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  • Man, I no joke got a communication error after beating the final boss of Splatoon 3's OFFLINE story mode that made be have to redo the final segment.
    Likely because I turned my switch into airplane mode earlier while playing to conserve battery, and after you beat story mode you go back to the plaza.
    I'm MAD.
    Why does every new Pokemon game trailer use closeups of LODs in the trailer.
    First it was Chingling moving at 3 fps in the legends arceus trailer, and now it's 12 polygon Peliper.

    All that aside, I'm incredibly hyped for Scarlet and Violet.
    Man, Legends Arceus is such a good game. I've only played one of pokemon game before this, that being Sword and Shield, and I can safely say that Legends Arceus is a miracle compared to that game. The new exploration and collection heavy gameplay works almost too well with pokemon and is ridiculously fun, the boss fights, while simple, are incredibly fun, game balance is generally very good, almost all of the new Pokemon and forms are fantastic, alphas are such a simple but incredible inclusion, shiny hunting is actually kinda fun this time, and the story was better than most pokemon games. I really hope this is where the franchise continues to go. While the game is great, so much more can still be done with it.

    My biggest complaint of the game is the poor combat. The combat seems fine until you make it to the last three/four trainer battles, where it's flaws are incredibly prominent. While the combat still works generally well with the fights against wild pokemon, the lack of combat variety and options in the game also has it's affects on the game's general collecting/explorative gameplay, as there isn't typically much to do with a pokemon after you collect it. Thankfully, collecting and finding new pokemon is still incredibly enjoyable despite this.
    There is also the graphics, which are horrible, but the gameplay makes up for it if you can tolerate the graphics. Tbh they actually look fairly decent about half the time.

    I've also have a bit of a problem with shiny hunting, and by that I meant I've spent over 40 hours shiny hunting and I have over two pastures of shinies and I can't stop please help
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    I've been working on a write up on my experience with this game, 50 hours in. Over 5,000 words and still not done x.x Quite a bit to go over.
    Getting new Mario Kart 8 tracks is cool and I hate to be negative, but they all look like Mario Kart Tour ports. Incredibly jarring, especially compared to the rest of the game's assets.
    While I haven't played it myself yet, Mario Party Superstars looks stellar. The amount of polish, little details, and homage to the original mario party games on top of them improving the boards compared to the originals is incredible. Even the online is good somehow. I'm 100% going to be picking it up.
    Glad to see Banjo is on NSO! I'm happy people who don't own an Xbox can play it now, it's an amazing game.

    But for goodness sakes nintendo please use the XBLA version of banjo.
    Man, I hope the Steam deck kills GPU prices. They've been inflated for so long now.
    Just finished Hollow Knight for the first time.
    I really enjoyed it! Exploration, movement, and combat are all very well crafted and has over 30 hours of content that always feels original. It's also nice to see a game so jampacked with hidden lore and little secrets. I'd probably like this game even more if I cared about the lore...
    Though it does have it's sloppy bits which can occasionally bring down the experience.

    While most of the game is fun, some things occasionally felt either dull or frustrating for the wrong reasons.
    Some of the bosses are obnoxious, like Flukemarm, Failed Champion (because of the rng rocks), and Broken Vessel/Lost Kin also because of rng.
    The waterway area under the city of tears is incredibly frustrating to navigate, and some bits feel like mindless enemy spam.
    Some bosses have the nearest checkpoint a mile away (most notably Bee Knight and Flukemarm) and it becomes very tedious retreading the same area over again just for another attempt.
    Exploring everything can become a little tedious due to some areas not being covered well by fast travel.
    The game has an unhealthy obsession with putting spikes/acid slightly off screen with no indication.
    Little too many hard to spot breakable walls for my liking. I developed a habit of smacking every wall I pass by because of it.
    Some of the sound design is a little grading on my sensitive ears. (Seriously, I cannot stand the noises the companion kid guy makes.)
    Collecting the flames is annoying as heck if you do it last like I did.

    I also haven't done all the Pantheons or Radiant bosses yet. I probably won't either, lol. I don't have the patience.
    I did get my revenge on failed champion though. I beat him early game with one sword upgrade and it took me 3 hours. I decided to finish off my playthrough by beating the radiant version of him!

