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    Champion of Hyrule
    Champion of Hyrule
    I disagree because of how easy it would be for them to just disable the specific assist trophy when the character is in play. Sure, it may look weird and inconsistent if a character was an assist and playable, but if Sakurai cared about things being weird and inconsistent, we wouldn't have a fighter spirit and regular spirit of the same character, and we wouldn't have like 8 FE characters
    None of us are part of the programming team, so I don't think we'll ever know how easy or hard it is to promote ATs, so it's all a moot point anyways. Until last year, no one knew that Steve's mechanics would have been deemed impossible by Sak if he wasn't nudged into trying to make them work anyways.

    I just figure that they'll skip over them no matter what anyone says, since that habit dies the hardest so far.
    I think it’s safe to say that :ultsephiroth:’s Classic Mode route is the only one I can safely (and proudly) do a 9.9 run of. All I really need to do is making sure I don’t **** up the patterns and keep a ticket on me if I die on the Hands.
    ok, I get how this is trying to do the whole "oh, look at how bad the Smash community is" but like, there are definitely reasons for that other than "Smash fans bad"
    Only reasons I can think of for why people hated mythra/pyra, is they're another anime character with a sword(kind of a legitimate complaint) and their character designs are a little...well revealing, even after the smash censorship.(not so legitimate a complaint, we have a freaking angel slaying witch who's clothes fly off in her actual game and it's not even actual clothing but...just her magical hair. So technically she's running around naked in smash. And her "clothing" still technically starts to disappear during her smash attacks and her final smash. And people are ******** cuz Mythra/pyra just have the biggest boobs in the game and show some a little bit of skin? Get over it.)
    Cutie Gwen
    Cutie Gwen
    Damn Perk, I expected you to know not to post blatant bait
    According to the infinite universe theory, there exists a universe where:
    • :052: was one of the original instead of :jigglypuff64:
    • :212: was the Gen 2 rep instead of :pichumelee:
    • Ayumi Tachibana joined the battle instead of :drmario:
    • :charizard: was solo from Brawl onwards
    • Snivy joined the battle in Smash 4
    • :azura: was the Fates rep instead of :4corrin:
    • Shadow and :ultalph: were Echoes of :ultsonic: and :ultolimar:, respectively
    • :ultpyra: swapped places with our TH rep (who was Edelgard instead of :ultbyleth:)
    For me, :ult_terry: and :ultsephiroth:, easy.
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    :ultsteve:. Incredible game from my childhood and basically the only character in either pass that I had much of a history with.
    1) Hero
    2) Banjo & Kazooie
    3) Steve
    4) Min Min

    The rest should just go away. =P
    If I had to rank the DLC fighters, it would go like this:

    2. :ultsephiroth:
    3. :ult_terry:
    4. :ultminmin
    5. :ultpyra:/Mythra
    6. :ultpiranha:
    7. :ultsteve:
    8. :ulthero:
    9. :ultjoker:
    10. :ultbyleth:
    I swear to God, Ultimate’s AI only exists to screw players over for the sake of it. A lot of the time, they manage to dodge my items and attacks and other hazards WITHOUT FAIL.
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    That's how the vast, vast majority of fighting game AI is. It's always been cheap. Ultimate isn't some outlier. This has been a thing since the Arcades. The 'quarter muncher' difficulty was never modified for home market. And the difficulty slider isn't as granular as we want to think. They're either really cheap, input reading buttwads or knuckle dragging and drooling levels of stupid. Hardly any in-between.
    I disagree. Brawl's and Smash 4's AI doesn't behave like this. Even in other games, like Rivals of Aether and Pokkén, the AI doesn't behave this way. You can still "outthink" it.

    The problem with Ultimate's AI is that they can (and will) react to your inputs on the first very frame if they deem their action will connect. (Like hitting with a smash attack.) It's really dumb and you have to hope that they won't parry every hit of your Lucas's down smash or a giant Kirby up-angling his f-smash as soon as the battle starts. (This happened to me in a spirit battle and I felt really cheated.)

