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  • As I’m nearing a decade of continuous living in Japan, I try to think about all the strange stuff I’ve experienced. Which is a lot. Shrines dedicated to penises. Getting gropped by a curious old man in the public bath. Throwing smelly mud at strangers while extremely intoxicated as apart of a cultural festival. Acting as a tour guide and translator for a fifty person (was originally told only 2 people) delegation from a city government in Thailand only to find only that one guy could speak English. Child rearing in Japanese. Built a house. Lived near an exploded volcano and found several inches of ash on my car. Ate sushi off a hairy man’s stomach. He was a fellow teacher and it was during work drinking party. At one time, I owned a chipmunk. Adopted a stray kitten off the street. Was attacked by a monkey. And chased by a badger. Shot a boat. Found a bear on top to my car. Got bit by a Mukade. Got married.

    But one stand out experience was at a bar (as most things are) about 8 years ago. My drinking buddy who was usually a very happy drunk tried to get buddy buddy with this one guy but the guy brushed him off. My buddy took offense and tried to square the guy up (in my friends defense, he was quite big). It ended up this guy my friend tried to get to fight was a Yakuza boss. So about 5 other guys who were sitting in random places immediately sprang to action and pushed us onto the bar. The bartender was our friend and was trying to smooth things over while I was also trying to calm things down as the only foreigner who could speak Japanese while having my face pressed down on the bar. We were promised that they would send us back to our countries in bags if we tried that stunt again. I remember my friend asking “Dude, what’s he saying” and I said “They will send us in body bags if we do this Gain” and his rely “Fuuuuu....”. The Yakuza boss then signaled to his men to sit down, gave the bartender a glare, and told us to find some place to go drink. We quickly shuffled out and were sadly told by our bartender friend that we were unwelcome. We later learned that if we were to come back, it would be trouble for the bartender there.

    Yep....that was the weirdest.
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    My most-wanted list has changed here and there throughout the years. Smash has included some characters that were expected (Mega Man and Shulk) while others were dreams come true (Cloud and Ryu) and others have been waiting a long time (Ridley and KKR). Other characters like Ganondorf and Mewtwo were on my Pre-Smash Melee list and Toon Link and Wolf were on my Pre-Brawl list. Some characters like James Bond or Meowth who were on my early, early list will never happen.

    Now that most of the characters that I want to see have been included (with the exception of Isaac, Elma, and Dixie Kong), not much is left. Which had led me to broaden and radicalize my list. Especially given that most DLC if not all will be 3rd party.

    Here’s my list as of today:
    1) Scorpion
    2) Banjo-Kazooie
    3) Dovahkin
    4) Master Chief
    5) Lloyd Irving
    6) Monster Hunter
    7) Jack from Harvest Moon
    8) Sora
    9) Son Goku
    10) Chrono
    11) Monster Hunter
    12) Doom Slayer
    13) Tracer or Solider 76
    14) Altair (Assassin’s Creed)
    15) Commander Shepard
    16) Gargos (Killer Instinct)
    17) Paperboy
    18) Jibanyan
    19) Nightmare (SoulCalibur)
    20) Sephiroth
    Nutty Sponge
    Nutty Sponge
    Like you, I'd love to see Goku in the game.. but it's sadly not going to happen because he's a manga character... sucks asssssss
    I have some fan favorites and some weird choices out of left field that I'd like to see. (The top 7 are in order, while the rest are in no particular order.)

    Crash Bandicoot
    Bandana Dee
    Paper Mario
    Hollow Knight
    Add Crono and I'd die a happy man...after playing him for a while, of course. But happy nonetheless.
    I am super excited for Animal Crossing Switch. I have a whole grocery list of things I want to see included ranging from gameplay to new collectables to even furniture.

    But for now I want to focus on four new Villager species I would love to see be included:

    Moles (not the Resetti kind)
    Lizards (Iguanas, Gilda, Komodo, Etc)
    Lemurs (ruffed, ring-tailed, etc)
    Bat (Vampire, fruit, little brown, etc)

    In addition, it would be fun to see these following species in a particular character role like Mr. Nook:

    Hyena (maybe in a circus?)
    Cheetah (marathon event)
    Tasmanian Devil (some sort of accomplice with Red?)
    Proboscis Monkey (specializes in medicine maybe. Especially the nose)
    Meerkat (not sure...hmmm)
    Bandicoot (same as above)
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    If you could change one thing about Ultimate, what would it be?
    Dr. Edgeworth
    Dr. Edgeworth
    The ability to slide off platforms and such while wave landing
    Dr. Edgeworth Dr. Edgeworth that's why I play Omega form online. The platforms get in the way and leave me vulnerable to aerials and up-smashes. Espically when I try to land a surprise DDD recovery on someone, the platforms get in the way.
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Besides the roster, I would change the presentation of Direct: E3, Ken/Incineror Direct with WOL teaser, Isabelle, and final Simon/Richter Trailer.
    My daughter would make for a good newcomer:

    Special: Temper Tantrum because the juice box is empty
    Side Special: Booger Fling
    Up Special: Climb on something that I know I shouldn’t but I still do
    Down Special: Poo Bomb

    Final Smash: Meal Time
    There's someone in my gym class who would have a similar moveset... revolving around farting, making stupid sounds, and pestering the girls in my grade. The sad thing is that he's almost a senior in high school.
    Somewhat. It's just one attack shared by Wario. Except it deals more damage and has the same effect as Piranha Plant's poison cloud.
    My six English classes got cut down to only two classes cause of the flu. In Japan, if a little over half of the class has the flu, the class is canceled for just about a week. Makes my day easier but feel bad for my elementary students :(
    Yikes, that's pretty scary to hear. I hope they all make a swift recovery! :)
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Hope so too. My entire seventh grade (four classes) were cancelled last week.

    Luckily, child healthcare is free in Japan. So all medicine and doctor visits up to graduating junior high (some prefectures up until high school graduation) is completely free.
    I’m liking Mortal Kombat 11 so far. I loved X’s “three per character” customization system. I’m glad it’s returning and expanded further. The roster is looking solid and I’m happy to see Skarlet back. Not sure about Kronika but her henchman, Geras, looks interesting. The game looks more close to X then X did to 2011 but that’s not really a bad thing. And evil Raiden is something I can get behind.

