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Infinity Sorcerer
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  • I don't want to join to the G-Witch hate but now that I watched other 5 shows (G-Reco, G Gundam, IBO, 00 and Turn A) I must say that it's my least favorite of them. At least it's way shorter than the rest except G-Reco and I think those other shows kinda required less chapters to tell what they wanted to tell.
    I just wanted to made a tierlist with all mecha shows I watched so far, I didn't strongly disliked any show (it's very hard for me completely hate something) but at least in the case of the last tier those are shows that I just feel mid; anything above that is something I enjoyed but it has X amount of flaws or it makes me think more in ways it could be better than think in how good already is.

    Quick rant of shows I just watched:

    I'm fine with Gargantia having only one season the movie wasn't that interesing even if the idea of the "people from land" is cool.
    Gatchaman Crowds is very cool butI think it would have work better if just wasn't called Gatchaman, the 99% of the things works well without the name.
    I really liked Star Driver and I thought Captain Earth would be similar, but in the end is a more boring version of the former; at least Earth Engine is an awesome design.
    G Gundam is as cool as other people says, I liked the designs and all before but I never saw someone talking seriously about the show and thus I just thinked it was meme material, and IT IS meme material but is also legit good.
    Not something I watched but that I readed, I love the designs of Linebarrels and the story itself is very interesing ngl.
    I finally playedall 4 Internationanl SRW games and I can say without doubt that in terms of pure enjoyment my list is 30 > X/T > V.

    V could have a "better" story and the concept of selecting a real or super upgrade is nice, apart of some units I liked to use like the Xi, Unicorn and 00 QanT Gundams, the Mazinger, the Yamato, the Laevatain and the EVA 13 that sadly for the moment doesn't appear in another game (in the case of Mazinger this specific version that has Iron Cutter and can transform into Zero instead of change to Zero like in X hasn't appeared in other game); the messy traduction just doesn't allow me to enjoy it as much; apart that of the 4 it has the worst gameplay since all the other 3 upgrades its system for better, a lot better.

    T is fun, plain and simple, it has the Arcadia, the Bebop gang, the Arhan that I watched the movie just for curiosity and it is indeed a very nice machine, the G Gundam gang (thought it could have been better), GaoGaiGar has the Super AIs unlike in 30, the Gunbuster is awesome as always too and the Black Sarena is more fun than in V; also the OG gang is likeable with all the business motif. My only gripe is that the Support system was extremely underwhelming at that time even if unlike 30 you could carry all your supporters at once.

    X can have more problems in their story and is boring that your selections are "Gundam Complex or Wataru Gang", but I can't deny that the series list is very nice for me (please please please put Reconguista in G in a new game please), of the 3 "guest battleships" of the VXT I find N-Nautilus the coolest and also Xelguard is a very damn good unit, its beautiful looking even just standing (thought I agree that it would have been fun having the wings always spread with a morale based transformation). I think I can oversight my biggest gripes just for the fun.

    And well, 30 is the peak mechanic wise of what we had before, maybe the free route system can be handled better and the supporters also have plenty space to be better reincorpored but outside that I find it the best in this aspect. The series list is very fine SPECIALLY with the DLCs because how much I love bringing Barbatos and Devolution in my team to obliterate all my enemies; the game singlehandled made me watch 3 new series and I really liked the three of them. My only hope is that the next game is better than 30 well that and maybe put G-Witch alongside IBO, G Gundam and G-Reco in the same title but that's other thing.
    G witch most likely isnt getting in until much later because the Devs have a bit of a rule where they have to wait a few years before they include a show into the games. So that enough people have seen the source material so it isnt considered a spoiler.

