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  • Nothing makes my blood boil more than when a person (usually a woman) is told that they're not attractive enough to be sexually assaulted.

    While I love Facebook and Twitter as much as anyone, there is an unfortunate side effect of social media where people can say hateful, odious s*** with little to no consequence.
    If you say that kind of s*** in person, you're liable to get popped in the mouth.
    Its a common misconception that sexual predators go after attractive people mostly. Not really its more about power and control. Those people go after the most vulnerable because the predator feels those types of people are less likely to be believed than an attractive person. Its sad people don't take the time to look this up.
    Stuff like this is why I've pretty stopped using social media besides like personal messages. It's just an echo chamber filled with hatred and stupidity, and there's almost no consequence for acting like a dirtbag on the internet. I die a little bit on the inside when I look at facebook because I see all these people I know just eating each other alive. Civil/logical discussion is replaced with name calling and stubbornness.
    Day 4.
    Random thing I like: Fast food. Between fast food today and Walmart yesterday, I must be a true blue American. But I confess, I like the taste of greasy unsophisticated food. I don't always need nice atmosphere or fancy cutlery. Sometimes I want a Taco Bell burrito to eat in the car so I can get to the gym at a decent time. I also love Hardee's, as I am a vegetarian, and their Beyond Thickburger is WAY better than Burger King's Impossible Whopper. Their shakes are also way better. But Dairy Queen and Sonic shakes are also delicious. McDonald's fries are also pretty good. They can also be used as a beef replacement on Big Macs to make an awesome potato burger.

    Random thing I dislike: Freemium games. Not necessarily all freemium games, but most. Believe it or not, I liked Super Mario Run, as it had a free demo and charged for the full game instead of harassing me with ads every three seconds. $10 was steep, but I much prefer to pay for a full game rather than downloading a glorified ad service with three seconds of braindead gameplay (pretty much every game in Facebook ads). But what's more? Games like Sonic Dash that are complete microtransaction scams. No amount of game currency should cost more than $60, as a FULL RETAIL GAME costs that. But selling $100 bundles of coins for a freemium game should be a crime. They prey on addicts, and that is immoral in every sense. Hell, microtransactions have slipped their way into home console games like GTA and Crash Team Racing. I understand that video games have been $60 since the 1980s, and DLC is a way to counteract rising development costs, but goddamn. I would not mind paying $100 per new video game if all the predatory microtransactions went away! F*** microtransactions. F*** freemium scams. And f*** Capitalism!
    Day 3.
    Random thing I like: Walmart. Wha?! A Communist that likes Walmart? Well yes. There's nothing in Communist theory against buying and selling things. That's a completely uneducated strawman that your grandparents were told. I love Walmart; I just want their workers to own the means of production rather than the owners and investors. Anyway, I love going into Walmart for condoms and cat food and coming out with a new grill equipped with an air fryer and a smoke drawer. It's like a mall without the empty hallways. So many memories at Walmart. It used to be my go-to place for buying video games. It is also where I bought all my Metallica and Ozzy CDs back in the day. I love the entire concept of No-BS one-stop shopping, and Walmart is the most common, so I like it! Also, my local Walmart has a Subway inside, which is awesome.

    Random thing I dislike: Kids. Oof. Don't get it twisted; I LOVE the kids in my family. Even my neighbor's kids learned gaming from me. I'm always the "cool" family member, so the kids tend to gravitate toward me, and I even consciously give extra attention to the 3 to 7ish year olds, as the other adults give more attention to the babies. I still won't babysit, as that's when kids are at their worst. But I digress. Love my kids, but I can't stand YOUR kids. Kids are loud. Kids are annoying. Kids are gross. I worked as a janitor before, and kids are messy. They throw food. They puke. They piss. And the f***ing.... S***! Kids s*** entirely too much. And I always have to clean it up. Beyond that, kids touch everything with their sticky boogery fingers, say s*** that gets adults in trouble, and the world is so tailored to them. McDonald's is completely marketed to kids. Media is censored to be more kid friendly. Kids RUINED YouTube! I remember in 2006 when YouTube was newish and aimed at adults, but then kids got on the site and f***ed EVERYTHING up. Kids are the reason why Slayer isn't on the radio. Kids are the reason why YouTube demonitizes videos. Kids are the reason why sex is suppressed in public. Kids are the reason why Hooters girls are only skimpy and not naked. Kids are the reason why booze and tobacco are taboo. Goddamn! Can't stand those little miniature humans! If it weren't for kids, EVERY city would be Vegas. To hell with kids!
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    Well how would we continue living without kids? The human race needs to reproduce to survive.
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    It's so f***ed how one bad memory can destroy a mood.
    Well, there goes my 24 hour streak of not feeling s***ty.
    The Fountain of Prosperity is nothing but a dream if only the privileged few may drink from it.
    Day 2.
    Random thing I like: Toilet humor. Yup, I'm 25 years old, and I still think farts, burps, wieners, and poop are funny. I even have a personal idiom for when I laugh, as a grown adult, at the sound of flatulence or wiener jokes. I say (usually while giggling), "sorry, I'm 12," whenever I'm in social situations and someone's fart makes me crack a grin that inevitably leads to me horse laughing while failing to contain myself. I can fart by myself and feel nothing, but if anyone's around, my adolescent in-STINKS come in.

