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Venus of the Desert Bloom

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    So I’ve had this game idea for a while that I never really gotten past conceptualization. Basically,

    It’s an open-world sandbox survival game set in Tampa where you play as a survivor of an alien invasion of Earth. You can create your character and then get planted onto Earth. It would be both local one player play with computer controlled but most of the focus is online play.

    Up until level 10, players will be unable to reincarnate after dying so ensuring your character has a storage if their items will ensure they can keep them. Players can quick load their characters but they lose progression and skills thus requiring to learn from their failure.

    Once they become level 10, they can use backup notes to backup content for when they die. This is done via lore through alien technology which allows them to upload their consciousness into a “external hard drive”. This opens up the game dramatically for crafting of more advance content, ability to use alien technology, and select a class.

    Classes consists of:
    • Infantry
    • Saboteur
    • Rogue
    • Engineer
    • Psion (A mix of human and alien physiology that allows for more supernatural skills)
    Once you unlock level 10, you are able to join communities which exist to help take back from the alien invaders, organize assaults, and other related activities. This is where the online part comes from as the single player function would be limited to more scripted content rather than groups building based and pushing back against alien invaders.

    And of course, this also comes with alien forces with five distinct races which are composed of a single coalition. I didn’t want to copy off of Destiny or Halo too much but I didn’t put a huge amount of thought on how to make things more varied. Each alien race has their own unique characteristics that makes them a formidable force. Not only do they engage the players in fighting but they will raid based and attempt to destroy players. They will actively search out bases and employ an AI to find weak points in bases. They will react to attacks on their own bases so forming a mission to, say, liberate a section of the city could result in an aggressive alien response keeping this in mind before mounting an attack would be important.

    Crafting would be about progression and learning through both in-game materials, sharing of blueprints between community, and killing enemies and stealing technology. Certain classes are better at these sort of things than others.

    Again, I haven’t sat down and actually wrote down the specifics. I don’t even have the weapons or enemies written out. But still an idea.
    I’m backish. I had some time to cool down, think, and reflect. Maybe not within a regular capacity but at least I feel like I’m in a better place.
    This is one of the things I love about Ark. I was doing a new playthrough and I made a small little beginner base with my parasaur. I thought all was fine and dandy as I was up on a hill. I went to sleep and woke up to my small thatch base getting demolished. I rushed out side not only to find my poor Parasaur devoured and gone but an Alpha Rex tearing into my base. I eventually died after trying to make a run for it. Time to respawn and build another base while playing non the highest difficulty.
    Hi there, I am just wondering if you received my last PM about April Fools. Sorry if I seem impatient, but I would like to know the answer as soon as possible. If you are not there at the moment, don’t worry. No rush.
    I don’t have any qualms with Spain being the basis of our next Pokémon region but I was really hoping for something that was a bit different than what we have had in the past. A region based in the Philippines, India, Kenya, or Brazil would of been pretty amazing to see what they could pull from it. Spain was on the last of my list most wanted regions to be adapted. I thought something like Scandinavia, Greece, or even Switzerland to be a bit more interesting.
    Stop crashing SmashBoards Venus. Its not cool and its mean and stinky and your being a meanie head and you make me cry and I am sad.
    I’ve been so preoccupied with reading what’s going on in Ukraine that I didn’t even know there was a new Pokémon game announcement. I like the setting but man, these starters look off. I do like the fire starter though a bit. But yeah, not sure about the direction of them. I’m guessing a grass Lion, a fire dragon thing, and a water swan thing. For once I’m not sure what the evos will look like. SwSh was easy to figure out kind of but these are more difficult.
    Thoughts on SF6: Bearded Ryu
    I want a survival/sand box game where you have to learn things by not gaining levels but by trial and error. Like the world would be populated by different fantastical creatures and like, you need to discover different ways to defeat, domesticate, or utilize them that occasionally change. Like to damage one, you need to use only fire-induced means but perhaps this creatures becomes resilient overtime to Fire so a new strategy needs to be made based on trial and error. Of course wikia and guides ruins the aspects of researching in game becomes redundant but at least at the beginning, necessary research needs to be done based on trial and error, investigating the creature and it’s surroundings, etc to figure out more information on it.
    Harvest Moon Tier List

    Back to Nature
    Animal Parade
    A Wonderful Life
    Tree of Tranquility
    Friends of Mineral Town
    Tale of 2 Towns
    A New Beginning

