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  • I was influenced by DrPerplexion DrPerplexion ‘s Character Profiles to start my own version using deconfirmed/unconfirmed characters. I will be posting these periodically:

    Character Files #01 Banjo & Kazooie
    First Appearance: Diddy Kong Racing (N64, 1997) (Banjo), Banjo-Kazooie (1998, N64)
    Latest Appearance: Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts (2008, Xbox 360)
    Neutral: Claw Swipe
    Dash: Foward Roll
    F-Tilt: Magic Wrench
    U-Tilt: Kazooie Peck
    D-Tilt: Leg Swipe
    FSmash: Beegul Bash
    USmash: Wing Crash
    DSmash: Snooze Pack
    Nair: Feather Flap
    Fair: Ratatat Tat
    Bair: Bear Bash
    Uair: Wing Whack
    Dair: Beak Bomb
    FThrow: Kazooie performs several wings strikes.
    BThrow: Banjo crams the opponent into the pack and then ejects them behind him.
    UThrow: Jumps up high with the opponent and then slams them back down
    DThrow: Performs a Drill Beak by slamming them down into the ground.
    N-Special: Beegull Blaster (Pulls out Kazooie. Special fires eggs. Attack performs Beak Bayonet. Throw puts it away. Taunt changes the eggs from either Fire, Grenade, or Ice)
    S-Special: Beak Buster
    U-Special: Spring Jump (holding up after ending the attack causes Kazooie to flap her wings for a hovering period)
    D-Special: Wonderwing
    Final smash: The Jingonator

    Spiral Mountain

    Mumbo Jumbo


    Snake: Hey, what am I fighting exactly?
    Colonel: That’s Banjo the Honey Bear and that’s Kazooie, the Breegull.
    Snake: Uhh...when did I step into a kids book?
    Colonel: You didn’t. The rules of war has changed the moment you stepped into Smash.
    Snake: You got a point. Dinosaurs, talking foxes, a boy who can see the future. It’s all pretty crazy.
    Colonel: It’s best not to ask why, Snake. Focus at your task at hand.
    Snake: Which is?
    Colonel: Giving that bear and bird combo a good old fashioned story book beating.

    Viridi: Hey Pit, don’t go hurting those cute animals!!
    Pit: Aftually, they are the ones hurting me.
    Viridi: Did you do something to anger them? Steal thier bananas? Burn down thier home?
    Pit: Nope! I can’t get a read on these guys!
    Palutena: That must be Banjo and Kazooie.
    Pit: Whooza whatsit now what?
    Viridi: Use your words, Pit.
    Pit: Can you repeat that again, Lady Palutena. And slowly?
    Palutena: You are facing the duo, Banjo and Kazooie. Banjo is the bear and Kazooie is the bird.
    Pit: I see. For a pair of animals, they have some moves!
    Palutena: Of course. They use thier abilities to fight the evil witch, Gruntilda. She kidnapped Banjo’s cute sister to drain her of her youth and beauty.
    Pit: That’s heinous!
    Viridi: the Forces of Nature wont stand for that!
    Palutena: Well, I suppose we could try talking but Kazooie has quite the mouth. Fighting it out by be better.
    Pit: Gotcha! I’ll give them the old “Give up and say uncle” move I’ve been saying:
    Viridi and Palutena: Oh dear...
    Ganondorf? More like Ganondorf
    Is what I would call this oversized pork
    Sure his magic is second to none
    But does he use a boiling cauldron?
    ~Gruntilda’s thoughts on Ganondorf
    I always love when a person here in Japan asks “what’s the problem with American politics?” I just shake my head and tell them I have no clue.
    I hear political rants in my house quite a lot, and my solution to those problems: play Smash. "What election?" Smash is the solution to all of my problems.
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    I would say that’s a problem then since elections are very important. Someone told me that “if you complain about the current state of affairs but do nothing about them; then you have zero right to complain.”

