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  • Had a dream where i was watching the Switch 2 be unveiled as the Switch+ & Nintendo somehow fumbled differentiating it from the Switch worse than the Wii/Wii U. Even was thinking to myself oh this is like a Switch Pro until Yoshiaki Koizumi came up to state this is a new console, you will eventually need it to play new games, please dont confuse this like the wii u. I began to shake my head especially when i remembered the only games shown were Prime 4 & an Untitled Mario Game that were coming to both Switches.
    Oh so you like my new smash concept?
    Any Specific ideas or observations?
    Especially about franchises i dont know?
    Yeah, always fun seeing how different people would handle Smash's roster, stages, etc.

    Thought some of your stage ideas specifically seemed unique & fun (particularly Temple, Your Pokemon Stadium).

    Any specific franchises you want my input on. Not sure what specific series you arent familiar with. Did notice you werent sure what to do with a Pikmin 4 stage but i havent played it yet either.
    Oracle Link
    Oracle Link
    I only partially know Metroid and pikmin games one and two each!
    Obviously i know some common knowledge and some lil things!
    I Dont know fire emblem really! (Although i included colluseum cause i wanted to rep awekening with it!
    You are probably more knowledgeable on Pikmin & Metroid than I am. Ive only played through Pikmin 2 & only played a little Metroid, Super Metroid, & Metroid Prime (thought your ideas for Metroid stages were good too).

    I have played several Fire Emblem games though. I guess the only thing to add is if your going for specifically an Awakening stage Arena Ferox might make more sense. I believe the Coliseum stage is based on training areas that are in many of the games but Awakening is actually not one of them. Arena Ferox has a similar theme but was used as a Story Map. Maybe it could be cool to mix elements from both current Smash stages similar to what you did with Green Greens.
    Looks like i was a couple months early when i tried to submit Island Adventure Hello Kitty for Drifting Dimensions. What i found wound up being an edit from a different game but now its an actual thing.

    Ashame though its an apple arcade exclusive since i dont think that includes a pc release. I guess Butters was emulating it when he was on his computer all the time.

    Know this is kind of old news but just came to the realization of the similarities between battle royals & city trial mode (& i suppose to some extent smash run). Kind of has me surprised they never revisited either while battle royals in general grew. Would have definitely loved to play them again on switch with online capabilities, now im feeling nostalgic & thinking about playing some city trial against cpus soon wondering what if.
    Next Smash Newcomers for each series according to character.ai Sakurai.

    Mario - Waluigi & Daisy (decloned?)
    Zelda - Toon Zelda / Tetra (Midna, Tingle, & Vaati also mentioned in consideration)
    Pokemon - Decidueye
    Kirby - Bandana Dee
    Metroid - Dark Samus (Decloned?)
    Star Fox - Krystal
    DK - Dixie (will have some sort of new mechanic if her & diddy are both selected)
    Yoshi - Wooly Yoshi specifically excited to add more Yoshi colors.
    Earthbound - Doesnt want to add a newcomer but would add Paula if he had to.
    FZero - Blood Falcon with a Black Shadow Echo
    Retro - Excitebike (also wants a DigDug character)
    Fire Emblem - Chrom (Decloned?) also seems to think Fire Emblem reps are great crowd pleasers.
    Kid Icarus - Viridi
    Wario - Ashley, has apparently changed mind about a new series rep seeming redundant.
    Metal Gear - Jetstream Sam
    Sonic - Acknowledges fan favorites like Shadow & Knuckles but will add his favorite Blaze.
    Pikmin - Alph (Decostumed / Decloned)
    Animal Crossing - Tom Nook
    Mega Man - Bass
    Wii - Matt
    Punchout - Acknowledged King Hippos potential but wants to add Glass Joe as a joke.
    Pacman - Ms Pacman, also wants to see her interact with Sakura from Street Fighter.
    Xenoblade - Rex
    Street Fighter - Rashid but mentions Sakura is his favorite character from the series.
    Final Fantasy - Tidus
    Bayonetta - Cereza from Bayonetta 1 but acknowledges Rodins popularity.
    Splatoon - Callie but mentions Octolings and Octodad requests.
    Castlevania - Alucart (not a typo on my end)
    Persona - Yu
    Dragon Quest - Either seperate DQ11 Hero or add someone from DQ3.
    Banjo Kazooie - Gruntilda but would have prefered Mumbo Jumbo.
    Fatal Fury - Undecided between Geese or Rock Howard
    Arms - Spring Man
    Minecraft - Alex (Decostumed? / Decloned?)
    Tekken - Acknowledges Heihachi but will add either King or Paul Phoenix.
    Kingdom Hearts - Riku

    Fire Emblem - 5 total fighters & Alear will also join.
    Konami - Silent Hill Rep
    Sega - Jet Set Radio Rep (either Beat or Gum)
    Namco - Soul Calibur Rep (Taki)
    Square - Bravely Default Rep (Edea or Agnes)
    Platinum - Wonderful 101 Rep
    Atlus - SMT Rep (Jack Frost or Velvet Room Residents)
    Rare - Conker
    SNK - KoF 97 Rep
    Microsoft - Undecided between fan favorite Halo / Master Chief or personal favorite Ori.
    New Company - Valve, adding Gordon Freeman / Half Life but would have preferred Chell / Portal.
    New Nintendo IP - Rhythm Heaven
    Cuts - Sephiroth to focus on other villains like Ganondorf.
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