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  • I see the spam bots are once again at it.

    Can smashboards not purge these things ?
    Strong Badam
    Strong Badam
    Dealing with them is manual endeavor by our volunteer staff. If you'd like to help out, hit the Report button on either the spam content itself or the account profiles to alert us. Usually they are dealt with rather quickly, though.
    I realize it all has to be done manually I Just feel like the site could have found a solution to greatly minimize them by now. It's been yeaaaaars since I joined so I don't know how different the process is now, but I know lots of other sites have that "captcha"(think that's what it is called) image system that does a decent job of weeding out bots. Some like ign have you redo them each time you need to relogin.

    I don't know if it's possible to integrate that into smashboards since IDK what software/company the site really uses(so they might not even offer it), but IMO it'd maybe be something worth investing in by the site's main staff some day....
    Strong Badam
    Strong Badam
    Thank you for that feedback. We do have a Captcha verification on registration in addition to Q&A human verification (where we ask the registrant questions about Super Smash Bros.). Even after this, we have IP, e-mail, and username searches that flag potential spam accounts and require manual approval from an administrator before they can post; many of them are rejected. Lastly, when posting any sort of content (post, thread, status update, profile comment), if any "spam phrase" is used in the content then the content gets flagged and needs manual approval. A significant majority of spam attempts are thwarted before a regular user would ever see them, and this percentage was increased rather recently as well. Unfortunately, a huge number of attempts at spamming our website take place every single day. It is my belief that spam accounts which successfully pass through all of these steps to post their spam are made by real humans who are being paid to do so.
    Hopefully this explanation and the transparency on why you might see quite a bit of spam is helpful for you!
    I often wonder why people online think they’ve made some major accomplishment when beating a character like ganondorf or little mac with someone like Palutena, Pikachu, greninja, joker etc.

    Like... you realize you went against some of the worst characters in the game right? If you’re opponent so much as got a stock off you with one of these characters that actually makes you look pretty bad. And if you even lose a match that makes it worse.
    You want to play mafia? We’re looking for a replacement, but only sign up if you can really commit to playing
    Just got screwed by Nintendo’s ****ty service again, twice it boots me off against a laggy opponent and I’m the one getting banned for it :/. Meanwhile my connection works just fine with no issues, yet I’m getting punished cuz my opponent has a garbage connection.
    Is it really that much to ask to have ganon be a decent character just once? 3 games in a row he’s been trash.
    Heavyweight syndrome. Most fighting games (Including Smash) don't often let heavies be good. Heavies/grappler struggle is always real. Bowser has seemed to be the minor exception but even then he isn't good enough to be considered among the best in the game, though the best heavy for sure.
    So change him up? He doesn’t necessarily need to play like this slow hard hitting falcon knockoff anymore when all it does is hold him back.

    The core issue has more to do with his current moveset. Not only does it not truly fit him, but it’s clear it’s what is causing him to always be either the, or one of the worst characters in the games. So at this point give him something drastically different that actually feels like ganondorf. Maybe he ends up worse, but there’s also a very strong likelihood he ends up way better.

    The fact that Hyrule Warriors created a more accurate version of ganondorf than smash Bros has is kinda sad.

    Give him a trident(yes that’s technically his beast form ganons weapon but still), give him an energy ball projectile, make him use more of his dark magic that he’s shown to be capable of in the Zelda series, especially for his recovery.
    I’m just sick of how sakurai refuses to see that ganondorfs current moveset and core design is massively flawed.
    Anyone here who has a roku device and likes classic films/tv (specifically around 1930s-1970s) have any recommended channels? The ones I’m finding all have the same content and it’s usually the b-rated films and in poor quality, not to mention really limited.

    I wouldn’t even mind something that requires a subscription (though free is definitely better). I was hoping maybe turner classic movies would be on it but it’s not...

    EDIT: guess I should of googled it. I figured it would be under Turner Classic Movies when I searched my roku, turns out if I did tcm id find it. Problem is it seems i need cable to use...the whole point of getting a roku was for me to get rid of cable -_-
    To say i'm pissed right now would be an understatement. Nintendo's ****ty online service just banned me because my opponent D/C'd in the lobby.
    So...just wondering is there no way for smashboards to kill off the spam/adbots? Every night it’s the same.

    Idk how the system is now for joining up since I joined years ago, but does the site not have one of those “captcha” systems or w/e yet that forces you to select certain images to prove you’re a real person and not a bot? Or are those not actually that effective? I’m actually genuinely curious.
    For those who watch death battle, the newest video is up and damn it’s good.

    I won’t spoil it but all I’ll say is the comment at the end by the winner was the most disrespectful thing in history. Nothing will top that.
    I kind of lost interest after they royally screwed over Ben Tennyson, but Ganon vs Dracula sounds interesting.
    Spam is such a weird food...

    [spoiler]Like, 99% of the time just thinking about eating it makes you sick. But then there’s that 1% where you crave it like a crack addict suffering from withdrawal symptoms.[/spoiler]
    I love Super Mario RPG so much and I replayed some of it today. I was hoping some of the others in the Geno thread would as well. Have you started replaying it yet?
    I'm not staying on swf for long. No chance I'd ever play brawl competitive again. Just got on here to see if you got my youtube message. Head on skype or add me on steam if you wanna talk some more. I'll be leaving for Australia the 31st, so you have until then to catch up a bit lol.
    Show me proof. Because that does not sound factual. It sounds like here say and antimk propaganda. I can show you the numbers. You wanna say that mks had the power to change them, then prove it. Also, any character with a -2 to mk has -2 to another character. Even if the mk matchup is -3, which is the worst possible a -2 to another character is enough of a bad matchup to keep the character from being viable.
    The matchup data I sent you is based on both the mk players and the other character. It is a reached consensus. Not just one belief but the belief of both mk players and the other characters players.
    I know exactly what you mean about the cashsplittin', M2K's all about the money these days. He even told me the only reason he goes to Tourney's is for the money now.

    Anywho. As for patching the next Smash, I know if it went that far, people would fly right back to MeleeBrawl. xD Brawl is still superunbalanced. Partygame or not. But IGN picking up the competitive Smash community and maybe even sponsoring us would be..simply perfect.
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