    Random thing I dislike: Coffee. Hate it. As a kid, my parents always drank their coffee black, which is the most disgusting way to drink coffee in the first place. But when I was around 16, I had it in my mind that coffee drinking was the "mature, adult" thing to do, so I tried several times to be a coffee person. I tried flavored coffees, iced coffees, etc. The basic idea was to drink so much cream and sugar to make my coffee taste as much NOT like coffee as possible. But by the time I was 18 and a legal adult, I realized that being an adult sucks, and so does coffee. I prefer either real adult drinks like whiskey or something naturally sweet without 55 packets of sugar like Gatorade or Pepsi. I like my coffee like a gay man likes his women; I don't like coffee.
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    I used to hate coffee; then I started drinking it but with loads of sugar and milk. When I came to Japan, they serve it black and only black. Sure, you can get it with milk and sugar but, like at work, it’s always black. It was hard powering through taking coffee black but now is my go-to preference.
    Day 1.
    Random thing I like: Clocks. Especially ornate clocks or funny clocks (like math clocks). I once went to a clock shop in Nashville with my brother to get my father's antique clock repaired. The sound of HUNDREDS of clocks ticking was the most pleasant sound imaginable. They were all set to random times, as the shopkeeper told me that when she had them all set properly, the hourly alerts sounded abysmally loud. But the random occasional ding just added a pleasing timbre to the sound of the ticking. Also, Tick Tock Clock is my second favorite Mario Kart track of all time after Rainbow Road SNES. The Mario 64 level is also top tier.

    Random thing I dislike: Driving. I discovered this IMMEDIATELY after I turned 16. I was so excited to have the freedom and adventure of my first drive, but that quite literally wore down after one day. I was wanting so badly in the past to fly down the interstate, but when I drove from Louisville, Kentucky to Nashville, Tennessee (unrelated to the clock trip), I quickly realized that driving is a f***ing CHORE, especially if you're driving with someone that won't let you blast Heavy Metal at full volume. I was completely drained after that trip. Four hours of sitting on my ass too boring to be exciting, but too active to be relaxing. Too this day, I avoid driving whenever I can.
    So you're one of those people who blasts music at full volume with the window open huh?
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    Yes. And I sing to it as well. Which is probably why I sing so powerfully.
    Random. For the next few days, I'm going to post a random like and dislike on my profile.
    Top 10 Best Metal Records:
    1. Master of Puppets - Metallica
    2. Paranoid - Black Sabbath
    3. Reign in Blood - Slayer
    4. British Steel - Judas Priest
    5. Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden
    6. Antichrist Superstar - Marilyn Manson
    7. Iowa - Slipknot
    8. Rust In Peace - Megadeth
    9. Toxicity - System of a Down
    10. Ace of Spades - Motörhead
    An optimist believes that we live in the best possible world.
    A pessimist fears that that is true.
    What do you call someone who claims that Communism was/is as bad as Nazism?