    I have very different political opinions from my family and regardless of trying to meet them half way and have a civil discussion about anything; they still try to convert me and politicize everything.
    One year old child logic:
    -I eat some piece of paper
    -I taunt dad by showing it’s in my mouth
    -I run away when he tries to go after me
    -I trip and fall in the process
    -Dad picks me up and I smile at him
    -He picks out the piece of paper from my mouth
    -I proceed to cry, flail, and throw a temper tantrum as a result.
    -I become happy seconds later by grabbing and playing with his glasses.
    Nana and Popo, a winning team
    But it’s not how it may seem
    Without Nana, Popo’s a sitting duck
    A climber without a partner it outta luck.
    ~Gruntilda’s thoughts of the Ice Climbers.
    Livin’ In Japan #1: Residents in Japan are expected to properly sort trash out. Twice a week is burnable trash and once every other week is recyclable trash. Once a month is special trash like cd’s, broken china, appliances, etc. Each city or town has its own trash bags that should have the address and trash station that the person lives in written on the bag. Have five bags of trash? Gotta write the info down five times.

    Recyclables are broken down between: general plasticis like food trays and containers, General metallics, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, cardboard, newspaper/magazines, batteries, clear glass, brown glass, and green glass bottles. Each typically has its own container to put it in.

    Failing to follow any of these rules usually consists of a strongly worded letter getting sent to the city section you live in from the city dump. This is not good as you are failing your community and creating a negative image of it. The community is very important in Japan. In very special cases, the trash bags that had the wrong items in it may be sent to your house or your place of work. This is usually reserved for foreigners as it’s easier to know whose garbage it is when they search it.

    Stores, convenience stores, shopping malls, vending machines, etc all have appropriate disposable bins for plastic bottles, glass bottles, and aluminum cans. Some stores have places to dump general plastics.

    If you miss one of the garbage days, you can drive to the city dump where they will weigh your car. You can then get rid of your trash in various places around the dump. They then weigh your car after leaving and have to pay around $3. I have thrown out sofas, fish tanks, and even bycicles this way as they can’t be thrown out on garbage days obviously.

    Garbage disposal is technically free but paid for by taxes. we have to buy our own garbage bags (4 types total: burnable, plastics, metallic, and special) which are usually $3 to $5.

    Sometimes, certain municipalities don’t have an area to dump your recyclables and, instead, has one location for the entire municipality that it opens all day. So you drive to it and throw away your plastics along with everyone else.

    And that’s how you throw away garbage in Japan.
    Luigi, Luigi always behind
    On your soul, the monster had dined
    Yes, a vacuum you have and a Mansion, too.
    But you scream at the sight of a little Boo.
    ~Gruntilda’s thoughts on Luigi
    So apparently rebooting MvC ad MvC 4 is maybe a thing. Which had a MvC fan, I’m glad. But as someone who felt betrayed by MvCI and defended it even after the failed dlc update, I’m wary. Still though, I’m excited.

    Would love to see:

    Squirrel Girl
    Howard the Duck

    Batsu Ichimonji
    Duke Edmund Dragonsbane
    Game Freak, can the next Pokémon game be based in Greece, Italy, the UK, Brazil, Australia, or Hong Kong?
    I’m not much of a YouTuber or video editor but I have been toying around with idea recording myself driving here in Japan and talking about Smash speculation and other games in a uncut way. Thoughts?
    Sounds neat enough in theory to get me to watch.
    Dear DBFZ,

    You have a great roster. Excellent even. One of the best. You have legendary heroes, diabolical villains, and the rando thrown in for good measure. But if you truly wanna make me happy, please add in (at your leisure):

    Janeemba, Master Roshi, Jiren, Kefla, Garlic Jr, Kid Goku, Lunch, and Ox King/Kid Chichi?
    Continuing from potential Robot Master ideas:

    Spore Man: a robot master who has the ability to emit deadly spores in order to poison enemies and control innocent civilians. Defeating him gains the Spore Cloud ability. He has taken control of the Atmospheric Cleaning Station in order to spread his spores worldwide.

