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Delzethin Shows Off What Alear Could Be Like In Smash


At the tail end of May, Delzethin released a new Challenger Approaching video. This one happens to be all about Alear from Fire Emblem: Engage!

Delzethin leads off the video covering Alear’s unique origin and backstory. Then, he addresses the elephant in the room. Said elephant being that Alear would be the ninth Fire Emblem character in Super Smash Bros. if added. He explains that he feels that Fire Emblem only has so many characters in Smash Ultimate because every character returned. Notably, he believes the number of Fire Emblem characters would likely be lower in a sequel. After that he covers Alear’s aesthetics and alternate costumes referencing Fire Emblem: Engage characters.

Of course, Delzethin also goes over how Alear would play in Smash. He envisions Alear as a fast character with a focus on footsies, who lacks in attack power but can also boost themselves to soften said flaw. Alear’s actual moveset itself is also detailed in the video. For example, Alear’s up-smash uses the Wille Glanz sword to create an explosion far away from Alear. Another example would be their side special, Canter. This attack summons Emblem Sigurd on his horse, who then charges at the opponent. Alear however doesn't move during the attack, and then is able to dash off in one of eight directions to retreat.

Additionally, Alear has a special mechanic on top of all that, the Engage Meter. This allows them to enter a powered-up form, making their attacks faster and stronger. And, it also gives them the option to charge their special moves. Like, remember Canter? Alear would be able to charge that and turn it into Override. This lets them charge the enemies theirself, piercing through shields or really anything getting in their way.

There’s a lot more than what we just discussed in the actual video. So, if you’re fascinated at all by Alear, we strongly recommend you check out the video below:

Also of note is that which character the next Challenger Approaching video will be about is public knowledge. Well, sort of. We don’t know who exactly it will be yet, but due to a Patreon poll, there’s five possible characters. The possible characters are Mallow, Kamek, Oatchi, 2B and Takamaru.


Author’s Note: Gotta say, I think Alear is pretty interesting myself. What did you think though? Please let us know in the comments below!

Writing: Zerp Zerp

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Mitchell "Zerp" Brenkus


Usually I wouldn't want a character in Smash because of the personality; it's always more for their abilities.

But for Alear, I can see them for the former. I'll say again that I find them more likeable than any of the previous Awakening-on era protags.
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