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  • Revised "short" COGH roster, indeed. Some consolidation, admittedly strange and somewhat bias picks in here, trying for variety, but it can depend. It's possible I might revise this.
    Why is Goku THE non-VG Smash request? I feel like I have an idea, but I'm interested if anyone has any (other) explanations?
    Champion of Hyrule Champion of Hyrule I would say the same is true of, like, Darth Vader, Spider-Man, Batman, Gundam, Barbie, etc. Although I think that is part of it, at least.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    I think it's a case of Smash being a Japanese mobility-based fighting game, and Goku being a Japanese character who is an agile fighter, and also probably the most popular Japanese non-gaming character in the US except for maybe Godzilla and Hello Kitty (a slow, clunky live-action character and a non-combatant respectively). It's kinda similar to how whenever Western superheroes are brought up, it's usually Spider-Man, because his whole deal is being agile - even if you don't understand the design of Smash in full, there's a subconcious feeling that an agile character fits better with all the jumping going on.
    Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario That might also be part of it. I may as well say my own answer now: it's timing. Smash Brothers basically debuts around the time that Dragon Ball Z is hitting in the West, which is part of what Champion is saying, that's also when a lot of the video games hit. Goku's status as "the ultimate anime guy" causes this, as well as the whole "can he beat Goku" thing, which is another matter entirely. Though with a "dream match" game like Smash, it might be related in some way?
    Smash Brothers wishlist doodle thing where I did all of them from memory on the bus.
    -Marvel VS CAPCOM
    [The original of these]

    -DC VS Midway
    [already sort of happened, but add Primal Rage, Rampage, Sinistar, Spy Hunter, Gauntlet, War Gods, etc.]

    -Image VS Namco-Bandai
    [Spawn in Soul Calibur and Negan in Tekken]

    -Dark Horse VS Arc Systems Works
    [no crossover logic here, but Hellboy, the Mask, Grendel, Barb Wire, even Usagi Miyamoto all kind of fit in the style]

    -Archie VS SEGA
    [Archie Sonic comics, yes. Could fill roster up with their obscure superheroes, also.]

    -Slave Labor Graphics VS Type-Moon
    [my only logic here is that Neco-Arc fits well with Jhonen Vasquez characters somehow]

    -Oni Press VS SNK
    [It's mainly Scott Pilgrim and Fatal Fury/King of Fighters feeling like they mesh together well enough.]

    -War of the Independents VS Fraymakers
    [Various indie comics VS various indie games]

    IDK who fights Harvey Comics, and IDW and BOOM are too license focused.
    For other folks: would your standards for who you'd want to see in a mod or Smash fangame are different for who you'd want to see in an actual Smash game? Me, for instance, I'd like to see more experimentation happen in terms of "fourth party" characters aside from the standard Goku and a few other Shonen Jump characters. Like, some major cartoon characters, Darth Vader, Tony Hawk, James Bond, or even E.T. could be fun. But in "real" Smash, I probably wouldn't want to go that far.
    Personally, I'd treat them on a case-by-case basis, kind of depending on the vibe they're going for.

    Something like Smash Remix, for instance - which ties itself to a particular era and vibe - would feel kind of odd if it just added Darth Vader out of nowhere, and even stuff like Mementos and Dark Samus feels a little... questionable, amongst otherwise era-appropriate content. Likewise, I really appreciate the (originally legally-based) requirement for new Project M characters (like Knuckles, Sami, Isaac and so forth) to have otherwise featured in Brawl before that point - not because it's legally based, but because it feels like it lends those characters a little more legitmacy for the era Brawl was released, really making them feel like more of a part of that roster compared to like, Shrek.

