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  • In Japan, Valentine’s Day is where women give men chocolate and, a month later, men return the feelings and give women chocolates. Valentine’s Day happens to Be our sixth year wedding anniversary as well. I generally don’t go for chocolates or sweets so my wife gave my Buffalo Trace last year. This year, my wife and daughter gave me a big bottle of buttermilk ranch dressing, a large tub of Jif peanut butter, and a bottle of buffalo wing sauce. Laugh all you want but this makes me extremely happy. It’s been years since I had either of these since they are hard to come by in Japan and they are expensive. I plan on making some buffalo chicken wings tonight with it.
    Japan has its first confirmed death due to the coronavirus. I’m a fairly healthy person as is my wife but I worry about our children as well as my own students. A lot of deaths to this is attributed to other underlying health issues so I think my family is in the clear. However, seeing as how my in-laws are in their 80’s and has several health issues, I really worry about their safety if this virus starts spreading here in Japan.
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    It’s concerning but still not something to panic about. I’ve been advocating to those I talk to here but to be wary of this. This poor woman who died failed to go get checked when started feeling ill in January and only went this past week when her conditioned worsened. Who knows how many people, including her family, she infected. The family will also probably go into quarantine.
    Hoping that you stay safe too Venus.
    Madame Lesley
    Madame Lesley
    Stay safe...
    Granblue Versus looks pretty good. Guilty Gear Strive is looking amazing. And Dragon Ball FighterZ has new dlc. BlazBlue Cross Tagteam is still getting content. While they don’t have the best relationship, what is ArcSys was to develop a fighting game in their usual visual style based on a Nintendo IP (minus Smash of course). What would you like it to be?
    I’d say Xenoblade Chronicles. Specifically 2.

    The Rare Blades all have a bunch of stuff going for them, they have individual abilities and overall they could have some very distinct play styles. I imagine it being like FighterZ in the sense that it’s 3v3 but the whenever one goes down, the active fighter can tap into Field Skills that can give them an advantage in the next battle.
    Night Gale
    Night Gale
    Baten Kaitos.
    The most common idea I see from people is ArcSys making a Fire Emblem fighting game. Something I would not object to.
    I had lots of fun planning out my Mortal Kombat DLC Pack 2. This time, I will be dedicating my profile posts to a dear and old friend of mine that has sadly been thrown away by both companies except for a random appearance at EVO 2020. That’s of course one of my favorite series: Marvel vs Capcom.

    It’s an unpopular opinion but I actually enjoyed Marvel vs Capcom Infinite despite a few glaring problems. The roster was one of these problems which is sad cause it included all of my most wanted favorites like X, Sigma, Monster Hunter, Jedah, Ultron, Captain Marvel, and Black Widow. That’s why I want to go back and restructure the roster by adding into it to make.....

    Marvel vs Capcom Infinity Game or... MvCIG. I will update in characters, potential content, moves and hyper combos, and more. So please check back!
    Unpopular Opinion: Taking naps and sleeping in is a huge waste of time when so much stuff could be accomplished within that time frame. And I always feel like crap after I wake up from an afternoon nap. I would rather get through the day with a sense of accomplishment and then pass the **** out at night time and then get a relatively good sleep.
    This is the final kharacter for season 2 Mortal Kombat 11 DLC...

    Goro looks to the right with the camera panning to the right but nothing is there. The camera then cuts to Pinhead who shifts his eyes to the right and signs; un-amusingly. The camera cuts back Goro who looks confused. It then cuts to the Demogorgon who grows in anger and turns its body to the right. The camera then cuts to Stryker to points to the right; downwards. Goro looks down and shrugs his shoulders in confusion. The Witch-King points it’s finger downwards. Goro looks down and suddenly crumpled to the ground while roaring in pain.

    The camera pans downwards and stepping from behind Goro’s slumped body is the evil and possessed doll, Chucky. Charles Lee Ray was a serial killer who managed to transfer his murderous soul into that of a deranged ginger doll. Using cunning and guile, Chucky would murder his victims while pretending to be a defenseless doll - often using children’s toys and gadgets to brutally attack them.