    Anything else I haven’t played yet. I wish that Harvest Moon could of kept the Harvest Moon brand instead of Story of Seasons but also kept up the quality of the earlier games. Back to Nature was such an amazing game. Seeing it within HD with more content and a 3D camera mode is like…the top of my most wanted game.
    Pokémon Legends: Keldeo could be interesting. Like going back in time to when Unova was founded by people from Galar. Could have some Pokémon from Galar that would be Unovian forms.
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    Given the character he's based on perhaps keldeo could have a new form based on the Man in the Iron Mask
    Join in a new photographic journey...bring out your LordCamera and photographs Lords in their natural setting! Are you going to find Ike fighting for his friends, Byleth drinking tea, Marth doing poses, or Lyndis training? Each journey is different! Journey to Arcadia, Garreg Mach Monastery, Nohr and Hoshido, Caelin, and more. Submit your photographs to have Professor Anna give them a rating! All this and so much more in "Fire Emblem Snap"!
    So Injustice is a huge fav of mine and the first two games were solid; both in roster and story. The roster is largely determined by the story so when creating an Injustice 3 roster, the story typically gets factored into this roster. I’ve largely forgone the story route since it takes some time to come up with a working idea but I finally have one that ties in tropes from the first two while also adding it’s own spin…

    Injustice 2 leaves off with a climatic battle between Superman and Batman with Batman being brainwashed by Superman or Superman getting thrown into the Phantom Zone by Batman. By concept is both are canon to an extent. This battle leads to a rip in the multiverse which draws in two alternate versions of Super and Bat but, instead, it’s Regime Batman and Resistant Superman. Batman lost his son, Damian, in the nuclear bomb caused by Joker instead of Superman losing Louis Lane. This also erases our version of the two who eventually wakes up in a distorted world which is comprised of elements relating to both the Resistant and Regime; law and order.

    Meanwhile, on the flip side, both sides get thrown into disarray as Regime Batman proves more ruthless then Regime Superman. The Resistance fights back with Superman while League of Villains regroups under the Penguin to fight against both. Meanwhile, looming in the edge of our system is the armies of Akropolis with Darkseid seeking to exact revenge for the death of his son by Regime Superman.

    While there’s a lot to fill in that I simply didn’t get around to thinking of, the original Batman and Superman get out of the parallel dimension to find their alternate versions of themselves. They were able to get out once they discovered the true meaning to justice…which I don’t know personally but oh well. Regime Batman proves to be a tough opponent to handle when Regime Superman, realizing that this could be a vision of the future, joins his side. Thus it’s a battle between pairs of doppelgängers. Throughout the fight, they end up a stalemate but for whatever reason, due to the actions of the League of Villains, the Regime Batman and Resistant Superman are sent back.

    Superman, convinced by this version of events, takes his protege Damian Wayne and kills him in front of his father to turn Batman to the Regime. Batman is able to resistant the lure but taps into Feral Bat Mode. Attacking Superman and severely injuring the Kryptonian like no other enemy could. But right before Batman is about to land the final hit…

    Darkseid arrives. This would cue a DLC story add on with an expanded roster in the same vein as what MK11 had. Not ideal but works for itself.
    Whenever a new Pokemon game comes out, I get inspiration to create new Mons.

    So, fellow profile posters, let me take you to the distant region of .... Africa! Or shall I say, Acirfa!

    In this region, trainers reside in small villages where they hone their skills and talents. Each village has a patron Pokemon whom they worship and look up to. Your particular village doesn't have one. Instead, the village values the Trainer! But, behold, it is finally the day to pick your pokemon...

    You can choose between:
    The grass-type Fernemer, the Baby Lemur Pokemon. It enjoys socializing with others and will raise and flick its tail to warn others of danger.
    The fire-type Antlenite, the Small Horn Pokemon. It is proud of its horns which has fire that spark up around it.
    The water-type Sharprey, the Shallows Pokemon. It hunts in the shallow coastal waters around the region and will bit eusing its strong teeth.

    The region even boasts new regional forms and evolutions of other Pokemon! This includes the Dark and Ground-type Poochyena which gives it a brown and black-spotted coat as well as the Water and Grass-type regional form of Tropius. New evolutions includes Buzzealot, the male evolved form of Combee and Venonaja, the Poison and Psychic type pokemon.
    Villager goes fishing…

    Yes! I caught a barracuda!

    You’re gonna burn to the wick! Ohh, barracuda!

