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  • This Yo-Kai Watch character hates and easily beats this Pokemon character.
    I'm borrowing Legends Arceus from a friend as I'm not convinced abput it for several reasons.
    I just beat the Kleavor in Legends Arceus.
    Having played 3DS monster collector with real time battling that are way harder games like Yo-Kai Watch Busters, Legends Arceus feels like it was made 8 years ago.

    All I did was throw bags at it and I won lol.
    I've been thinking lately.

    Alot of weaklings on the internet are usually turned away from a fandom or franchise due to generalizations and petty nonsense.

    Gatekeeping in recent times is proven to be a GOOD thing as it prevents a fandom or space from getting infected with more spinelessness like that.

    I knew this absolute scumbag that loved MegaMan. I don't play MegaMan because of a person like that. I don't play it because I don't care and would rather spend my time playing other games.

    However, if I really wanted to spite a person like that, I would have played MegaMan religiously and gotten better at it than they ever were.

    Generally, it seems to be a pattern where casuals always love to demonize more knowledgable, skilled or even competitive players no matter what game it is.

    That's how you really get a gatekeeper to shut their mouth; you outperform them at their own game with a show of backbone through skill and knowledge.

    I've gotten tons of Pokemon fans needlessly angry at me just by being knowledgable and skilled at a game I love.
    There was a problem fetching the tweet

    From my own experience, Pokemon fans have claimed other monster collectors have "bad game design" because you're encouraged to actually change up your team to progress instead of being able to mash the A button with any common low tier trash monsters on your team. On top of the fact, we're dealing with a game where an anomaly like Whitney is considered "difficult" despite the fact she just requires basic counterplay skills to deal with, so this is hardly surprising to me.

    Also IGN just sucks at games.

    Whitney is considered difficult because in Gen 2 there were not a lot of counter options that early into the game. If you didn't nab Geodude or Onix early on (Just to win by attrition but even then both could lose out due to Miltank dealing more damage overall AND having healing) or trade for the Machop then you could easily get rolled by her (literally). Or if you just Sand Attack spam like a pleb with Sandshrew :p

    She's a unique instance of a gym leader being placed either 'luckily' or 'strategically' to challenge players in the early game with bulky mon that don't often have to worry about facing a weakness early on. She isn't cheesed early on like Brock or Misty are where you can steam roll one or both simply because of your starter. It's actually what I like a lot about Gen 2. Though Falkner isn't too much trouble I like that two of the first three gyms can't be auto-won by starter choice alone.

    Though I'd like to know more about this alleged 'difficulty' in Arceus because I'm still highly skeptical about it and the early reports from both sides of the spectrum here. Is it actually a challenging game or is it just different? Is the game good or is this just honeymoon period and it's 'great/best ever' simply because it's dramatically different and that's novel but does it hold up for the entirety of the game/repeated playthroughs and the newness wears off and people realize it's actually not good at all but the newness blinded them? Etc.

    This game is going to be at least a year out before I decide for sure if I will (or won't) buy it until people look at the game critically without the blinders.
    Alot of just falls under the point of basic counterplay skills. Yo-Kai Watch and Shin Megami Tensei games do stuff like that all the time where you need to reconsider using nearby options to deal with certain bosses and you're not really going to be at any more of an advantage with the low level starter monsters you use if the monsters have no synergy anyway as opposed to how Pokemon usually just lets you barrel through without needing to think.

    I'm really not expecting much with how the last few main series Pokemon games sucked. I'm more looking forward to buying and playing Coromon while I wait on any used copies of Arceus to be available.
    20 hours into Shin Megami Tensei 5, got myself a King Frost and made myself a Basilisk that inherited Bloody Glee and Beast Eye. Those are no doubt going to be worth investing in for long term.

    Should probably play something else to avoid getting burnt out tho. Game's so addicting.
    Been grinding out early game of Shin Megami Tensei 5 and having an absolute blast. Didn't struggle as much as I thought I would on the bosses on Normal Difficulty cuz I know how to play these games. Love how the world looks so huge, open and gorgeous in spite of it being a desolate apocalyptic wasteland. I also love how I get rewarded for exploring every nook and cranny in such a huge world.

    Speaking of big maps, one friend has been playing Yo-Kai Watch games and keeps coming for me for advice either cuz he gets stuck on bosses or gets lost in how big the maps are.
    He just finished Yo-Kai Watch 2 and can't believe how big it is and also can't believe it when I tell him Yo-Kai Watch 3 is twice as huge.

