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  • Sora is alright. His floatiness and relative simplicity compared to the other DLC fighters put me off him a bit. Hollow Bastion, on the other hand, is a great stage - we can finally have a hazards-on competitive stagelist with no compromises from the hazards-off stagelist! Obviously, it's still amazing that Kingdom Hearts content is in this game, and quite bittersweet that this is the last DLC for the game.

    With that, I made a promise three weeks ago that I have to fulfil...

    My Last SmashBoards Post

    I don't remember a lot about first discovering this site. All I know was that it was sometime in 2019 and I lurked for a fair amount of time before creating an account. When in 2019 it was, or what threads I viewed, have escaped me.

    Nevertheless, on the 20th of February, 2020, soon after building my first PC, I created a SmashBoards account and could finally start posting on this site. Over the years, I frequented, above all else, the profile post section, the Forum Games section, the Fire Emblem Heroes thread and the two DLC Speculation threads. I would frequently use this as my primary online social outlet, as my time on Reddit and Discord was usually spent responding to conversations that someone else had already started. I would both see and contribute to the post-Direct and post-Smash announcement hype, as well as whatever in-joke the profile post section started that day.

    Now... I hate to be cynical on my goodbye post, but this site isn't all that special to me. I learned soon after joining that this is no longer the hub of the Smash community that it once was. Twitter and Discord took that title long ago, while this site has mostly become its own community of Smash speculators and random jokesters. Don't get me wrong, it's a very nice community, for the most part.

    In addition, my interests changed over the months: I had progressively less fun playing whatever forum games were active; I quit Fire Emblem Heroes due to frustrations with the game; I grew tired of Smash DLC speculation (I also joined during its lowest point); I burnt out on playing Smash; and, of course, Smash DLC ended. Meanwhile, I finally pursued one of my dream hobbies of creating a YouTube channel, and created a Twitter account - both of which have done a lot of what this site did for me, only with a much larger install base, and I anticipate will become a massive part of my identity in the future.

    I'm trying to say that, at this rate, I would've gradually grown bored of SmashBoards and left quietly anyway, regardless of some post I put up last month. Instead of saying 'see you tomorrow' and never seeing all of you again, I decided to give a more formal goodbye.

    From today, I will leave this site. I will randomize my account's password, delete the automatically saved record of it and sign out so I cannot access it.

    If you wish to follow me in the future, my four main platforms are:
    Finally, and most importantly, thank you to all the wonderful people on this site who have given me much joy. You are what keeps forums up in the age of social media. I wish you very well on your future endeavours, and may you have great times ahead of you.

    After 1 year, 7 months and 29 days... the time has come for me to move on.

    Signing out.
    My opinions on Sora (and Smash Ultimate ending, again):

    Once the final DLC fighter for Smash Ultimate has released, I will be leaving SmashBoards.

    I know this may come as a sudden surprise to many of you, and I am aware of any concerns you may have.

    I feel as though I have grown out of this place, and am no longer the Smash fan that this site was made for. I do not talk about Smash a lot nowadays, nor am I the type to properly socialise with others on the Internet. Furthermore, with the debut of my YouTube channel, I feel as though I should use more mainstream services like that and Twitter as my main outlet, so my audience can easily find me. With content for Smash Ultimate coming to a close, and GCSEs approaching next May, I feel now is the time to move on to the next chapter of my life.

    If you still wish to follow me, as mentioned previously, I have my YouTube channel and Twitter page, but you may also find me around various subreddits or Discord servers.

    Thank you to everyone who has been friendly to me in my year and a half on SmashBoards. I hope you all have great times ahead of you.
    Decided to write my thoughts on the recent Direct as a Twitter thread this time:
    It's finally happened: Powdered Toast Man is no longer on the front page of SmashBoards.
    Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl looks surprisingly great. When the rumours first appeared, I was sceptical that this would be a return to the 'Smash clones' of the early 2010s (mainly because of Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL), but this seems to be a properly made platform fighter from the Slap City developers, with both the casual and competitive appeal that many love Smash for. I find it hilarious that the Nickelodeon platform fighter has features like rollback netcode and simultaneous releases on every major platform that big, staple fighting games like Smash, Street Fighter and Tekken have been wishing for for a decade, as well as players migrating to Nick as a result.

