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  • I've seen at least 10 CallMeCarson 'but if you close your eyes' memes in my YouTube recommended over the past two days, despite the fact that I haven't watched a single video about his situation. Safe to say, I'm beginning to really dislike modern Internet culture.
    Unlocked and tried out :ultsephiroth: today. Here are some random observations and opinions I made of him and his Challenger Pack:
    • The character himself was a very unexpected out-of-left-field pick that really caught me and many others off guard, even when we've taught ourselves to expect anything. I commend Nintendo and Sakurai's team for still finding ways to surprise us after all these years.
    • Sephiroth Challenge was so easy it doesn't feel like a special event, and only makes me question why they didn't simply release the full Challenger Pack early. At least they have the Final Fantasy VII menu sound effects.
    • He is the most exaggerated example of a zoner with really slow frame data, to the point that I don't really like playing as him much because I don't like this archetype. Forward air and back air are really hard to land because of their slow frame data making them near-unusable in a short hop (not to mention their hitboxes are quite small vertically), which really hurts him in a game where forward and back aerials are usually a character's most used moves.
    • That said, I like his neutral air. It can combo into itself and into other aerials, it's a pretty good get off me tool, and it's a fast, spammable move on a character who has none otherwise. It may go against his zoner archetype, but zoners being completely helpless up close is not fun in my opinion.
    • Neutral special feels too slow to be a viable zoning tool, even uncharged Flare. I could see it have a niche use in some edgeguards or ledgetraps, but people will probably just use Gigaflare as a shieldbreak punish like PK Flash.
    • Side special, however, is better. Not only is it a faster projectile, it rewards good timing with more pressure options and massive punishes (even zero-to-deaths) if you can pull off the combos with the right timing. It's a very high skill ceiling move that helps deepen an otherwise bland character.
    • His Final Smash isn't the full 2 minute long Supernova animation. Boycott all future DLC.
    • Another winning matchup for :ultpikachu: lol
    • I really wish Northern Cave is legal, but the background could be a legitimate concern - I felt slight motion sickness when it was shown in the Mr. Sakurai Presents stream, but I didn't notice it when playing on it myself (granted, my Switch was in Tabletop mode). If it isn't a concern, then knowing the competitive scene they'll find some other dumb excuse to ban it, like 'the music will get us copyright claimed' or 'it's too similar to Kalos Pokémon League'. I just like its layout, aesthetic and music selection, and can do without the second or third Pokémon stage.
    • I stand by the popular opinion that One-Winged Angel is one of the best compositions for a video game soundtrack, and a contender for the best final boss theme in video game history.
    • He does have a Spirit Board, but for some reason it wasn't shown in the Mr. Sakurai Presents. That worried me as I though he wouldn't have one, and now it's left me confused. It'll come out with version 10.1.0 on December 22nd/23rd depending on your time zone.
    • I was very worried during the Mr. Sakurai Presents that the Challenger Pack was going to launch on Christmas Day. I don't like it when companies release things on Christmas Day because we already have so much going on and we just want to be happy with our loved ones for a day.
    Overall, I'm liking this Challenger Pack the same way I liked all others. I've lost interest in Smash ever since Min Min's release, and now I may have been converted over to traditional 2D fighters, but I still take trips back to appreciate new content. Maybe that long-overdue Switch Online subscription renewal is what'll get me back into it.

    Edit: rip Geno as well
    Oh, of course :ultsephiroth: gets his icon within 48 hours of his reveal but :ultsteve: had to wait almost two months for his, all while Alex, Zombie and Enderman still don't have theirs.
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    I don't know why that works.
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    All the Steve icons as well as every other alt icon for any non-palette swap alt icon for the cast is available but hasn’t been uploaded to the smiley database. This takes a lot of time to do and it’s relatively low on the list of priorities in regards to administrative duties and issues.


