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  • I’m kinda angry. My dad keeps badgering me to alter an assignment I turned in when I got a 34/40 on it (which is a B) and my mom was okay with that grade.
    Now that I think about it, SSE could’ve definitely used some more Nintendo enemies in the Subspace Army’s ranks. Things like:

    -Lakitus & Spinies
    -Chain Chomps
    -The Three Viruses
    -Shy Guys
    -Waddle Dees
    -Knuckle Joes
    -Waddle Doos
    -Bronto Burts
    -Ramblin’ Evil Mushrooms
    -Reapers & Reapettes
    -Eggplant Wizards
    -Burrowing Snagrets
    -Wild Gunmen
    -Ballon Fight enemies

    …In fact, I think this could’ve comprised the entire Subspace Army (along with the Subspace Army we got).
    Assist Trophies in Brawl that also could’ve been enemies in SSE (alignside Hammer Bros.):

    -Lakitu & Spinies
    I was playing the All-Stars version of SMB3 on SNES Online.

    And SMB3 kinda…sucks.
    Yeah, I never got the appeal. It's a fun game, sure-but I don't see much more than that. And SMW and the New games were also very good in that department. Always confused me when it made the top of the Mario lists when the 3D games were the ones leaping boundaries and trying new things. So far in my playthrough, nothing's made me think "Wow, this really is the best Mario game just like the tier lists said!" It's okay so far.
    There was one course in SMB3 I think either in the ice level or pipe level that was kind of confusing where you had to navigate through different warp pipes and fly to the right warp pipe with a koopa shell with Tanooki Mario with losing the Tanooki power up. You had to fly to up through a narrow ceiling while also throwing a koopa shell at some blocks to get to that warp pipe which was the correct one. I hate that course along with the one in the sky level where it's a auto-scroller that goes up and down.
    GOD, if I just worked at Nintendo…if I at least knew the release windows for each Vol. 2 fighter…
    I doubt even a lot of Nintendo employees know anything about the Fighter's Pass 2 characters or their release dates. I'm sure only people at the very top like Sakurai, his team, and the CEO of Nintendo know about who is in FP2 and their release dates. Nintendo has Smash information pretty locked and tight so no one will ever leak it I'm sure. Especially after the Giga leak.
    My recent Vs. CPU matches have made me hate the CPU more than I already do.

    Several times I counted of them getting a Final Smash before me, getting a useful item before me, and preventing me from doing literally ANYTHING on the offensive or defensive.
    You must learn Haki to improve your Smash skulls young one:

    With Observation, you'll sense you're opponent's attacks before they make a move.

    With Armament, you'll gain offensive and destructive power like never before.

    With Conqueror's, you'll be able to conquer any foe with a weaker will of your own.
    I wish Sakurai would just admit Vol. 2 is canceled. Everything else is just delaying it from when it can be reasonably shown off and it doesn’t look like Nintendo gives a ****.

    It’s clear I’m the only one who thinks Smash is literally getting its next update any ****ing time soon.
    As long as we're nowhere near the December 2021 deadline, we'll eventually hear something. It's best to play other things in the meantime, like the forthcoming Crash 4.
    One way or the other, Sakurai and his team will finish Fighter's Pass 2 as they kind of already promise it to the public and they already made deals with the owners of the IPs of the characters. But whether or not they were planning on Fighter's Pass 3 though I think that's down the drown because of Covid now. With what's going on in the world right now, I believe Sakurai intends to deliver Fighter's Pass 2 and wrap up the game no matter how slow the process is or when Nintendo tells them to announce it.
    Here are the stages I would pick if I were directing Ultimate (WARNING: LONG POST)

    All New Stages
    1. New Donk City Hall
    2. Super Bell Hill
    3. Bowser’s Castle
    4. Coconut Mall
    5. 25m
    6. Gangplank Galleon
    7. Great Plateau Tower
    8. Tal Tal Heights
    9. SR388 Landing Site
    10. Skytown
    11. Baby Bowser Bash
    12. Castle Dedede
    13. Floral Fields
    14. Resolution Road
    15. Zoness
    16. The Great Hoenn Sea
    17. Melemele Island
    18. Condor’s Peak
    19. Temple of Mila
    20. Opera House
    21. Octopus
    22. Kid Icarus NES
    23. Golden Pyramid
    24. City Escape
    25. Studiopolis
    26. Hocotate Freight
    27. Gyromite
    28. Main Street
    29. Internet Square
    30. Jogging
    31. Pictochat X
    32. Vega Stage
    33. Moray Towers
    34. Dracula’s Castle
    35. Doshin the Giant
    36. Mementos (DLC)
    37. Yggdrasil’s Altar (DLC)
    38. Spiral Mountain (DLC)
    39. King of Fighters Stadium (DLC)
    40. Garreg Mach Monastery (DLC)
    41. Spring Stadium (DLC)
    42. CP7’s stage (DLC)
    43. CP8’s stage (DLC)
    44. CP9’s stage (DLC)
    45. CP10’s stage (DLC)
    46. CP11’s stage (DLC)

