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  • Sonic fans stay winning
    I think we’ll get the two things that were leaked (Colors and the collection) and a teaser for Sonic movie 2. Then some smaller stuff like Sonic appearing in other games like he’s been doing. Probably gonna finish off with a reveal of the next big 3D game.
    Someone pointed out that in the “Unstoppable For Generations” video, you can see what kinda looks like a high-res version of the forest part of the opening from Sonic Adventure. If that’s what it is, that would be pretty cool.




    As a writer, one of the main issues I suffer from is having a great idea for a climactic or just really cool moment in the middle or end of a story, and rushing the beginning to get there. I honestly think that's maybe what happened with Sonic 06-as a whole, not just the story. Like, Sonic running on the side of a waterfall at Mach 2 with light shining down from the end of the tunnel, made up of more waterfalls and Elizabethan architecture, is my favorite moment of Sonic spectacle in-game, hands down. But when I consider just what led me to this moment (a terrible story with a lot of filler and not enough substance) and the actual gameplay itself (Sonic dies by tripping on rocks and can't even move in the air), it becomes less enjoyable. Those beautiful high speed sections of spectacle, as well as some of the better-looking cutscenes, are some of my favorite moments in Sonic history, but what comes before or after those moments is just a lack of good buildup.
    Though this is only one problem of many-the rushed release date and internal issues also didn't help.
    Finally beat the last B-side of Celeste. All that's left are C-sides, Chapter 8 and the DLC.
    Gotta say, really strange how the game waits until the last section of the last B-side to tell you about a new mechanic with the dash, but ok. Rest of the level was really fun and for the most part, a great challenge.
    Just saw the new trailer and ok, new Mario Golf looks VERY good. Like this might be my favorite Mario sports game ever.
    Been playing through the classic Mega Man series for the first time recently.
    • Mega Man 1 was a pretty good start to the series but obviously much work needed to be done. Specifically some of the weapons weren't very fun at all (looking at you, Super Arm), the level design can be really cheap (especially when ladders are involved), and some of the enemies take WAY too many hits. Also the controls are pretty bad compared to...
    • Mega Man 2 was when things started to look up. My main complaint is that the game was a bit too easy, but I'll let that slide since this was the second game and I've already played the majority of the X series, so some of the challenge I might just be desensitized to. The weapons were way more fun this time around, especially Metal Blade and Quick Boomerang. These games do a way better job of actually making me WANT to use the other weapons instead of sticking with the tried and true buster, unlike the X series where it does the job 24/7. The game's music was also incredible and it's just the perfect length. BS level design persisted in some stages though, namely Quick Man's which requires you to have the level memorized by heart, mind and soul in order to not die. The final act what with breaking into Wily's fortress with badass music in the background, and the hilarious final encounter put this up there as one of my favorite MM games. Also the tools are really fun to use.
    • Mega Man 3 I haven't replayed yet unlike the other two, so my thoughts on it aren't complete. Though I will say, the weapons are much more balanced this time around, Proto Man is cool as heck, the level design gave more of a fair challenge than 1 or 2, and the slide adds some much needed freedom to the movement of the classic series-it feels like Sonic 2's spindash in that sense. Though I will say that the final act drags on for WAY too long even if it's really cool.
    I'll organize my thoughts later.
    Normally I'm not the biggest fan of Rouge but I've fallen in love with this specific IDW panel and I don't really know why.
    X, you're finally awake! Sting Chameleon nailed you pretty badly there, huh?

    Alia? Nightmare Zero? The third dimension? What are you talking about? Come on, we finally found Sigma's fortress! Let's go in and put an end to his war against the humans!
    From Sonic Wikia:
    "(Shiro Maekawa, former Sonic writer) has also stated that Shadow the Hedgehog is his favorite character and has expressed how he feels that he has a stronger bond with him than his actual family members."
    Often times there are websites that use the same server/engine/whatever, and for some reason it recognizes my search history throughout all of them. Like on bible.com the first thing in the search box was "Final Fantasy Sonic X", which is from when I browsed an old Sonic flash games site for a nostalgia trip a few months back.
    I saw one of those "Super Smash Sisters" mockups and one of the characters is a sunflower from PvZ. I got confused so I looked it up. First result said that the sunflower is male. Then I looked at the next thing and apparently the PvZ community doesn't like it when you refer to plants with genders in mind, since the game only refers to one plant of an entire species.
    That was an interesting 5 minute dive I guess.
    For whatever reason, my eyes start watering whenever I'm in the bathroom. I'm not sad or stressed or anything, they just water up. This has happened since I was a kid and I have no idea why.
    I just watched a video about Gravity Falls' extended media, and while I'll definitely be picking up the Lost Legends book now, I was surprised that the only video game they mentioned was the terrible 3DS one, and not either of the flash games that were hosted on the Disney XD website-one being a sidescroller beat em up, the other a top down zelda-like game. Neither of them were incredible, but they're fun for what it's worth-and the beat em up one actually provides some fun challenge.
    Spending some time looking around on the Melee forums here made me realize that Melee's community is way more chill than I used to think.
    The competitive Smash community in general is a little too obsessed with the meta game regardless of which game it is. While I'm all for playing against players of the highest caliber, I don't think too much about Smash's meta game or think who I should I play as or not because of the so called tier list. I play as the characters I love regardless where the competitive scene puts them on the tier list.
    I have super mixed feelings on Sonic X. It's very nostalgic for me (more so the earlier, sillier episdoes than the more serious plot-driven ones-which weren't reran nearly as often) and I have a lot of fondness for the art style and voice acting. But the show can be downright boring at times, and the animation-while far from the worst I've seen-is not that great. I can enjoy it, and its best episodes are the best of any Sonic cartoon, but something like Boom or Adventures are so much easier for me to enjoy because the humor is way better and the episodes are more well paced.
    Also neither of those shows have Chris Thorndyke, who's just nails on a chalkboard for me.
    Really irks me when people get mad at the competitive Smash community for "not playing how the devs intended." I thought the whole philosophy behind Smash was a game that's easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master?
    Normally, I'd be really happy for Nintendo showing support for a game that died long ago by giving it proper online-and I am-but between now and 2018 I lost my cartridge ot the game. This was back before I got Switch Online and backed up my saves.
    So, it's a pocket version of One's Justice 2, but with open world elements?
    Yeah, I can vibe with that.
    All might is my favorite anime character ever.
    Considering Sonic's shoes are a Puma advertisement, I'm surprised Knuckles didn't keep the white crest on his chest-it could be altered into a Nike logo pretty easily. And considering Jason freaking Mamoa is being considered for Knuckles' role, they definitely have the budget to put Nike in the Sonic movieverse.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    I love Knuckles' design here, it looks like what the Sonic Boom design was going for. Admittedly the Boom Knuckles design worked perfectly for the show, but the games were a little more action-heavy so Knux' design didn't fit there.
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