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Venus of the Desert Bloom
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  • As some may know, I run the Smash Infinite creation thread which aims at creating a somewhat realistic sequel to Ultimate and, together with my Leadership Team ( Ramen Tengoku Ramen Tengoku Krookodilian Krookodilian Mr. Robotto Mr. Robotto airConditioner airConditioner ), we aim to bring a complete package tons of theoretical and hypothetical fan-service goodness. Of course, we wouldn't be anywhere without the help of tons of participants such as PeridotGX PeridotGX Commander_Alph Commander_Alph Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario , cashregister9 cashregister9 , Janx_uwu Janx_uwu , Golden Icarus Golden Icarus , Paraster Paraster Golden Icarus Golden Icarus Mushroomguy12 Mushroomguy12 and many others! I have been immensely proud of the project we have created and looking forward to even more content as we wind down our Infinite April Direct and enter into the final phase of our project. As for content, we have included a lot of stuff such as characters, stages, music, items, and even an adventure mode and tons more. We even have a wikia which you can view here! As newcomers are typically most exciting aspects, we have included the following:

    1. Isaac (Golden Sun)
    2. Bandana Dee (Kirby)
    3. Octoling (Splatoon) Echo of Inkling
    4. Waluigi (Mario)
    5. Crash (Crash Bandicoot)
    6. Stylist (Style Savvy)
    7. Ashley (WarioWare)
    8. Medusa (Kid Icarus) Echo of Palutena
    9. Barista (Rhythm Heaven)
    10. Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)
    11. Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil) Echo of Jill
    12. Takamaru (Mysteriuous Castle Murasame)
    13. Galacta Knight (Kirby) Echo of Meta Knight
    14. Grovyle & Celebi (Pokemon)
    15. DJ Octavio (Splatoon)
    Who will we be including next? We have quite the expansive list of characters and we are sure to make it even bigger as the project continues so please come help, share your ideas, and perhaps yours will be included!
    Anyone wanna join in on my Smashboards Creates: Paw Patrol Barktacular Racing?
    I was listening to the Pyra/Mythra presentation and had to stifle a chuckle to myself. Sakurai talked about the colors for the characters and refers them as “2P” or “hachipi” (8P) or P8. When he gets to Color #3 or where the two switches color, he refers to them as “Tsuripi” which is “3” rendered into Japanese. He did that for 2P but not for 4P and onwards and resorted to the Japanese words for the numbers (yon, go, roku, nana, and hachi).

    But, when talking how P3 colors switches the palettes, he refers it not as “tsuripi” but as “Sanpi”. I found this mildly humorous as, well, “Sanpi” is slang for ... an act where three people engage in “intimate relations”. I’m not sure if he meant to avoid saying Sanpi earlier by saying Tsuripi but kind of funny he subconsciously said it ... probably without realizing it.
    This will probably be my last Direct + Smash reveal while I’m still living in Japan. When I first arrived, Brawl was still the de facto Smash game. I wish it aired at night though rather than the morning at 7 am. My tradition during these things is to get hilariously drunk during it. I even buy a special drink to commentate it.
    The Japanese people already want to cancel the Olympic Games this year to avoid a super-spread event but the entire “women are annoying” comments by Olympic Comittee Chief Mori (an 83-year old disgraced prime minister known for for gaffes and corruption) is pushing the public to the edge.
    I always get a kick of asking my Japanese 6th graders what they want to be when they grow up. I always get the obligatory “soccer player” for the boys and “nursery school teacher” or “nurse” for the girls. That’s pretty typical. But then you get the really memorable ones like the one girl who wanted to be a brain surgeon because her grandfather was saved by a brain surgeon or the boy who wanted to be an architect to build houses for poor people. Lately, many kids here want to be influencers or YouTuber and that is the same regardless of the student.

    But the three most memorable ones that I probably will never forget:

    The girl who wanted to be a “rich wife” because she “wants a mansion and diamonds with many toy poodles”

    The boy who wanted to be a “thief” so he can “have many riches and the Mona Lisa” and finally...

    The boy who wanted to stab people so he “can have a Wikipedia page about him”. He then proceeded to pretend to stab me in the gut while laughing. I then proceeded to inform the principal who just laughed and said “Yep! That’s how he is...” That was a while ago, he will be graduating high school soon. I’m glad he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page yet.
    We are moving back to America on April and successfully not approved for my wife’s immigration. We were alerted by the CDC that we need to get a PCR test before flying.

    The cost of a PCR test in Japan? $250-400 per person. I’m looking at paying $1,000 for the four of us. If one of us is sick with it, we have to rebook our flight, wait two weeks, and pay another $1,000 for tests again.