    A Holocaust denier.
    On the completely off chance that we get a Mario Direct announcing Geno, Paper Mario, AND Waluigi for Smash, I'd actually demand Toad and Toadette as well.
    You have no idea how much I love Mario (and platformers in general)!
    So now the Trump Administration has actually sent unmarked vans to kidnap peaceful protesters to ID and fingerprint them.
    But comparison to the Nazis is hyperbolic. Right?
    All Americans MUST VOTE. Vote the leftmost candidate in EVERY RACE YOU CAN.
    Whether it's a Neoliberal Centrist like Biden or open Socialists, you MUST vote, because a vote for Trump is a vote for death.
    There is NO BOTTOM to the Republican Party's ****hole.
    Champion of Hyrule
    Champion of Hyrule
    If someone’s main priority right now is to declare “Antifa...” ANTI FACIST a terrorist group, we have a serious problem on our hands
    Trump may be issuing the orders, but it is agencies like the CPB and DHS that are not only following blatantly unconstitutional orders, but doing so gleefully. The US Government is structured in a way that divides power and decentralizes authority to allow others to step in if one is doing something iffy and prevent any one person or group from holding too much power. The fact that everyone is either willingly letting this happen or actively helping authoritarianism is a far bigger problem than Donald Trump himself. And the fact that all of these Democrat politicians are going on about how someone needs to do something, evidently not realizing that they are the ones with the power to stop this, is indicative of how a Biden admin is going to go.

    I doubt you are going to see much of a change if Biden is in charge. A change in rhetoric maybe, but this is all business as usual and Biden is already unveiling plans to do things like force kids to go to school in the middle of a pandemic like Trump. The bigger issue is the system on the whole willingly bowing to executive power and abdicating all control and responsibility.
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    S StoicPhantom I'm about to go to bed, but allow me to put a pin in this for later.
    First, my girl ghosts me.
    Then I get fired from my job.
    Now my medicine gets lost in the mail.
    Isn't life wonderful?
    Get heck'd loser.
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    Go heck yourself!
    A sickened mind and spirit.
    The mirror tells me lies.
    Could I mistake myself for someone who lives behind my eyes?
    Will he escape my soul, or will he live in me?
    Is he trying to get out or trying to enter me?

    Voices in the darkness scream away my mental health.
    Can I ask a question to help me save me from myself?
    Enemies fill up these pages.
    Are they me?
    Monday through Sunday in stages.
    Set me free!
    So, anyone wanna hear an oversimplified op-ed by a random self-educated neckbeard on how the fall of the United States can be traced back to Richard Nixon's administration and everything it normalized?
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    Spoiler Alert: Kennedy was pretty bad too, but he wasn't as integral to destroying America as Nixon was.
    Kennedy was a Nationalist. Nixon was a criminal.
    Life hack:
    Wanna wake up early and naturally without all the morning sleepiness dragging you down?
    Drink two 12 ounce bottles of water right before bed. Your bladder will wake you up naturally and peacefully.
    Why am I so excited for Donkey Kong Country on SNES Online? It's not like I haven't been playing it since I've been 3 years old.
    I want a Hi-Def SNES mod, but apparently it's near impossible due to how the SNES works.
    Oh well. At least NES, N64, and GameCube have HD mods.
    Did you ever think I'd get lonely?
    Did you ever think that I needed love?
    Did you ever think to stop thinking?
    You're the only one that I'm thinking of.
    You'll never know how hard I've tried to find my space and satisfy you too.
    Things will be better when I'm dead and gone.
    Don't try to understand knowing you.
    Nationalism, Capitalism, and religion are the great evils of our time.
    These are the tools used to divide and conquer.
    We're living in Saudi America.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    Go back to r/atheism.
    Ben Holt
    Ben Holt
    I haven't used Reddit in years. Lol.
    But yes; I am indeed an Atheist.
    This is a quote from one of my songs. Not sure whether to put it in "Saudi America" or "Mindslave", as it's a...
    Huh. Not sure what that part of a song is called. Not a verse nor a chorus. Not a prechorus, as it doesn't lead into a chorus.
    Maybe a bridge, but it doesn't "feel" like a bridge.
    Tired of b****ing upon deaf ears.
    I don't want to be dead, per se; I just want to clock out from life in an unconscious state until things sort themselves out.
    Good news: I get off for two days after today.
    Bad news: I'm an alcoholic that hates his ****ing life.
    Shadow, get your black feline ass off the goddamned table before I rip off your raptor claw-lookin' ****!
    Government approved mass murder.
    Digging you an early grave.
    Sheep lined up behind the herder.
    Convinced themselves that they are brave.
    Tanks, grenades, and rocket launchers.
    Killing for our corporate sponsors.
    Fight to be victorious.
    All violence is inglorious.
    So send the killers off to war.
    Pro tip:
    When buying vanilla wafers, get the cheapest, most generic no-name brand you can.
    The cheap ones have more air bubbles, and they soak up the milk so nicely.
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