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  • About 2 weeks ago I had a really strained throat and ended up losing my voice for a few days. Just tonight I fell and bit through a bit of my lip.

    This feels like the universes way of telling me my takes have been getting a little too spicy as of late.

    No matter, they cannot silence me for long!
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    Oracle Link
    Oracle Link
    I mean you are Fatally Frozen so having a strained Throat seems NATURAL! (by the way his profilepic by the time i write this is:
    Berdly from Deltarune after being frozn by Noelle using a spell she Doesnt know!)
    After only having gotten no more than 4 hours of sleep each day this past week, and being under the massive stress of taking the PSAT and numerous other test whilst juggling my job, I am gonna ███ing hibernate this weekend.



    Edit: I didn't even see the post below me, timing is funny.
    This game is really good. Just acquired the Phantom Cloak and the gameplay is really satisfying.

    Plot moves at a fast pace and so far the goal is constantly changing.

    The E.M.M.I. are probably the best chaser in the series. Always needing to be on guard and book it whilst trying to figure out how to best avoid their routes and makes as little noise as possible. Though they do kinda just show up sometimes and move toward your location even if you aren’t making any noise. Regardless, killing my first (not counting the already broken one) E.M.M.I. was really satisfying and I hope the rest of the game holds up this level of quality.

    Also does the death scene look like it was made for MVC3 to anyone else or is that just me?
    Shame I wasn’t able to get the special edition, but at least now I have extra money for Amiibo.
    I still cannot believe Nintendo had the cojones to put ███ing Sora in Smash. Next game has A LOT to live up to.
    Oracle Link
    Oracle Link
    Honestly i just want some more nintendo focus in Smash Again so maybe having a Ultimate Series (For gaming Crossovers)
    and a Nintendo series (For just nintendo Chars) would be a nice idea!
    Waiting with baited breath for CP11, god I can’t believe it’s finally ending. Wonder who they chose to close off this masterpiece.
    Y'know I just learned that the unconventional symbol in your name is actually an old symbol for the "th" noise and your name is basically supposed to be a fancier way of saying "The One Way" (I think). Huh.

    Actually why don't we have a dedicated letter for the "th" sound that's a completely distinct noise what the hell-
    Heh. I always thought it was just “be 1 way”
    Þe 1 → Way
    Þe 1 → Way
    Yup, my name is a fancy version of “The One Way” I’ve always been a sucker for linguistics.

    The letterÞ”, commonly known as Thorn, was made and used as “th”. However, during the 7th century when Christians came to England they couldn’t talk to the locals due to language differences. So they ended up ascribing English sounds to the Latin Alphabet. Þ got the “th” sound. Over time, Þ started getting written closer to Y (this is why you see things like “Ye Olden Days”). The french also couldn’t pronounce “th”, they were only were able to say “t” so they started writing it like “th” since they couldn’t be bothered.

    Its use ended for good when the Printing Press came around and people started substituting Þ for Th and Y because they couldn’t find tilesets with Þ on them.

    So uh, long story short, blame the french and printers for no Þ.
    Just went to my first Renaissance Fair today, honestly not what I expected. The homemade items and costumes were really neat to see. Gonna have to bring more money next time.

    Though, the lines were almost unbearably long at times. Still, glad I went.
    Okay, so I’ve been having a really annoying sore throat lately, and apparently milk is supposed to help with that. I drank the milk and it did work, but it also made me congested. Now, peppers help alleviate congestion, but they also made my sore throat get worse. To combat this I drank more milk, and then I got congested again and ate more peppers, which gave me a sore throat so I drank more milk, and then I got congested again and ate more peppers, which gave me a sore throat so I drank more milk, and then I got congested again and ate more peppers, which gave me a sore throat so I drank more milk- (pg1 of 7)
    Deltarune Chapter 2 is upon us! If they keep up this rate I’ll be in college by the time the game is finished lmao.

    This is probably the most excited I’ve been for a game since Ultimate (barring Metroid Dread)
    As someone who aspires to be a Marine Biologist, whos already taking multiple classes and is studying to achieve that goal, the amount of people who still believe in the Loch Ness Monster and other cryptids in the same vein makes me incredibly sad.

