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Venus of the Desert Bloom

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  • I need to stop being judgmental on Disney+‘a Star Wars shows. I was on the fence on the Mandalorian but I loved it. Book of Boba Fett was fun but lacking. I didn’t want to go back to Tantooine but Kenobi was simply stunning. Everything done right. Now, with Andor, I’m on the fence cause 1) Rogue One wasn’t a movie I actively watched. I only got to see it in pieces on tv when it was on. This was when my life was a bit more chaotic. And 2) the character never interested me when I watched it.

    I sat on it for a while bit I started to watch and it and, while the story is nicely paced and good….my god….this soundtrack is amazing. Easily the beat soundtrack of any tv show or even a movie. It’s amazing.
    I will readily admit I am a Marvel geek so a lot of the content that was shown at D3 was awesome. I don’t care if some think Marvel properties are going down the toilet after End Game. I’m just happy to see some of these characters getting big screen treatment. Thunderbolts, Secret Wars, and Werewolf By Night being some of what I’m looking forward to most aside from Daredevil.

    But….I nearly had a heart attack from Tron. Just having the imagery is enough to send me into shock. I’ve loved Tron as a kid and that imagery and ambience the move created shaped my childhood. Tron Legacy took that ambience that I loved with the original Tron and cranked it up to ten in a way that I love as an adult. I know many didn’t like Legacy but I loved it; if not for the ambience and imagery. Tron Identity gave me that same chill I got and reminded me what I love this kind of “retro but not retro neon blue and res everywhere” aesthetic that I often use in my own decorations and creations.

    Now the fact this is a game is truly, truly amazing.
    I do think Secret Wars is setting up bring in the X-Men into the MCU but the biggest question is if the Merc with a Mouth will make an appearance.
    As much as I love Deadpool, I want him to stay as far away from the MCU as possible. His very nature as a character makes him really hard to work into the more serious style of the MCU (sure, the MCU does kinda overdo its jokes at times, but having a character who consistently breaks the fourth wall is something else entirely).

    Best case scenario, we get a Deadpool series which loosely ties into the MCU, but has no major implications towards the films.
    War Machine stares at Deadpool, incredulous. Spider-Man starts crying as Deadpool turns to the camera.
    "Was it something I said?" Laugh track
    If they make a Marvel vs Capcom 4, I hope they do it like how Infinite was with the Infinity Saga but with the Multiverse Saga. Maybe call it Marvel be Capcom Incursion or something. Imagine like if characters had costumes and those costumes were used as Variants of those characters. Like Ryu could have Evil Ryu (a reality where Evil Ryu took over), Super Ryu (a costumed Kamen Rider-esque Ryu), Everyday Ryu (Ryu hut without being a martial artist but is an office worker), and Astronaut Ryu.

    Infinite didn’t have the best roster but the Multiverse has tons of potential to reinvigorate a roster if it is also subpar in the next game. Not that I wouldn’t want a huge amazing roster.
    I’m just going to say I love how Ken is in Ultimate and it felt that he was a natural progression for for both Smash and SF. Even without the Echo fighter connection, having Ken made sense. That being said, I’m still salty Chun-li wasn’t picked.
    I’m super excited for She-Shulk. Aside from maining her in MvC3, I love the idea of her appearance bringing in superpowered humans/meta humans into society. I love the realism that is the Defenders universe but the concept of making superpowered humanity into the mainstream is really appealing to me. I feel that all this is leading to a multiversus slugfest which is the Secret Wars like what was announced at ComiCon.
    I’m always late to the party but that’s fine. I get why everyone was so excited over the other Spider-Man’s coming back in No Way Home or the villains returning. My hype moment was seeing Matt Murdock again and done is the absolutely best way. They could of just stuck him in but what we saw was a culmination of his character evolution and being more comfortable in both of his personas. Netflix’s Daredevil is simply amazing. I hope the Defenders and the Punisher gets featured in some fashion in future series. I’m super hyped for the new Daredevil series but I hope they keep up with its energy and realism from previous seasons.
    The results are in! Smash Infijite sales are BOOMING! Every gaming website has updated their rating with a 7+/10! GameInformer gave it a 9.8/10, Famitsu a 10/10, and IGN a 8.9/10! Many lauded Season 2 as what saved the game with a great character lineup with tons of expected and unexpected content. Highlights includes Geno, Lara, and Ratchet along with the internet breaking with a Master Chief, Slenderman, and Gex Mii Costume. “The future looks bright for Smash Infinite as it rolls out into Season 3! Can’t wait to play it!” President Barrack Obama is quoted with saying. “Quite easily tbe best Smash game in history and Smashboard’s Creates thread in existence!” exclaimed noted inventor and superhero Tony Stark. Season 3 is kicking off with a total of six characters and the team is currently hard at work! We here at Nintendo Game Power Pro are excited to see what’s in store for the the biggest bash in gaming history!
    I am interested in what a new Subnautica could do but considering the first one covered a lot of content while Below Zero covered an arctic location; it’s sort of tough to gauge what could be new in terms of location and plot. Gameplay changes is really the biggest thing: online multiplayer being something getting mentioned a lot. I’m more so interested where Subnautica would take place. It’s sort of impassible to have it in a different planet as the entire plot is “surviving on a water world” and they have invested lots of lore which makes leaving this planet for a different one a strange move.

