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  • Remember how the 4kids dub of One Piece changed the aspect of Sanji always smoking a cigarette into Sanji always having a lollipop in his mouth?

    The reason that people don’t like that is because it’s an example of how 4kids tried to make the show more kid friendly, but if this was actually how it was in the original Japanese version, it probably would have been considered rather creative.

    Kind of Ironic.
    Of the four classical elements, Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth, my least favorite of them has always been Fire.

    Don't get me wrong, it's just as capable of awesome abilities as the other 3, but I've always liked abilities and themes based on the elements of Earth, Wind, and especially Water more.

    Though one of the rare cases where Fire strikes my fancy as much as the others is The Dragon Prince. I think the fact that any fire abilities in that show have to be tied to the greater whole of Sun Magic really works to it's advantage for this.
    KneeOfJustice doing a trivia question has inspired me to think of my own.

    In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate there are two playable characters named Ryu. We all know about the one from Street Fighter, but who is the other one?
    I remember years ago when I was taking a video game programming class, and the teacher told us once that sprites are harder to animate then 3D models because model programs let you move the model around while with sprites you have to draw out every frame of the animation (something like that anyway).

    I wonder if that's actually true.
    It kinda depends - with 3D animation, the process of rigging and animating (plus all of the maths that goes into it) can make it a lot more difficult than simpler sprites, plus with sprites, you can reuse segments of them in order to save on the amount of work you're doing. On the other hand, it's generally a little easier to reuse elements of 3D animation across rigs if you need to, and it also makes customising the model simpler. (For instance, giving a character a new costume in 3D just needs a new model, but for sprites, they need an entirely new spriteset.)
    I have dabbled in both. I prefer sprites because I can do those on my phone on programs like ibisPaintX while out walking and no need to strictly be at my PC on Blender.
    Casual reminder that The Legend of Zelda has never had a Sage of Ice.
    Mario and Luigi have black mustaches but the hair on their heads is brown.

    So which one is the one they used hair dye on?
    So. Persona 5 fans. I got a question for ya.

    You know that thing that happens on Valentines Day in the game where if you date more than 1 girl then all the characters you have the option of dating in the game gang up on you in a confrontation?

    Having never played Persona 5 before, I’d like to know this. Do you have to date a certain number of girls for that to happen? Or does it happen even if you cheat on your girlfriend with as little as just 1 other girl?

    Crosses fingers that it’s the latter
    Remember when Linkmain-Maybe was talking about his annoyances with how people "overestimate" Kirby's power?

    Now I don't know if the Death Battle between Kirby and Majin Buu is a notable part of that, but if it is, then I certainly feel ironic.

    Why? Well I used to be on a volunteer research team for Death Battle. A research team that joined together to make a top 10 video back in 2013 of Death Battles we wanted to see. We included 4 honorable mentions, and one of them was in fact Kirby vs. Buu. An idea that first started gaining traction from a member of the team talking about it in his own blogs because he thought it was a really solid idea.

    So yeah, that matchup kind of got into the spotlight because of that research team I was on. Heck, the video is on my channel because I'm the one who took care of the editing process.

    That makes Kirby vs. Buu the first death battle that the volunteer team had a huge impact in making happen. Hell, Kirby was originally going to fight Ditto.

    You can see now why I would feel ironic if that Death Battle is a big part of Linkmain's annoyances with statements of Kirby's power. Sure I was too busy IRL at the time to actually submit any research notes for that particular episode, but still.
    Inspired by what Linkmain-Maybe has been talking about with Kirby the past couple of days, allow me to say this.

    Probably the best part about the 2nd Death Battle between Link and Cloud is how the fight scene showed Link using a ton of items from a variety of games in a really solid animation.

    Especially the ones that, based on how they function in the games, one might initially picture to be rather slow in their usage. Like the Sheikah Slate or the Ocarina of Time.
    Say what you will about Captain N The Game Master aging poorly like a bunch of 80's cartoons have, but back when it was on the air it was quite popular.

    Popular enough to where part of me is surprised the series never got it's own NES game, but at the same time I acknowledge that licensing issues was probably the reason.

    I do remember seeing an article online a long time ago however about passwords you could enter into the original Metroid to play as either Captain N or Princess Lana.

