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  • Random fun question I came up with; if a sequel to Newgrounds Rumble came out, would you have any particular characters of a more unusual nature you'd like to see in it? By this, what I mean is - nearly every fan-roster of a hypothetical NGR2 always has similar picks, like Dad 'n' Me, Boyfriend, Tricky, and so forth - but which particular picks of a slightly less obvious nature would you particularly wanna see?

    (I might have asked this before, but what the hell.)

    Personally, I'd love to see some weirder picks. Charlie the Unicorn springs to mind as a potentially oddball inclusion (though they'd work really well as an assist, too) - but a cool sort of semi-guest fighter would be someone from Happy Wheels (maybe the Irresponsible Dad? I can imagine him having awesome interactions with Dad 'n' Me.) Oh, and N! What's your takes?
    We had a quite interesting situation at uni today. I'm in a games design course with a lot of people my age, so around 18 or so, and we were covering basic stuff in a course element named "Contextual Studies" (which is basically gaming history, so, my ****ing jam.) Turns out we were covering the early 1980s, and one aspect our tutor decided to focus on was... the Game and Watch, including asking us all to design the concept for a Game and Watch game.

    It's interesting to sort of see because the room's reaction was split roughly in two. Half of the people were like "they look like McDonald's toys" and the other half were like "Oh, like that guy from Smash Bros?" It's interesting, because like, I don't really think I realised how much the existence of Mr. Game and Watch has retroactively affected the recognition of the platform. Nearly everyone's concepts included PNGs of G&W himself, and I think it's interesting to actually look at that kind of thing. Honestly, I was a little surprised at how many of us recognised the lil guy as being from Smash first - and a small part of me wonders whether other characters with more obscure source material, like R.O.B., maybe the Ice Climbers and so forth, are thought of in the same way?

    Anyway, I have two completely unrelated concepts to glean from this.

    The first is: I think Mr. Game and Watch should actually get a little more rep as a character in his own right. Not to the point of becoming a "Nintendo mascot" or something, but here's my thought process - it'd be cool for him to be, like, the host of a future "Game and Watch Gallery Deluxe" or something. I think it'd be a cool smaller-scale project to release - plus, the idea of him as a host just feels really cool to me. He doesn't need to have any speaking lines or anything, but him interacting with the menus and the title screen and the like feels like it'd give the collection a really unique energy unlike Mario 3D All-Stars, still not over that. I bring this up because it seems a lot of people that have even a passing knowledge of the Game and Watch system are familiar with Mr. G&W - and not only that, but he's a pretty fun (but also simple!) design to have fun with. And hey, it'd be so cool for Smash to actually have invented a character who went on to (technically) get their own franchise!

    Secondly - screw it, I may as well show the game I designed. I had like, 20 minutes to come up with it from scratch, hence me making it in PowerPoint and MS Paint where applicable as opposed to Photoshop (I'm way more comfortable with the former, genuinely), so it's not exactly polished by any stretch of the imagination. I don't know why but I'm... actually really pleased with this. I'll probably look back at it and think it's terrible in a month, but hey.

    It's basically a glorified game of Tapper, but you have a shield and need to defend yourself from monsters. Nothing special.
    Delta P? More like. Delta *********. Delta P is SOVIET PROPAGANDA. My children will move close to areas of low pressure from areas of high pressure under the water, they will not be controlled by this PROPAGANDA that suggests Delta P to be "lethal" and "highly dangerous" it is all LIES and INVENTED BY THE BOUIRSOUIESE
    I was engaged in a conversation relating to The Wizard of Oz with my six-year old sibling and suddenly, something dawned on me.

    The 1939 MGM film The Wizard of Oz is probably one of the defining things in "modern culture" on a conceptual level. Like, ever. More than Garfield, more than even stuff like Avengers: Endgame because think about this - how many pieces of media can you say that you, your parents, your children, your grandparents, and their parents can connect to? Like, I can think of about two - the Bible, and The Wizard of Oz.

    I don't know how to feel about this. I feel like some kind of great realisation has dawned upon me, somehow.
    I haven't really been tuning in to the whole Twitter debacle given I don't use it personally, but one thing that deeply disappoints me and that I feel is important to point out - is how quickly a lot of companies are using their platforms to make it very clear that basic human rights such as access to food, clean water, shelter, necessary medical care, and in some cases, the means with which to literally remain alive, simply aren't important to them - so much so that they need to go out of their way to confirm that in writing. It's really refreshing to know we're in a world where companies can straight up say, "Um, no, we actually do support human rights violations." I wonder when the books will start burning.