    Edit: For context, I live in the UK, where The Game Awards start at 11:30pm.
    As for who I think this next fighter will be, I'm gonna go out on a whim and say my gut feeling is Heavy. I simply think there's no better time to make such an announcement; you see a shot of the TF2 mercenaries at a dedicated Nintendo event, you know exactly what it is right from the start, but you see that shot at a non-Nintendo event and it could easily be mistaken for, say, a Heavy Update trailer.
    I understand that's my gut feeling, though, and my brain acknowledges that could easily end up wrong. I'm not going to make any other 'safe' predictions on who it could be, but I will say it's almost definitely not Jonesy and that Smash fans are simply overreacting to him. I'll try to be excited regardless of who it ends up being.
    Today, I've decided to make a very unnecessary and poor decision:

    I'm already going to start saving up to pre-order Nintendo's next home console after the Switch.

    I don't care that it's still years off from even being revealed. I don't care that almost every console launch this millenium has gone wrong in some way. I just want to be able to experience at least once in my life what it's like to own a console on day 1, since I remember how magical the Switch's launch felt even though I knew I wasn't getting one for a long time, and I'm going to need quite a lot of money to get it and some of the launch window titles. Bonus points if this new console is backwards-compatible with the Switch, meaning I can transfer my save data then sell the Switch for another new game or two.
    I'm definitely maining Steve from now on. He was my most wanted character for Smash, he comes from probably my favourite game all things considered, he doesn't look to be broken like all the clickbait YouTube videos would lead you to believe and his moveset perfectly fits my playstyle of 'do whatever the heck I want'. Sorry :ultpalutena:, you weren't that important or interesting to begin with.

    Minecraft Steve is now in an official Smash game. I am so glad I'm not making that sentence up.

    Minceraft is one of my favourite games of all time. It was a huge part of my generation's childhood. Steve and Alex (and Zombie and Enderman) getting into gaming's biggest crossover - and one of gaming's largest triumphs - is a landmark moment in Smash history for many. He is to younger Smash fans what Banjo and Kazooie are to older Smash fans. Safe to say, this was worth the 3 month wait from Min Min's release.
    At long last, the next Smash fighter is being announced tomorrow at 3pm BST (7am PT, 10am ET and 12am ACT). Unlike most other Smash presentations, this is not a Mr Sakurai Presents, but rather just the trailer followed by a short message from Sakurai. The combination of its time and length means I'll conveniently miss the livestream in my five minute long walk home from school. Isn't that great? At least they aren't shadowdropping the trailer like I feared they would.

    As for who it'll be, my bets are on... another mediocre recent first party character. Over the last three months, I've cared about Smash drastically less, from being burned out from playing Ultimate too much to sitting through the long DLC drought of the last three months. I've never typically cared about who DLC fighters are, just that they're fun and bring fresh, diverse ideas to the table. However, I've become more critical of the last two fighters: Byleth is of course another Fire Emblem character and plays a very typical game of walling with spaced aerials, and Min Min is a character from a recent first party series not many people care about anymore, whose very unique moveset ironically discourages diverse playstyles and promotes the same flowchart-like game plan of camping in the corner. I'm hoping these criticisms are something that this next fighter can fix.

    P.S. Not related to Smash, but remember when Nintendo said they'd be taking Jump Rope Challenge off the eShop? They announced today that they aren't after all. As much hope as this gives Super Mario 3D All-Stars, and as much as I want the latter to be available forever, why lie about such a thing in the first place? Are you going to benefit that much from intimidating your users into downloading your free-to-play game by pretending it'll be removed from your store in two weeks?
    Nintendo has funnily managed to be consistently inconsistent with how they present Partner Showcases. First they announce it prior then release it as a standard YouTube video, then they shadowdrop it as a standard video, and now they announce it prior and livestream it. Is the next one going to be livestreamed with no notification of any kind? Are they going to start hijacking TV signals to broadcast them?
    ...Given Nintendo in 2020, that last one probably doesn't sound too ridiculous now.
    Today officially marks a full year since the last full general Nintendo Direct. I still find it hard to believe that we've gone so long without one, and that Nintendo even skipped the E3 season. If I had to guess what happened to their planned E3 2020 announcements, I'd go with the popular belief that it was split up into various shadowdrops, Partner Showcases and Sakurai Presents...s, as well as the recent Mario Direct. I was dead-centred on believing we'd get one by today, but now that we've gone a year without one, I guess anything is possible. I now predict we won't get one until January. Not that I really care too much anymore; I have better things to do in life than worry about not being able to buy new products.
    Just got back from my first day back at school. It was pretty good; I went in accepting that nobody would be able to properly social distance, and seeing my friends after 6 months of not seeing them was very satisfying.