    The article turned out to be a hoax, but it was neat at the time.
    I don't know to feel about the realization I just had that Lana from Hyrule Warriors has the same name as a 1980's cartoon princess who was the ruler of all video games.
    I am of the opinion that this is entirely unnecessary, but say Pikachu in Smash had it's moveset revamped to be closer to the Pokken moveset.

    Do you think it'd be possible to combine aspects of both regular Pikachu and Pikachu Libre? Or do you think you'd have to stick with one or the other to avoid things being too cluttered?
    I haven’t the faintest idea how much Princess Peach Showtime would change Peach’s Smash Moveset, but I think the closest thing to a guarantee is a new final smash based on the game.
    Damn good direct for Mario fans.

    -Peach's new game looks awesome
    -Loving the new stuff in the Mario RPG Remake
    -The discourse over Paper Mario can finally start to shut up

    Lots of other cool stuff too, but the Mario franchise stole the show here.

    Oh yeah, and we're actually getting a new F-Zero game.
    The term "bad writing" is something I almost don't believe in anymore. Reason being that I've seen too many people call writing bad too easily just because the writing didn't go in the direction they wanted it to. There's a difference between the two. It's not your story so it going in a different direction than what you wanted doesn't make it bad.

    Things like like that have made the term of bad writing lose almost all meaning to me. However, I can't honestly claim it doesn't exist. There are cases of it and I think one of the more recent story details in One Piece MIGHT be an example of bad writing.

    And I STRONGLY emphasize "might". I haven't seen very far into One Piece so I am completely aware of the possibility that there's more to the situation then meets the eye, I'm just not aware of those details.

    Plus the point I'm referring to could very well be a case of people jumping the gun and assuming the worst too easily without looking at the whole picture. Wouldn't be the first time that's happened.

    The point I'm talking about is how Shanks is actively trying to acquire One Piece now and apparently had been using Luffy as a means to get it and have a stronger opponent to fight instead of genuinely caring about Luffy.

    Again, this is just what I've heard. I don't know if it's actually accurate. But if it is accurate, then right now I'm of the impression that this could be considered bad writing.

    One Piece showed Shanks genuinely caring about Luffy at the beginning and ran with that notion for over a decade in a way to where no one questioned it.

    And now after all that time you're suddenly coming out and saying Shanks was just deceiving Luffy the entire time? Unless there's more to the situation than I realize then I can't really fault people for taking issue with that.
    Ok I’ll admit it. I don’t know the answer to this.

    Is this new Mario vs Donkey Kong game actually a real thing? Or is it just a rumor at the moment?
    I’m going to try and get a bit of a debate going.

    Magic? Or Martial Arts?

    In my case, definitely Magic.
    To say that Player’s Guides are a dying breed is an understatement. Those things have been buried 6 feet under for years.

    But I do remember a funny bit from one talking about the last single player stage in Naruto Ultimate Ninja.

    The guide said:

    “This is the hardest mission in the game. If you’ve figured out how to beat it, let us know! Nah we’re just kidding. Here’s how you beat it.”
    Any fellow fans of DBZ Abridged here?

    To those who answered yes, as we all know the series had to be canceled after the end of the Cell Saga and it's not coming back. Or at least........it's not coming back in the "proper" sense.

    So this guy by the username of Totally Not Mark, who may or may not be a member of TeamFourStar (I don't actually know) has been doing a review of the Buu Saga in DBZ Proper and TFS has gotten in on the action and dropped a ton of clips for what would have been in the Buu Saga if DBZ Abridged continued.

    And people have been doing compilations of those clips over DBZ footage. I know of at least 2 that were just posted today.

    And as you'd expect, it's some good stuff.
    Mario Wonder is looking pretty good.

    Doesn't look like Wario and Waluigi will be playable like I wondered about though. Then again there is the possibility of DLC, but wouldn't they have to make the WA's play differently to justify that? Like new abilities or something?
    I mentioned once before how the first series of videos ProJared was ever in was a Scrubs parody set in a game store instead of a hospital. And said store had the same trade in policies that real stores like GameStop have.

    So in one episode where a customer tried to trade in 3 games that were in great condition, because they weren’t high demand games they didn’t have a high trade value. So the guy only got 5 dollars for them. Which he was not happy about.