    Sakurai and Boon, bring Scorpion in Smash.
    Character Files #11 Reckless Notice Safety Guy
    First Appearance:
    Latest Appearance:

    The Reckless Notice Safety Guy is one who we all know quite well. He informed us on how to properly wield the mighty Wii Mote...both safely and effectively. We saw him before we started our games and his sage wisdom guided us to hours of safe entertainment. His reassuring words and safety demonstration gave us the foundations of Wii safety protocol that not only would span to the Wii U but to the Switch. His attention...nay...dedication to safety would be the underlying key foundations of safety in Nintendo products today.

    He appeared in the safety segment when you first started Brawl.

    He incorporates “safe” attacks using the Wii Mote and Nunchuck as well as other accessories. To give him more depth, a Battery Change gimmick was added which gives him enhanced attack power and speed once his batteries drains. His height and weight is around WFT but he is a bit slower. His loves have further reach though.

    Neutral: Wii Combo (Smacks with the wiimote and then again with the Nunchuck. Infinite jab is a combination of slapping with both like playing on a drum. Jab finisher is a thrust with the wiimote.)
    Dash: Nunchuck Whip (Slaps the opponent with the Nunchuck.)

    F-Tilt: Batters Up (Holds the wiimote with both arms and does a side strike attack.)
    U-Tilt: Whip it Good (Performs an upwards arcing whip attack with the Nunchuck.
    D-Tilt: Flip it (Performs a wrist flick with the wiimote upwards.)

    FSmash: Wii Guitar (Slap the wiimote into a guitars and perform an all encompassing guitar jam that damages from both sides.)
    USmash: Tennis Smash (Pretends to throw a tennis ball up by rising the Wiimote which deals damage and then smashes it which hits upwards.)
    DSmash: Bowling (Makes a bowling position by taking his arm and swinging it back which deals damage and then forward.)

    Nair: Archer (Holds the Wiimote forward and then takes the nunchuck back like a bow and arrow and then punches forward; dealing damage.
    Fair: Aerial Whip (Perform a wide hitting forward whip attack with the nunchuck.)
    Bair: Dance with Wii (Spins dramatically with a counter clockwise turn with both Wiimote and nunchuck spread out.)
    Uair: Shoot (Perform a basketball pose as if shooting a basketball which causes both arms to move upward.)
    Dair: Ratta Tap Tap (Perform a downward hit that deals multiple hits of damage.)

    FThrow: Kart Racing (Holds the Wiimote horizontally and jumps on to the opponent and rocks back and forth as if he is on a go kart.)
    BThrow: Wraps the cord around the person, swings them back and pulls it causing them to spin.)
    UThrow: Uses the nunchuck to the catch the opponent and then throws them up.
    DThrow: Performs a golf swing that knocks the opponent forward.

    N-Special: Wii Zapper (Equips the Wii Zapper which fires a single energy shot or a charged energy shot.)
    S-Special: Wii Wheel (Put the Wiimote into the Wii Wheel and toss it like a frisbee. Once it lands, the Wiimote will magically return in the guy’s hand.
    U-Special: Nunchukppercut (Perform a nunchuck jumping uppercut. The Wiimote is still attached and can still do damage as well below the player as it dangles.)
    D-Special: Battery Change (Changes the current battery to a fully charged battery which returns the damage output to 100%.)

    Final Smash: Big Trouble (Reckless Safety Notice Guy takes the Wiimote and flings it forward. Once it connects with the opponent, they are trapped within the Final Smash. They are transported to a cutscene in a living room where the fighter performs various attacks using both controllers on the opponent. He goes to throw the Wiimote but it misses and crashes through the tv causing the Reckless safety notice guy who go into shock. His mother than jumps in and yells all the fighters into submission.)

    Reckless Safety Notice Announcement Loading Screen

    A Wii appears on the ground and Reckless Safety Notice Guy jumps out.

    1. Checks the wrist strap around his wrist.
    2. A red x appears next to him which makes him cringe.
    3. He shifts to his right and left side twice in a jerky motion.

    1. Performs several ninja/nunchuck movements with the nunchuck and wiitmote.
    2. Swings the nunchuck around but accidentally hits himself in the head.
    3. Checks his Wiimote and finds it’s out of batteries.


    Aqua Blue

    The Reckless Safety Man

    Blue face with no eyes


    Snake: Hey, it’s the Reckless Safety Notice...Guy.
    Otacon: You actually know him? That’s surprising...
    Snake: Why? You think I spend my free time working out and studying my enemies?
    Otacon: ....Yes?
    Snake: Playing the Wii was not only a good way to relax but also to practice my dexterity. Me and this guy became friends real quick.
    Otacon: Reeeeeally? I find that a bit hard to believe.
    Snake: Yeah. In between missions I was totally working out to Wii Sports and getting my Mario Party on.
    Otacon: Which reminds me, why wasn’t there a Metal Gear game on the Wii?
    Snake: Well, the motion aspect just didn’t fit well with the Metal Gear theme.
    Otacon: But there’s a zapper.
    Snake: It didn’t fit well with the theme.

    Pit: Man, I’ve seen blue people but this is nuts. He’s all blue! And he’s wielding some sort of ancient artifact of supernatural power. Perhaps it’s an ancient relic cursed by Hades?
    Palutena: Nah, that’s just the Reckless Safety Notice Guy. And that’s the Wiimote and Nunchuck he’s holding.
    Viridi: He appeared in all the games in the Wii when you started a game. You could say he was a Wii icon.
    Pit: Huh? I’m lost...Wiimote? Wii? Nunchuck? Reckless somethin something guy!
    Palutena: He advised how to safely play Wii games...including Brawl. Your first Smash.
    Viridi: And the Wiimote and nunchuck it what was used to control you. Or the GameCube controller or the classic controller.
    Viridi: Yup!
    Palutena: And in Uprising. All your deeds and accomplishments can be attributed to the human player!
    Viridi: Yep! I thought you knew about that!
    Viridi: Geez. Don’t have a cow. I know it’s a difficult pill to swallow but it’s better to be red pilled than blue pilled, right? Or maybe black pilled in this case.
    Palutena: Regardless, he uses techniques hat would be considered unsafe...definitely unsafe if you ask Parenting Gaming Monthly.
    Pit: Why should I even try...I’m just being controlled...
    Viridi: Remember how overpowered Meta Knight and Bayonerfta was? In the hands of an unskilled player, they were garbage!
    Palutena: Thibk that if you do well, it’s because your powers complimented that of the gamer controlling you.
    Pit: I suppose that...
    Viridi: Just think of a fatty McFatty with greedy Cheeto figures telling you where to go and what to do!
    Palutena: VIRIDI!
    Pit: WAAAAHHAHAHA!!!!! :cries:
    Character Files #10 Vault Boy
    UNIVERSE Fallout
    First Appearance:
    Latest Appearance: None

    Vault Boy is the mascot of VaultTech and created by RoboCo for the Pip-boy. VaultTech developer numerous underground living vaults to be used in case of nuclear fallout. Some of these were intended to house the world’s brightest while others were made for scientific experiments in mind. Vault Boy was designed to acquaint the Vault dwellers with the necessary skills and knowledge to govern themselves underground. As well as aid the adventurous soul to finds themselves journeying outside into the radioactive wasteland.


