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  • I don't know if this is just me being pessimistic, but I'm... worried about MultiVersus. It seems like a good idea, but there's a few things that are bugging me that I'll mention below.

    1. The "free-to-play" model.
    As we know, we don't know what they mean by this... but I'm hoping it isn't as bad as I'm thinking. It's possible you could take it in a similar way to a game like Brawlhalla, but the problem is, I feel like lootboxes and microtransactions would wind up ruining the experience.

    2. It's too big.
    The problem is, why pick Space Ghost when you could pick LeBron James? Multiversus taking up the entirety of WB gives it a lot of potential, but also has the potential to look like those Fortnite ****posts where someone puts low-quality JPEGs of Thanos, John Wick and Naruto onto Tilted Towers. Even so, though, this opens up a lot of very unusual picks in itself - my own personal favourite has to be Neo, from the Matrix.

    3. The "service" model.
    Games like Marvel's Avengers have proven that this can go south. I feel like it's possible the game, at launch, will feel... empty - given that it only seems to, at current, have 15 characters for instance, I'm not sure it'll catch on right away. The problem is, if it doesn't catch on right away, they won't add more content, leading to a vicious cycle.

    I hate to start with cynicism, but... this has potential to be great, and potential to fail. I just want to be realistic.

    (Please though we need Neo in there especially in his classic design)
    Random thought - what if copyright instantly died and someone made a platform fighter purely made up of Tumblr "sexymen?"

    My own theory for characters include:

    The Once-Ler (The Lorax): A Stance-Change fighter between his "Once-Ler" and "Greed-ler" form, the former uses his guitar as a weapon, whereas the latter uses a large axe.

    Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls): The crazy-mage archetype with a ton of cool and bizarre attacks. Bonus points if he gets the ability to throw deer teeth as a projectile.

    Sans (Undertale): Funny bone man haha

    Spamton (Deltarune): Funny puppet man? The idea of using phone-based attacks seems fun, as well as [REDACTED FOR SPOILERS].

    Wheatley (Portal): Literally uses various pieces of Aperture equipment as his moveset, including a Portal Gun, and may or may not have taken over the body of... idk maybe P-Body?

    Alastor (Hazbin Hotel): The idea of various radio-themed attacks, as well as a very theatrical, 30s-esque performance being his fighting style sounds like something I could really get behind.

    Nagito Komaeda (Danganrompa): The idea of his incredible "luck" being used to instantly make it physically impossible to hit him in combat is stupid enough to be funny.

    Dr. Clef (SCP): Maybe he attacks with various SCPs? I mean, that seems like more of a Dr. Bright thing to do, but I'm kinda stumped here. How the hell is Clef considered a Sexyman but not Bright? (Maybe it could be due to Bright's constantly changing appearance?)

    Almond Cookie (Cookie Run): Look, he's a detective, you could work with that. Have him attack with a gigantic magnifiying glass sword or something.

    Loki (Marvel Comics): The funny trickster archetype. Maybe he could use the Tesseract as a means of dodging attacks?


    What ideas do you have for what I imagine would be an absolute hellhole of a game? :D
    Adding Space Harrier in Smash would cause Funny memes to Appear in Smash Fandom:
    Space Harrier Memes be like:
    • Deep Fried Image of Space Harrier with Captions: "I'm gonna spam my Neutral B"
    • Oh look, Fox 2.0 is added into Smash
    • Aw heck nah, Space Harrier has too small and Lanky Hitbox
    • SPACE HARRIER IS BROKEN S++ Tier Character
    • Space Harrier has longer F-smash range than Sephiroth
    And More memes.
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    Tankman from Newgrounds
    Tankman from Newgrounds
    Good idea man.
    His Attacks are slow, but he is fast on Ground like Sonic and good Aerial Mobility.
    Also a SEGA Zoner Character, I'm on it!
    I think he'd probably suffer up close though. Being quite floaty and lacking a lot of close-up prowess (unlike, say, Sonic,) it means he's quite easy to get launched. As such... he'd be memed. Kinda like Ness Side B. Everyone would wind up hating him... ;-;
    Tankman from Newgrounds
    Tankman from Newgrounds
    Yeah I know he would be easy to get launched, but at least he could easily dodge projectiles.
    There's a small, slightly insane part of me that wants to see how someone could hypothetically go about representing LSD Dream Emulator in Smash.

