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  • A great thing about Smash Flash 2 is how it has all these characters people actually wanted with Rayman, Krystal, Waluigi, Bandana Dee, Bomber Man and on the opposite end, you have only 1 Fire Emblem character in Marth. Really puts things into perspective.
    If only all of those characters were in Ultimate's roster. Krystal is my 2nd most wanted character, so I look forward to the day when she ever get's in the Smash roster for real. I feel like that day will never come because of her being absence from the Star Fox games for 14 years. I'm tired of Miyamoto remaking the original Star Fox over and over again with SNES, 2, 64, and Zero. It's time we get a actual new Star Fox game that isn't a remake of the Andross Wars.
    I've always held the position that Mario games would be better off without Miyamoto and from what my friends and what you've said, it seems that would be true with Zelda and Star Fox as well.
    I wish they would turn Star Fox into Star Wars and have a mix of the on foot, Arwing, and tank missions having the best of all gameplay aspects of all of the Star Fox games. I would love for Star Fox to have all of that and deeper lore like it was Star Wars or something. But as long as Miyamoto is around, that's probably never going to happen.
    If Pokemon fans insist the story "doesn't matter", then why can't they make the story text dialogues and cutscenes skippable?
    well he would say stuff along the lines of if you don't like let's go p/e then you're not a true fan. think he had wolf in the name of the channel or something like that
    Oh dagnabbit, I know exactly whom you're talking about.


    Dude's a real loser. Keeps making fun of the Smogon format even though he's bad at the game, has to pay for subscribers to keep his channel relevant and wears a dog collar in public. Did myself a favor by choosing to not listen to anything he says years ago and go on with my life. He only remains relevant because he keeps starting fights with other PokeTubers.

    Best to assume anything the guy says are the words of a moron.
    I've heard not to listen to him as well, but it's agreed in the community that SMUSUM and BWBW2 are the best games story wise.
    Man, Super Smash Flash 2 has been so satisfying for me now that I can reliably play it. When I play Wario or Waluigi, I feel like I'm playing with all the best parts of them from their respective Brawl, PM, 4 and Ultimate counterparts. Like with Wario, you still have a dash attack that kills like in Ultimate, a shorthop autocancelling DAir like in Brawl, a proper kill throw like in 4, Smash attacks that are actually useful like in PM and more. The bad grab range on Wario is a little annoying but everything else, I'm having so much fun with.
    Super Smash Flash 2 has been an extremely positive experience for me not just with being able to alternate between Wario and Waluigi for practicing combos and playing Classic Mode and such but also in trying other fan desired characters.

    I'm a very casual Star Fox fan and by that I mean I'm just a memelord for Star Fox 64. Never really played any of the other games, so I never seriously considered Krystal.

    However, I'm starting to realize that the character really appeals to me alot both with how blue and white is a color scheme I adore, her feminine charms and I played alot of Sm4sh Fox, so I know my way around a space animal.
    As I continue my quest of watching 1 Pokemon anime episode each day, I continue to have my share of disappointments.

    I'm about halfway through the Orange Island League and it's just making me wish Arbok, Weezing, Victreebel, Lickitung and Meowth had a much better winning streak rather than just being the butt of a running joke.

    My favorite parts of this series so far has been when Arbok put up a tough underwater fight in Misty's mermaid ballet, Weezing sludging up a Vaporeon in the Eevee brothers episode, the tough wild Meowth that saved that kindergartener, Lickitung beating through Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Vulpix only for Psyduck's stupidity to be the biggest obstacle and Victreebel doing cool stuff with Sleep Powder and Razor Leaf like it actually does ingame when it's not trying to eat James.