    While I don't think it's a masterpeice, I do think this game was incredibly fun and it makes me want to try other modern metroidvanias.
    I do think I still prefer Super Metroid overall, but Hollow Knight was fantastic!
    Failed Champion becomes a joke when you realize that you can reset his stagger by just hitting his armor once. So basically, you can dream nail him, reset the stagger, and heal to full health for free, then continue on with the fight.

    I'm not going to encourage you to try out the Pantheons, cause that's hell. But imo you should at least challenge Grimm
    And Nightmare King Grimm if you dare
    Probably my favorite boss.

    Glad you had fun, though! Welcome to the Silksong waiting room.
    Probably a very unpopular opinion, but after playing Mario Golf Toadstool Tour and Mario Golf Super Rush back to back, I do enjoy the normal golf in Super Rush more than Toadstool Tour.
    I feel like Toadstool Tour gives you way too much information about your shot. It gives you the exact arc, all information on the terrain of the landing site, etc. Sometimes it feel like it all comes down do the precise timing of the shot bar rather than strategizing.

    Super Rush does take a little while to get a feel for everything, but I think it requires much more strategy and risk compared to Toadstool Tour, which I find a good thing. It still requires a bit of precision, though, but it's much less integral to doing well.
    Though, I will admit the RNG in Super Rush can become a little frustrating and crappy at times.

    On courses, I do think Super Rush's courses are a bit bland, but still pretty well designed.
    Toadstool Tour has well designed courses as well that are a lot more inspired and creative, but also has the occasional few holes which are absolute pieces of crap, mostly in the Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser courses.
    I just got Mario Golf: Super Rush and I'm loving it. Though, it is a bit crap if you're not playing speed golf.
    The general mechanics, hole design, and character stats all seem to be built specifically for speed golf which does make the normal golf a bit broken and kind of crappy if you fully understand the mechanics.
    However, speed golf is an incredible amount of fun. It's enjoyable, fast paced chaos that leaves you no time to think. It's especially great with local multiplayer. Though it's incredibly different from other Mario Golf games and other golf games in general, almost to the extent where it doesn't feel like golf at all.
    I think it's a great game if you like speed golf, but not so much if you're a fan of past Mario Golf games.
    Unfortunate to see lots of other people didn't have as great an experience as I had. :(
    Gotta be honest I don't see why people are complaining that there are no unlockable characters in the new Mario Golf. I get that some people want an incentive rather than just casually playing golf, but I'm just glad to have everything from the get go after spending 15 hours unlocking two characters in Toadstool Tour.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    People complain about free DLC as "finishing the game later" but honestly I love it and see it as not just the modern day equivalent to, but also the replacement of unlockables.
    Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario I prefer a bit of both. I think DLC can be a nice way to elongate a games 'lifespan' after release but it has to be done right, be cost appropriate and not feel like clearly cut content to be packaged and re-sold to the consumer. I do like unlockables but that's more a product of my era where most every game had hidden content you'd unlock (Be it stages, modes, fighters or playable characters in general, 'cheat' effects, etc).

    It feels weird when unlockable content is viewed with such a stigma when it was one of the highlights of gaming when I was growing up. Especially when there wasn't the internet to spoil said hidden content. Long gone are the days of "WHAT IS HAPPENING!?" when "A new challenger approaches" or you go back to the character select and suddenly there's a face that wasn't there before. Was fun as heck.
    I just 100% finished Bug Fables. It's a great RPG, but I still think it falls behind Paper Mario 64. (I haven't played TTYD yet)
    My biggest issues were the difficulty curve, a few of the puzzle sections are a bit iffy in quality, and half the normal enemies aren't too fun to fight against.
    Outside of that it's grand. I also do think it surpasses Paper Mario in actual combat, the boss battles are a ton of fun. You do get quite busted by the end though, so it's not too challenging even in hard mode.
    My Minecraft world has a pretty cool seed with a Mushroom Island that has a Stronghold practically inside of it.
    Though, since the Stronghold is in the ocean biome right beside it, mobs spawn there. And since the two biomes are a mushroom island and ocean... the only place mobs can spawn is inside of the stronghold because the other caves are either in the mushroom island or underwater. So legit each room in there has like 6+ mobs. I also lost all my eyes of ender from a creeper that spawned 10 blocks behind me in a room that I swear I completely lit up.

