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  • The thing I'm hoping for the most in the Presentation in 7 minutes from now is the announcement of Fighter's Pass 3. Unlikely, but hopefully.
    if they were gonna announce that they would've probably announced it in the direct
    But they didn't announced Fighter's Pass 2 and the 6 slots in it until Byleth's Presentation. Before that, they just announced more DLC was coming.
    still, that wasn't so close to a direct
    Is it wrong that I have 3 copies of Super Mario 3D All Stars on me? I think it's ridiculous that Nintendo is going to stop production on this collection forever at the end of March and scalpers are going to feed off of the price jacking after this collection is off of the shelves forever. I just wanted to make sure I had a extra copy on me in the unlikely scenario where my original copy stops working and another to give to a close friend as a possible gift in the future. I prepared myself before the scalpers **** us over.
    It's been so boring around here lately that I feel like I'm falling asleep. :tired:

    I think I'm going to take a 3 month break from SmashBoards after the Pyra/Mythra Presentation. Y'all won't see me until around E3 time if that's happening and actually, I need a break from Smash speculation all together.
    Strong Badam Strong Badam , I know you already showed me how to embed images and gifs on mobile, but could you help me embedding how to embed images from my phone? I created a link for one of my photos and put it in the image box and it didn't work. It wouldn't embed.
    I'm so excited about the whole ACU and the Avatar Studio news. Are y'all? There's so much they could cover like:

    - Any of the past avatar's pasts like Roku, Kyoshi, Wan, ect.

    - They could cover Aang and Team Avatar's lives after the 100 Year War and before the events of The Legend of Korra showing how Republic City came to be and how it evolved.

    - They could animate all the Dark Horse Comics.

    - They could show Azula's potential redemption story and how her entire life went after the Avatar series, Search and Smoke & Shadows.

    - They could cover how the Red Lotus came to be and their fight with Korra's dad, Tenzin, Zuko and Sokka.

    - They could cover Team Korra's lives after the events of The Legend of Korra series.

    - They could cover the story of the next Avatar after Korra.

    There's unlimited potential here.
    So imagine, we don't hear anything about the next Smash DLC character until E3 in June and they announce Fighter's Pass 2's last two characters are Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon. I'm not really into Crash, but I love Spyro and seeing those PS1 mascots finally make it into Smash together would be hyped as hell. Plus, this would be one hell of a way to end Ultimate's roster. It's not going to happen, but a man can dream right?
    Dinosaur Planet and Star Adventures cutscenes comparison:

    It's pretty interesting how a lot of these scenes didn't change much from the transition to the N64 to the GameCube version outside of the graphics.
    I'm going to be so disappointed if the last two Fighter's Pass 2 characters are characters everybody and their mommy have been speculating about and predicting. That's my fear of the ending outcome for this game. But at least I will be very thankful for the inclusions of K. Rool, Ridley, Banjo & Kazooie, Sephiroth and all the veterans as well as them bringing back almost every stage in Smash history. I got 3 of my top 5 most wanted characters in Ultimate with K. Rool, Ridley and Banjo & Kazooie that I've all waited for since Melee so this is a win for me no matter how this game ends. Though, I just wish at least one of the last characters are another character I want as greedy as that sounds lol.

    So I saw this walkthrough of the build of Dinosaur Planet that was dumped today and I notice some interesting differences:

    - General Scales doesn't fall off the ship like he does in Star Fox Adventures and he teleports himself away after he confronts Krystal.

    - Randorn gives us a little insight on the history of Dinosaur Planet and the universe and how at the beginning of time, the Krazoa ruled and how there was peace. We never got really any info on the history of Dinosaur Planet in Star Fox Adventures.

    - Randorn gives you a spellbook. General Scales tore out some of the pages so you'll have to look for those to gain spells.

    - It appears Krystal doesn't get trapped in that crystal by the suppose Krazoa spirit like in Star Fox Adventures as Fox first appears in the snow level where he first meets Tricky.

    - Everything else besides everything above thus far seems pretty much the same as in Star Fox Adventures as Fox first meets Tricky the same way and he goes after Scales' men on those motor vehicles just like in the final version of Star Fox Adventures.

    Some very interesting stuff.
    So after all these years, a playable build of Dinosaur Planet has just been dumped onto the Internet:

    The guy that dumped this said they got this build from a private collector in Sweden which in a way, kind of pisses me off since the dude probably had this in his collection for years instead of sharing it with the Internet until now.
    So the electricity in my neighborhood went off last night and than it came back on a couple of hours later. I'm afraid it will go off again at any moment because Houston in the past few days has been experiencing power outages.
    So now that we know Pokemon Trainer type characters can be DLC, that has really given me hope in us getting Goemon/Ebisumaru/Sasuke/Yae all together in Smash someday if they ever decide to add Goemon. They switch out with each other in their games and I think it would be the best way to put Goemon and the whole Goemon Gang together in as it would be a more interesting and diverse fighter conspect than with just Goemon alone.
    For a just normal Nintendo Direct, this was kind of underwhelming especially for the fact this was the first Nintendo Direct we've had since September of 2019. The only thing I liked about it was the Pyra reveal, the Famicom Detective Club remake and Skyward Sword HD. But everything else was underwhelming to me.
    I've predicted Skyward Sword HD was going to happen for years. They released Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD on their 10th anniversaries, so it would make sense for them to save Skyward Sword HD for 2021 10 years after it came out.
    Famicom Detective Club is finally coming to the west after all these years we did it! Ayumi is likely for Smash in the future now as a potential future Retro rep.
    I think today we are either going to see Elma, Lloyd, Yuri or Chun-Li as the next DLC Smash fighter. I'm putting Eggman in my list of possible candidates as well as a leftfield pick.
    Well, the electricity is back on in my neighborhood, but I heard they're turning the power off at 6:00 PM which sucks. The water is back on for the moment so me and my family at least got to take showers, wash our hands, clean the dishes, ect. We filled water into big buckets from the bathtub so when the city shuts off everyone's power tonight, we'll have emergency water to use.
    My predictions for tomorrow's Nintendo Direct:

    - Zelda 35th Anniversary Collection with Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword in it.