    Vault Boy is around Mario’s height but weighs significantly less. He can brandish a number of Fallout weapons and increase his abilities. He is a projectile master but also have short ranged abilities, too.

    Neutral: Survivor Punch (Performs a straight jab followed by a strong punch with a punching infinite jab followed by an uppercut.)
    Dash: Big Jim (Vault Boy jumps up into the air and slams down the pipe wrench downwards.)

    F-Tilt: Right Hook (Vault Boy attacks with a strong tight hook while wearing brass knuckles.)
    U-Tilt: Baseball Bat (Takes an upward crack with the baseball bat.)
    D-Tilt: Knife Poke (Performs a low like attack with a hunting knife.)

    FSmash: Shiekebab (Vault Boy takes the flaming makeshift blade and swings upwards while dealing multiple hits of fire damage.)
    USmash: Bunker Buster (Takes aim with the missile launcher and fires at a slightly forward angle with will explode shortly after.)
    DSmash: Bottlecap Mine (Function similar to Snake’s and will explode but with vertical knockback being prevelant.)

    Nair: Shock Baton (Hits forward at a downward angle and shocks the opponent.)
    Fair: Flamer ( Produces the flamethrower and releases a spray of flame forwards.)
    Bair: Ripper (Produces a daw weapon that does up to six hits of damage.)
    Uair: Shotgun (Aims a shotgun blast upwards.)
    Dair: Molotov Cocktail (Vault Boy takes a lightened Molotov Cocktail and throws it down cause a massive burst of fire.)

    FThrow: Chucks the opponent downwards and slams down with the powerfist.
    BThrow: Stuffs a grenade on the opponent and then kicks them away.
    UThrow: Spins and throws the opponent up into the air.
    DThrow: Summons a Deathclaw who grabs and stabs the opponent before slamming them down.

    N-Special: Equip (Vault Boy can equip one of six weapons which he can use for his neutral. The number of ammunition is listed next to his icon and he can only change when ammunition is out. Pressing Neutral at this time causes the weapon dial to appear allowing him to access a fully loaded weapon. Pressing Neutral releases a single shot and holding down Neutral may release a automatic shot.
    The weapons includes:
    10mm Pistol: Slow rate of fire with minimal damage but excellent accuracy.
    Protectron’s Gaze: Fires a concentrates beam of light that deals moderate damage but long hit stun.
    Tommy Gun: High rate of fire but low accuracy.
    BB Gun: Low rate and low damage but excellent accuracy and good at penetrating shields.
    Plasma Rifle: Medium rate of fire and high fire damage but low ammunition.)
    S-Special: VATs (Vault Boy performs a pose which, when it connects, freezes the opponent slightly like Witch Time. There are four sections to attack the opponent. Head, torso, right and left arms, and right and legs. Depending on the character and VB’s location, one may do more damage than the other. Quickly move the control stick to that and release which initiated a automatic attack from the Equipped weapon. It has less effect the more it is used.)
    U-Special: Powerfist (Vault Boy launches into the while performing an uppercut with the Powerfist. Pressing the special down causes Vault about to slam down with the rust; dealing wide damage.)
    D-Special: Mister Handy (Vault Boy Simmons a Mister Handy who will remain stationary and fire rockets at anyone who comes near. It will explode once it’s timer reaches zero.)

    Final Smash: Power Armor (Vault Boy dons the power armor which causes radiation to fill the entire stage. This doesn’t damage Vault Boy but will damage everyone else. He also gains strong damage output and launching power while sacrificing his speed and jumping ability.)


    Vault Boy appears first as the Pip-Boy and jumps out of it. He does the classic thumbs up sign and winks.

    1. Pulls out the “Wasteland Survival Guide” and reads it quickly.
    2. Takes out his Bobbly-head and smiles.
    3. Hands his out as his presenting something.

    1. Wears a party hat and holds a cup up to celebrate. Balloons fly upwards.
    2. A Deathclaw appears and stabs the camera and lifts it up. Both Vault Boy and the Deathclaw smiles.
    3. Vault Boy appears in the Power Armor and performs a thumbs up pose.


    Neon Green

    The Face of VaultTech

    Vault Boy’s hair


    Snake: I feel there’s more than meets the eye.
    Colonel: That’s Vault Boy, the mascot for VaultTech.
    Snake: VaultTech? What’s that?
    Colonel: A mega corporation in the business of making under ground vaults.
    Snake: Vaults? To store what? Toys? Boxes?
    Colonel: People.
    Snake: Colonel, you’re losing me. Why people?
    Colonel: Smash is made of tons of different universes. Vault Boy comes from an universe where humanity nearly destroyed themselves through nuclear warfare.
    Snake: Yikes. We almost had that but yours truly saved the day.
    Colonel: Indeed. VaultTech built underground vaults for a select few to live in until the fallout subsided. Some opened up a two decades later while others opened up much later. Others never opened up. Basically a living tomb.
    Snake: And this guy...
    Colonel: Is the face of the company. He lent his image to the Pip-boy. The tool for survival and governance both in the vaults as well as in the radiated wasteland.
    Snake: Oh, well, I’ll be sure to give his the executive tour of SMASH then!