    I think that's why they do it anyway.
    Infinity Sorcerer
    Infinity Sorcerer
    I mean F91 literally appeared a month after its release, is just that series that has certain amount of time around gets a higher chance. I think they would do it just because the series itself sold well; I ain't even like, super fan of the show, it was the first Gundam I properly finished but of the 5 I watched at the moment is the one at the bottom of the barrel but I would love to see the characters of G-Witch interacting with those other 3 shows in particular.
    If this comments gets enough likes I'll think in a way to make a srw creation thread.
    Well for the moment I watched some other shows that I proposed to do and I think they are neat, but the page where I see it its quite slow to charge and is starting to be annoying.
    Aigh sooooo quick review of all the anime I watched so far in this vacations:
    • SSSS. Gridman: Its very awesome as expected of Trigger and it did make me feel curious about the original tokusatsu series. I didn't feel anything for Akane until long time after watch the series tbh.
    • Cross Ange: Fun series, its sometimes quite hard to watch it because there are, things, that just make me feel bummed, but the general show quality is not bad, specially the design of the mechas, Vilkiss, Enryugo and Hysteria are in my top of designs for sure.
    • SSSS. Dynazenon: Not as good as Gridman in various aspect but that doesn't mean it was bad, honestly unlike Gridman I think this show does need more than 12 chapters tbh. Dyna Rex rocks.
    • GaoGaiGar: AWESOME, or well I must admit the first half was quite not-as-good but after chapter 20-ish the show gets a big buff of awesomeness, Guy is so cool.
    • GaoGaiGar FINAL: THIS is what I wanted to see from the very start, Genesic GaoGaiGar became one of my favorite mechas EVER and the whole story is so epic, Guy is still being very cool. Quite a shame that the ending wasn't complete and the animated project was canceled, come on Sunrise you already have an opening and an ending for Hakaioh, give us something!
    • GRIDMAN UNIVERSE: Already told what I think about it before, I really liked the movie and it improved my opinion about both previous series alongside my likeness to Akane.
    • The Witch from Mercury: It was certainly fun as first actual Gundam series experience, I must admit the way how everyone seem to only care about the Yuri made me feel not so confident about the quality of the show but I was gladly proven wrong, I'm trying to get my own Calibarn rn.
    • Kotetsushin Jeeg: Man this show also needed more episodes, it's soo cool, thought the fanservice sometimes gets out of hands but at least it was mostly in just one episode.
    • Reconguista in G (OVAS): Okay so it was indeed a very weird show, but honestly I enjoyed it, I liked Bellri I liked Aida (well, moreso), I liked most of the lore behind it and I REALLY LOVE the designs and concepts behind it, I guess this is another project that required more chapters.
    • Scott Pilgrim Takes Off: I will fight against anyone who things this isn't an anime when it was literally made by Science Saru. The show itself was very good, honestly at the start I had mixed feelings with how different the things turned but after thinking on it I think it was a good "sequel" if we can name it like that, the ending can make you think there it could be a second season but honestly I think that it would be quite weird so idk let's see what the future brings after it.
    • Majestic Prince/Genetic Awakening: I will cover both because honestly GA is just an epilogue. It was cool, thought I didn't find either final satisfactory enough, it definetively lacks a second season because it wasn't like the Wulgarus are completely destroyed, or well they also didn't even used the Fawn team at the end bruh., at least the mecha design is very clean I love it and the Rabbits are very fun has I said just before.
    • Re:Cutie Honey: Peak and I'm saying it seriously, I was interesed in the franchise long ago and I knew about it for a while but never got in touch with a proper piece of media until now, the animation is great and yeah there is tons of fanservice but since the series is very honest with it I don't think there is something to blame. The Shout-Outs to other series where fun and I love the main trio.
    And well as you may noticed most of what I saw is mecha and the fault is from SRW, and I do have some more mechas to watch like Shin Mazinger, Iron Blooded Orphans, Turn A, Big O, GUN x SWORD, Rayearth, Star Driver, Pluto (the one I most want to saw when I find a good moment with my dad) and more that for the moment I don't remind but there are a par of series that isn't about giant robots like Samurai Champloo, Heartcatch Precure and Dorohedoro, it's like a lot but honestly most of the time of the year I don't feel like able to watch anything because of the classes so I want to mostly expend this vacations in watch as much as I can.
    Speed Weed
    Speed Weed
    haha yeah I had the same experience with GGG. many episodes of somewhat standard fare that feels just a bit too kiddy for my liking (it's worth noting that the show was intitially just a vehicle to sell toys before they noticed it was more popular with older otaku and started to focus more on the story and writing) then by like eps 29-30 I was legitimately cheering as I watched because, like, THAT was the **** I had signed up for
    Infinity Sorcerer
    Infinity Sorcerer
    Yeah, it doesn't help the flashiness of the show (in the literal, bad sense), but I'm glad that in the end we got such an awesome series.
    Watched Scott Pilgrim Takes Off and it is.....interesing.
    It's not bad at all specially in the technic side in that part is GOOD, damn good. But storywise is, different. People tend to dislike what it is different, this is like the Evangelion 3.0 of Scott Pilgrim. And I like Rebuild so I'm ok with this, I guess I need to think more to say if I liked it or no.
    With GaoGaiGar finished included FINAL and still thinking about reading Hakaioh (great show btw gagaga gagaga is a sound that still resounds in my head) I'm starting my travel to watch Gundam. I was between IBO and G-Witch because those are the ones my friends recomended more, and with a coin flip I decided to start with the later. I'm in the first season for today and I'll say that is very good, I had doubts about it at first but for the moment is going cool, tomorrow I'll finish the second season and then decide if watching Giant Robo or Majestic Prince.
    With two games completed (now on NG+ playthrought) and a third one on the way. I'm starting to be a little more confident with the idea of try to do a SRW thread, thought if someone more skilled than me wants to run it, do it and I will jump to be part of it 100%
    The world would be a better place if jack-o guilty gear had freckles.
    Alright I said I was going to stop with the SRW posting but after finishing SRW X I had a problem in my mind. The roster.