    And of course Nintendo shadowdropped a Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct while I was at school. I find this strange since they usually announce game-specific Directs in advance, and it shouldn't be any harder to livestream a video than to directly upload it. I couldn't even look at their YouTube or Twitter pages for the link without getting spoiled because they decided to post all the individual announcements the moment they uploaded the Direct itself, so not even official sources will protect you from spoilers. It also means we'll pass the one year anniversary of the last full general Direct without another one.

    • Game and Watch Super Mario Bros. (not to be confused with the Super Mario Bros. Game and Watch) is a very neat collectors' item for Mario and Nintendo enthusiasts. I like it when Nintendo acknowledge the Game and Watch line as I find it to be pretty important to their history.
    • Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury applies the Mario and Luigi remakes' stupid naming scheme to the mainline Mario series. Besides, this port was way, way overdue, but I'm glad it's happening at all. I never played the original, so I may buy this, but the game doesn't interest me as much as it used to. We have no idea what Bowser's Fury is, but I'm guessing it'll just be some usual simple bonus worlds with no big plot.
    • Super Mario Bros. 35 is just a reskinned Tetris 99, from the concept to the execution to even the UI and naming scheme. It'll also be playable only until the 31st of March, which is sad for a Switch Online-exclusive game, but I'm not complaining too much as it's a 'free' bonus (keep in mind I said that for Tetris 99, but then it got single-player paid DLC and a physical release).
    • Mario Kart Live Home Circuit is a concept I've seen done before on other toy sets, but I'm hoping Nintendo can improve it with the usual Mario Kart flair. I won't get it because I feel I've grown out of RC cars and Mario Kart, and I have a sister and parents in the same house that wouldn't want to be inconvenienced with toys all over the living room floor, but those are problems with the general concept, not Nintendo's execution of it.
    • I won't talk too much about that announcement reel in the middle, but I do want to point out that the special Splatoon 2 Splatfest in January is the first non-rerun Splatfest since the Final Fest, which makes me even more convinced the Final Fest meant nothing. Did Nintendo retcon it from Splatoon canon? Are Splatfests even canon in the first place? If there was an in-universe explanation for this that made sense, I'd be fine with it.
    • Super Mario All-Stars on NSO is a 'free' bonus I'm fine with (even if I don't have an NSO subscription). It ultimately doesn't hurt Nintendo since it's a 'free' bonus just like the originals, and the reason they refrained from rereleasing it prior was because they were separately selling the originals.
    • Now for, ironically, my biggest disappointment of the Direct: Super Mario 3D All-Stars. There was so much they could've done for this; think about how Super Mario All-Stars remade all the graphics and brought The Lost Levels over to the West for the first time. For this, they just ported 64, Sunshine and Galaxy as is and released them in one full-priced package, only including minor enhancements. Sunshine and Galaxy are upscaled to HD (presumably 1080p) 16:9, though 64 is still in 480p 4:3 like the Virtual Console versions and looks to have this ugly smoothing filter on 2D elements, and the FMVs in Sunshine and Galaxy may still be in their original resolutions and aspect ratios. Galaxy 2 isn't included when Galaxy 1 is, which is like if the original omitted The Lost Levels in all regions because it only released in Japan, except they have no excuse other than possibly COVID-19 (they didn't even show it in the highlight reel at the end). Easily the worst part, though, is that like Super Mario Bros. 35, it will only be available until the 31st of March, which is simply unacceptable for a full-priced retail game and will only encourage scalpers and pirates. I likely won't get it because of these gripes, and even if I do decide to, it'll probably be sold out before I get to pre-order it (I'd definitely get it physically for preservation purposes and because I prefer physical). I'm desperately hoping Nintendo backpedal on the last part and keep producing it forever, but looking at its reception so far, people appear too happy with what they have for there to be any serious encouragement. Maybe when it launches people will change their minds on it.
    Sorry for all the negativity. It might be the usual 'Nintendo shadowdrop salt', or the Direct not being a general full Direct, or my expectations for 3D All-Stars being too high. I tried to direct it towards 3D All-Stars as that's the one I'm actually very disappointed at, but I don't mean to change your opinions on anything, and I'm sorry if I made you.