    Though, if someone decides to make some crazy Brawl mod with characters like SpongeBob, Goku, E.T. and Bernie Sanders? Screw it, why not! It's going for a different vibe anyway, and it'd undoubtedly be funny (but also fun) to see how they'd work in a system like Smash.
    I'd say you're absolutely right on the former, though I'd have to say in the latter kind of case, I'd like to see it, or a still somewhat cohesive Smash fan game that had a wide-spreading "COGH' focus or weirder focus in general. I feel like I won't ever fully get why Goku is the only non-VG character that recurs among "legit" Smash fangames, but I do see a lot of other mods and such, at least.
    Doing “Everyone is Here” again would only really be interesting to me if Smash Remix, Crusade, Smash Flash 2, and Project M/PM EX Remix. Hell, include Smash Brothers Rumble and Smash Land, too. And if we’re really going wild, Super Clash Bros. and whoever’s not included that’s in those “Blessed Timeline” videos. Then Gandalf the Grey and Gandalf the White—
    Remembered an old idea of mine, Super Smash War. Basically a competitive strategy spin-off of Smash where you control various video game bosses and their minions to take each other down on various types of maps.

    So, as a big example, you’d have your big boss like Bowser, who can fight directly if needed and can heavily buff his units, provide big desperation moves, etc. but their main focus is commanding said armies. If an army is just whittled down to the main boss, you probably allow them big buffs to be able to fight off whoever’s left to make up for it. You’d have second in commands and generals, in Bowser’s case, probably Kamek and the Koopalings, respectively, and you’d have all the various Mario enemies serving different purposes as lower level units, like Goombas, Koopas, Hammer Brothers, Lakitu & Spinies, Bullet Bills, Bob-Ombs, etc.

    The main focus would be villains, since they have the most armies to command, but a heroic DLC pack could happen later, as characters like Peach or Marth have enough obvious to use in this respect, most likely.

    Off the top of my head, the starting commanders & armies would be Bowser, Ganon/Ganondorf, Mother Brain, King Dedede, Giovanni/Mewtwo, King K. Rool, Andross, Hades or Medusa, Edelgard (arguable), Sturm, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, Dracula, Dr. Zomboss, and Sarah Kerrigan. Or at least, these would be the first selection to choose from, IMO.
    Give me a gimmick to make a Smash roster under (IE: Smash for NES, Smash if it was multi-platform, Smash under some other expansion or limitation, etc.) and I'll do it, sure.
    Crash Bandicoot and Lara Croft “deserve” to be in Smash off their own merits, but a big reason I’d also want them in is so that an “earlier 3D models” costume pack would feel more complete. NES/SMS and SNES/Genesis/MegaDrive color packs could also be neat, and there’s maybe like one or two big characters left for all those to complete that. I feel like I’ve done a status on this before.
    Right now, for the 3D models pack, we could have…
    • Original 12: their Smash 64 models
    • Other Mario characters: Mario Party/Tennis/etc.
    • Other Zelda characters: Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask
    • Falco: StarFox 64
    • King Dedede: Kirby 64
    • Snake: Metal Gear Solid 1
    • Sonic: Sonic R or Sonic Adventure 1
    • Villager: the original Animal Crossing
    • Mega Man: Mega Man Legends or Cannon Spike?
    • Pac-Man: Pac-Man World
    • K. Rool: Donkey Kong 64
    • Ryu and Ken: Street Fighter EX
    • Cloud: Final Fantasy VII
    • Banjo & Kazooie: yes
    • Kazuya: Tekken 1
      and maybe a few others I missed? But here you are now.
    In an ideal world, I'd personally prefer an overhaul to how alts fundamentally work in future Smash titles. (Credit to Historia for the basic concept, I just decided to throw together a similar take on it!)

    Effectively, each costume would have eight (or twelve, if you wanted) colours that reference different things, but a character would also have numerous costumes, which you can unlock during the course of the game's single-player experience or through doing a certain number of matches with that character. On top of this, some would be DLC.

