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  • Just caught a Bagon as my first encounter before the 2nd gym. Anyway, here's a team update before I decide what to do with this Bagon:

    Kevin the Snorlax
    REEEEEEEEEEEEE the Frogadier
    Spitfire the Charmeleon
    Seat the Skiddo (yes I named it Seat because I'm a lazy *******)
    Wormy the Vivillon
    Dr. Doofenshmirtz the Bibarel

    Death count: 1

    And yes, I threw that useless male Combee in the PC as fast as possible.
    Gotta love beating the first gym in a Y nuzlocke and instead of a Flabebe, I get a male Combee. Fml. Team update:

    REEEEEEEEEEEEE the Frogadier
    Wormy II the Spewpa
    Dr. Doofenshmirtz the Bidoof
    Chungus the Bunnelby (recaptured after save data was lost)
    F**kin Useless the male Combee (planning on eventually shoving it in a box or sacrificing it if necessary)

    The original Wormy (Caterpie) sadly died during grinding
    Restarting my year-old Y nuzlocke because I feel like it. I'm also using EXP share this time, since last time I was really underleveled without it, and I wiped to Grant. Also happy Murica day
    Update: ****. Beat the first gym and caught a Flabebe (which I've been wanting), and then my 3DS thought my game card came out when it didn't, thus resetting my save back to Santalune Forest lmao

    Current team:
    REEEEEEEEEEEEE the Froakie

    Wormy the Caterpie

    Wormy II the Scatterbug

    Chungus the Bunnelby (wiped by game card)

    A Litleo with an inappropriate nickname (wiped by game card)

    Kabloom the Flabebe (wiped by game card)
    Didn't expect someone like Kazuya, but he still seems cool. Hopefully he's an easier fighting game character to pick up like Terry was.
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    Tbh I do agree when watching gameplay of him.
    He has the command input for stronger attacks, techniques, Devil form and the Rage Art. So, he may have a learning curve like how Terry, Ryu and Ken function
    He will not be. Tekken is notorious for its complexity and he looks to have over 25 moves and I can't imagine they'll be super easy to pull off. Especially his electrics. He'll be THE most complex of the lot with Terry being the overall easiest. I'm going to call it now and say Kazuya will be THE hardest character to master in the entire game.
    I finally was able to take my mask off at the mall today now that I'm fully vaccinated, but something about it just doesn't feel right. I feel kinda mean having it off while everyone else still has theirs on. Plus I used to fear those very same people who would walk around the mall without their masks on before most people got vaccinated in NJ... Nevertheless, I'm still glad to finally be able to live my life without being in constant fear anymore.
    Rewatching Hell's Kitchen halfway through season 13, and Bryant is the textbook definition of a manchild.

    The fact that Bryant made it to the finals is honestly shocking to me. I'm so glad he didn't win.
    A certain deleted user would be ****ting himself right now lmao
    Champion of Hyrule
    Champion of Hyrule
    Archie the polar bear would make a good April Fools prank for next year. Just change literally everything to specifically resemble Archie the polar bear
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    Imagine an entire game-characters-from-non-game-series prank, that would be next level. The Bowling Ball from The Simpsons Arcade Game, Anthrax from Shrek Super Slam, Mr. Green from Yo! Noid, there's so many memorably forgettable characters it'd be amazing(ly terrible) to have forced into being your icon.
    I'm gonna be refreshing the updates section of my Google play store for the next few hours now because the Airship map for Among Us is finally releasing today. People can finally stop calling it a "dead game"...
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    Update: apparently the update should be releasing around 9 AM PST, which is 12 PM EST. Take it with a grain of salt though, as it doesn't come directly from their twitter, and this is simply what my friend told me
    Nickelodeon is now banning Mid Life Crustacean from airing, as well as pulling it from streaming services due to it being "too inappropriate for kids"... are you serious? This episode is tame as hell compared to episodes like One Coarse Meal where Krabs tortures Plankton to the point of suicide, yet this gets banned? The fact that the kids of tomorrow will likely never be able to experience this gem of an episode makes me really sad.
    Someone at Epic is getting fired tonight lol
    I bought it just for ****s and giggles despite not being at tier 70 yet. Odds are I'll just get my vbucks back lol. It's already being taken out of the shop now.
    Lmao! I wonder how fast it was for them to notice this.
    Late update: the music pack has been removed from the item shop and replaced with another one. Apparently an Epic employee on reddit mentioned they would be compensating players who purchased it in some form.
    Just had a stupid kid in my Among Us lobby do this:

    White: pushes emergency button first thing
    Everyone: what?
    White: sorry
    Black: This better be good, or you're gone.
    White: does anyone play Roblox?