    Currently, my only concern is that the Switch version won't have rollback, since a dev said only 'supported platforms' have it and the Switch is notably underpowered (I know this contradicts what I said a few days ago about the Switch not needing to compete with the PS5 and Xbox Series S|X). I believe that both Dan Fornace said he wanted to add rollback to the Switch version of Rivals of Aether but it was too much for the Switch's hardware, and even Masahiro Sakurai said he planned to add rollback to Smash Ultimate but every attempted implementation had adverse side effects. Given these instances, it's safe to assume Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl on Switch unfortunately won't have rollback (and by extension, if the other platforms have it, crossplay), which is a shame because that version would otherwise be the standard among Smash players. Let's hope enough Smash players own powerful enough PCs.

    Other than that, despite not being attached to Nickelodeon, I might buy this game if its price on sale is reasonable and, more importantly, if it is good, but I probably won't give up good old Smash for it.
    As expected, the Switch Pro rumours are continuing even after the OLED Model's announcement.

    Honestly, I don't get the notion that Nintendo needs a more powerful Switch to be able to compete with the PS5 and Xbox Series S|X. The regular Switch wasn't able to directly compete with its competitors at the time, and an upgraded Switch will probably still be unable to compete with its new competitors. The Wii wasn't able to directly compete with the PS3 or Xbox 360, but it was more successful regardless because it offered unique benefits instead, and I think the same of the Switch.

    That said, Nintendo sold 6 3DS models, including the New 3DS and New 3DS XL 4 years after the regular 3DS. If the Switch OLED Model is the equivalent of the 3DS XL, then there might be a New 3DS equivalent in a year or two. This also means we'll get a Nintendo Switch Pro Lite OLED Model 2 months after Nintendo's next console launches.
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    I don't think Nintendo directly competes with Sony and Microsoft anymore and the Switch's portability fills its own niche.

    I think the problem is that the Switch Pro is competing with the original Switch and doesn't offer enough to pay the current asking price on what is largely older technology. A discounted original Switch would be a better deal from a price/performance perspective than the Switch Pro who's only real defining feature is an OLED screen.

    A slimmer, lighter, and more efficient, but cheaper product like the DS Lite or PS3 Slim would have been the better way to go if Nintendo didn't want a full refresh like the PS4 Pro.
    :ultkazuya: is still cool. He strikes me as the new 'Mr. Potential' after :ultshulk: became top tier even without his niche tech. He can be pretty scary with his many intangible or armoured moves making him hard to challenge at times, as well as his wavedash giving him lots of moves to mix up with on approach. However, he's so unorthodox with his unique mechanics that I believe many high-level players will skip on him in favour of someone easier and 'more consistent' to them. He also loses to swords and is a ground-based fighter in a game where most characters' best moves are aerials.

    Time to move on to the next fighter lol
    It's probably going to be the SMTV protagonist
    Does he even have an official name other than 'Protag'

    Well in my opinion it's either him, Demifiend or Octoling
    New rule idea: moves have to be notated on this site using the GameCube controller smilies. Jab would be :GCN::GCA:, up special would be :GCU::GCB:, :ultkazuya:'s Electric Wind God Fist would be :GCR::GCD::GCDR:+:GCA:, etc.

    Edit: Added a missing :GCN:.
    Slime Master
    Slime Master
    It'd be hard to distinguish between tilts and smash attacks with that notation. I agree that we need to do something different for Kazuya though; there's no way I'm memorizing the names of all those moves. Numpad notation might work, but it'd still need some tweaking.
    In case you couldn't tell, my idea was a joke. If we're going through with the joke, the way I'd distinguish a smash input from a regular input is with a + sign, like I used in the EWGF notation. Side tilt would be :GCR::GCA: while side smash would be :GCR:+:GCA:. I'd also use a j. to denote being airborne (such as j.:GCN::GCA: for neutral air).

    I imagine :ultkazuya: players will abbreviate move names such as EWGF or Electric (Electric Wind God Fist) and FPC (Flash Punch Combo). They may borrow from Tekken players' own notation, which involves directional descriptors like u (up) and df (down-forward), stance descriptors like CD (crouch dash) and WS (while standing, aka the transition from crouching to standing), as well as some abbreviations for commonly used moves like I mentioned before. Meanwhile, SmashWiki is currently using typical Smash-style move descriptors but with unique ones specific to :ultkazuya: such as up-forward tilt (Roundhouse to Triple Spin Kicks), crouch attack (Crouch Jab) and double dash attack (Left Splits Kick). Heck, if you think about it, numpad notation could work for Smash - at least it would be better than whatever notation Smash has.

