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Seven Games Join the NES Online Library


Seven new NES titles are coming to the Nintendo Switch Online service:
  • Cobra Triangle
  • Solar Jetman
  • Mystery of Atlantis
  • Golf
  • Mach Rider
  • Donkey Kong Jr. Math
  • Urban Champion

The first two titles were developed by Rare and most others are first party Nintendo games from the NES’s early years. Notably, Mystery of Atlantis was previously available on the Japanese version of the service under the name Atlantis no Nazo. All titles are available to subscribers to the Nintendo Switch Online service on the Switch starting today.

Author’s Note: I’m surprised many of these games like Golf or Urban Champion weren’t available on the service before. Donkey Kong Jr. Math being here made me smile a bit too, I didn’t expect that to get rereleased.

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Champion of Hyrule



🎮 There's something timeless about NES classics that keeps me coming back for more! From the pixel-perfect platforming of Mario to the challenging dungeons of Zelda, these games shaped my love for gaming. The simplicity of the controls and the creativity in level design are a testament to the ingenuity of their developers.

Who else finds themselves still playing NES games from time to time? What's your favorite classic from the NES era? Let's celebrate the games that started it all! 🕹✨

#NESClassics #GamingNostalgia #RetroGaming

Jack ;)
Games from Rare Limited include Cobra Triangle (1989), and Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warship (1990) but I would have loved to have seen North America get Battletoads too.
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