    We immediately tried to vote him out, but more people skipped.

    Next meeting (a body report):
    Me: Security. I saw White walk from there.
    Me: Also don't forget you pushed the emergency button to ask if people played Roblox.
    White: I'm 16. What's wrong with playing games at 16?

    White got voted out. He wasn't the imposter.

    In the lobby, White then claimed he was 10 years old lmao

    Next game: White immediately pushed the button again and randomly accused Black.
    Black: Listen here you little ****... you're on my last nerve.

    White got votekicked. This is the prime example of someone who should be restricted to using quick chat. In previous games, he was caught and stalled out the timer because he was salty. Also Black was my friend I was playing with, and he was already agitated about two previous games.
    My grandparents finally got their first doses of the vaccine. My father is still trying to get one, but at least I can breathe easier now.
    I have ONE message to Gamefreak/The Pokémon Company regarding both of these games: TAKE YOUR TIME!

    These games both have the potential to be amazing, especially Legends. I want Legends to be delayed though as the gameplay is extremely laggy. I was initially turned off by the art style of the DP remakes, but this works much better from a development perspective.
    Lamperouge Lamperouge Massive congratulations!

    Anyway, that direct outside of Smash and Splatoon 3 was pretty disappointing. Felt like a partner showcase all over again with a few nintendo games sprinkled in.
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    Thank you! I'm absolutely over the moon right now that they're in!

    And I agree that the Direct as a whole was somewhat disappointing and not really for me, although Mario Golf, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Trilogy, and SS HD were all cool announcements.
    I've had black press the emergency button because he wanted pink to marry him.

    I've had cyan press the emergency button because he wanted to know if people played Fortnite.

    But this... this one I just had takes the cake for dumbest reason to push the emergency button.

    This dumb pink idiot pushed the emergency button because he wanted to have a threesome. Im dead serious. And then he wanted the room owner (me lol) to kick everyone that said no. Jokes on him, he was the one who got kicked. Him wasting time also helped Purple Guy and I win the game as imps for the second game in a row, so thanks I guess. (Purp was the real MVP)
    Me: I could've sworn I saw blue vent outside of comms.
    Blue: It wasn't me, I swear!
    Also Blue: I like dancing on the vents!
    Blue has left the game
    "Gen 8 Pokemon: 0% chance because there was a spirit event!!!!!!1!!"
    Did these people in the RTC thread even take a look at the pokemon who were actually in the event? We had the first stage forms of the starters, the box legendaries, Corviknight, and Morpeko. That's it. Most of those aren't really fighter material outside of Corviknight anyway. Theres still the rest of the Gen 8 dex that's still in the game. Spirits added after base game within spirit events are the ones getting disconfirmed.
    You know it's really sad and pathetic what has happened here. For the longest time I respected GxP.

    it makes me wonder just what other skeletons in the closet my other favorite youtubers are hiding. Choctopus? Poppt1? Little Z? Arlo!? After GXP I feel like I can't trust any of them now. The difference here compared to all the smash pros who got exposed, is most of those pros were assholes(Zero being the biggest, guy through a hissy fit when I beat his link in 4 as my falcon, and almost beat his falcon as my ganondorf. Proceeded to delete that stream clip from twitch shortly after since he couldn't handle the "shame" of almost losing to a smash 4 ganondorf.) to begin with, so it didn't hit me as personally hard.

    But gamexplain? I loved catching all their videos each day. I loved hearing their discussions, theories, etc. So despite what Andre doing not being near as bad as what zero and others got busted for, for me personally it felt far worse just cuz I liked their channel so much.
    Hold on now... You're telling me you beat Zero link2702 link2702 ?! That's very impressive dude! But did you record the matches? Not that I don't believe you, but I would like to watch those matches you had with Zero if you uploaded them to YouTube or Twitch.
    Unfortunately this was a few years back on smash 4, and no I didn't have them recorded. I only won that one match(though I was more impressed with the match where I almost beat his falcon as my ganon, cuz he was actually sweating there, to almost lose to the worst character in the game with one of the best when you're considered one of the greatest players in the world....that had to hurt his ego), I really truly wish I had used screen recording software on my PC to snag a shot of it while he still had that one up on twitch, as he had it for a few days. Unfortunately it's long gone now.

    The original title on his twitch had something about "lemmings" in it.

    IT was after that day, that I started making sure I had enough space to save replays of any match, on the off chance I ever run into another famous smash player.
    Seems like everyone has left Gamexplain due to Andre underpaying employees ($1-2 an hour LOL) and constant crunching (2 days to finish and write about a 40 hour game). They all made a new channel called Good Vibes Gaming which I would highly recommend checking out. They're all about being positive and having fun.
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