    Attached as an example, you can change Mario's default plumber look into different colours (like I've shown), but then he also has model swaps for his Builder look and a classic look inspired by his older art, which also have their own unique colours. Obviously some characters would have more costumes than others, but I imagine Mario's one that could have quite a lot. Plus, in the Costume slot, you could also include Alph-style characters that take up the same roster slot to make them more unique (like Hero's different designs) but they'd also be able to have more alts, letting them feel more like themselves.

    I think this'd be a great way to add some more meat to the bones of a character's visuals, and it'd be a great way to make a roster of perhaps less characters feel more "filling" in a sense. Plus, you could be really inventive with them - a character like Pikachu, for instance, has a ton of potential with anything from the Cosplay forms to a variation based on his older, slightly rounder look!
    I had a dream we were doing a Creation Thread themed after a Conan O’Brien special called Conan 1984, which was semi-analogue-horror-themed and whose main plot started with a bear getting loose. The thread opened up for us to basically include anything associated with Conan O’Brien or the guests in the special. The only two submissions I remember are Mr. T and this weird-looking Mr. Peanut/Guy Am I (Green Eggs & Ham)/Mike Myers Cat in the Hat hybrid character that was made by a duo of YouTubers involved with the special.
    I may have mentioned this before, but my dream game idea in general is a beat-em-up/fighter hybrid. Basically if there was a fighting game sub-genre that had somehow evolved from Double Dragon's VS mode rather than the likes of Yie-Ar Kung-Fu going onto Street Fighter or the Outfoxies begat Smash or Power Stone into regular 3D arena fighters we see today. Real Bout Fatal Fury's side-stepping also shows some of what it might be like. As far as I've seen, this is not a common enough fighting game sub-genre.

    I think you'd also have to make it a bit simple in controls to make it appeal to most, similar to Smash, but on paper, I dunno how to make that look different, or what necessary changes may need to be done to accommodate differing movement options. License-wise, very natural ones could be a Battletoads or Battletoads VS Double Dragon or Ninja Turtles game, or maybe even a Simpsons one. Original characters/setting/story would also work very well, especially if they're colorful, varied, odd, but also easy enough to read.
    Half-thinking of doing my odd "Nintendo VS Everyone Else [in gaming]" as a creation thread, but I have a bad track record in keeping those up, plus there's been a few versions of "Celebration of Gaming History" rosters on here that are somewhat similar, and I don't think it'll top Smash of Another World, for instance. But if people think it'd be fun, I might start it!
    AU “Celebration of Gaming” Smash starting in 1999 as a multi-console game. Probably has different priorities at different times, probably would change gaming history a bit, but wondering if SEGA would still go out of business or if you gotta merge them with Microsoft for practical purposes if “the big three” of the time are usually the ones ultimately getting it together. Interesting to think about, feel free to do it as a Creation Thread, if you want.
    I can’t believe it, my dad is Kurt Russell and I dated Aubrey Plaza and Bryce Dallas Howard. Also I’m a LEGO. Pretty cool.
    I quite like Drifting Dimensions and how it’s turning out (don’t contribute much really because keeping up with Creation threads in addition to other online things and life in general falls down for me :S), though I do also kind of like the idea of a racing game more focused around famous fictional cars/drivers specifically. Not a knock on DriDim at all, just a thought, and I have basically done that kind of roster before.
    I'm indecisive and unable to fully form it into a "real" roster, but if I made a Smash fangame, I'd add these more unconventional picks, among others...
    • Mother Brain (Metroid)
    • Ganon (Legend of Zelda) [yes, the pig with the trident]
    • Mike Anderson (Battle Clash)
    • Pious Augustus (Eternal Darkness)
    • Matt (Wii Sports) and Nikki (SwapNote), since Mii Fighter creation/implementation probably couldn't happen, and I'm interested in what their individual movesets would be, anyways.
    • Yorgle (Adventure/Atari 2600) and/or Chuck E. Cheese [yes]
    • Kefka (Final Fantasy VI) and the Dragonlord (Dragon Quest)
    • Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) [somehow I've only ever seen here in a very obscure "Super Smash Kart" fan game as far as these go]
    • SV-001 & Gunner (Metal Slug) [if it can be figured out, somehow, I would have the sprites switch for the various gunners, ala Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings. If not, I would just make it Marco or Fio by themselves, maybe sometimes summoning other gunners in certain super moves or what-have-you.]
    • CJ (Grand Theft Auto San Andreas)
    • Carmen Sandiego
    • Captain N, the Game Master
    • Popeye
    • James Bond
    • Mickey Mouse
    • Astro Boy [because we've had more than enough Goku, and his GBA game is very fun and basically helps write the moveset itself]