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    Yeah, Team Rocket I don't think properly won till the Gen 6/7 animes.
    I remember on Twitter some moron pointing out a minor visual glitch in a copy of Yo-Kai Watch 3 and said "Pokemon fans would have gone ballistic." Wouldn't be surprised if that same person would try to explain this nonsense away.
    I always find it funny people will pretend game quality is a myth only when it comes to Pokemon.
    I guess if bad games don't exist, why bother playing Pokemon Sword and Shield in the first place if it's just as good as such lovely titles as Jekyll and Hyde for NES, amirite?
    All my Christmas gift money from relatives is finally coming in.

    Just bought Jurassic World Evolution Complete Edition on Switch while it was on sale. Gonna use some of it to get a Japanese Eshop gift card so I can also buy Yo-Kai Watch Y-Academy and then keep the rest in reserve so I can buy TemTem on its Switch release day. Looking forward to it.
    I'm well into over 40 hours into Disc Creatures after having beaten the main story and am still trying to collect every monster.

    Lemme tell ya, Disc Creatures will chew you up and spit you out if you don't make use of good teambuilding.

    I want to beat this game soon since the dev for it has already announced the sequel Disc Creatures World and the spritework looks even better than the original.

    I'm surprised the game isn't mobile device compatible. It's practically perfect for that.
    People that tell you to "be grateful" for mediocre video games are shills.

    Video games are not a necessity in life like food or water that merit "being grateful" for.

    They are optional entertainment that can easily be pirated or purchased secondhand so the companies behind them make no money off them.

    The companies should be grateful for their customers because without them, they're nothing.
    You always mention how Pokemon values luck over skill, but I was wondering how you would change it to skill based.
    1. Remove random crits (if only just in online or ranked play). It's way too easy to change the entire course of a battle just because of them. I've won plenty of exchanges I probably had absolutely no right to just because the game calculated a formula and then randomly decided my next attack gets to do double the damage for absolutely no reason. Games like TF2 have competitive servers that turn off random crits for good reason.
    2. Rework or rebalance accuracy and evasion. Just like random crits, random misses and hits also change the tide of battle way too easy. Part of why Minimize got banned is because there's just no consistent way to deal with it since moves like Aura Sphere have terrible distribution, Feint Attack and Aerial Ace are too weak and it's not as if Minimize Muk or Clefable is going to care about getting hit by any of those attacks. Games like Yo-Kai Watch and Shin Megami Tensei are monster collectors that reward way more skill especially from how hard they are due to exploiting crits requiring more teambuilding skills and also have plenty of options to work around, strategize with or even completely shut down accuracy and evasion.
    Pokemon Showdown players getting mad always confuse me because they'll always whine about luck in a game that has always so easily rewarded luck over skill. If you really want to be rewarded for skill so much, just don't play Pokemon. It's pretty simple.
    I've surprisingly never seen one of these salty players on Showdown. Yeah, I don't get it either.
    Pokemon fans that criticize monster designs of other monster collectors they aren't going to play anyway are like vegans threatening to boycott meat from fast food restaurants. They aren't customers in the first place and there's no reason to care about what they think.
    I suppose you are on to something as long as it is noted that there is no problem with people talking about their preferences even if they don’t necessarily partake, granted they stay fairly civil. Just... make up your own mind about stuff. That’s all :)
    Nothing wrong with having preferences. If I have any issues, it's with people that decide certain preferences founded on ignorance or just outright hypocrisy.

    Like what I said in a previous post how Pokemon fans will talk smack about things like Jynx any other time except when another game's monster designs are brought up.

    Civil Pokemon fans are a rarity themselves from my own experiences.
    I love how any other time, Pokemon fans will have no issue making fun of or talking smack about Mr. Mime or Jynx but the very moment another monster collector's quality designs are brought up, all of a sudden Mr. Mime and Jynx's designs are deep and clever.
    The only reason I can't help bringing up Yo-Kai Watch when it comes to Pokemon is because so many of the things fans commonly complain about in Pokemon are complete non-issues in Yo-Kai Watch games.

    It's like how some gamers bring up Mario or Freedom Planet when discussing issues with Sonic games.
    It's not like Yo-Kai Watch is perfect or anything. It has its own issues that I'm equally critical of such as how rare monsters could be exploited to lose their rarity or the huge difference in difficulty spikes between YKW1 and 2.

