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  • I support the armed protesters.
    An unarmed dissenter is a dead dissenter.
    I completely agree. The blm protesters should be armed. Hopefully, "armed" means open carry (show their power) and not brick in hand.
    Oi. Even with a girl visibly interested in me, I still cannot shake the fear of never having a family that loves me.
    And don't give me that 1-800-SUICIDE crap! I tried it. They put you on hold every 15 seconds, and their answers are so robotic that you might as well tell me to Google how to not be sad!
    As stated, have fun with your friends. Human interaction typically helps out, especially if you're friends with them.
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    I don't really have any close friends after High School.
    Then try making new friends, or contacting old ones. You might be able to get something out of that.
    The grilled cheese video IS coming.
    I had planned to do it today, but I had a bit of a sad last night and ended up sleeping all day today, but the video IS coming.
    In High School, I was voted Most Memorable, Class Clown, and Teacher's Worst Nightmare. All by like 90-95% of the vote.
    But now I'm older, living on daddy's money, and I feel like a shadow.
    I don't feel like anyone really likes me for me, just as a prop, if that makes sense. People enjoy hearing me sing. People enjoy my antics. But no one ever pokes any deeper. I feel like if the world lost me, that no one's life would be changed all that much.
    I enjoy things in life, but rather than making me happy, they make me forget that I am sad. Sometimes I just want to drink myself to sleep every night, play with girls, and just party my life away.
    But when I lie in bed, I don't feel fulfilled. I don't feel like I'm all that important to anyone. I wish I knew what the secret was. It hasn't been sex, drugs, video games, anime, or anything I've been able to try. I don't feel like I'm really living life, just passing time. It's quite depressing.
    Important life lesson:
    Don't mix up things that make you happy with things that make you forget that you are sad.
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    I'm still searching for the difference.
    My life would be so much nicer if I had 330 million dollars.
    But luxury is relative, I guess.
    I was too sleepy to notice this morning (woke up for the presentation and went right back to bed), but Min Min's Smash phrase was "Min Min arms herself".
    I find it ironic that I was Spring Man's biggest cheerleader, posting multiple times how likely I felt he was, but my other recurring post was about people arming themselves. Now Min Min has taken my advice.
    So, now I feel obligated to ask:
    Min Min's armed. Are you?
    Reminder to me: It was NOT Spring Man. :(
    But losing Heihachi too was too much.
    Oh well. Grilled cheese of shame coming soon.
    Ok. So to review my bet against the SmashBoards community:
    If the ARMS character in Smash Bros. is NOT Spring Man, I have to eat a grilled cheese on camera in shame.
    But if it IS Spring Man (including alts), I brag on camera while eating a slice of pizza and talking in my best Spring Man impression.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    A grilled cheese? Just... grilled cheese? C'mon, you gotta do something grosser than that - you can probably buy edible flies at the local supermarket if you look hard enough.
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    It started as a joke, but it became a legit bet.
    I lost my bet with Byleth, so I chose to not do anything harmful this time.
    Oz o:
    Oz o:
    This sounds fun.
    Just saw a man with a sniper's nest in Colorado with his weapon aimed at peaceful BLM protesters.
    He's armed. Are you?
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    Didn't you once say something among the lines of "Politics is like driving in the UK, you can only survive if you stay on the left, not the right or middle"? B'cause you're sounding pretty centrist right now.
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    How so?
    When reactionaries claim that Libcucks are triggered little snowflakes, but then they plan out and execute a review bomb of The Last of Us Part 2 for having a trans character.
    Right-wing "Libertarians":
    "I believe in the individual. Collectivism and government are ineffective, as crime starts with the individual. But also, we need a white ethnostate because 1350."
    Just finished "Close as Neighbors".
    I won't spoil the ending, but I got the ending I personally wanted.
    Free Speech means that the government cannot punish you for your speech.
    It has nothing to do with getting kicked out of the cool kids' table for being a prick.
    There are two kinds of people in this world:
    1. Those that admit that Coney Island is the best beer.
    2. People who have never tried Coney Island Beer.
    So Trump ran an ad (which Facebook thankfully deleted) using the upside down red triangle, the symbol the Nazis used to label political opponents in the Holocaust.

