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YouTube: Perkilator XIII (formerly Perkilator Gaming)
Sub-Names: Spoopilator, Turkey-Legger, Jingilator
KHInsider and Sonic Stadium: Also Perkilator
KH13: lollygagger19
DeviantArt: herotrainer7

I'm an autistic teenager who likes to mostly just sit around and play video games in my free time. I'm also a skilled Freestyle swimmer who's done nearly 10 100's on 2:00, a former drummer, an artist and a fanfiction writer. I'm also a kigurumi fanatic. X3
Dec 5, 2000 (Age: 22)
The perpetual trash fire known as Planet Earth(tm)
Writer, artist, comedian
Melee Main
Brawl Main
Smash 3DS Main
Smash Wii U Main
Captain Falcon
Smash Ultimate Main


There's only one rule in a world where Nintendo gravitates towards unexpected characters: You're either in or you're not.
I am counting your most wanted character out. I find them boring. Lets hope for my most wanted character.
The only character that would face no criticism is the one I personally want due to the fact that I will be blocking everyone who has criticism of them.
Sakurai clearly hates every single character who doesn't make it into Smash Bros., and he clearly doesn't care about what the real fans want.

Until they make it into Smash in a later game - then he changed his mind and doesn't hate them any more, because he clearly cares about what the fans want.
This person be like: "Hmmm... Let's see..."

"Incredibly hype third-party character from a GOTY-caliber recent title that absolutely NO ONE expected? Uh, no. SHILL."

"Character from a renowned legacy franchise that is primarily responsible for JRPGS as we know them today? HA. SHILL AGAIN, outta here with dat."

"Character from another legacy series that's had a major-ass hand in shaping the landscape of the fighting game genre itself? Nuh-uh. SHIIIIIIILLLLL."

"What about Byleth? pfft, OBVIOUSLY a shill. What do you mean that there's more to them then that, with them having a fun, heavy-hitting moveset and design that makes them a definite standout against their peers? NO. IF AN FE CHARACTER BREATHES, THEY ARE A SHILL AND NOTHING MORE."



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