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  • But onto more important things.
    If you're a US citizen, be sure to vote.
    If you want to be more like the UK, vote Biden.
    If you want to be more like Iran, vote Trump.
    Anyone that doesn't vote Biden gets a personal ass-whoopin' from me.
    If I had $10 Million, I'd open a museum for video games and memorabilia.
    Every box, cartridge, disc, console, sticker, toy, poster, ad, tee shirt, etc ever officially licensed under one roof.
    Might not just be the best video game collection, but most awesome collection of anything ever.
    I have a magic pill that can help YOU lose up to five pounds or more INSTANTLY!
    It's called a laxative!
    After seeing the bath houses in Naruto, I wish I had a bath house near me.
    With all this bull**** stress, I could use a hot soak and a long cigar smoke.
    My honest review of Cuties and how people are grossly overreacting to a piece of media:
    The movie is about juxtaposing how women are treated as sexual property by men in traditional Islamic society to how sexuality is view secularly in the age of social media. Under fundamentalist Islam, women are taught to hide their bodies in public, as their bodies exist solely for the sexual gratification of their husbands.
    But in Secular society, women are still viewed as sex objects with dancing. There is nothing INHERENTLY sexual about shaking your ass, but we still take it that way because of our patriarchal society that STILL views women primarily as sexual objects.
    Hell, spoilers for the end of the movie here, but the point is brought home at the end of the movie when the Cuties dance in front of adults, imitating the dances they see adults do. The crowd is disgusted by the implicit sexuality, despite the girls just thinking they are dancing.
    The whole "point" of the film is to reflect upon women's sexualization in society, even as children.
    I'm watching Cuties out of morbid curiosity to see if it's really as bad as people say it is (before even watching the movie).
    So far, I'm about 10 minutes in, and it seems to focus much more on women's oppression under fundamentalist Islam that it does on any promotion of kiddie diddling.
    Man, Netflix is having a bad time with this, I'm not canceling it, but I'm not ever going to watch that movie.
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    I'm a sucker for controversy. Make a big stink out of a piece of media, and I'm gonna be much more inclined to check it out.
    That's how I got into Marilyn Manson as a kid.
    Honestly, I think the controversy just made the movie that much more popular. Lord knows I'd have never watched it without the s***storm it caused.
    That's more or less how it goes with these things. Media controversy almost always blows everything out of proportion and the subject of that controversy is usually much more tame than it is portrayed. My favorite part is the constant clipping, capping, and sharing of all the controversial bits by the outraged, so that we can ensure mass saturation of what is supposedly something we shouldn't be seeing.
    Goddamnit. I'm so hopelessly in love with a special someone.
    I wish I could adequately express my emotions, but I am limited by the English lexicon.
    Start slow with this special someone, you gotta know them better and make yourself comfortable around them.
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    Oh, they know that I like them. We just have no way of meeting at present.
    Goddamned unprovoked loneliness again.
    I cannot tell if people are actually avoiding me, or if I'm just projecting my emotions onto others' behavior.
    I'm calling it. If Crash Bandicoot becomes playable in Ultimate, Spyro is a lock for Smash 7. Third parties double dip.
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    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    What happened to Geno being F7 last week?
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    I already said that my gut was often FULL OF CRAP!!!
    I put thought into that pun, and you didn't even notice! 😖
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    Look at comments of the OP.
    Of all the people that were killed in World War II, how many were Nazis?
    Zero; Nazi's aren't people.
    While I agree that, in general, Nazis are terrible, I have a few things against your post.
    1. According to some stuff I found, there were close to 5,000,000 German fatalities, including military and civilian casualties. That's far from zero.
    2. I seriously doubt that all of the Nazis seriously wanted to be Nazis or agreed with what they did. Sure, you can argue that there were a good chunk of truly evil Nazis during that time, but perhaps some people joined out of a sense of nationalism, because being a Nazi was the "cool new thing", or even because they felt pressured to do so. (Note how political opponents were among the numerous Holocaust victims.)
    3. Is it really okay to say that certain people don't count as human because you don't like them? I'm pretty sure no sane person condones what the Nazi party did, but to call a group of people subhuman just because you dislike them is just wrong. (The Nazi party was guilty of this too IIRC...)
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    1. The Nazis killed 100 million people. 5 million might as well be zero compared to that, but that's not relevant to the point of the post.

    2. Yes, ALL Nazis are bad.

    3. Extremely false equivalency. Nazis dehumanized people for existing in a form they deemed genetically inferior. A person cannot simply stop being Jewish, homosexual, Polish, black, etc. A Nazi is free to stop being a Nazi at ANY time, and thus restore their humanity.
    Furthermore, no one advocates for killing Nazis wantonly, only if they strike first.
    And we dehumanize people everyday simply because we "don't like them". Putting people in cages away from society is dehumanizing, but that's part of the social contract for those that violate the rights of other people. We dehumanize murderers, rapists, child molesters, thieves, etc, but the point of prison is to rehabilitate and reintegrate them into society after they have learned not to commit those actions again.