    Edit: Turns out there is one reason for Super Mario 3D All-Stars to be a limited run: the original Super Mario All-Stars and its Special Edition rerelease on Wii were both limited runs as well. So was The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition on GameCube. And Metroid Prime Trilogy on Wii. And Kirby's Dream Collection on Wii. If it's tradition for Nintendo's collections to be limited runs, they need to abandon this tradition now because they get sold to fewer people and they make them less money, so it's a lose-lose situation.

    Edit 2: This Time it's Personal: Super Mario 64 actually runs at 720p in TV and Handheld modes, while Sunshine and Galaxy run at 1080p in TV mode and 720p in Handheld. I don't know why 64 can't run at 1080p. In addition, looking back, the original All-Stars and its Special edition both got reprints, so I'm willing to bet 3D All-Stars will also get one due to 'fan demand'. I'll hold off buying the game until that happens if it does, and if it doesn't, I might instead emulate the originals with Totally Legal Methods™.
    Got back from a haircut to find another Direct Mini Partner Showcase, and I don't mind them at all anymore. It seems that these are going to be a monthly occurrence, given how the last one was on the 20th of July. It also lines up with what Jeff Grubb was saying (that there would be a smaller showcase at the end of August, and a general Direct or Mini in a week).

    Just skimming through the announcements because I admittedly can't be bothered to fully watch it:
    • Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory was already shown before, and it's exactly what people would expect: an ordinary Kingdom Hearts-themed rhythm game. I haven't played a Kingdom Hearts game before so I obviously won't buy it. One nitpick I have about the game is that it looks like it's reusing assets from the PS2 games.
    • Fuser's concept of a DJ simulator is unique, but I don't think it works for a video game because you're just doing a few small things every minute or two. If they manage to make it enjoyable I'll be impressed. The song selection feels like they simply decided to license whatever's popular and appeals to many people.
    • Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythmic Adventure Pack looks really good; I love its incorporation of the series's usual rhythm game mechanics into RPG battles, and the inclusion of a standard song mode wasn't necessary for a presumable spin-off but helps not alienate old fans. I also can't wait for the few remaining National Dexers to desperately cling onto this game as 'the new Pokemon killer' because you catch monsters in it 🙃.
    • World of Tanks Blitz is another mobile port onto Switch. My best friend from primary school used to play this game and from what I remember, it was enjoyable, but only average in the vast world of military shooters, and quite obviously built for mobile.
    • Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions is a movie tie-in with Creed, which will be about 3 years old when the game gets released (movie tie-ins 101: release it when there's still buzz around the movie). I'm not into boxing games and never saw Creed, so it's easy to guess how interested I am.
    • Collection of SaGa: Final Fantasy Legend was probably going to happen at some point after Collection of Mana, but I'm glad it did since I don't see many people talk about SaGa compared to Mana. It looks to be just the first three on Game Boy at this point, but I know nothing about the series so I shouldn't really comment.
    • ...Did anyone think Just Dance 2021 wasn't going to happen? You know the rules and so do I drill: it's pretty much the same game every year with new tracks.
    • Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 doesn't look very different to the first game, and feels a bit like it could've been DLC, but there's no point in making DLC for a 3 year old game. I don't feel the new modes are very noteworthy.
    • Minecraft Dungeons already released on most platforms, and I don't find it that interesting anyway.
    • Jump Force Deluxe Edition is still Jump Force: a waste that completely fails to live up to Shonen Jump's massive legacy.
    • I'm not big into football or sports anime (or anime in general), so Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions doesn't appeal to me. However, I feel I'd probably like some anime, so is this a good time to ask for recommendations?
    • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition has been getting a lot of news these past months that I haven't been keeping up on. Apparently there's no local play anymore, only online? I don't know, and I honestly don't really care as I'm not interested in the game to begin with.
    • The Japanese version of the Direct also showed Spiritfarer as well as a horse racing game called Derby Stallion. I'm not interested in horse racing at all, so the latter is an easy pass.
    Thank you SmashBoards update for adding formatting to profile posts so I don't have to fill the screen with spoilers whenever I want to talk about a Direct.