    Yo-Kai Watch is just a very high quality game of the large number of monster collectors I've played and I'm only saying that from my own research and experience from actually playing the game and getting good at it.

    Plus, both those complaints were completely fixed in later games anyway. No point in complaining about something when it was fixed, which is just not the case with a game like Pokemon.
    Also here's some food for thought.
    It's not like you can't find plenty of Yo-Kai Watch designs that are edgy and take themselves seriously. In fact, in one of my previous posts, I made a complaint about so many new YKW designs being overdesigned, over the top god-level humanoids that look like they belong in a shonen anime.

    You'd know about those if you actually looked through the monster count for designs you DO like instead of cherrypicking the small handful you don't like.

    One of the most hilarious things to me was back in Sm4sh days, many of its players said they didn't want to play Project M because having way more freedom with flowchart combos was bad because they would say you just play the character on autopilot.

    Those same people have since dropped Sm4sh for it to die off for Ultimate where there are way more of the single dimensional flowchart combos that are easily very autopilot once you get them started.

    Not one to practice what we preach, are we?

    Stop talking down on Melee or PM over 4 if you're gonna play Ultimate, whose biggest gameplay appeal was bringing in more Melee esque changes to begin with.
    Internal Frickface
    Not really. You can like new characters and stage additions to a Smash game if that's your only reason for switching. Nothing wrong with that.

    I'm mainly talking about people that praised Sm4sh more for being "polished" and yet dropped Sm4sh and aren't really doing anything to support or sustain 4.
    I play Ultimate the most because it just feels really good to me. I know a lot of people say it's stiff and I can see where they're coming from, that's a very valid complaint. But since I have no prior competitive experience to compare it to I don't have a problem with it.
    My Smash game of choice will always be Brawl though, with SSF2 in a close second. They just bring a ton of single player content, and since I've always been a solo gamer that's what I love most about the series.
    I really wish more indie western monster collectors wouldn't make the main battle system for their games 1v1.

    TemTem has the right idea of it being 2v2.

    Monster collectors with 3v3 battle systems from my own experience just seem to struggle with far fewer gameplay balancing issues.
    I think part of what makes PM and Melee way more satisfying to play over Ultimate is how much easier is to go for more variety in tech chase options.

    In PM, it'way more easier to chase and punish rolls and getups especially since you get so much off grabs and crouch cancelling lets you deal with baiting or punishing getup attacks.

    In Ultimate, tech chases don't get you much since you can't get as much off grabs at higher percents, grabs can easily be an unsafe option and getup attacks are so brainlessly safe and almost impossible to punish.

    You have to play specific characters to really get any kind of tech chase option and even then that option is just the same easy jab lock to Smash attack you'll see again and again with little variety.
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    Considering the alternative is seeing the exact same combo again and again with no variety and no other realistic options and eventually getting stale, I will gladly take the "homogenization" in a heartbeat. Especially since only being able to do only like 1 or 2 combos with the same moves is arguably WAY less of an identity and way more autopilot on top of that.

    If people wanted defensive play and options so badly, they should have kept 4 alive but they didn't cuz they seem to prefer there being LESS campy options in Ultimate.

    Auto L-cancelling is something you can turn on, so that's another complaint addressed and airdodging in Ultimate and 4 also just rewards mashing and camping which people again clearly seem to dislike.

    You call it archaic and yet Smash players hated how easy it was to camp the edge in 4 and loved how it could be easier to punish in Ultimate. PM allowing edgehogs forces more offstage and edge play and rewards you for crushing their recovery efforts more instead of bekng able to just go for the edge so brainlessly.

    Well that's your choice. Me? I have absolutely no shame admitting when a game I love or like is imperfect, inferior and has issues or is outright superior. Makes it easier for a game to reach a higher level of quality by observing what was done right and wrong. Having played both Ultimate and PM, I have plenty of grounds to fairly say PM is a much better game.