    Both are very unlike SWSH in that regard lol
    According to my friend whom looked into the leaks, Jirachi and Shaymin can be obtained if you have save data for SWSH.

    Guess I can also add that as another item on the long list of ideas and concepts modern Pokemon games are using from Yo-Kai Watch games lmao.

    I also really can't help but find it funny this game managed to get leaked way more easily than Sun and Moon did.
    According to my friend, you shouldn't need Events. No idea on the save file tho. I would imagine the save file just has to be there at all like with Yo-Kai Watch games or the LGEP Gigantamaxes. Imo requiring a fully completed save file would be bad game design but Pokemon is chock full of bad game design that I wouldn't put it past them.
    YW didnt invented giving you stuff or characters for connecting for other games LMAO, even nintendo-only wise previous pokemon spinoff did it and so did things like even Mario Kart wii, its been around for multiple console gens so by that logic yw ripped off hundreds of games before it entered its flop phase its now in. Love when the "hatedom" who hates pokemon solely for nostalgia tries so hard to find issues to justify the game they dont know is secretly "bad" they prove they never played any games, like those kids who hate beautiful games like SWSH because some clickbaiter gaslighted them over trees and they fell for it (but anyone who tries to downplay the massive hit that is pokemon by not admitting how good it is by design or it wouldnt have gotten as big as it is, even pretending its part of some bigger monster collecting genre who cant even compare, like the issue riddled YW, should learn not to treat games you havent tried as a bitter ex), even downplaying it against very ugly games like YW series wich I used to play too

    For the user Torgo the Bear asking for how it works:
    just the save data from all being said, quite a breath of fresh air as events go but won't convince to get the game anytime for a couple years since I dont care for the ugly chibi toy overworld and ain't nostalgic for dp enough to just replay the same game, but great for those who do
    Dude, I just admitted to being wrong on that with past examples. Chill.

    What "flop phase?" Mobile games are among the highest grossing for that series and they keep getting updates.

    If SWSH is "beautiful" then YKW games are the work of gods given the animation quality and visual fidelity on top of fixing every major issue with 2 and 3 while Pokemon just creates more problems with itself.

    Pretty much all the issues that continue to plague Pokemon games do not exist in YKW with animation quality, keeping and improving casual content and an active competitive community from a competitive metagame so deep, fast and rich in variety that players continue to find new strategies for it to this day.

    Pokemon by design is just a poor attempt at Dragon Quest 5 that could barely function with how RBY works. It's just proof a bad game can sell with enough marketing and nostalgia.

    Sales do not make a good game. It's foolish to pretend so. Sonic 06 made better sales than Wario Land 4. Both games are platformers so the comparison stands. One game is considered a stain on its franchise and the other has an entire book written about it in terms of good game design.

    I played SWSH. It stinks. Played every game since RBY too cuz I love Pokemon.

    Dragon Quest Monsters, Shin Megami Tensei, Digimon and Yo-Kai Watch among others are monumentally better.
    Looking forward to Shin Megami Tensei 5 being another modern monster collector with actually good overworld visuals and animation work unlike the trash heap that is SWSH.

    Just like Dragon Quest Monsters' 3DS games

    And Monster Hunter Stories 2

    And of course Yo-Kai Watch
    "All Yo-Kai Watch fans must be arrogant jerks because of you alone."

    Okay. Guess all Smash fans are child predators and Pokemon fans are too cuz of people like Xenochu.

    Being an arrogant jerk is certainly the lesser of the two evils compared to being a child predator. No idea why people want to play a game like that where they've already lost.

    What's funny to me is that people that try to play that card on me are always repeating and insisting that I hate Pokemon and I hate Smash, trying to make that decision FOR me, so there goes my fan status and any status as a child predator that came with it.

    It must be really sad to have so little empathy that you'll generalize people so unfairly like that.

    If you wanna accuse people of acting like they're some kind of spokesperson or representative, Joe Merrick does that all the time. More like Schmoe Merrick lol.
    I like how someone that never actually played Yo-Kai Watch games had to grasp for straws to claim a game they never played wasn't hard by trying to make up an imaginary person that would say the bosses are actually easy when no such person that has actually played these games exists.