    Okay I can accept that Wataru is basically the plot point of most of the story, but the distribution of series is weird, and is very lame how the routes are basically Wataru & Friends or Gundam Complex. Also Code Geass being post-script doesn't really work for me. at least in the context of this game. So I tried to revamp it, mostly using series that appeared in V and T (so at the same time I'm making my own draft of the whole VXT trilogy technically).

    There are three common reasons for change franchises:
    • Tone (Give slight more favor to magic centric/lighter series)
    • Ambient (For make more variations in Space/Earth)
    • Interaction (Still thinking in how they would mix with the rest of the group)
    • And of course this is not a reason but obviously it can only be franchises released before 2018

    So the results would be:
    • Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3 (it can be easily changed by another series but is easier just mantain it)
    • Aura Battler Dunbine/Tales of Neo Byston Well
    • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
    • Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
    • Mobile Fighter G Gundam over Mobile Suit Gundam F91, replacing is spot in T. Unlike T however, it wouldn't be post-script. Unlike the rest of Gundam series, it would also have chapters in Earth.
    • New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
    • Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam
    • Gundam Reconguista in G
    • Mashin Hero Wataru
    • Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water
    • The King of Braves: GaoGaiGar over The Brave Express: Might Gain, only the original series, and they would still be together in T. Particulary the idea is that GGG also goes sometimes in the space route.
    • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann/The Lights in the Sky Are Stars
    • Getter Robo over Code Geass, and yes, we are talking about the ORIGINAL ANIME, not Armageddon. Code Geass would instead appear in V.
    • Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact!/Mazinkaiser
    • Shin Mazinger ZERO vs. Ankoku Daishogun
    • Buddy Complex/Final Chapter
    • Magic Knight Rayearth over Cross Ange, with Cross Ange appearing in T instead.
    • And as an addition thought it would be dubious how likely it would be its addition, Knight's & Magic debuting here instead of 30. The Light Novels have been publishing since 2010 and the anime appeared the last year so either they would have got some special permission to see the BTC, or they would directly adapt the novels instead that wouldn't be extremely weird since they adapted Hattaway way before it got an anime.
    • As mentioned before, Code Geass appearing in V. Obviously still being alongside Cross Ange thought imo would be cooler have the events of R2 still playing instead of just being memories of time ago.
    • Since the T roster is kinda more underwhelming now, I think Majestic Prince could have debuted there, the anime appeared way earlier than Knight's & Magic so is a lot more possible. Leaving the movie for base 30. Also Dai-Gard would make sense to be back considering the whole business motif, or Patlabor.
    • And well, now we have 30, with two of its biggest newcomers already appearing before, and particulary one DLC lost. That's where I think we could debut some of the most popular actual choices like Back Arrow, Planet With, Yamato 2202 or even debuting Shinkalion earlier; while for the DLC it could have the comeback of various long awaited returns like Zeorymer, Ideon, Big O, Tekkaman Blade, King Gainer, Mazinkaiser SKL (great opportunity to make a double dynamic like the one of UX but with Mazinkaiser Infinitism), or others.
    Infinity Sorcerer
    Infinity Sorcerer
    Honestly I enjoyed it at the end of the days. Just I think it could have been better with a better distribution of the series.
    If your interested in trying out the older games in the series i recommend tracking down Super robot wars W.

    Of course you can only play it via emulation and its against site rules to tell you exactly how to find it and set it up but if you can find the fantranslation that came out a couple years back i think its a fun time, it does a really great job at linking the individual franchises together.