    On a slightly lighter note, I have acquired Blahaj today and my life is complete. corporate subservience for life yippee
    There are so many questions that you are sort of left with from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003), such as why it was so bad, why it made Sean Connery retire from films, why Nemo's car ended up on eBay nearly two decades later, and so forth - but the main one that's sticking with me right now is: why shorten it to LXG? I could clown on the use of X instead of E because otherwise it'd be LEG, sure, but were marketing teams surrounding the film before release in 2003 really that concerned that the name of the film would be too long?

    It's weird to me because, like, fast forward around 15 years and you have wonderfully concise titles like Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn simply rolling off the tongue. A small part of me has to wonder if it was inspired by the marketing surrounding the second X-Men film, X2 - but like... seriously? Maybe I was born too late, but toward the start of the 21st Century, was everyone just so unspeakably busy that it was necessary to invent bizarre acronyms and verbal shorthand for films?
    maybe its just the sad european english in me talking but i still cant get over how there are single countries significantly larger than the continent of europe. like. i cant imagine being here in the uk and being like "oh yeah saudi arabia yeah that's literally the same country as the one i am currently in" (purely in terms of distance)
    Clowning on Soda's design in the original JSR like "look at this dumbass look at his nose" is all well and good, but I actually feel like the smartest person alive right now.

    I think it'd be cool if LEGO could expand their Ideas line to two different kinds, given the variety of submissions. (For context, to enter the qualifiers you need to reach 10,000 votes - this was pretty difficult back in the day, but in the modern internet world, it's next to nothing. It means that usually, around 50 Ideas submissions make it all the way to qualifying, only for one or two to ever get made.)

    Specifically, they'd be:

    1. Larger stuff, such as MOC modular buildings and stuff with bigger piece-counts, that'd retail obviously at more expensive prices but would also be more likely to have new prints, moulds or pieces in not-before-seen colours! I'd suggest these would be your "big" headlining stuff, but giving space for both original and licensed content here would be a great idea. (That sort of applies to both!)

    2. Smaller stuff, that'd retail for cheaper but still allow for licensed Ideas sets to get in if they were on the smaller side. I'm thinking similar in scale to sets like the Tron bikes and Women of NASA - so this could be for things like smaller dioramas or just small sets in general. Hey, maybe it'd even be a cool way to continue the vibes of the Dimensions sets by having characters from interesting licenses you might not otherwise see! (Like how characters like E.T., Ethan Hunt and the Doctor were introduced in Dimensions sets.)

    Then again, I don't work there. I get that licensing these days is such a headache, but I think the opportunity to see smaller and more unique Ideas sets (plus the potential for more in circulation?) would be really cool. Also - one more thing - I think the threshold for submissions should be 50,000 votes these days. Just me though!
    given the recent trend of crossover platform fighting games having actually become popular/good i think it'd be awesome as hell to see like a sequel to newgrounds rumble. it'd probably never happen to be fair - the issues of licensing, the limited audience, and the (likely) pretty high rating given some of the content at play, plus the fact that flash as a medium doesn't really exist anymore, means it'd probably never see the light of day. but it'd be really cool.

    ("old godzilla" would be a based inclusion even if toei would go ape**** about it)
    finally learning (at literally age 18) the basics about autism whilst having already had it for your entire life is a wild experience like ppl be like "no you need to stop tapping your foot you are distracting everyone in the entire room and GOD HIMSELF will come down and smite you" regardless of whether you're 3 or 18 and it's funny because only now do i realise that's probably some kind of stim thing though i am still really sorry for distracting people with it lol
    screw you god bounces leg LIKE A BOSS

    For real, though, I'm kinda sick of how all this "how to deal with autistic people" talk treats us like we're some strange species. Like, yeah, autism is a broad spectrum, so it's important to understand that, but (and i've said this before), society as a whole is kinda past the point of autism awareness and now needs to work on autism acceptance.
    i think an important aspect of that as well is less of a focus on teaching autistic kids to "act normal" and more of a focus on helping us (i was one once, before i was transmuted into eddie murphy car) to understand why we act differently to how others might do - stuff like echolalia or stimming or whatever might be seen from a neurotypical perspective as "Oh no, the student is going out of their way to annoy and infuriate other students. This is an example of inappropriate conduct in the classroom, and it is important I reprimand them for this" simply isn't and the deeply troubling thing to me is that so many people who i do know who are autistic have had this exact same experience even from specialist schools (given i went to one and even they were more focused on "seeming normal" and the curriculum itself than understanding things like that)
    to me the problem is that there's an atmosphere of "if they can act normal they're a success" when like. WHAT? NO?
    i cannot explain how much it annoys me to this day that the first (main) character to die in x-men first class was darwin. ****ing darwin. of all of the potential characters they could have killed, they killed the one that physically isn't able to die. he literally says, in the film, that his ability is to "adapt to survive". like, it's not even a bad film overall but that one single aspect of the film's writing perplexes me to this day

