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  • So, I actually posted in a comment here earlier about how I'd like to see the alternate costume system revamped in a future Smash title, and I think it'd be fun to actually delve into that a little and how it would work. Firstly, credit to the Super Smash Bros. Historia fan project for the basic inspiration behind this - I've added my own twists, but I think their project is hella fun and you should check it out!

    Let's take Mario as our example.

    Each character now has two "bars", consisting of Colours and Costumes.

    Colours are just that - recolours of costumes that allow for different references to be made without a whole new costume of their own. Check out some of the examples I've added! Each of them should, if possible, be a direct reference to their source material in some way or another - and, in some cases, unique textures might apply (such as a Cosmic Mario colour for his default look.) Each Costume features a minimum of eight Colours, though some may have more than others.

    Comparatively, Costumes are model-swaps based on a character's other designs or appearances, though they don't change the moveset or skeleton of the character. However, they can feature different cosmetic features - anything from idle animations, to taunts, to voicelines, the appearances of some attacks, or even announcer lines if we're talking about representing an entirely different character (like Olimar's Alph, or Hero's Erdrick/Solo/Eight!)

    With this in mind, I think these elements make for additional single-player content pretty naturally. Let's say, in the base game, each character has four Costumes of which two are unlocked from the beginning and you need to unlock the other two by playing the game - plus, you could add Costume DLC down the line to include more costumes overall and, well, make more money, whilst worrying less about outright development time.

    Having costumes handled like this can make your roster feel like it represents more in general without having to have more outright characters. For instance, Mario immediately springs to mind as having a lot of potential for representation - say, if he lost his F.L.U.D.D., he could still have a Sunshine alt of some kind, or Dr. Mario being brought in as an alternate costume instead! On top of this, it could work as a really creative way of showcasing Nintendo's history. One of my personal picks for Samus, for instance, would be a "retro" alt based on her appearance in Nintendo Power #29 and the manual for Metroid!
    Ideally, I'd want a future Smash title to have some kind of "museum" mode where you can read about the origins of different elements of each character and so on and so forth - so like how I mentioned Samus's "retro" alt, I personally think it'd be cool to have a physical scan of Metroid's pages in Nintendo Power #29 as an indication of their origin or something like that. It'd really give Smash a more "celebratory" feeling whilst letting it act as somewhat of a learning tool about some weird tidbits of Nintendo's history - which I think was a massive loss on Ultimate's part to remove from Trophy descriptions!
    This might be a questionable take, and I imagine it's going to age terribly over time, but... I actually think it's pretty neat that Nintendo are doing more ground-up remakes of some of their older games! Even if I do think there needs to be a carefully maintained balance between remakes/rereleases and outright new games, it's still neat to see older games given an all-new coat of paint.

    That said, I think it'd be nice if additional content were more standardised for them, like how Link's Awakening included the additional content from DX as well as some extra bits and bobs. Just outright porting over older games with a fresh coat of paint is fine, I guess, but it'd be cool to see new (and even unusual!) additions that feel kind of fitting in games like those. (For instance, something like Super Mario RPG Remake getting a secret playable character like Toad or Wario would be awesome!)

    I get that it's a lot more work to come up with new, fitting content for remakes considering remakes, by their nature, are supposed to be low-intensity in terms of development costs and manpower, but it'd at least be more of a justification for their existence beyond just a graphical overhaul.
    My view has always been both on whether it stays true to the original spirit and whether it really needed a remake. A good chunk of these remakes seem to be outright lazy cash grabs that trample over the spirit of the original or just simply didn't need to be remade because the original could stand the test of time.

    My view is that a game should be remade if poor visuals destroy the vibe the game is going for or the game had a good concept but clunky or poor execution. The graphics overhaul the newest version of the original Resident Evil did wonders as an example for enhancing its spookiness whereas the original was too pixelated to take seriously.

    Most older games that were actually good already had solid execution but there's relatively new ones like Assassin's Creed and Dying Light that I feel were good concepts that suffered from poor execution and could use a remake.
    Having messed around with F-Zero 99 a little, one thing that springs to mind is that I'm a little surprised the whole "retraux" movement hasn't dabbled more with the Mode 7-style "3D" graphics seen on some SNES games and a few on other consoles here and there - it's never really been something I've considered, but I think it's almost a missed opportunity.

