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  • If I at least ran Nintendo of America (which I REALLY wish I did), I’d at least give Big House some warnings before trying to C&D them for not sticking to just Ultimate.
    Pokelego999 Pokelego999 I don't think people are mad on the basis that this might be a legal injustice, but more that it is an authoritarian flex by a corporation that was fine extracting free profits from this setup until just recently.
    Champion of Hyrule
    Champion of Hyrule
    Keep in mind that just because Nintendo gave them a warning, dosent mean they’re in the right.

    And just because Nintendo said “We appreciate fan projects” in an interview dosent mean they necessarily do. Actions speak louder than words, and Nintendo’s actions are actively stopping people slightly improving games Nintendo dosent sell and barely agnowledges anymore. There’s nothing wrong with being critical of a company you like.
    Maybe if Nintendo could be bothered to port Melee no differently from Street Fighter 2, then this would probably be less of an issue but they won't because despite Nintendo loving to milk nostalgia pandering, they refuse to let people enjoy games of the past.
    Believe or not, I can actually see Kiryu in an Assist Trophy.
    If there's any RPG's that could do with ports of their older games on modern consoles, it's Ys and Sakura Wars.
    Why is Donald an actual Duck, why is Goofy a Turtle, and why is Sora a dog?
    Sora’s actually a lion. The gang was made this way to fit in with the world of the Lion King.
    They have ducks in Africa. Also African wild dogs.

    I know it's probably in part to be funny, but that turtle Goofy just looks so cursed.
    Here’s mine:

    Bonus 1: Piranha Plant

    Vol. 1
    Bandana Dee
    Terry Bogard
    Bonus 2: Byleth

    Vol. 2 (which, in my world, would have 10 fighters instead of 6):
    Min Min
    Crash Bandicoot
    Sakura Shinguji
    King Boo
    Ayumi Tachibana
    Chosen Undead
    Rate my vision for an Ultimate DX (this is brand new content only):

    Unique Fighters
    • Crash Bandicoot
    • Bandana Dee
    • Toxtricity
    • Euden
    • Sakura Shinguji
    Echo Fighters
    • Black Shadow (#11ε)
    • Shadow the Hedgehog (#38)
    • Alph (#40ε)
    • Ninjara (#76ε)
    • Sakura Amamiya
    New Assist Trophies
    • Pokémon Ranger
    • Hanneman
    • Bald Bull
    • Cactuar
    • Futaba Sakura
    • Golem (Dragon Quest)
    • Mumbo Jumbo
    • Nakoruru
    • Creeper
    • Dr. Neo Cortex
    • Ichiro Ogami
    New Stages
    • N. Sanity Beach
    • Dream Palace
    • Wyndon
    • Halidom
    • Grand Imperial Theater
    Returning Stages
    • Rainbow Road
    • Wooly World
    • Poké Floats
    • Mute City (Melee)
    • PAC-MAZE
    New Bosses
    • Ho-Oh
    • Grima
    New Modes
    • True All-Star (has you facing characters in order of Smash debut; All-Star Smash gets axed)
    • Coin Battles
    • Boss Battles
    Other Additions
    • A new WoL area dedicated to the DLC fighters (also, fighters like Min Min get their initial Spirit Battle replaced by their awakening battles)
    • Toggle individual hazards
    • Create playlists for each stage
    • Starting roster now includes :ultluigi::ultness::ultfalcon::ultjigglypuff::ultinkling::ultridley::ultsimon::ultkrool::ultisabelle::ultincineroar::ultpiranha:
    Gotta love when a series is deconfirmed and people act like it never had a chance to begin with.
    Here’s how to stay safe while trick or treating on Halloween night this year.

    Step 1: Don’t do it.