    In battle, Chucky has a huge advantage due to his height which puts him about knee height to characters like Scorpion. His diminutive size allows him to bypass high to mid range attacks and projectiles and gives him a certain amount of nimbleness and agility. In addition, he also benefits from have a smaller hurtbox which makes him a smaller target. However, he lacks notable defenses and can easily be overwhelmed by stronger and larger opponents who can get hits in. Chucky is best played as an offensive scrapper character with quick and deceiving hits.

    Potential Dialog:
    Chucky: I only play the classics.
    Jax: I’m about to make you play dead.
    Chucky: Hahaha! I’d rather throw up!!

    His Fatal Blow could be where he causes the opponent trip in some marbles which makes them slip and fall. He then jumps on top of them and blufeims them bloody with a golf club.

    His Fatality could be shocked them which a wire cord which paralyzed them. Calling on his girlfriend, Tiffany, they race together on small battery powered cars but retrofitted with knifes, forks, and ice pinks. They begin to ram into the opponent before they pull out a cutting wire. Stretching it from car to car, they proceed to drive and separate the opponents head from the body. Gruesome.
    Continuing from the Mortal Kombat 11 Season 2 DLC pack...

    The Demogorgon snarls and turns it’s head as it h are a noise in the shadows. Stepping out is everyone’s favorite four-armed Warrior, Goro. This Shokan Prince died under unknown circumstances and his corpse was visible in the stage Goro’s Lair. By unknown and mysterious means, the MK11 version of Goro is a bit different in that he is a stage of undeath. Both his spirit and body is sustained by arcane magic which magically mends torn flesh and shattered bone. This version of Goro is far more dangerous as his blood lust can’t ever be fulfilled and he’s filled with pain and anger over the arcane magic keeping him alive but unable to die a warrior’s death.

    His new form though gives him many benefits such as granting him limited magic, teleportation, absorbing health, and even growing an extra set of arms totaling to six. He also gains a projectile in the form of a massive ball of dark and violent energy. His new abilities furthers his rage which increases his damage put through magic.

    His potential dialog could include:
    Goro: You look surprised to see me.
    Liu Kang: More surprised you threw away your soul to gain higher power.
    Goro; I never wished for this. But I don’t need punt magic to beat you down into the ground.

    His Fatal Blow could be him running and performing a gigantic leap into the opponent which drives them down into the ground. He begins to mercilessly beat them down into the ground with all four limbs. He then summons a powerful magic blast which wells up and shoots up from the ground.

    His Fatality could cause Goro to roar with such intensity that it stuns the opponent. He then rushes in and launches into a series of magic-infused punches which knocks away stripes and chunks of flesh. He then conjures a massive hand and grabs the opponent. Holding them up above his head, he crushes them to death in a splatter of blood. This blood then rains down on him.
    Continuing from my Mortal Kombat 11 Season 2 DLC pack...

    The camera zooms into the hood of the Witch-King and enters into pitch dark nothingness. But, suddenly, a massive hole in time and space is ripped open. The other side shows tendrils covering the ground and strange dust particles flowing through the air. Slowly and sinisterly stalking out is the Demogorgon from Stranger Things.

    This evil monstrosity is a denizen of the Upside Down and was connected to the being that controlled the world, the Mind Flayer. When scientists in Russia created a bridge between the real world and Upside Down; several Demogorgons managed to invade. This would ultimately lead to the Mind Flayer trying to take over our plane of existence.

    It’s a slow character with impressive strength that allows it to hit wide and an hard with its shape claws. Due to its size and bulk, it can easily shrug off weak attackS but can be a big target due to this. However, it’s most dangerous aspect is not its strength but the ability to use telekinesis, inter-dimensional travel, and call upon other Demogorgon, the Spider Monster, and evening the Mind Flayer. These would all make the Demogorgon a fearsome opponent.