    But calling out Nazi-esque behavior is hyperbolic. Right?

    So go ahead, stamp that red triangle on me. I'm more armed than an octopus.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    I was agreeing until "I'm more armed than an octopus" - please do not assassinate Donald Trump. That is called martyrdom
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    One should only ever shoot in self defense or in defense of others.
    Fortunately, I've never had to discharge a weapon on anything that wasn't an inanimate target, but I would be a fool to disarm when my political opposition is openly willing to take the first shot.
    Is Ben non-binary / genderfluid?
    Short answer: No.
    Long answer coming soon.
    In the meantime, I feel like expressing myself, so ask me anything!
    I swear to God, sadness makes me angry too looking back at some old bull****.
    People who call me a sperg, pedo, ******, weirdo, pervert, etc are ****ing bullies.
    Words and rumors ****ing hurt! Making up stories about me and then sharing screenshots of when I was a minor hitting on other minors as "proof" that I target children is ****ing cruel! Especially spreading it.
    **** you, Laurie!
    What's worse than unrequited love?
    Amorous neutrality.
    Not only do you have no one to love you, but no one to even dream of loving you, as your heart has not clinged onto anyone.
    Almost the pure definition of hopelessness.
    When the moon hits your eye,
    Like a big pizza pie,
    That’s amorous neutrality.
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    Ya know that feeling in your stomach when you're sad that makes eating unpleasant?
    Even though pizza pie is my favorite dish, it doesn't sound very good right now.
    The girl I'm talking to hasn't texted me since Friday.
    Am sad.
    Feelings suck.
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    Am very sad.
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    I totally don't hide my emotional sensitivity behind cute baby talk and passive aggressive posts on places public enough to be noticed but private enough to not be announced to everyone I know irl.
    Aha. Aha.
    The fact that I see so many memes about Femboy / Twink Hooters makes me happy.
    I still haven't found my dream boy yet, but now that femboys are more socially acceptable, that may soon change.
    Racists when cops tase peaceful protesters: "Tasers are non-lethal!"
    When a drunk black man takes a cop's taser: "Tasers are lethal weapons! Kill him!"
    Arm the homeless.
    Velveeta Dream
    Velveeta Dream
    Well it wasn't that long ago when Michigan had an armed protest against the stay at home orders, and cops weren't trying to disperse those people either. Quite frankly, the main ways for it to justify more police brutality would be if very few armed protesters show up or they shoot the cops first (which could possibly happen if the protests aren't well organized so that would have to be the #1 priority before they do start bringing out their weapons).
    It wouldn't justify police brutality as the public employs the police and is supposed to have the final say. You might think of it as more a defensive response to cancerous cells at this point.

    What it would do is give the powers that be the green light to send in the military which outclasses the public in training and firepower and would put down these protests rather quickly. There isn't really much rifles and shotguns can do against tanks and flying death machines.

    As it currently stands, the protesters hopelessly outnumber the police. They could very easily swarm and beat to death every officer there without any weapons. See for example what happened to that fool that brandished a bow at the protesters. But crossing that line would open Pandora's Box and anything could happen.
    Likes: tecmo
    For those who don't know:

    Socialism: When workers own the means of production rather than private capital holders.

    Communism: Abolition of the commodity form.

    Anarchism: Reduction / elimination of social hierarchy.

    Syndicalism: A form of republican (not the party, the governmental system) representation where representatives are elected by syndicates of people that self-coalesce behind common interests rather than districts of geographical regions.
    Everyone talking about their most wanted Smash characters in the Ultimate Forums, and I'm sitting alone because I got my most wanted in 1999.
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