    Gundam Wing
    Gundam Seed
    Gundam Seed Astray
    Getter robo manga
    Tekkaman Blade
    Full Metal Panic
    Martian successor Nadesico
    Voltron defender of the universe
    Infinity Sorcerer
    Infinity Sorcerer
    I was really looking to play W next, specially after seeing how beautiful is GGGG. Thought I mostly play ds games in my phone and for the moment I can't install things until I find a way to export somewhere else important archives to reduce space cost. But thanks!
    Finally watched Gridman Universe, what a good movie. Thought I still find that Dynazenon wasn't that good, the movie make me enjoy some things that I didn't liked as much before like Yogomi and Yume relationship that it wasn't that strong for me in the series but here they are very lovely, thought another problem is...
    They dissapear quite early, and when they come back, is mostly just for the fight not allowing them interact too much after this. Also I still think it's weird how they still didn't explained how Dynazenon's world works; or maybe I'm just dumb but the whole "the dark inside people creates kaiju" wasn't in Dynazenon and make it look like if they just born naturally. If only they introduced the Dynazenon crew earlier....

    Thought Alexis and Akame's comebacks were awesome and honestly I didn't emphatized too much with Akane in the original series. I liked the representation of a depressed person and how she beated this to reconnect with the real world again, but for most of the show she wasn't really that likeable and it make me feel kinda hollow at the moment of the reveal (specially since I was teorizing it from the very moment they started call her "God"). But her comeback alongside Alexis really felt like she really evolved in the real world specially with the ending shot of her with her friends, it's good to see that she can live like a normal person outside.
    Annyway go watch the movie you didn't watched Gridman/Dynazenon yet? Also watch them then.
    I cant wait to see how the SRW games use the plot of this movie. They already have the rights to use it since Gridmans new form is playable in the gatcha game.
    Infinity Sorcerer
    Infinity Sorcerer
    Definitively would like to see how they adapt the plot, it has potential to be one of the focus points! I ain't sure if you tend to see the creation threads but I did some sort of concept/wishlist that moreso adress how I would add Universe in the story.
    Im kinda imagining a route split focusing on "Digital world" stories with stuff like Virtual On, Getter Devolution and Digimon being paired up alongside Gridman's characters. So the player controls those characters during the final battle from Gridman universe.
    After a short analysis of look at each game's page in their wiki I came with the conclusion that the coolest roster in SRW (for me) is SRWZ3 Tengoku Hen:

    • Gurren Lagann (very cliche but my fav mech show so)
    • Evangelion Rebuild 1.0/2.0/3.0 (I like a lot Rebuild even with is flaws)
    • Shin Mazinger Z
    • Getter Robo Armaggedon
    • Gunbuster
    • Diebuster (Nono my beloved)
    • Big O
    • Endless Waltz
    • Turn A (funny mostacho gundam)
    • SEED Destiny (tbh I only know about the Destiny Gundam and it's beautiful)
    • 00 Trailblazer (same as SEED Destiny but with the GNT)
    • Unicorn
    • Code Geass
    Thought there are some runner-ups: Alpha 3, X, T and 30. X-Omega and DD also have very badass options thought they have the advantage (and disadvantage) of being gacha games.
    Btw sometimes obviously Z3.2 wouldn't have it because the series was released long after Tengoku release I'm just listing my favs.
    • Ideon
    • GaoGaiGar FINAL (Genesic GaoGaiGar my beloved)
    • OG Evangelion (50/50 tbh cuz I'm a Rebuild fan but OG Eva has its own things)
    • Xelguard (like, the original unit, is just too awesome)
    • Mazinger ZERO (and more specifically Mazinger ZERO throwing hands against the Anti-Spiral)
    • Mazinkaiser
    • Mazin Emperor G
    • Reconguista in G (I like G-Self design ok)
    • Cross Ange
    • Nadia (N-Nautillus is the second best battleship ever)
    • Cowboy Bebop
    • G Gundam
    • Captain Harlock (Arcadia is the best battleship ever)
    • GUNxSWORD (like, I don't even watch it yet but Van is awesome)
    • Rayearth
    • GaoGaiGar vs Betterman (Big Meaty Goldy Hand)
    • Narrative (Phenex is cool)
    • Lelouch of the Re;surrection (I'm a weird man who likes the movie timeline as much as the og)
    • Mazinkaiser (Infinitism, arguably best Mazinkaiser design even if it lacks Kaiser Nova)
    • Rayearth (Again)
    • GUNxSWORD (Again)
    • SSSS.Gridman
    • Knight's and Magic (I really like the design of the Ikaruga)
    • Iron Blooded Orphans (Would be good to see it from the start in the next game)
    • ULTRAMAN (Would be better if it was a toku edition but I like these versions too)
    • Getter Robo Devolution (I NEED to have the story of Devolution properly adapted in the next game)
    This would end being the second best, if they had made the DLC3 that appeared in my dream with Ideon, Pluto, the Great Gunbuster, Mazinkaiser SKL and the OG units of the VXT trilogy it would have beat the ass of Tengoku smh.
    • Build Fighters
    • Mazinkaiser SKL (surprised that outside mobile this serie only appeared in 3DS)
    • Evangelion ANIMA (I like the designs)
    • Godzilla vs. Evangelion (and all the Godzilla content in general tbf)
    • Little Witch Academia (of course it doesn't have a reason to be in a game outside mobile but Grand Charion is awesome)
    • FLCL
    • Super Sentai as a whole (please please please please put them in a proper game any show is fine thought King-Ohger has the best mecha design of the franchise)
    • Metal Heroes
    • GARO
    • Patlabor (It's weird that this series hasn't appeared in as much games as someone would thought)
    • Devilman
    • Getter Robo Arc (Same with Devolution thought I have Devolution in higher priority because I like it more)
    • Didarion (my favorite original unit just for sheer design, if only it had a better port in 30...)
    I would be the happiest person in earth if the next SRW manage to have at least Gunbuster, Diebuster, Gurren Lagann and Evangelion in the same place again.