    All Old Stages
    1. Battlefield and its two variations
    2. Final Destination
    3. Peach’s Castle (64)
    4. Kongo Jungle (64)
    5. Hyrule Castle (64)
    6. Super Happy Tree (64)
    7. Dream Land (64)
    8. Saffron City (64)
    9. Mushroom Kingdom (64)
    10. Princess Peach’s Castle (Melee)
    11. Rainbow Cruise (Melee)
    12. Kongo Falls (Melee)
    13. Great Bay (Melee)
    14. Temple (Melee)
    15. Brinstar (Melee)
    16. Yoshi’s Island (Melee)
    17. Yoshi’s Story (Melee)
    18. Fountain of Dreams (Melee)
    19. Green Greens (Melee)
    20. Corneria (Melee)
    21. Venom (Melee)
    22. Pokémon Staidum (Melee)
    23. Onett (Melee)
    24. Mushroom Kingdom II (Melee)
    25. Brinstar Depths (Melee)
    26. Poké Floats (Melee)
    27. Big Blue (Melee)
    28. Fourside (Melee)
    29. Flat Zone (Melee)
    30. Delfino Plaza (Brawl)
    31. Figure-8 Circuit (Brawl)
    32. WarioWare, Inc. (Brawl)
    33. Bridge of Eldin (Brawl)
    34. Frigate Orpheon (Brawl)
    35. Yoshi’s Island (Brawl)
    36. Halberd (Brawl)
    37. Lylat Cruise (Brawl)
    38. Port Town Aero Dive (Brawl)
    39. Castle Siege (Brawl)
    40. Distant Planet (Brawl)
    41. New Pork City (Brawl)
    42. Skyworld (Brawl)
    43. Shadow Moses Island (Brawl)
    44. Luigi’s Mansion (Brawl)
    45. Spear Pillar (Brawl)
    46. Flat Zone 2 (Brawl)
    47. Green Hill Zone (Brawl)
    48. 3D Land (for 3DS)
    49. Golden Plains (for 3DS)
    50. Paper Mario (for 3DS)
    51. Gerudo Valley (for 3DS)
    52. Spirit Train (for 3DS)
    53. Dream Land GB (for 3DS)
    54. Unova Pokémon League (for 3DS)
    55. Prism Tower (for 3DS)
    56. Mute City SNES (for 3DS)
    57. Magicant (for 3DS)
    58. Arena Ferox (for 3DS)
    59. Reset Bomb Forest (for 3DS)
    60. Tortimer Island (for 3DS)
    61. PAC-MAZE (for 3DS)
    62. Living Room (for 3DS)
    63. Find Mii (for 3DS)
    64. Tomodachi Life (for 3DS)
    65. Mushroom Kingdom U (for Wii U)
    66. Mario Galaxy (for Wii U)
    67. Mario Circuit (for Wii U)
    68. Skyloft (for Wii U)
    69. Coliseum (for Wii U)
    70. Gamer (for Wii U)
    71. Garden of Hope (for Wii U)
    72. Town and City (for Wii U)
    73. Wii Fit Studio (for Wii U)
    74. Boxing Ring (both games)
    75. Gaur Plains (both games)
    76. Duck Hunt (both games)
    77. Wrecking Crew (for Wii U)
    78. Pilotwings (for Wii U)
    79. Wuhu Island (for Wii U)
    80. Wily Castle (both games)
    81. Mario Maker (for Wii U)
    82. Suzaku Castle (both games)
    83. Midgar (both games)
    84. Umbra Clock Tower (both games)
    I don’t know who can acceptfully hear this, but it needs to be said: if an Assist Trophy was part of Vol. 2, the community discourse would ONLY GET WORSE.

    Because characters that people normally overlook would be shafted in favor of characters who were ALREADY PROGRAMMED FOR ASSISTANCE ROLES (yes, even base game Spirits would be shafted). People would put sticks up their ***es and claim Assist Trophies should “always” take priority simply because they’re now suddenly possible.