    Potential Dialog: It can’t technically talk but it uses The Flayer, possessed humans, to talk.
    The Flayed: Sooner or later we will all be one.
    D’Vorah: I already have billions of individuals inside of me.
    The Flayer: And those billions will join us our invasion.

    It’s potential Fatal Blow is to summon several Demodogs which charge forth and begin bitting into the opponent before the Demogorgon takes its claws and slashes down into the opponent; cutting them chest to naval.

    It’s potential Fatality could caused it to drag the opponent into the Upside Down where the Mind Flayer appears in the distance. Suddenly, from behind the opponent, the Spider Monster appears and slams several tentacles into the opponent. Using its power, it slowly begins to melt and dissolve the opponent and transfers the opponent’s organic materials into the Spider Monster, making it grow even larger.
    A bit of a sidetrack but I love the new SamSho dlc character. Good choices. I hope we can get my girl, Chan-Cham, plus other characters like Genan, Kuroko, Nictoine, Suzu, Walter, Kusaregedo and Zankuro. Maybe even some guest fighters like Nightmare, Sol Badguy, Marth, Hibiki (The Last Blade), or Date Masamune
    Continuing to the fourth character of my proposed Mortal Kombat 11 season 2 pack...

    The camera zooms over Hotaru’s shoulders and appears to focus on a particular spot of darkness. From within this darkness, a piercing scream erupts from the darkness. Coming from the shadows is a grey crown and a hooded figure riding on a a dreadful fell beast. The beast lands and the hooded figure sits up and raises his Morgul Blade into the air causing fell energies to swirl around it. The Witch-King of Angmar comes to claim a mighty treasure for his master, Sauron the Great.

    The Witch-King it Angmar is the leader of the Nazgul or also called Ringwraiths. Once a king of men, it fell to the allure of power and darkness by the Dark Lord Sauron, an evil and powerful primordial spirit of darkness. Wether it be on a black war horse or a winged shadow; it strikes fear in the hearts of men, elves, dwarves, hobbits, and wizards alike. In battle, it wields a poisoned Nazgul blade, a gigantic black morning star whip, the Black Breath, and of course, uses its winged mount the Fell Beast. When it needs aid, it summons various orcs, trolls, Watcher in the Water, and even other Ringwraiths to help it.

    Potential Dialog:

    Witch-King: Know your place, Mortal. No man can kill me.
    Sonya: I may be Mortal but good thing I’m no man.
    Witch-King: I will not make the same folly twice.

    It’s potential Fatal Blow could be immobilizing the opponent through the Black Breath. The swoon and fall to their knees. The Witch-King then summons a massive shriek which causes the opponent intense pain and fear. They then stumble and fall to the ground. The Witch-king then takes his chained morning star, heaves it up, and slams it down onto the back of the opponent’s head.

    It’s Fatality could be to call it’s Fell Mount which swoops down and chomps down onto the opponent; biting down head first. It shakes its neck back and forth before tossing the opponent. As the opponents lays stunned on the ground, all of the Nine Nazgul descend over the opponent in wraith form. Taking their Morgul-Blades, they stab into the opponent. The opponent then begins to rises up, also cloaked in a Ringwraith cloak and joins their rank thus making ten of them. Flawless victory.
    Continuing with my Mortal Kombat 11 Season 2 pack...

    Stryker holds up his gun and narrows his eyes as the camera swivels. A crack runs along ground and a fissure opens up with lava spitting up. Coming from the chasm is Hotaru who glows with a bright iridescent light.

    Hotaru is a general of Seido or also called Orderealm. It is the complete antithesis of Chaosrealm. They seek to maintain order and control of everything and perceive chaos as something to be contained or destroyed. Hotaru is a fanatic in this regard and has gotten caught in the affairs of the other realms in a bid to bring order to them.

    The character is able to control and manipulate lava which has been further expanded to be a large focus of his moveset such as creating pools of lava, causing lava geysers, hardening lava to protect himself, creating lava doppelgängers, and showering the stage with lava. In addition, he has a hand-to-hand fighting style that seeks to intercept and deflect the opponents moves which symbolizes his seek for control.