    Proceeds to take said barracuda to Blathers…

    “That’s a barracuda! You must of put up a rather long fight if I do say so myself. The barracuda is an agile, ferocious fish which can achieve high bursts of speed. Once it finds prey, it quickly snaps its jaws! Nature is certainly terrifying! I would hate to go about my day only to find a nasty beastie charging at me!”
    If we get a Gen 9 in Italy, I feel the starters could potentially be a wolf (important to Rome), a lion (important to Florence and Venice), and horse (important to Milan). Going by typing, maybe the wolf would be a fire type, Lion would be a grass type, and horse being water type.
    The roster prospect for a new Killer Instinct with recent acquisitions are off the charts. Yes, I’ll take a buffed up roster with everyone from the previous game plus Doomguy, Super Mutant, Kerrigan, Illidan Stormrage, Call of Duty Soldier, and Crash! No, I’ll wait. Take your time.
    I always knew Japan had populations of owls, weasels, and occasional sea otters but it never occurred to me Hokkaido has all three occurring there. For owls, they have the sea otters of course but they also have a stoat called the Ezo Stoat which is found in only Hokkaido along with the Blakiston’s Fish Owl which can also be found in the Sakhalin Islands and and north-eastern Russia. I found it strange that these three were picked but it just dawned on me and now it makes perfect sense. I have yet to put two and two together for those…leaks but Decidueye makes sense given the scenery of Hokkaido compared Hawaii and the Blakiston’s Fish Owl is brown.
    If I could create a survival/crafting game, it would be largely based on a post-apocalyptic military/militia base online multiplayer variety where players can either team up to fight against intergalactic hordes or to fight against other militia groups to carve out small territories. The story behind it is that a society of warmongering aliens arrive on earth to enslave the population and process their organic material to give birth to a new race of beings to further their galactic conquest. Players could choose between various classes which help determine particular aspects but players are free to determine how to play the game in the end. Investigating alien technology via missions and other game related activities opens opportunities to craft alien technology. The aliens, while one society, is composed of several clans which are serviced from their previous conquests as well as allied alien races which creates a diverse and ever changing environment for players. These aliens roam the city that the players find themselves in (I’m thinking Atlanta or Miami) which includes not only alien combatants but creatures created through genetic splicing.

    “Hey, I caught a fire ant! Nearly burned a hole in my net!”

    Takes it to Blathers…

    “Eh wot! That…that’s a dreaded fire ant! Please. No. Don’t bring it closer. The bite from this little monster is said to feel like fire hence it’s name. I daresay making these beasties angry is like playing with fire, eh wot? I better install a fire detection system if I’m to house these pain inducing monstrosities.”
    Hello. I find that certain images need to be put into other places on smash boards than put on a profile post after copying it from where I send it. Is there anyway I could do this without it being disruptive?
    In a huge fan of disaster movies. The more disastery, the better. Footage of global destruction, NPCs meeting their doom, collapse of civilization…all of the tropes of these moves I love. Except for one thing, the family who somehow survives. Elijah Wood and his new fiancé and her baby brother surviving in Deep Impact, John Cusack family in 2012, Rocks family in San Andreas, and Gerald Butler’s family in GREENLAND. Every so often, we get a disaster movie that doesn’t do that like Dont look Up which sees our heroes die with dignity. This isn’t really a huge thing in these movies because there needs to be hope that humanity can build itself up after such a crisis. We need to know the family we became invested in somehow makes it to see this rebirth.

    I want to see a disaster movie that builds up on itself with each disaster in the movie trumping one another. Asteroids, earthquakes, tornadoes, the works. Maybe even throw in rioting and rebellion for some human moments. But I want to see the movie shift between perspectives so we don’t get transfixed on one group of heroes but more so a Love Actually type movie where we follow different people during the earth’s last moments and how they come to grips with their impending doom. In this fashion, we see different reactions to these extraordinary events while also getting to kill off each person in the movie. Maybe there might be a light in the end of the tunnel but I want it to be a dim light. Life is gonna be hard and I want to see this articulated in the movie. Actually, a post-disaster movie might be interesting which picks up the period in time that’s considered “safe” after such an event where humanity starts picking up the pieces. Could be a politics thriller lol.
    Man, Greenland was a really good movie, one of the few where all of the secondary characters felt like real people and not just plot devices. I also just watched The Happening and it's possibly the worst offender of the trope you mentioned, as there are many moments where the main family felt like they should've gotten infected but didn't because plot convenience (It's also just a bad movie in general).
    Speaking of shifting between perspectives, there is this really good book I read called Drought, wherein a group of kids have to survive on their own when southern California loses access to clean water for three days. It's a decent main story, but what I love most about it is that, between the chapters, there'll be a short scene from the perspective of someone completely unrelated to the main cast struggling with the crisis. Kind of reminded me of your idea which I would love to see played out on the big screen.
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