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  • I love Super Mario RPG so much and I replayed some of it today. I was hoping some of the others in the Geno thread would as well. Have you started replaying it yet?
    I'm not staying on swf for long. No chance I'd ever play brawl competitive again. Just got on here to see if you got my youtube message. Head on skype or add me on steam if you wanna talk some more. I'll be leaving for Australia the 31st, so you have until then to catch up a bit lol.
    Show me proof. Because that does not sound factual. It sounds like here say and antimk propaganda. I can show you the numbers. You wanna say that mks had the power to change them, then prove it. Also, any character with a -2 to mk has -2 to another character. Even if the mk matchup is -3, which is the worst possible a -2 to another character is enough of a bad matchup to keep the character from being viable.
    The matchup data I sent you is based on both the mk players and the other character. It is a reached consensus. Not just one belief but the belief of both mk players and the other characters players.
    I know exactly what you mean about the cashsplittin', M2K's all about the money these days. He even told me the only reason he goes to Tourney's is for the money now.

    Anywho. As for patching the next Smash, I know if it went that far, people would fly right back to MeleeBrawl. xD Brawl is still superunbalanced. Partygame or not. But IGN picking up the competitive Smash community and maybe even sponsoring us would be..simply perfect.
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