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    Edward Falcon/Power Stone Support Thread

    Thanks for supporting added you both to the list.
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    Quick! Another decade is about to end! What is you top games of 2010-2019?

    2010: Red Dead Redemption 2011: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 2012: Fire Emblem: Awakening 2013: Grand Theft Auto V 2014: Super Smash Bros for 3DS/ Wii U 2015: Splatoon 2016: Stardew Valley 2017: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2018: Super Smash Bros Ultimate 2019: Fire Emblem: Three Houses
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    WoL Would you ditch WoL for the sake of freeing up space for more content?

    Maybe for a revamped smash run or even just some adventure mode type levels, doesnt need a story just want the gameplay. That or a playable crash bandicoot at some point.
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    How Many Characters do you have in Elite?

    Just link & rob, wii fit trainer was the 1st one i got to elite but has since fallen out
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    Geno (♥♪!?): Return of the Starsend Savior (On to Fighter's Pass 2 Speculation)

    Skimmed the thread and didnt see anyone bring up this recently released Mallow Mii hat Wii U mod. Not sure how this effects things if at all. Is it easy to port mods between Wii U and Ultimate or are there mods for Ken, the Dragon Quest stage, and the Doom Mii hat for Wii U?
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    10 Favorite Music Tracks in Ultimate

    1. Conquest (Ablaze) 2. Escape from the City 3. Stage Select - Pikmin 2 4. Destroyed Skyworld 5. Vampire Killer 6. Frozen Hillside 7. Reach Out to the Truth 8. Inkoming 9. Dragon Roost Island 10. Rainbow Road - Mario Kart: Double Dash
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    If you could trade 10 returning stages for 10 new stages of your choice. What would you do?

    Out 75m Hanenbow 3D Land Mute City Gaur Plains Pictochat 2 Great Cave Offensive Palutena's Temple Pac-Land Moray Towers In Pokemon Coliseum (Pokemon Coliseum) City Trial (Kirby Air Ride) Mothership (Star Fox 2) Opera House (Fire Emblem Fates) Octo Valley (Splatoon) World Tree (Xenoblade...
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    The Bandicoot Returns - Crash's Nitro-Fueled Smash Thread

    That would be really cool, surprised this idea never crossed my mind. I believe Aviator Crash was also in the trilogy and if you throw in a couple CTR costumes you could easily fill all 8 alts. I think it would be more likely we just get a Fake Crash alt though if they do anything like this.
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    Media What's your most off-the-wall pick for a Smash newcomer?

    Nights Would also really like Edward Falcon from Power Stone but he has not been on a Nintendo platform so that would have to change. Another arcade rep would be cool. Particularly Frogger, Paperboy, or someone from Rampage would have me excited.
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    Music you think is missing?

    I know it wasnt the most fitting song but i do wish they kept classic midnas lament since i just really like that song. Also i think the great sea theme was in brawl but has been missing ever since. Other than there is a handful of fire emblem songs i also wish were in the game.
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    What wour YOUR boss lineup look like, if YOU were Sakurai?

    Light Realm Master Hand Boom Boom & Pom Pom Rayquaza Hades King Hippo Galeem Dark Realm Crazy Hand Guardian Dark Matter Gharnef Dr. Eggman Dharkon Also agree that i it would have been cool if they reworked the stage bosses to join wol and classic. Would have also been amazing if those...
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    You’re going on an RPG Adventure! Who’s in your party?

    :ultridley: - Tank :ultsimon: - Ranger :ulthero: - Mage :ultrobin: - Healer
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    Playstation All-Stars...Round 2? [Possible Sequel Discussion]

    This seems like one of those too good to be true type things to me especially the part saying it will be on pc. Saw another post about this also claiming the gameplay was going to be in a 3D style like Power Stone. I do have to say if this does somehow end up being true we would be in for quite...
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    Did your most-wanted(s) made it in Super Smash Bros? and who is it/are they?

    My most wanted was Banjo who finally made it. There are lots of other fighters I would not mind seeing but the only other one that really stands out for me is Crash. As much as I want Crash I am really happy and thankful to have at least gotten Banjo.
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    If you had to choose a character from each of these non-video game medias, who would make it in?

    Tried to go with the characters from each medium that i think have had the biggest impact on gaming Live action TV show or movie: Darth Vader Cartoon animated TV show or movie: Mickey Mouse Anime/manga: Goku Trading Card Game (TCG): No Clue Comic book/graphic novel: Batman Fictional...