    If you don't feel you have to justify anything, nobody's stopping you from not commenting and moving on from someone appreciating another game for clearly offering way more strengths.
    You keep saying that, "PM is a much better game", as if it is factual. It's a game you like more, that's the only truth of it. What you don't like about the other games, other people can, but that does not mean they like something worse than what you like. That is not something you've acknowledged in what you've said, instead you've mocked the idea that not everyone may share your views on the matter and doubled down on calling everthing else strictly inferior.

    And this only about the fighting gameplay of the games and the comp scene that's evolved around it, not including everything else. No matter what you do to try and convice others that PM is factualy the best, there are some that will say PM is a worse game than Ultimate because it doesn't have Banjo in it... not to mention P+ also exsists.
    No, I say that as an opinion because I can fairly back up why I say that based on plenty of my own research.

    It's a fact it has more combos, a fact you have more freedom with punishes, a fact it has an option to fix its input buffer, a fact it has better balancing that allows for more variety in viability, a fact it has outlived Smash 4 and Brawl, a fact you can play one of the most beloved stories in Smash with Project M, a fact you can customize controls unlike Melee, etc.

    Doesn't matter if I like it more or not. All those and more would remain true because I have no issue acknowledging factual information.

    Not really cuz if you read what I said, you'll notice I take plenty of other people's thoughts into account for my reasonings.

    When I say PM, I mean it in general and that includes P+ anyway.

    Accounting for everything like what? A bunch of useless PNG files that only matter if you like collecting them, music that can be modded into PM anyway giving you infinite music options anyway, a Home Run contest mode that should have been available from the start and a staple anyway, bosses you can't even play in a proper Boss Rush mode like Brawl or could easily offer more fun by being playable against in multiplayer which would especially take advantage of that factually being something Monster Hunter values, Final Smash meters that really only matter for casual as they are still too unbalanced for Smash, a feature in Squad Strike which technically already existed in PM.

    If people want to prefer a game that has Banjo in it instead of wanting Banjo in a game where he ISN'T going to suffer from bad input buffer, would be far more viable thanks to better balancing, way more combo freedom, etc then that's their problem and not mine.

    I don't give a care in the world if others don't like it. No idea whom you're supposed that I need to care to convince anyone of anything. I especially have no reason to when people will continue to complain about things like the awful input buffer of Ultimate yet refuse to do anything about it by playing games where that's a non-issue. Let them whine about things than change them. Not my problem. I only made this post out of my own observations. Really couldn't care less if people disagree with me if they can't even back up why without getting debunked.
    I was looking at an old thread of yours about what competitive Pokemon should borrow from Yo-Kai, and I was quite piqued by the idea of Shiny Pokemon having different abilities from their OG forms. I think that's an excellent idea, as it would actually give a bit more incentive to Shiny Hunting.
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    Pokelego999 Pokelego999

    I went into alot more detail about that in one of my recent videos too.

    Shiny Pokemon only have any value because of the value the fandom PUTS on them and the RNG behind them and even the RNG factors that allow players to get them so easily these days hurts any "value" they have.

    Realistically, what do you get out of hours and hours of soft resetting?

    A recolor, that more often than not, can look awful, ugly or even exactly the same compared to the original that does absolutely nothing other than just wastes time with sparkles on its entry.

    It's not my preferred method of playing Pokemon, but kudos to the people that can retain their sanity through all the time and randomness for that kind of reward.

    At least with YKW recolors, they not only look exotic and have great sense of color theory, are rare and valuable due to how hunting them and their trade value works but also actually work differnetly from each other.