    Definitively would be my last SRW post for a while, I just needed to put in paper my hyperfixation I got these days to release the charge.
    I do find it weird that Astro boy has never been in srw
    It's ironically funny that according to Nakano Yuu's interview, merchandise and SRW T, UFO Robo Grendizer is indeed canon to Infinity, but wasn't planned to be shown in the movie itself (with no mentions made to it's events on purpose for avoiding potential audience disappointment who wanted to see a mecha).
    Infinity Sorcerer
    Infinity Sorcerer
    I guess it's because they wanted most of the focusin the original Mazinger, with Great Mazinger mostly only appearing for plot reasons. I'm moreso fine without Grendizer and Duke appearing because it would only make more confusing the movie. Thought is kinda sad that they also took Mazinkaiser out of the line, at least we have the Model Kits to see how they would look (that talking about them, I ain't sure if the line officially ended but if it didn't, I hope they also make the original Getter Robo and the Mazin Emperor G one day)
    Okay SRWX installed.

    I think I should have asked this first if you buy a region block game in eshop you MUST remain your account in that part of the world or not?
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    Yeah he shows up late into the story under normal gameplay.

    Its part of a running gag that Masaki always shows up to help save the day but he's always late.

    As a side note, Cybuster is something i want to see playable in a future smash game, not even its pilot, i want the robot. Because Masaki has shown up in a lot of the english localized SRW's so audiences outside of Japan are likely to recognize him before any of the other original characters because of how often he shows up.
    Infinity Sorcerer
    Infinity Sorcerer
    It would be awesome have the SRW OG represented in Smash, it would be in some sort of way cross two of the biggest crossover series. Thought I think the Cybuster has some legal problems with the name? Not sure how much can shut the deal down.
    Legal issues might explain why they changed its name to "Cybaster" with an A in the modern translations, when the first games that were localized and the japanese version of the games call it Cybuster.
    Continuing the SRW chat I was looking for seea way to play SRWX that I know it has a bad story but is the only english release with Gurren Lagann AFAIK and it also has Mazinger Zero and Mazin Emperor G. But then I saw that in X and the rest of games unlike 30 the routes are mostly individual of each other and doesn't cross that it is kinda sad ngl I wanted to do the Super Robot route because I'm mostly found on those but I wanted to have the Gundam Zero cast but again, AFAIK, you can only have them if you play the Real Robot route and thats a damn shameeeeeee.
    Also it doesnt really matter what route you end up picking, there are points in the story where the two groups converge and you can use all the characters for a few chapters before the routes split up again.
    Infinity Sorcerer
    Infinity Sorcerer
    Oh really? I do have the money that's why I was thinking on do it but it was kinda of a bump, also I ain't sure how acurrate is Akurasu with their information but apparently M Zero is only avalaible in the female route? cuz the secret doesn't appear in the other side of the route and it's theorically near end so the other point of intercepted routes wouldn't apply I guess?