    1. Marine Biologists don’t study Cryptids. Cryptozoologists do. Stop asking me to corroborate your source Jerry. I’m 15.

    2. The mere notion that Plesiosaurs went from breathing air and living in sunny waters to being so elusive they haven’t been found for 66 million years is insulting.

    3. No Dave, Megalodons are not still alive. They have nothing to eat to support their size and you’d think we’d have found them by now considering they’re 60ft long and “supposedly” have been alive for the last 3.6 million years.

    People annoy me.
    This reminds me of when AVNJ reacted to "Top 10 Real Sea Monsters", and the clickbait mf put a ****ing Sea Cucumber at #10, claiming the creatures on this list might "traumatize you", puts the Black Swallower on the list while showing footage of a freshwater catfish, and then throws the Loch Ness Monster at #4. I remember AVNJ saying "I thought this was supposed to be Top 10 REAL Sea Monsters?" AVNJ is a super entertaining channel lmao. He also jokes about the Megalodon as well as "Crabzilla" who's also appeared in that same dude's clickbait videos that he reacted to.

    This is the 7th picture that pops up when you type “Funny Images” into Google Images.
    Just spent the past few days rewatching the Castlevania anime, I hope they adapt all the other worthwhile stories in a similar way.

    I don’t generally watch anime, but this show is really good. I guess it’ll have to do until Konami starts actually making games again…hopefully.
    I’ve been pretty late to the party all things considered, I put his graphic novel on the back burner while I tried to get knowledgeable on the DC Universe at large, so I missed a lot of the hype. Now that I’ve finally gotten around to it, I kinda hate it.

    The idea itself is really cool and I think its a great way to make Multiverse characters more popular. But for christsake I hate the overly dark tone the Comic goes for. Batman itself has always been tied heavily to horror, but including that horror in the larger DC universe has been difficult and I think this Comic falls flat on its face in that regard. It feels like they cranked up the horror unnecessarily, far past even Batmans normal standards.

    It feels like Marvel Zombies. The good ole “Hey look we killed all your favorite childhood characters gruesomely!” Instead of the tragic and disturbing characterwork seen in Batman media.

    The titular Batman Who Laughs is actually okay in this regard, he feels like a proper character instead of a cardboard cutout with a logo slapped on him. But tonally the Comic just doesn’t work imo.

    I look forward to see this character appear in more media that isn’t trying so hard to be scary. But I don’t think I’ll pay attention to many standalone pieces where BWL is the main character.
    I stayed up till 2 am last night working on a simple cabinet. It took 6 hours. I had to quit for the night after half the formation collapsed and I couldn’t be bothered.

    I picked up work on it again today, and after 7 more hours of work for a cabinet rated to take 90 minutes. I have just now realized I was using the wrong screws and need to disassemble it.

    What did I do wrong? I misread the color coding on the packet. The monochrome packet. The manufacturers didn’t account for the fact that their packet wouldn’t be able to display blue red color coding.

    I used to work retail 5 hours a day, 4 days a week. I dealt with some of the most disrespectful people imaginable. Yet this has actually come closer to breaking me.
    Man, Silent Hill hasn’t had anything for so long the fandom has just resorted to borderline conspiracy theories to get even a sliver of hope.
    I really hope something happens in the next year or two.
    Alright, I’ve seen Godzilla vs Kong twice now. Without spoilers I can say its an amazing movie that is basically just a big budget cgi wrestling match.

    With Spoilers.
    HOLY **** that movie is a lot of fun. The human segments were much faster paced and felt way more involved, it was still rather boring, but was tolerable by Godzilla standards.

    Alexander Skarsgard is a great casting choice. I can’t think of him as anything other than Randall Flagg from the Stand so its really fun seeing him go from an incredibly captivating villain to a cheesy action hero.

    Kong’s characterization was amazing, he felt like an actual character rather than a big monster. The axe really helped him feel less generic.

    Godzilla was always my champion though. His presence being held off to fights was a great idea. It gave him much more intimidation than in KotM.

    Mechagodzilla is beautiful. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the redesign, but I’ll take anything that isn’t the anime design. Him being possessed by Ghidorah was pure genius. (Does that also technically mean Mechaghidorah is in the movie?)

    Although, I must admit I am definitely a little disappointed that KotM introduced 4 new monsters and let Rodan survive but GvK had em all hibernate I guess?