    stuff like this is exactly why i'd love more musicians to release their stems (though i get that most major record labels own the stems as part of their contracts, but still.) this project, one i just discovered, is such a weird thing - the pre-release media for an album as well as the album itself completely reinventing the album itself whilst, at the same time, preserving the original vibes and ideas it presented. it's amazing to me somehow i adore this
    it was all a dream, a mere horrible nightmare. mario awoke from his slumber. all of those strange visions of a weirdly handsome man's face, taking over his body, speaking from his voice with the strange twang of a brooklyn accent... they faded from the plumber's mind. it's a me, he thought to himself. a mario.
    I woke up this morning to find no less than 18 (slightly scratched) Smash Mouth CDs shoved into the envelope flap in my door. I really don't know what to make of the situation. Is it some kind of threat? Is it, perhaps, a sign of things to come? Like, I wish this was some kind of joke based on the fact that I've removed my PFP's Shrek mask but I'm genuinely serious I now just have 18 (slightly scratched) Smash Mouth CDs so that's... cool, I guess.
    I'm aware it'd take a lot more effort to model and the like, but a small part of me wishes the scenery (aside from just props and characters) in the LEGO games was also made out of LEGO. I don't know if this is just me nitpicking, but I always loved how films like The LEGO Movie actually had the world built of LEGO, as opposed to just certain parts of it, and I think that'd be such a cool aspect to keep in the games - though, it would take a lot of work.
    I think this might be one of the first intentional 4th wall breaks in fiction but the story itself, well... it's bizarre. Originally published in Superman #19 in December, 1942, this story (one of several in the issue) follows Clark and Lois going to the cinema to watch... the 40s Superman Fleischer cartoons. Whilst the story was retroactively declared non-canon in the form of an "Imaginary Story" (which would later morph into Elseworlds), it originally was... and actually raises some interesting questions about the fictional world in which this takes place.

    See, here's the funny thing - not only does this story actively imply that the Superman comics exist in the world of Superman in the exact same form as they do in the real world, but the animations playing are strongly implied to be the actual Fleischer cartoons. Weirdly, Clark comments in the story about how it's really weird that the writers know so much about Superman - but even weirder is how the story centres primarily around Clark distracting Lois from the film at the right points, so as to keep his secret identity from her. And nobody else in the cinema. So, by this logic, everyone else except Lois knows Superman's secret identity is... Clark Kent?

    It's interesting to look at this in hindsight because the interplay between fiction and reality has been played with so much across comics as a medium, though for the most part, it pretty much started here (or at least, most prominently.) Funny to think that without a weird side story in a 40s-era issue of Superman Volume 1, we wouldn't probably have gotten characters like Deadpool, Ambush Bug and She-Hulk in quite the same way we do now...

    comics are ****ing weird
    The Knee Minute - Observations #273

    I think it'd be cool to see radio drama have a resurgence. Given the popularity of non-music content such as podcasts on platforms like Spotify and the like, it'd be really cool to see radio drama - a fairly obscure method of telling a story in the huge Hollywood-led world of the modern media landscape - really come into its own. After all, it's actually one of the cheaper methods of telling a story these days, and there's a lot of things you can do with it that you might not be able to do with other formats! Of course, I'm aware radio as a whole is a dying breed but it'd still be cool to see the format survive.
    Okay, I know I've joked about seeing a GLA series before now (WHICH I STAND BY) but I've been doing some thinking, and with Marvel planning to introduce mutants into their MCU, I think there's a potential goldmine of possibility with one specific group that could be really, really interesting. Specifically?

    X-Statix. No, I'm dead serious. You could actually do so much fun stuff with this specific show that it'd be incredible.

    See, X-Statix are unusual in the Marvel universe in that, as opposed to being started with the intention of being a hero team, the group was moreso started with the intention of being popular and marketable. The whole thing is a sort of tongue-in-cheek observation of celebrity culture and fame. Where most mutant teams are interested in fighting for the acceptance of mutants... X-Statix are kind of just in it for the money. Thing is, the group's mostly made up of C-listers but nonetheless focuses on merchandising and promotion above actually doing things - though the group obviously do have to do things in cases.

    So, here's my concept. The X-Statix show is formatted in a way such that it's mostly made up of the footage recorded by the group and their workers, with the show sharing similarities to reality television as well as observing the group doing their thing. The "central villain" isn't really a big bad the likes of Magneto or Sinister, but it's literally the showrunners - manipulating events in such a way that they can make the most money out of the group, manufacturing romances and the like. The show itself follows both the group in their roles as superheroes, but also as everyday people - but goes one step further, examining them as celebrities.