    AI shouldn't feel way too unpredictable or overly respond with insane inputs players only can dream of.

    Now, I don't have any major difficulty with Ultimate's AI, as you can clearly cheese them or whatever, but it is always frustrating in spirit battles and classic mode when you feel very cheated or they parry every thing left and right and then counter with their powerful smash attacks. Ultimate AI is on a whole other league.

    This is actually a quite tricky topic to discuss.
    The AI in Ultimate is easy to tango with once you got the swag and keep that momentum going. Plus, the Level 9 CPU are good to train with before entering real matches with real players.
    My mom is planning on moving to New Orleans around the end of May. We've been talking about taking a road trip there from my home in California.
    So I guess we'll likely see the next fighter at E3 this year. Who're you hoping for? I'm placing my bets on Cash Banooca.
    You know…most of the DLC fighters’ Classic Mode routes have been kinda disappointing so far.
    • Hero’s is just fighting the other Heroes and other DQ-related things
    • Banjo’s is just fighting characters in two again
    • Byleth’s is just Lucina’s but backwards which is ironic because Lucina is technically going backwards in her route
    • Min Min’s is just emulating ARMS characters for the sake of it
    • Steve’s is just emulating Minecraft characters for the sake of it
    • Pyra/Mythra’s is just Meta Knight’s again, just with slightly different characters
    Only a few routes really felt unique to me.
    • Joker’s has you recruiting the characters you defeat
    • Terry’s is more or less 7 rounds of KOF battles
    • Sephiroth‘s has you fighting every boss, obviously
    If I could change the other 6 Classic Mode routes I mentioned earlier, I’d have:
    • Hero fight characters from JRPG’s in general (the genre DQ pioneered)
    • Banjo fight characters from N64 games (the bird and bear’s console of origin)
    • Byleth fight characters mirroring different FE gameplay mechanics, such as durability or the Weapon Triangle (since he’s a professor and he’s meant to teach these to his students)
    • Min Min fight characters with slowly increasing range (what I mean is starting with Little Mac, then moving on to Zero Suit Samus, and so on)
    • Steve fight characters from other 3rd party companies
    • Sephiroth fight characters referencing the first 7 Final Fantasy games in Stamina Battles
    • Pyra/Mythra fight characters referencing other Xeno games (ending with fighting the Hands with the help of Shulk)
    Internal Frickface
    Internal Frickface
    not to mention that they could have just put in a boss rush mode instead of having it bound to one ****ing character lmao
    Yeah…Sephiroth’s is cool, but at the same time a bit of a slap in the face to other characters which I guess is perfectly in character for Sephiroth
    I was watching an old HMK video about the KH manga, and the CoM manga in particulat has some pretty effed-up deaths. Larxene's in particular has SDG combining Blizzard, Fire and Goofy Tornado to make a sort of water sprinkle attack against her. Being a character who fights with electricity, once Larxene gets hit with the attack, her electricity conducts it and she straight up EXPLODES.
    I’m on Episode 4 of Tropical Rouge Precure and I’m honestly stunned at how badly Laura screwed the pooch with staying hidden during this one scene in a museum’s mermaid exhibit. If she just got back into that thing that she hides in, this wouldn’t be an issue.
    I’m surprised Sailor Moon has never properly crossed over with any of the Pretty Cure series (at least, to my knowledge). They’re both popular magical girl series owned by Toei, aren’t they?
    That is a bit weird, Especially considering Precures collabs with Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, Toei likes crossing this series over.

    The best I got is the brand integrity for Sailor Moon as that is more popular than Precure they probably want to isolate it as much as they can.
    "I gave you a complete game that I'm proud of, and here's some more." Honestly, that's the best kind of DLC; more or less what DLC should be. Smash Ultimate has a big enough roster in the base game, and the Fighters Passes are just some extra helpings if you want some more fighters.
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