    I can't say I agree with any of these yet, but I reckon a variation of Tekken-style notation would be best.
    :ultkazuya: looks great; most of us were wrong about him having punches and kicks bound to :GCA: and :GCB: respectively since he has regular specials, but thankfully his normals keep the ridiculous inputs Tekken is known for. He seems to be designed like a superheavy grappler - sluggish movement and slow attacks in exchange for big weight, high damage and armour - but better, having many combos, a decent projectile and a low-profile approach tool. He might be the first high tier of this archetype since arguably :dedede: in Brawl or... :ultbowser: in Ultimate. Rage thankfully doesn't seem too powerful as a comeback mechanic, but we'll see.

    Those :ultmiifighters: Costume disconfirmations were relentless as well. However, I wouldn't personally apologise to Lloyd, Dragonborn, Dante or Shantae supporters, because those characters likely wouldn't have been added regardless of having a costume - they are treated as consolation prizes in many cases. I've seen people say :ultincineroar: is their least favourite Ultimate newcomer because he proved the Grinch Leak was fake, as if removing him would automatically add Isaac, Shadow, Mach Rider, Chorus Kids and Geno to the playable roster. It wouldn't; Nintendo would still need to manually add them, and they may simply not be willing to do that. The same applies here.

    All in all, good presentation.
    Yeah, Nintendo won E3 again without needing to do much.
    • Not gonna lie, the Direct starting with a talk from Shinya Takahashi and Yoshiaki Koizumi worried me slightly, because most Directs go straight into the first announcement, and I worried this might be filler. It wasn't too bad.
    • For the first time in a long while, I went into the Smash reveal with no clue or care about who the fighter would be. Kazuya goes straight into my 'nice' tier among half of the other Smash DLC, and certainly looks like he carries the spirit of Tekken (if I played it for more than an hour) into Smash. Also as far as I'm aware Devil Kazuya was Story Mode-exclusive and might just be another needless comeback mechanic. Also the people who thought Terry was too complex will wet themselves at the sight of his movelist. Also both his shirtless and suit alts look great. Also crouch dash.
    • I'm not interested in Super Monkey Ball, but Banana Mania having a jump button from the looks of it defeats a lot of the purpose of Monkey Ball. You could just not use it, but I hope it's an option given that this is meant to be a revival of the first two (three if you count Deluxe separately) games.
    • Mario Party Superstars totally didn't steal the title from Mario Sports Superstars. It also didn't need to exist - it's an improvement from The Top 100, but only the slightest improvement, and it has only 5 boards.
    • Metroid Dream looks awesome, and I didn't expect a new 2D Metroid despite the rumours floating around. It has been confirmed to be a reimagining of the cancelled DS game of the same name.
    • Technically Metroid Prime 4 was mentioned.
    • Monster Hunter Stories 2 being present at Nintendo's presentation further highlighted how useless Capcom's own presentation was. I still can't believe I watched that live.
    • Similar to the jump button in Banana Mania, standardised controls across microgames in WarioWare: Get It Together! may defeat a large part of WarioWare's gameplay, but I still think Nintendo can pull through and diversify it enough. It's not full price either.
    • ScottFalco's Direct skit quite accurately predicted the Shin Megami Tensei V segment. People who are interested will already know this stuff and people who aren't might not want to know, so there's not much point in telling everyone this.
    • Nintendo brought back one of their dormant franchises!? If Advance Wars 1+2 can get a combined HD remake and hopefully sell well, I really hope this shows Nintendo that there is demand for their legacy series, and F-Zero or Golden Sun can get the same treatment soon.
    • Like the intro, the 'one last thing' starting with Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity DLC worried me, but I still had hope that Breath of the Wild 2 could be shown afterwards. In fact, Zelda had its own segment, featuring...
    • A repurposed Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch featuring two of the worst mainline Zelda games and the worst version of Link's Awakening. I can't even check if it'll be a limited-time release because its store page isn't open yet.
    • However, they still delivered on my hope with a trailer for the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (working title), which is still its official title for now. I can't say too much because they didn't show too much - this trailer seems to be signalling that we'll still get more info possibly later this year.
    • I still fear Vergeben might be right about [possbile next Smash fighter] Master Chief, since he predicted MercurySteam working on another 2D Metroid. However, this time his info feels too much like him piggybacking off of other insiders and rumours for me to fully trust it.
    • I got at least 5 squares on my bingo card - 6 if you count the Zelda Game & Watch as a new port. I didn't get a full line, though.

