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  • The late 2000's-mid 2010's were a dark time for kids' media. I would know because I'm a veteran from that era.
    I agree.

    - Cartoon Network had Ben 10, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Crowder, Flapjack, Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Steven Universe during this time but lacked the number of great shows that the late 90s/early 2000s had. Plus shows from the golden era either ended or got cancelled during this period.

    - Nickelodeon's only good shows I can think of from this time were Avatar: The Last Airbender and it's sequel the Legend of Korra aside from Spongebob. Fairly Oddparents started to go into a great decline around the time Foop was introduced into the story and every other show was either forgettable or just bland.

    - Disney Channel went into a great decline as well as the only notable shows I can of from this time period were Kim Possible, American Dragon Jake Long, Proud Family, Phineas & Ferb, and Gravity Falls.

    - Jetix a program with a number of good shows like Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, Power Rangers, Yin Yang Yo!, ect was killed off in favor for Disney XD a program with pretty much nothing but crappy sitcoms.

    - The WB completely died out entirely.

    Yep, a ***** time to be cartoon fan if I do say so myself. I think the late 90s/early 2000s was the golden age of animation as pretty much every network had so many great hits during this time.
    I remember around 2008 or so I was slowly outgrowing cartoons. Nick only had Spongebob and Fairy Oddparents which both weren't funny anymore while Cartoon Network kept moving onto a bunch of real life shows for some reason. Seeing the commercials for Fanboy and Chum Chum made me just quit Nick altogether and I haven't really watched cartoons ever since.
    Yeah. This was around the time I stopped watching cartoons as often. I also forgot to mention how ***** of a move it was on Cartoon Network's part to remove Toonami from the Saturday night block. I know it's back, but still why did they get rid of it for so many years in the first place.
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    Here's how I'd write a tutorial script:

    -How To Play-

    Welcome to Super Smash Bros.! In this game, fighters launch their opponents off the screen to K.O. them.

    THE END.
    (Just kidding!)

    Tilt the left control stick left or right to move. Tap it quickly to dash. Tilt it up to jump, and then again to double jump (the X and Y buttons work, too).

    Press the Attack button to attack; multiple consecutive presses allow for a combo. Tilt the LCS forward, up or down in conjunction with Attack to do a Power Attack.

    Once the opponent takes enough damage, quickly tap the LCS with Attack to launch them with a powerful Smash Attack (The right control stick works, too)! The higher their damage, the farther they fly.

    Once you get launched yourself, don't throw in the towel just yet. Tilt up and press the Special Move button to recover back onto the stage!

    There are four types of Special Moves; you use them by pressing the Special Move button without tilting...or tilting to the sides...or tilting up (as mentioned earlier)...or tilting down.

    Press the Shield button to block attacks when needed. Your shield breaks after a while...which leaves you vulnerable.

    Tilt the LCS in any direction while shielding to dodge attacks. You can also dodge by pressing the Shield button in the air.

    Don't let an opponent's shield daunt you! Press the Grab button (whatever the case) when close to them, and tilt the LCS in any direction to hurl them!

    Press the Attack button near an item to pick it up. When called for, press Attack again to use it or press Grab to discard it.

    One special item, the Smash used by attacking it until it shatters and pressing Special without tilting to unleash a devastating Final Smash!

    Show 'em what you're made of!
    Let’s imagine for a second that this was Ultimate’s base roster:

    -Inkling (revealed in March 2018 Nintendo Direct)
    -Simon (revealed at E3 2018)
    -Richter (65ε, revealed alongside Simon)
    -Crash Bandicoot (revealed at E3 2018)
    -Ridley (revealed in August 2018 Smash Direct)
    -Shadow (38ε, revealed in August 2018 Smash Direct)
    -Dark Samus (4ε, revealed alongside Shadow)
    -King K. Rool (revealed in August 2018 Smash Direct)
    -Isabelle (revealed in September 2018 Nintendo Direct)
    -Caeda (revealed in November 2018 Smash Direct)
    -Alph (40ε, revealed in November 2018 Smash Direct)
    -Ken (60ε, revealed in November 2018 Smash Direct)
    -Incineroar (revealed alongside Ken)
    -Piranha Plant (revealed in November 2018 Smash Direct)
    If Snivy were in Sm4sh (and came back for Ultimate), this would be my special moveset idea:

    Snivy Blows Away!

