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Ben Holt
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  • Smash 7 Wishlist:
    (28 Newcomers based on pattern)

    1. Crash Bandicoot

    2. Coco Bandicoot (Crash Echo)

    3. Waluigi

    4. Dr. Eggman

    5. Spring Man

    6. Rex

    7. Heihachi

    8. Shadow (Sonic Echo)

    9. Tails

    10. Knuckles

    11. Dixie Kong

    12. Geno

    13. Proto Man (Mega Man Echo)

    14. Ms. Pac-Man (Pac-Man Echo)

    15. Spyro

    16. Master Chief

    17. Alucard

    18. Dr. Wily

    19. Ryu Hayabusa

    20. Chun-Li

    21. Akuma

    22. Slime

    23. Tifa

    24. Doom Slayer

    25. Dante

    26. Rayman

    27. Shovel Knight

    28. Jonesy
    Already a wishlist for Smash 7? well let Sakurai has his long deserved break first and maybe in 5 years or so we can talk about wanting Smash 7.
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    Coolboy Coolboy
    I adamantly disliked Pass 2, so I get to wish on.
    Also, with a series as big as Smash, it's ALWAYS time to develop the next one.
    Ultimate didn't even wait for Smash 4's DLC to end to begin development.
    Aside from Crash, Spyro, and Master Chief, most characters I want in Smash are already in Ultimate, just not playable.
    Hopefully this is good news for Smash 7.
    Give me Doom Slayer, Dante, Heihachi, Shovel Knight, Dr. Eggman, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, Waluigi, Toad, Paper Mario, Geno, Dragonborn, Sans, Cuphead, Bomberman, Alucard, Mega Man X, Wily, Zero, Chun Li, Akuma, Slime, Chokobo, Tifa, and more.
    Welp, this entire Fighter's Pass was basically my worst case scenario.
    A bunch of side characters before main characters, and now Smash forever has the Disney ****stain on its undies.
    And we didn't even get decent Mii Costumes.
    2/10. Only Steve was good.
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    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    Three. Min Min, Pyra, and Kazuya.
    Champion of Hyrule
    Champion of Hyrule
    The arms and tekken series don’t have main characters though. Arms was explicitly stated to not have a definitive main character and tekken’s change per game. Kazuya was the main character of the first game so it’s not like he’s just a side character.

    also this is just a personal thing but I find in some situations side characters can be infinitely better than main characters
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    Well, it kills my OCD.
    And Heihachi and Spring Man are absolutely the mascots of their home franchises.
    Min Min should've been Spring Man.
    Steve was hype.
    Sephiroth was ok, but Eggman should've been the first third-party villain.
    Pyra should've been Rex.
    Kazuya should've been Heihachi.

    If FP11 is anyone but Crash or Master Chief, this pass will have been a flop. D rating.
    But if FP11 is a ****ing Disney character, I will legit be upset. This will have been basically the worst case scenario. Secondary characters and Mickey Mouse Boy.
    Grandpa Lou for All-Star Brawl!
    If he's tough enough to fight Nazis, he's tough enough to fight cartoon characters.
    I hate how Eleven's name in Smash is "Hero".
    That's like calling Mario "Platformer".
    Use their actual names: Eleven, Erdrick, Solo, and Eight.
    Ok. I just saw the controversy about Adam Demos' junk.
    That's not big; that is comically humongous.
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    Mamboo07 Mamboo07
    If you have Netflix, the show is Sex/Life.
    Episode 3. 19:50 timestamp.
    Don't watch if you're self conscious about your manhood.
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    I normally wouldn't mention it, but it's become a meme.
    What if FP11 is going to be "a while" because the 4-in-1 Champions Fighter is real?
    Torgo the Bear
    Torgo the Bear
    That would be pretty awesome, gotta admit
    Didn't that leak also say Rayman was going to be CP10?
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    LAA9000 LAA9000
    I don't follow specific leaks. I just know when something gets popular.
    But Rayman could easily be a Deluxe Mii Costume.
    We already got remakes of Link's Awakening, Metroid II, and Pokémon Yellow.
    Can we get other Game Boy classics remade like Super Mario Land 1 & 2, Kirby's Dreamland 1 & 2, Donkey Kong 94, Kid Icarus II, Wario Land 1-3, Pokémon Crystal, Ocarcle, etc?
    Three straight days of depression.
    Hey man, I know we may not do much in the way of irl stuff, but you're free to talk to any of us. We may not be able to solve every problem you have, but we do care yknow.
    Tomorrow: Crash + Coco and Master Chief.
    Supposed hidden FP12 is real and is Eggman. Revealed in a Nintendo Direct alongside the proper announcement of Sonic Rangers.
    I have an exclusive leak regarding the final two Smash characters.
    One is a character we've been expecting, and the other will be a pleasant surprise!
    Sometimes I cry randomly because I know that I'll never be normal.
    Please never doubt that I care about you.
    If I ever do something to upset you, even a little bit, please let me know. I'd rather listen to your grievances than let them build up and end up losing you.
    I wish to travel the world in a $5,000,000 bus, singing to millions of fans, and knowing that you're in the bus's back bedroom, waiting for me every single night.
    Where are my Rayman and Shovel Knight Mii Costumes?
    Respect your opinion, but I personally think it'd suck for them to get Mii'd. Rayman's my most wanted, and to be waiting for two whole years just to get a Mii Costume would suck, to me at least. Don't have much connection with SK, but he has his fans. I also think Rayman doesn't fit well with a Brawler, the only thing that fits is they can both punch. Plus, Rayman's a pretty expressive character, so if they gave him the Deluxe treatment, it'd look odd.

    Also, why not both Crash and Rayman?
    Ben Holt Ben Holt another supporter of Spyro? I see you're a man of culture. 🧐
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    R RetrogamerMax I'm literally in the newest PapaGenos video over my theory that includes Spyro.
    Donkey Kong is WAY out of scale with the other Mario characters.
    He should be about Incineroar's size.
    Actually, I think DK is a reasonable size it's just his head is too big though. His head makes his model look a lot bigger than it actually is.
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    Smash DK is as big as Bowser and K. Rool, which is not accurate.
    I still think Incineroar Is the ideal size for DK.
    I advise ALL Floridians to arm themselves. Your governor signed a bill granting legal immunity to people who run over protesters with their cars and gave indefinite detention to anyone protesting IN THE VICINITY of another protester that causes "public disturbance".
    I support a fourth Link for Smash provided that fourth Link is a wolf ridden by Midna.
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    Champion of Hyrule
    Champion of Hyrule
    I actually think three links is a perfect amount. We have an adult Link, a young Link and a toon Link, which covers all the appearences Link has pretty much ever had. The only thing we need is more Zelda characters
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    Noipoi Noipoi
    Existential dread. Social pain associated with ASD. Age dysphoria. Not being able to get in contact with my crush.
    I just get depressive waves every once in a while, and I just want to hold my crush in my arms and hear her tell me that it'll all be ok.
    That’s unfortunate.

    We all have our bad moments. You just gotta remember that this is your mind messing with you.
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    Here's a song I wrote:

    If you're hungry enough, you'll grow a taste for blood.
    If you're thirsty enough, you will drink from the mud.
    If you're lonely enough, you'll call anywhere home.
    If they leave you behind, you will roam.
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