    Deleted member
    It kind of hurts how true this is. I feel sorry for any kids who were looking forward to their first Halloween this year.
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    My sister works in public schools and a notice was sent out from administration telling parents to avoid trick or treating this year. There has apparently by alerts or something that those infected with corona will attempt to spread it by coughing and infecting the candy they pass out.
    Question: if Vol. 2 had 10 fighters instead of 6 (2 Echoes can come with any one of these), which ones would you pick? Only rule is that you have to include the officially revealed fighters as well. Here are mine:
    • 76: Min Min
    • 76ε: Ninjara
    • 77: Sora
    • 78: Steve
    • 79: Euden
    • 80: Crash Bandicoot
    • 81: Sakura Shinguji
    • 81ε: Sakura Amamiya
    • 82: Bandana Dee
    • 83: Scorbunny
    • 84: Monster Hunter
    • 85: Crazy Dave
    Honorable mentions: King Boo, Frogger, Jill Valentine
    76: Min-Min
    77: Steve
    78: Bandana Dee
    79: Poochy
    80: Amaterasu
    81: Crash Bandicoot (Coco as Echo)
    82: The Shake King
    83: Toxtricity
    84: Heavy Weapons Guy
    85: Henry Stickmin
    76: Min Min
    77: Steve
    78: Hatsune Miku
    79: Waluigi
    80: Henry Stickman
    81: Lara Croft
    82: Dr. Eggman (Classic Eggman as an echo)
    83: T-Rex Runner
    84: Phoenix Wright
    85: Master Hand (Crazy Hand as an echo)
    • 78-81: Whoever was planned for the Fighters Pass
    • 82: Ragna the Bloodedge (BB)
    • 83: Zero (MMX)
    • 84: An actual literal who
    • 85: Heavy (TF2)
    Just replace whoever I mentioned with one of these three if they get in: Rex (XC2), Dante (DMC), Shovel Knight (SK)
    Man, the amount of slamming Sakura Shinguji is getting in RTC makes me sad.
    I used to enjoy that thread for a good while, but I eventually got tired of it after base game. Most characters chances are so low, that it doesn't really matter too much anymore outside of the bigger characters being talked about. The only thing worth reading in RTC anymore is want scores, just for fun. I myself am not super interested in Sakura Wars, but to each their own.
    Champion of Hyrule
    Champion of Hyrule
    Looking at the thread, I don’t really see anything that’s slamming Sakura in Smash. I see some points that don’t make sense, but nothing “slamming” the character moreso just disagreeing with her Smash chances... I don’t think they’re right but it’s not as bad as you’re saying it is
    The only positives of getting in Smash speculation are making friends and feeling good about getting proven right about assumptions others don't listen to.
    I'm bored. Ask me anything.
    Deleted member
    What would be the best standard Mario Enemy to be the next one that's playable in Smash?
    Dry Bones? I could see a special where he tosses his head.
    What was your experience on the set of Rampart, the 2012 smash hit?
    If Sakura’s mech was downscaled into normal gameplay, what if the hypothetical gimmick was switching between fighting in it and fighting in foot by pressing Shield and B?
    The gimmick I've thought about is, At the start Sakura is a standard light-mid weight swordfighter but once a meter or something fills she can input either down-b or as you said shield + b and she then either gets into her Koubu or just into the military uniform and then becomes a heavy-super heavyweight character for a limited time.
    Not a bad idea, but I think just switching on the fly sounds more fluid.
    Man, PvZ2 in general deserved better than to be under EA's thumb. One of my issues is that the bosses are just different Zombots (which are all recycled for the final battle, by the way). If I were making this game and I designed the bosses, I'd pick some more creative options for each world.

    Ancient Egypt: A zombie pharaoh who spins in a tornado of sand, tosses bones at plants and summons mummies.

    Pirate Seas: A zombie pirate captain on a mini ship with a cannon on the front.

    Wild West: A zombie outlaw who rides a horse and shoots plants with his revolver (occasionally summoning chickens).

    Far Future: An advanced Gargantuar Prime with eye lasers and tank wheels.

    Dark Ages: A necrodragon who spits fire and puts mushrooms to sleep.