    B: Magical Leaf; Snivy summons an array of leaves that home in on nearby opponents.
    B + Forward: Grass Knot; Snivy grabs its tail with its vines and rolls around in a wheel shape.
    B + Up: Leaf Tornado; Snivy spins around on its head, rising way up in a gust of leaves. It can also use it on the ground to quickly move left or right.
    B + Down: Leech Seed; Snivy tosses three seeds out onto the battlefield. Any that hits an opponent inflicts the flower effect.

    Final Smash: Leaf Storm; Snivy flies around and spins rapidly, in a giant tornado of leaves, for about 14 seconds.
    Reaction: Instead of WoL, we got a proper story mode with more cutscenes...

    but they only feature the original 12 + Ultimate's base game newcomers (only counting Dark Samus and Richter for Echoes).
    Source Gaming did a video on all the possible Dark Souls content in Smash Ultimate.


    Only complaint from me is the lack of Seath the Scaleless for pretty much anything. No Spirit or theme.
    Take a shot for each P5 Spirit Battle that uses Last Surprise.

    I get why, but still. (And on a side note, it just goes to show that P3 Makoto, Aigis, and Yu should've been Spirits).
    ....I don't think I've ever actually seen anyone prefer Ultimate's All-Star (which is just reduced to Multi-Man Smash, but with the entire roster that's already less than Century Smash).
    One of the reasons why I question the reasoning behind no future sequels being better after this one.
    At least the Classic Mode is somewhat decent. Still miss Sm4sh's though.
    People complained about the Primrose Spirit Battle?

    They clearly ain't seen the Ophilia battle. At least the former can be cheesed by equipping two Assist Killers and going for Black Knight before targeting Bayonetta.
    Tomorrow’s the supposed deadline and Nintendo still said nothing so far.

    Mini’s looking likely at this rate.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    It's not like a surprise drop for a full Direct is impossible, especially during these conditions.
    I think the rumoured date may be a few days off, because Nintendo have never done a full Direct on a Monday (due to it requiring them to announce it on a weekend). This could also be proof that the rumours are completely false, but I hope not, simply because we've been starved of news from Nintendo for ages. I also highly doubt they would shadow drop a full Direct as those have the big reveals people will want to react to live and not get spoiled for (and they've never done that before).

    Even if it is a Direct, it wouldn't be called a regular Direct anyways. Also, doing it on Thursday would be extremely awkward timing, since Xbox has their showcase that day.

    Until then, be patient. Best to spend as less time on the net as possible until next morning.
    Man, I want a Netflix series based on Kirby Super Star just so we can see Dyna Blade in a show that isn’t RBAY.
    Dude, a Kirby T.V show taking place in the modern universe would be awesome to see!
    Nintendo Cinematic Universe
    This would be nice. I also want Adi Shankar and the team behind Netflix's Castlevania series to make two animated series based on Capcom's Resident Evil and Konami's Silent Hill. The Silent Hill animated series should be based on Silent Hill 2, starring James Sunderland. They should get Akira Yamaoka to do the music.
    RetrogamerMax RetrogamerMax I just heard about your uncle through the status updates. My aunt’s dad just passed away as well a month ago, so I know how it feels. May your uncle Rest In Peace.
    Thank you. And may your aunt's dad Rest In Peace. I pray these doctors around the world will get together to make a cure before we lose anymore love ones or anyone else close to us or friends or love ones of friends.
    Just saying, Sakurai-if you’re going to end most routes with Master Hand, at least have a different Omega Form stage (like woth Donkey Kong and Joker).
    My left Joy-Con’s drift is starting to get bad. Is it possible to trade my Joy-Cons in for a Switch Pro Controller, or something?
    I just realized; certain characters’ playstyle are the way they are to (possibly) fill a playstyle archetype.