    Even Fossil Fighters Champions has more merit to its recolor system as every vivosaur has 4 different color schemes to choose from and each of them gets a tiny stat buff of some kind.
    Another thing as well, there needs to be something in Pokemon that switches natures too. I looked at it, and could relate quite well to the fact that 3/4 of the time I take my Pokemon from story play online and they just get swept, just because they aren't optimal nature or don't have EV training. Really disappointing on that end that any Pokemon like that can be rendered so useless just because of it.
    Pokelego999 Pokelego999 There actually IS an item for that with Nature Mints in SWSH but the problem with those is that they cost BP an cannot be obtained any other way and don't even change the text name for the Nature.

    50 BP is way too much just for one of them because it takes too long battling in the postgame battle facility just for one of them.

    Meanwhile, in games like Yo-Kai Watch and Digimon, changing a monster's stat buffing personality is nowhere near as time consuming.

    In YKW, you have Attitude books that you can find anywhere in item boxes and you can buy toms of those with ingame currency if you need or want more easily.

    In Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth and Hacker's Memory, you can also get Patches to change a monsters personality from item boxes and a store and even then in early game, you can just convert a Digimon back to data and then reconvert it into a Digi-Egg that immediately hatches after that conversion so it can have a different Personality. That process takes like 3 seconds to repeat so it's super easy to keep resetting the Digimon for any Personality you want.

    Both these games have had these features for over 5 years. Pokemon SM and LGEP came out within that time, so why Pokemon had to wait so long to implement something far more inconvenient anyway is beyond me.
    Wario has lost so much since Brawl and 4.

    No more autocancel shorthop DAir.
    No more FThrow that kills.
    No more bike pieces item projectiles.
    No more super armor priority FSmash.

    The character is extremely frustrating to even play as and yet the biggest thing that hasn't changed is Wario Waft and unskilled Ultimate players are only NOW whining about THAT, of all things.

    Interesting how another thing that hasn't changed is how few players actually do well with him and the few that DO manage to be so dominating.

    Characters with a high skill ceiling really seem to make alot of players either put up or shut up.
    South Park Bigger, Longer and Uncut is probably the first time I think I've ever so shamelessly enjoyed a musical film in years.
    I'm a very strong advocate of "be the change you wanna see."

    I openly criticize Nintendo's stupidity, so I buy more of their games used.

    I hate it when people dismiss monster collectors that have almost nothing in common with Pokemon but don't know that because they never actually played them, so I make an effort to play and understand more games of that genre.

    I hate people that can't admit when they've been proven wrong on something, so I try to make more effort to realize my own mistakes.

    If you're just all talk and no action, why should anyone take you seriously?
    No idea why I'm getting ads on YouTube for an app that gens Pokemon for Sword and Shield, not because I don't gen. I have plenty because doing it legit is such a waste of time. I'm mainly surprised because I don't pour much time into a terrible game like SWSH but it's still so funny to me how stat maxing and obtaining Pokemon is still so obnoxious and more time consuming than it needs to be that that's still the best option and they still haven't managed to fully crack down on genning Pokemon.
    I don't because there wouldn't be a need for it if Pokemon's stat maxing didn't suck so hard.
    No excuse for hacking the game.
    As if the game isn't already a broken piece of crud to begin with. When the stuff they gen is hardly any different from stuff you would be able to get after pointlessly wasting hours, it's not as if they get any special advantage other than more time to spend actually battling. Tourney winning VGC players have done this kind of thing with perfectly legal movesets and the fact they managed to get past legality checks with these Pokemon just proves how unpolished the games are.
    I hope for the sake of Geno fans that it ends up being a similar situation with the King K. Rool Mii costume where the actual character comes around next game and the stupid Mii costume is never seen again.
    Even if they DID add Waluigi to be playable in Smash, I doubt he'd be anywhere near as satisfying to play as as he is in Project M mods as he's benefitted by an inspired moveset from a game that's far less infuriating than official Smash games tend to be.
    Fact: Cloud and Sephiroth were playable together in a crossover with a Yo-Kai Watch game before they were playable together in an official Smash game.
    As much as I adore Yo-Kai Watch, plenty of its designs make me raise an eyebrow.