    For potential dialog...

    Hotaru: Shao Kahn, you brought chaos and disorder to your realm. I’m here for your sentencing...
    Shao Kahn: Run back to your crystal towers! Your love for order is not welcomed here.
    Hotaru: Order is absolute and my order dictates your death.

    His Fatal Blow could be him turning into pure magma and diving into the earth. He then erupts up from it underneath the opponent and scorched them as he crashes into them.

    His Fatality could be where he takes two glowing balls of lava and slams it into the ground which creates a large lava pool. He then creates a peso made of lava and whips it forward. It grabs ahold of the opponents legs and starts to burn them. Hotaru starts to pull the opponent closer and closer to the pool of lava. Within time, the lower half of the body is submerged as Hotaru does one final yank. The rest of the body goes into the pool whilst screaming. Fatality.
    To continue my Mortal Kombat 11 Season 2 roster...

    Pinhead eerily moves his eyes to the right which causes the camera to veer to that direction.

    Police lights flash up with a slight police siren sounding out. Suddenly, the lights go out as a dark red fissure rises to. From the fissure rises the revenant form of Kurtis Stryker. He was once a police cop with Kabal as his partner. However, he, along with Kabal, Kitana, and Liu Kang, became Revenants of the evil sorcerer, Quan Chi. In battle, Stryker uses a variety of police weapons and firearms while augmented by his revenant powers which is actually keeps when his normal human skin costume is selected. This includes powering up his bullets to become incendiary, teleporting, and erecting burning riot shields.

    For potential Dialog:
    Stryker: I’m not one to clown around with criminals. I’m bringing you in.
    Joker: You?! That’s hilarious! Maybe you should try your precious bat signal!
    Stryker; I don’t need a billionaire dressed in a bad suit to kill your ass.

    His Fatal Move could be taking out a taser and electrocuting the opponent before infusing it with hellish power that burns them additionally.

    Finally, his Fatality is where he pepper sprays the opponent causing them to be stunned. He then says “I got some police brutality right here for you!” and summons a burning riot shield and slams it repeatedly into the opponent until they crushed into the ground. He then whistles and dodges out of the way as a police cruiser driven by another Revenant cop comes colliding and runs over the opponent; smushing them under the spinning tires.
    Starting the season 2 off is the horror legend, Pinhead. Pinhead originates from the Hellraiser movie series which features Cenobites, a race of extra-dimensional beings. The trailer for the DLC Season 2 starts off with Pinhead appearing from the darkness while folding his arms along his chest and then moves his eyes to the right.

    In battle, he uses various chains and hooks to telekinetically attack the opponent as he never actually uses hand-to-hand combat. He had amazing reach due to these hooks and is best fighting from afar. He also possesses illusionary abilities and can conjure nightmarish illusions. Finally, he can also summon his Cenobite soldiers to act as assists or to take damage meant for him.

    His opening sequence could be him a encased in a stone pillar with a blood of a nearby body (maybe Kira?) to revive himself. (taken from Hellraiser III)

    Opening Dialog:

    Pinhead: Welcome to....Hell.
    Scorpion: I’ve seen hell and it’s not this.
    Pinhead: You know little of hell, child. But you will taste it soon enough and it’ll be sweet. Oh so sweet!

    His Fatal Blow could be to summon other Cenobites to brutally stab the opponent with pins.

    His Fatality could consist of suspending the the opponent with meat hooks while summoning more to pierce the skin. Pinhead then lifts the opponent up and begins to stretch them out while slowly pulling at the skin using the hooks. get the drift. Smashboards is family-oriented you know.
    I love speculating about rosters in games. I feel despite FE over-saturation, Ultimate has one of the best rosters in any video game. However, I want to speculate a bit in a series of posts about a game (series) that I think always have had exceptional rosters. Especially as of recent. That’s the Kombat series and, in particular, 2011, X, and 11. I love many of these characters with the guest characters being particularly amazing. From now, I will highlight on my choices for potential characters in a Season 2 pack for MK11. I’ll be following the same order as Season 1 with seven total characters (Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, Nightwolf Terminator, Sindel, Joker, and Spawn).
    Who do you want for the second fighters pass? Do you think that doom guy will be in the second one?
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    For Ultimate?
    There are tons of characters I would like to see but very few I actually want. Truth be told, I’m fine with any inclusion and any added character brings more fun, excitement, and hype. My biggest joy is seeing fan’s reactions to characters they love getting in.