    Nazis cannot simply be preemptively arrested because Freedom of Speech exists, therefore it is up to the society around them to ostracize them, as Nazism is not welcome in tolerant society. This is known as the tolerance paradox: a tolerant society must tolerate all but intolerance, as the intolerant destroy tolerant society once they attain power. It is up to us not to associate with these people, which is dehumanizing, but it the only way to protect the innocent from Nazism.
    Assault is defined in US law as putting a reasonable fear of danger into another person. A Nazi by their mere existence is committing mass assault, as they openly display their violent, murderous, genocidal ideology right on their shoulders, sometimes literally.
    So yea, don't befriend Nazis, don't have sex with them, don't hire them, don't give them any social acceptance. They are free to stop being Nazis, but until then, they are inhuman scum.
    The minute that it's born, it begins to die.
    I'd love to just give in. I'd love to live this lie.
    Do people even emotionally respond to "You hurt me?"
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    I feel like I say, "You hurt me," more often than I say, "I love you."
    You need to be a little more choosy with who you interact with then. Nobody I voluntarily hang out with irl is usually that callous to that phrase and I'm prepared when I have to deal with those that are.
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    Well, this post was inspired by today's events.
    I downloaded Plenty of Fish, as the bar scene has been killed by Covid.
    I met a cute girl, but she tried to scam me.
    I still think Geno is coming, and soon.
    Geno. Today. Count on it.
    Or don't. I'm not an insider; I'm just an opinionated loudmouth on a Smash fansite.
    The only inside source I have is my gut, which is inside of me.
    Oz o:
    Oz o:
    What about today? Is there supposed to be a sort of announcement?
    Well I mean, Hyrule Warriors exists
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    Well, I had just eaten before that prediction, so I guess you could say my gut was... FULL OF CRAP!!!
    I had a weird dream last night that I was roommates with Erdrick from Dragon Quest, and all my movements outside of our room was a 2D grid. But also, on the walk from the bed to the closet, there was a random encounter with an enemy I had to fight. I had lots of physical strength, but no Magic.
    And yes, Erdrick and I were gay lovers (Just cuddling. The dream wasn't THAT sexy.).
    That was a pretty sweet dream, and I deem this all canon.
    The world has a Right-wing cancer right now.
    Trump, Bolsonaro, Putin, Modi, Netanyahu, Assad, Johnson, and Jinpeng are are the most powerful world leaders, and they're all far-right.
    This is simply how late-stage Capitalism works.
    We were supposed to get rid of Capitalism after World War 2, but FDR decided to put Capitalism on life support instead of embracing the Communist Revolution.
    Then the Cold War happened, and we're back to where we were just before World War 2.
    The USSR isn't here to save us from Fascism this time, and weak Centrist Capitalists are the enablers of Fascism, completely unequipped to stop it.
    America, and the world, must take a hard Left turn, as Capitalism has failed, and the political center will not offer solutions. People will either turn to Fascism and fall like Rome or to Communism and prosper into the future.
    You youngsters don't get it, but Super Mario All-Stars for SNES made it the best console.
    This was before backwards compatibility was a thing, and this brought the NES's greatest trilogy to the SNES.
    Sonic had THREE awesome games on Genesis compared to only Super Mario World on SNES. But All-Stars gave us FOUR Mario masterpieces to match Sonic's Genesis Trilogy.
    This completed the library on SNES.
    I still love the Genesis, but SNES is my favorite console of all time, and if I could only have one cartridge to play for the end of time, it would be Super Mario All-Stars (+World if that isn't cheating. 😉).
    Trump's been in office for only four years, and we went from 15 cases of Covid in the United States being a Democratic hoax to having the most Covid deaths in the WORLD.
    Plus the country is on the brink of Civil War.
    ALL Trump supporters are bigots because he has failed in every measurable metric except tormenting people whom his supporters deem inferior.
    The only explanation for that is an outright endorsement of bigotry or a psychopathic sycophantism.
    The unfortunate truth is if you want to eradicate Fascism, you have to eradicate it's root, Conservatism.
    Guess who found a cute girl with whom he wishes to pursue a short-term relationship!
    Unpopular opinion:
    We need to primary Warren. She singlehandedly cost Bernie the presidency by not dropping out and endorsing him while everyone else dropped out and endorsed Biden.
    I try to torch it, but it never melts.
    I hammer at at, but it never pelts me.
    This sheet of ice that holds me from the Earth,
    Before I lose my mind, I hope death takes me first.
    I really want some goddamned Lo Mein, but the closest Chinese restaurant is 15 miles away, and I can't drive!
    Random rant:
    I hate furniture guitars! Like Gibsons.
    I understand actually buying the old guitars ad an investment, but buying one made recently for $5,000 is just dumb. They're not good guitars! Buy something with that stays in tune!
    The Left: "We want healthcare!"
    The Right: "Kill black people!"
    The Center: "No healthcare, but vote for us, and we'll kill slightly fewer black people."
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