    I'm predicting that a general full Direct will happen in a week as Nintendo have often done Directs in early September, Partner Showcases likely won't impact the schedule of other presentations, Jeff Grubb said a bigger event was happening next week, and the 4th of September will mark exactly a year since the last full Direct. It's still hard to believe we've gone almost an entire year without a full Direct, even watching the E3 replacements go by without one, yet I've been able to cope for the most part. I still don't want this to happen again next year.
    Skipped through most of the Direct as most of it didn't interest me. A new SMTV trailer is good as this is the first trailer for the game since its initial reveal, and Nocturne HD Remaster is pretty cool. However, trying to make a full Direct out of the ten minutes of filler in the middle doesn't work.
    Thankfully, given its special status as a Direct Mini Partner Showcase, it shouldn't detract from the possibility of a full Direct in August or September. As KirbyWorshipper2465 KirbyWorshipper2465 said, if nothing happens by mid-September, then we should panic.
    On a sidenote, Nintendo UK separately uploaded the trailers for SMTV and Nocturne HD Remaster, saying what they were in the titles and thumbnails, at the exact same time the Direct itself got uploaded. Having the only worthwhile parts of a Direct be spoiled to you before you watch it sucks, and I don't like how Nintendo UK did that while Nintendo of America and Japan didn't. They usually do this after a Direct has stopped streaming, but since this wasn't streamed, it's way easier to see them.

    Edit: Forgot about the Cadence of Hyrule DLC, which is legitimately good. Having Skull Kid star in his own campaign is a neat idea, and his mask mechanic looks interesting in a game like this. Hopefully it won't be too expensive when the base game is only £22.49.

    Edit 2: the Squeakuel: Just heard that the Japanese Direct showed some extra games not seen in the English version, such as Ateiler Ryza 2. There have been announcements exclusive to Japanese Directs before, but they make no sense when we can just go over to Nintendo of Japan's channel. I mean, Ateiler Ryza is the best-selling game in its series; why would they not want as many people to know about the sequel?
    I'm a bit late on the Direct Mini Partner Showcase announcement, but here are my current thoughts:
    At first I was quite salty at the concept of an entirely third-party Direct, since Nintendo have no first-party games announced for the rest of the year and I (foolishly) believed the full Direct rumours. Now that a few hours have passed, my views have shifted to be more positive, and I'm hoping they're focusing on the third-party stuff now so they can focus on the first-party stuff later. Think of this as essentially the boring part of the E3 Direct, and remember that the exciting part should be coming later.
    Even then, the third-party lineup that fits Nintendo's description is pretty good: Bravely Default II, No More Heroes III, possibly even Bayonetta 3 or Shin Megami Tensei V (unfortunately, Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia also fits this description).
    Finally, as with any Direct, remember to hype responsibly. Hope for a Bayonetta 3 or SMTV release date, but expect 10 minutes of Bakugan and random shovelware. That way, you won't be disappointed if what you hoped for doesn't happen.
    Tried Min Min today and she definitely has a learning curve. Her poor disadvantage and reliance on keeping the opponent at a great distance keep me from maining the character, but I can definitely see others maining her. In addition, her neutral air with the Ramram is plain broken and yet another contender for the best neutral air in the game. And I love it.
    Meanwhile, I can easily imagine that some people probably believe Spirits still deconfirm despite Min Min proving them wrong, because some Smash fans are just like that.
    One thing I love about that presentation is that when Sakurai is showing his gaming setup, you can see he not only owns an XBOX One X, but also a PS1, PS3, PS3 Super Slim, PS4 AND PS4 Pro. He wasn't afraid to show all these during a Nintendo presentation either.
    Min Min looks very unique; she isn't really my kind of character but will definitely appeal to others. She looks a little too much like a 'skill check' such as Little Mac or Ganondorf, which may hurt her viability or reputation in the community. However, I don't follow the Smash playerbase and competitive scene anymore, meaning I thankfully won't have to see all the complaints from scrubs that she's another zoner.
    In addition, she proves the argument of 'Spirits deconfirm' wrong, which is great as just about everyone I talk to online thinks the argument is dumb. It also gives Octoling (the only character I've properly wanted in Smash) a higher chance, but I still doubt it'll happen sadly. In addition, while not definitive, she does hint that Assist Trophies do deconfirm, so take that as you will.
    Finally, Ben Holt Ben Holt I dare you to post 'Reminder: It wasn't Spring Man' every week from now on.