    Some of these guides just have incomplete details.
    Mazinger zero shows up in both, it's fine. I have the game so I can confirm that.
    Samus Moveset if she was a DLC Ultimate character:
    Gimmick (Beam Selection): Samus changes between beams using B+Shield rotating between Plasma, Spazer, Ice and Wave beams in that order.
    • Jab: Power Beam, Samus use her basic beam. She can charge mantaining the normal attack.
    • Side Tilt: Power Beam but you can walk.
    • Up Tilt: ...also Power Beam.
    • Down Tilt: Her slide in Dread
    • Dash: Shinespark
    • Neutral Air: Power Beam again yeah she is the taller Mega Man.​
    • Forward Air: Kick, one of the few actually original moves​
    • Back Air: Spinning Back Kick, same as above.​
    • Up Air: Screwdriver kick, same as above.​
    • Down Air: Cannon swing, same as above.​
    Smash Attacks
    • Side Smash: Missile/Super Missile​
    • Up Smash: Difussion Beam (big explosion)​
    • Down Smash: Cross Bomb​
    • Tether: Grapple Beam​
    • Pummel: Electric Shocks from the Grapple Beam​
    • Grabs: Shots with beam or missile based on her "glory kills" from Dread.​
    Neutral Special
    Free Aim
    Samus locks in a stance where she can free aim in any direction, you need to mantain the special button pressed to retain the stance and the moment you stop pressing it, stops.
    Side Special
    Melee Counter
    Counterattacks swinging her cannon, stunning the opponent a little, if used as a smash attack it becomes the Swing Melee and Samus does a dashing counter.
    Up Special
    Screw Attack
    Samus does a high spinning jump covered in energy doing several damage to foes.
    Down Special
    Morph Ball
    Samus transforms into Morph Ball, changing completely her movement, only having the option to throw bombs and power bombs (when charged) as attacks.
    Final Smash
    Hyper Beam
    Samus awakens her Metroid DNA transforming her armor into the Metroid Suit, with this she unleash a huge bright red beam that burn everything in her path, instant-killing at 100% or more.
    I love Twokaizer, I love Zocks, I love Zenkaiger in general but Zocks is so pretty and cool, and I know that Twokaizer is basically a Gokaiger suit with a different helmet, buckle and shoulder pads but Gokaiger suits are already that awesome. Maybe the legs could had play more with either crocodile or GokaiOh motif thought. What I actually miss is that he only has two modes Ohren and Shinken like man, that's probably the best idea in the show! I like when the anniversary doesn't straight up makes the character transform into others but adapt their powers in a way but considering that the base for the forms are sixth rangers and upgrades I would have killed for have a Ninnin, Ryusoul, Kyuran and even heck, give him Gokai Silver's Gold Mode! There are edits that ain't even how it would really look because neither of his actual forms are an exact ripoff having extra details make it fit to his design but they are still very pretty and it makes me sad.
    I'm still in a moment that my life doesn't allow me to have fun in my stupid things that requires a minimal extra amount of time so I decided to waste the little time I actually have in another tier list, this time of openings since is what I tend to heard while studying. Did You See the Sunrise and CHEMYxSTORY aren't here but they are like both between extremely good and very good.
    My hand is kinda bad rn so I'm sharing my bad taste in final/extra forms of KR.