    One idea I had was go with having a new location that incorporates terrestrial locations (mangrove-like forests and swamps plus various fantastic reefs but also being able to explore the Crater and Zero Point from previous games via planet core tunnels.

    I think the biggest features that should be included are:
    • Weather
    • Waves and currents
    • Creatures being able to destroy bases. I always found it strange that these massive creatures will savagely attack you and your vehicles but will ignore your base deapite invading their territory. It takes a bit of realism out of the game. I literally build a base right below a leviathan reaper. I come into my base with the reaper hot on my tail only for me to dock at the Moonpool and be safe from damage. While I do get it that having structures that can’t be damaged makes it easier to do base building. That’s one thing that makes Ark fun is one moment you could have a huge base only for it to get obliterated along with all of your hard work by a T-Rex. I want that same feeling but underwater with their monstrous sea monsters.
    • More variety of vehicles. Yeah, the Seatruck tried taking the maneuverability of the Seamoth and utilization of the Cyclopes submarine but it still felt like a miss. I would love to have a Seaplane but with severe limited capabilities to not make it broken. Maybe like a seaplane that can be a submersible. Another vehicle idea I had was like the glass moving sphere Jurassic World but underwater.
    • And it goes without saying the same amount of care and attention to detail that the studio put into crafting its creatures that appears with the attention to lore and biology being a huge thing. I would love to see you be able to scan a creature for information but being able to scan it several times as it goes something. Like scanning a Squidshark as it eats to get information of its eating habits. That being said, breeding habit information probably shouldn’t be included to avoid…steamy scenes of aquatic life mating
    Regardless, super excited for any Subnautica 2 (technically 3) information in the hope to near future.
    Despite it's issues, problems, arguments, and other negative traits; I am immensely proud of Smash Infinite and the product we/are created/creating. It's been a learning process through and through and defentely a lesson in patience and endurance. I do question some of the content we have included but I am still proud and happy on what we have added. I never imagined it would get to this extent and we would be on our final hgome stretch with DLC Season 3. Beyond that, I am also very happy with the community we created. I have been able to connect with tons of great people and experience other games I never would have without the thread. Here's to our final season!!
    “Smash is a celebration of Nintendo.”
    “Smash is a celebration of gaming.”
    “Smash is a celebration of fighting game history.”