    Is this a random 3am thought? Yes. It absolutely is.
    Tankman from Newgrounds
    Tankman from Newgrounds
    If we had LSD Dream Simulator in Smash, then the Smash Would cause to become trippy and Psychadelic as Hecc.
    Even mention that if we had another Trippy Character, it could be Space Harrier (Since his levels are trippin Spheres).
    I hope we get more Namco arcade music in the next Smash game. Especially stuff from the Namco Museum games - this Xevious remix, this Dig Dug theme thingy and this Phozon theme were really cool, and I think that more chill stuff like that could work well in Smash.

    Like, I feel like this is probably a hot take, but I think that chiller EDM remixes can work pretty well in Smash as battle themes. Aside from that - I also think that it would be cool to see jungle mixes (if Bomberman gets in and he doesn't have Redial as one of his music tracks, I'm going to literally explode)
    I think one character people don't give much thought to, but is a genuinely plausible pick, is M. Bison from the Street Fighter series. He's a rare situation where, like, his moveset actually has a lot of potential, but at the same time, could be quite simple to think up. Here's my own concept for his Specials, at least:

    Neutral B: Psycho Shot. Acting as a projectile, I think this one is pretty interesting. Though it's a little similar to how Hadouken works with its speed being able to be controlled by the input, I think that doing the input for it should have it work a little more like Psycho Cannon - moving slower, but with a bigger hitbox and a multi-hit property as well as big damage.

    Side B: Psycho Crusher! Having Bison prepare himself before launching sideways, coating himself in Psycho Power, I think it would be a good move if it multihits opponents that it hits, as well as being able to be aimed slightly upward or downward when used on the ground (and being a good recovery tool in the air.) Inputting the correct command gives it a little more power and range.

    Up B: I think this should be Bison Warp. Being a teleport, some might think of it as unoriginal, but I think the interesting difference here would be that, compared to say Mewtwo or Palutena, it has slightly shorter range - but significantly less end-lag, as well as being able to act after it (though it can only be used once in the air.) When on the ground, it works a little more like a counter of sorts - taking the form of Hell's Warp, using it "through" an opponent puts them in a stunned state, allowing you to punish them with low end-lag. However, it requires a read - long start-lag makes it unsafe on shield.

    Down B: In this case, I'd like to suggest Devil Reverse. Acting a little like ZSS's Down B, this has Bison leap into the air, but if you don't make an input, it essentially turns into Head Press on the other side - which is a spike that can bury opponents on the ground. However, it's also possible to cancel it by tapping B again, which has Bison activate the Reverse - stopping his momentum forward and having him bring a fist down coated in Psycho Power, which actually also has a spike on the initial swing - as well as doing minor damage for a short time! This can also be used as a recovery move, as it doesn't leave you vulnerable after use - in fact, you could even use your double jump out of it!

    Lastly, his two Final Smashes would be the Nightmare Booster when close-up, or the Final Psycho Crusher when at longer range from an opponent.
    Deleted member
    I would love to see Cody in Smash.

    Mostly because he is my SF main and he has a theme I really want to see in.
    I am honestly kinda disappointed with the SF music we got in Smash. Like, as much as the remixes we got were amazing... everything else is just the entire soundtrack to Super Street Fighter II.

    I'd love to have seen stuff from the greater series - especially SFIII - and maybe even pulling an SNK and adding a couple of Final Fight tracks too? It just seems like a good idea to me.
    Torgo the Bear
    Torgo the Bear
    where are my slam masters and rival schools songs sakurai
    The idea of Excitebike Racer getting into Smash, but using the bike as a melee weapon similar to how Kiryu can use a motorbike in Yazuka or kinda like Dante's motorbike sword in DMC5, is so hiarious to me that I think it would work beautifully. Like, the idea of the dash being to just plop the bike on the ground and ride it, and then the dash attack being to flip over and slam the bike in front of them, is so ridiculous that I think it would work.

    Also, having the god damn Excitebike Racer as a swordfighter would probably break Smashboards
    Hot Take #2732947742

    I honestly think that Snake, from Snake (the Nokia one) would be a cool Assist Trophy. Here's how I imagine it:

    Essentially when you summon it, it has two "blocks" and moves around, with other dots on the stage. If the snake touches them, it grows by one "block" as in the original game. Where it gets interesting is that the snake itself is an interactable platform - it works as a wall, it can be grabbed, and it can be walked on (and maybe dropped through?) The sheer level of recovery bull**** with this Assist Trophy would be hilarious - and maybe you could make the dots healing items similar to food?

