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Infinity Sorcerer
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  • Man I hope the rumours about the Orochi Team being DLC where true but that they become free DLCs like Rugal, since pay for what basically are EX versions of them isn't something that I would like. In any case a team of Adelheid/Mature/Vice or Mr. Karate/Tung Fu Rue/Saisyu Kusanagi would definitively be extra hype for me.
    Alright because why-not and for the recent announcement, here is a simple Geese's Moveset for Smash (only covering specials, P.O.W. and Final Smash)

    Neutral Special - Reppuken/Double Reppuken/Shippuken
    Geese's trademark projectile, like Terry there is a variation if you hold the button, being this one Double Reppuken. In the air the move changes to Shippuken, note that when Geese use Shippuken he will be propusalted to the opposite direction of the projectile so be careful if you are in the corner. You can do two Shippukens in a row.

    Forward Special - Jaei Ken
    Like Terry, Geese has 2 side specials, forward his special move is Jaei Ken, Geese does a lunge followed by a small combo, using the input version QCF + Attack Button (that isn't the motion from the original game but it's used here for simplification) the end will be different being a command grab where Geese launch his enemy to the other side.

    Back Special - Fudou Ken
    Not image avalaible atm
    One of the few modern Geese's moves in the list, not because I dislike them but because is just easier to use his classic moves, anyway Fudou Ken is very similar to Jaei Ken but with the difference that the move has different follow ups depending in which direction you press the stick after the first attack, if you don't use any direction would be the A follow up where he does a strike with his hands, if you press down would be the Ba follow up where Geese does a sweep kick making the opponent to knockdown and pressing forward the attack would be Un, he crush his enemy with an axe kick. Using QCB would enhance the move making it stronger.

    Up Special - Hishou Nichirin Zan
    Geese's DP, similar to Power Dunk but instead of a dive punch the move ends with Geese doing a ki slash with his hand and covers a more horizontal direction being a quite lame recovery, the command version using the regular DP motion would give the attack a higher range (vertically and horizontally) and giving the ki slash meteoric propierties.

    Down Special - Jyoudan/Chuudan/Gedan Atemi
    Geese's iconic counter move, Geese does a pose countering the foe's attack, PREDICTABO!, even if the move has different names there is no way to use the attacks manually, Geese will always counter in the side that he was hitted no matter if it was a high, mid or low.

    Super Special Move 1 - Raging Storm
    Geese's most knowed super, Geese raises his hands up to the sky, then slams them on the ground creating a giant geyser of ki surrounding him slashing any foe unfortunate enough to be near it. This move have different forms in various games, but here we will use the most classic "cage" version of the move, especially because it's the one that would work better here since it could hit enemies behind and up Geese becoming a powerful anti-air. This move is iconic for the infamous "pretzel motion" that, just like in recent games, wouldn't be here sadly, instead we will use the most easy QCFQCF + Attack motion, anyway you can still use the pretzel motion if you want it but it doesn't have any special effect.

    Super Special Move 2 - Deadly Rave
    Geese lunges quickly at the opponent similar to Jaei Ken. If the lunge hits, Geese performs a quick-but-strong series of combos before finishing with an explosive blast of energy. This is a very techincal move since if you only do the start (HCBF + Attack) Geese will only do the lunge, if you want the entire sequence you must press Attack, Attack, Special, Special, Attack Attack, Special, QCB + Special, the timing isn't has thight has in the original series but you still require some precision for do all the move. Geese can't be flinched during the duration of the combo but it would be vulnerable at the end of it, so this move is more practical in 1v1 matches.

    Final Smash - Rashomon
    One of Geese's most powerful techniques, Geese start with the "claw" version of Raging Storm (the version that he use has Nightmare Geese most of the time), the first opponent hitted will be transported to a short cinematic where Geese will charge ki from his hand releasing a powerful blast of energy with kanjis appearing in the background (the gif used is from the mobile game KOF All-Star that it's more or less what I have in mind).

    And that's all, maybe I will start to make movesets for my lesser popular picks just for fun.
    Capcom VS SNK 3 is something that I still can't understand how still didn't happened. I mean, SNK and Capcom relationship wasn't bad after 2000, and even if CvS2 is a great game, the lack of characters form other KOF games that weren't part of the Orochi Saga and other popular Capcom characters like Ibuki, Hiryu or Joe Saotome is sad.
    Ok "tomorrow" wasn't tomorrow but hey, better later than never.
    Edmond Dantès
    Edmond Dantès, the Count of Montecristo, he would be a rushdown/mixup character with some projectiles, so he is a swiss knife, one of the most fastest servants. He would have a particular ability to deal a DoT debuff knowed has "Curse", in the game Edmond only inflicts this debuff with his NP but I feel more interesing that he can inflict that using his attacks with black flares. About that...

    Edmond's main weapon are his Noble Phantasm "Monte Cristo Mythologie", allows him to use some sort of black flames to attack, he can use it in a lot of ways like firing beams, using it at close distance in the form of blades or even grabbing the opponent. Since he also do that in some moves he could also have a teleport-like move, allowing him to move quiclky around the stage.

    And for the end, of course, Edmond's "Instant-Kill like" move would be Enfer Chateau d'If
    Sadly I think I will do a hiatus for the BBTAG2 thread, didn't received the attention that I was thinking (even if I known that it could be an underground theme in this forum), I will think in another thing to do. Also tomorrow I will made an idea for Edmond Dántes.
    One day I did this and I like the idea too much I want to improve it, so here I want to just throw more ideas.

    Oda Nobunaga
    Nobu would definitively a zoner character, but her goofy personality would necessary be part of her moves. So I think in some moves for her.

    First she would summon Mini-Nobus for some attacks, there is a lot of different Nobus to choose, one of the most interesing would be in my opinion the robo-nobus since they have an attack where they explode, being like a suicide attack (now that I'm thinking it more, she would work kinda like Jack-O', especially in Strive).

    Dakka and more dakka!, of course nobu has her loads of guns ready for some action, either summon them from thin air like GoB or using them at her hands. Would do small damage but also very fast attacks.

    Demon King Install!, you known, maybe the most famous version of Nobu alongside her og form, would be cool has a install-like super where she gets stronger and gets some different moves. Also if there is an Instant Kill super using the NPs there it would be a change between normal Nobu and Maou.

    And that's all, I guess I would do these things each time I have inspiration, but for the moment I just thinked in nobu. so see ya if someone reads this
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