    Plenty of the older designs are these comical, silly cartoony monsters that look like they'd cause all kinds of havoc in everyday life for the comedic slice of life genre it originally was.

    Now, they've gone and diversified on these ridiculously overdesigned god-power Yo-Kai that look like they belong in a completely different Shounen anime.

    I don't hate them, I just don't care for them.
    Unless you have been with the series for its short life span,I doubt anyone would have guessed these were from Yo-Kai Watch.
    RealPokeFan11 RealPokeFan11 Hearing YKW3 designs being compared to Nick Jr. characters is probably the funniest thing I've heard. Granted, there ARE still a good number of newer Yo-Kai that play jnto the series' sense of humor but from what I've seen, most of them are redesigns of Yo-Kai from 1, 2 and 3. Seems YKW4 ushered in the overdesigned shounen guys along with Y-Academy, not that that's a bad thing. It's just not my preferred design motif.

    Pokelego999 Pokelego999 They're not really animals. That's not their motif like Pokemon or Monster Hunter where the monsters are superpowered wildlife.

    They're more like Shin Megami Tensei/Persona demons where they're sapient, have their own society, live among humans in a mostly unknown and supernatural way and the monsters range from being mischievous troublemakers to human flesh eating nightmares to cultists gods. Yo-Kai Watch is just more humorous about it.
    These two are probably the biggest offenders of "Nick Jr. Syndrome"

    RealPokeFan11 RealPokeFan11 Dagnabbit, now I can only imagine them teaching kids about safely crossing the street and punctuation lol.
    Finished another video I'm quite proud of!

    Currently at the point in the Pokemon anime where I'm watching Ash Ketchum plot armor through the Pokemon League with Krabby/Kingler he never used till now.

    Meanwhile, I'm emulating Pokemon Stadium and pounding the ingame tourneys and cups with a bunch of my favorites like Jynx, Victreebel and Gyarados and Nidoqueen among others.

    Having a pretty good evening.
    An important thing when being angry or disappointed at a game is to know whom the blame falls on for certain circumstances.

    For example, alot of Smash players hate Ness in Ultimate. It is extremely unfair to be mean towards Ness mains whom are just playjng the game. Instead, be mean to the game designers that DESIGNED Ness to be as annoying as he is rather than making him require a higher skill level like 64, Melee or PM. An easy solution to that is to play any of those games where you don't have to put up with that.
    "Strong Pkemon. Weak Pokemon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favorites."

    I hate that quote so darn much.

    Strength is not an illusion. Anyone with eyes and a brain can see how laughably unbalanced Pokemon is as a game. That's not selfishness. That's just a fact.

    You can try to win with your favorites, but that's only going to work ingame, where the game is designed to be so easy and thoughtless, a 6 year old can beat it by just pressing the A button enough times. Of course anyone can win with their favorites there.

    Funny how Karen only says that after losing. Beforehand, she says "Dark Pokemon are so strong!" What was that again about a "selfish perception"?

    Also there's this one NPC in the Battle Chateau of ORAS that says the exact opposite.

    You know, the Battle Chateau. The area in postgame exclusive to Trainers STRONGER than the Elite Four. I'd say someone clearly above the Elite Four has a better idea of what they're talking about.

    Pokelego999 Pokelego999 Even then, you'd be better off trying that kind of stuff in almost any other monster collector that has far fewer balancing issues than Pokemon has.

    Pokemon like Unown are proof not all Pokemon are created equal.
    Then you get Pokemon like Ditto who was considered horrible novelty until it got Imposter.
    Even Regigigas, crushed by Slow Start, has a tiiiny niche in PU XY for high bulk + Knock off use. Potentially useful in SS doubles with rest + protect stuff.
    I think stuff like Delibird has been used in doubles for VGC at some point, though I don't remember the video.
    Butterfree, a base 300 or so Pokemon, has a good niche due to compund eyes sleep+gmax form.

    Shedinja has minor niches every generation.

    Just a couple examples.
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