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Venus of the Desert Bloom
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  • 2 years ago, I was helping my city in Japan prepare for the upcoming Olympics which was to be a year away. We were all very excited and I was busy translating a good portion of our city information and history from Japanese to English in anticipation for crowds of foreigners to enjoy our local fruits, hot springs, hiking trails, and traditional sights. My wife and I had lottery tickets to see the one of the sporting evenings of our choosing. Two years later, I’m no longer in Japan, living in the US, watching the Olympics, and working in a supermarket.
    I know I’ll never get into game development and, even if I could, I probably wouldn’t considering the horror stories I’ve heard working in the industry. That being said, it doesn’t stop one for musing about game ideas and concepts.

    Several years ago, I had a concept that I just titled “Realms” which would be something called a Multigenre Genre game lol. Basically, at launch, it would have three Modes. I couldn’t come up with fancy titles so they would be:

    Fighting Mode (in a similar vein as MvCI with launch attacks and two versus two)
    Hero Mode (a hero based shooter with three on a team)
    Dungeon Mode (a dungeon crawler mode with the ability to switch between two characters)

    The game would have 12 launch characters with more added via free updates with a few of them purchasable. Each character has movesets and gameplay and transitions between each game mode. So attacks that utilize within the Fighting Mode can be applied to Hero mode but adapted to that sort of gameplay.

    In addition, much like characters updates, new mode updates would be also added with a few that I felt could translate movesets fairly easily behind

    Brawler Mode (Smash clone)
    Racing Mode (more akin to Podracing or Wipeout with Mario Kart influences)
    Puzzle Mode (not sure
    Hack/Slash Mode (can switch between three different characters)
    RPG Mode (similar to Final Fantasy)

    I never came up with lore for the concept aside from “some dude used magic to bring metaverses together and to summon warriors from a variety of realities”.

    As for characters, I came up with a few:
    • a Rorschach-type character that uses a sickle and chain and a sawed-off shotgun from London. Came from a reality where villains took over London and created the first Villain-ran Nation
    • a synthetic android who comes from a reality where android surpassed humans. President of the world. Mr Rogers mixed with Vision.
    • a gigantic humanoid shark from a reality where Atlantis was the dominate powers. A bodyguard for someone. Has an arm cannon with an anchor. Very moody.
    • a female demon from a reality where Hell successfully invaded and conquered Earth. Utilizes a fire whip and summons smaller imp demons.
    • a coffee-infused CEO of the largest coffee manufacturer in the planet. Comes from a reality where his company runs the world and enslaved the population through mind-altering ingredients found in the coffee. Uses scaling hot water and portable expression machines and whip cream to attack.
    • a large female humanoid dinosaur who comes from a reality where dinosaurs surpassed humans as the top evolutionary species. They used protohumans as slave labor which resulted in an uprising against them and saw the dinosaur civilization overthrown. She comes as a resistance fighter who sought to bridge the two groups. Fights using a hammer made of volcanic rock and lava.
    A series that I have been extremely invested in is Ark Survival Evolved. There’s something that’s extremely fun and challenging about exploring a world, crafting items and objects in order to build yourself a base to survive all sorts of prehistoric and fantasy creatures, and eventually taming them to fight on your side. I’ve had tons of fun trying different strategies, based, and creatures during my playthroughs. As such I’m excited as the last dlc expansion for the first game will be including three new creatures, one being the Armagasaurus and another one that’s chosen by the community. But there’s still Ark 2 as well and I hope they go back and bring even more prehistoric creatures rather than the fantasy/sci-fi ones.
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    I have a laundry list of different kinds of creatures I want to see be included so perhaps I will elaborate on them later.
    My main accomplishment(s) during the Smash 4 era:
    • covered the ESRB leak here on Smasboards news
    • Week in Review

    My main accomplishment(s) during the Ultimate era:
    • Infinite Project
    • Having my fake leak covered by BlockedContent
    • Successfully guessing Banjo's fighter number before E3 2019

    I am not sure if this makes me feel any better...
    Dear Mosatini,

    You were a great Mosaur. You killed tons of Megalodons and Plesiosaurs. But, alas, a rock that suddenly spawned cause you were so damn fast that you glitched the procedurally created maps. It caused you to become stuck. I teleported in an attempt to dislodge you but, unexpectedly, you died out of water.

    Bye Bye Mosatini
    Wondering what Super Smash Bros. Infinite is? Jump in and find out! Join our development team as we work together to create the spiritual successor of Ultimate and next Smash game! Read the job prompt, submit content, garner support for it, and vote for which you think is best! We’ve included a slew of characters ranging from popular picks like Isaac, Waluigi, and Bandana Dee along with some wilds cards like Stylist and DJ Octavio. We also have an excellent third party roster with Crash, Jill Valentine and Leon Kennedy, and the recently added Reimu Hakurei. We are winding down our development period so please join us as we put the finishing touches on this project!
    As some may know, I run the Smash Infinite creation thread which aims at creating a somewhat realistic sequel to Ultimate and, together with my Leadership Team ( Ramen Tengoku Ramen Tengoku Krookodilian Krookodilian Mr. Robotto Mr. Robotto airConditioner airConditioner ), we aim to bring a complete package tons of theoretical and hypothetical fan-service goodness. Of course, we wouldn't be anywhere without the help of tons of participants such as PeridotGX PeridotGX Commander_Alph Commander_Alph Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario , cashregister9 cashregister9 , Janx_uwu Janx_uwu , Golden Icarus Golden Icarus , Paraster Paraster Golden Icarus Golden Icarus Mushroomguy12 Mushroomguy12 and many others! I have been immensely proud of the project we have created and looking forward to even more content as we wind down our Infinite April Direct and enter into the final phase of our project. As for content, we have included a lot of stuff such as characters, stages, music, items, and even an adventure mode and tons more. We even have a wikia which you can view here! As newcomers are typically most exciting aspects, we have included the following:

    1. Isaac (Golden Sun)
    2. Bandana Dee (Kirby)
    3. Octoling (Splatoon) Echo of Inkling
    4. Waluigi (Mario)
    5. Crash (Crash Bandicoot)
    6. Stylist (Style Savvy)
    7. Ashley (WarioWare)
    8. Medusa (Kid Icarus) Echo of Palutena
    9. Barista (Rhythm Heaven)
    10. Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)
    11. Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil) Echo of Jill
    12. Takamaru (Mysteriuous Castle Murasame)
    13. Galacta Knight (Kirby) Echo of Meta Knight
    14. Grovyle & Celebi (Pokemon)
    15. DJ Octavio (Splatoon)
    Who will we be including next? We have quite the expansive list of characters and we are sure to make it even bigger as the project continues so please come help, share your ideas, and perhaps yours will be included!
    Anyone wanna join in on my Smashboards Creates: Paw Patrol Barktacular Racing?
    I was listening to the Pyra/Mythra presentation and had to stifle a chuckle to myself. Sakurai talked about the colors for the characters and refers them as “2P” or “hachipi” (8P) or P8. When he gets to Color #3 or where the two switches color, he refers to them as “Tsuripi” which is “3” rendered into Japanese. He did that for 2P but not for 4P and onwards and resorted to the Japanese words for the numbers (yon, go, roku, nana, and hachi).

    But, when talking how P3 colors switches the palettes, he refers it not as “tsuripi” but as “Sanpi”. I found this mildly humorous as, well, “Sanpi” is slang for ... an act where three people engage in “intimate relations”. I’m not sure if he meant to avoid saying Sanpi earlier by saying Tsuripi but kind of funny he subconsciously said it ... probably without realizing it.
    This will probably be my last Direct + Smash reveal while I’m still living in Japan. When I first arrived, Brawl was still the de facto Smash game. I wish it aired at night though rather than the morning at 7 am. My tradition during these things is to get hilariously drunk during it. I even buy a special drink to commentate it.
    The Japanese people already want to cancel the Olympic Games this year to avoid a super-spread event but the entire “women are annoying” comments by Olympic Comittee Chief Mori (an 83-year old disgraced prime minister known for for gaffes and corruption) is pushing the public to the edge.
    I always get a kick of asking my Japanese 6th graders what they want to be when they grow up. I always get the obligatory “soccer player” for the boys and “nursery school teacher” or “nurse” for the girls. That’s pretty typical. But then you get the really memorable ones like the one girl who wanted to be a brain surgeon because her grandfather was saved by a brain surgeon or the boy who wanted to be an architect to build houses for poor people. Lately, many kids here want to be influencers or YouTuber and that is the same regardless of the student.

    But the three most memorable ones that I probably will never forget:

    The girl who wanted to be a “rich wife” because she “wants a mansion and diamonds with many toy poodles”

    The boy who wanted to be a “thief” so he can “have many riches and the Mona Lisa” and finally...

    The boy who wanted to stab people so he “can have a Wikipedia page about him”. He then proceeded to pretend to stab me in the gut while laughing. I then proceeded to inform the principal who just laughed and said “Yep! That’s how he is...” That was a while ago, he will be graduating high school soon. I’m glad he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page yet.
    We are moving back to America on April and successfully not approved for my wife’s immigration. We were alerted by the CDC that we need to get a PCR test before flying.

    The cost of a PCR test in Japan? $250-400 per person. I’m looking at paying $1,000 for the four of us. If one of us is sick with it, we have to rebook our flight, wait two weeks, and pay another $1,000 for tests again.

    If you ever wonder why Japan has such low numbers, it’s because no one wants to fork over $250-400 for a test that should be free. Oh, and we have to travel to actually get this test despite the government asking us not to travel. Japan purposefully makes the tests expensive and hard to get in order to keep numbers low. I would say it’s a case of a superiority complex. Especially since the media likes to push the narrative “wow! Look at how many cases America has!” and then cut to the national daily average here which would be like...2,000.

    im royally pissed right now.
    We are now voting for Mii Fightet costumes from Street Fighter, Metal Gear Solid, PAC-MAN, Bayonetta, and Castlevania! Please vote in our poll in Create a Smash Ultimate Sequel Project! We are also voting On which moveset we will use for Bandana Waddle Dee. We have six submissions total so please take some time to vote which one you think best suits him!
    Bandana Waddle Dee and Octoling are our next newcomers for Create a Smash Ultimate Sequel Project. We will start with the development phase after finishing Isaac’s. Which reminds me, please join in and vote for what you think the best moveset is as well as add in the misc info for Isaac including taunts and victory animations. Finally, we are adding two items so please submit your own. One item is from a first party franchise and the second is your own creation.
    In Create a Smash Ultimate Sequel Project, we are currently working on fleshing out Isaac’s moveset, creating a new Game Mode, and bringing back a stage that missed out in Ultimate. Please join in!

    The tv show “Silent Library” in Japan is still a popular show

    Most of these guys are now in their 50’s and having been doing it since the early 2000’s. What many don’t know if that this show is a New Year’s Eve last time and apart of the new years programming. Though they no longer really do it in a library now. It’s more so in train, parks, cinemas, etc. this year they are taking a fake trip to Vegas and must not laugh during their fake trip. They also decreased the power of the hits they take and now it’s an inflatable bat rather than a newspaper bat.
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