    Mario: Mr. Basic playstyle
    Donkey Kong: Gorilla playstyle
    Samus: Space Marine playstyle (kinda?)
    Kirby: Mimic playstyle
    Ice Climbers: 2-in-1 Fighter playstyle
    Sheik and Greninja: Ninja playstyle (in case you couldn’t tell from the latter’s name)
    Zelda: Mystic Girl playstyle
    Marth, Roy, Ike, Lucina and Chrom: Bare Swordsman playstyle
    Diddy Kong: Small Animal playstyle
    Olimar: Commander playstyle
    Mega Man and the Belmonts: NES Platformer playstyle
    Little Mac: Boxer playstyle
    Miis: ANY playstyle the player chooses
    Robin: Magical Knight playstyle
    Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings: Mech Suit playstyle
    Ryu, Ken and Terry: Traditional Fighting Game playstyle
    Incineroar: Wrester playstyle
    Joker: Master Thief playstyle
    Hero: Turn-Based RPG playstyle
    Byleth: Master of Arms playstyle
    Min-Min: Master of TWO Arms playstyle

    I’m not necessarily defending or knocking these playstyles. Just wanted to get analytical about them.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    things like "Gorilla" and "NES Platformer" are not fighting game archetypes. Fighting game archetypes, even in Smash, are more vague, like a rushdown or a zoner.
    This is what I love most about Smash: The variety. There's like, 80+ characters now and so many of them are able to stand apart and feel radically different from one another. It's nuts.
    HWYR if Dragalia Lost had a collaboration with Crash Bandicoot, where you fought all the bosses from the original trilogy?
    That would be really cool as I loved the Mega Man and Monster Hunter events
    That would be a pleasant surprise, but I'd be questioning why they went with Crash though.
    Man, even if Wii Music wasn't a mess with how it controlled or how instruments about a steaming pile of wasted potential. Instead of songs from all around Nintendo's catalog, we get basic stock nursery rhymes out the wazoo.
    Is something big happening tomorrow? I have it on my brain for some reason, but I don't know why.
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    I'm hoping for Estelle Bright but more likely Saber and/or Sakura
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    Pipe dream, but Space Invader would fit that, extremely, extremely influential but also a very small series in terms of quantity of (notable) games.
    Bonk from Bonk's Adventure. Bona fide mascot of the PC Engine/Turbographix-16, had some Nintendo appearances here and there, rather small series in regards to noteworthy games. Pretty old, too.
    Here are the DLC Mii Costumes I’d make a part of the Challenger Packs they coincided with:

    -P4 Hero Outfit
    -P3 Hero Outfit
    -Teddie Hat
    -Morgana Hat

    -Erdrick Outfit
    -Veronica Outfit
    -Martial Artist Outfit
    -Slime Hat

    CP3: N/A

    -Ryo Outfit
    -Iori Outfit
    -Nakoruru Outfit

    CP5: N/A

    -Ninjara Outfit
    Say what you will about the current DLC stages, but I personally admire most of them for doing stuff that hasn’t been seen before in Smash

    -Mementos: Different aesthetics depending on the music
    -Yggdrasil’s Altar: Item containers that are also enemies
    -Spiral Mountain: A whole STAGE that rotates and has a different layout
    -KOF Stadium: Breakable walls on both sides of a flat arena, which makes it feel like a true fighting game
    -Spring Stadium: Platforms that are not only extra recovery tools, but can also make your jump damage enemies
    Since each Challenger Pack brings in as much as possible from that fighter’s universe, I’m a bit surprised Sakurai hasn’t considered adding Assist Trophies to each pack.
    Probably harder to implement than the rest of minor representation (including Mii costumes). You could say it's a comfort zone.
    In that case, I wish it wasn’t. It’s still easier to implement an Assist Trophy than a fighter as DLC, isn’t it?
    Somewhat, but on the flipside it could divert effort away from the other minor content.
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