    Is this the future you want to live in? One where Assist Trophies are all that matter and people blame Sakurai when he doesn’t do it again?
    I just realized; the villains of the two respective series wouldn’t work story-wise in M&L Paper Jam. At most, I could see them as super bosses.
    By villains do you mean two specific villains from the two spin-off series (like Fawful & Dimentio) or just the general set of villains (Popple, Cackletta, Antasma, Fawful, Count Bleck, Grodus, Dimentio etc)?
    Just in general.
    Your reaction if this was Ultimate’s DLC lineup;

    -Frank West & Piranha Plant (early purchase bonus for Smash Ultimate, made able to separately purchase upon release date)

    Vol. 1
    -Joker (Pack 1)
    -Hero (Pack 2)
    -Banjo-Kazooie (Pack 3)
    -Euden (Pack 4)
    -Terry Bogard (Pack 5)

    -Byleth (early purchase bonus for Vol. 2, made able to separately purchase upon release date)

    Vol. 2
    -Min Min and Echo Fighter Ninjara (Pack 6)
    -Sora (Pack 7)
    -Crash Bandicoot (Pack 8)
    -Scorbunny (Pack 9)
    -Sakura Shinguji and Echo Fighter Sakura Amamiya (Pack 10)
    -Bandana Dee and bonus fighter King Boo (Pack 11)
    I'd be pretty happy for the most part, but I'd swap out Scorbunny for a better Pokémon like Toxtricity. I'd prefer to stick with fully evolved Pokémon unless it's meant to be a joke inclusion. I'd also swap out Sakura for someone else.
    Vol. 1 is still great but Vol. 2 does nothing for me barring Min Min and actually includes my least wanted character with Sora.
    I'm fine with this except Sora, and I'd like Cinderace over Scorbunny if we're going Fire Starters here.
    I like how after a certain point in Persona 5, we learn, literally, that the real treasure is the friend we make along the way.
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    Wait how did you do that?
    Inline spoilers are now in the Insert menu with the new forum update. Alternatively, you can circle your text with "ISPOILER" and "/ISPOILER" in brackets
    It looks pretty lewd now.
    I for the life of me will never understand why Jill and Shuma-Gorath remained as DLC in UMvC3’s original release. The other 12 extra characters, who were planned to be DLC, had to be shipped to Ultimate due to the 2011 earthquake and tsunami messing up the schedule.
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    Still beats the time they decided to end Ultra Street Fighter IV's DLC roster with Decapre. At least Jill and Shuma-Gorath were pre-established playable characters used by many players.
    KirbyWorshipper2465 KirbyWorshipper2465 It's not necessarily about the chosen characters. It's about the fact they were kept as DLC when other planned DLC characters were shipped directly to Ultimate.
    I guess Capcom wanted more money and/or wanted to recoup costs. I mean, you know how they are. :drshrug:
    DanganZilla5 DanganZilla5 What a coincidence! I was watching a review of the original Dead Rising.
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    Yeah I just changed it as I have been playing Dead Rising 3. I beat the game and am going through the DLC right now. I do own the original and while I haven't played much of it, I am familiar with it as one of my favorite youtubers played it back in the day. I also played through Dead Rising 2 many times as a kid. So yeah, I love Dead Rising and it would be great see Frank West become playable.
    I’m honestly shocked that Crimson Viper wasn’t recycled into MvC:I.
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Yet we got Spencer. Spencer of all people. Wesker, Joe, Amaterasu....nope. Spencer. Still though, I got Jedah, X, and Sigma which were must-haves for me on Capcom’s side. Venom, Ultron, Black Widow, and Black Panther made it on the Marvel side as well which, again, were must-haves. So in the end, I was moderately happy.
    If Rumble Falls came back in Ultimate, do you think it’d be updated to more closely resemble Ultimate’s Kongo Falls?
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    Aurora Jenny
    Aurora Jenny
    Probably would, and I think any traveling stages of THAT nature would be revamped.

    Edit: Because let's face it we need a few more DK Stages that are colorful, revamping those stages would bring them back but in a way that makes them enjoyable and not scream-worthy. Icicle Mountain could probably do a Prism Tower thing, with maybe the Ice Climbers in the background clearing the level when they're not actually on stage. I don't know.
    Rayquaza also isn’t an embodiment of pure evil, and it was a boss in SSE. Granted, it has played a couple antagonistic roles prior (PMD: Red/Blue Rescue Team and Destiny Deoxys), but those two were a territorial kind (just like in SSE, where its battle is the result of a misunderstanding).
    Yeah. but Ho-oh isn't territorial at all.
    That’s not my point. My point is that a character doesn’t have to be an antagonist to be a boss (even though all the bosses are such).
    Man...looking at Giga Bowser in Classic Mode makes me think he was only put there to fill a Classic Mode quota when there's several other fighters whose Classic Mode he'd fit right in.