    Edit: Forgot a couple of things:
    • Am I the only one who feels it's kind of cheap for a short trailer for BotW2 to be the 'one last thing' again? This and the Splatoon 3 reveal might as well have switched places.
    • Regarding the lack of a CP11 reveal, the amount of people saying 'the next few months will be full of 'Smash ends on a low note'' may seem annoying now, but wait until people actually start saying 'Smash ends on a low note'. It'll be much worse. I'm glad I gave up on speculation in February.
    • On the bright side, the platformer mascot vs. JRPG protagonist arguments ended in the best way possible: with a fighting game character. We should all find that hilarious.
    With 2 days left until the Nintendo Direct E3 2021, I completed my bingo card for it today:
    Some things I'd like to note about it:
    • The template comes from ABSahilGagrai on DeviantArt.
    • Each prediction was placed randomly via use of Google's random number generator.
    • Control freaks, I'm sorry if alignments are off. I judged everything by eye.
    • Not all of the predictions on this card are my actual predictions. I've learned to hype responsibly.
    • This list mostly focuses on new announcements, which is why I refrained from adding showcases of recently announced titles like Splatoon 3, Pokémon BDSP or Mario + Rabbids 2, as well as being obvious and anticlimactic.
    • Similarly, I avoided 'one last thing' and 'mad fans' because they happen every Direct. I would've put one of them in the free space had Smash not been shown at every general Direct since its teaser.
    • I didn't add many third-party announcements because most of the big studios have their own presentations around this time, so I stuck to ones that don't and would be likely to show up at a Nintendo Direct (plus I'm not that familiar with many).
    • I might do a bingo card for every Nintendo Direct from now on, but if I don't have enough ideas to put on one, I'll likely skip it. Thankfully E3 has given me lots of ideas.
    • In case it wasn't obvious enough, 'Microsoft is buying Nintendo' will be a running joke across my bingo cards.
    Edit: Dammit, I forgot ARMS 2.
    Not excusing Nintendo for Joy-Con drift - this is a massive, serious issue that has affected me - but buying another pair of Joy-Con is the absolute worst thing you can do when your current pair start drifting, yet tons of people do this. I swear I've seen more people sink hundreds of pounds into replacement Joy-Con rather than simply buy a Pro Controller like I did.
    Pro Controllers also drift eventually sadly...
    I'd say yeah, getting a new pro is the best way to go unless you're super big on multiplayer. I've had mine since day one of Ultimate and only now has it started to drift.
    I mean, I wanna keep playing in handheld, sooo...
    There was a problem fetching the tweet
    People in the replies are saying this is likely either Square Enix or Nintendo.

