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  • It is the All or Nothing mindset with the last Mr Sakurai Presents video.
    Either it is like this
    And/or the other reaction
    No matter who it is, salt will be present. Also, don't listen to leaks with one day left. It may end up setting yourself for the false truth.
    Honestly, Super Smash Bros regarding of each new entry does place a special place in everyone's heart. Creating the biggest Gaming crossover party game everyone can enjoy with the most memorable moments. I do have a lot to remember, but this is one of the best in my vault.
    Well, time to avoid spoilers once 4pm CST rolls over. I just don't know if Sakurai and Nintendo will present the last smash character today or later.
    I can say we are still waiting for that last drink of Smash News before it ends. Which makes waiting more unbearable as it drags on. We will get it eventually, just not right now.
    Well, I may try to build Jason Frudnick's moveset since the Blaster Master Zero Trilogy has concluded its story. IDK where to put it, but I'll try to design it.
    Just saying, if there is no Smash announcement for the last Challenger in September, then it may happen later in the fall or winter. Of course, Sakurai doesn't want everyone to kept in the suspense too long.

    We all have those boosters set for that last announcement. Either filled with Hope, Anxiety, Dread, Neutral, Excitement or any other feeling we sometimes can't explain.
    Just a thing I want to bring up. For those that have played this game before either Arcade, the PS2 or Mobile, the complete collection will be arriving soon to all consoles.

    Of course, not many people remembers the Exzeus project.
    What controller type seems to be your comfort zone? Mine is the Gamecube and Switch Pro Controller. Joycon controller on console and controller holder feels too small for my hands to get the proper reaction based on my preference
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    GC-controller for Smash, Pro Controller for the rest.
    Pro controller easily. Just got a new one last week after my old one was drifting. It's also a rechargeable one with a 30 hour battery life which is super convenient.
    Torgo the Bear
    Torgo the Bear
    Somehow I can only play with detached joycons
    Any games you are looking forward to for the reminder of 2021?

    I'm currently waiting for Metroid Dread.
    Again, for those that have Pre-Ordered Blaster Master Zero 3 on the eshop. The game will be available to play when the eshop updates, which is around noon time. (Depends on your timezone.)

    So, avoid youtube to dodge spoilers as people will get all footage of BMZ 3.
    For BMZ (Blaster Master Zero) 3, it is almost time for the game to be released. If you are unsure when it will be released or ready (if you pre-ordered the game on the eshop or any other platform.), they said it will be available when the shop updates. Some say it is a noon release on Thursday, so keep you eyes on the game. Just try to avoid spoilers if you want to dive in blind past demo version 2.0 information.

    For Inti Creates, they are doing a pre-release party for BMZ 3's arrival tomorrow.
    Admit it, watching the Nickelodeon All Star Brawl makes you want to watch the shows again and even listening to their theme songs.
    I never want to listen to the Nick fighting game theme song ever again tho, that’s for sure
    The last day of May before June rolls over. Prepare for the event and hopfully end this crazy ride.

    I know the video is death watches, but turn that into countdown clocks
    I honestly don't know who is coming regarding characters being either a high pick or a sleeper pick.

    Part of me just want this suspense to end. Other is fearful of WHO are chosen.

    It is stress, but just don't go too deep to avoid being consumed. Also, some music to relieve some stress.
    Oh and another thing that is happening soon. If you are familiar with the Owl House TV show, Season 2 will begin this June. Here is the New Intro for the Upcoming Season.
    Since so much speculation is appear as E3 slowly creeps each passing day, the mind is getting overwhelmed. I'm going to back off for a while until official news from Nintendo pops up.
    Just a theory I thought about (don't take it seriously):

    the Smash Fan games that are created for people to play (SSF2, Smash Remix and SSB Crusade) characters that are wish picks. Now, Smash Ultimate has been making wishes come true, but some characters remain as wish picks. Do you think that selected fan favorites characters in the fan games had their fate already foretold to not be confirmed for Ultimate's roster? (Don't count SSF2 anime characters as many agree that Ultimate will have Video Game Origin characters)
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    Not really as Nintendo and Sakurai have negotiated with these developers to get most of these characters in probably even before Ultimate started development even some of the DLC characters as Steve was negotiated for in 2015 before Ultimate's development started.

    Plus if that was the case which it's highly unlikely not, Sephiroth wouldn't have been added as he was in this Project M: Remix mod before he was announced as a newcomer in Ultimate:

    Do you think characters like Crash Bandicoot, Master Chief, Ryu Hayabusa or other highly requested ones have the highest chance of getting an invite to Ultimate for the E3 event?
    I try not to think about it because we ended up with Steve and Minmin. I want Amaterasu or Akuma but I'd never see those.
    I think they could have strong chances with how roster selection has been. Nintendo/Sakurai seemed to want to peg a lot of fan demanded characters this time around that they just didn't have in Smash 4. However, it's really had to say what their line of thinking is for this pass. Pass 2 feels, as many have said, putting in those who they might have wanted for base game but just hadn't had the time for. They feel like fairly natural picks and not quite as 'out there' as some of Pass 1 was.
    If you are interesting, the TV show of Rick and Morty is coming again with season 5 on June 20th. Also, a video for the duo doing callbacks to the arcade style beatem ups and references.
    I know it is repeated many times over, but just to ask while passing the time.

    Do you think that E3 will reveal only one or both characters for FP2?
    Everytime we have gotten a Smash announcement at E3 in the past, we always get at least 2 reveals for example:

    E3 2001: Melee is shown off for the first time along with some of the newcomers that are going to be in it like Peach, Bowser, Zelda, Sheik and the Ice Climbers.

    E3 2006: Brawl is shown off for the first time along with some of it's newcomers Meta Knight, Pit, Wario, Zero Suit Samus and Snake.

    E3 2013: Smash 4 is is shown off for the first time along with two of it's newcomers Villager and Mega Man.

    E3 2014: The Mii Fighters and Palutena are revealed. Pac-Man the next day behind doors.

    E3 2015: The previous announced returning Lucas was dropped along with the returning veteran Roy and newcomer Ryu.

    E3 2018: "Everyone Is Here!" is announced alongside newcomers Inklings, Daisy and Ridley.

    E3 2019: Hero and Banjo & Kazooie are revealed.

    So yeah, I expect to see the final two remaining Fighter's Pass 2 characters at E3 in June as the past has shown us we always get at least 2 Smash reveals at E3. And if those are the last 2 characters, I still expect to see them at E3 and it would be kind of appropriate to end the biggest Smash game ever at a E3 event.
    I'd say it is entirely possible that they could unveil the final two fighters at E3. Guess we'll have to wait and see on the day.
    I mean, there has never been a E3 that has only revealed one Smash newcomer as there is always at least two revealed at E3.
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