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  • I just reached 500 posts and my post to like ratio is sad, especially because most of my posts are from the Ultimate Social.
    Please give me Pikmin 4, Nintendo.
    I've played Pikmin 2 for 800+ hours.
    Please give me something new to play with....
    Having trouble with Olimar for some reason. Need to practice more with him eventually, right now I'll probs stop using him for a bit and focus on other characters.
    hey nice thread for pikimin support, hopefully the series does get some more representation!!
    Currently playing BotW for my first time. I just unlocked the camera and I'm having way too much freaking fun taking pictures of everything I see.
    The fact that you wrote something in your signature in the first place kind of contradicts what you wrote there. If you really thought they were stupid, you wouldn't have acknowledged it's existence in the first place. :P
    Star Allies update was fun and a little bit challenging, but holy crap was the lore terrible.
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