    All of you are wrong…

    Smash is a celebration of Fire Emblem.
    I don’t often dream and, if I do, I quickly forget them. They are pretty normal and uneventful of the ones I do remember. Your typical ones. That being said, I had a really strange one right before I woke up. I was working as an owner of a Ketchup Mine since Ketchup was a natural resource that sprang forth from the ground. That’s all I remember though.
    I had one last night where I was filming a documentary about and man and his child traveling the globe. Since I was the camera man, I was completely invincible and incapable of death. At one point we get to China and we hear about... something? I don’t remember but because of it we went to like an abandoned hospital or whatever and the kid starts saying something about grapes and oranges which causes a little girl with cut out eyes to appear. She straight up just cuts off the kids head right then and there with her mind. She reattaches his head and starts spinning his limbs and head like an action figure, but he is still alive so he is screaming through all of it. I’m still filming this and the little girl stares at me and leaves because I’m invincible. The dream cuts to a shot of the father hiding in like a prison shower where the littler girl appears next to him. She starts screaming and he starts running until his head goes bye bye and he too becomes an action figure. After that I trip on something dropping the camera (no longer invincible) and I see the little girl levitating the Father and son while she twists them like action figures while they scream. The dreams stops there though.
    Subnautica is a great game but it kind of bottlenecked itself to work with what it has instead of being able to expand. Below Zero was a great game but it felt more like an expansion of the concept rather than something new. But perhaps that works for the series. Their isn’t much you can do with a water world that was covered in the first game and the second one.

    That being said, I wouldn’t mind them taking the concept of being in another biome-rich area and having to explore. It could be something like the Crater but more biomes including ones that are more diverse. Having Seabases that can be damaged would be a huge plus for me as having a fish the size of a skyscraper collide with it and not have the base constructed with several metal ores be damaged if odd. Also, I would rather it be more difficult to build stuff. As mentioned, you can construct a sea base with minimal materials. I would rather see items and objects cost more to build but getting objects like mining or search my yield more depending on the skill level of that tool. I do like how many of the weapons aren’t lethal which makes the game rather nerve fraying considering you fight against.

    I could go at length on sea creature ideas I have but maybe I’ll hold off on that.
    “Super Smash Bros.Infinite has sold a measly 30,000 copies compared to its predecessor, Ultimate, which sold a whopping 28.17 million. This had led to mass financial loss for Nintendo who has gone on record to say that Infinite was a flop and a failure. It’s DLC has even sold less with 10,000 DLC Season 1 passes being sold and 2,000 DLC Season 2 passes being sold. The future for Infinite and it’s upcoming Season 3 is certainly questionable.” ~ Forbes
    “Super Smash Bros. Infinite is a celebration of mediocrity and sensationalism that takes the established formula and legacy of Smash Bros. and ruins it with corporate shilling, watered-down mechanics, and overabundance of features that largely feels out of place. If this is the direction the future of Smash is taking the series is doomed.” ~ Nintendo Power
    Here we are at Midge Mudflats! It may stink to high heaven but there's tons of Pokemon to discover! Look, I see a Mudbray! And a Geodude over there! Say....trainer, what do you see over there! Try to walk into that muddy spot there. Don't mind the dirt; Pokemon battles are supposed to be muddy!

    Hey...look out!

    The Filthy Pokemon
    Crudmud is a filthy pokemon; touching it is ensure to cake your body in disgusting, smelly mud...and, no, mud is not a synonym for poo. It wallows around in mudflats where it soaks up other mud and builds onto itself. That is why its height and weight is hard to pinpint since it grows or shrinks in size depending on its surroundings. When it gets angry, it flings mudballs at enemies.

    Yeeeeeeah,...that's not really an appealing looking Pokemon but it's common for youngsters since they enjoy playing in the mud. So, trainer, do you want to get muddy and capture this Pokemon or perhaps find something that bugs you less?
    Before we enter into the Midge Mudflats, you probably need some potions and antidotes since the Pokemon there can cause issues for your pokemon. I have some on hand to give you but you may want to check the Pokemart or look around for discarded items. I am not sure why people discard these items but, hey, finders keepers, right? So, Midge Mudflats is as it sounds. Muddy. So Wallowing Shoes will help you traverse the mud without getting stuck. Do you got a pair?

    Great! I think we should be all set. So now you have your [STARTER POKEMON] and Hummigit which should help you as you navigate the mudflats. Do you know which pokemon lurks in its muddy depths?

    Nope, well, what new Pokemon do you think you will come across with?
    So trainer, you didn't catch Opposnuk but that's fine! Here, I will just show you how it's done! See!