    Iceberg Man: a robot master who has the ability to take water and freeze it instantly or unfreeze it. Defeating him gains the Iceberg Crash ability. He has taken control of the Arctic Research Facility and threatens to melt the polar ice caps as a last resort.

    Stretch Man: a robot master who has the ability to stretch, contort, and elongate his body to extreme proportions. Defeating him gains the Stretch Punch ability. He has taken control of the United Nations headquarters and “has a hand” holding every department hostage.

    Satellite Man: a robot master who lives in space and has access to a powerful orbital laser. He can jam communications and scramble signals. Defeating him gains the Orbital Strike ability. He has taken over the International Space Community Station and is trying to take over the rest of satellites in space.
    I love the new Mega Man and the Robot Nasters are all very interesting. The game is a great mix of the old and the new. I really hope they continue in this direction and that we see more MM games. As I’m on a speculation kick lately, here are eight potential RM I want to see in MM12:

    Cell Man: a robot master who has the ability to duplicate himself, shrink him down to atomic size, and influence organic matter in a cellular level. Defeating him gains the Cellular Double ability. He has taken control of the Cloning Researcg Lab in order to make copies of Wily’s robots

    Assassin Man: a robot masters who possesses numerous assassin techniques such as hiding in the shadows, poisoned knives, and sniping abilities. Defeating him gains the Sniper Lock ability. He is currently hunting down key targets in Reploid City.

    Monster Man: a robot master who can summon similar monster reploids like zombies, vampires, skeletons, and ghosts to attack. Defeating him gains the Zombie Helper ability. He has taken control of the Reploid Graveyard to raise more undead reploids to his aid Dr Wily.

    Factory Man: a robot master who expels large amounts of pollution and can generate various machines and weapons. Defeating him gains the Smog Cannon ability. He has taken control of the world’s largest factory complex to create weapons of war for Wily.
    Going from my previous roster idea for NES Smash Bros., here is the SNES version that probably would of came around near the end of the SNES:
    1. Mario
    2. Luigi
    3. Bowser
    4. Donkey Kong
    5. Diddy Kong
    6. Kirby
    7. Yoshi
    8. Samus
    9. Link
    10. Ness
    11. Little Mac
    12. Marth
    13. Ryu
    14. Mega Man X
    15. Bomberman
    Here is my roster idea if Smash Bros. was released late during the NES era:

    1. Mario
    2. Luigi
    3. Link
    4. Samus
    5. Pit (new animations for on the ground but perpetual flier)
    6. Donkey Kong
    7. Simon
    8. Mega Man
    9. Popeye
    I like speculation and it is fun to talk about games with development. However, I do find it fun to think about games that have yet to be released. I’m a huge fan of Mortal Kombat though it was only since MK 9 that I got back into the series after 4. I can’t wait till MK11 to see what characters they bring back and introduce.

    However, one thing I love NetherRealm is thier guest characters, wether it’s Alien in MKX or Hellboy in Injustice 2. I cant wait to see what they come up with for MK11. Here are potential guest character ideas:

    Pinhead: a crazy tekekinetic intellectual psychopath from Hellraiser who can rip victims apart telepathetically, chain opponents up with meat hooks, and conjure items out of mid air.

    Ghostface: Antagonist of the Scream series who uses various knives and stealth to kill its victims. Kind of a joke character.

    Michael Meyers: Antagonist of the Halloween series. A tanker with strong butcher knife attacks. Can shrug off attacks easily and has super armor to many of them.

    Pennywise: a strange clown creature who is an entity that is unable to be understood by humans. Uses shape shifting and running people over with tricycles.

    Ash: Protagonist if the Evil Dead series. Uses his trusty shotgun and chainsaw hand. Oh, yeah!

    The Thing: A Shapeshifting alien creature who can mimic victims as well as distort its body into a variety of shapes and sizes.

    Jigsaw: a psychopathic killer from the Saw series who uses various traps and devices to fight his opponents.

    Martian: a random Martian General from the movie “Mars Attacks”. It uses various Martian technology and flying saucers to combat its foes.
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