    Pit: Wow! This little guy keeps pulling up weapons! Some seem...overkill!
    Palutena: Oh, it’s Vault Boy. He’s the image of VaultTech.
    Viridi: VaultTech developed vaults in the earth after those silly monkeys set off tons of nuclear bombs. Many died as a result.
    Pit: Waaaaaaaait a minute. Who died? Vaults in the earth?! Nuclear bombs?! SILLY MONKEYS?!
    Palutena: You should brush up whose who in Smash. I buried myself in the Persona 5 wikia after Joker was announced.
    Pit: I think my AngelNet subscription ran out.
    Viridi: Or you forgot to pay for it!
    Palutena: Vault Boy comes from the Fallout universe. It’s where humanity launched nuclear weapons at each other. It nearly destroyed the world but underground vaults sheltered them.
    Viridi: Humanity always finds a way to mess things up.
    Pit: Ummm...color me confused but what’s a nuclear bomb?
    Viridi: You mean you don’t know!? A nuke! Bomb! BOOM!
    Palutena: Angels don’t have omnipotence and infinite knowledge. I’m not surprised he doesn’t know...
    Pit: .... I’m guessing his world suffered a lot of damage. So why does he have all these weapons?
    Viridi: Humanity was set back for centuries and, in their absence, creature mutated and the world they once lived in changed. Some managed to live in the radiated surface while others lived in cramped vaults.
    Palutena: To survive, people created crazy weapons to defend themselves with.
    Pit: I see. I think...
    Viridi: And Vault Boy is the image of the company that made the vaults!
    Palutena: He’s your go to guy to help you out in the wasteland. He’s got maps, your gear, and even radio stations!
    Pit: Geeez! Maybe he can simplify his world’s lore for me!
    Character Files #09 Springman
    First Appearance: ARMS (NS, 2017)
    Latest Appearance: None

    Springman is an enthusiastic young athlete who has a surprising natural affinity for ARMS. His dream is to defeat Max Brass and become the champion of the ARMS tournament. He loves eating pizza when he is fighting or training.

    Springman was thought to be a contender for a roster spot in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but appeared as both an Assist Trophy as well as a Spirit.

    Springman would have a melee-oriented playstyle that focuses on far reaching attacks to pummel his opponents. His attacks would increase in damage the further he is from the opponent. The most amount of damage he can deal is the furthest is from the opponent. He would be the antithesis of Little Mac.

    Neutral: Ol’ 1..2 (Springman performs a punch followed by a second punch and then an infinite jab. He follows with an uppercut.)
    Dash: Dashing Uppercut (Springman performs a vaulting uppercut that propels his fist high into the air.)

    F-Tilt: Spring Lunge (Springman performs a heaving overhead punch that has some reach to it.)
    U-Tilt: ARMS-ppercut (Performs a quick short ranged uppercut.)
    D-Tilt: Spring Slam (Slams his fist downwards onto the ground.)

    FSmash: Spring Punch (A very far reaching punch. He winds up while readying it and then launches it. It propels itself forward and slams into the opponent.)
    USmash: Double Rise (Launches both fists into the air which slams into the opponent.)
    DSmash: Whirlpool (Spreads out both arms and spins while striking form a distance.)

    Nair: Downward Punch (Performs a slightly downward angled punch.)
    Fair: Wire Whip (Spins around whole striking on both sides as he moves forward.)
    Bair: Back Uppercut (Attacks backwards in an uppercut.)
    Uair: Aerial Flip (Performs a double fisted uppercut that knocks the opponent upwards into the air.)
    Dair: Comet Crash (Punches downwards which can meteor spike opponents.)

    Grab: It has a long reach thanks to his arms.
    FThrow: He pulls the opponent in and kicks them away.
    BThrow: Performs a spinning throwing attack that has a wide distance and then throws the opponent.
    UThrow: Performs a far flinging upward throw. Attack.
    DThrow: Takes the opponent and then slams them down onto the group which spikes them up.

    N-Special: Punch Counter (Springman punches forward which, when it connects with an opposing Melee attack, will counter the opponent’s attack and damage them.)
    S-Special: Spring Grab (Springman will grab with both arms much like his Grab. Pushing back will bring the opponent to him while pushing forward will bring Springman to them.)
    U-Special: Spring Launch (Springman punches the ground and springs himself up into the air.)
    D-Special: Charge (Charge the ARMS which will cause it to transform once at full strength. It will become Tribolt and adds an electrical shock will in play. Having a full Charge also powers up the Final Smash.)

    Final Smash: Rush (Springman will deliver a spring punch which will catch the opponent into the Final Smash. He then delivers a series of long-distance punches and builds up his power while doing so. He then releases an enhanced spring punch that does high knockback.

    Spring Stadium

    Lands down from the top fists first and springs himself into the fighting position.

    1. Springman punches his fists together and says “Come at me, bro!”
    2. Coils up his arms and then releases them while saying “Spring-a-King!”
    3. Jumps up and down three times before saying “Boing!”

    1. Pounds the ground which springs himself into the air and he then punches upwards while saying “Gotta bounce!”
    2. Performs a back flip, lands on his hands, and then springs back up before saying “ oh yeh, baby!”
    3. He pulls out a pizza box and says “Yum!” He takes out a piece and starts to eat it before looking at the screen. He then says “Here! Have some!” He then chucks the pizza into the screen.




    Springman’s hair and mask


    Snake: Come here, Springy, and I will show you what a real fighter can do!
    Mei Ling: That’s no ordinary fighter, Snake! That’s Springman!
    Snake: I figured. Not really an original name.
    Mei Ling: Well, he can fight with springs for arms.
    Snake: Maybe Springod? Mr. Spring? Spring of Spring? Captain Spring?
    Mei Ling. And he uses ARMS. They are a type of...
    Snake: ARMS?!? Ok! Give me the phone. I’m calling the writers.
    Mei Ling: Ummmm...
    Snake: What’s next? A hat they wear called HEADS or a shoe called FEET?!
    Mei Ling: I’m surprise you are this fired up, Snake. I’ve never seen you this agitated.
    Snake: Bad writing and unoriginal naming convention irritates me.
    Mei Ling: If it’ll help you focus on the fight, I’ll give them a call.
    Snake: Oh, and have them change his name to Springy Snake....or Solid Spring.

    Pit: Man, these fists can go really far!
    Palutena: I see you are fighting Springman.
    Viridi: Excuse me?
    Palutena: He is Springman, an athlete trainer in expandable combat called ARMS.
    Pit: They are really hard to dodge. He’s like Little Mac but attacks from long-distance.
    Palutena: Well, that’s his entire gimmick.
    Viridi: Wait....are these ARMS thier actual arms or the boxing gloves?
    Pit: Are you asking if those springs are his arms?! That would make a WHOOOOOLE allot of daily activities super difficult!!
    Palutena: They are his fists. The boxing gloves as you called?
    Pit: Imagine trying to use the toilet?! You might just launch yourself right off it without thinking?
    Palutena: I’m sure they are used to it. The sane could be days about your wings, Pit.
    Pit: Not the sane thing. I told them close to my back!
    Viridi: Hey! TMI! I don’t want to hear how you use the bathroom! Yuck!
    Palutena: Anyways, just watch out for those long-distance punches! He can use them in a variety of ways so adapt your strategy to them!
    Pit: Gotcha! Maybe projectiles my work on him!
    Thank you good sir, I will repost this some where else, i just wanted to gauge some opions about it.
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    No problem. I would recommend the roster thread. The first link I provided. You might get a better response than the General Discussion thread.
    Character Files #09 Mach Rider
    UNIVERSE Mach Rider
    First Appearance: Mach Rider (NES, 1985)
    Latest Appearance: None

    Mach Rider is a lone adventurer in a barren wasteland affected by an alien invasion in 2112 which destroyed Mach Rider’s homeland. The Rider goes in search for a new home but is attacked along the way by the alien invaders.