    Edit: One thing I noticed just now is that, like with the Altaïr Mii Fighter costume, the American presentation doesn't list Vault Boy being from the Fallout series, instead saying 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate X Vault Boy', while most of the other streams do. Is this going to be some bizarre pattern?
    It's happening bois: Nintendo have scheduled a 35 minute long livestream for the Smash Ultimate ARMS fighter on the 22nd of June, 3PM BST (that would be 10AM EST, 7AM PST and 12AM ACT, so RIP Australia). They also said that no new fighters will be revealed, so expect a longer presentation like Terry's.
    As sad as it is that this basically confirms no general Direct this month, it's still something I'm going to enjoy - though I do feel sorry for all the non-Smash, Pokemon or Animal Crossing fans out there.
    Nintendo speculation has almost reached a dead end as we've had so little news for almost the past year. Technically speaking, the Nintendo Direct drought of late 2019 - early 2020 is still going on because the March 2020 Direct was only a Direct Mini and didn't reveal much (not even the Smash Ultimate CP6 reveal was very big as they only gave us the series the new fighter is from, not to mention it's DLC). Now that we're halfway through June 2020, past when E3 would have been, and Nintendo have still mostly stayed silent, I've reached the conclusion that the insiders were probably right: Nintendo, at this rate, likely won't hold a Direct this month.
    That makes me very sad. When I was watching people's reactions to the PS5 reveal, despite not being a PlayStation fan, I could sense the massive feeling of excitement and hype PlayStation fans were having. Experiencing a very big reveal, especially for a new console, is a magical moment. I remember following the Smash Ultimate hype train ever since its first announcement in the March 2018 Direct, and the game's reveal at E3 2018 excited me so much that I could hardly concentrate at school the following day. I remember, before the Switch launched, secretly going onto the 3DS eShop in the morning and repeatedly watching all the trailers from the Nintendo Switch Presentation in January 2017. 11-year-old me was worried my parents would punish me for going onto the eShop (which was a pretty irrational fear in retrospect), but I still couldn't wait for the Switch to launch, even if I didn't get one until just after Christmas 2018. Looking back now, I can still feel the excitement people who were watching the presentation live felt throughout the stream.
    Knowing that E3 2020 was cancelled and Nintendo have offered no replacement event, many people have suggested the idea that many of Nintendo's plans, including Directs, have had to be cancelled due to COVID-19 and work-from-home policies. I am one of the few that rejects this idea. I'm no industry insider or know-it-all, but typically a game's production takes years to complete and is finished around 3 months before its release, which means only games or DLC released in June or onwards will have been impacted at all by lockdown, and games released in the months after will probably only be impacted a little. For example, the ARMS fighter in Smash can't have been a result of coronavirus as, not only was it announced in March, the month lockdown was actually implemented worldwide, but Sakurai said in the Byleth showcase back in January (and filmed in November) that the Fighters Pass vol. 2 lineup has already been decided upon. It's games released in the next one or two years that will probably be impacted. Similarly, Directs seem like they could be edited by one or two people as normal. I learned earlier that Japan has a big focus on working face-to-face, to the extent that many people don't even have a PC or Internet connection at home, but I'm willing to bet the Direct editors do. If not, Nintendo of Japan could possibly still send some Nintendo of America employees the video templates for Directs and have them edit them.