    Also, the idea of getting Nokia ringtones in Smash is just so ridiculously hilarious to me, and yet seems so damn funny that it could work. I mean, just look at this like, it's the funny
    I feel like it would have been really cool if certain Spirits also came with music. The idea of a Plok! event coming with various Plok! music that gets added to the Other section after you beat the Plok! spirits is really cool to me.

    Is this just me begging for Plok! music in Smash?

    DLC fighters that would piss everyone off

    1. "Skylanders." The gimmick is that you, as well as paying for the DLC, also have to buy physical Skylanders toys as well as the portal to scan them in, at which point you can play as them. Being KO'd means you have to wait 3 hours to play as them again. However, every single Skylander is in the game (except Crash and Spyro due to "licensing issues" so scanning them just gives you Gill Grunt)

    2. IKEA POÄNG chair. The chair moves around by bouncing around the stage on its "legs" and attacks with various different IKEA products. Also, downloading this DLC fighter will automatically change your system's default language to Swedish, and Sakurai hard-deconfirms PewDiePie as a playable character in the Direct.

    3. A Mario Kart but with no driver. That's it. It's just the ****ing kart but it attacks with items, with the Blue Shell being the Final Smash. Also, the only "attack" it has is its neutral B, Item Box, which will have you roll for a random item that you'll get.

    4. A banana from the Donkey Kong Country series, which acts as a DKC rep. It's actually the single most powerful character in the game, and yet somehow gets small buffs every single patch. It's able to walk around on the peels, as well as summoning an infinite number of banana-related items significantly faster than Diddy Kong, which results in the entire Diddy Kong fandom migrating to Banana.

    5. a minion from despicable me

    What do you think of my incredible Fighters Pass concept?
    This might seem like a random question, but - do any of you have an idea for a cool "theme" for a fighting game? Kinda like how Darkstalkers is mostly based on monsters and the like - I think it would be hella interesting to see your thoughts!
    On the note of random PSASBR stuff (given it's a dead series so I guess I'm raising it from the dead haha funny halloween joke), something pretty funny actually just occurred to me.

    Despite the fact that characters like Crash and Cloud were so heavily requested, one of the big requests has always been Spyro. Now, whilst Spyro didn't manage to make it in because of the amount of money Activision wanted at the time, a funny point to me is the fact that if Spyro did get in, people would have complained. A lot. In fact, Spyro is arguably the most likely of the three.

    See, Spyro would in my opinion, with like 90% certainty, have been his Skylanders form - after all, Skylanders was huge at the time, so I can imagine Activision wanting to promote it - hence why I don't think personally think Crash would have been as likely as Spyro. Sure, it's not as bad as the Dante situation with his DMC appearance, but I think that people would have been... peeved with it.
    This might seem like a really random point, but I'm actually really shocked at how rarely Alucard is discussed as a potential newcomer when people talk about a sequel PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Given the importance of Symphony of the Night as a PS1 title, and the sheer moveset potential, it seems like a really weird omission to me.

    Then again... maybe it's because of people recognising Konami's current nature?
    So, this might be a hot take, but... I would love to see a Shenmue series.

    I don't think that the lengthy, interconnected story of Shenmue as a whole would be suited to a movie, but the idea of a series - following the journey of Ryo to avenge his father by defeating Lan Di over the course of multiple seasons, travelling along the way between different locations, genuinely seems like something that could be truly special.

    And then I remember that it's a video game series so the translation would likely be absolutely terrible. :crying:
    I feel like more anime should get the FighterZ treatment, and finally branch into 2D fighters as opposed to arena fighters.

    I mean, looking at titles like My Hero One's Justice and Jump Force... it might just be me and my own personal preference for 2D titles, but I feel like they could have worked really well in that sort of style.

    Probably doesn't help that arena fighters have such a stigma nowadays because so many of them were... meh-to-bad.
    Given that Disney acquired FOX, I wonder if the next Kingdom Hearts will have Sora journey to the far off land of Quahog in order to defeat the Heartless alongside Peter Griffin.