    Mach Rider was featured as a trophy in Melee, we a sticker in Brawl, and has a track from the Mach Rider game in every Smash game from Melee to Ultimate.

    Mach Rider is constantly on his bike which makes him a strange character to play as. The rider has good speed but it takes some time to accelerate in order to move forward at a good speed. The rider has good jumping attributes and his running speed affects the distance and height of the jumps.

    Neutral: Mach Wheel (Mach Rider takes the bike and quickly lifts it up. The infinite jab is a tire spin that does damage followed by a jab finisher where the bike is pushed forward slightly.)
    Dash: Wheelie (Mach Rider lifts up the bike and performs a wheelie for the dash.)

    F-Tilt: Tire Swipe (Performs a lift attack that hits horizontal with the tire.)
    U-Tilt: Bike Uppercut (A much stronger form of the Neutral jab with more lift to it.)
    D-Tilt: Tire Spam (Mach Rider lifts the tire and slams it down onto the ground.)

    FSmash: Back Tire (Mach Riser flips the bike around and spins the back tire into the opponent.)
    USmash: Pogo (Mach Rider rears up the bike so it is almost straight up on one tire and then jumps up; slamming the front tire upwards.)
    DSmash: Spinout (Mach Rider spins rapidly in a full circle, design high damage on all sides.)

    Nair: Downward Decline (Mach Rider takes the front tire and slams it downwards at a wide arc.)
    Fair: Air Time (Mach Rider spins rapidly as the bike moves forward; doing three quick full rotations.)
    Bair: Exhaust (Mach Rider releases an explosive blast of exhaust behind the bike.)
    Uair: Bike Flip (Mach Rider performs a flip with the bike.)
    Dair: Burn Rubber (Mach Rider

    Throw: Mach Rider pins the opponent onto the ground with the front wheel
    FThrow: Mach Rider spins the front tire before shooting the opponent out from under it.
    BThrow: Mach Rider rides forward and centers the back wheel on the opponent. The rider performs a wheeling while spinning the tire.
    UThrow: Mach Rider performs a flip; dragging the opponent along and launching them upwards.
    DThrow: Mach Rider performs three tight turns while dragging the opponent along.

    N-Special: Mach Blaster (Mach Rider can fire energy shots from the motorbike which explodes with plasma explosions. He can spam the attack but they become weaker the more it is used.)
    S-Special: Mach Launcher (Mach Rider jumps out of the motorbike and launches it as a deadly explosive missile when it hits an object or an opponent. After launching the motorbike, the rider will land on the ground and immediately summon a new bike. In theory, it’s similar to Bowser Jr.’s Up Special.)
    U-Special: Reconstruct (Acting like Zelda’s teleport, Mach Rider will deconstruct into pixels and then reconstruct depending on where the player inputs the control stick.)
    D-Special: Burn Out (Mach Rider will spin his back wheel as long as the special button is held. When released, he will rocket forward at high speeds. It is hard to handle and can cause a suicide if not used carefully but yields very high damage output.)

    Final Smash: Quadrunners (Mach Rider vanishes and appears in front of the screen and will immediately begin firing. The energy shots themselves dea damage but, in addition, Quadrunners will appear and ride towards the stage which dead damage. They will also explode when shot causing more damage.)

    Destroys a enemy biker sprite off screen and then enters in from the side.

    1. Revs the engine three times.
    2. Stands up in the bike foot pads and leans forward.
    3. Checks and corrects the handlebar mirror.

    1. Much like in the original game, Mach Rider is seen standing holding a gun up.
    2. Comes racing from the background, does a wheelie and then gives a cool wave gesture.
    3. Comes racing in, flips the bike, jumps off, and lands in a cool “Ginyu Squad-like” pose while the bike explodes in the background.



    The Dystopian Rider

    Mach’s Rider’s helmet


    Snake: Hey, that’s a pretty cool bike. I want it.
    Colonel: That must be the Mach Rider and the Mach Bike.
    Snake: Yeah. It can shoot and stuff. I want it.
    Colonel: Well, that probably won’t work, Snake. It was made specifically for the Mach Rider.
    Snake: I can probably jury rig it.
    Colonel: Probably not. See how it can reconstruct? You will probably explode into thousands of bit-sized pieces.
    Snake: That doesn’t sound good. I like myself whole very much.
    Colonel: Plus, the Mach Rider needs it to find a new home.
    Snake: Find a new home?
    Colonel: Yeah, Mach Rider’s hometown was destroyed by aliens.
    Snake: That bites. Hey, why don’t we get aliens in MSG?
    Colonel: You don’t think they tried? It looks good on paper but never works out.
    Snake: Well, maybe we can hire this Mach Rider and the team who wrote the story then, heh.

    Pit: Umm...should fighting on a motorcycle be allowed. Seems a little OP.
    Viridi: Same could be saved for people with wings!
    Palutena: That would be Mach Rider.
    Viridi: What Rider? Kamen Rider?
    Palutena: Hardly. Mach Rider.
    Pit: Let me guess...sad backstory...
    Palutena: Basically, the Mach Rider is on a journey in order to find a new home after it was destroyed by an invading alien species.
    Viridi: Whoa? Alien species?!
    Pit: Could if of been the Aurum? Space Pirates? Starmen? Deoxys?
    Palutena: No, these aliens are the Quadrunners and fight by chasing Mach Rider in their bikes.
    Pit: That’s a bit underwhelming. It seems a reboot is in order.
    Palutena: Not all games get a reboot, Pit. Just look at ROB and Duck Hunt.
    Pit: I guess some games are not up to the Kid Icarus caliber.
    Viridi: Puh-lease! I played board games more exciting than Uprising!
    Palutena: I’ll blame you when we don’t get a a sequel. Anyways, Pit, watch out for that bike. It’s slow to start but very fast when it gets going. Plus, it can fire energy shots.
    Pit: In that case, I’ll call in my Lightning Chariot! It will become a vehicular battle game!
    Now time for something entirely different...