    I honestly think Nintendo's radio silence on anything this year was simply the result of Nintendo not having much planned for this year. People have raised concerns over their seemingly lacking 2020 lineup since November 2019, and it doesn't seem to have changed much. 2 games have been announced since then - PMD:RTDX (in all its long abbreviation glory) and PM:TOK - as well as DLC for 2 games - SSBU and Pokemon S&S - but that still feels very lacking. I believe at this point that Nintendo's 2020 would have been disappointing regardless of a global pandemic... or I'm just using this as an overly long explanation as to why I miss E3. Who knows.
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    Sorry, I haven't seen their announcement. When did they announce it?
    Champion of Hyrule
    Champion of Hyrule
    I'm not sure when, it was a while back
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Ok the topic of Japan, they have a very loose understanding of “working from home”. My employer, the city hall, had all foreign workers (myself included) work from home Everyone was staggered so like...a zigzag shape where people are sitting. Someone stays at the office one one day while the people directly next to that person stays home. Then switch. However, they were worried that sensitive Information would get leaked so they couldn’t actually take any files or important data home so if they wanted to do any actual work and use this important information - they had to come in and do it as quickly as possible before running back home. So actually, most people were in the city hall regardless of “stay at home orders” .... except for foreign workers. We were told we are more at risk of catching the virus than the Japanese workers...
    This recent hate following surrounding Sonic in Ultimate is just going to be another 'ban Hero' situation where everyone will figure out the matchup in a few weeks and thus shut up about it.
    Strong Badam
    Strong Badam
    I don't see how they're similar? Hero was an extremely new character so it makes sense that dislike for him would die down over time as counter-straetgies become more known. In contrast, Sonic has been in the game since release, so there's been plenty of time to "learn the matchup" or whatever. The recent uptick in dislike for Sonic is due to how much more powerful he is in an online play environment where known counterplay to his strategies is significantly harder/impossible.
    I didn't think Sonic was that good. I thought his hate was a joke.
    So ZeRo has just put out another clickbait video, this time titled 'Is Smash Ultimate A Bad Game?', likely a response to Fudj's 'The Competitive Failings of Smash Ultimate' (before you ask, I've seen that video and think it's very flawed, but does have a lot of effort put into it so I'll let Fudj pass). Sorry for my ignorance, but I can realistically see Ultimate taking a large hit or even dying soon: not because of a lack of tournaments (though that is a massive issue as well), not because of an overcentralising DLC character, but because a load of famous players start saying 'Ultimate was actually bad the whole time' and because of the influence they have on the community, it will become cool to hate Ultimate.
    I'm beginning to really hate ZeRo, from him not even playing the game for the majority of his recent content (though that is a bit of a nice refresher, given my last status post), to some of his commentary videos being nothing more than mind-numbingly dumb reactions, and worst, his blatant clickbait.
    Smash content of his and Alpharad's style can be exciting, as long as it's well made or isn't just 'going on Elite Smash with this very slight twist' or 'reacting to this publicly available YouTube video with mediocre commentary' every time. Ironically, a series I've really enjoyed is Alpharad Plus's 'Josh Ruins Melee' series, because they use random characters a lot of the time which keeps it interesting, Josh's commentary is quite insightful and their trolls, while not the highlight for me, are a bit funny and refreshing.
    There's always going to be critics who don't enjoy the game. I'm pretty sure ZeRo has preferred Smash 4 for a while, but he's entitled to that opinion.