    Reminder that if any company you are interested in has had a presentation leak like this, try to filter out any discussion of it from your social media feeds, or even take a break from the Internet, until the presentation officially airs. That's what I might do if this leak is for Nintendo's E3 Direct.
    Are the Steam Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Classics versions of Sonic 1, 2 and 3&K any good? The Golden Week sale is on this week and I might use this opportunity to finally play some Sonc for once in my life.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    The Steam ports aren't that good, just basic emulation with basic features and a lousy "immersive" menu... however, you should still jump at the chance, those are 3 of the greatest 2D platformers ever coded and they still function perfectly.
    I'd say get the Steam ports for now. You could get the mobile versions of S1 and 2 running on PC natively, and Angel Island Revisited is the best way to experience 3&K, but I think starting with the Steam versions will help you appreciate the better versions later on.
    Another Smash-related realisation I made today: you know the people who complain about Smash having too many humanoid, semi-realistic 'Popular McJRPGGuys' and wanting more wacky, typically animal 'Scrimblo Bimblos' instead? Don't get me wrong, that's a perfectly fine opinion to have as long as you're not obnoxious about it.
    I just want to point out a pattern I've noticed, that generally the Scrimblo Bimblos generate more short-term hype when they're revealed but have fewer players and, in some cases, more complaints directed towards them after they're released; meanwhile, the Popular McJRPGGuys generate less hype from their reveals but have much larger long-term engagement, with more of the general Smash audience playing as and growing attached to them than even the Scrimblo Bimblos.
    I'm not exactly sure why this is the case - perhaps humanoid characters are more natural fits for a fighting game - but I've noticed it happen a considerable amount ever since Ultimate's base game:
    Will not include Echo Fighters
    • :ultinkling::ultinklingboy:: Can't exactly fit into either group, but most of their players are Splatoon series loyalists
    • :ultridley:: Scrimblo Bimblo
    • :ultsimon:: Can fit into both; had lots of hype pre-release and still sees a decent amount of use good on you Simon
    • :ultkrool:: Scrimblo Bimblo who still has lots of players
    • :ultisabelle:: Scrimblo Bimblo who didn't have that much pre-release hype
    • :ultincineroar:: Scrimblo Bimblo
    • :ultpiranha:: Scrimblo Bimblo
    • :ultjoker:: PopularMcJRPGGuy
    • :ulthero::ulthero3::ulthero4::ulthero2:: PopularMcJRPGGuys who were leaked beforehand
    • :ultbanjokazooie:: Scrimblo Bimblos
    • :ult_terry:: PopularMcJRPGGuy to an extent who was leaked beforehand
    • :ultbyleth::ultbylethf:: PopularMcJRPGGuys
    • :ultminmin: Can't exactly fit into either group in a similar vein to :ultinkling::ultinklingboy:, but was never received very well
    • :ultsteve::ultalex::ultzombie::ultenderman:: Enigmas who broke the internet beyond the Smash community
    • :ultsephiroth:: PopularMcJRPGGuy who had lots of pre-release hype and almost changed people's minds about PopularMcJRPGGuys
    • :ultpyra::ultmythra:: PopularMcJRPGGals who made many people revert to their old beliefs on PopularMcJRPGGuys
    From the looks of it, not only is the ratio of PopularMcJRPGGuys to Scrimblo Bimblos more or less equal, but the former are seeing more general success than the latter. Thus, by adding lots of the former, Nintendo are kind of doing their jobs.
    It occurred to me today that when the fighters in Fighters Pass vol. 1 were released, most of the low to mid level Ultimate playerbase instantly overrated them, calling them 'broken' and 'top tier', when, apart from :ultjoker:, they really weren't. Then, seemingly learning from their mistakes, they stopped this with the Fighters Pass vol. 2 DLC... only to end up underrating them as they're all high tier or above. Even I'm guilty of this.
    :ultminmin has great zoning and some of the best edgeguarding, ledgetrapping and techchasing in the game, and despite her unorthodox playstyle a few notable top players have picked her up. :ultsteve: can apply pressure like no other character, perform 0-to-death combos and ledge plank indefinitely for good measure. :ultsephiroth: is like a diet :ultminmin that's easier for new players to pick up, and some top players have picked him up as well. :ultpyra::ultmythra: especially feel like the second coming of :4cloud:: they do virtually everything and are really easy to play, meaning new players can do well with them and lots of top players might pocket them in the future.
    I'm not saying these characters are all broken or that I dislike them - after all, I main :ultsteve: and am considering picking up :ultminmin and :ultpyra::ultmythra:... Really, I'm not trying to make much of a point at all; I just found this funny to think about.
    There is definitely a 'power creep' to pass 2 compared to pass 1. Though I felt like Min Min was slept on for waaaay too long. It was her wonky play style that took people a long time to warm up too and figure out. But back during her initial release months it was all 'recovery is trash. Trash character'. XD
    From what I've observed, Nintendo of Japan and America are currently the only regional subsidiaries of Nintendo to drop any announcement for Pac-Man 99. Coupled with the American trailer stating 'Not available in all countries' in small text near the beginning, I'm lead to believe Pac-Man 99 will not be available outside Japan and North America.

    Do I really need to go on another rant about how dumb region locking is? At least if you have a family Switch Online subscription you can just create an American or Japanese Nintendo account and link that to your family.

