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  • Hey. I know you can't see this, but I want to apologize for my outburst last night. It was jerkish of me and could've been worded differently.
    I really wish someone would file a lawsuit against Nintendo's online service. Surely there's gotta be some false advertising claim or something that someone could make. Seriously when a damn Nickelodeon game has better netcode than Nintendo, that's a problem.
    Also, I'd hate for the netcode to be fixed if it means half the roster becomes unplayable.
    I'm supposed to care about your opinion why? When you literally ***** and moan about every single character in the game, including the worst ones in the game, to the point where you even got kicked and banned from a twitch channel for you're constant excuses for losing.

    Also IDK where the **** you get that ganondorf isn't hindered by lag, when he gets just as screwed by it as anyone else, more so than some other characters. His moves are already slow enough, a laggy match that's going at a crawl makes his options only more telegraphed and obvious.

    You'd have to be an idiot to think that fixing the netcode would make the rest of the cast unplayable.
    Correction: I was banned from a Discord server. And I don't complain about everyone anymore. I complain about Nintendo not buffing my mains who desperately need buffs.

    Offline makes laggy attacks reactable. That's why offline hurts most superheavies and why they get little to no offline results or playtime.
    no words can describe the hell that is moving from one home to another. Especially when that new house is a money pit. I only went through with it cuz its in a vastly safer neighborhood(no drive by shootings or drug dealers around), and it's a bigger house. But the amount of money it is taking just to repair it and make it livable(and I'm doing the repairs, not hiring it out, still costing a fortune.) is making me wonder if it was better to take my chances at the old house and possibly getting shot. Least that one was also fully paid off.
    and once again nintendo's ****ty setup for quickplay has got me banned because I refuse to play against the ****s who put items on or smash meter.

    I've now gotten banned for almost 1 hour and 30 minutes because I ran into 3 players in a row who had a ****ty ruleset with items on or smash meter. Each one of them I d/c against them at the splash screen when I saw what ruleset they had, each one got me banned longer and longer.

    This is bull**** nintendo, stop forcing me to play against people with **** rulesets. Fix quickplay so it will never match you up with anyone who has smash meter or items on if you have those turned off for your settings. IDC how long it'd take me to find an opponent that way, setting in the lobby area for over 5, maybe even 10 minutes for an opponent is a hell of a lot better than getting matched up against someone with a ****ty ruleset immediately that I'm not gonna finish and then I get banned for over an hour for.

    This is why for glory and for fun in smash4 will always > then quickplay in ultimate. you knew what you were getting in those modes everytime, 100%. None of this bull**** where you "might" be in an item or smashball match, or you "might" not.
    Another one is the setting with one stock. They are there just for the quick match and leave to gain GSP. I don't like it when it is like this:

    the game is close with 1 stock remaining and after sometime you got the final hit. Seconds before GAME, they quit to not let you raise GSP. I don't care for GSP, but quitting just to save your pride isn't sportsmanship. Then again, it is the internet, so no one knows who you truly are behind an anonymous name.
    Dukefire Dukefire still though, if someone else shows greatly superior skill than you and you manage to luckily get a cheap victory on this superior opponent and leave with the brownie points it's messed up.
    That's how some are on Online Smash Bros. Just got to move on if that happens.
    for those who've ever played dbfz, can they explain what the different playstyles of all the versions of goku are? Every video I see of DBFZ, makes it appear that everyone is a rushdown, and I see so many versions of goku in the game, where the only main differences I notice from the videos are their supers (and base goku going kaioken, and kid goku from GT obviously being very different.) but I can't make out the more subtle differences from a video that I'm sure i'd notice if I actually played the game.

    SO....what are the differences? Less/more health? Some moves stronger but slower, or vice versa? some having teleports or command grabs the others don't?

    Main reason I ask is i've been getting curious about DBFZ lately and might want to get it, but I would like to know the differences from the one character who seems to have 6 different versions or so of him playable.
    (I'll endure the car ride...)

    (I'll endure the car ride...)