    • Xross/Crimson/Featuring Saber: I just love the painting and the concept so much.
    • Gold Xtreme: I don't like the piss gold BUT the wings are so beautiful, if only there it was a version of base Xtreme with those wings....
    • TaJaDor Eternity: I'm of the people who while admits PuToTyra is the final form, it just doesn't have as much impact (to me) than TaJaDor, and Eternity isn' just even better with the beautiful colors and the peacock cape, but is the perfect evolution of TaJaDor with the bonds of Anhk and Eiji becoming more closer than never, thought at a cost...
    • Ohma Zi-O: OH MY GOD JUST LOOK AT HIM HOLY ****.
    • Kiwami Arms: Didn't liked it as much before, but is basically Gilgamesh and in general fruit jesus is very cool and now that I understand better why it looks like that I'm fine with it, thought missed oportunity for a movie to make a gold form with Kachidoki armor over Kiwami.
    • Zero-Two: So slick and cool, I love that is a reference to Ni-Go and especially I love the transformations phrase, ITS NEVER OVER.
    • Boost MK IX: Like Zero-Two is just extremely clean, it's extremely smooth and all the kitsune motif of Geats reaching it's natural state, is perfect.
    • Ultimate: The OG (sorry Stronger you are more like a prototype), it's a extremely good suit and I love all the concept behind, thought it was quite poorly used in the actual show (Amazing Mighty shouldn't have existed imo).
    • Infinity Style: Like the name indicates, the style of this suit is truly infinity, my only but is the chest, it looks more like a bat than a dragon.
    • Hyper Muteki: I was so close to put it higher but I think the jumpsuit below doesn't really works, I think they should have go with full rainbow instead of CMYK colors.
    • Type Tridoron: Is like having a ferrari like an armor is so neat, I really don't have anything against it is just that I also don't feel I can put it higher than the others.
    • Genius: Unlike others I always loved Genius since I saw it, I think the bottle distribution could have been better but it'sreally neat as it is.
    • Cross-Z Build: The colors are soooo beautiful man, my problem is that they literally took a half of Cross-Z to the pointthat it looks more like a Trial form than a Best Match.
    • Xtreme: Already talked about it in Gold Xtreme, it only misses the damn wings.
    • Ultimate Bahamut: This is a damn solid form, like really this is extremely good to be just for a stageshow, yet exactly due that I think it feels quite limited since is really Emotional Dragon repainted with another head, yeah it sounds quite hypocrital from someone who has Xross Saber in the top but unlike that one Bahamut doesn't really have an explanation because, well, is for a stageshow so yeah is kinda lame in that sense.
    • Hellrising Hopper: They really made Shining Assault forty times better, thought is weird have the catchy regular driver standby loop before and after nightmare hellish sounds.
    • Shin Revice: Hear, I don't hate Thunder Gale but at the same time it could have been better, and the example is this suit.
    • Grand: I only find quite impractical that Sougo has to touch himself to summon the riders, but I actually like a lot the form, it looks like a buddha statue for me.
    • Shining: What a goddamn good intro yet I feel quite weird the red like yeah it comes from Burning and it doesn't really looks bad is just that I didn't felt it was the natural progression of Agito?
    • Emperor: Beautiful, very beautiful thought I kinda would have liked more stained glass, like, the Rampage eyes really looks menacing I think they should have took that route more.
    • Cosmicstates: Very nice but like Agito the sky blue seems quite off, the extra forms have my solution for that funnily enough.
    • Fusionstates (Meteor/Nadeshiko): I mean both are very similar, and Meteor jumpsuit is so good and that nebula effect is what Cosmicstate needed.
    • Mugen: They really should have learned in Ghost that all the suits looks better with the hood on.
    • Rising Ultimate: Weird progression for a extremely good suit that in paper sounds great but in ejecution is quite messy, SIC had a better idea even if the lightining sign in the chest is goofy af.
    • Type Special: Very good but not as good as Tridoron.
    • Complete: The armor is kinda bland, while I ain't agains the chest it could have been a lot better and even, hell, it doesn't completely matter if the armor is more or less the same but at least they should have added better add-ons.
    • Oneness: Silly, not too much to say.
    • Infinity Dragon/Gold: They have the problem to be made in janky CGI that for one side makes it look more brown that silver and for the other it's just eyesore, but the armor in general is very good especially Gold. Gold with Silver colors and better CGI would rock to the top.
    • Survive: Great introduction but the armor is kinda eh, it could have been better.
    • King: I like King but I like more the rest.
    • Armed: I kinda miss Hibiki's original helmet.
    • Tenka Toitsu: I like the colors and the idea but is like, too normal?
    • Ultimate Giffard Rex: Come On! Giffard Rex!, very good concept and all but the armor is also quite meh.
    • Super Climax: I love the glowly eyes but like, it kinda requires more order there. Quite fitting for a body with 5 Imagins inside tho.