    And hey, you could even use it as a great way to rep some less notable mutants or villains of the X-Men - I'm aware X-Statix isn't exactly a headlining name in the comics world, so maybe like shove an arbitrary scene in one episode where Wolverine briefly appears and then the showrunners are trying to work out how the hell they're supposed to handle the legal pressure from the X-Men caused by them showcasing Wolverine in the TV show or something. I mean, interesting concepts like these haven't been outside the realm of possibility for the MCU - the first half of Ms. Marvel and most of She-Hulk tried to delve into this - but... it'd be really nice if it didn't devolve into a classic CGI schlockfest. I just think it'd be cool!
    Given it's coming close to Halloween, random character concept you think would be cool but SPOOKY. Go!

    Mine's Mr. Blobby in Dead by Daylight. No, seriously. Sure, he's BBC-owned and there's quite a few other potentially interesting picks (a Dalek springs to mind, actually) but I feel like Mr. Blobby is on this perfect precipice of being a combination of obscure, well-known-ish, absolutely terrifying and yet made with completely good intentions.

    It's funny to think that in spite of DND being generally seen as "the archetypical non-video-game RPG", technology still hasn't come far enough for an actual DND game to be able to be made due to the sheer level of potential interactions it can entail. I find it pretty interesting, personally - like how it took until the 90s for chess computers to really be able to keep pace with humans, it's interesting to see how slow the transition between table and screen really is!
    today i learned that the game with the most runs on speedrun.com is... subway surfers. interesting. i've actually never come across "a subway surfers speedrunning community" as such but it's literally got more than twice the number of runs for the next most runned game (super mario 64) which is incredible to me somehow. maybe it's because of the ubiquity of the game?
    hey all, just a lil reminder of a few useful things i think you should know

    • did you drink anything today? if not please try and grab a lil water even if it's just half a cup
    • if you havent eaten in a while feel free to grab a lil snack even if you dont feel like it just do a lil nibble
    • remember, usb ports have a lil black spot that indicates the right way up if the port's horizontal
    • if you've not been sleeping well try and take a short break from screens for a short while, doodling helps me with it!
    • if you haven't taken your meds that you need to then please please please do okay
    • oh, just a reminder, send that message you forgot to earlier! if you "didnt forget" then check anyways!!!

    y'all are really cool don't let anyone tell you otherwise
    Okay, I've come up with a really basic concept for something I think would be amazing. Picture this: a Mario Warriors game.

    That probably seems bizarre but like, Super Mario does pretty much have everything it could realistically need to pull this off (plenty of "fodder" enemies as well as "generals" whilst having main characters on multiple sides and plenty of weapon potential.) Like, there's even a lot of potential for unusual picks whilst including obvious ones too - someone like King Bob-Omb being a semi-puppet fighter who can summon Bob-Ombs to run forward and explode whilst also being able to throw them (and himself!) around would be fun, but then also including level elements from Bob-Omb Battlefield like the cannons could be cool too. Likewise, I think a moveset for Peach that uses the paintings from Super Mario 64 in order to both teleport and summon weird and wonderful things (like using the Dire Dire Docks painting to summon the Eel) would be really cool and unique!

    Honestly if I had the time or energy to I'd love to make a thread for this because it'd probably be way easier to work with than the Pokemon Warriors concept I had a while back. Needless to say I'm not going to, so feel free to use it if y'all want :)
    I wonder if Troy Bolton will become a more popular pick for a Disney Channel rep in Disney Smash fan rosters now that we live in a post-LeBron society. I mean, High School Musical was undeniably a massive "thing" in the 2000s, right? Maybe that's just "nostalgia" talking, which is kind of odd in my case because I've never watched any of them, but hey that's life
    You're not wrong on the nostalgia thing - with the Disney+ series it's had a huge resurgence. Pretty sure they would just stick with a classic HSM rep though, like you said, but I think I honestly see Sharpay being a more likely pick due to her popularity being enough to earn her own solo film.
    i learned today that rachmaninoff wanted to like be friends with stravinsky at one point and he'd casually mentioned in passing that he liked honey so one day in the dead of night he just. arrived at stravinsky's house with a jar of honey for literally no reason. plus he was like 6"7 like this massive bloke in the dead of night like. "hello. i bring honey."

    its refreshing to know that utterly terrible social skills isnt just something i have
    Honest question: do you think UNDERTALE or DELTARUNE have a chance at making it into MultiVersus? I ask because it's an interesting question that got posed in my old college Discord server - with the devs making it clear that (licensing aside) theoretically anyone could be on the table, it seems like an interesting proposition.

    And on that note - do you have a favourite candidate from either game? My personal "non-obvious" pick would HAVE to be Mettaton, but purely out of complete personal bias. Ideally in his EX form - but I wouldn't be opposed to his classic look!
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