    Edit: Nintendo UK just announced it.
    Black Shadow is a character in the F-Zero series and will only ever appear as:
    • A trophy in Brawl
    • A sticker in Brawl
    • A trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
    • A spirit in Ultimate



    Pain parades through my soul and sets my every blood vessel afroth with rage, and there's a very good reason for it. I just saw another person - yes, yet ANOTHER person - come to the positively infallible conclusion that... since Ganondorf is still kind of a clone of Captain Falcon... they should just make Black Shadow be the Captain Falcon clone and give Ganondorf his canon abilities! Clearly this solution would make every single person in the universe happy and then we can oh my god shut up sHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP

    There is an obsession with this guy that I absolutely do not understand. Actually, that's not entirely fair to say - in fact I think I've managed to ascertain the root cause. It's from people who have never actually played F-Zero in their entire lives, which - and let me be clear about this - is not something to be ashamed of. Emulation is pretty much your only option if you're not a collector because... yeah, may F-Zero rest in peace. It can be easy to assume that, since Black Shadow is painted as the main antagonist of the series, he would have an impressive repertoire of cool villainous deeds. After all when you're in a position like him you chiefly get brought up in discussion as The Villain™ and that carries a certain weight to it which makes you think he might be cool.

    (john mulaney voice) But here's the thing.

    I have played every F-Zero game and I can tell you up front that you're only scratching the surface - of a piece of paper. You're preparing for a huge leap down the rabbit hole only to end up stepping off the sidewalk and into the grass. You're only seeing the tip of a tip-sized iceberg. If you take a cursory glance at Black Shadow, you know everything about him. If you look up "afterthought" in the dictionary, you won't find him because the dictionary people forgot he existed. Black Shadow isn't just creatively bankrupt, he's in crippling creative debt. Black Shadow is about as nuanced as graph paper - as flavorful as an oatmeal-on-white bread sandwich. Black Shadow is what you'd see when you boot up an Evil Cartoon Bad Guy Dress-Up flash game, BEFORE you've added any clothing. Black Shadow's backstory is one sentence long. Black Shadow is less developed than most Scooby Doo villains.

    Not dissimilar to the likes of Daisy and all the babies in Mario Kart (why are there so many babies in Mario Kart), Black Shadow's sole purpose - the only reason he's even a thing - is to fill a slot. They were making F-Zero X, realized "ah man we don't have an insufferably generic villain," and whipped up Bootleg Duck Dynasty Bull Batman (B.D.D.B.B.) in 41 seconds while they were waiting on a frozen burrito to be done in the microwave. The only game in which Black Shadow has had an actual story appearance and not just been a profile picture with a blurb in the manual is F-Zero GX, and in it he is a ridiculous moron who dances in front of fake CGI explosions and spends the whole 15-minute story mode getting his face handed to him on a paper plate by Deathborn, who is the actual villain. He might have been threatening in the anime if the anime wasn't so weird and dumb. And if we're talking about Smash, we're not about to reference anime Black Shadow anyway, so it's a moot point.

    So why is he even in the DISCUSSION of new Smash characters. Why do people looking for old video game series to rally behind keep specifically settling on Black Shadow as if that'll be the interesting surge of energy that will get F-Zero back on its feet? Is it because of that stupid Ganondorf idea that everyone thinks they're a genius for thinking of? If it bothers you so much that there's a clone of Captain Falcon, why do you want to instantly unfix the issue by adding this guy to compensate for the loss of Falcondorf??? You know how you ACTUALLY compensate for the loss of Falcondorf? You just make Canondorf's gameplan and attributes similar so you win Zelda fans without losing Ganondorf mains. Boom. There is now no need for Black Shadow to be remembered by the human race and we can erase him from the history books without losing anything of value.

    You really want a new F-Zero character? How about literally any of them. There are SO MANY F-Zero characters to choose from and almost every single one of them is more interesting than this misshapen wad of charcoal. Put Mr. EAD in the game and make him a killer robot armory. Put The Skull in the game and make him a dark bone wizard. Put Samurai Goroh in the game and make him a techno pirate knight. Put Bio Rex in the game, he's literally a cyborg dinosaur and that is AWESOME. Put Pico in the game and give him a sniper rifle. Put Spade in the game and make him a black hole playing card thrower. Put Octoman in the game, I don't even care. He's cool.


