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  • Sometimes, I feel like Nintendo doesn't care about us N64 fans. The Wii U Virtual Console was missing quite a few classics like Mario Party 1 and 3, Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon, Goemon's Great Adventure, Bomberman 64: The Second Attack, ect. N64 still isn't on Switch Online yet and we don't know if the N64 Classic will ever be a thing. I know some of you might say "I have never heard of the Goemon titles and I wouldn't say they're classics because I've never heard of them." But they have the SNES Goemon games on the Virtual Console or Switch Online like The Legend of the Mystical Ninja so the other western released Goemon games like the N64 titles should have been on a Nintendo online service by now. But besides that, I feel like Nintendo really doesn care about us N64 fans and sees the N64 as somewhat of a failure because of their money and resources being wasted on the N64DD during that era.
    This cracked me up:

    And no, that thumbnail isn't clickbait it's real.
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    sad reality of Ganondorf players lives since brawl; the character sucks so much, even if they win a match they still lose.
    Part of mastering Ganondorf is to breathe reads. Having ultra senses and observation about reading your opponents next move is a critical part in mastering Ganon in my opinion. I get good reads with Ganondorf all the time so I'm really good with him and I'm proud of it since so many people like to **** on Ganondorf.
    I know that, every ganon knows that. Problem is sometimes getting good reads just ain't enough. When you're against a camper who you can't get even remotely close to, or a combo-based character who you can't catch your breath against, you're essentially screwed.
    This site has felt so dead and lifeless in the past few days. Man, things were more fun around here when the Geno thread was open and the Geno gang was here. Those guys I hanged out with in the Geno thread knew how to brew a discussion even in the most boring of times like now. It's a shame the mods locked the Geno thread after his Mii costume was announced because even if Geno is deconfirmed, I had a lot of fun speculating with those guys in the Geno thread for the past 2 years.

    So interesting stuff mentioned here in this podcast revealing the Zelda 64 script and text found in the F-Zero X prototype:

    - The Desert Colossus was originally called The Statue of the Evil Goddess of Din.

    - Ocarina of Time was originally suppose to have Inns like in Majora's Mask and Ingo was originally intended to have been one of these inns' employees.

    - The medallion items worked the same as the Great Fairy items and the Eye of Truth excluding the cut Soul Medallion which would have allowed you to play as Navi for a short time like how you could be a fairy for short period in Zelda II.

    Interesting stuff.
    It's so boring here right now. :tired:
    I know Sakurai already said a another Smash Ballot isn't happening for Ultimate. But do you guys think they should do one for Smash 6? Because I think they should. The data from the Smash 4 Smash Ballot won't be relevant forever so it would be better to do it again every 10 years or so perhaps.
    Why does the Japanese Smash scene hate Min Min so much? I know a lot of people in the competitive scene see her as a bad character because of her gimmicky moveset, but I think she's a very cool character in design and her moveset is part of her uniqueness as there is no character in the roster that fights like her.
    I only dislike plant for his neutral b and how he added salt to the wound after Shadow got deconfirmed.
    A few folk on Youtube have broken down why Japan tends to think, competitively, she's a lot better than the west. At the same time, it's those strengths combined with what they might think is 'boring' or 'tedious' game play because of her play style. Some, hyperbolically, claim it's similar to the Bayo effect but I wouldn't go so far as to say Min Min is anywhere near as braindead/auto pilot/busted as Smash 4 Bayo.

    I for one and happy to see some players who are dedicating a lot of time to making her work. She's not 'complicated' but the way to play her messes with a lot of people's minds in Smash. But I do think those who really get a grasp on her and use her well are going to get some results in the coming years. Both due to lack of match up knowledge and the very, VERY dismissive 'Meh' people gave her at release even after we've been figuring out her frame data and stuff. She's got some cheap stuff (Specifically one of the only characters in the game who has POSITIVE on block attacks if performed properly) and some deceptively fast moves up close (Jab and upsmash, d tilt, utilt) that sort of defy the idea she SHOULD be helpless up close when she's far from it. And her edgeguarding is nasty AND frustrating to a massive majority of the roster.
    I think Larry Lurr said it could also be their more patient play style there.
    Showcase release of all of the beta Ocarina of Time maps dumped thus far:

    are these all from the F-zero cartridge dump that hard4games talked about?

    Cuz it had some holy grail level stuff in there.
    EDIT: yes it apparently is.

    Man I wish Nintendo would just release all this beta content for folks to view on their site, even if they wont actually "release" it in the sense to make it playable for people, just giving folks a virtual tour of every possible area in these beta elements of OoT would satisfy folks, as well as the old models for link and enemies and gameplay.

    There's so much mystery and interest in what "could have been" in OoT. Fans just simply want all this preserved in a format that generations in the future can see in detail how a game considered by many to be the greatest in history, came to be.
    Yep, this is from the F-Zero prototype dump. I would recommend checking out z64me's channel and subscribing since he'll likely be digging through the files some more and will be uploading anything else he finds by the hour when he does.

    But Nintendo will never showcase all this cool beta stuff in a book or a extra futures in any of their games since when the fans find tjis kind of stuff, it's more like Nintendo to punish us instead of just saying "Oh what the hell! It's already on the Internet so we'll glady put in a book or game to show the fans." Nintendo can kind of be like Disney at times.
    This guy named L-DI-EGO made a Metroid Lego set and is putting up a petition to get Lego's attention to consider making it official:

    If 9900 people sign it, the obvious Zero Suit Samus lego will be shown. If 10,000 people sign it he'll send it off to Lego for them to consider. Let's support y'all and make this a reality!
    Beta OOT Water Temple:

    You thought the final version was bad? Well the beta version had 4 levels instead of 3 lol!
    Beta OOT item renders, beta Hyrule Field map, beta Gerudo Valley, beta archery, and another beta map of Hyrule Field:

    So yesterday, someone find a prototype F-Zero X development cart that had early build of Ocarina of Time in it. This guy named Forest of Illusion has dumped the rom online:

    My inner N64 fanboy is going wild right now because they are finding so much beta content right now. Just look:

    OMG! It's beautiful!
    So how many more years you guys think the Switch will be Nintendo's hottest product until it passes the tourch onto the next Nintendo console? I'm expecting 2024 or 2025 until we either see or hear about the Switch's successor.
    If you could date anyone in the roster, who would it be? I would go on a date with Palutena because of her great wisdom, intelligence, and her pretty looks. Compared to any other female on the roster, Palutena is the whole package to me.
    It's that time of the month again for me to post this:

    Anyone read One Piece chapter 1001 yesterday? It was amazing!
    That Ryuo punch by Luffy really got a good hit on Kaido. Kaido seems to respect Luffy a little now saying "Are you implying that you're as great as them?" I was a little surprised Luffy barely manged to dodge Kaido's Thunder Bagua with his future sight. That really shows the power gap between a Emperor and a 1st Commander in a sense. It was funny seeing Luffy, Law, and Kid make that ugly Robin face when they were being attacked by Big Mom. It was also very cool to see Kid's Punk Rotten as it looked like a giant metal demon. Kid is stronger than I thought. And I think Big Mom knew about the Strawhats and Robin finding and writing down about the Poneglyphs as she knows about them finding them on their journey. Overall amazing chapter! I would give it a 10 out of 10.
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