    What I mean is: :ultganondorf::ultzss::ultwiifittrainer::ultlittlemac::ultincineroar:

    We've reached Day 500 of our fixed RTC schedule, and the topic might surprise you.
    Poor Sakurai…he legit loves working on his characters, yet people can’t stop giving him crap for a specific character after nearly eight months.

    What would be a good trailer scenario for Sakura Shinguji?
    Wait, B buttons? You said run buttons.

    Also, I "demeaned" the idea of an AT being promoted in the same game as DLC, not their supporters.
    Demeaning is demeaning, even if it's "oh no you might not have to wait ten years for a character's move count to go from 4 to 24 and also you get to actually control them"
    God, I just wanted some trailer ideas for if Sakura Shinguji got in. I shouldn't have started this debate. I'm sorry, I simply don't agree with Sakura being reduced to a Mii Costume when her series is such a hit in her native Japan.
    I just had an epihany; if Spring Man were an early purchase bonus (alongside :ultpiranha: ), fans of him out there wouldn't have to worry about as much debate if ARMS were still the first Vol. 2 character.

    And speaking of ARMS characters, I personally think it would've been cool to see Ninjara as an Echo of :ultminmin.
    Dwayne Johnson and his family just tested positive for COVID-19.

    2020 doesn't need to claim any more celebrity lives, so we can only pray Dwayne and his family make it through.
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    I don't like Trump either, but you've gone a little too far dude.
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    I enjoy dark humor.
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    I don't actually want him to catch it, but I have no qualms joking about it, as it is poetic irony.
    Inb4 there's eventually a Pokémon Blossom and Pokémon Breeze, featuring a flower-based Legendary and a cloud-based Legendary, respectively, as the game mascots.
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    Only question is, which country would be the best one as a basis for a name like that?
    We don't exactly need one as basis. Look at Sinnoh or Hoenn.
    Those were still Japan, but whatever. I mostly wanted to pick a country that hasn't been represented yet. Maybe Italy or Greece?
    Know what's a missed opportunity? Not calling Greninja's trailer "Who's that Pokémon?" when they used "Together, We Ride" for Robin's trailer.
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    Except the concept of "Who's that Pokémon?" was started in the Japanese version of the anime. Plus, they can always just call it that in the West only, and keep "Challenger from the Shadows" for the JP version. Hero's trailer is called "The Legendary Hero" in its Japanese version.
    I didn't know that. I assumed "Who's that Pokemon?" was just a phase from the English Dub.
    I mean, it is as a phrase.
    If I could make a cartoon series, it would be a magical girl series. Tonally, it'd be a mix between the silliness of Precure and the OW THE EDGE of Madoka Magica.
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Precure as in Purikyua? Is that available outside of Japan? Personally I can’t stand that show (but I don’t really like anime save for a five or so particular shows) but my 3 year old daughter loves that show so I tend to watch it with her. I never knew it was brought outside of Japan.
    It was...SORT of brought outside Japan. However, the only time it kept the Pretty Cure name outside of Japan was with the first series. The two other times, it was called....Glitter Force.
    I just thought of an Evil Team for my dream Pokémon game; an organization called Team SCAR. SCAR stands for Status Conditional Ailment Research, and they use a mafia as a cover for their research.
    Reaction: the next Pokémon game has Gym Leaders based around gameplay mechanics.

    1. The first Gym Leader is a daycare lady who uses baby Pokémon
    2. The second your Professor, who uses Pokémon of the Grass, Fire and Water types

    After that, you're free to tackle each Gym at your own accord. The Gym Leaders you face are:

    3. An aspiring chef who always equips his Pokémon with Berries during his battle
    4. A former member of the evil team who uses Pokémon that evolve or have evolved via Friendship with him
    5. A meteorologist who utilizes the fake weather around her, using all Castforms along with a Landorous and a Sligoo
    6. A pop star whose Pokémon specialize in sound-based moves when she's not on stage
    7. An ailing doctor who specializes in status effects for his research
    8. An old wife and husband who specialize in gender-dependent Pokémon
    9. A firefighter who specializes in HM moves, mainly for his rescues
    10. A dojo master who specializes in stats, always the last Gym Leader you face; both people and Pokémon are his students
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