    I'm gonna say it.

    I can't believe it but I am actually genuinely going to say this.

    Digi-Boy would be a better character than Black Shadow. He has a computer monitor and he can digi-hack your mind. That is a defining trait, and defining traits are a commodity entirely foreign to the Black Shadow household. Black Shadow is just. JUST. An evil guy. His evil laugh sounds like this. This dude's a farce.

    I am literally begging you. BEGGING you. To stop asking for this guy to be in Smash. You have no idea how bad it would be.
    It was Black Shadow's page on SmashWiki during April Fools Day. I thought it sounded like a copypasta.
    Internal Frickface
    Internal Frickface
    i aint reading all of that

    happy for u tho

    or sorry that happened
    annnnd....that's why people would rather he just be a clone of falcon and give ganondorf an original, canon moveset.

    It's because black shadow is shallow, with virtually no personality, or interesting traits. make HIM the hard hitting falcon clone so you free up ganondorf to have something original, while allowing those who enjoy ganon's old moveset to have it.

    People aren't wanting him cuz he's unique. Everyone knows he had no effort put into his lore or character in the home game, that's why he's perfect for a copy/paste of ganons old moves, Strictly so that ganondorf can get something better.
    We almost went 12 hours without a new profile post.
    I do wonder what percentage of this site lives in each general time zone, for example if a large portion of the site lived in the same or similar time zones, this would probably happen more often as people would all sleep around the same time.
    I think a lot of this site lives in America because, where I live in the UK, there is a lot of inactivity in the morning and early afternoon.
    LAA9000 LAA9000 well, SmashBoards was founded by Americans so... Yeah.
    After playing as Pyra/Mythra for about an hour, yeah Mythra seems way better viability-wise than Pyra. Doesn't stop me from preferring to play as Pyra.

    More importantly for me, I just noticed the family TV that my Switch dock is hooked up to seems to have a ton of input lag, even in Game Mode. I said to my parents that it wasn't too much of a dealbreaker, but it honestly is. It's enough to make me not enjoy Ultimate, and that's really sad since I've wanted to return to it for the past few weeks.
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    Mythra is for sure the damage dealer but in the 8 hour session I played against the character with various peeps from my local scene she really struggles at times to finish people off. They feel very much like Pokémon Trainer without Ivysaur. Mythra being Squirtle to combo/rack up damage like no one's business and Zard to finish things off.
    Not too much to say about the Mr. Sakurai Presents this time.
    • Damn, Mythra is fast as hecc. Hopefully Pyra will see decent use in top-level play when this is her alternative.
    • 'More specials! I'll spam them if I have to.' seems to me like the Sakurai meme of this presentation.
    • No X or even Future Connected music makes me sad.
    • As expected, they spoiled Pneuma. They did this, but called the Terrako Spirit 'Diminutive Guardian'?
    • The Hunter Equipment is actually different from the Hunter's Mail in Smash 4. Doubt this means the Hunter is coming as a fighter, because if they were, they'd ideally have saved all the Monster Hunter costumes for them (not to mention anyone can make a list and post it onto 4chan).
    • The Lloyd Outfit not returning in this pack is also fishy to me. Maybe it will return in a future pack. Maybe Bandai Namco decided not to bring it back at all just to troll us. Who knows?
    • Anyway, who's up to break into Sakurai's figurine drawer to see who the next two DLC fighters really are?
    will there ever be anything more timelessly funnier on the internet than seeing some joyless idiot calling all smash players pedophiles internet toughguy style and then checking their profile and they're just, completely openly and shamelessly addicted to fire emblem
    please tell me you're not implying that all fire emblem fans are pedos
    Hell no. I hate generalising massive groups of people over minute things like this as much as the next guy.

    This was a joke based on a coincidental observation I made, that lots of the 'all Smash players are pedophiles' jokes I see nowadays happen to come from Fire Emblem fans. The two have no correlation, and I'm not generalising Fire Emblem fans, nor am I saying they all make these kind of jokes. Admittedly, the joke worked better in my head.

    In reality, I judge you based on whether you make these jokes yourselves, rather than if you associate with others who might. Which, thankfully, isn't the case with anyone on this site.

    Edit: Clearer wording
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