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    Sweet Soul Brother - Beat from Jet Set Radio for Smash Ultimate

    Sorry for the bit of a bump but i just saw this game was announced. Looks promising and its nice to see something similar to jet set radio coming out after so long. Also apparently Hideki Naganuma who did some of the music in jet set radio is involved with this game which is really cool and...
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    What existing character do you want in your most wanted’s reveal trailer?

    Would be nice to see :ultmario:, :ultsonic:, & :ultbanjokazooie: in a Crash Bandicoot trailer.
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    If the Super Smash Brothers series started on the Famicom/NES...

    NES: :ultmario: :ultyounglink: :ultsamus: :ultlittlemac: (Mike Jones) (Balloon Fighter) Unlockables: :ultpit: (Takamaru) SNES Newcomers: :ultkirby: :ultdk: :ultness: Unlockables: :ultmarth: :ultyoshi: :ultluigi: N64 Newcomers: :ultpikachu: :ultfox: :ultbanjokazooie: Unlockables: :ultfalcon...
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    The Super Smash Bros. Roster Maker (Version 11.0 available)

    Nirvanafan's Icon Archive Crash Bandicoot / Spyro the Dragon Icons Super Smash Bros. Misc. Icons General Misc. Icons Fire Emblem Heroes Icons / Alts (June 2018 - July 2019) Icons Fire Emblem Three Houses Icons Fire Emblem Gaiden / Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia Icons Fire Emblem Shadow...
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    Make an N64 Classic

    1. Super Mario 64 2. Mario Kart 64 3. Paper Mario 4. Mario Party 2 5. Ocarina of Time 6. Majoras Mask 7. Super Smash Bros. 8. Kirby 64 9. A Pokemon Game (Probably Stadium 2 but could also be Snap or Puzzle League) 10. Star Fox 64 11. F Zero X 12. Pilot Wings 64 13. 1080 Snowboarding 14. Wave...
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    The Year is 2020. You live in an alternate universe where Smash Bros. does not exist...

    Starters: :ultmario: :ultdk: :ultlink: :ultmarth: :ultkirby: :ultpikachu: :ultisabelle: :ultinkling: Unlockables: :ultgnw: :ultsamus: :ultshulk: Eevee DLC Wave 1: :ultolimar: :ultmiifighters: Arms Rep :ultsonic: DLC Wave 2: :ultduckhunt: Advance Wars Rep :ultfox: :ultryu:
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    Edward Falcon/Power Stone Support Thread

    Added everyone to supporters list. Also big thanks to @Speed Weed for creating a moveset which is now also in the op as requested. Really enjoyed reading over your ideas.
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    Official Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Just finally got the final home expansion yesterday. Also a little late but my villagers: Shari (Starting Villager) Rex Aurora Poncho Betty Octavio Dotty Sherb Blair Quillson Only villagers to move out are Sheldon (Starting Villager) & Gladys
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    Giving every veteran series a new stage for the base game

    Going to skip Smash 4 DLC & retro franchises due to lack of ideas other than R.O.B. finally getting a Gyromite stage. :ultmario:: Bowser's Castle :ultdk:: 25m :ultlink:: Lost Woods :ultsamus:: Chozo Ruins :ultyoshi:: Yoshi (Game Boy) :ultkirby:: City Trial :ultfox:: Satellite Defense Platform...
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    Congratulations, Min Min! ARMS character(s) for Smash discussion

    A bit late but i was pleasantly surprised to see Arms get in. Honestly was not expecting it after the game stopped getting updates and we got a 1st party fighter from after the release of Arms but who knows, maybe some sort of new update or game is on the way soon. If not though, I think this...
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    Let's toast those Smashers! ~ Spyro Reignites Super Smash Brothers

    I really liked the crash games growing up but for some reason only recently got around to trying out the spyro series when reignited trilogy finally released on switch. Would really be cool to see both get in although crash is still priority to me personally. I feel like spyro deserves another...
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    Work In Progress Fire Emblem Heroes: Finally found Forrest, MIA since 2017

    Missed the last feh channel but it was a nice surprise to see the new do 40 summons & get free featured unit on some banners thing and to see Rinkah had a distant counter type skill. Was able to get everyone except Midori on the new banner plus another Eleonora & Hector, which in addition to the...
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    Work In Progress Fire Emblem Heroes: Finally found Forrest, MIA since 2017

    Luck has not been on my side in trying to get three houses lords who arent Dimitri (who I pulled 2 or 3 times). Oh well had some decent luck recently that was bound to come to an end anyway plus at least we will probably get one of them free with this years cyl banner.
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    Most random character in Smash Bros history

    Probably Piranha Plant, not only had the surprise of being the 1st basic enemy fighter but was also a pretty obscure pick out of other basic enemies, would have thought they would have expanded on someone we saw from smash run or subspace.
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    Official Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    My copy got delayed but just shipped so hopefully will be starting the game on Monday.
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