    The burning of bladder enrages my soul
    And the toddler within loses control
    Gotta let it out- gotta let it out-
    Gotta let it out- gotta let it out-
    This piss inside has a hold of me
    Clenching my bladder- trying to break free
    Gotta let it out- gotta let it out-
    Gotta let it out- gotta let it ouuuuuuut!

    Drive fast, baby- don't be slow
    Punch ahead- hold on- I have to gooo
    I don't think I can hold
    All this piss that's inside me
    Bladder burns- Piss dripping- Yeah I can't hold
    Branded by my drink- Born in the bladder
    Golden yellow sprinkle- I just can't resist
    All this urine inside me

    All of these thoughts runnin' through my head
    Bladder on fire, pain in the red
    Frustration is gettin' bigger
    Spray spray spray- Take a golden shower
    Embrace the pain that's within me
    No slowing down my car anymore
    When this tingling consumes me
    Nothing can stop me and I hate red lights
    I'm a wild driver you won't tame
    Not even a ticket can put out my flame
    There's no way to contain
    This storm swelling inside me
    There's a bomb you can't defuse
    Might as just accept It's getting loose
    Can't turn down- I refuse
    I must hold back more

    All of these tingles inside of meee
    Blinding my sight in a curtain of gold
    Frustration is gettin' bigger
    Spray spray spray- Take a golden shower
    When I get home it's not overrrrrrr
    I fight through to get closerrrr
    Like a golden bullet piercing through
    I wet my pants...In front of you-

    All of this burning inside of my head-
    Wetting my pants as my eyes grow red-
    Frustration is getting bigger
    Spray spray spray- But I missed the toilet-

    Thank you youtube for ruining Devil Trigger in the best way possible.
    How much of a desperate sick **** do you literally have to be to start rummaging through a persons garbage on bulk trash week? And at least have the damn common curtesy to leave things in somewhat the same pile.

    I just had some literal drunken trailer trash(found their half drunk bottle of vodka...) basically destroy my front driveway, get in a literal fight with another scavenger, and go through not only the bulk trash, but the normal trash cans. They only left because the police arrived and forced them to leave.

    All before the garbage trucks arrived, and those don’t stop and wait for me to get everything back in order....

    Here’s hoping they get hit by a car or get shot by the next person they try to do this to. I’ve got a massive mess i now have to clean up on top of calling the city to get a second run for my house which is gonna cost me.
    I'm sorry you're frustrated, but maybe don't wish physical harm on people?
    I don’t regret a thing.

    Those piles of **** were not just looking for scraps of metal or stuff like that. They were looking for personal information and deliberately ripped open a trashbag filled with shredded documents in some feeble attempt to get something.

    I’m tired of playing nice. If one of your goals rummaging through someone’s garbage is to commit identity theft, then the owner of the property should be allowed to shoot you. And technically in my state...we can. There’s no other reason at all for why someone would go immediately for the trash bags in the cans filled with shredded paper in them over scrap metal if they weren’t looking for information to steal. And then to just dump the cans over deliberately to look for more hoping perhaps the owner forgot to shred something important.
    I think I'ma go ahead and get mh:rise even though Iknow i'll fall into the same situation I have with every monster hunter game...
    I remember years ago there was a TV show called "My name is Earl" and While I don't remember much from the show, I do remember two episodes specifically, one where he tries to make up to a guy who's honeymoon he ruined and works in place of him at a fast food resturant so the guy and his wife could actually have their real one, just cuz the episode was hilarious imo, and the other, where he threw a funeral for a guy who nobody seemed to know...because spent his social life online.

    And that's the kind of funeral I want. Yeah it was pretty much done for humor throughout the episode, but I'm pretty sure most gamers would honestly want something like that, where all the people they knew in their online life paid their respects to them. I'd also like it cuz I don't really care much for most of my actual family(hence why i avoid them), and don't really socialize with people in person at all since I just don't care for it, so needless to say my actual in person funeral would be quite small. But I'm extremely active and social online, whether it be WoW, all the game sites I visit, and even the old radio forums I go to. So for me, I'd much rather have only my closest family, and maybe one childhood friend I grew up with, attend my actual funeral, while any friends I've made online paid their respects in some way on the internet.
    According to infinite universe theory, there exists a universe where ganondorf is actually a viable character in all smash games he appeared in.