    Later on Jared ordered pizza for him and two buddies he was playing some games with. The pizza delivery guy was the same customer that traded in the games. The conversation went as follows.

    Pizza Guy - 85 Bucks

    Jared - The receipt says 43

    Pizza Guy - But I say 85

    Jared - Dude, you can’t just demand a higher price like that.

    Pizza Guy - Why not? You gave me crap prices.

    Jared - If you make me pay more than what I owe, then I can sue the company. And you.

    After that the pizza guy relented and accepted the proper price. And as Jared was closing the door on the crying pizza guy, the Contra level clear jingle was playing.
    Rito in Zelda are typically known for Archery. But they can still use swords and spears, and there is that one rejected pitch for a game with a Rito that would have used a boomerang.

    But I think it would be cool to see a Rito using a Magic Rod. Like an upscaled version of the Tornado Rod from A Link Between Worlds.
    Can the GBA be considered the only Nintendo system where the signature Mario game that debuted on the console was not a platformer?

    The reason I ask is Mario vs. Donkey Kong. That’s a platformer that debuted on the GBA, but it is a spinoff platformer rather than a main series one. Then again so were both Super Mario Land games.

    Plus, can Mario vs. Donkey Kong really be considered the signature Mario game that debuted on the GBA compared to Superstar Saga?
    There was a statement made quite a number of years ago by people such as myself and PDMG involving Samurai Goroh and Takamaru.

    The statement basically said “One or the other. Not both. We don’t need to include 2 Samurai”.

    In the modern day I consider the wording of that to be a little flawed. If there exists a character that would be a solid addition and could stand out well from an already present Samurai than I don’t think there being a samurai in the game already should stop them from getting in.

    But I would agree with the statement that if Takamaru is already there, Samurai Goroh doesn’t really have anything that would make him stand out next to Takamaru.
    When it comes to Smash Bros, as with any game that can get competitive there are people out there who focus on obtaining victory too much. That being said, there's also a problem of the opposite.

    I remember I was hanging out in a group once where there were a bunch of games to play and me and 3 other people were playing a few back to back rounds of Smash Wii U.

    One of the other people had a winning streak going. They weren't being elitist or a sore winner about it. They knew we were all just there to have fun. The chips were just falling where they did.

    However another one of these other people did not realize that whole thing of the chips just falling where they did. They were getting annoyed that the same person was winning over and over and eventually they decided to try and disable that player. You know that thing you can do of clicking on one of the colored player borders to turn them into a CPU or even just remove that player from participating in the match? That's what they did with the guy who had the winning streak.

    The guy with said winning streak asked them "what the hell dude?" and the person who disabled them replied with "you can't keep winning all the time".

    And I was just thinking "What's your deal? Yeah we're playing for fun but the goal of the game is to defeat the other players. Do you honestly expect anyone to just lose on purpose?"
    You ever get the feeling that you’re playing a game wrong yet playing it right at the same time?

    Sometimes I feel like that about Mario Party. My family grew up being pretty good sports about that series. You wouldn’t see any salt or rage coming from us and that led me to believing for a time that it was an unspoken rule of Mario Party that you played the mini-games properly even if it would give your opponent an advantage.

    Not the most common of Mario Party mindsets as far as I can tell.
    I feel like any dedicated Gundam fan would groan in disgust at my history with the franchise.

    Gundam anime are most well known for being war anime that tend to be pretty dark. Like Gundam Wing and Gundam Seed.

    But the only two Gundam series I’ve ever been really invested in are G Gundam, which is the one about a Gundam Martial Arts Tournament, and SD Gundam, the CG animated Chibi one that’s a lot more kid friendly.
    Nothing wrong with liking those, I feel. Especially G Gundam, that's a "dumb-fun" kinda show.
    Gundam really isn't Gundam without Tomino tbh. I've seen everything up to 00 (no SD Gundam) and the only good Gundam is the original, Victory, and X. I appreciate certain ones like Seed for personality even if its bad, but I've always felt other Gundams lifeless and mediocre.
    If the next Smash game serves as enough of a reboot to change Yoshi from being a Yoshi Series character to a Mario Series character, than I wonder if that would cause Kamek to lose a lot of momentum in the speculation scene.
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