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  • The 4 characters currently on my Wishlist.

    1. Crash Bandicoot (Everyone is rooting for him as he has close ties with Nintendo and his rivalry against Sonic and Mario in the 90s)
    2. Rayman (Not because of the letter Nintendo Reply to, but just wanting him in for his unique characteristics and limbless attacks)
    3. Shantae (Indie yes, but one that is still kicking along with others. Great potential moveset, Characteristics and other content she could bring from her home series and WF property.)
    4. Jason Frudnick (My experience with the Blaster Master Zero series made me think about this MA inventor's possible chance. Plethora of weapon variations and moveset with his final smash calling in Sophia to attack with the Acceleration Blast as the finale.)
    If there is going to be a double reveal to finish FP2 at E3, who do you think are the last two?
    Leaks isn't the best place to depend on for clues, but more to pass the time.

    I do know that they aren't reliable, but a leak suggested that a Phantasy Star Online character may be part of the remaining FP2 along with Ryu Hayabusa.

    What do you think?
    That specific rumor seems pretty fake

    -The things that were on the list that have been true were leaked previously due to actual Insiders, or just conjecture.

    -The rumor came out before Pyra and Mythra yet it didn't have them even though they were probably farther along in development then the last 2 characters of the pass

    -This one doesn't hold as much water but a Higher up at Koei tecmo said that Hayabusa will not appear in smash. This response was unprompted as the interviewer did not specifically mention smash bros.

    -The specific Phantasy Star character isn't the actual Mascot of the franchise.

    Phantasy Star in smash though would be pretty darn cool, It has a great aesthetic and music, and the gameplay could be really fun.
    While the speculation are going to grow stronger as there isn't anymore future DLC, I think it is time to step off speculation. There is a lot more things to do other then speculation alone.
    Doc Monocle
    Doc Monocle
    I have been wondering why speculation is always abuzz with activity, yet it is so easy for character support threads to become 'ghost towns.'
    When characters doesn't have much of chance as the next fighter. One is pushed under the rug while the others are lifted higher. Morale is somewhat flimsy here in the internet depending on where the support thread discusses on.
    It is currently Spring, but I can speculate what Nintendo plans and what game announcements may appear when E3 draws near.

    1) Splatoon 3: Since the new game's reveal and coming soon next year, The Squid Research Lab will give the breakdown of this new landscape, new weapons and updated turf wars in the post apocalyptic world. Maybe a Global Testfire announcement in late 2021. (Thanks Team Chaos, you made this world setting happen.)
    2) Smash Reveal(s)?: We already know that Smash reveals isn't far behind as Smash is one the BIGGEST HYPE a lot of people are expecting. Who is Challenger 10 and 11? Sakurai either reveals one again or both with discussion about Ultimate's DLC development.
    3) Finally news for Metroid Prime 4 and/or Bayonetta 3?: These two projects have been under the radar with no updates on the game's progress. Maybe the team is ready to give the fans a sneak peak.
    4) new games: Laying out the next games in store for people Triple AAA and Indie games.
    From February to March, more announcement is coming and the DEATH of mario All Stars and vs 35 Mario games
    Once Byleth arrives on January 28 with Mii Costume wave 5 (Cuphead), I do wonder when Nintendo is going to kickstart Season 2 of the Fighters Pass? Of course its still too soon to talk about it, but just a speculation since the characters are already selected.
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    I'm thinking that we'll have just a regular Nintendo Direct at some point in February. If we even get anything about Fighter Pass 2 in it, it will probably be a very, very small preview. If we don't get anything, which is likely, we're probably waiting until E3 for more news.
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