    Big Wave Beach: A zombie mermaid who fires at plants with a trident of lightning.

    Frostbite Caves: A wooly mammoth that fires snowballs and icy wind at plants

    Lost City: A giant snake that consumes plants to partially restore health and spits venom on tiles to prevent plant growing.

    Neon Mixtape Tour: Disco Zombie.

    Jurassic Marsh: A living fossil of a T-Rex that spawns baby T-Rexes from eggs.

    Sky City: A zombie dressed as a harpy with a rocket launcher and gatling gun.

    Steam Ages: A zombie with a steam-powered newspaper launcher.

    Renaissance Age: A zombie's depiction of the statue "David" that shoots cement at tiles.

    Modern Day: An all-powerful Zombot head that has control over time, summoning zombies from other time periods.

    Only one I left out was the Kungfu World boss.
    Friendly reminder that the Chinese version of PvZ2 has 4 worlds exclusive to that version.

    They’re called Kung-fu World, Sky City, Steam Age and Renaissance Age.

    If I were Nintendo and I bought PopCap anytime soon, I’d make it so that these worlds were included in all versions in a hypothetical Switch port.
    Unpopular Mario opinion:

    Among the games in 3D All-Stars, only Sunshine could be feasibly remade and included alongside 64 and Galaxy. Even one of three games by themselves is way bigger than every game in the N. Sane Trilogy combined.
    I think there should be a “Helper to Hero” mode where you play as Assist Trophies exactly as they are against an army of Miis. The ones who would qualify are:

    1. Ghirahim
    2. Chef Kawasaki
    3. Knuckle Joe
    4. Krystal
    5. Samurai Goroh
    6. Tiki
    7. Black Knight
    8. Phosphora
    9. Gray Fox
    10. Knuckles
    11. Burrowing Snagret
    12. Dr. Wily
    13. Zero
    14. Guile
    15. Rodin
    16. Alucard
    17. Nikki
    18. Arcade Bunny
    19. Starman
    20. Takamaru
    21. Flies & Hand
    22. Waluigi
    23. Sukapon
    24. Spring Man
    25. Bomberman
    26. Sheriff
    27. Isaac
    28. Vince
    29. Devil
    30. Shovel Knight
    31. Dillon
    32. Yuri
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    Ashley just sorta stand around, Lyn only deals a powerful slash, Midna only teleports to move around, and Skull Kid just messe with controls, so I had to keep them out.
    If they go through all the trouble to make 32 Assist Trophies playable with a moveset of (at most) five or six moves, I'd rather them turn one Assist Trophy into a fighter.
    You know they do much more in their base game right? No reason to limit them.
    Man, I wish it was Nintendo who bought PopCap just so I could have a PvZ where you don't pay to win.
    After some thought, I do kinda see a moveset for Waluigi.

    But I still don't support him for Vol. 2 because he's an Assist Trophy in the same game.
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    I realize that, I'm not dumb. But that aside, there's no evidence to suggest Waluigi can't be a fighter, or many other assist trophies. On the other hand, if you look in the Waluigi support thread, you'll see there's quite a bit of evidence to suggest he will make an appearance, most likely as a bonus fighter. I'm not saying that it will positively definitely happen, but it's also not deconfirmed.
    I admit it's not deconfirmed, but it's very unlikely.
    Deleted member
    Plenty of Assist Trophies already get turned off in certain circumstances. Just look at how many stages disable the moon.

    Just disable the assist trophy if the character is in a match and problem solved.
    I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but man...the Nintendo characters we got as DLC so far really got the short end of the stick when it comes to remixes. Nearly every single 3rd party character so far got a boatload when put together, whereas Byleth and Min Min put together got a grand total of THREE (four if you count the JP version of the Three Houses Main Theme remix).
    Just a quick question; which would you rather have?

    A. House of the Dead-themed Spirit Event

    B. Dead Rising-themed Spirit Event

    C. Plants vs. Zombies-themed Spirit Event
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