the GameStop at my local mall and along the way there said mall had a stand of plushies.

    There were a lot of Sonic plushies among them, which by itself makes sense, but why in the world was one of those plushies Sonic.EXE?
    What do you guys think of metacritic?

    I personally don't care for it too much, but I'll admit the reason for that isn't the fault of the people who run the website. I'm just not impressed with the user reviews section being such a gathering for haters and review bombing. But by design such a feature was always going to be prone to that sort of thing so what can you do?
    I may not have been born until after it stopped airing, but thanks to my parents recording it on VHS I got to see the Zelda cartoon as a kid and was pretty into it at the time.

    I've been getting bit by a bit of nostalgia bug for it lately so I decided to give it a re-watch. Just finished up episode 4 and to be honest, I'm not hating the experience.

    I think said nostalgia for it combined with my acceptance that this is just how 80's cartoons were like makes me more forgiving of the reasons people don't view it very fondly in the modern day.

    That's not to say I don't understand the reasons people aren't impressed with it mind you. For example, Link and Zelda both certainly have their moments of not being quite as tolerable.
    Why does cooked meat look so much more appetizing in anime then it does in real life?
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