    Or maybe they'll throw a curveball and have him go to the world of Futurama instead.
    Personally, I have pretty mixed feelings about Multiversus.

    Even if it does end up being a fighting game as opposed to some mobile Gacha game, which is actually pretty possible (much to my disappointment, but hey what can I do), I think that the roster would genuinely suffer because of what it is.

    "Warner Bros." is too big.

    Looking at something like Nickelodeon, Nintendo or even PlayStation, there's sort of a rough idea of certain characters and series who are more well-known than others. This is why, on a conceptual level, games like NASB, Ultimate and even PS All-Stars could work well.

    The thing is, Multiversus couldn't add smaller characters. Like, at all. If they were to focus on something like Cartoon Network, Looney Tunes or even just WB movies, then I think it would work well - they're "self-contained" enough to, within reason, work, and having guest fighters like some Hanna-Barbera characters (such as Fred Flintstone) could work well too. The thing is, a full WB crossover would have so many "big characters" that, well, it would be literally impossible to have smaller or more obscure picks there, simply because of how much stuff WB owns.

    As much as it's fun to speculate, I constantly feel like people's Multiversus concept rosters - whilst being incredibly cool (Seriously though, I love seeing people's concepts!) always seem to lack certain characters, and always for the same reason - mostly, "WB owns that much stuff that it wouldn't be possible to represent everything." It's not that they're making bad rosters - they're usually hella cool!! - it's just a matter that WB is too big.

    Personally, if I were WB, I'd probably stick to something like Cartoon Network. Even so, I'm hopeful it goes well... and that it isn't some gacha game
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    I would make it strictly animation but taking equally from WAG, Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies, Cartoon Network, and Hanna Barbera. That way there's still the big crossover aspect but it's not ridiculous or excludes oddball picks. Don't think I'd put in much Adult Swim though, but that's just personal bias.
    To be honest, that sounds like a pretty solid mix. Even I (a diehard [as] fan) would only add like, maybe two characters at most (Absolutely has to have Space Ghost due to Hanna-Barbera history and [as] legacy) and the idea of that much animation coming together sounds like a really cool crossover - but not too big for its own good.
    I think that Pyra and Mythra are actually a surprisingly good example of how "echoes" could be handled in future installments.

    Unlike characters like Dark Pit, Lucina and Daisy, who are essentially carbon copies with different models and the occasional different animation, or even more popular echoes like Chrom and Dark Samus (EVEN THOUGH IT HAS ITS OWN PROBLEMS), the pair actually work pretty well because of how they're used.

    Notably, I think that having them have the same basic toolkit works well - but an aspect I especially like is how they differ in damage output, lag, knockback and other such matters, whilst maintaining the same baseline animations. It's, to me at least, a clever way of handling the echo formula - and a great way to further differentiate the fighters without having to expend too many resources. Then, having different specials on top of that essentially differentiates them enough to the point where they feel different enough to be their "own characters," despite needing nowhere near as much work as other, more "unique" fighters.

    For example, let's look at Lucina. As opposed to having her play essentially identically to Marth (aside from the tipper mechanic, of course,) what if her attacks were slightly slower, but dealt a bit more damage despite having similar knockback? It would at least make her a different beast - more equivalent perhaps to Roy, but with her own benefits and drawbacks. (For clarification, I haven't actually played Awakening, so this could genuinely be a bad suggestion in my part - it was just the idea that came to me given her playstyle and what I do know about her.)
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    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    So... basically Dr. Mario?
    Pretty much! I mean, I would personally prefer that echoes get at least one or two differing specials (Pyra/Mythra are the examples I give because I think they're a great example of this) but Dr. Mario works too!
    Something really funny just occurred to me.

    See, with NASB being, well, popular, a lot of people have suggested CN do the same (OR SEGA HINT HINT) but hear me out here - what if PBS Kids did it?

    The idea of Elmo, Thomas the Tank Engine, Arthur, Cailiou, Barney the Dinosaur, Bob the Builder, Clifford the Big Red Dog and the Teletubbies being in a fighter like this seems too genius to pass up. Add Mr. Rogers as the announcer and you have a work of art.
    The thing that concerns me about the recent Expansion Pack is something that I don't think a lot of people seem to have mentioned. Simply put - either way, we lose.