    Overall, its an amazing action movie and a great way to spend 2 hours. I hope Legendary continues to make Monsterverse movies.
    36 hours. I have been awake for 36 hours. And in this span of time I have:

    1. Had to get a middle aged drunk thrown out of the convenience store I work at because he tried to slide 2 whole fridges past me like I wouldn’t notice.

    2. Torn my copy of The Shining in half unintentionally out of sheer terror. This book hits far to close to home to not be uncomfortable. Stephen King is a genius.

    3. Passed my drivers permit test with a 90%.
    I’d be way happier if wasn’t about to move to a different state and need to take it again to accommodate their different laws.

    4. Beaten Hades on a completely fresh file without dying.

    5. Fell asleep while watering the convenience stores plants. I woke up when I face planted into the pots. Just glad I didn’t fall into the roses I was tending too.

    I am now prepared to hibernate for a millennium.
    Idk where you are, but the practice tests helped me a ton for the learners permit test. Happy birthday too.
    Þe 1 → Way
    Þe 1 → Way
    Thank you; I’ve been doing a few of those tests on the side, it hasn’t been going bad. But its not going great either. I’ll just keep bashing my head against the wall until I get good enough for the proper test.
    Doc Monocle
    Doc Monocle
    You will get it. Just relax. I found that it helped not to tense my muscles tightly while driving, as this made the execution of my movements more awkward.
    Don't stress out about it, as long as you know your stuff its a breeze!
    Drivers Ed has mastered the art of making simple things confusing. I always get seriously annoyed when I can’t understand something on the 4th time reading it, before realizing its just something as simple as “Stop when a pedestrian wants to cross.”

    Like I get the legal jargon is there to cover all the bases but damn is it hard to understand sometimes.
    You guys ever just spend 150$ on a full Godzilla Showa Era set, and then realize its all in Blu Ray and that you don’t have Blu Ray?

    Cause I definitely haven’t, Nope. Not chance that is what happened to me.
    Þe 1 → Way
    Þe 1 → Way
    I wish, but its a little more complicated. DVD uses whats called Red Rays on their discs, it was a common breakthrough and was cheap compared to VHS. Blu Ray uses, well, Blue Rays. Blue Rays are less taxing and can allow Discs to store more information on them, meaning better resolution and stuff.

    So unfortunately, DVD disc drives can’t do Blu Ray unless designed with them in mind, in which case the drive is just called a Blu Ray drive. Thats caused me a good deal of confusion.
    Cutie Gwen
    Cutie Gwen
    God damn do I know that feeling, I've got Megabeast Investigator Juspion and Mechanical Violater Hakaider on bluray yet I don't have a player. I even have a bunch of Ultraman and Super Sentai dvds, but those are region locked, fixed that issue though
    Dang who knew. I think you can find something reasonably cheap at Wal-Mart or something.
    Ah, another fellow Godzilla fan. Nice to see more on this site.

    Hard to believe Godzilla vs. Kong is this month.
    Þe 1 → Way
    Þe 1 → Way
    Always nice to see another fan. It still hasn't really come over me yet, Its very surreal to know the 2 are facing off again. I hope Godzilla wins this time though, the electricity back 1963 felt a little cheap.
    Its a good thing my uncle has HBO Max, cause I spent the last of my money prematurely.
    Godzilla VS Kong comes out this month! This is my most anticipated movie ever, Team Godzilla all the way!
    I love my uncle. Hes one of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. But lord almighty this man is stupid sometimes. He just outwardly refuses to take the vaccine. Not because he doesn’t believe in it or any other conspiracy theory.
    He just thinks other people need it more.
    He is 69 and an HIV survivor.
    I don’t know what to do with him sometimes.
    Everyone who says Waffles are better than Pancakes clearly has never tried to butter Waffles.
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    They're equal.

    Why our breakfast also gotta be a warzone? Cereal, eggs, bacon, waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, it's all good. Ain't never found a breakfast meal I didn't like.
    Doc Monocle
    Doc Monocle
    There is no warzone here. We were just discussing whether we liked pancakes or waffles more (in case you have a contrary impression from the last posts, look at the preceding posts.)
    I mean in general, not just here.
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