    Giving that kind of look a modern treatment with a few changes here and there to modernise it a little seems like it'd work for a really cool visual style that there hasn't really been much of. Immediately, that one indie kart racer springs to mind as a game that does use this kind of thing, but it'd be cool to see different takes that aren't Mario Kart clones or perhaps even in the racing genre - something like a simple tank game akin to Wii Tanks feels like it could work pretty well in that sort of style!
    Ech screw it, I've been sitting on this basic concept for a while but here's my finalised take on what Smash would look like if it were truly a celebration of gaming history. Limiting myself to 27 roster slots, trying not to double-dip too much, and each character is intended to represent a different genre, concept, or general idea.

    Couple of notes:
    • The actual genres are, in order, Platformer, FPS, Turn-Based RPG, Arcade, Puzzle, Rhythm, Horror, Open-World, Battle Royale, Fighting, Beat-em-Up, Sandbox, MOBA, Simulation, Visual Novel, MMORPG, Shoot-em-Up, Dungeon Crawler, Sports, Racing, Monster Tamer, MetroidVania, Mobile, Indie, "Early Gaming History", Casual Content, and Licensed.
      • Some of the genres I chose to double-dip with were because I felt they'd work well as representatives for other concepts. For instance, Paddle and Racer made sense both because the racing genre is very much its own thing compared to sports games, but also because both Pong and Gran Turismo made a lot of sense to represent. Likewise, Reimu and Space Invader are in a similar boat. Also, I lumped in "dating sim" and "visual novel" together using TokiMemo.
      • Other characters represent their given genre because of popularity in additional areas. Jinx, for example, also represents League of Legends' presence in eSports as well as modern videogame adaptations, and Mii is intended to represent the shift toward casual games in the mid-2000s as well as character creators in general. Alucard is the most obvious example in that he's chosen over, say, Samus or Simon, because of the popularity and cultural importance of SotN.
    • Spider-Man is here as the general "licensed game" rep. Adaptations of the Spider-Man franchise have been some of the longest-lasting and best-recieved in video games over the years, so it kind of makes sense.
    Random take, but one of my most-wanted elements in a hypothetical Ultimate Deluxe is Spirit descriptions. Even if the main Spirit Menu were to need a new "mode" like Spirit Museum for this so as to "maintain the purpose of Spirits" or whatever, it'd be nice to be able to see descriptions for the Spirits in the game, coupled with games they've appeared in and otherwise. It seems like it'd be a good way to add just a little more incentive to the World of Light mode!

    I get that it wouldn't be the easiest thing in the world to do, given how many Spirits there currently are (1513, currently!), but brief blurbs or descriptions for them would do wonders. Sure, you can just Google the name of a Spirit and check out a fan wiki, but like, there's something kind of special about reading a description written in-house, y'know? Not only this, but considering Spirit Battles are explicitly intended to represent the original character, it'd be nice to get some information about them after doing battle with them for context's sake!

    That said, I'd personally prefer the more informative writing style seen in Melee compared to the more self-aware style in Sm4sh, even if that's just a personal take.
    if mario vs donkey kong is that bad i bet people hate the smash series
    I have barely any idea how this would look like, or what sort of a story you could do with it, but I just had a random idea that I reckon would easily have the potential to be an absolute goldmine - a Muppets RPG.

    I guess Kermit would probably be the main "hero/warrior" of sorts (maybe with a comically oversized banjo befitting of JRPG tropes?) but a couple of ideas I think would be fun would be:
    • Animal as a sort of bard, but all of his status effects are directly intended to be offensive, and he has absolutely no defensive skills. Like he can buff the party's attack power to obscene levels and he can reduce the defence of opponents or inflict fear. He'd also have a drumset with him at all times and can just set it up just like that. I considered him as some sort of barbarian but honestly this seems funnier to me
    • Bunsen and Beaker as a Cait Sith-like duo character acting kind of like a mage of sorts, but instead of using MP or traditional magic of any kind, they put together various materials in order to create chemicals (which work like potions) with different effects, using science as their main form of combat
    • Gonzo has some of the most ridiculously powerful attacks in the game but almost all of his most powerful tools in some way end up dealing recoil damage to either him or the entire party in the process. However, if he damages them too much, he'll get boo'd out of the party by the audience
    • Statler and Waldorf appear in inns in every single town for literally no reason, and keep giving the player ridiculous fetch quests that end up being some of the most convoluted in the game because they think it's funny
    One thing I particularly like about Project M's old development rules for new characters is that despite the idea of infringing on something being a weird justification, I think it honestly lends to maintaining a cool general "vibe" for the game that sort of gets lost otherwise - a good example of exactly that being Mementos in 64's Remix. Avoiding backports from Sm4sh whilst simultaneously limiting yourself to characters already represented in the game somehow or another feels like it does a great job of maintaining a general theme - as cool as it is to see mods of characters like Joker, Goku or Shrek, it's (in my opinion) even cooler when a mod maintains a general sort of theme or concept to it throughout.
    who was sat on the board of directors at roblox, looking at the mounting pile of lawsuits, complaints, and angrily-written news articles large enough in number to fill a warehouse - all in relation to anything from creating illegal sex simulators to violating child labor laws - and thought to themselves "let's add an online dating service to our block game, there is absolutely nothing that can go wrong with this"
    Random question: if HAL approached you to choose and roughly conceptualise a brand new copy ability for Kirby to have in a future game - what ability would you suggest, what kind of enemy would drop it, and what would it allow Kirby to do?
    Here's one I'd personally love to see - Barista Kirby!