    If you ever wonder why Japan has such low numbers, it’s because no one wants to fork over $250-400 for a test that should be free. Oh, and we have to travel to actually get this test despite the government asking us not to travel. Japan purposefully makes the tests expensive and hard to get in order to keep numbers low. I would say it’s a case of a superiority complex. Especially since the media likes to push the narrative “wow! Look at how many cases America has!” and then cut to the national daily average here which would be like...2,000.

    im royally pissed right now.
    We are now voting for Mii Fightet costumes from Street Fighter, Metal Gear Solid, PAC-MAN, Bayonetta, and Castlevania! Please vote in our poll in Create a Smash Ultimate Sequel Project! We are also voting On which moveset we will use for Bandana Waddle Dee. We have six submissions total so please take some time to vote which one you think best suits him!
    Bandana Waddle Dee and Octoling are our next newcomers for Create a Smash Ultimate Sequel Project. We will start with the development phase after finishing Isaac’s. Which reminds me, please join in and vote for what you think the best moveset is as well as add in the misc info for Isaac including taunts and victory animations. Finally, we are adding two items so please submit your own. One item is from a first party franchise and the second is your own creation.
    In Create a Smash Ultimate Sequel Project, we are currently working on fleshing out Isaac’s moveset, creating a new Game Mode, and bringing back a stage that missed out in Ultimate. Please join in!

    The tv show “Silent Library” in Japan is still a popular show

    Most of these guys are now in their 50’s and having been doing it since the early 2000’s. What many don’t know if that this show is a New Year’s Eve last time and apart of the new years programming. Though they no longer really do it in a library now. It’s more so in train, parks, cinemas, etc. this year they are taking a fake trip to Vegas and must not laugh during their fake trip. They also decreased the power of the hits they take and now it’s an inflatable bat rather than a newspaper bat.
    In Japan, New Years is a far larger and more important holiday than Christmas. Typically, people still go to work and classes are in during the Christmas holidays. None of the other winter holidays are celebrated in Japan either.

    People have a week off including schools starting on the 30th for New Years. On New Year’s Eve, many families usually visit a neighborhood Shinto shrine to pray for the upcoming year while some will stay up to watch the New Years sunrise. Prior to New Years, there is a massive rush to go to visit family and is an extremely busy time for travel. In the morning, the family will say “akema****e omedetougozaimasu” with a more casual “akeome” between friends. In formal situations, they will say “yoi otoshi o omukae kudassaï”. These all translate to “Happy New Year”. You can also say “Shinen omedetougozaimasu” for Happy New Year as well. In addition, before the New Year, you say “yoi otoshi o”. Regardless if Shinen or Akema****e is used, “kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu”. is used.

    On the New Year’s Day, the Japanese postal service does an extraordinary feat by delivering New Years cards right on the morning of New Years Day. They will come packaged and bundled and delivered to your front door in the morning. There’s usually 50-200 cards in one bundle with cards company from family and friends, coworkers, shops you visit often, and even your mechanic or the person who dry cleans your suits.

    In the afternoon, they will eat Osechi with a conglomeration of various specially prepares food that comes in departmental boxes. They range from $150-800 on average and can be purchased at restaurants or shops. People also eat Ozoni which is a special soup prepared on New Year’s Day which contains Mochi, a soft and white food made form pounded and pulverized rice.

    In front of the house, the family will prepare a stake of bamboo with an arrangement of natural leaves and rope. This is a Kadomatsu. When New Years is over, people visit a nearby school grounds or parking area and performs a community burning of them which is said to bring good luck for the year as the ashes rise up.

    Children often get Otoshidama from grandparents and relatives. This is usually a letter with tons of decorations and designs and inside will contain money to be used to purchase something in the new year. Money ranges from $10-100; depending on the status of that family member.

    People mostly just eat, sit, relax, and sleep. It’s customary for the men of the family to get drunk during the New Years celebrations. Not drinking with the men is a sign of disrespect and ... well... not manliness. During the day, people watch tv shows for the New Years with specials on all day.

    Following the New Year’s Day, shops are then in full swing with tons of sales and promotions and, before 2020, every store would be extremely crowded. The loudspeakers in the stores and malls would playbtraditiona New Years Japanese music using things like shamisen, koto, and Biwa.