    - Metroid Prime Trilogy port announced for Switch.

    - Update on the progress of Metroid Prime 4 maybe even some early gameplay footage.

    - New DKC game being developed by some other developer besides Retro.

    - N64 and Gameboy games coming to Switch Online.

    - Xenoblade X port announced for Switch.

    - Smash character announcement with it being either Elma from Xenoblade X or Loyd or Yuri from Tales Of.
    While I would normally be excited ever the news of us getting a Nintendo Direct after a year and a half without having one, most of Houston has been without electricity since yesterday and they don't know when it will come back on. It's actually been snowing here and a lot of people are struggling to get gas. Me and my family have been using our generator to keep electricity running in our house. Though, I don't know how long we'll last with the generator as everyone in Houston is struggling to get gas.

    I'll try to watch the Nintendo Direct tomorrow, but I got to charge my phone whenever we have the electricity on so I have to use it more carefully as I will need it in emergency situation.
    Well, RetrogamerMax RetrogamerMax , I am taking your recommendation, and trying Banjo & Kazooie! This is my first time playing a Nintendo 64 game, and also my first three-dimensional platformer.
    Also check out the sequel Banjo-Tooie which is on the N64 as well. So Kazooie is your first N64 game and first 3D platformer? Wow, you've been missing out. There's a lot of great N64 games and 3D platformers in general for and outside of the N64. If you're looking for more N64 games to check out after the Banjo-Kazooie games, I would also recommend:

    Super Mario 64
    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
    Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon
    Goemon's Great Adventure
    Goldeneye 007
    Perfect Dark
    Mario Kart 64
    Diddy Kong Racing
    Conker's Bad Fur Day
    Mischief Makers
    Mario Party
    Mario Party 2
    Mario Party 3
    Super Smash Bros.
    Jetforce Gemini
    Mario Tennis
    F-Zero X
    Donkey Kong 64
    Snowboard Kids
    Snowboard Kids 2
    Space Station Silicon Valley
    Rocket: Robot on Wheels
    Bomberman: Hero
    Bomberman 64
    Bomberman 64: The Second Attack

    There are so many great games on the N64 notably these games I listed I think you would enjoy.
    Doc Monocle
    Doc Monocle
    You are probably right. I am already liking Banjo and Kazooie. The atmosphere is light, silly, and quaint enough to be distracting. It is somewhat difficult to manage the movement and screen, especially while swimming or flying, but I think I can handle it well enough to reach the end. Also, thank you for the list.

    Edit: RetrogamerMax RetrogamerMax , Actually, I realized this was not my first three-dimensional platformer. I forgot that I played Sly Cooper. Still, Banjo-Kazooie is my first 'artifact' of a three-dimensional platformer.
    It was such a wasted opportunity for them not to make the Tifa, Aerith and Barret Mii costumes their low poly PS1 models. It would have fit perfectly and have a bit more charm to them.
    : Grunty can't stop looking at herself in the mirror because I'm so beautiful! I'm so fine that men get weak around me and become truthful! They can't tell a lie around my beauty! Because I've captured their hearts and they have signed a treaty! I have their souls hippity hoppity! They're now my property!
    So I just finished watching the Carmen Sandiago Netflix series and it was really, really good and it had a satisfying ending. I do wish though it went on longer than 4 seasons as they could have done a little bit more with the story. The show reminded me a whole lot of Kim Possible as she has a hacker friend checking in on her every move as well as friends with her along the mission. if you love Kim Possible, you'll definitely love Carmen Sandiago.
    I hate it when people don't have a responsible discussion about character speculation and go off and argue about it like it's a heated discussion about politics. It's silly to see people treat gaming speculation like they're talking about politics.
    So... Do y'all think we'll get another unique non Echo secondary 3rd party rep like Sephiroth in Fighter's Pass 2? I think we will. I'm predicting Chun-Li will be in the Pass.
    I do think there will be some more unique characters from series that already have at least one, but not third-party series.
    I feel like whoever is the next fighter will either foreshadow the other 2 fighters in the Pass because of leaks or it will be somebody that non of us expected which will leave us even more in the dark about the last 2 fighters in the Pass. I feel like the next character will kind of give us all our answers and will prove if the community is right or the community is wrong.
    Smash Ultimate will live on even after the fighter passes.
    Yes. But I was saying how the next fighter might foreshadow the others in the Pass because of leaks or the next fighter being somebody no one expected which would leave us in the dark about the others. Basically, the next fighter will lead us down a road we know where we are going or down a dark road we don't know that will make us lost.
    I wish Nintendo would make a 3rd Hero of Time title someday as I would love to see a true sequel to Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask at some point. I just want one more adventure with the Hero of Time Nintendo.
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