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  • Lamperouge Lamperouge Massive congratulations!

    Anyway, that direct outside of Smash and Splatoon 3 was pretty disappointing. Felt like a partner showcase all over again with a few nintendo games sprinkled in.
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    Thank you! I'm absolutely over the moon right now that they're in!

    And I agree that the Direct as a whole was somewhat disappointing and not really for me, although Mario Golf, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Trilogy, and SS HD were all cool announcements.
    I've had black press the emergency button because he wanted pink to marry him.

    I've had cyan press the emergency button because he wanted to know if people played Fortnite.

    But this... this one I just had takes the cake for dumbest reason to push the emergency button.

    This dumb pink idiot pushed the emergency button because he wanted to have a threesome. Im dead serious. And then he wanted the room owner (me lol) to kick everyone that said no. Jokes on him, he was the one who got kicked. Him wasting time also helped Purple Guy and I win the game as imps for the second game in a row, so thanks I guess. (Purp was the real MVP)
    Me: I could've sworn I saw blue vent outside of comms.
    Blue: It wasn't me, I swear!
    Also Blue: I like dancing on the vents!
    Blue has left the game
    "Gen 8 Pokemon: 0% chance because there was a spirit event!!!!!!1!!"
    Did these people in the RTC thread even take a look at the pokemon who were actually in the event? We had the first stage forms of the starters, the box legendaries, Corviknight, and Morpeko. That's it. Most of those aren't really fighter material outside of Corviknight anyway. Theres still the rest of the Gen 8 dex that's still in the game. Spirits added after base game within spirit events are the ones getting disconfirmed.
    You know it's really sad and pathetic what has happened here. For the longest time I respected GxP.

    it makes me wonder just what other skeletons in the closet my other favorite youtubers are hiding. Choctopus? Poppt1? Little Z? Arlo!? After GXP I feel like I can't trust any of them now. The difference here compared to all the smash pros who got exposed, is most of those pros were assholes(Zero being the biggest, guy through a hissy fit when I beat his link in 4 as my falcon, and almost beat his falcon as my ganondorf. Proceeded to delete that stream clip from twitch shortly after since he couldn't handle the "shame" of almost losing to a smash 4 ganondorf.) to begin with, so it didn't hit me as personally hard.

    But gamexplain? I loved catching all their videos each day. I loved hearing their discussions, theories, etc. So despite what Andre doing not being near as bad as what zero and others got busted for, for me personally it felt far worse just cuz I liked their channel so much.
    Hold on now... You're telling me you beat Zero link2702 link2702 ?! That's very impressive dude! But did you record the matches? Not that I don't believe you, but I would like to watch those matches you had with Zero if you uploaded them to YouTube or Twitch.
    Unfortunately this was a few years back on smash 4, and no I didn't have them recorded. I only won that one match(though I was more impressed with the match where I almost beat his falcon as my ganon, cuz he was actually sweating there, to almost lose to the worst character in the game with one of the best when you're considered one of the greatest players in the world....that had to hurt his ego), I really truly wish I had used screen recording software on my PC to snag a shot of it while he still had that one up on twitch, as he had it for a few days. Unfortunately it's long gone now.

    The original title on his twitch had something about "lemmings" in it.

    IT was after that day, that I started making sure I had enough space to save replays of any match, on the off chance I ever run into another famous smash player.
    Seems like everyone has left Gamexplain due to Andre underpaying employees ($1-2 an hour LOL) and constant crunching (2 days to finish and write about a 40 hour game). They all made a new channel called Good Vibes Gaming which I would highly recommend checking out. They're all about being positive and having fun.
    Ok, now I'm seriously horrified of what could happen during inauguration day.
    If I could, I would move to Norway. Have a friend that moved there, and looks much better.
    I've always wanted to travel, even if America wasn't in a political crisis I'd still want to leave. There's only so much you can see in this one little corner of the world, y'know?
    I'm at the point where I'd even move to my wife's home country of VN just to get away from the **** going on right now in this country.
    Instead of saying Happy New Year during the ball drop, I said "**** 2020!" and flipped multiple birds. That was satisfying as hell. Happy new year everybody. Now let's safely get this vaccine out and put an end to the ****ing pandemic.

    Side note: I'm so glad Daily Dose of Internet recovered from Covid in only 4 days. I was worried about him.
    Toxtricity is one of my all time favorite pokemon, but one thing that Pokémon Challenges pointed out when rating it, is its name being uninspired. It sounds really cool, but he mentioned that its name doesn't really scream anything other than "Look at me, I'm a poison/electric type!" What name would you give Toxtricity as a replacement that fits the Pokémon?
    Blipbug looks like a Scatterbug that fell flat on its face and got run over by a car.
    I have no idea about modern pkmn so i looked it up.

    each pokemon seems to have a "theme" or "stereotype" they go for. This one is quite clearly the bookworm/nerd...but it's evolutions seem to get creepy. It's final form reminds me of the stereotype of the creepy sickos who try to lure children into their vans. WIth it's creepy mustache, and eyes. Add in how it's a psychic type as well only seems to make that theory more plausible.

    And that's my creepypasta for pokemon today
    I actually really like its evolutions, and Lockstin made a very in-depth analysis on Orbeetle, but Blipbug's design could've pulled off the bookworm appearance much better without looking like a run over Scatterbug.
    Getting a new phone in a few days because I'm done with this piece of **** iPhone 6 and all of its problems. Biggest one being its nigh nonexistent shrinking storage.

    Other problems include:
    -Randomly forgetting my Apple ID password and forcing me to reenter it multiple times in a row
    -Throwing away all of my saved Wi-Fi passwords and forcing me to reenter every single one
    -Taking 10 years to type a few words on some websites (including Smashboards sometimes)

    Since Apple's been getting scummier and scummier over the years, my new phone's gonna be a Samsung Galaxy A71 5G. It has really good reviews and is surprisingly cheap for what you get.
    Damn... some people on the Geno thread are handling the Mii costume very immaturely. I don't wish toxicity upon Geno supporters, but this isn't making the situation any better.
    I wake up in the morning and there goes my stepmother screaming and calling all non-Trump supporters mental midgets, anti Americans, traitors, and funniest of all, telling us that we might as well support Hitler. I just sat and ate my imaginary popcorn as she was screaming and hacking in between sentences.
    If this game was real, I'd grab a Glashulimp ASAP
    What champion of any region has other people train his Pokémon for him, and then flex his team and possessions like how Jake Paul flexes his money? This guy literally makes me want to defeat him over and over lmao
    Ok, I don't know too much about TLOU2, but didn't that game have a mediocre story or something? I've heard players and fans of the first game saying the story was lackluster and a slap to the face, so I'm kinda confused on how it won so many awards and GOTY. I was expecting a game like Ghost of Tsushima to win it.
    I've said this once before Steve's reveal, and I'm regurgitating it again: it's perfectly fine if you're not happy with the character that's getting revealed. However, that doesn't mean you should take a wet **** on those who support said character and are happy with the reveal. I rightfully got my ass kicked on the Sans thread a few years ago for doing that, so learn from my former idiocy and don't do it.
    Not posting any spoilers here, but Season 19's final 4 is easily the best final 4 we've ever had in Hell's Kitchen history. All 4 of them deserve to win, and they should keep their jackets if they get eliminated.
    Brawl Stars Showdown Map Maker competition in a nutshell: LOOK GUYS IT'S FUNNY MAP MIL_MOLAS HAHAHAHAHAHA
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