    Now...Opposnuk isn't the only one you will find here. If you walk around a bit, you might find...ha! Here's a new one!

    The Darting Pokemon
    Hummigit can be found darting from flower to flower where it sucks up nectar. Thanks to it's ability, Speed Boost, it constantly will increase its speed to the point its wings looks like they are standing still they beat so fast.

    These are all the new pokemon that are unique to this region, Trainer. So which one would like to like pick, Opposnuk or Hummigit? You will need one before we move to Midge Mudflats.
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Good job on catching, Hummigit! This pokemon is loved here in Polma Cista and people often put nectar feeders for it. About the Pola Cista region, it is a fairly hot region but with colder areas of course but not to the extent like Unova. Here, pa, trees, ferns, ocean, beaches, and swamps are the norm so preparing for anything is key! I suggest you purchase so Wallowing Shoes in town before we venture into the Midge Mudflats. I wonder what sort of new Pokemon you will discover here..
    I definitely like this little guy more than Opposnuk.
    Hey there, trainer! The name is Lola! I am a trainer here who has two badges under her belt already! Professor Palm that you just met asked me to give you all the basics on catching Pokemon and doing battles! I see you already have your starter! [STARTER POKEMON NAME] was an excellent choice and I know you two will make a stellar team! Now, you don't always have to use that one Pokemon! In fact, you can actually use up to fiv emore! Crazy, right? Creating a team that works together is what Pokemon batteling is about! So, why don't we venture into this grass here...hey...what's with that look! We are going to catch ourselves our first Pokemon! Here are fiv epokeballs. Go, give it a try!


    Oh wow, look what we found!

    The Vermin Pokemon
    Opposnuk often waddles around during the night; looking for various bug-type Pokemon to eat. During the day, it sleeps. It has an innate ability to play dead when threatened. When it plays dead, it has a chance of confusing an opponent upon contact.​

    So, trainer, do you wanna catch this Pokemon? What more do you think we will find here in this grass?
    I am going to pace in circles within the tall grass and defeat dozens of Opposnuks until my Sanatee becomes ungodly strong. Then I might catch one.

    I'm thinking we'll probably encounter a type of bird-esque Pokémon next.
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Of the trio, Sanatatee boasts strong defenses with a layer of thick fat that keeps it warm in colder water but also gives it a layer of natural protection against harm. Careful not to hit a Opposnuk while it’s Playing Dead for 1-5 turns or it may confuse your beloved Sanatee!
    Hello there, Pokemon Trainer! My name is Dr. Palm and welcome to the Polma Cista Region! Here, you will find all sorts of Pokemon that can be found in a variety of habitats! We even as Ploma Cistian regional forms as well! Now, trainer, before you embark on your Pokemon journey, you will need to pick your starter Pokemon! This Pokemon will learn and grow from you and eventually become an unstopable force on your team!

    This lazy albeit headstrong Pokemon likes to lie around on trees; chewing on flowers and fruits. This Pokemon was brought over to this region from another region to the south. Cold weather causes it to go to sleep.
    This curious and inquisitive Pokemon is often the cause of housefires which is why places have fire-prevention systems. It waves its tail around as it scurries about. It loves to eat cheese but it's body is so hot that it will melt the cheese.
    This friendly albeit shy Pokemon will slowly move around kelp beds of its home. It keeps a single kelp as a security blanket and will wrap itself in it. It seems to have the ability to empathize with humans and sense emotions.

    So, trainer, which one will you pick?
    I wasn’t sure if I would like Obi-wan Kenobi since my reception to the Book of Boba Fett was iffy. I will say though that I’ve been very pleased. The series has so far hit all of the right notes. I’m not to keen with establishing a relationship with Obi and Leia so early on but it gives some meaning to why she was searching for Ben earlier; granting watching a New Hope again and her addressing him as if she doesn’t know or remember him is a bit disconnecting. I do say that Ewan pulled of grim/brooding/torn Obi perfectly. Seeing him in the Prequels and how Obi was back then to now is very jarring.
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