    Probably many others I could think of. Yes, my priorities would be different than asking for characters in "actual" Smash. Though I wouldn't mind a lot of these, depending.
    If I were to actually be decent at programming, get into using that Platform Fighter engine, and I'd want to somehow turn it into something I could sell, I'd mod it to have some MVC elements and make "Public Versus Domain" with characters like Dracula, Bigfoot, Santa Claus, Sherlock Holmes, etc. I feel like that'd be an easier sell to a lot of people, for better or worse.
    If I had the wherewithal to make full sprite sheets and program things and/or pay a lot of people, that feels like a more worthwhile project in that respect than actually making Video Game All-Stars or Pop Culture Clash, as fun as those could be.
    Toy-themed platform fighter (whether it was with an actual company or done with pastiche/original characters) could kind of go off. Lots of potential for unique and distinct characters already. You could even make inanimate objects (vehicles, balls, clay, Slinky, etc.) fighters. Items could be “Accessories”, Stages could be “Playsets”, etc.
    Bad with names, I wanna name my platform fighter project (like FazDude's Nexed) something with "X" or "Crossover" in the title, but the best I've come up with so far is "Crossover Winners". Open to suggestions, honestly. Nothing too word-salad-esque.
    The main thing that feels missing with Super Smash Bros., MultiVersus, NASB, a few others, is that they just seem to be crossovers only in the sense of basically being a VS mode toybox. Toyboxes have a value, but it feels very much like exactly what the Smash 64 intro said it was and often not as much more. Character interactions are a good start, at least. Smash tried a story mode a while ago, but it was flawed, and they abandoned it because "people would put it on YouTube" anyways. Even an excuse plot of "uh-oh, the universes are merging or whatever because of some big villain" would help a bit more, but even with the minimal bits of World of Light, every character in these kind of just shows up like Kramer from Seinfeld, even with their trailers. I could be wrong, I dunno. Maybe I'm the one of the only ones who feels that it needs more than "they're here, smack them against each other".
    Half-formulating a platform fighter concept, mildly inspired by Nexed being made, though I dunno where to put it fully or to focus all of my attention on it. Basics of it:
    Mixes in some Marvel VS CAPCOM style mechanics. You can switch out characters in teams (which are adjustable, like SkullGirls), and use either assists from your team, a specialized assist for your character (similar to the MUGEN game Famicom Fighters), or a randomized one. Supers are levelled like MVC/TVC/what-have-you, and Assists can also be super-charged in conjunction with a full meter, as well, and some have certain Supers with specific characters.

    Roster-wise, it'd be fairly Umbrella-Game-ish, though like Pop Culture Clash, characters would mainly be in the different categories of Video Games, Comics, Cartoons, Anime/Manga, TV, Movies, Books, and Everything Else. It'd be a mix of iconic characters, strange characters, and whatever else I feel like putting in or making a moveset for.
    Just as I start a new Creation Thread after so long, I come up with another new idea, but don't wanna do it as a thread because I fear getting overwhelmed and/or sputtering out again. This time, it's a fighting game centered around enemy/horde-type of characters. Like Goombas, FOOT Soldiers, Stormtroopers, etc. Maybe later. Maybe I'll just do a roster image. Or you can feel free to take this and use it as an idea, with some credit to me.
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