    Character Files #08 Hero of the Wild Link
    UNIVERSE The Legend of Zelda
    First Appearance:The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (NS, 2017)
    Latest Appearance: Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition (NS, 2018)

    Link was Princess Zelda’s Champion and was aided by the four Champions of Hyrule, Mipha, Daruk, Revali, and Urbosa. Link fought against the Calamity Ganon to save Hyrule from certain destruction but ultimately failed and suffered a mortal blow. Hyrule would had been finished if Princess Zelda hadn’t sealed Link away into the Shrine of Restoration. After 100 years of slumber, Champion Link has awaken and began striking back at Calamity Ganon.

    Link has appeared as a playable character in every Smash game to date, often showcasing the current design for the character. Smash Ultimate was no exception with Link drawing heavy inspiration from Link’s portrayal including having the Shiekah slate, using remote bombs, no hookshot, and utilizing the Guardian Arrow as a Final Smash.

    Champion Link better portrays the Link from Breath of the Wild including utilizing various weapons and items from the game. In addition, compared to Link, he is a bit slower due to his gear. He also has more attacks that pack a punch compared to his regular version. He always has his powered up Master Sword as his main weapon.

    Neutral: Hyrule Combo (Perform a downward slash followed by a shield bash and a final stabbing attack. His infinite jab are a series of stab attacks followed by a stronger slash.)
    Dash: Claymore Clash (Link takes out the Knight’s Claymore, heaves it up, and slams it downward in a slow but powerful attack.)

    F-Tilt: Down Chop (Performs a more stronger downward slash that has extended reach.)
    U-Tilt: Farmer’s Pitchfork (Link takes the Farmer’s Pitchfork and stabs upwards at a slight angle.)
    D-Tilt: Soup Ladle (Link crouches low to the ground and strikes with the Soup Ladle.)

    FSmash: Meteor Rod (Link charges the Meteor Rod which fires up to three meteors that bounce along the ground and will explode upon impact.)
    USmash: Moblin Arm (Link takes the Moblin arm and swipes it above himself.)
    DSmash: Woodcutter’s Ace (Link spins low to the ground and slashes the axe in 360 degrees.)

    Nair: Skyward Slash (Link delivers an upward slash.)
    Fair: Tree Branch (Link delivers a downward strike with the Tree Branch. It can catch on fire when it meets flames thus adding fire damage to the attack.)
    Bair: Spiked Moblin Club (Link reaches back and bashes the opponent downwards with the heavy club.)
    Uair: Scimitar of the Seven (Link produces two very quick slashes using the scimitar.)
    Dair: Thunder Spear (Link pauses then slams down into the ground with the spear creating an electrical shockwave.

    Throw: Link uses the Magnet Rune
    FThrow: Link takes his shield and bashes it forward; knocking the opponent forward.
    BThrow: Link stabs the opponent with the Zora Spear and slams them down behind him.
    UThrow: Link takes the opponent and swings them upwards using the magnet.
    DThrow: Link slams them downward and explodes a Remote Bomb on them.

    N-Special: Ice Arrow (Link can use the Ice Arrows which doesn’t deal much.)
    S-Special: Liza’s Trophy-Boomerang (Link throws the high damaging fro-boomerang which can damage in the return back to Link. However, Link can either choose to catch it upon return or to ignore it and let it continue in its return path. It falling off the stage will allow Link to reuse it again.
    U-Special: Paraglider (Link pulls out his paraglide which allows him to safely glide to the surface. He can do the paraglide three times in a row and can attack out of it.)
    D-Special: Champion’s Power (Link can choose either Mipha’s Grace which grants him some extra health, Daryl’s Protection which is a defensive shield that is strong against attacks, Revali’s Gale which boosts Link up with an air draft and can be used with Paraglider, and Urbosa’s Fury which is a lightning based Melee attack. The Champion’s Power can only be used once until a countdown commences.)

    Final Smash: Four Divine Beasts (Link strikes the opponent with his sword which triggers a cutscene calls forth the four divine beasts who, along with their deceased Champions, release four massive energy beams that obliterates the opponent.

    Appears much like how he does after finishing a shrine quest.

    1. On a neutral stage) Link will massage his wrists and stretch his neck. (on a cold stage) He will appear shivering and rubbing his hands together. (On a hot stage) He will appear slightly dizzy and rubs his head.
    2. Will flex his muscles while looking at them.
    3. Will pull out a cooking unit and cook something quickly and then pocket it.

    1. Appears upon a horse and charges the screen before rearing up. Link then stabs upwards with the Master Sword.
    2. Takes out the Shiekah Slate and looks at before looking around.
    3. Takes out a random food and eats it with a happy face.



    Hero of the Wild

    Link’s hair


    Snake: Say...Link looks a bit different, yeah?
    Otacon: That’s not all. He has tons of new weapons to boot.
    Snake: Seems like overkill. You don’t see me fighting with a Metal Gear or anything.
    Otacon: I hardly compared fighting with an ice arrow to fighting with a WMD.
    Snake: Still, what makes this particular Link so special.
    Otacon: Well, he’s practically more than 110 years old.
    Snake: You just had to go there. Taking a shot at my aging problem...
    Otacon: oh, geez, Snake. Grow some thick skin.
    Snake: Says the four eyes who collects girlie magazines.
    Otacon: Hey leave them out of it! Do you want any info or not?
    Snake: Fine, lay it on me.
    Otacon: The Link you face before didn’t have the launching power as Champion Link. But this one is even slower and more heavy so use that to your advantage!
    Snake: Haha take that Me. Perpetually Young!