    Setups like this are hilarious memes in the first place BECAUSE of how obscenely hard the bosses have been, the fact you have to go through all kinds of trials and difficulty to even get the equipment shown on top of getting Auras and the fact of how easy it i for Yo-Kai like Pandle to die so easily.

    Game's hard. Get over it and git gud.

    I had this conversation with a friend lately that made me realize a few things.

    Yo-Kai Watch 4 is honestly severely overhyped by the vast majority of westerners that have never actually played Yo-Kai Watch games.

    They just drool at the footage of the real time combat even though that's been a feature in several games for several years now with Busters.

    Then they go on and on about how much they wish Yo-Kai Watch 4 came out in English.

    Having played YKW4, I can fairly say it's really not that good. I have an immense amount of issues with it.

    There's no guarantee YKW4 will ever be in English anyway, so instead of focusing on something you can't immediately change, just focus on what you CAN change.

    What you CAN change is that you can get yourself a Nintendo 3DS and then get a larger SD card and then download a digital copy of Yo-Kai Watch 3 which is easily the absolute best and the absolute biggest game in the series and has already been available in English for several years and is certainly a way better game than 4 anyway.
    Updating my monster collector tier list.

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    Reactions: Pokelego999
    So do I. There's just no reason for those flaws to be around tho.
    Part of the reason Yo-Kai Watch has such a high placing is because those games offer many of the same positives with none of the needlessly compromising or dumb negatives that plague Pokemon games.

    Still love Pokemon to bits bit it does NOT deserve a higher placing.
    I haven't heard of the majority of these games actually. What are they about, besides monster collection obviously.
    Yo-Kai Watch is about a normal kid in everyday life dealing with abnormal activities invovling demons, possession, death, Dante's Inferno and more in a humorous way.

    World of Final Fantasy is about 2 giant amnesiacs trying to find their family and meeting iconic Final Fantasy characters along the way.

    Shin Megami Tensei is about using computer programs to summon demons as the whole world crumbles around you as the apocalypse comes to be.

    Dragon Quest Monsters is about your average medieval fantasy setting with a dark demon lord while also engaging in a monster tournament.

    Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth is about being an illegal hacker using his skills to help people solve mysteries and fix problems using digital monsters.

    Disc Creatures is about journeying through a retro world where humans and sapient monsters live side by side.

    Monster Hunter Stories is about a young villager travelling out into the world to stop some serious natural disasters in a world where taming monsters is a taboo while hunting them is the norm.

    Monster Sanctuary takes place in a mystical post-apocalyptic world where magic and monsters roam free and you explore a sanctuary filled with monsters in a Metroivania platformer style.

    Moco Moco Friends is about cutesy colorful magical girl shoujo setting filled with plushies and pastries and using magic to make others happy.

    Fossil Fighters is about a special resort where technology has allowed for the revival of dinosaurs and other paleozoological specimens for tournament venues and paranormal activity ensues.

    Nexomon plays like a DS era Pokemon game but a far more open world to explore as man tries to force the balance of nature into the palm of its hand.
    Now that I've at least played through the story of Monster Hunter Stories 2, I'll give my thoughts.

    Beautiful big overworld spaces

    Love how you can explore them riding monsters

    Animations are exceptional

    Appreciate that you can skip cutscenes and text.

    Game isn't easy

    Love that you get rewarded fir investing kn everything including doing quests.

    Great music.

    Overall, an absolutely fantastic monster collector.

    Would recommend.
    Knowing how much Pokemon Go sucks under Niantic compared to games like Yo-Kai Watch World, I'm not gonna be surprised if Pikmin Bloom falls in the same boat but if Pikmin fans don't show interest, Nintendo will be stupid enough to think no one cares about Pikmin anymore.
    Nick All Star Brawl's online is such a different experience.
    Unlike Ultimate, I don't feel like I want to rip my hair out.
    I actually want to play more even when I lose.
    This college semester I took a public speaking class.
    Probably one of my favorite classes since I love to hear myself talk.
    Got to give speeches on why Yo-Kai Watch is an infinitely better game than Pokemon and how loli drawings don't actually cause any crimes.
    Always so reassuring how people out in public are open minded to those that can back up what they have to say.
    Passing the class with an almost perfect score.
    Just one more class and then I'll graduate with a degree.
    It makes me laugh a little when Smash fans bring up "muh polish" when comparing Nickelodeon All Star Brawl to Smash Ultimate.