    ....actually scratch that, even with infinite universes there's not a single one where the Sakurai of that universe actually cares enough about Ganondorf to make him viable.
    You know....I admit I have ragequit/dc'd in quickplay/elite smash sometimes, But i have NEVER DC'd on someone in an arena, I'm far more respectful to my opponents there, no matter how toxic they end up being, or how outclasssed/outplayed I am by them. I'll just finish the match and leave in a worst case scenario, most of the time I'll finish a few more rounds to at least try and win a few.

    So now I have to call out someone from the battle arenas. They just got stomped on by my Ganondorf, 2 stocked easily. They DC'd/ragequit immediately when I baired them into the stage as they were recovering and didn't tech.

    The real kicker? their arena was in Glorious smashers, and was claiming for players "to please be good"

    Don't put up an arena like that and then ragequit when you actually find an opponent who is good. You won't get called out then.

    Oh well. Replay is saved was saved cuz he rage quit right as he hit the blastzone so I could still clip it ;) and it'll go into my Ganon montage, I'll make sure to call them out there too by name ;3. You were a sephiroth buddy, you got no excuses getting two stocked by literally one of the worst characters in the game.
    I really don't know if I should attempt another monster hunter game since each time I've tried to get into the series, I get burnt out after about the halfway point in the story, and then the rest of the game online shortly after, never to pick it up again.

    But I also kinda wanna join up with groups again and use my heavy bowgun to take down enemies from afar. I still remember one of my best moments in a previous monster hunter was as a bowgunner where a dragon enemy boss was just about to fly off(can't remember the boss exactly, it has been a LONG time since I played...), and the group was getting ready to go chase it again into the next areas, when I hit the perfect shot at it in the air and caused it to plummet back down, doing major damage and stunning it so we could finish it. The possibility of me getting something like that again almost makes me want to pick it up again.....

    ...and then I remember the nightmarish grind when going through the single player stuff to just get my weapon and armor to where it was decent enough before heading online, and suddenly don't feel as motivated to jump back in.
    Although I know it wouldn't happen, it'd be hilarious if Nintendo dropped the next trailer for character 5, and it was just waluigi as an assist trophy, right until the very end when AT waluigi get's smacked away by actual fighter Waluigi.

    It'd be the most awesome way to reveal him IMO.
    IDK why, I was so exhausted from work today I passed out for 2 hours the instant I got home. I just woke up now and i'm still so tired and my whole body aches.

    It's not like today was really any different from most other days this week, so I'm not sure why it all hit me today....
    You know I really wish nintendo would give ganondorf an actual buff, and not some tiny **** like they did last patch. That or nerf several of his worst matchups. Sure it's nice to finally not get tech checked as easily anymore...

    ...but that doesn't really matter much when characters like robin can effortlessly camp him, samus, the belmonts, duck hunt, or really any projectile camper, can all just shut him down easily. And then you have bull**** like what the ice climbers can do to him, and have been able to do to him, in all 3 games they've each appeared in.

    Surely Nintendo knows there's certain matchups just flat out unwinnable realistically for ganondorf right? WHy not just rework ganondorf and make him viable just once, instead of making any and all fans of the character want to rip their hair out because he's been garbage 3 games in a row, and the only game he was semi-decent in was when he was a 100% clone of falcon.

    This is why I main ganondorf. He might be Bottom tier, but when he gets in his opponents heads...
    Doc Monocle
    Doc Monocle
    If his properties are reasonably consistent with his Brawl iteration, then I think he does best when the player slowly converges on their opponent's position, resorting to hard reads at medium-short range to 'overpower' his opponent. I at least think that his moveset design was engineered around that concept.
    I really should probably start watching more animes as opposed to reading up on them. I see lots of crazy anime shows listed on netflix or hulu, or popular ones from meme's (jojo's bizarre adventure, bobobo-bo bo-bobo, Kill la Kill)...and then read up on them on wikipedia's, but never actually have watched any. I've even went so far as to read each episode list and spoil the plots of a few(assassination classroom...), and yet still....i haven't watched any actual episodes.
    It's both terrifying and embarrassing what youtube tries to recommend I view when I'm not logged in, all because it's going by my devices location So many rightwing nutjub conspiracy videos, some downright calling for more violence, and none of them providing even anything remotely like evidence to support their "arguments"...