    Pit: Man, where does Link keep all these items?!
    Palutena: Well, this particular one actually has a weight limit but that doesn’t seem to be a factor here.
    Viridi: He seems slower than before. But with more launching power.
    Palutena: That’s correct. This Link differs in that he wields a wide variety of weapons ranging from claymores to axes to tree branches.
    Pit: It’s not really fair.
    Palutena: Not only that but he can also call upon the Four Champions of Hyrule. Daruk, Mipha, Rivali...
    Viridi: AND URBOSA! She is my favorite! So cool and strong!
    Palutena: Each one grants Champion Link a special ability like granting him health, delivering a strong shock of lightning, providing him a strong shield, and granting him an updraft to save himself with.
    Pit: Whoa! That’s totally unfair! I’m suing!
    Viridi: Angels can’t sue, Pit.
    Palutena: Though his appearance is just like the Link we all know and love. But...
    Pit: Oh great, there’s more?
    Viridi: No johns, Pit!
    Palutena: While other characters may have red and blue outfits to distinct each color swap, Champion Link makes use of the various armor and outfits found in Breath of the Wild.
    Pit: Well, at least that doesn’t give him an unfair advantage. I can beat him with any kind of armor he wears!
    Character Files #07 Saki Amamiya
    UNIVERSE Sin & Punishment
    First Appearance: Sin & Punishment Star Successor (N64, 2000)
    Latest Appearance: None

    SakI Amamiya is a member of the Savior Group who is tasked in fighting both the Ruffians, a savage and mutated form of humanity created to serve as an alternate form of food for humanity and the Armed Volunteers who are oppressing the citizens of Japan. However, after surviving a horrific accident, he found he was infused with Ruffian powers too.

    Saki appeared as an Assist Trophy due to Japanese support from Brawl to Smash 4 with also a sticker in Brawl and trophies in both. In Ultimate, he didn’t return as a trophy but was featured as a Mii fighter.

    Saki is a nimble character that has many fast moving attacks and hit and run tactics. He possesses both a quick running and walking speed plus very good jumping ability.

    Neutral: Blade Slash (Saki performs one slash that has a long reach followed by a second slash that’s a backhanded one. His infinite jab is a volley of shots with an ending powerful shot blast)
    Dash: Diving Kick (Saki performs a low to the ground sliding kick.)

    F-Tilt: Quick Slash (Performs a quick horizontal Slash Attack.)
    U-Tilt: Upper Slash (Saki performs an upwards slash.)
    D-Tilt: Low Sweep (Performs a low sweep attack that is good for tripping.)

    FSmash: Multi-Slash (A triple hitting combo slash attack.)
    USmash: Bullet Stream (Fires an upward fat-teaching projectile Smash Attack.)
    DSmash: Double Slash (Turns and slashes on both sides with his swords.)

    Nair: Air Slice (Saki performs a wide vertical top to bottom air slash that has great reach.)
    Bair: Ground Cutter (Saki twists and releases a very wide downward slide that has a disjointed hit box.)
    Uair: Heaven Stab (Saki performs a stabbing attack.)
    Dair: Loaded (Saki flips upside down and performs a spinning shooting attack as he travels.)

    FThrow: Performs three slash attacks followed by a final launching slash attack.
    BThrow: Turns around and kicks the opponent forward.
    UThrow: Picks is the opponent and releases a steady stream of firepower.
    DThrow: Slams the opponent down and releases several sword smashes.

    N-Special: Auto-Lock/Manual (Holding down the special button engages in either the Auto-Lock or Manual Fire option. Quickly pressing the special button and moving the control stick to the right or left chooses the type. Auto-Lock will lock into the closest potentially dangerous target (wether it be an opponent or an item) which allows for direct homing attacks with faster speed but very low damage with no hit stun. The Manual option can be directed in eight directions during firing and deals more damage at a slower speed with higher knockback.)
    S-Special: Combat Roll (Saki performs a running roll maneuver that covers long distance and is great at bypassing various attacks and projectiles safely. Upon ending the animation, pressing the special button initiates a secondary ending attack where Saki pops up and fires his gun behind him.)
    U-Special: Bullet Storm (Saki performs a high jumping flip in a wide arc and releases a hail of bullets downwards as he travels.)
    D-Special: Ruffian Rage (Saki will perform a pose which acts as a counter. When it connects, he will deliver a counter attack which partially transforms him into a miniature Ruffian. He will then launch a powerful attack at the opponent, launching them away.)

    Final Smash: Ruffian Assault (Dashes whole slashing across the screen. It will enter into a cutscene if it connects where Saki will slash into the opponent and then kicks them away. He then transforms into a giant Ruffian and launches into a brutal attack combo before bringing his large fist and slamming it into them; launching the opponent.

    Arrives from above on a floating metallic platform. He jumps off it.

    Saki folds his arms and signs saying “Give me a challenge.”
    Saki slashes downwards with his blade and says “LetMs get this over with!”
    Saki holds out his fist and clenches it before pointing to himself and saying “I will drop you!”

    Saki performs several slashes before jumping high into the air and doing several flips before landing. He then says “You weren’t enough.”
    Saki slashes and then releases several bullets before saying “Don’t get up.”
    Saki transforms into his Ruffian form and roars our loudly while slashing.


    Dark Yellow

    The Ruffian Savior

    Saki’s hair.


    Snake: This little guy is pretty fast. Who is he?
    Colonel: You don’t remember him, Snake? You met him back in Brawl.
    Snake: Hmmm...I don’t recall. I generally don’t remember names of people that I don’t fight.
    Colonel: Well, that would make sense considering you couldn’t damage assist trophies.
    Snake: So, what makes this guy special. Lay it on me.
    Colonel: He wields both a gun-sword combo and is very fast.
    Snake: Actually it’s a beam sword, Colonel.
    Colonel: I see. On top of that, he can transform into a Ruffian.
    Snake: Ruffian?
    Otacon: A monstrous creature capable of mass destruction. Be careful, Snake!
    Snake: Great...I should add “Stopping weapons of mass destruction on my resume.”

    Pit: Whoa, this guys got some moves! He won’t let up!
    Palutena: That’s Saki from Sin and Punishment. He has great agility and jumping ability.
    Pit: I can definitely see that. He’s jumping about all over the place.
    Viridi: I hear he also has a secret power to transform into a Ruffian.
    Palutena: Humans were near the brink of destruction from over-population. In order to not starve, scientists created the Ruffian, a life form intended to be used as a good source.
    Pit: That...that’s sort of messed up.
    Palutena: Humanity isn’t always the shining examples we see in warriors like Marth or Mario.
    Pit: So Saki is one of these Ruffians, then?
    Palutena: He has the ability to transform into one. It was by chance after being infected by Ruffian blood.
    Viridi: Humans make me sick.
    Palutena: It certainly wasn’t the best choice but what could they do - starve?
    Viridi: Still, it doesn’t sit right with me...
    Pit: I don’t wanna let my emotions get the best of me. Anyway to fight this guy?
    Palutena: Keep him in your toes and use attacks that can launch him away. He’s not very heavy.
    Pit: Right! I’m sure he will understand. We all fight for something. He fights for his survival...
    Viridi: What do you fight for, Pit?
    Pit: ......... for cheese! Delicious cheese!
    Character Files #06 Dixie Kong
    UNIVERSE Donkey Kong
    First Appearance: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong’s Quest (N64, 1999)
    Latest Appearance: Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition (NS, 2018)

    Dixie Kong is a member of the Kong family and the girlfriend of Diddy Kong and the older sister of Tiny Kong. She seems to get along with everyone within the family. She helps Diddy Kong find Donkey Kong after he was kong-napped by Kremlings. And when both Donkey and Diddy do off on an adventure during a Kong vacation, they are once again kong-Naples by Kremlings leading Dixie to recruit her younger cousin, Kiddie Kong, to save them.

