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    Yo-Kai Watch 4 Releases June 6th in Japan on Nintendo Switch
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    Pokemon Sword and Shield Discussion Thread: Worldwide Release in Late 2019, UK-inspired Region, The Return of Gyms, and Starters Revealed!

    My first impression when seeing that map was that they just gave up on map design and made the whole thing one big linear chunk but I'm willing to eat my words if that actually ends up not being the case. The fact FRLG handled island segments better than Alola did doesn't really give me much...
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    The Burning Digimon Dinosaur - Agumon for Smash - Eevee Tamagotchi!?

    The good thing about Digimon in general is the branching evolution paths. With Agumon, I can just take the Sukamon route to get myself Etemon and then MetalEtemon. Agumon has my full support.
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    Digimon vs Pokémon

    Easily Digimon. The advantage that Digimon have is that pretty much any low tier monster can just evolve its way up to deity-level monsters and can digivolve/de-digivolve at will between them.. Pokemon only has a handful of deity-levels, an okay group of strong ones and the other 90% are just...
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    A Pokemon series kart racer (in the style of Mario Kart)

    Depends on the roster. I absolutely hate Pokken's roster, so I really can't bring myself to play it. It'd also have to be developed by a third party. Game Freak can't even code a simplistic RPG properly, so I certainly wouldn't trust them to develop a racing game. If it's developed by a company...
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    Is pokemon weird?

    Pokemon is full to the brim with all kinds of dumb inconsistencies and this is one of them. Because they never explain why the Pokemon are tame all if a sudden, it just comes down to becoming a joke about Stockholm Syndrome. Every other monster collector at least explains why the monsters are...
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    What Are Your Unpopular Gaming Opinions? (Ver. 2)

    Pokemon is hugely inferior compared to any other monster collector and in general has no consistent improvement and the fact its fanbase commits to such constant petty infighting over which games are better proves that. If they had any real quality, they'd be objectively better every sequel but...
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    Social The Perfect Specimen Of A Man Returns!- A Wario Return Thread

    WarioWare is especially good because the left and right blast zones being super close make his Waft, Chomp, FTilt, BAir, DAir and Shoulder Bash kill much sooner. One thing you can try practicing on that stage is falling through the platform above the edge and using BAir or B-reversed Chomp for...
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    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    You could still do all that and enjoy all those things even if the game was made harder cuz of difficulty settings.
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    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    Even so, just because a game is more accessible, it doesn't mean it can't be harder. That's what the existence of a difficulty toggle is for in the first place. People can get into Metal Gear games because there's a difficulty toggle for example. Battle Tree is a postgame option. It doesn't give...
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    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    Or perhaps those kids were just smarter. Perhaps so, but when people claim Pokemon is game for everyone to play one minute but then say the next minute that it's a game aimed at kids, it kinda defeats the purpose of both sides in regards to wanting a hard mode. Game Freak's idea of giving...
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    Shin Megami Tensei General Support Thread (The Demi-fiend for Super Smash Bros! Sorry, but Joker Steals the Show, Once Again!)

    I got into Shin Megami Tensei at the recommendation of a friend that let me know about 4 Apocalypse on the 3DS. Thanks to his help and understanding of the game, I've beaten both the main story and golden face god in 4A and hugely enjoyed it and am now working towards finishing Strange Journey...
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    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    Or perhaps the kids themselves were actually smart. That's another possibility.
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    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    Fair enough. I do invest in the rare and stronger monsters myself when I care enough to pick up Pokemon. I see but my little brothers and sisters were able to beat those games at like 7 years old without my help and I never had trouble with anything in Red Version that I could recall because I...