    Inspired by coffee, coffee shops, and coffee culture in general, Barista Kirby is predominantly centred around hot drinks - coffee, specifically. He'd have a move where he brews up a large coffeepot, pouring it into his hat - from which he's then able to spill the coffee around by attacking, draining how much coffee he has access to. He also gets a caffeine boost every time he pours it in, because he drinks a little!

    As for the enemy, I'd imagine they'd be designed to look more like a traditional barista, apron and all. They'd probably have warm milk as their main "thing", pouring it in front of them and creating a fancy shape in the air out of the frothy milk they pour!
    Torgo the Bear
    Torgo the Bear
    Clock Kirby.

    Can be obtained from some generic clock themed enemies or a return of the classic mini boss Mr. Tick-Tock.

    Kirby has powers that enable him to slow down time briefly, or if he charges long enough, he can temporarily stop it entirely. He gains a projectile in the form of clock hands, a melee weapon in the form of a pendulum, and an area of effect move that involves ringing an alarm.
    Parade Kirby.

    IDK if this would happen since the hat would look too similar to Festival’s, but, Kirby wears a marching band hat and carries a baton. Kirby can attack by twirling the baton around or summoning explosive fireworks, but its most notable feature is that it allows Kirby to high-five regular small enemies to induct them into his marching band. These enemies follow Kirby around in a single file line and are unable to harm him, carry musical instruments, and fire projectile music notes to deal extra damage when Kirby attacks. They can be destroyed if they run into hazards or into enemies that aren’t in Kirby’s band, though. Kirby would probably also have the ability to command them to charge, which does big damage but generally results in sacrificing most of them.
    Fun fact: The original trailer for The Shining featured the now-infamous shot of the elevators bleeding. However, during this time, it was illegal to show blood in movie trailers in the US. As such, Stanley Kubrick opted to convince the MPAA that the blood was, in fact, rusty water - which allowed the trailer to be shown in theatres.
    I think games should have free, playable demos by default.
    • As games get more expensive, seeing if you like a game becomes more important considering the size of an investment that a single game actually ends up being nowadays.
    • It incentivises companies to ensure that games are released in a playable state, otherwise people are just outright not going to pay for the full product because they'll feel scammed.
    • The consumer doesn't have to go through the sometimes arduous process of attaining a refund if a game is released in an unplayable state, or is falsely marketed in some way.
    But that'd never happen, because "you can't just play a game for free, what are you, insane?"


    I guess that's why it's called Donkey Kong Country...
    I would lowkey absolutely adore a remake of Adventure on one condition - the remake should "update" the graphics of the original game, but specifically using the logic of the original game, without using external references like the box art.

    For instance, the hero is now a cube as opposed to a square - Yorgle, Grundle and Rhindle still look like seahorses or ducks - and so on and so forth. It just seems like it'd be a really fun and cute way of doing that.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    Yes, that is such a cool idea.