    Dixie has appeared as a trophy from Melee to Smash 4 and a sticker in Brawl. She was also confirmed as a Spirit in Ultimate.

    Dixie Kong has some similar moves as Diddy Kong but with a more floaty play style that emphasizes her natural affinity to aerial play. Her main difference though is her use of hair in attacks.

    Neutral: Dixie Kong attacks with a backhand slap followed by a palm slap and then an infinite jab with her ponytail followed by a final ponytail thrust.
    Dash: Ponytail Spin (Spins forward while twirling her ponytail.)

    F-Tilt: Two Hand Slap (Performs a clap attack with both hands.)
    U-Tilt: Uplift (Stretches her arms upwards and pushes up to attack.)
    D-Tilt: Low Sweep (Does a low kicking sweep attack.)

    FSmash: Hair Twirl (She takes her ponytail and twirls it before letting go which smashes into the opponent. It grows in size during this time.)
    USmash: Hair Wave (Takes her ponytail and swings it from one side to the other.)
    DSmash: Ponytail Twirl (Crouches and spins while spinning her ponytail low to the ground.)

    Nair: Lady Kick (She performs a Flying Kick.)
    Fair: Flying Diva (She swipes her ponytail top to bottom.)
    Bair: Bedhair (She stabs her ponytail backwards which has a noted sweet spot.)
    Uair: Hair Swipe (She performs a twirling attack with her ponytail which deals multiple hits of damage.)
    Dair: Drillocks (She turns upside and causes her hair to form a drill and then performs a multi hitting drill attack.)

    Throw: She grabs the opponent with her hair.
    FThrow: She heaves the opponent backwards and then chucks them forward at a high angle.
    BThrow: She slams the opponent down and then spins and launches them backwards.
    UThrow: She takes the opponent and performs three good ponytail punches before launching then upwards.
    DThrow: She jumps up and then slams the opponent downwards which spikes them.

    N-Special: Bubblegum Pop Gun (Similar to Diddy’s but it produces a bubblegum which instead slows down the character as the gum covers them.)
    S-Special: Barrel Charge (Pull our a barrel and ride it along until it crashes. Press up to jump off.)
    U-Special: Hair-a-copter (Dixie twirls in a circular fashion and rises up into the air. It functions much like Donkey Kong’s with more vertical travel.)
    D-Special: Orange Grenade (Dixie Kong Takes her Orange Grenade and cooks it before throwing it. Cooking it lengthens the throwing distance but reduces the timer. It functions like Snake’s Grenade but creates a comical orange juice explosion.)

    Final Smash: Animal Buddies (Dixie Kong Simmons the Kong Animal friends who begin charging about the screen. They make two passes instead of randomized spawns on the old Final Smash Waddle Dee Army. She summons Rambi, Expresso, Squawks, Squitter, Winky, Rattly, Ellie, Hoofer, and Helibird.
    Rambi does the most launch damage then the buddies.
    Expresso is fastest and won’t dew much damage but has long hitstun when it connects.
    Squawks flies in the air and will knock opponents down upon contact.
    Winky will jump forward and meteor smash any aerial opponents caught underneath his jumps.
    Rattly will knock opponents upwards with high vertical launching power.
    Squitter will randomly shoot webs which sticks opponents to them, not allowing them to move.
    Ellie shares forward and deals high damage but very little launch potential.
    Hoofer is good against shielding and can easily smash through defenses.

    She breaks out of a DK barrel and whips her ponytail.

    Flips her ponytail with her hand and smiles.
    Does a small twirl with allows her ponytail to spin as she does.
    Does a small backflip.

    Takes out her saxophone and behind playing on it.
    Starts twirling her head around which also twirls her ponytail. Afterward, she performs a pose which is a peace sign.
    Dixie Kong appears with Tiny Kong as they jump up and down in celebration.



    The Ponytail Primate

    Dixie Kong’s ponytail and pink cap.


    Snake: Hey, is this one of the Kong clan?
    Otacon: Yeah, that’s right. Her name is Dixie Kong and is Diddy Kong’s girlfriend.
    Snake: Ah I see. That makes things a bit complicated.
    Otacon: Why’s that?
    Snake: Diddy might not like be handing the smack down to his main squeeze. I sure as heck wouldn’t.
    Otacon: Well, Mario fights Peach. Links fights Zelda. And Diddy Kong fights Dixie Kong. I’m pretty at this point, it doesn’t actually matter.
    Snake: You have a point there.
    Otacon: Still though, you might want to take it easy. She’s a girl after all, Snake.
    Snake: And what does that mean, Otacon? Some of my greatest enemies were women.
    Otacon: Nothing! Never mind I said anything.
    Snake: a.... girl...
    Otacon: Stop that!
    Snake: And...he...wants it...

    Pit: Looks like I’m fighting Dixie Kong.
    Palutena: You don’t sound like your usual plucky self, Pit.
    Pit: I don’t really like fighting this sort of opponent. Makes me feel bad.
    Viridi: Say that when you aren’t getting a face full of orange grenades.
    Palutena: I shouldn’t be the one to tell you not to underestimate your opponents, Pit.
    Pit: Right...I do have a question though.
    Palutena: And what’s that?
    Pit: Aren’t Dixie and Diddy Kong, related? You know? Kong?
    Palutena: Hmmm...
    Pit: And Donkey has Candy Kong.
    Viridi: The Kong clan is certainly big. There’s Chunky and Kiddie Kong.
    Pit: Dixie and Tony.
    Palutena: Swanky, Lanky, and Funky.
    Pit: And don’t forget the patriarch and matriarch, Cranky and Wrinkly!
    Viridi: They rival the Belmont clan!
    Pit: But instead of hunting vampires and undead creatures, they hunt banana steeling reptiles.
    Palutena: I’m sure they will tell you about it over a banana or two.
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