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  • unpopular opinion here! but i really hope it's NOT Geno who is the next DLC..i am not a Geno fan and i will honestly not be amused if it is him..why are people hyping up a character from a old game that's not even getting a remake? and from what i know he only has been in that 1 game not even as a very major character right? so then why should he get in? for the nostalgia? >.>feel free to disagree but this is my opinion about it.
    WHOA! i got my first zero to death moment where i took the first stock without taking damage and that in a 1v1 match! it's nothing specular combo wise but still something i am proud of :D
    that moment when you start playing online again after a month thinking you gotta get back into the flow again..but instead you perform just as well as a month ago :D
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