    I think part of the reason I'm so willing to put up with the graphical limitations of 70s games is just because I take everything at face value instead of struggling to use my imagination - oh yeah, I'm a square using an arrow to fight giant seahorses and return a stylized Y to a prison cell, barely more weird than a bipedal hedgehog collecting jewelry to beat up a mad scientist.
    Random fun fact: despite not being typically able to see more than 50% of a spherical object's surface at any one time (presuming a singular point of view), you can actually see more than 50% of a neutron star's surface at once, despite it also being spherical. As for why? It's because of gravity - neutron stars are so dense that their gravity bends light enough to let you truly see both poles at once!
    I don't understand the appeal that some people see in the idea of a "Cashless Society". Like, I genuinely do not see a benefit to a society in which all money is digital, not to mention the sheer number of drawbacks involved in it.
    • Cyber-crime or digital fraud would become infinitely more damaging to economies around the world, not to mention effects we could never possibly consider like accidental damage or repairs that would just shut down the entire economy, not to mention what would happen if we had a ****ing solar flare
    • All money is traceable, all financial transactions are traceable, and every cent you own is in the complete control of banks and other financial institutions. If the bank in question just so happens to lose all of your money from bad investments, like in 2008 for example, well **** you
    • Oh, you're a small business that's trying to engage in literally any business whatsoever? I sure hope you've got enough money to pay for an inevitable subscription service to allow you to take money from people for your products. Also, say goodbye to garage sales, yard sales, lemonade stands, car boot sales and literally any other form of "unsanctioned" business of any form. Y'know, because companies like Amazon don't already take up enough of the market share for literally every product
    Who in their right mind thinks this would be a good idea
    Film Analysis Theory Criticism Concept Idea Observation: What if the unicorn in Blade Runner is intended to be a literal blade runner... as in, it runs, because it is a horse, and has a blade (horn) on its head. Therefore. A "blade runner", if you will. Like and subscribe for more
    Seems as console names are currently being discussed, I feel like now's as good a time as any to just like toss out there - I personally think that the 3DS is genuinely one of the best names a console has ever had. In literally 3 characters, it indicates that it's a sequel/revision to the previous hardware (the DS), and has 3D capabilities as its central gimmick. That's fantastic
    Not to try and sympathy-farm using personal anecdotes, but though I've been putting it off for weeks, I've finally actually gotten around to unpacking all of my stuff from when I moved out of my old place (about three years back, been bouncing around since then!) and bagging some stuff up to give away (I had no idea I had an entire cupboard in one of my drawers!)

    God. It feels so weirdly cathartic to like, actually be here. I know that probably doesn't make any sense because we've been in this house since like late 2022 but man it feels good to finally be, like, organised.

    Still haven't found my DSi though so I'm finally pretty certain it's been stolen after all. Rip me I guess LMAO :troll:
    Fun thought to consider: There will never, ever be another "snow day" again. They're dead. Relics of a time gone past. With the advent of video calling and remote education, the inability to physically get to school will never again be an excuse not to be present.

    Step by step, we walk to the gallows of our technological execution.
    One thing I really like is when art pieces are used as inspiration for something completely different and other, especially when the original art pieces are then used (in that piece of fiction) as a part of the story itself. Probably the quintessential example of this would be Doctor Who's Silence, who are inspired by Edvard Munch's The Scream - though I'd also give a massive shoutout to JoJolion's [WONDER OF U], which is very clearly inspired by the works of René Magritte. Fantastic
    Random Trivia Question: Pete (from Animal Crossing), Sothis (from Fire Emblem: Three Houses), both Spring Man and Ninjara (from ARMS), and Per Landin (a Mojang Studios employee) have at least one thing in common. What is it?
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    I was gonna say "they're made of atoms", but isn't Sothis some kind of dream person with no physical form? So I failed on that front.
    Actually, Tankman's (mostly) got it! Each of the listed characters has held a Smash Invitation, without actually being playable in the Super Smash Bros. series.

    Specifically, Pete delivered Isabelle's invitation, Sothis summoned one for Byleth, and Spring Man and Ninjara fighting the other ARMS characters in order to get it for themselves. Per Landin, on the other hand, is a little different - Minecraft's official website features an article that states the reason Steve and Alex were included was because a letter was sent to the doorstep of Mojang Studios, which Per Landin recieved and sent forward to the characters.

    Shoutout to Kyo Kusanagi, Ryo Sakazaki, Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi, Geese Howard, Mamahaha (Nakoruru's hawk), Iori Yagami and the entire cast of ARMS for coming close to making the list by almost grabbing the invitation, Tom Nook for being in particularly close proximity to the empty envelope in Villager's trailer, and hundreds of Japanese My Nintendo members who were able to order a physical copy of the invitation for 400 Nintendo Points (which, whilst technically not counting, deserves an honourable mention.)
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