    That being said, Doomslayer, 2B, Crash, Sora, Lloyd, Master Chief, Scorpion, Kratos, and Dante are fairly high on my list. As for predictions go, I honestly have no clue. It’s up all in the air at this point.
    My take from this whole presentation is was that I hope they do more of these “There’s a character coming to Smash but we won’t say who it is!” Shadow drops like Joker and Terry or predictable shadow drops like Hero and Banjo (we knew we were getting a Smash reveal) are nice but this was something different. I liked the hype that was built in trying to guess and speculate and think it was even more so when the presentation drew closer.

    The only drawback is that we don’t get the character right away. I personally like it this way
    Fighter Pass Proposal #1: Scorpion

    Scorpion is a master ninja from the extinct Shirai Ryu clan which was massacred by what he originally though was Sub-Zero and the Lin Kuei. For mysterious reasons, he was brought back the infernal sorcerer, Quan Chi. Even after he killed Sub-Zero, he couldn’t come to terms with his family’s death. It wasn’t until his confrontation with Sub-Zero’s younger brother, who had took up the role, that he learned of his family’s death by Quan Chi’s hand. He then vowed to destroy the sorcerer and to avenge his family and his honor.
    The New Year is a huge holiday in Japan. Those who work in certain companies or in the government get a whole week off. Those who work in retail, it’s basically Black Friday for a whole week. On New Year’s Eve, families go to a local shrine to pray for the new year. It’s ok to do this several days after the new year as well. There, they throw money into a wooden box and shake a rope attached to a bell, clap two times, now two times, and then pray for the new year. They can also get new year fortunes read to them and purchase several good luck charms. Soba is also largely eaten on this day for good luck.

    The 1st - 5th are huge shopping days with tons of sales and discounts. On New Years Day, families get together to welcome the new year by eating Osechi which is basically several boxes with specially made food such as lobster, sushi, and other food. They can run between $80-300. Sake and beer is also often drunk during this day with sweetened non-alcohol amazake served to kids. Children also get OtoshiDama from family members like parents, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. These typically are small envelopes with intricate or cute designs with new year spending money ($10-50) in it.

    People also write Nengajo which are New Years cards. They are typically serious with messages expressing hopes for the New Years and continued friendship into the new year. Families gets a collected stack of them in the mail on New Year’s Day morning. It’s quite amazing how the post office does it all in one morning and manages to collect all the cards beforehand.

    Typically, households and companies will also erect Kadomatsu or a large decoration consisting of New Years wishes and a large cutting of a bamboo out in front of their house or business. Doing so is believed to bring good fortune and blessings to those who love or work there. This coming weekend, several places such as parks or school grounds will hold a Dondoyaki which is where they pile these bamboo decorations and burn them in a giant bonfire. Hot beverages and food are served there for free as well.

    Yesterday, my family and I went to the mall for those previously mentioned sales and to have lunch at our favorite restaurant. Afterward, we did the new year prayer at the nearby shrine. I was proud my two year old could do everything correctly after I told her. We have three days left before I go back to work so I’m wondering what else we can do haha.

    Next week, everyone will go back to school or work after having such a long break and I know my students will still be in vacation mode.
    Oh, in Spain we do also have specific holidays and celebrations up until January 6th.

    Doh instead of an expanded New Year celebration, it is some sort of weird second day of Christmas which takes place on said day.
    Instead of Santa Claus, it is themed about the three kings who gave Jesus minerals when he was born.