    Smash 4 fans went on and on about polish in Smash 4 days when comparing it to Melee but they aren't playing 4 anymore. They're playing Ultimate despite its visuals being worse while Melee lived on.

    Should another Smash game come out in the future and Ultimate players immediately drop Ultimate for that new "polished" toy while Melee and NASB live on, I won't be surprised at all.
    Nah. 4 has more of "muh polish" in other areas besides visuals. I just bring that one up mainly cuz it's a more common complaint. At least 4's online was free and it had Smash Run and didn't suffer from input delay.
    Champion of Hyrule
    Champion of Hyrule
    I think “polish” in terms of gameplay mainly applies to visuals and how the gameplay feels, so gamemodes like the online system and smash run aren’t really “polish”

    Also, I’ll admit I haven’t played it yet but from what I’ve heard and what people have said, NASB does have some issues with visuals and gameplay that could be fixed with more polish. That’s a leginitimite criticism and I don’t think it really helps to suggest everyone making them are just salty smash fans
    I never said they couldn't benefit from improving the game. I just think it's hypocritical considering the circumstances. They just recently patched out things like Mikey's air camping and Sandy's infinite, so it's not like they aren't doing that anyway with "muh precious polish".
    Something funny happened to me today.
    I have some good friends that invite me to streams and play multiplayer games with them both in parties online and even friends that invite me to events offline.
    Yet in plenty of online discussions, I find these absolute losers that say "you must be fun at parties" when they have nothing of actual value to add or say just cuz they disagree with something I say that I can fairly back up. Considering how many good friends I have that want me around, yeah. I am. Now make an actual counterargument lol.
    Another such person said such dumb stuff and it really helps me appreciate the friends I have that invite me to things.
    Hearing the "complaints" about NASB feels familiar.
    Champion of Hyrule
    Champion of Hyrule
    What are the complaints you’re talking about?
    Janky animation for one despite said person claiming the game wasn't finished over some rare Ice Climbers glitch in Ultimate that made some janky animations.
    I remember one person even saying the game is "too fast and will drive players away." lol.
    Considering the fact Nintendo tried to cancel a Melee tournament where the money would have gone to cancer donations, I would NOT be surprised if they specifically made their last character reveal October 5th JUST for Nickelodeon All Star Brawl making their blood boil that competitive Smash fans are excited about it but Nintendo can't give the game a cease and desist.
    Really didn't care about anything shown in the Direct.
    All the games I'm already excited for, I know are coming out soon anyway with Nickelodeon All Star Brawl, Shin Megami Tensei 5, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania and Mario Party SuperStars.
    Unless the final Fighter in Ultimate is Waluigi or Jibanyan, I'm extremely unlikely to care about that either.
    So about Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania's "paid DLC", it seems they pulled a bit of a fast one on us. Now I'm happier I pre-ordered it.

    It's no exaggeration at all to say "Orcanos is the Landorus-T of Competitive Yo-Kai Watch 2"

    There's almost no reason to not run him. He has the highest HP stat in all of Yo-Kai Watch 2 and the 2nd highest Defense stat and his Strength stat is also super high. He gets a Skill that boosts his Defense just for being front and center and being Tough Tribe makes it so his Defense can get even higher.

    Orcanos is a super powerful wall in YKW2 meta.

    So how come this guy goes from being everywhere in YKW2 meta to being nowhere to be seen in YKW3 meta?

    He wasn't nerfed at all. His stats appear to be exactly the same in 3.
    The reason you don't see him as much in YKW3 meta is actually simple.

    The biggest being that in 3, magic attacks ignore Defense, making magic attackers in general much stronger compared to how they were in 2. Now any Yo-Kai that is a magic attacker with a high Spirit stat is turned into a powerful wallbreaker.

    Having high Defense isn't as good as it used to be.

    Orcanos's Skill was also changed slightly. It still has to be front and center to buff its Defense but now it has to be on the center TILE. Now it has to work more to get that buff especially since the center tile is the easiest to cover with Soultimates. Plus, the grid being 3x3 and standing in the center, you can't defend BOTH your teammates with a vertical link like you would with tons of other Tanks. This stuff made it so Orcanos had to compete with way more S Ranks to justify its spot on a team. It still has incredible stats and a good Skill but everything changed around it so the stuff it could usually get away with no longer works.

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