    Sure, paying $50 a year for it is ridiculous - which I wouldn't deny in the slightest. It's completely logical that people are against it. However, I have an alternative theory - because I hear a lot of people saying like "Don't buy it! Don't give them money!" which, to be honest, I totally understand. I get that it's a logical response to bad business practices. However, I have reason to believe that Nintendo's history with this sort of thing will result in something simple.

    If nobody buys the Expansion Pack, regardless of the reasoning, Nintendo will probably think, "Well, it looks like people aren't interested in the N64." That's concerning to me, and it feels at the moment like they're putting people in an awkward situation with this sort of thing.

    I wish to stress, I'm not advocating for piracy here, but... is it any wonder that it's such a popular option to people, when the official options are, well... this?
    I always find that Hyrule Warriors had some pretty weird omissions in characters, especially considering the characters added. For instance, Vaati not being added always seemed weird to me when we got Yuga... and I always found it even stranger that characters like Onox, the Happy Mask Salesman and Demise weren't even referenced.
    Here's a cool question for y'all - if you could add an all new type to Pokemon, what would it be?

    Personally, I would add Cosmic. Given there's already a lot of "cosmic" Pokemon already, it seems like a cool idea, plus there's a few cool things you could do stylewise - an Eeveelution with a style a little like various galaxies could be really cool!!
    I feel like the sequel to Breath of the Wild could have so much potential in items. For instance the flail from Age of Calamity seen here looks like, with a couple of edits, it could work really well as a Clawshot... and just imagine using the Clawshot in caves and on floating islands!

    Even if it's unlikely to happen... I think it would be hella cool.
    So I've been listening to the Wii Fit soundtrack (don't ask me why, I got bored) and like, a part of me is... weirdly surprised they didn't pull more for Wii Fit Trainer's music tracks in the game? But then like... what's there also makes sense. It's a weird situation.
    Okay, hot take here, but I honestly think that Inspector Gadget would be a hilarious, but brilliant, Mortal Kombat guest fighter.
    The Sonic Riders series was always really cool to me, but I'll never understand why Beat from the Jet Set Radio series never made the cut into the games. I mean, the idea writes itself - similar to Shadow, Beat could have like, hover skates... though I am happy with who we did get.
    Is it just me who secretly really, really likes the creepy as **** design they used for Mewtwo in the Detective Pikachu movie? In honesty - if they were ever to add Giegue from Mother 1 into Smash, I'd secretly hope they go for a similar look...
    In like, 15 years... will a Smash Ultimate fanfic be the longest single piece of literature in human history?...

    ...or will it be a Nick All Stars fic?
    The release of Mario 64 on the Switch is actually proof of something incredible, purely because of the "L is Real 2401" texture, as well as the same texture being in Ocarina of Time, another launch title...

    Clearly, it means that on the 24th of Janurary, 2022 - Gamecube games will be announced for the NSO service, with Luigi's Mansion as a launch title.

    If you don't believe me I'll post it on 4chan and then there'll be like, 6 YouTube videos about it as long as I say something like "bruh I know an insider in Nintendo Europe" or something
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    Deleted member
    Don't forget to also say It is a Switch Pro release for December which is gonna get shown at the Game Awards this year alongside Halo Master Chief Collection and Star Fox Racing.
    Champion of Hyrule
    Champion of Hyrule
    when they made the l is real 2401 texture they actually meant in 25 years when they rerelease the game
    A part of me actually really wants to make a Creation Thread, but the thing is, I haven't run one before. Might try to.
    I know this probably seems a little weird to mention here, but it seems like for some reason, game hunting is weirdly difficult here in the UK. Apparently, it's not rare to find retro gaming stores in the US, or even places that do modern and classic stuff alike - but here in the UK, it seems like the only "gaming" stores you find are Game (which is basically our equivalent to Gamestop) and then places like CEX which aren't even technically that sort of thing anyways.

    It's a weird one because it's always been something I've been into - though admittedly, being introduced to AliExpress is something I'm glad happened :D
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    Local retro shops do pop up a lot, but tend to disappear as quickly as they appear.
    There used to be a load of video game stores in the past within the United Kingdom. I remember the times when there was Electronic Boutique, Gamestation and even Toys 'R' Us. The gaming stores left is GAME and CEX and that is about it.

    There is one retro based video game shop within my area that I usually pop in to called "Super Tomato." They got a load of classics on sale from past generations of consoles in which I sometimes do purchase.
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