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  • The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies and being around that time I’m starting to hear the same debates about wether it’s a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie. It has always reminded me of the debates for Smash on wether it’s party game or a fighting game. And I have the same response to both, they can be either. Yes, people tied to the project have come out with official answers, but they have elements of both within them and can be enjoyed as either.
    Playing as Tom & Jerry in a platform fighter is a dream come true to me.
    I’ll definitely try MultiVersus when it comes out. I get the skepticism around the free to play aspect, as long as it’s not pay 2 win I really don’t care, but I do think it will help the game find a strong audience. Although brawlhalla isn’t that popular of a game among the smash community, it still has a pretty good player base. So I think even if the game is a miss with the community, I still think it will be able to pick up a pretty sizable amount of players (Unless it is like really terrible). If it is popular with the smash community, than I think it really has a good shot.
    I just really hope it isn’t hyped to death like NASB. Even though I enjoyed that game, I don’t think it lived up to the unrealistic expectations people and I do feel like that does contribute at least a little to the negativity the game has been getting recently. Some hype is fine, but smash killer is too far.
    TL;DR: Yay Tom & Jerry, Free 2 Play might help find a player base, please don’t hype to death.
    I don’t love April’s inclusion in NASB, especially over TMNT characters I feel like are more deserving, but she is a pretty funny character to add.
    Like beating characters with crazy powers like Aang or Danny Phantom by taking their picture might just be the greatest thing ever.
    I like that Pokémon unite isn’t just the extremely popular Pokémon. Obviously they should be here because they’re popular for a reason and people should be able to play as their favorites, but I do enjoy the more out there picks like cramorant or crustle (even though I hate playing as crustle). And I hope they get really random later on. Like I know someone like stunfisk will probably never get in, and I don’t know how it would work, but it would be really funny.
    Just got to play Rivals of Aether for the first time on switch. Glad to finally see what I was missing out on.
    Although the online is a bit of a wasteland right now. Got two good ranked matches and now can’t find anyone
    One of the most annoying things about swsh for me was accidentally running in to wild Pokémon. Sometimes it looks like you didn’t even touch them and you still enter a battle. Well I just accidentally ran into a Stonjourner and it was shiny. I will never complain about this agian.
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    They really just need to make it open world and run an open world engine like BOTW or something. Yknow, with actual draw distance so a Pokemon dosen't magically dig itself out of the ground and appear. I'll elaborate in a post on my profile later.
    I really wish people wouldn't use BOTW as thrir first example. Not because it doesn't look goid but because it's not a monster collector.

    Dragon Quest Monsters' DS and 3DS games are way better examples in context.
    Yeah I know I was just stating an Open World game people would immediately associate with it.
    I played four player free-for-all in an arena online today and it was probably the most fun I’ve had in Ultimate in a while.
    I’m done with following any pro players. Even if they seem like a good person, you never know what’s genuine and what’s just a persona that they are putting on.
    I replayed ARMS and just realized how much Misango looks like Star Platinum. And the rush attack is kind of “Ora Ora Ora” like. But he does have that little wisp thing that’s like a stand, so I can’t tell if he’s a stand or a stand user
    How many dinosaurs lived on these AC islands? They’re not THAT big. And how come only a couple show up a day? I really should stop over analyzing these things. If Ash has been to basically every Pokémon Region, why does he still suck?
    One of my ac villagers wanted a new catchphrase, so I decided to have him say bruh as a joke. But he keeps teaching other villagers it. “Bruh” is spreading like a wildfire on my island, and I don’t know if I love it or hate it
    I love New Horizons but I swear to god my tools break at the worst possible times...
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    Minecraft: First time?
    Third time, I felt the same way in BotW
    Man, I really loved Arms when it came out. Super happy ANY character from it is getting into smash. But, I really fell like the ungrateful people are going to be coming back to complain again...
    The Sonic Movie trailer told me that it is just another generic live action/cgi kids movie made only for a quick buck
    I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t like the depressing lizard’s design or name...
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