    We just have to accept that and move on.
    - ZeRo has said he doesn't like the direction Smash has taken since Brawl and I believe he said he wasn't a big fan of Smash 4, even if he did dominate it.

    - Street Fighter V seems to be widely disliked among the base, but is still relevant, so I don't see Ultimate dying for that reason.

    - ZeRo isn't the only one criticizing Ultimate, Tweek caught a lot of flak early on for his criticisms. Leffen also exists. So I think it's unfair to put this on ZeRo. Even still, the reaction has been more negative to the critiques, so I don't think there will be a bandwagon effect anytime soon.

    FWIW, I agree with most of the criticisms, but still like playing and talking about the game. It just could be a lot less frustrating and smoother with some tweaks.
    You were right on the Zero video being about the Fudj video, but Zero didn't actually agree with him all that much. He agreed with the buffer system having it's problems but disagreed with much of the critiques of Ultimate meta.
    This is old news by now, but at this point 'Smash Ultimate' and 'legitimately funny' are mutually exclusive. Every Ultimate meme on the internet follows some overused and unfunny to begin with joke such as 'this newcomer sucks', 'hoes mad', 'I'm so amazing at the game' and 'this character is toxic'. The last one especially grinds my gears as it just shows how much more effort people will put into complaining about characters in the hopes they get nerfed as opposed to just learning those matchups. I remember seeing a meme once that went along the lines of:
    Me going online: happy face
    Me encountering Mario, Link, Samus, [proceeds to list literally 35 characters, almost half the roster]: angry face
    In addition, I just saw Alpharad's latest video and he has to be one of the most unfunny YouTubers I've seen in a while. He just spent the entire video bragging about how he's so good at the game because he can beat people on Elite Smash by hitting the same move, when that's the opposite of 'good' in my opinion. He also complained about Wii Fit Trainer mains camping at the ledge when that's exactly what he did a lot of the time. Lastly, he ended the video with a super anticlimactic and stale PK Fire joke. When talking about Lucas, the one who doesn't even spam PK Fire (well neither should Ness, really).
    Going back to the topic at hand, pretty much 99% of Smash memes I've seen just make me more angry than happy. But that's what the creators of Smash memes want a lot of the time: to just get everyone to complain. Thus I am stuck in bad meme limbo and just have to try and not look at them.
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    "In addition, I just saw Alpharad's latest video and he has to be one of the most unfunny YouTubers I've seen in a while. He just spent the entire video bragging about how he's so good at the game because he can beat people on Elite Smash by hitting the same move, when that's the opposite of 'good' in my opinion."

    That's the joke.
    But is it a good joke? For that I'd have to say no by a mile. It would probably be fine if it wasn't the sole focus of an entire 12-minute video, so it wasn't constantly shoved in our face every 10 seconds for 12 minutes.
    Also some food for thought: for every 'hype' moment, such as landing a meteor (and they're called meteor smashes, NOT spikes. Spikes are a different thing), on a video, there are likely at least 5 times they tried to go for the 'hype' thing but failed. Those 5 fails are almost always left out of videos and montages.
    Comedy is subjective. And Alpharad himself claims to have a bad sense of humour and that at least his second channel is pretty much dedicated to pleasing other people with the same sense of humour.
    Probably talking my daily nonsense here, but not a single Smash Ultimate guide on the internet seems to cover any part of the game outside shield pressure, edgeguarding and ledgetrapping, even the best ones. Simply asking yourself 'OK but what do I do if my opponent doesn't shield' single-handedly invalidates every single guide on the internet. Thinking about that too much has made me question what this game even is.
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    Any guide can become outdated, I mean just look at the Prima Games guide for Ultimate; it doesn't take DLC into account at all (although the company was shutting down at the time).
    Agree that a physical guide makes no sense due to patches and DLC. Also doesn't help that, from what I've read on SmashWiki, the guide was inaccurate to begin with: for example, it said how to do Bayonetta's Smash 4 combos despite them being removed from Ultimate. Prima Games have a history of inaccuracies in their guides.
    The past few days I've been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons and going back to some games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and I've been reminded, after spending 485 hours on Smash Ultimate, of how much I really enjoy games that aren't Smash. I've realised I've essentially burnt myself out on Smash and am beginning to wonder if I even enjoy it anymore, even considering quitting my ambitions to play competitively. Now I want to get a load of other games, but I'm almost out of money and can only afford 1 more full-price game this year. It's a bit ridiculous to say this, but maybe I shouldn't have spent £50 on the Fighters Passes.

    Safe to say, being stuck in lockdown, I think I'm gonna go insane soon.
    I have seen many players complain about starting to hate smash and I keep telling them to take a break and play other games and this proves it. Also, isn't going insane always a good thing in this insane world?
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