    ...and this **** is being generated strictly based on what others in my state view and rate. Many people here actually believe this bull****..

    And then my wife wonders why I hate my home state so much and desperately want to move....
    I really can't figure the hell out of why people deliberately use troll rulesets online like stamina and large stages just so they can run away the entire match. They know full well their opponent will DC from a ****ty ruleset right at the start so neither get any GSP. So wtf is the point? Why waste both of our time?
    I’m hyped for pyra and mythra. Idc what the haters say. My Ganondorf now has a light to balance the shadow, and my ryu...now has a fire waifu? ...yes I’m shipping Ganondorf with Mythra and Prya with Ryu, deal with it.

    SO it's a safe bet that pyra/mythra will be released almost immediately after the presentation considering we all got a notice that the game will be updated to 11.0.0 soon.

    I know it's pointless to hope so given the games past patches constantly screwing us over, but before, perhaps this will be the patch we finally see some dorf buffs...
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    Mannnn I'm waiting for some lucario buffs, like a spike on down air. But the last patch notes were only a few characters so there might be less changes.
    Lucario with a spike would be a dream come true, but I’m not going to hold my hopes out for it.
    it's interesting what folks say about you when they don't realize you're listening in.

    Earlier today I happened to go into twitch streams as a random unassuming name (timmy) to give the appearance that i'm just some random new player in smash, even playing my first stock like a total beginner, spamming smashes and running around randomly throwing out dash attacks, only turning up the heat and playing for real when my opponent took my first stock(in which case I destroyed every one of them.)

    So fast forward to one twitch channel that I forgot I followed(I wouldn't have done this pseudo-trolling on an stream I remembered I follow) , I join his arena, and after I turn the heat up and start bodying folks left and right, they start going on about how my ganon is trash and they could beat it if they went their mains. It was only after I revealed who i was several matches later that they were quick to praise my ganon again....and were all visibly embarrassed when I brought up that I had been watching the whole time and heard exactly what they were saying.
    I just learned aobut a terrifying website known as "This person does not exist"

    it's a website with fake photo's generated by AI that are so close to looking like real people that they can convince you they are.
    RealPokeFan11 RealPokeFan11 it's still creepy though and it could get people into trouble if the wrong people use it for evil.
    RealPokeFan11 RealPokeFan11 the problem is, the tech is still out there, and someone else can just use it to perform something dangerous.

    Imagine if they used this, along with either a very good imitator, or audio editing software....to say....spread a video claiming a world leader is about to nuke another world leader.

    This **** is terrifying.
    Doc Monocle
    Doc Monocle
    Of course, there is just as much danger in the conspiracy theories about it. I am a very skeptical person myself, and sometimes, the argument concerning a problem can be just as convincing as the problem itself. For example, (in the inteest of peace, I shall not name any specifics) there are historical instances of people bound by religion (call them hunters) who persecuted a group of people bound by another religion (but the latter was a secret society). The hunters would spread rumors about the secret society, which may or may not have been true in order to garner popular support for the persecutions. People knew that nasty things happened, but they would not have known to question the rumors. After all, the source did decry the foul habits held by the secret society. One must be wary of conspiracy theories, as well as their subjects. If someone cries, "Deep fake!" Think twice and thrice.
    I have to wonder if we'll get an Xenoblade 3 that tries to somehow tie all the previous games together
    officially since the dlc bonus in xc2 doesn't actually count, although 1 and 2 are loosely tied together at the end of 2 officially as events happening in its ending are also having the events of the first games ending happening simultaneously with shulk and party defeating klaus

    Idk how they'd do it, but whatever the route, I hope they somehow let all the main characters from each game in, and perhaps have mechanics in place during battle based on who the leader is; IE, if shulk is the leader, the gameplay would more closely resemble the first game, hud and all, while if rex was leader, it would be his, same for Elma. and if you form a party of all characters from the same game, they get the full benefits of their games mechanics, so Rex and team can pull off the break/topple/launch/smash combo, shulk and team get....better chain attacks? or more elaborate and effective status effect moves and abilities for crowd control like sleep poisons etc? Or somehow shulk regains his visions? and Elma and team get access to the overdrive.