    Very fun.
    I just spent the last 5 hours on the dumbest pre-calculus problem and the solution was so freaking easy that I can't tell if I should be happy I finished it or mad that I wasted 5 freaking hours on it.

    I think my brain is a pile of sludge now I'm going to bed.
    Nintendo, are we seriously getting 3 Pikmin games in between Pikmin 3 and 4?
    Can you please just announce Pikmin 4 already.
    1. Hey Pikmin

    2. Pikmin 3 Deluxe

    what's the third?
    R O F L
    R O F L
    Today Nintendo announced a AR Pikmin IOS game being developed by the creators of Pokemon GO.
    Not really an actual Pikmin game, but it counts to a degree.
    ah, just heard about that.
    I saw someone unironically call a reference to the Terminator thumbs up a Among Us reference and now I'm sad.

    It makes sense why and it's cool that Among Us has the reference to it in the first place, but I'm still sad.
    Ngl it feels weird that Pikmin 3 Deluxe reviewed worse overall than Pikmin 3 on Wii U because there wasn't too much new deluxe content. I don't think that's how review scores should work considering Pikmin 3 Deluxe is straight up superior to Pikmin 3 on Wii U.
    I'm confused on whether to consider Grunty Industries as a well designed level of Banjo-Tooie or not.
    It seems that half the people who play Banjo-Tooie think it's the greatest level, and it seems that half the people who play think it's the worst level.

    I'm on the boat that thinks it's fantastic, but I'm reluctant to call it well designed simply because there are so many people who hate it even though when you objectively analyze the level it should clearly be the best. Because if half the player Base of Banjo-Tooie hates Grunty Industries, is it really objectively good?

    It's honestly a really good case for showing how subjective game design is.
    I'm really happy that another team is working on the Sinnoh remakes. Means the main development team has a lot more time to work on their next game, which is exactly what needed to happen with Pokemon.
    I just found out the soundtrack for Sea of Thieves was composed by Robin Beanland and is really good. I haven't played the game yet, but I'll definitely be listening to the OST for a while.
    I hope sometime in the future we get a new Mario Baseball game.
    Having any kind of HD Mario Super Sluggers with online play would be awesome.
    I kinda wish they made a Pokemon game with sprites again similar to Octopath Traveler's style. Pokemon sprites have fit the franchise the best over 3D models IMO, even if the 3D models were on par with Pokemon Battle Revolution and Pokemon Stadium with their quality.
    Not going to happen because GameFreak, but it would actually be neat for a Pokemon-like Monster Collector, especially since it takes a lot less resources than models.
    That already exists. It's called the Dragon Quest 5 remake.
    You know, I've never been the biggest Pokemon fan since I've only played the games and watched the anime only up to Gen 4. But it use to be a dream of mine to see more of the open world Pokemon games be 3D like Gale of Darkness. But after seeing that come to fruition, it makes me miss the sprite base Pokemon games and I wish they still made the games in that style. It's true, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it in a way you wasn't expecting.
    I've been looking into getting one of the DS Pokemon games.
    Which one is a good game to start with? I've been thinking about getting Heartgold/Soulsilver to start.
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    R O F L
    R O F L
    Yeah, Gamecube games are incredibly expensive now.
    After beating Paper Mario 64 I wanted to play TTYD until I found out I couldn't get it for cheaper than $120.

    I wish I got more Gamecube games back when I first got my Gamecube, they were a lot cheaper then. I remember getting used Luigi's Mansion and used Mario Sunshine in 2010 for only $10 CAD.

    I'll probably wait until I can find a good $60 or less auction for either HG/SS or BW, depending on which is cheaper.
    Which sucks to hear because Thousand Year Door is the best game in the series and is a great game. I've been wanting to check out Star Fox: Assault and last time I went to the flea market I saw it for $70 bucks. No way I'm paying that much.
    I'd recommend BW.
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