    • Faiz Blaster: I tried myself to put Blaster higher because in terms of moves and technology is very good but it feels like a downgrade from Axel.
    • Hyper: The Hyper Clock Up feels weird, I like the energy wings but not the "fins".
    • Liner Form: Is kinda boring looking, regular Climax looks more final-like even if in concept Liner is good.
    • Super TaToBa: Is quite random even if it is an extra form, and the traffic light ass colors...
    • PuToTyra: I just don't vibe with it OK, it isnt' bad, it's just me.
    • Creator Gamer: Funny idea in a bad armor and that comes from someone who usually defends Ex-Aid designs.
    • Complete 21: Everyone knows it, its just too goofy to take it seriously, it doesn't help that it was crumbstomped by a kid.
    Infinity Sorcerer
    Infinity Sorcerer
    After this I just tried to think how to fix some of these forms:
    • Xross Saber: Has I said I love Xross Saber but my man deserves a complete form, make him use Almighty and that form be like a fusion of all his previous forms, basically doing what Xross already does repainting parts but using it like Geats where the paint job and colocation of parts makes it look like a full brand new form, also more red and while the silver/blue/purple mask is beutiful, I want to see a rainbow one.
    • Xtreme: Has I said just put Gold's wings while mantaining the silver/traslucid color, maybe more glitterly and sparky considering that another important Memory is the Prism memory.
    • Kiwami Arms: It doesn't really needs a fix but a movie form, gold Kachidoki armor and a brand new weapon, idk maybe Ame-no-nuboko fruit style.
    • Hyper Muteki: Instead of two sad cyan and magenta stripes, make it have full rainbow (or at least also add green, purple and maybe red or blue I'm quite worry that it could be confused with cyan and magenta but I think it would be cool), also not too much top heavy like I know is normal for KR forms to be more busy in the top than the rest of the body but I think HM needs better boots.
    • Grand Zi-O: Is so easy, make it Zi-O Ohma and just like a lot of fanart put the Rider statues in the chest instead of all over the place, it would be like a nod to Complete form so I think it can be cool. About what it would be the movie form then, just make Sougo get the proper Ohma Zi-O armor there instead of the final battle.
    • Cosmicstates: Already said too make it have the nebulous paint job instead of the cyan, also the eyes being other color rather than red, like reallly anything would work.
    • Complete 21: Just make either of this concepts. I don't like all of them at full but I think if you combine the best traits of each one you get a very solid update, also maybe play more with the photobook and movie roll themes of Decade (they kinda tried with the cape but yeah that doesn't work).
    • Blaster and Hyper: Both have kinda the same complains, I think they should have a different chest and at the same try make a better use of their "open-up" stances. Hyper in particular I sorta understand why the fins but at least make them better and not yellow goddamn why yellow of all colors bruh.
    • Liner/Super Climax: Mesh them together, probably works more for SC combinating Climax/Wing/Liner tho, also I think New Den-O has the chest plate that the base one should have don't @ me.
    Does anyone knows cool magic/power systems? I was working in one myself but I think I'm limiting myself too much to my own knowledge so I want to broad my references to make it more unique. So far the idea is like a mix of Fate, Undead x Unluck, JoJo's and Chainsaw Man (kinda weird to explain if someone is interesed you can ask).
    Continuing my Saber rambling just a small idea I had and is that while I love the concept of Wonder Almighty the design is kinda ugly so I thinked in that instead of just put a collage of all wonder books inside, why not make a cool art of the cast to represent that this is their story, the story of Kamen Rider Saber:tm:. This is a quick half-assed sketch and yes it does use Haouken Xross Saber because everyoneknows that it would have been better in that way (and with a more proper "final final form" that I'll show my concept another day).
    It's funny to think Saber is my favorite series by sheer concept alone yet it's also what I think it's its weakest part, like; Swords, Dragons, Books and more? Sign me in! But then like, they create a lot of powers based on generic things like a hedgehog or kenzan's book that as far as I'm aware it isn't based in any ninja tale. And Arthurian mythos that it really looks like a big part of Saber influence it's wasted very fast. I think that probably Saber wouldn't have used the mix-match gimmick, or at least give it more sense, because how it's a dragon, a bird and sun wukong related?
    Putting a little aside all this kamen rider stuffs, I wanted to share this sketch with the main characters (kinda)
    From left to right the guy with black hair uses fire, the girl with lenses summons spears with different propierties, the girl in the middle (protagonist) creates a metal shapeshifting armor, the guy with the eyepatch heals (I'm working in something better), the guy with scarf summons lightning breaking his bones (don't worry he heals quickly), the golem can assimilate material and the girl uses paint to create objects a-la Adeleine.
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