    But yeah, the holidays you talk about sound to be way more exciting overall, imo.
    It’s going to be 2020 in just a few hours here in Japan. When I was younger, I would drink and party till dawn. Now with two kids, I’m trying to get into bed by 9 pm. Happy New Years Everton!
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    We are having around 15 guests tomorrow, mostly foreigners like me, for a traditional Japanese New Years party and lunch. We are ordering o-sechi lunch plus several sushi platters, strips of raw horse meat, and, of course, soba.
    So while it’s still really early, I think some top contenders from a previous franchise for Smash 6 besides a new Pokémon or FE character would be

    1) Waluigi
    2) Toad
    3) Rex & Pyra
    4) Dixie Kong
    5) Marx
    6) Krystal
    7) Zero
    8) Nakoruru or Geese (Nakoruru is technically SS but within the SNK umbrella)
    9) Shadow or Tails
    10) Chun-li
    11) Raiden
    12) Alucard

    This list doesn’t include the obligatory Pokémon/Lord of the Month
    Ah Japan. While the States runs news stories of manslaughter, terrorism, sexual harassment, what god knows what - you manage to surprise me yet again about a national story about a fruit thief. Someone took too bags of fruits that were sitting outside a shop. The sign said “Please leave one hundred yen ($1) and take a bag”. The thief drove up in nice car, got out, took out two bags without paying, and drove away.

    So they have news crews and reporters covering the story including eyewitness accounts, security camera footage, and a demonstration how the thief stole two dollars worth of fruits. This also includes reactions from the locales “I thought we used to live in a safe rural area but now I have to lock up my belongings in fear they get stolen.” “I now have to stand next to fruit stand where as before I trusted in people’s honesty and integrity”
    Hey, just wanted to say thanks for briefly closing the Geno thread, was much needed when the chaos was getting out of control. If you had to guess though, when do you think it will be open again?
    SSGuy SSGuy it sounds like its just a temporary lock.
    I just want to be sure that is the case. I haven't heard any confirmation that it will be open. I just don't want this community to be punished unjustly by some GameFAQ zoomers/Sora fans you know.
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    The staff is currently trying to evaluate the situation, properly address each issue, and provide an outline on how to deal with the thread in the future. While I don’t have an ETA, I can say for sure it’s not permanent.
    I appreciate you and the others bringing some much-needed rest to the chaos Venus. Also, I really, really like your passion for Tali haha, I really like Thane myself
    Funny thing happened this morning....
    My daughter was jumping around after eating peanut butter which reminded me of myself as I would eat it and do the same thing. I told my wife “I would eat it and pretend to be like Popeye. It was my spinach.”

    So my wife said “I had the same thing but mine was Edamame Beans (a type of Japanese green bean eaten as a snack). I would eat it and pretend to get strong because I thought they were Senzu Beans from Dragon Ball.” We both had a huge laugh from that. We then imagined our daughter eating peanut covered edamame beans and we shuddered at the thought as our daughter climbed on top of our coffee table and jumped up and down while screaming “peanut butter”.

    I didn’t know Japanese kids would pretend to eating Senzu beans to act like Goku but it’s makes perfect sense.
    Ok look. I’m not here to farm posts counts. I’m not here to farm likes. I’m sure as hell not here to farm trophy points. So stop trying to make me out to be something I’m not. None of those things mean nothing to me and trying to say it does it ridiculous.

    What am I here to farm?

    Squirrels. Tons of squirrels. Thousands of squirrels. As many as I can fit into my mouth without choking. And that’s not a euphemism. I’m here for the squirrels and the squirrels only. You got a squirrel? We are best buds for life. No squirrel? You’re dead to me.

    I’m. Here. For. The. ****ing. Squirrels.!
    Just was approved for permanent residency in Japan. My “expiration date” is listed as asterisks, I can go work in a convenience store if I want to, and I’m kind of in a higher echelon of “foreign expat super Saiyan level” but now I gotta pay both Japanese and American taxes and pay $100 to finalize everything.
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