    ....of course perhaps i'm just being too optimistic. chances are fi a XC3 does arrive, it'll be in name only, or will only loosely hint at events of the other games and have strictly new characters.
    Torgo the Bear
    Torgo the Bear
    I feel fairly convinced Xenoblade is destined to be one of those JRPG franchises that rarely REALLY ties in with itself. Just like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Persona, etc.
    people pissed about mythra/pyra and it was like the best reveal for me on this pass considering we're not getting Geno.

    They more than make up for the **** that was steve, minmin and seph.

    Maybe it's just cuz I loved xenoblade 2 and 1 so much, and they certainly seem less complex than shulk so I'll possibly enjoy playing them. Likely found my next characters. Ganondorf, Ryu, and Now Pyra/mythra.
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    Hopefully the next two DLC characters are characters we both want. So far, only Banjo & Kazooie and Sephiroth were the only DLC I wanted and are satisfied with.
    Well at least we both got 2 characters we wanted. Banjo for me, and now Pyra/Mythra. For both passes these have literally been the only characters I've been hyped over. Banjo more so, but Mythra/Pyra at least makes up some of the sting of Noodlegirl, Blockhead, and Mamma's boy getting in while Geno got screwed over.
    I honestly think it was someone high up within Nintendo or Square-Enix's fault as to why Geno didn't make it in. If it was up to Sakurai, I think he would have added him instead of Sephiroth.
    another direct, another disappointment for ganondorf mains.

    Yeah I know this is just the reveal of the new character, but honestly a patch won't be too far away, and we all know what happens to ganondorf during patches so might as well post my complaint now.
    SO I might have ****ed up some how and lost my wife's character on ANimal crossing NH as I tried to transfer data to the new switch......
    That really, REALLY sucks.
    actually I was wrong. Seeing as my wife doesn't have an actual NNID to link up, I found out that I simply on the new switch just had to say "hey, this new profile on this system is for the villager here" more or less. So I just created a new profile for her on the new switch, and linked it to her old villager in ACNH.

    So yeah it's safe. She didn't play any other game than ACNH, so nothing was really "lost" for her.

    Now it's just time wipe all data on my old switch, then format the SD card for my new one, and hope like hell that Nothing goes wrong with that....
    That's good to hear that your wife's save file was accidentally deleted.

    I can't tell if this is real or a very well done edit. And it terrifies me cuz i'm leaning more towards real based on the TASVideos link description. What kind of gods can do this with gameboy hardware...?
    I just saw something on facebook marketplace made in 1999 listed as "vintage" and felt attacked.

    As if I needed anything else to slap me in the face telling me I'm old.....
    One thing I kinda wish games would do that let you change the voices from japanese to english(or more), would be if you could set what language individual main characters spoke, and also choose one blanket one for all villages/towns.

    Yeah I know it'd break the immersion quite a bit, but it'd be kinda neat and funny. On top of that, sometimes the Japanese voice actors for some characters sound waaaay better than the English IMO(especially during battles), and vice versa. And if a game has other languages than japanese and english? that'd be even crazier.

    Sure you'd never understand what most are saying, but that's what subtitles are for.
    I really never figured out how JoJo's bizarre adventure got so popular over these past few years. Like...just randomly one day it started to skyrocket in popularity and stay there.
    Its flamboyant and over-the-top nature naturally inspires meme culture and most people who got into JoJo did it for the memes. Popularity in general comes from some external factor, usually as a result of some social phenomenon, and not the inherent traits of the thing itself.
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