    Also, before the vacation starts, most government institutions, companies, and businesses has a end of the year party; usually at ritzy hotels or high-end restaurants.
    Tomorrow is Christmas Eve here in Japan. We have classes up until next Monday and then off for several days for winter break so I’ll be teaching tomorrow and Friday. We plan to go to a Candle Light Service tomorrow night at the local church which also happens to be where my daughter goes for kindergarten. I’m not religious by any stretch of the imagination but I was raised evangelical for most of my life. In Japan, it’s customary for only kids to get presents and, typically, it’s just one gift. So we follow that tradition slightly but with a bit more Western flair so we got three presents each for the kids and then one present for my wife and I though I splurged and got her something a bit special as it will be our last Christmas in Japan. Unfortunately, it’s shipping from overseas and it won’t arrive until next week :/. Not sure what I’m getting but I am very easy to please in that regard.

    My wife was telling the kids we will make cookies tomorrow for Santa to give with milk. I told her that I’m pretty sure Santa prefers buffalo wings, nachos, and double bourbon straight. I think Santa is still getting milk and cookies.
    Here is my preliminary Smash reboot concept in a post-Ultimate world.

    In Fall 2028, Nintendo makes an announcement that a new Smash game is on the way for the newest system.

    E3 2029 reveals the new Smash game titled “Super Smash Bros. Origins”. The launch trailer reveals total veterans which includes:
    1. Mario
    2. Link
    3. Kirby
    4. Pikachu
    5. Inkling
    6. Sonic

    The trailer reveals these will be the starting fighters for Origins which will launch in September 2029. The trailer further details that there will be a monthly release with 1 or more fighters added On a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Each character has been reworked from the ground up to make them more inline of their current depiction.

    Folliwing the initial character reveal trailer, it then transitions to the story trailer called The Usurper’s Throne which features a six-armed gigantic knight who commands an army of baddies from Nintendo and beyond’s libraries. Our aforementioned heroes were defeated by these baddies but, as Hope is almost lost, a sudden surprise changes the tides!

    Enter the new challengers!

    A gigantic magical hand appears and pushes away all the badges from our dueher heroes. Isaac from Golden Sun lands and does a thumbs up before created a clump of dirt, levitating it’s, and riding it to fight the baddies.

    The dragon from Twilight Princess trues you torch Isaac and Company but suddenly the fire is stopped and absorbed by a barrier. Isaac looks up and sees a floating Gardevoir rising past him while absorbing all incoming projectiles.

    Isaac throws out a magical palm attack from within the barrier and rushes towards the opponents. Jumping out from the palm is the fashionable girl, Stylist, from Style Saavy. Taking a thing of lipstick, a comb, and scissors; the newcomer wrecks gabjc in the baddie’s army. She lands and she’s a peace sign.
    The Usurper roars our violently but gets thrown to the ground By a beam of light. Hovering down within the beam none-other-than Geno. Several minutes if character gameplay.

    Following this, Sakurai who is currently 62 firs onto say that Smash will see characters periodically added and requires a character quest to be completed in order to unlock the character after that are added. These quests are intended to be hard. He also says each character is free, everyone isn’t returning, and that purchasing the game in full will download the characters automatically.
    And this is the perfect reason why I don’t dedicate my entire being on a single character, regardless how likely they are or not. It’s better to be diverse in the characters you want to see rather then narrow it down to one sole contender.
    Japan is starting to close up again. We’ve been asked to stay inside if we can and to avoid traveling. Remote working will start again from what I can tell. It will depend by prefecture though and, from what I heard, I’ll still be teaching classes at the school and won’t be remote teaching.
    Oz o:
    Oz o:
    The upcoming Sephiroth present will be 35 minutes in length

    Many schools in Japan have begun allowing junior and high school female students to be able to wear either the typical uniform skirt or a pair of uniform pants. This in addition to thier sports uniform tracksuit they wear which is more often than not. To my knowledge, only one school in the entire country has allowed male students to wear skirts.
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    I know the girls preferring the uniform pants instead of the uniform skirts - especially during the cold winter months. About 30 minutes from where I live recorded over 5 feet of snow today and, well, I’m sure the kids there don’t enjoy trudging through snow in skirts.
    I figured as much, but wasn't sure if it was just a seasonal thing or if their was a cultural shift or something. Though I always found it odd that they were mandatory in winter even.
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Ah, this is definitely a cultural/progressive shift. If a girl tried wearing pants, the teachers would probably scold her and make her change into the uniform skirt. I’ve seen it happen before. Hell, I saw a teacher use his book to whack a boy on the side of the head so hard it knocked him to the ground all because he wore socks that’s not inline with the school uniform. Made the kid cry even which made him he get further berated by the male staff. This was 9 years ago though and attitudes have sort of changed. I don’t see teachers hauling off on kids as much anymore.
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